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All the ways to inflict sickness during a typical boss battle?

I wanna defeat Allul and i just remembered...Sickness=NO HEALING,so what are all the ways to inflict sickness.I use L'Arc,Leslie, and Cecille

sonicravenx provided additional details:

ThePappalo i want to inflict sickness...if i wanted to stun it i would of asked how to STUN it.

Accepted Answer

myanswer123 answered:

Well, the other way rather than what IOUsito said is to find any weapons that have any weapon piece that can POSSIBLY inflict sickness to the target.
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IOUsito answered:

Forget about sickness... the best way to avoid her healing actions its to NOT USE ROGRESS.. if you manage to inflict high amounts of damage to her (like chaining 3 Fire Drivers) she will use the FULL CARE early in the battle and will never use it again
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ThePappalo answered:

Just put stunning magic on someone and use shining bullet or ignition tu stun her one of those two
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