FAQ/Walkthrough by PiperStarfireGilmore

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Game: Arc Rise Fantasia
FAQ: Walkthrough/FAQ
Version: 0.85
Author: PiperStarfireGilmore
Last Updated: August 31, 2010

Table of Contents

I.    Introduction                                                   [tadapsg]
II.   Acknowledgments                                                [mercibe]
III.  Walkthrough FAQ                                                  [00faq]
             Getting through Retea Forest and Topazion              [01faq]
             Exploring Jada and the Dragon Prison                   [02faq]
             Diamant, the Royal City                                [03faq]
             Thieves at Mandelro Coast                              [04faq]
             The Kopin Village and Nabra Jungle                     [05faq]
             Antrax and the Olquina Shrine                          [06faq]
             Oceansong Road                                         [07faq]
             Trouble in Carbunculus City                            [08faq]
             Benetnasch and the Gauss Tunnel                        [09faq]
             Batrachites, Ebur Ruins and Maria                      [10faq]
             Galois Ravine                                          [11faq]
             The battle on the beach                                [12faq]
             Re-exploring Jada and the Dragon Prison                [13faq]
             Gula Church                                            [14faq]
             World Tour                                             [15faq]
             Rogress Hunting                                        [16faq]
                Zeifellt Holy Tower                              [wifaq]
                Ruins of Hilbert                                 [eafaq]
                Ellgode Volcano                                  [fifaq]
                Soliton Caves                                    [wafaq]
             Warning Opalus and the Resolvent Iceberg               [17faq]
             Rogress Hunting, Part II                               [18faq]
             Leaving the Rogress dungeon with Ryfia                 [19faq]
             A sister in need                                       [20faq]
             The Batrachites Peace Talks                            [21faq]
             Zeifellt Tower and Ryfia's mind                        [22faq]
             Rescues at the Ruins of Hilbert                        [23faq]
             Calming the Ellgode Volcano                            [24faq]
             Meeting in the Soliton Caves                           [25faq]
             More meetings at Diamant and the skies                 [26faq]
             Vengence in the Cradle                                 [27faq]
             Saving a friend                                        [28faq]
             World Tour, Part II                                    [29faq]
             The Coral Reef Continent                               [30faq]
             The Holy Land                                          [31faq]
          P O S T G A M E
             Another World Tour                                     [32faq]
             Maze-like dungeon                                      [33faq]
IV.   Equipment Lists                                                 [sellma]
V.    Mini-guide on Magic                                               [zedd]
VI.   Excel Acts                                                 [hummingbird]
VII.  Guild Quests                                                     [kirby]
VIII. Carbunculus Arena                                               [blargh]
XI.   History                                                       [ladislaw]
X.    Copyright                                                      [birdman]

I.    Introduction                                                   [tadapsg]

Putting up my second FAQ for an imageepoch/Marvelous Entertainment game.  IMO,
Ignition didn't "ruin" this as bad as believed, and there's worse that I've
played through, voice over wise.  Still, the game's done a pretty good job of
entertaining me thus far.  The battle menus felt cumbersome early, then felt
right for what needed to be done with all the chaining attacks and magic
spells and whatnot.  Granted, it felt like way too much at the start, but
things fell into a groove when you realize what's going on.  Though, it takes
awhile before those options are unlocked for the player, so...

Racing through this game isn't going to be a priority at this time, unlike the
former FAQs I've done.  Mainly because I can't devote all my gaming attention
into what ARF has to offer, since I'm splitting my time between a few games.
Rest assured, I'm still going to put as much care and attention into this as
earlier works and do my best to put something of quality up here.  Just, I'm
gonna need to slow my usual pace way down to explore things, as I already am.

In any instance, I hope that you enjoy the game too, and if this FAQ's used to
look up a way to get somewhere or some enemy data in the area or some other
minor (or major) detail to bring further enjoyment, I'll be happy I had the
opporutnity of writing this up for your use.  Gamers helping each other is the
reason this site came together, and hey, it's fun being a part of it all.
Enjoy the game and just have fun!

Oh, and *SPOILERS* abound throughout.

II.   Acknowledgments                                                [mercibe]

Ignition, imageepoch and Marvelous Entertainment
     - For making and bringing this game over from Japan, as well as dropping
the initial price of the game to maybe help spur sales... I'd like to believe

GameFAQs readers, FAQ writers, Sailor Bacon/SBAllen, CJayC and everyone
     - For making this community of gamers helping gamers come together under
a unifying interest

     - For listening to me rant and cheering me up when I'm feeling less
motivated than usual to actually write what I already have in my notes

III.  Walkthrough FAQ                                                  [00faq]

Let's load the game up and pick NEW GAME.  This game lets you choose which
control method you're most comfortable with, going with the Wiimote/Nunchuk,
Classic Remote [Pro] or the Gamecube controller.  The game'll auto-detect
which control style you're using, along with giving you some options to play
with, like captioning or text speed.

Anyway, we'll be whisked away to an intro cutscene with the opening credits; a
couple soldiers getting ready for war and the like.  You'll then be thrust
into a battle which doesn't look like you can fail.  Just complete three
attacks and the game will be put on auto-pilot once again, after your
character is attacked by Wing Cutter and a possible Burst Shot from the Wyvern
Cutscene time again, where the main character stabs the Wyvern in the chest,
falls with it and we're treated to the game's title.  The main'll pull his
sword out and then land safely on his feet in a forest.  It looks like the
Wyvern's gonna explode but rain falls and a girl appears, seeming to dissipate
the Wyvern.  The player character introduces himself as L'Arc and the girl
just now introduces herself as Ryfia, a Diva; not a Coder with Hymn Magic,
whatever that means at this point.  Ryfia seems fairly naive and ignorant with
the world, and L'Arc sees that he should take Ryfia to the town of Topazion,
off to the Southeast.

-- Retea Forest / Stepping Stone --                                    [01faq]

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Chick                   |   31   |  3  |    |  - |    |  + |   12  |   37
Mandragora              |   29   |  3  |  - |    |  + |    |   12  |   37

Follow the path South and Ryfia approaches a flower.  L'Arc warns her that
the flower is really a monster, and we're presented with a battle tutorial.
This is against two Mandragoras, with one turn used to cast a healing spell.
Once done, continue South past a few screens until you come across a
glittering spot on the East side of the road, right near where the road takes
a bend and definitely before the Save Point.  Examine the glittering spot to
gain MAP: RETEA FOREST.  Continue down the path, past the save point.

We're now in an area called Retea Forest ~ Stepping Stone.  Avoid or beat up
the enemy and head West toward the stream.  An action appears, allowing you
to jump across; do so and head to the treasure chest in the Southwest corner
to pick up REVIVE BOTTLE.  From the chest, go East-Southeast to find another
action prompt, allowing you to jump across the stream heading Southeast.
Enter the next screen and get a cutscene of L'Arc catching a tripping Ryfia in
the rain.  Continue past to get to the World Map.

-- World Map / Topazion / World Map --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Bee                     |   35   |  4  |    |  - |    |  + |   21  |   55
Funger                  |   42   |  4  |  - |  - |  + |    |   23  |   59
Mad Plant               |   51   |  5  |  - |    |  + |    |   32  |   77
Treant                  |  168   |  6  |  - |    |    |  + |   54  |  120

From Retea Forest's exit, continue South toward the glowing point on the map.
You can zoom in on the map by pressing 1 on the Nunchuk setup, Y with the
Classic Controller setup or X on the Gamecube Controller setup.  Our main
goal is Topazion, which will appear on a hill on the East side of the screen,
as long as you went directly South from Retea Forest.  Let's go inside.

// Eloquent Cat Inn      100 R
// Topazion Vendor: The Top Hat
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Revive Bottle       500 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Analyzer             20 R

Once inside Topazion, we learn that we're at the Northern end of the Meridian
Empire's domain and that Ryfia hails from Benetnasch, from the Turemilian
Republic.  Ryfia appears tired, so we should head toward the inn, which will
be the first door directly Northwest of the entrance.  On the way to the inn,
speak to Growing Girl near the item shop to get MID LIQUID, as well as
1st Nomad son, near the save point, to get MAP: TOPAZION.  Enter the Eloquent
Cat Inn to drop Ryfia off and meet up with Alf, who seems to know L'Arc.  Alf
happens to be a prince and is worried about his people, asking L'Arc to speak
with the Village Elder about any Feldragon damage.  The Village Elder can be
found behind the inn.  He speaks about a Turemilian ship on the Eastern coast
and L'Arc says they'll look into it; he asks for a doctor for Ryfia, which
the Village Elder grants, so head on back to the inn.  We won't actually get
there right this moment, since there's some dialogue with Alf before the doc
interrupts.  We learn that a Dragon Gem is stuck to Ryfia's skin, and then Alf
gives the party 2 000 RICO.  The party asks what Ryfia's plans are and she
tells them she's headed to Jada, per her dying mother's wish.  It seems it's
on the way to Royal City, so the team decides to drop her off there, as long
as Ryfia is kept away from the Ray supply in Dragon Prison.  Knowing RPGs,
something's bound to happen there.

As the team tries to leave to the World Map, Alf stops us to give a short
tutorial on Arm Forces.  Apparently each weapon gains experience and, when
the weapon gains enough experience, a piece of it can be removed, known as a
Weapon Piece.  With this short explanation, the Arm Force option is unlocked.

Once outside, head due South until you come across a sloping hill, where Alf
will suggest that the party takes a break.  L'Arc brings up what the Village
Elder mentioned, about the crashed ship, which Ryfia says is most likely hers.
We also learn from Alf what Divas are; a priestess of the Turemilian
Republic's North Noireism, which at this point, still doesn't make much sense.
Anyway, once we have control, continue going South until you stumble across
the town.  You'll have to enter the main gate on the Eastern side.

-- Jada --                                                             [02faq]

// Obsidian Relic Inn    100 R
// Jada Vendor: The Noble Lady
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Revive Bottle       500 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Analyzer             20 R
// Jada Armory: Freedom Spear
     Claymore          1 000 R               Wisdom Staff      1 000 R
     Longsword         1 000 R
     Bronze Plate        700 R               Cloak               700 R
     Bronze Boots        500 R               Cotton Shoes        500 R
     Power Ring        1 000 R               Ray Ring          1 000 R

As we enter town, the party will notice a tall tower, and we're given an
explanation for what Ray is; the energy that supports everything.  As for the
tower, a Rogress is in there, being used kinda like a battery for the entire
Empire.  Anyway, the plan is to meet with Commander Clyde, who we'll find
in the Military Zone in the next screen up.  For now, speak to 2nd Nomad Son
shortly after the gate to gain MAP: JADA.  Veer off to the Western wall and
examine the barrels there to gain CURE ALL.  As you walk further into town,
Alf will give a crash course on magic, gems and orbs; for listening, Alf will
give the party a FIRE GEM, which also unlocks the Orb option in the menus.
The party automatically enters the Workshop, where we get to play a little
with the game's magic system.  I'd suggest adding a slot to L'Arc's orb and
increasing his Lvl 1 MP by one, just so we have access to that Fire Gem.  Now
that we can further explore the area, speak to the Thinking Man near the
weapon shop to gain WATER SHARD.  I'd also suggest stocking up on some Heal
Liquids and a few Revive Bottles, since we're going to have a few boss battles
in the very near future.

With items and possibly some new equipment in tow, head up to the next screen
to go to the Military Zone.  Make your way to the Southwestern corner and
examine the boxes to pick up a WIND SHARD.  Now head up the stairs to activate
a cutscene with Rastan, a mercenary looking for someone and who seems to take
an interest in Ryfia's right thigh and what seems to be a Dragon Gem.  After
that encounter, approach Military HQ through the gates and you'll be stopped,
but let through again.  Enter and you'll run into Niko and have an awkward
conversation with the guy.  With him done, continue down the hallway and into
the Command Room, where you'll have a chat with Commander Clyde.  Not long
after, Niko will rush in and complains about monsters swarming all over town.
L'Arc decides to leave Ryfia behind as we go on to take these enemies down.
Make your way into the Military Zone and you'll automatically start a battle.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Slave Bone              |   71   |  6  |  - |  - |    |  + |   45  |  100
Slave Larva             |   45   |  5  |  - |  - |    |  + |   31  |   75

With this first fight, you'll be introduced to the Move command.  Take these
guys out and go down the stairs and go past the entrance to the screen heading
South.  Speak to the Rookie Army Medic to gain FULL LIQUID as well as have
access to free HP/MP healing for this scenario.  Now head on to the South area
to witness Rastan defending the town.  He makes a comment about a Divine Race,
then L'Arc and Alf jump in to help against the three Slave Bones.  In the next
fight, Rastan unlocks the party's ability to unleash their own Excel Acts,
which use up the SP meter underneath your HP display at the top of the screen.
Niko then pops out from behind some boxes with Ryfia nowhere in sight.  It
seems Simmah called Ryfia to the Dragon Prison, at which point Rastan leaves
the party and Niko takes his place.  At this point, I'd suggest leveling up
L'Arc and Alf to at least level 8 or so, because we're going to be heading
into a boss fight once we go beyond the Sealed Gate toward the Dragon Prison.
With any fight after Rastan teaches the team about Excel Acts, L'Arc should
gain access to Heavy Crush and Alf should gain Grand Rage.

-- Dragon Prison --

As soon as we enter, we see the stranger that was fighting Rastan near Ryfia.
It seems these two have some history; this Deathchanter killed Ryfia's mother,
along with the Singing Ministry.  Ryfia will rejoin the team here.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Deathchanter            |  1325  |  11 |  - |  - |    |  + | 1439  |  2815

Deathchanter strategy:
He loves focusing on L'Arc, so use that one MP and the Fire Gem equipped on
L'Arc to boost his fire defense, because Deathchanter just piles on fire
attacks.  Ignore the summons since Niko generally takes those Slave Bones out,
leaving the rest of the team to focus on Deathchanter.  Don't be stingy with
your Excel Acts either; the regular encounters were more like filling up that
SP meter for you, so you can use it up on this guy.  With that said, let Ryfia
heal L'Arc or Alf with 2 AP, generally conserving her MP when possible by
using a Heal Liquid instead, and letting either L'Arc or Alf use an Excel.  In
the next turn, let the other use an Excel, focused on Deathchanter.  Repeat
this back and forth to get a good rhythm going and the first boss will fall.

An in-game scene occurs, where Deathchanter begins summoning more Slave Bones
to keep the team captive.  Niko flees at the first opportunity, where Ryfia
sings the enemies away.  With the first wave of enemies gone, Deathchanter
summons even more enemies this time; taking this as your cue to flee as well,
Alf directs everyone to the Dragon Prison's interior.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Gargoyle                |   82   |  7  |    |  - |  - |  + |   59  |   125
Slime                   |   53   |  6  |    |    |    |    |   44  |   97
Talos                   |  319   |  10 |  - |    |    |  + |  132  |   260
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Deathchanter            |  2224  |  13 |  - |  - |    |    |  N/A  |   N/A

Hit up the save point and grab the chest nearby for MP QUICK 1.  Follow the
linear path, ignoring the lift that you can see from the save point; you
should have made a turn to the right and then another turn to the left.  Ahead
of you, there's a switch, which we'll use to activate the lift.  Backtracking
one antechamber from the switch, head left and go all the way down to the end
of the hallway, then turn right to grab a chest with 1 500 RICO.  Follow the
hallway all the way back to the lift and take it down to B1.

Here, move one antechamber right, then up to get two treasure chests with
BRONZE GUARD and REVIVE BOTTLE.  Go back and move one more antechamber right,
being careful not to go further to the right since that will activate the
story event and the boss battle; instead go up and beat up the Talos for a
Power Ring as well as pick up the glimmering object for MAP: DRAGON PRISON.
Remember that cutoff point, since it would be helpful to level up around here
to make the next battle easier.  We're down a party member since last go, as
well as Deathchanter getting stronger.  Anyway, hang around both areas to get
to LVL 9 or so, with a note that a level up fully heals that character.  You
should also be getting a steady supply of Heal Liquids as enemy drops.  Save
and we'll go through the story scenes here.

Story time.  There's a rumble, Ryfia stumbles and L'Arc catches her, and a lot
of glowing lights start circling them.  Ryfia calls L'Arc a Child of Eesa, and
she then kisses his forehead and a mark appears.  L'Arc also gains a mark from
Simmah in a dream-like world, then Deathchanter breaks in right behind Alf.
Time for a rematch.

Deathchanter strategy:
The good news is you only have to lower his HP to below 1112, when the game
will go on automatic and have you win the fight.  We just need to get there.
Employ the same strategy from the first scuffle: healing with Ryfia and
alternating Excel Acts with the other two, trying to build your AP up so you
can get in two Excels.  If things are getting tight, use Ryfia's Excel to heal
rather than having the other two using an attacking Excel and just use a
normal attack; conserve Ryfia's MP until you really need it, not spend it up
all willy nilly.  Keep up the ebb and flow and we'll be able to move on.  And
yes, L'Arc can be KO'd and will be revived with 1 HP once you get the scene
to activate Simmah, which is what happens when we get to that magical half
way point for Deathchanter's HP.  Do so by choosing Rogress > Simmah.

And now we just took away the only source of Ray.  Great job guys.  Let's
go tell Commander Clyde what we just did.

-- Jada / World Map --

Head back to the Military Zone, go through the Hallway and enter Command Room.
Talk to Grumbling watchman for MP QUICK 1.  Then talk to Clyde, where Alf says
that the Rogress disappeared during the attack, not that L'Arc absorbed it or
whatever.  It's also hinted at that the Ray troubles aren't all for lost;
Olquina is just blocking the Ray stream with the Skywalk.  So the team exits
to the Military Zone and they talk amongst themselves.  So it seems Simmah
was absorbed, in a sense, into L'Arc, and that the Simmah everyone knows can
no longer be brought back.  With this all sinking in, the Royal City needs
a visit so they can be updated on what we've been up to.  Head out to the
World Map and we'll be making our way there shortly.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Beak                    |  264   |  9  |    |  + |    |  - |  100  |   202
Belka                   |   72   |  8  |  - |    |  - |    |   73  |   152
Cron                    |   94   |  9  |  - |    |  - |    |   91  |   184

Using the compass, follow the path out of Jada in a Southeastern direction
until you reach a bridge.  Head across it and we'll see new enemy types
wandering around the world map.  From the bridge, follow the trail East, then
swing North to head into town.

-- Diamant Royal City --                                               [03faq]

// Rainbow Sky Inn       100 R
// Diamant Vendor: The Wise Mother
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Revive Bottle       500 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Analyzer             20 R
// Diamant Armory: Twelve Heroes
     Medical Sword     2 000 R               Medical Wand      2 000 R
     Firongi           2 000 R
     Bronze Plate        700 R               Bronze Guard        700 R
     Buff Coat           700 R               Cloak               700 R
     Bronze Boots        500 R               Cotton Shoes        500 R
     Vitality Ring     1 000 R               Power Ring        1 000 R
     Ray Ring          1 000 R               Speed Ring        1 000 R

This town is big.  On the right after the arches, speak to the 3rd Nomad Son
to get MAP: DIAMANT ROYAL CITY.  Sticking to the right side, examine the first
pillar with a flag hanging off it to get MP CHARGE 1.  Continue on to the
next screen to enter the Fountain Square.

Talk to Customer on the right side to get MID LIQUID.  After that, walk in a
bit further to the center of town to activate a cutscene.  Seems like Niko
ratted everyone out, so we're all being arrested.  The party ends up inside
Castle Diamant, with Weiss, Alf's brother, presiding over our sentencing.  He
accuses L'Arc of stealing Simmah, so as ammends, he orders L'Arc and Ryfia to
infiltrate Olquina and disable the Skywalk to restore the Ray stream.  With
that, he tells the team to meet him in his office.

From Throne: Landing, check the upper left corner for HIGH LIQUID.  Then head
down the stairs on either side to get to the Hall of Mirrors.  Weiss can wait,
so let's do some exploring.  Enter either set of doors to go down to the
Guards' Room.  Speak to the Honorable watchman sitting on the bed near the
lower wall to get CURE ALL.  Check the bed directly behind him to get another
CURE ALL.  Grab the chest in the SW corner for 3 000 RICO.  Head up this wall
and check behind the South weapon wall, on the opposite side of the
Extravagant soldier for MP QUICK 1.  Head down the stairs near the weapon
wall to enter the Dungeons, and check the corner behind the Vulgar chief guard
for a RESIST LEAF.  Head back to the Hall of Mirrors so we can finally talk
to Weiss.

In the Hallway/Regent's Pass, before entering Weiss' office, check the left
wall, right after the first door on the left to get HIGH LIQUID.  Now we can
go in and have a little chat.  A scene will play out where L'Arc will get the
contract for the Olquina job, with this being Weiss' way to show forgiveness.
As for Weiss telling L'Arc to bring Ryfia along, it's because Olquina keeps a
Rogress there, and we're meant to stop it.  It seems a Rogress' power allows
the Child of Eesa to understand how the world works, and that's as far as
Weiss is willing to divulge information; we have to complete our mission for
Weiss to spill more info.  For L'Arc, that's fine because the contract money
is his sole motivating factor.  With that, L'Arc decides to go home to meet
his mom and everyone at the Martial Arts School.  So attempt to leave to the
Hall of Mirrors and head down the stairs to get another scene with Niko being
dragged away to the stockades, apparently for deserting Alf's side at
Dragon Prison.  In any case, exit the castle.

Outside, we'll find 4th Nomad son and get MAP: CASTLE DIAMANT.  From Nomad,
head up, above the door and check the railing to get HIGH LIQUID.  Head down,
then left, then down the stairs to get another scene; this time with thugs and
two women, Saura and Luze, being bothered.  The thugs run off from Alf and say
they were mistaken for Olquinians.  Take the lift down to the Upper Zone.

In the Upper Zone, walk down the stairs for a cutscene.  We're introduced to
Adele and she seems jealous of Ryfia.  There's something about L'Arc's mother
having a condition too.  When we regain control, check the pot in the kitchen
to gain HIGH LIQUID.  Grab the weapon in L'Arc's room off to the left for
WOODEN SWORD.  Then speak to Elena, head outside and Alf will leave the team.
It's exploring time once again.  Head into the Martial Arts School and speak
to the Shy man near the front of the room for a SPEED LEAF.  Examine the
table nearby for CURE ALL.  Head up to the second floor and examine the
dresser by the bed for WIND SHARD.  Now, head back outside to the Upper Zone
and go East to reach the Guild: Imperial HQ.  This is where we can accept and
complete various quests, which will be in a separate section; currently, you
can take on four, with a potential five with the completion of the fowl
birds quest.  In any case, questing ability is now open, so head back outside
and head down the stairs.  Something sparkling should catch your eye, so enter
the home on the right side of the street and agree to see the gardening.
You'll end up outside where you can examine the sparkle to gain 2-LEAF CLOVER.
Leave and take the lift down to the Fountain Square, where we originally got

Head West to the Industrial Zone and speak to the Hard working soldier on the
right side of the gate in the lower area, near all the people milling around.
He'll cough up a FIRE SHARD.  Go behind him and examine the fence/gate to get
a CURE ALL.  Go back to the Fountain Square via the lower exit and head up the
stairs by the fountain, veering East toward Workshop: The Garnet.  Examine
the tree to get another CURE ALL.  Head back down to the fountain, then start
going East, toward the Vendor; before getting there, check the plant/vase on
the opposite side of the street from the Vendor for REVIVE BOTTLE.  Continue
East to the Port Zone, climbing the stairs all the way to the top.  Near the
Careful man, there's a cannon that you can examine for a FIRE SHARD.  Head
down the stairs, toward the beach and past the marching soldiers to approach
Angry man; check the boxes nearby for RICOALOT.  Finally, we're done with the
exploration.  Buy weapons/armor at the Armory and healing supplies, then head
back to the Upper Zone, saving along the way, and go to sleep in your bed.
The one that doesn't have Elena/L'Arc's mom sitting on it.

Ryfia temporarily leaves the party and Adele wakes you up due to a soldier
waiting for you.  Head outside and get paid 50 000 RICO for an up front fee
for the mission.  Zamuel shows up and yoinks that 50 000 RICO, saying it was
for your rent; oh well, easy come, easy go.  Ryfia now shows up and rejoins
the party.  Head inside the Martial Arts School and go up to the second floor.
Speak with Zamuel to discuss Antrax/Olquina.  Luckily, you can sneak in by
pretending to be on a pilgrimage, so we head to the Port, by going down to
the Fountain Square then East to the Port Zone.  Approach the dock and Ryfia
spots Deathchanter on the ship, which obviously is trouble.  Thus, we need a
different way to get to Olquina, so head back to Fountain Square, go up to the
Upper Zone and use the lift once more to get to the castle screen.  Enter
Castle Diamant and head down to the Guards' Room and speak to Alf.  Alf will
rejoin the party to speak to the Navy on your behalf.  So the party makes
their way back to the dock when Niko runs up, saying Adele is in trouble back
at Zamuel's place.  Looks like our sea-faring adventure needs to be put on
hold.  So head back to the Fountain Square and we'll get a cutscene, where
Cecille is looking for Elena.  Stuff happens where Niko gets punched and we
all head back to the Martial Arts School.  Enter and find Elena, saying
that thieves stole something from the armory, with Zamuel and Adele giving
chase.  Cecille then gives Elena a Kopin and a message alerting Leon, the
legendary leader of the Knights of old.  The team decides to go back Adele
and Zamuel up, so we exit town and before that can happen, Cecille catches up
and notices the falcon delivered message soaring above our heads.  She joins
the party and we're off to Mandelro Coast.

-- World Map / Mandelro Coast / Villain's Roost --                     [04faq]

With how the camera is oriented upon leaving Diamant, hug the left/Eastern
edge and go around the cliff until you have a view of the ocean.  Continue
hugging the cliff's edge and you'll find a path heading to Mandelro Coast.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Flying Fish             |  111   |  10 |  - |    |  + |    |  114  |   225
Thief                   |  114   |  11 |    |    |    |    |  129  |   864
Veratite                |   93   |  10 |  - |    |  + |    |  111  |   220

Go ahead and use the save point, then veer South and jump across the water.
Continue until you come across a branching path and take the West path first,
to grab the chest for 1 500 RICO.  Jump back across and this time, jump North
and beat up the Thieves there; be aware that they can steal money and if they
run away before you beat them, you're not getting it back.  Look behind the
cliff to find a chest with WATER GEM inside.  Continue West to advance to the
next screen.

Walk up to the cliff and jump South.  Jump back to the left shore and go
behind the waterfall to examine a weapon for the taking; claim your new
GIGANTES BLADE and head back, jumping West this time and cross over a log to
run into Zamuel.  His injuries indicate that he's crystallizing or something
and Rastan shows up.  He says that this is the work of Ignacy and his crew and
that, no matter what, we should not fight Ignacy because we're not ready.
Rastan showing up is odd, and there's talk about Leon, but Rastan leaves to
take Zamuel to the doctor.  Cecille also leaves to help Rastan and potentially
challenge Leon to a fight.  Before heading into the cave, now that you've
regained control, jump across the rocks to grab ROGUE SHOES, then head inside.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Bat                     |  106   |  11 |    |  - |    |  + |  128  |   248
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Luna                    |  1295  |  15 |  - |  - |  + |  + |  N/A  |   N/A
Paula                   |  1439  |  15 |  + |  + |  - |  - |  N/A  |   N/A

We're now inside Villain's Roost.  This area is a series of forked paths.  Go
deeper and take the left path; the first right fork is a dead end.  At the
next intersection, take the left path again to grab the chest for a weapon for
Niko: COOL & SWEET.  Backtrack and take the right path over the bridge.  Veer
to the left again and get another chest for MP CHARGE 1.  Backtrack once again
to the bridge, take the right path over another bridge and hit the save point.
We have a boss coming shortly.

Head to the next screen and examine the sparkling on the ground to gain
MAP: MANDELRO COAST.  The party will see the area strewn with bodies, then a
cutscene occurs with two girls attacking Adele.  Turns out they're Luna and
Paula and are after the necklace that Adele just picked up; an heirloom from
her mother.  L'Arc intercedes and we get into a fight.

Luna and Paula strategy:
Focus on taking out Luna first, since she has slightly less HP than Paula and
the fewer enemies attacking you per turn, the better.  My levels here were
around 11-12 and I accidentally went in with Niko and Serge, just to try them
out, so I was lacking in healing spells; thus, you should be doing slightly
better.  Have L'Arc drop his Rogress to do 400-500 dmg to both enemies, then
focus on attacking with Excel Acts.  When one of your teammates drops to half
of their HP, heal them; if they get well below half, prioritize everything
on healing that party member.  You'll get a slight reprieve when you get one
of them to drop, laxing your healing priorities to "just get around to it" if
someone gets to half HP.  When Paula's about to drop, she'll start using an
Excel to lower the damage she takes, if not block it out right all together.
Keep pressing the attacks and the team will come out victorious.

But it's short lived.  After both of their HP bars are depleted, they'll rouse
themselves into using Magical Gemini, an attack that seems to really really
hurt L'Arc, who jumped in to save Niko from taking the blow.  The boat starts
to move and the team jumps on to safety.  Then we see part of Ignacy.

On the ship, approach the ladder when you regain control.  A Kopin shows up
and we're introduced to Serge, the guy who saved us back at the Hidden Docks.
Serge appears to be a new thief member and is more than willing to take all
the captive Kopins back to their village.  It seems Ignacy offered the thieves
money to steal Adele's pendant.  Serge then agrees to bring the team back to
Diamant.  In the meantime, we're waiting below decks, so speak to each person,
making sure to speak to the Kopin to unlock a few outfits and the Outfit
option in the menu.  You'll receive BLUE SWIMSUIT, WHITE ONE-PIECE,
COCOA SWIMSUIT, POLKA-DOT and RETRO SWIMSUIT.  The ship then starts shaking
and we slam into a coral reef, wrecking the boat.  Head up the ladder and the
Kopins tell us that we've landed in Olquina via the Delta Current, and we're
welcome to go to their village in the South.  Adele and Serge also join up.

-- World Map / Kopin Village / World Map --                            [05faq]

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Nospillar               |  121   |  12 |    |    |  + |  + |  141  |   269
Flora                   |  121   |  12 |  - |    |  + |    |  149  |   285
Prin-temp               |  194   |  13 |    |  + |    |  - |  175  |   330

From the boat, just take a Southwestern path; our goal is the corner of the
island/map.  The first major landmark we should spot is a beach; when you see
it, stay near the beach and hug the cliff heading Southwest.  The Kopin
Village will be set within those cliffs.

// Kopin Inn            FREE
// Kopin Village Armory: Red Unicorn
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Revive Bottle       500 R
     Cure Confusion      200 R               Cure Poison         100 R
     Cure Silence        300 R               Cure Binding        300 R
     Cure Paralysis      250 R               Analyzer             20 R
     Wild Scimitar     3 500 R               Draw Wand         3 500 R
     Runaway           3 500 R               Kastane           3 500 R
     Heimfooter        3 500 R
     Iron Plate        2 500 R               Iron Guard        2 500 R
     Battle Vest       2 500 R               Cotton Robes      2 500 R
     Iron Boots        2 000 R               Battle Shoes      2 000 R
     Vitality Ring     1 000 R               Power Ring        1 000 R
     Ray Ring          1 000 R               Speed Ring        1 000 R
     Coat              5 000 R               Cape              5 000 R

When we enter the Kopin Village, Ryfia notices the crystalization here, with
this being somewhat similar to Zamuel's wounds.  It seems Real, Eesa's sister,
is behind this, and is connected to Olquina.  The Kopins pop in here and take
Serge away as a prisoner.

Speak to the 5th Nomad Son near the save point for MAP: KOPIN VILLAGE.  Head
up the right fork and you'll get a lesson on gem resonance and repulsion.
In essence, Fire and Water are opposites and Earth and Wind oppose each other.
Speak to the World-viewing Kopin for a SCHOOL LEADER outfit, then speak to
the Apprentice Kopin for a CLASS LEADER outfit.  We can head to the left fork
and check the barrel near Hospitable Kopin for a CURE ALL.  Now approach the
big Kopin house at the back of the village and we'll see Alf appeal on Serge's
behalf.  Serge rejoins the party and we ask about the crystalization.  Looks
like if L'Arc can awake Eesa, the crystalization can be stopped.  We ask about
Antrax next, to get to Olquina, and the elder tells us to go East through
the jungle.  As we attempt to leave the village, the Hospitable Kopin stops
the team to teach the Kopin traveling with you how to break boulders and
cracked walls.  Now we can head on out, but be sure to pick up any supplies
before we do.

On the World Map, walk Northeast toward that giant mesa with the forests up
on top, then go around and head East, staying North of the lake.  We'll be in
Nabra Jungle soon.

-- Nabra Jungle --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Forest Eye              |  152   |  14 |  - |    |  + |    |  188  |   349
Killer Bee              |  152   |  14 |    |  - |    |  + |  190  |   352
Mos-seeder              |  207   |  15 |    |  - |    |  + |  217  |   399
Nabra Funger            |  185   |  14 |  - |  - |    |  + |  173  |   325
Nabra Treant            |  526   |  14 |  - |    |    |  + |  225  |   417
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Vifrons                 |  6633  |  20 |  - |    |  + |  + | 3908  |  6828
     QUEST BOSS         |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Death Scythe            | 12514  |  28 |    |    |  + |  - |   0   | 16138

        Z                     Y                   X    D     EXIT\
      A  \                B    \      /            \  /          Boss  Map
       \_/        \        \___/     /_             \/  /  C        \ /
         \ /       \       /   \____/  \        C____\_/__/      ____/
          |         A               \   B          /      \          \
        ENTER                        Z            D        Y          X

I've made a map above to help make navigating this area a little easier.  To
go straight for the boss, take the lower characters of the alphabet.

Veer left from the entrance and we'll be attacked and taught about chaining
magic together.  You can follow their advice or take these guys out the normal
way; just remember that chaining magic can increase your AP gains.  Anyway,
the Nabra Treant will drop a Bitter Fig, which we'll use to open up the path
through A.  Head through there, using the Bitter Fig on the Flytrap to open
the path and grab the treasure chest for 3 000 RICO.  Backtrack and beat up
the respawned Nabra Treant to get another Bitter Fig and head to the right
fork from the entrance to fight a Nabra Funger and gain a SmellyFungi.  Take
the chest there as well for CURE PARALYSIS.  Now head toward Z and use the
SmellyFungi on this Flytrap to move on to the next area.

You should have a SmellyFungi to reach the fork below B on the far left.
Grab the weapon there to gain LUMBERBLADE, which will help out immensely in
this forest area.  Another Nabra Treant should be along this path, giving you
another Bitter Fig.  Take the B path on the left to end up on the right side,
then go up and use the Bitter Fig on the Flytrap standing in the way.  Behind
there is a treasure chest with FIRE GEM inside.  Grab one more SmellyFungi
along the way by taking out a Nabra Funger again, and start making your way
to the Y path, using that SmellyFungi on the Flytrap along the way.

We're now in a new area called the Maze of Colors, still inside Nabra Jungle.
There's a Nabra Treant in the lower D path to grab another Bitter Fig, which
we can use to grab a treasure chest between the X|D and C|Y paths.  Inside
that chest, we claim some CODER ROBES.  Pick up two SmellyFungi and one more
Bitter Fig by beating two groups of Nabra Fungers and a Nabra Treant to open
the way toward path X.

The Decaying Hall is the last area, so we're almost done.  Take the dead end
to the left and use a Bitter Fig to access a chest with POWER RING.  Backtrack
to the right fork and witness a scene where screams are heard.  Beat the
Nabra Treant on the right fork and use the Bitter Fig to access the sparkling
point beyond for MAP: NABRA JUNGLE.  Head back to the save point and get ready
for the boss on the left fork.

Vifrons strategy:
Ended up around Lvl 15 here; the party also learns how to chain attacks, which
lets a character bring their "slower" attacks later in the turn to happen all
at once, assuming you choose the same action, like the same spell or A.Force,
having it all target one person/enemy.  Also, now would be a good time to use
your weapons' Weapon Secrets, since hopefully by now, you've been unlocking
their Arm Forces.  To unlock a Weapon Secret, arrange your Arm Force pieces
to completely fill the grid, like a game of Tetris; you have to keep the
entire grid filled in order to use the Weapon Secret.  Notable Weapon Secrets
to use in this fight include L'Arc's Lumberblade, for Plant Bane+; Ryfia's
Draw Wand for Lvl+ or Medical Wand for All Res; Alf's Kastane for Auto-Defense
or Caliburn for Auto-Regen.  For the boss itself, throw Heal Liquids around
like it was candy, while focusing on using Excels for attacks and Arm Forces
for stat buffing or minor healing.  After dropping Vifrons' HP by 1500, it'll
change its tactics to using magic; I personally didn't pay much heed to it,
since the same Excel attack, stat buff and heal plan was still working.
Simmah does at least 1500 dmg as well, which I saved until near the end of the
battle, when things tend to be more dire.  But for a more tactical battle to
do more damage, use only physical attacks when Vifrons is using magic and
vice versa.

After the win, Ryfia suggests burying the two pilgrims, since we're not going
to give chase to those two attackers, Mickey and Ryo.  The Kopin suggests that
the "Inn of Blue Moon god" is ahead, and beyond that, Antrax lies in sight.
We need to head to the inn first, so let's get to the World Map and get there.

Guild Quest boss Death Scythe:
You can steal a Speed Potion and Vitality Leaf.  Winning gets you the lower
body armor Spiked Leggings.  I didn't bother coming back here until much later
in the game, where this is just a pushover and an easy means to get WP.  An
attack that can confuse the party is what the party warns you about, so it's
for the better to either equip Fire Amulets for the confusion resist or Wind
Amulets to lessen the wind-based attacks.  If this is early game, chain magic
to damage Death Scythe; if it's when you can revisit the area, regular attacks
will do just fine.  If you're having trouble just finding Death Scythe, it's
closer to the entrance of Nabra Jungle.

-- World Map / Full Moon Inn / World Map --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Kul-eeth                |  163   |  14 |  - |    |  + |    |  190  |   352
Scythe                  |  442   |  16 |    |  - |    |  + |  264  |   479

Start heading East, staying North of a body of water.  We'll run into the
Full Moon Inn shortly after.

Speak to the 6th Nomand son near the save point to get MAP: FULL MOON INN.
Check the barrels behind the Sweet girl/Resting father for a HEROISM POTION.
Then enter Small hut to get a cutscene where Niko is worried about his attire
while walking about in enemy territory.  The woman seated at the table warns
the party not to look as we do, then we can rest in bed.  Head back out to
the World Map and we can head to Olquina/Antrax.

On the World Map screen, go West around the Inn, then turn due North.  Keep
going to the far end of the map and Antrax will come into view.

-- Antrax Parish / Olquina Shrine --                                   [06faq]

// Finite Sparkle Inn    100 R
// Antrax Vendor: The Cotton Place
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     Revive Bottle       500 R               Cure Confusion      200 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Cure Petrify        600 R
     Cure Silence        300 R               Cure Binding        300 R
     Cure Paralysis      250 R               Cure Sleep          150 R
     Reset All           500 R               Analyzer             20 R
// Antrax Armory: The Red Crescent
     Sharkslayer       6 000 R               Morningstar       6 000 R
     Feather Krys      6 000 R               Crusade Terek     6 000 R
     Boar Sword        6 000 R               Bugkiller         6 000 R
     Steel Plate       4 000 R               Chain Mail        4 000 R
     Stud Leather      4 000 R               Coder Robes       4 000 R
     Steel Boots       3 000 R               Hardened Shoes    3 000 R
     Vitality Ring     1 000 R               Power Ring        1 000 R
     Ray Ring          1 000 R               Speed Ring        1 000 R
     Coat              5 000 R               Cape              5 000 R
     Fire Amulet       7 500 R               Water Amulet      7 500 R
     Wind Amulet       7 500 R               Earth Amulet      7 500 R
// Antrax Tailor: Penelope
     Pilgrim's Robes   1 500 R

As we enter, the party is told that Diva Rafil was killed by a Meridian
assassin, turning our worries to Niko.  But we still need to gather info on
the Skywalk, so we need to ask around town, telling Niko to lay low.  Beyond
the save point, talk to 7th Nomad son for MAP: ANTRAX PARISH.  Approach the
center area here and we'll get a scene where Niko bumps into someone.  Gee,
that didn't last long.  Serge saves the day, though, and makes up a story of
Niko wanting to reform and how Serge met Diva Rafil.  The townspeople buy the
story and we're now free to wander about town.

Backup a little and speak to the Bold girl on the fountain to get HIGH LIQUID.
Walk to the East screen to get to Mil. Facilities and examine the crates on
your right to get WEPALOT.  Follow the path North to get to the Residentials.
Check the palm tree on the East side, near the Dying old man for HIGH LIQUID.
Go down the center aisle, heading to those gates that we can't get into quite
yet and turn left, where the Grinning girl is standing; go inside the Home and
get WEPALOT from the Runaway boy inside.  Continue our path West, around the
circle town, and we'll enter the Mercantile Zone.  On the far West is a gate
heading toward the Pier, which will advance the story but let's not go in just
yet.  Speak to Proud old man near the Pier entrance for EARTH SHARD.  Head to
the opposite side of the street from Proud old man and examine the makeshift
shop for MP QUICK 2.  Now we're done with exploration so head into the Pier.
Oh, and if you want an extra skit, buy the Pilgrim's Robes costume from the
Tailor for everyone and have everyone change into the costume.

The party enters the Pier and we get a scene complaining about how we could've
ridden the pilgrimage ship into Antrax, rather than the round about way we got
here.  The woman from the Blue Moon Inn approaches and introduces herself as
Leslie and she's taken aback by Ryfia's news about Benetnasch coming under
attack.  She tells the team that the Skywalk we're looking for is in the
basement of the Olquina Shrine, so let's head there now.  Well, there's a few
items in the area first; head to the North end of the docks and check the
crates near the Peeping young man for SPEED LEAF.  The Satisfied man gives the
team a WIND SHARD.  Start heading back and check the barrels near the
Cat under the flag for a REVIVE FULL.  Now make your way back to the
Residentials area and go up the middle between the archways, where we couldn't
get into earlier.

Entering the Olquina Shrine screen finds the team stuck with nowhere to go.
It seems that path to the shrine is controlled by the tides, so head back
to the entrance at Cathedral Plaza and rest at the Finite Sparkle Inn.  A
small scene occurs between Ryfia and L'Arc and Adele, then the path to the
shrine opens up.

Head across the path and make your way up the stairs to the Dragon Altar.  Go
straight all the way to the fence and check the left corner for REVIVE BOTTLE.
Turn in to the right and follow the path down for a chest with RAY RING.  Go
between the two dragon statues that you passed on your left and take the path
going up to grab two chests with 4 000 RICO each.  Now we can approach the
altar, where Ryfia shows some empathy for those mourning Diva Rafil.  Serge
takes notice of a pathway behind the team, so backtrack to that area.  Make
sure you're stocked up because once we enter, we won't be able to leave to
get fresh supplies.  When ready, take out the guard and on we go.

-- Olquina Sub-Shrine / Olquina Shrine --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Apple Slime             |  226   |  17 |  - |    |  + |    |  253  |   454
Fake Statue             |  300   |  17 |    |  - |  - |  + |  255  |   458
Poltergeist             |  256   |  17 |    |    |    |    |  261  |   469
Mimic                   |  1041  |  20 |    |    |    |    |  482  |   843
Slave Wight             |  548   |  18 |  - |  - |    |  + |  307  |   547
Bone Knight             |  334   |  18 |  - |  - |    |  + |  279  |   496

Upon entering, Alf is worried about what this infiltration mission will do to
the already fragile Meridian and Olquinian relations.  Alf has the authority
to call the whole thing off but decides to go along with it, possibly for
the Ray problems we caused.

Save if needed, then head down the corridor until we hit a four way section.
Take to the left for a chest with WIND GEM inside.  Back to the intersection
and take the path going forward from the original orientation, where all the
rubble is on the side.  Turn the corner and head down the stairs to B2.

From the B2 entrance, take the first left, then a right.  There's an orb that
I believe can't be moved for a while, so head past it and take the stairs.
In fact, it won't be until near the end of the game that we can open it up,
so ignore the Ray crystal and the chests beyond.

Reach the switch directly in front of you, beyond the turn, and the lasers
emitted from the walls disappear.  That opens the path by taking that turn
and heading to your left.  Follow the corridor to reach the Machinery area.

Go right and trip both switches in the area; there's one by turning left,
almost hidden in the wall.  Head back to the beginning of the Machinery area
and go toward where the lasers are still protecting the path, but turn left to
find another switch.  This will turn off the lasers to an enemy battle where
you learn about Raystones on the battle field.  Think of them as amplifying
magic spells, both your own and the enemy's.  Take out the enemies however you
want and hit the elevator switch to turn on the elevators.  Leave the
Machinery area and follow the corridor down, taking the second right to find
the elevator.  Head to Floor B4, or you can take this time to save at B1.  If
you go back to B1, the elevator was in that four way intersection path that we
didn't take.

The chest you see upon exiting the elevator on B4 is a Mimic and will cough
up an Exalot when you beat it.  Otherwise, just follow the path to the control
area and disable it.  The team says the original plan was to use a magic bomb,
but they didn't have time to get one before leaving.  So we're just going to
attack the Skywalk using the brute force method.  Then it blows up.
Anticlimactic; there's no boss.  Oh well, let's start heading out.  And oh,
there's the Deathchanter to greet us on our-- wait, he's here to stop us.  We
also get his name: Dynos.  He takes special interest to Adele's pendant, then
summons a bunch of enemies to hold the team back.  They're not exactly boss
caliber material, so you don't have to go all out on these guys.  I'd
recommend taking out the Raycrystals to make their spells less potent, then
going in as a "regular" battle.  After beating them, a cutscene occurs where
Niko trips and takes Ryfia down with him; L'Arc comes in to save the day,
with Adele looking back in more jealousy.  You'll start up near the elevator
with no enemies behind you if you decided to brave it out; go up to B1 since
the team is supposed to be rushing with high tide coming in soon.  As we
close in on the entrance (note there's new-ish enemies on the map), a scene
plays out where L'Arc punches Niko for leaving Ryfia behind.  Take the stairs
up to the relative safely of Dragon Altar... and Tide Path, as well.  Huh,
looks like we made it out safely and got back to town.

-- Antrax Parish / Olquina Shrine --

Now that we're back in Antrax, the team decides they need to leave Olquina
ASAP, so we'll head off to the Pier to take up the suggestion of using the
pilgrimmage ships to get back to Diamant.  Head to the Southern dock for a
cutscene to play out, where Serge valiantly tries to get the team to safety
on the boat.  But wait, didn't he just trip Niko?  And now Adele's been
caught.  With Alf looking mightily pissed off right now.  Let's take out these

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Zealot                  |  416   |  20 |    |    |    |    |  348  |   608

Serge decides to leave the party in order to look for Adele, leaving L'Arc to
torture information out of the Zealot left behind.  He gives up information
that Adele was taken back to the shrine, so L'Arc and Alf give chase while
Ryfia and Niko stay behind to tend to the Zealot's wounds.

Guide the team to Tide Road to find Serge.  Speak to him to hear him explain
that he saw the Zealots and possibly Adele get on a boat to reach the shrine.
Leslie suddenly appears and tells the team about an underground route, saying
she has her own reasons for investigating the Olquinian Diva's death.  The
rest of the team regroups and we head to the right to enter a path underneath.

-- Oceansong Road --                                                   [07faq]

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Frog                    |  296   |  20 |  - |    |  + |    |  327  |   571
Gakthis                 |  287   |  19 |  - |    |  + |    |  308  |   544
Philtite                |  268   |  19 |  - |    |  + |    |  317  |   559
Turtle                  |  325   |  21 |  - |    |  + |    |  460  |   801
Vampire Bat             |  235   |  18 |    |  - |    |  + |  278  |   494
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Afnac [Part 1]          |  3297  |  22 |  - |    |  + |    |  N/A  |   N/A
Afnac [Part 2]          |  6735  |  25 |  - |    |  + |    | 4610  |  7871

Before pressing further in, we're going to need some preparation for the
upcoming boss fight/s, namely in our magic Orbs if you haven't been playing
around with them yet.  By now, you should have at least three Fire Gems which
you can "steal" off of Serge if you're not planning on using him in the
fight; the other two were from the Nabra Jungle and Jada.  On the three
characters you're taking into the boss, upgrade their Orb to have at minimum
three Level 1 MP, so they can each cast Blaze three times.  Since no one is
going to be using Heal, stock up on Mid Liquids and a few Revive Bottles;
Cure Poisons can't hurt, either.  With that said, let's press on.

Leslie's going to be joining in on the fights with Serge obviously having
mixed reactions to this whole ordeal.  Approach the waterway and Leslie will
tell the team to chain the party's attacks to break through the Turtle's
defenses.  With the Turtle beaten, you can jump over the waterway and press
further in.  Follow the path straight ahead to grab a chest with EARTH GEM.
Backtrack and take the path to the left and, at the fork, take the left path;
the chest at the end holds EXALOT.  Go back and take the right fork to enter
the Crumbling Path section.

Beat the Turtle to cross the waterway, then head to the right path and check
the wall on the left side.  Your Kopin will come out to destroy the wall,
leaving you free to grab the CHAIN MAIL behind there.  Continue going down
that path to find a chest with 8 000 RICO inside.  Head back to where we
branched off and continue moving forward to reach Undersea Fount.

There's no enemies here, and a body of water in the distance.  A boss lurks
here, but we're prepared now.  Switch to the party that you prepped before
entering and move further ahead, watching Niko activate the shrimp boss.
I was around Lvl 20 here, so shoot for that, at least.

Afnac [Part 1] strategy:
Don't bother wasting your MP or Rogress in this battle.  It's overkill and
is better off used in the second part, which is a second surprise for this
boss encounter.  Use up your SP with Excel Acts; Serge's Flaming Throw works
nicely, as does L'Arc's Weapon Secret'd Sharkslayer and Ryfia's Radiant Song.
Before using Serge's Flaming Throw, be sure to crack the Raystones so the
fire attack is fully effective.  Otherwise, throw Mid Liquids around when your
HP takes a hit; essentially, whoever got hit in the last round should get a
Mid Liquid.  Leslie can throw in healing, but don't rely on it.

Afnac [Part 2] strategy:
Prioritze your attacks on the Raystones.  Always.  Doing so will lessen the
damage you take as well as let you setup to do damage on Afnac.  If the
Raystones don't reconstruct in the previous turn, have all three characters
cast Blaze, activating a Sync spell that should be hitting for at a minimum of
2000 damage.  During turns where you're cracking Raystones, throw Mid Liquids
around to keep your HP up; if it was a turn that you went for the souped up
Blaze attacks and had someone KO'd, Revive Bottle them followed with a Mid
Liquid on the same turn, preferably the same character using both items so
you're "slower" on the heal, compared to the revive.  Use Blaze with all
three characters three times, remembering to always take out the Raystones,
and if you haven't won yet, drop Simmah on Afnac.

Whoo, Serge celebrates the win and we get to continue pressing on through the
cave.  Enter the Dark Echo Way, taking the left path and using the Turtle to
cross for a chest with MID LIQUID.  Head back and move forward, grabbing the
sparkling MAP: OCEANSONG ROAD on the right and beating up the Turtle to cross
the waterway again, leaving us to climb the stairs to the outside.

-- Olquina Shrine --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Lady Zealot             |  354   |  20 |    |    |    |    |  354  |   619

We're at Tide Road, so hit the save before climbing up the stairs.  It's
noted that pilgrims aren't around during high tide, but no guards are around
either; well, they're deeper into the area, but still.  Once at the Dragon
Altar, immediately take the left turn from the entrance.  This should take you
to the Outer Walkway, and then take the first door to the Fire Librarium.
Check the left side of the room for a sparkle to get MAP: OLQUINA SHRINE.
Then continue heading up to the Hall of Bonding where lots and lots of story
events happen.

We learn Adele is now the Real Diva and daughter of Rafil, who instructed the
Lord Knights to protect Adele.  Then the Meridian Empire attacks, laying
waste to Antrax.  Adele's Diva ritual finishes and begins summoning a whole
new Rogress: Girtab.

Approach the altar and we get a cutscene.  We learn Weiss planed this whole
sneak attack to eliminate Olquina.  Alf moves in to protect Adele from a
pressing Weiss, where L'Arc steps in.  Girtab is summoned to attack Weiss and
L'Arc summons Simmah to protect Weiss; Adele gets hurt and Alf goes to her,
Dynos notices Alf is also a Child of Eesa.  Adele goes crazy with L'Arc,
asking that it's okay if she gets hit by a Rogress attack while he protects
everyone else; she goes crazy, instructing Girtab to kill everyone, then
faints.  Alf steps in, seeming to already control Girtab, quelling the attack.
Now for a whole slew of changing alliances.  Serge reveals himself to be a
mercenary for the Olquinians, tasked with delivering Adele to Olquina.  Alf
abandons the Meridian Empire, with Leslie joining Alf's side.

When the dust settles, we find ourselves at the Finite Sparkle Inn, with our
party severely reduced to L'Arc, Niko and Ryfia.  We need to meet Weiss at
the shrine and, stepping out of the inn, we see what the fighting did to
Antrax.  The Mil. Facilities area has been wiped out, but head over there to
speak to Blunt Imperial solder for MP QUICK 2.  Head over to the Mercantile
Zone, then the Pier; speak to Wise soldier on the North dock for CURE ALL.
Backup to the Mercantile Zone and talk to Quiet girl near the Armory for a
HIGH LIQUID.  Keep heading toward the shrine, checking the rubble near the
Dissonant young man for STONE SHARD, found across the Workshop.  Enter the
Residentials, then Olquina Shrine, reaching the Fire Librarium.

There's a talk with Weiss, where he says that Olquina wished to trade Ray
provisions in exchange for destroying the Turemilian Republic.  Weiss also
confirms that he gave the order to kill Rafil, adding she died at dawn.  Ryfia
tells the story of how the world was created, where Eesa created both Real
and Imaginal, where they each picked a Law, eventually leading to Noire and
the end of the hymn of ruination.  Weiss sees L'Arc as an enemy since he
chose a Law, and is told that the Child of Eesa is a compass that guides the
world on the chosen Law.  Our final Meridian mission is given: to go to the
Turemillian Senate as an official Meridian emissary, and deliver a letter to
Head Senator Shelly Greenhill.  We're to return to Diamant for this mission's
reward, using the Lightship outside of town.  And we're left with cryptic
parting words: "You're your own ruler."

Head on outside and Niko decides to quit the military and follow L'Arc.  When
we're done, try to leave town; in fact, we can't even go outside and we're
forced to take the Lightship back to Diamant.

-- Diamant Royal City --

// Diamant Tailor: Vill
     Meridian Boy        500 R               Legendary Hero      500 R
     Maid Uniform        500 R               Dress with Tiara    500 R

Arriving in Diamant, the soldiers tell us to go back here, to the hangar, when
we're ready to go to Turemillia.  In the meantime, Ryfia suggests visiting
Zamuel.  Go to the Upper Zone and go inside the Martial Arts School.  We spot
Cecille and she says Zamuel's been worried about us.  Head up to the second
floor and a doctor is talking to Elena about how Zamuel's internal organs have
started crystalizing.  Head over to the bed and speak to Zamuel.  He confesses
about Rafil coming to the Lord Knights to protect Adele, since Rafil felt that
Ignacy was targeting her.  It seems Elena, Leon and L'Arc's dad were in on
the secret; Zamuel dies, at peace to hear that Adele took up her role as a
Diva, protecting the reputation of the Lord Knights.

In the next scene, Cecille walks in on Ryfia hugging L'Arc, apparently wanting
to say something.  Track her down at the Martial Arts School and she mentions
that Niko told her that we're headed for Carbunculus.  She wants in since
Leon/Rastan mentioned that Ignacy has a base there, with her intention on
avenging Zamuel's death.  Oh, Rastan is also headed there since he was worried
about the party, thinking we were captured.  Head outside and we find General
Freya speaking to Niko.  The Antrax mission's reward is given, which sets
Elena up for all of her expenses.  We also learn Niko quit the military and
Elena tried to say something but doesn't seem to.

Head over to the Hangar and we see Cecille sneaking on board.  She's also
caught and L'Arc decides to take her along.  To Carbunculus we go.

-- Carbunculus City --                                                 [08faq]

// Seven Stars Inn       100 R
// Carbunculus Vendor: Perfect Symmetry
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     Revive Bottle       500 R               Cure Confusion      200 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Cure Petrify        600 R
     Cure Silence        300 R               Cure Binding        300 R
     Cure Paralysis      250 R               Cure Sickness       500 R
     Cure Sleep          150 R               Reset All           500 R
     Analyzer             20 R
// Carbunculus Armory: Chain of Stars
     Kora              7 000 R               Darza Mace        7 000 R
     Rayhunter         7 000 R               Mailbreaker       7 000 R
     Composite Plate   6 000 R               Chain Mail        4 000 R
     Stud Leather      4 000 R               Hopeland          6 000 R
     Battle Boots      4 500 R               Hardened Shoes    3 000 R
     Skasaha Ring     10 000 R               Coder Ring       10 000 R
     Fire Amulet       7 500 R               Water Amulet      7 500 R
     Wind Amulet       7 500 R               Earth Amulet      7 500 R
// Carbunculus Casino Prizes
     Strength Potion     400 Tokens          Defense Potion      400 Tokens
     Insight Potion      400 Tokens          Resist Potion       400 Tokens
     Speed Potion        400 Tokens          Vitality Potion     400 Tokens
     Heroism Potion      800 Tokens
     Berserker         8 500 Tokens          Magical Stick    15 000 Tokens
     Pickpocket       12 500 Tokens          Pile o' Gold     14 000 Tokens
     Iron Maiden      11 000 Tokens          Peacemaker        9 500 Tokens
     Scarlett Trinket 10 000 Tokens
     Silver Wolf       6 000 Tokens          Avian Costume     6 000 Tokens
     Droopy Dog        6 000 Tokens          Bear Costume      6 000 Tokens
     Squirrel          6 000 Tokens          Black Cat Garb    6 000 Tokens

Entering town, L'Arc is dubbed as "Lagoon the Cursed" for everything that went
down in Antrax, even being accused of killing Rafil, the Olquinian Diva.
Everyone is ordered to leave except for L'Arc, but don't worry, Niko and Ryfia
get to hang out, as well as Cecille.  L'Arc is told to stay at the inn, which
we'll do after exploring the city first.  They're just worried that the city
will turn into another Antrax, hence the precautions.

The 8th Nomand son is near the save point for MAP: CARBUNCULUS CITY.  Check
the "genie bottle" looking thing outside the Vendor for MP QUICK 2.  Wander
over to the fountain and the team runs into Luze and Saura again.  Yeah, those
two we kinda saved back at Diamant from the thugs.  They tell the team that a
different Child of Eesa has chosen Real's Law and that L'Arc's work may have
been in vain, but he's not as interested with Alf on the job.  Now head over
to the East branch of town and go two empty spaces to the left of the
Empty space-lover to find a REVIVE BOTTLE.  Make your way to the South branch
and speak to Hidden child all the way at the end of the path for HIGH LIQUID.
Go to the right of Hidden child and examine the plants for VITALITY LEAF.

Move North toward Opera Boulevard and go East to the Recreation Zone.  Go East
then turn North toward the Arena and speak to the Traveling man to the right;
he gives up a FLAME SHARD.  Backtrack to the Casino and examine the circle
space directly across from the Man with nothing to pick up RICOLOT.

     A tip for the casino:
         1 Token costs 20 Rico, so if you were to buy all the prizes here
     outright, it would take a lot of money grinding and time off your hands.
     Instead, what I ended up doing was spend 20 000 Rico to buy 1 000 Tokens.
     Use those 1 000 Tokens to bet on Kopin Races.  You can bet a maximum of
     500 Tokens by pressing left.  The goal is to pick the Kopin who will win
     the race, but you can help the Kopin speed up by shaking the Wiimote; do
     so mainly when the Kopin is running.  The Kopins to look for and choose
     are Nanmy, Camil, Gonzalez and Woody, with Joshua or Riddim as decent
     choices as well.  Of those just listed, pick whoever has the highest
     multiple, ie whichever one will win you the most Tokens.  You should be
     able to win more often than lose with these Kopin.  If none of them
     happen to be listed, try your luck with any of the rest: I had decent
     luck with Karsh and Goemon, who I noted tended to come in third most of
     the time when I was winning.

Leave the Recreation Zone and make your way to the Artist's Zone.  There's
only one item here: a DEFENSE POTION found along the West branch of the area;
examine a barrel across from the Douglas residence to claim it.  Skip over to
the City Port screen and head to the South dock.  This one is all the way at
the end, in between Drunk sailor and Man with a ship, hidden in some crates
for a REVIVE FULL.  Now go to the North dock and check the left corner at end
for RIVER SHARD.  On the way back, examine the barrels for MP CHARGE 2.  Make
your way to the Industrial Area, via the lift, speaking to the Studious man
nearby for CURE ALL. 

In the Industrial Area, go toward the dead end looking area just South of the
Opera Boulevard path.  Speak to the Man with an easy life for STONE SHARD,
then examine the crate near him for HIGH LIQUID.  Stock up on supplies and/or
buy/win everything you want at the Casino and rest at the inn.  The path to
the Senate should now be open, so get to the Industrial Area via the Opera
Boulevard and climb the stairs to the top.  A scene will occur, leaving
Ryfia and Cecille outside while L'Arc and Niko enter with Weiss' letter.

-- Senate-Parliament Hall --

Go to the left first and examine the weapons for STRENGTH POTION.  Ignore
both sets of stairs and enter the doors to the Senate Laboratory, examining
the mine cart looking thing on the left for SHIELD OF AEGIS.  Now we can take
the stairs leading up to Parliament, going through the doors into the Senate
Conference Hall and we're treated to a cutscene.

I dunno about you, but I saw this coming.  Weiss' letter betrays L'Arc,
sending us on a mission to demand their unconditional surrender or, if they
refuse, then it'll be seen as a declaration of war.  So what else can happen,
other than L'Arc and Niko being arrested?  Well, that.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Republic Soldier        |  389   |  21 |    |    |    |    |  353  |   614

We're in control in the jail cell, with a plan formulated to use L'Arc's
Rogress to break out when they get their food rations.  Talk to both Niko and
the Kopin to get the scene moving along when none other than Ryfia and Cecille
barge in to save us.  Bringing our equipment to boot.  Before heading down
this path, swing over to the far left cell to grab MP CHARGE 1 in a chest.
Now go down that path and try and get a first attack on these guards, since
they move in predictable patterns.  Go to the left first, checking the cell
at the top right for REVIVE BOTTLE.  Swing back to the right side and grab
RANDGRID in the middle cell on the right wall.  Head through to the Regular
Cell to move to the next area.

Don't bother going right, sticking to the left side and ignore the stairs
going down.  Move toward the corridor and Rastan appears.  Well, isn't this a
grand old party now?  Turns out he wanted to bust L'Arc out of jail after
hearing rumors in town that he's been incarcerated.  Anyway, continue going
down this path and take a right and go up the stairs.  We're going to try and
leave this place via the front exit.  Or... well, maybe not.  There's already
guards posted up there, but we needed this scene to continue the story.  We
need an alternate exit instead.

Remember those stairs we ignored when Rastan joined?  Go back there by heading
back down the stairs, heading left and going up the corridor.  The stairs are
on the left.  Take them downstairs and in the corridor, go left, toward the
visible door.  At the intersection, take another left, taking out the patrol
on the way and enter the second cell on the left hand side to find a sparkle
on the floor.  It's MAP: SENATE.  Take the right path this time and at the
corner, go right again, careful of the hiding/patrol guard there too.  Open
the cell on the far right for a treasure chest, claiming RAIN GEM.  Now,
backup to where we turned right the second time and open the cell door on the
far right.  A prompt should appear asking to examine the wall.  Do so and
we've now found the alternate exit.

-- Carbunculus City / World Map --

Some talking happens here.  Rastan reveals that Ignacy runs an assassin group
called QED (anyone else noticing all the math terms?) and Ignacy has ties with
the Republic, all the way up the food chain.  Once you take the secret path,
you'll end up in an empty house sorta near the Senate; it's at least still in
Carbunculus.  The plan is to get away from Carbunculus, with Ryfia suggesting
Benetnasch to gain Patriarch Hosea's help.  She doesn't know where it is, but
Rastan points out it's to the Northwest.  Well, might as well go there.
Before leaving town, stock up on healing items because you're not going to
be allowed back in and the enemies outside of town might take off a decent
chunk of HP at the end of the battle.  Take the Courier Duty-1 Guild Quest
as well, since we're heading there anyway.  Might as well pick up the package
and deliver it all in one go.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Bear                    |  1260  |  22 |  - |    |  - |    |  465  |   803
Hybrid Beak             |  1145  |  21 |    |  + |    |  - |       |   
Scissors                |  507   |  22 |    |    |  - |    |  436  |   754
Ee-tee                  |  462   |  21 |    |  + |    |  - |       |   
Oak Eye                 |  325   |  21 |  - |    |  + |    |       |   

As Rastan mentioned, our goal is to the Northwest, but you'll need to go East
first.  Hug the water's edge heading North and you should see a bridge,
which we're going to cross.  A mountain range then gets in our way, so walk
around that as well; I stuck to the Southern path and Benetnasch's entrances
are accessible from the South, so we'll be walking straight into them.  You
should see the city shortly, skirting the beach on your left.

-- Benetnasch City --                                                  [09faq]

// Lonely Twins Inn      100 R
// Benetnasch Vendor: The Golden Mean
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     Revive Bottle       500 R               Cure Confusion      200 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Cure Petrify        600 R
     Cure Silence        300 R               Cure Binding        300 R
     Cure Paralysis      250 R               Cure Sickness       500 R
     Cure Sleep          150 R               Reset All           500 R
     Analyzer             20 R
// Benetnasch Armory: 2-headed Eagle
     Zweihander        8 500 R               Coder Staff       8 500 R
     Gladius           8 500 R               Unicorn           8 500 R
     Smartgun          8 500 R
     Composite Plate   6 000 R               Banded Mail       6 000 R
     Velvet Cloak      6 000 R               Hopeland          6 000 R
     Battle Shoes      4 500 R               Light Shoes       4 500 R
     Skasaha Ring     10 000 R               Coder Ring       10 000 R
     Ice Amulet       30 000 R               Thunder Amulet   30 000 R
     Light Amulet     30 000 R               Dark Amulet      30 000 R
// Benetnasch Tailor: Monica
     Groom's Attire    1 800 R               Bride's Dress     1 800 R
     Gentleman Thief   1 800 R               Shifty Preacher   1 800 R
     Roustabout        1 800 R               Detective Girl    1 800 R
     Cute Preacher     1 800 R

We finally made it town and oops, the Republic guards were already waiting for
us.  Taken captive and at the same time learn a little about Rastan.  As we're
being marched off, a Bishop of North Noireism gets the party free.  Well,
except for Rastan, since he did something bad.  The Bishop tells is that he
was instructed by Patriarch Hosea to greet us and we're now welcome guests of
both the Patriarch and the Republic; to make it clearer, we're no longer
fugitives.  Let's go ahead and greet Patriarch Hosea, since we can explore the
town later anyway.

Ryfia opts to take L'Arc inside to speak with Patriarch Hosea.  The Genesis
story is touched upon again, with the fights for Ray causing Hozone.  Noireism
seems to be fading since Eesa is sleeping, leading to the lack of revelations
for Noireism to carry out.  Though, before Eesa went to sleep, an agent was
sent into the world to choose a Law and go to Noire.  L'Arc is iffy about all
this and seeks proof, but time is running out with Alf heading toward the
Holy Land.  Hosea gives L'Arc time to think about his decision after Ryfia
makes an appeal, and once outside, Ryfia suggests heading to the inn.

Let's use this time to explore the town.  Go straight down to deliver the
package for the Courier Duty-1 guild quest, if you took it; the person is
near that crystal looking thing.  Then make your way to the Vendor, but go
to that house of sorts first, examining the alleyway between the vendor and
this house for ELIXIR.  Now check the crates near the vendor for MP QUICK 3.
Take the left path, past the crystal thing to find ourselves in the Cemetary.
Speak to Enlightened follower near the workshop for STORM SHARD.  Head to the
lower right corner to find the cemetary, and in that area, go behind the
gravestones that Mumbling old man is standing in front of for REVIVE FULL;
no comment.  Take the exit to the right, just above the cemetary, and we find
ourselves in the main area.  Go right to spot 9th Nomad son, standing near
the guild; he gives MAP: BENETNASCH CITY.  Go behind him and check the crate
on the right side for VITALITY LEAF.  Hit up the inn near the save point,
going down from the 9th Nomad son.

L'Arc starts walking around, thinking of Weiss, when Ryfia appears.  She
offers "proof" in the form of crystallization at Kopin Village and Zamuel.
Ryfia strongly believes in the Genesis story, otherwise she feels the lives
that were lost at the Singing Ministry were meaningless losses.  She then
says she wants to protect the beauty of this world, with L'Arc.  And if you're
like me, you're thinking L'Arc *finally* decides that it's a good idea to try
and stop this whole world destruction thing.  Head back to the cathedral and
we're told of our main mission: find nine Rogress to enter the Holy Land of
Noire.  In exchange, L'Arc requests Rastan to be freed, which is done with the
help of Ryfia.  We also get a map to help us find the Rogress; heading outside
the cathedral, a person named Waler, the commander of the Aion Unit, gives
that map to the party and says Rastan is outside the inn.  It also looks like
we have a new destination: getting Rogress Absin near Batrachites.  Let's get
Rastan first, where L'Arc passes along the message Zamuel wished to be passed.
Rastan joins up with the team, apparently in hopes of meeting Serge, who is
assumed to be going around with Alf and company, to protect Adele.  Also, the
Imperial Army invaded the Republic already, so the Republic destroyed the
bridge leading to Batrachites, but a path exists through the mountains off to
the Northeast, called Gauss Tunnel.

-- World Map / [Carbunculus] / Half Moon Inn --

// Carbunculus Tailor: Sophia
     Silk-collar Coat  2 000 R               Black-tie Dress   2 000 R
     The Artist        2 000 R               The Townsman      2 000 R
     Weekend Wear      2 000 R               Strawberry        2 000 R
     Ebony Dress       2 000 R               Casual Stripes    2 000 R

Since we're not fugitives anymore, we can go back to Carbunculus since the
Tailor: Sophia is open for business, so we can pick up some new costumes.  It
also opens up a skit at the upcoming Half Moon Inn.  Either way, go to the
Southeast first, crossing the bridge at the Southern portion of the map; if
you decide to take the Northern bridge, you can examine the broken bridge
Rastan mentioned to get MID LIQUID.  Once we're back in Carbunculus territory,
with the Scissors/giant bugs in enemy groups, either head back to Carbunculus
or go East, keeping South of two small, marked mountains on the close-up world
map.  The Half Moon Inn should come into view, so let's go there.

Practically greeting us is 10th Nomad son, giving us MAP: HALF MOON INN.  Talk
to the Homeless man nearby for EARTH SHARD.  Rest up if needed, then go West
a little, then North between the mountain pass and we'll hit Gauss Tunnel.

-- Gauss Tunnel --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Bogey                   |  381   |  22 |  - |    |  - |  + |  377  |   651
Lich                    |  910   |  23 |  - |    |  - |  + |  451  |   773
Visc Doll               |  416   |  23 |  - |    |  - |  + |  449  |   771
Terror Treant           |  1511  |  24 |  - |    |    |  + |  562  |   956
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Fafnir                  | 15548  |  28 |  - |  - |  + |  + | 6837  |  11395
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Racie                   | 13677  |  29 |  - |    |    |  + |   0   |  17471

This area is pretty linear, which you'd hope if you're in a tunnel, right?
From the entrance, go right to grab STRENGTH LEAF, then head back to the left
to trigger a forced encounter.  The running tutorial will hint at watching
the turn order in the bottom right of the screen, since some enemies will try
and use all the AP for themselves rather than spread out the attacks for all
the enemies.  If you can defeat all the enemies that are trying to attack
before they can attack, you don't take damage, right?  Anyway, beyond here,
a fork opens up; take the right path and go to the next screen, Looming Path,
to grab STORM GEM.  Head back to Baleful Path and take the left fork to keep
going through the tunnel.

Another fork opens stands before us.  Take the right fork and a prompt appears
to jump through the crack.  The save here seems to hint at something like a
boss, but go to the left fork first to grab AMETHYST.  Head back to the save
and get ready for a dragon-type boss ahead in Cave of Fangs.

So we run into Dynos and he seems to know Cecille.  Huh, apparently Dynos is
the younger one.  Dynos sees himself as a failure and aligns himself against
the Divine Race, who naturally sides with Imaginal.  And boss time.

Fafnir strategy:
Was Lvl 25 here and fire, wind and light magic work well here, so align your
team to use that magic.  Not sure about Simmah since I didn't bring L'Arc to
this fight; was trying to level up random weapons at the time... didn't seem
to be much thought involved in this fight.  Excel Act, heal, synch fire, wind
or light spells.  Repeat.  It also helps that Fafnir sometimes increases your
attacking power at the cost of your defensive stats.  The only thing I can
really think of is to spread your team up, to lessen how many targets get hit
with the ice breath attack, which can inflict bind on your characters.  Once
you drop Fafnir's HP to zero, he stays alive with 1 HP for story purposes.
It's to teach you about Trinity Acts, which is basically an attack triggered
by having everyone use an offensive Excel Act on the same target.  In my case,
I got Mystic Fortune by using Rastan's Thunder Roll, Ryfia's Radiant Song and
Niko's Niko Cannon.

After the fight, storyline progression.  We learn about the Divine Race and
that Cecille and Rastan are part of said Divine Race; they were put to sleep
via Eesa's lullaby over 1000 years ago.  Seems Dynos woke up early, as did the
others with you.  The Verct Skywalk is what fell in Olquina and supports Real,
while the Lascarde Skywalk supports Imaginal, where Rastan and Cecille hail
from.  There's stuff about needing to survive with a Dragon Gem, too, which
brings up Ryfia.  Anyway, head to the left side for CURE BINDING in a chest.
Now head up one screen to Path of Opening, using the Kopin to break down the
wall directly ahead of you for MAP: GAUSS TUNNEL, then take the right fork
to leave for the World Map.

That tree you see along the way out is an optional boss.  Your reward for
winning is a gun called Tathlum; you get no Experience but you do get a lot of
money from the fight, so run through Mid Liquids for healing if need be.  With
two Trinity Acts, this battle should be won; grind SP on the enemies nearby
for early use, then try and hold out for a second Trinity Act.  Thought this
was a random encounter at first, too.

-- World Map / Crescent Moon Inn / World Map --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Hybrid Chick            |  416   |  23 |    |  + |    |  - |  440  |   755
Lykos                   |  514   |  24 |  - |    |  - |    |  479  |   815
Poison Plant            |  431   |  22 |  - |    |  - |    |  417  |   721

Upon exiting Gauss Tunnel, head due West.  The Crescent Moon Inn was a welcome
sight to my eyes.  Nearby, 11th Nomad son coughs up MAP: CRESCENT MOON INN.
Examine the tree near the pillar/statue thing in the corner for TERRA SHARD.
Rest up if need be, then continue heading west.  You should be coming across
a bunch of tanks on the overworld; they're surrounding Batrachites, which you
can enter at the Southeast corner.

-- Batrachites --                                                      [10faq]

// Sand Box Inn          100 R
// Batrachites Vendor: Abolition Granted
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     Revive Bottle       500 R               Cure Confusion      200 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Cure Petrify        600 R
     Cure Silence        300 R               Cure Binding        300 R
     Cure Paralysis      250 R               Cure Sickness       500 R
     Cure Sleep          150 R               Reset All           500 R
     Analyzer             20 R
// Batrachites Armory: Earthen Warship
     Hexaheart        10 000 R               Resist Code      10 000 R
     Katzbalger       10 000 R               Achelous         10 000 R
     Binder Magnum    10 000 R
     Metal Plate       8 000 R               Metal Guard       8 000 R
     Velvet Cloak      6 000 R               Hopeland          6 000 R
     Metal Boots       5 000 R               Light Shoes       4 500 R
     Strength Ring    10 000 R               Runner Ring      10 000 R
     Fire Amulet       7 500 R               Water Amulet      7 500 R
     Wind Amulet       7 500 R               Earth Amulet      7 500 R
     Ice Amulet       30 000 R               Thunder Amulet   30 000 R
     Light Amulet     30 000 R               Dark Amulet      30 000 R

There's not much to do here.  Speak to 12th Nomad son near the entrance for
MAP: BATRACHITES.  Check the barrels next to the Armory in the Residentials
for DEFENSE LEAD.  There's a Cringing man near the workshop who offers EXALOT.
Encouraged girl, near Patchy cat, gives you a RAIN SHARD.  Now that the town
tour is over, go to the Abandoned Base screen to move the story along.

Cecille wants to jump in and help the villager when Alf shows up.  Haven't
seen him in awhile, and he's protecting the villagers too.  And he does it by
using... Absin.  Huh.  Looks like he beat us to this Rogress.  He takes off in
a Lightship and our next destination is given: Ebur, fot the Rogress Gula.

-- World Map --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Crimson Scythe          |  994   |  24 |  + |    |    |  - |  531  |   904
Forest Beak             |  1380  |  23 |    |  + |    |  - |  499  |   856

Leave town, circling around to the East and North, past the tanks, until you
find some mountains off to the side.  Continue West to Ebur.

-- Ebur / World Map --

// East Wind's Passion Inn    100 R
// Ebur Vendor: Golden Rice
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     Revive Bottle       500 R               Cure Confusion      200 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Cure Petrify        600 R
     Cure Silence        300 R               Cure Binding        300 R
     Cure Paralysis      250 R               Cure Sickness       500 R
     Cure Sleep          150 R               Reset All           500 R
     Analyzer             20 R               Monster Bait      2 000 R
// Ebur Armory: Whispering Arrow
     Mac-aftil        11 000 R               Asclepios        11 000 R
     Snake Eyes       11 000 R               Mercurius        11 000 R
     Jeweled Gloves   11 000 R               Selfbooster      11 000 R
     Metal Plate       8 000 R               Metal Guard       8 000 R
     Surcoat           8 000 R               Velvet Robes      8 000 R
     Metal Boots       5 000 R               Nobility Shoes    5 000 R
     Legion Coat      10 000 R               Coder Cape       10 000 R
     Fire Amulet       7 500 R               Water Amulet      7 500 R
     Wind Amulet       7 500 R               Earth Amulet      7 500 R
     Ice Amulet       30 000 R               Thunder Amulet   30 000 R
     Light Amulet     30 000 R               Dark Amulet      30 000 R
// Ebur Tailor: Anna
     Scholarly Garb    3 000 R               Boy on the Hill   3 000 R
     Girl on the Hill  3 000 R               Happy Holidays    3 000 R
     Seagull           3 000 R               Loyal Butler      3 000 R
     Frilly Bikini     3 000 R               Red & White Robe  3 000 R
     Rosy Dress        3 000 R

13th Nomad son off to the right hands over MAP: EBUR.  Start walking deeper
into town, beyond the armory and vendor, and Niko runs into someone yet again.
Her name is Maria and she's connected to Serge somehow.  Serge was spotted at
the Ebur Ruins, where we're going to go next.  Turns out Maria was the last
person to see Gula, 10 years ago, making her a prime choice to save, and find
out about her connection with Serge... of Gula Church.

Anyway, town exploring time.  Check the barrels across from the workshop for
MP CHARGE 3.  Go up to the Manufactory screen and examine a cart near the
Uninterested cat to the left for INSIGHT POTION.  A Fire Kopin near the
chimney gives ALL QUICK.  Stock up on supplies here.  And don't make the same
mistake I did: Make sure you pick up at least two Earth Amulets and a couple
more Cure Petrifys than you normally carry.

Exit to the World Map and walk Northwest, walking over a couple hills in the
process.  Ebur Ruins is near the far corner of the land mass here.

-- Ebur Ruins --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Kikimora                |  425   |  24 |    |  + |  + |    |  431  |   734
Marid                   |  679   |  27 |  - |    |  + |    |  570  |   956
Mos-Laus                |  560   |  25 |    |  - |    |  + |  517  |   876
Rafflesia               |  425   |  24 |  - |    |  + |    |  471  |   802
Venom Funger            |  560   |  25 |  - |  - |  + |    |  517  |   876
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Gula                    | 20274  |  31 |    |  - |    |  + | 7972  |  13119

When we enter, Ryfia spots the sparkle to pick up Maria's shoes.  Hit up the
save point and I'm just double checking that you have a few Earth Amulets to
help with this next boss battle, because this save point will be the only one
we'll see until we're finished here.

Take the path left and we'll get to a scene where Alf agress to help Serge
look for Maria.  Before speaking to Alf and saying you're ready, continue
going forward to find a chest with TOPAZ; this is going to be really helpful
in the upcoming boss as well.  Anyway, we're splitting the team into three
groups: Alf's group, Rastan's group and L'Arc's group.  Choose between a pair
among Ryfia, Cecille and Niko, with the remaining person going with Rastan and
Serge.  We're starting with L'Arc by default.

L'Arc has a linear path.  Head down the stairs and observe the statues.  Or
just read on for the puzzle solution.  At the end of the path, examine the
left one once and the right one three times, leaving the center one alone.
Head to the next room and gameplay shifts to Alf's team.  Take Alf past the
first set of stairs and go down the second set.  Head into the room, step on
the switch, then continue further into the ruins.  We follow Rastan's team,
letting him examine the statue ahead of him and the one off near the door to
the next area.  Head back to the center area and examine both statues twice.

We're back with L'Arc.  Pick up the STONE GEM in the corner and examine the
statues in the next room so both the front one and back statues are facing to
the right.  Enemies pop up, which you'll need to beat before play switches to
Rastan.  Ignore the stairs/dark room and head right.  Examine the statue
before heading through the door to learn the statue in the next room needs to
face to the front by pressing it three times.  This leads to a party
reshuffle; Leslie and Serge switch teams and you pick whether you want Niko or
Cecille to come with.

With L'Arc's group, Serge is surprised about the news with Zamuel, then round
the corner and grab the TERRA CUIRASS before heading through the door.  Game
switches to Alf, which is just a straight forward path to where Rastan is.
Alf ends up clearing out Marids when we switch back to L'Arc.  Before heading
further in with L'Arc, equip Ryfia with the Topaz, L'Arc the Terra Cuirass and
an Earth Amulet and either Cecille or Niko with the other Earth Amulet; let
Ryfia equip Asclepios/the SP Auto-Cure Arm Force and you should be set.  Head
into the big room and we catch up with Maria and find Gula.  Huh, and now
Maria's able to talk.  But here comes Gula.  Was about Lvl 28 here.

Gula strategy:
For your very first action, have the team spread out.  Then you can use the
Analyzer or crack Raystones.  Simmah does around 3 000 dmg, so save it for
the end or use it at the start of the battle, your choice.  Keep tabs on what
each character says to start each round; if they sense trouble, heal up and
defend.  Otherwise, continue your assault.  Serge will most likely continue
to die in this fight since he's not as prepped for this fight as we are, so
you can ignore him once he's KO'd if you like.  Just focus on Trinity Acts:
L'Arc with Heavy Crush (or Gae Bolg if you have the AP to burn), Ryfia with
Radiant Song and attack Excels from Niko/Cecille, whomever you brought along.
If you need more AP, chain magic together, preferably Wind and not Earth type
magic.  Throw Mid Liquids around when a character gets near half to three
quarters of their HP to begin a turn.  Continue building AP for Trinity Acts,
healing and whittling Gula's HP down and you shouldn't have to redo this whole
area like I did.

Apparently you don't really kill Gula off, but Gula is somehow cursed by being
magically bound to this location.  Ryfia begins reading off Codes, with Serge
attacking/unlocking those Codes, and Gula is fixed.  Seems Ignacy was here and
copied Gula's code, using it to attack Maria.  L'Arc bonds with Gula and we're
free to explore a bit.  Take the stairs in the lower right corner for two
treasure chests: ALL QUICK and UNLIMITED are now yours.  The sparkle point
near the chests gives MAP: EBUR RUINS.  Backtrack to where Gula was and take
the lower left path to regroup with Alf.  L'Arc mentions that he already
bonded with Gula, and now we have to leave the ruins the long way.

Once outside, head to the world map and go to Ebur, off to the Southeast.

-- Ebur / World Map / Waning Crescent Inn --

Enter Ebur and approach Maria's house by going beyond the Vendor/Armory.  We
drop Maria off and, as Serge is walking away, Ryfia and Cecille both ask Serge
to pass messages along to Alf's group.  Serge passes on intel that a Lightship
is hidden in Jada back at Dragon Prison, with Rastan saying that, given the
circumstances, Serge's info is trustworthy.  Helps that Rufunga is near the
ocean East of Jada as well.  Looks like our next destination is set: the
Galois Ravine, West of Ebur.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Assassin Cat            |  659   |  25 |    |    |    |    |  503  |   852
Forest Chick            |  543   |  26 |    |  + |    |  - |  527  |   889

Exit to the World Map and just go West.  Stick to the Southern portions since
it's more straightforward to go around the cliffs in the area.  You should
come across a bridge which activates a skit.  Just beyond the bridge, we'll
hit the Waning Crescent Inn.  Also, if you took on the Feline Accessories
Guild Quest, those Assassin Cats drop the Paw-Like Gloves you need.  Anyway,
enter the Waning Crescent Inn, speak to the Runaway near the inn to gain a
FLAME SHARD.  14th Nomad son is to the right of the inn and gives up
MAP: WANING CRESCENT INN.  Also learn that pillar thing is a Pilgrim's Stone.
Once rested up, go West and turn a little South to reach Galois Ravine.

-- Galois Ravine --                                                    [11faq]

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Caucus                  |  464   |  25 |  + |    |    |  + |  468  |   793
Deep Frost              |  783   |  27 |  - |    |  + |  - |  594  |   995
Ladybird                |  721   |  26 |  - |    |    |    |  531  |   896
Vulture                 |  666   |  27 |    |  - |    |  + |  563  |   944
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Chimera                 | 22079  |  32 |  + |  - |  - |  + | 8348  |  13677
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Sun Flora               | 14940  |  30 |  - |    |  + |    |   0   |  18450

Right at the beginning, that sunflower looking thing is an optional boss named
Sun Flora.  You can steal both an Exalot and Insight Leaf from it, and will
drop Dried Sunflower at the end of the battle.  Think of it like the Treasure
Hunt Arm Force, which is currently only a Weapon Secret for Niko's Peacemaker.
Tip to beat Sun Flora: Trinity Acts.  When Sun Flora has about 1000 HP left,
it'll do nothing but spam Sunny Cannon, so might as well attack when you
believe you can take the hit, or better yet, defend and save up AP for one
last Trinity Act to take your prize.  Anyway, take the ladder down to the
next screen.

Here, trip the switch and follow that path to a ladder.  Go down, hit another
switch but don't go across; instead, take the nearby ladder down and go right.
Step on the switch near the wall to shift that bridge over, then pull the
other switch to lower the bridge.  Take that ladder down and find the chest at
the far right with MID LIQUID.  Go back up and head into the hill to find
DAMASCUS in the dead end.  Trip the switch, lower the bridge and head across.
We're going back to that archway, so continue taking ladders down in that
direction.  Walk through the archway and go left to the new path.  Take two
ladders down, hit the switch to connect back to the main area that held the
Mid Liquid so you can exit out if need be, then head down the ladder to get
to the next screen, the Ravine Floor.

Use the save.  Go up, beyond the prompt to jump the river, and grab the chest
behind a Deep Frost enemy to gain MP CHARGE 2.  Now we need to set ourselves
up for the boss, which will appear when we make that jump across the river.
I had everyone at Lvl 29, so Ryfia has access to Aqua Spiral; she's pretty
much needed for that Excel Act alone.  Use Arm Forces/Weapon Secrets that
boost your max HP and set everyone you're using to take Wind and Water gems,
unlocking the Lightning element if you haven't done so already.  We should be
ready now.

Chimera strategy:
Jump across the river, trigger a scene and face the Chimera.  Ended stealing
an All Charge, so if that's worth it for you, go for it.  Spread out first,
then focus on Raystone breaking and items; I'd primarily focus on the Fire
Raystones over the Earth ones since Fire did more damage.  Trinity Act the
Chimera arm and rebuild your AP with a three way Lightning spell.  Didn't get
to use Simmah/Gula here, since I didn't bring L'Arc along for this, but Simmah
should be the Rogress to focus attacks with, due to Chimera's Earth resist.
When it fades, trigger the Chimera wing next.  Do note that you're still doing
full damage to Chimera, so it's not like it's a waste of attacks here.  If
someone gets KO'd, Revive Bottle and Mid Liquid spam with the same character,
ensuring again that the revived person gets HP restoration.  When the wings
go, focus on the head, which should have Chimera's HP kinda low at this point.
At around 1000 - 1500 HP remaining, heal everyone up, getting their HP totals
as high as you can.  On the boss killing turn, let Ryfia use Aqua Spiral and
the other two characters *defend.*  When Chimera dies, it instantly uses one
final attack called Big Sin which can wipe out your entire party.  Defending
lets you hopefully have one person still alive, hence the need to also spread
out at the beginning of the fight.

With control again, head to the upper side of "Chimera island" and trigger the
Kopin to break the rock.  Grab the chest across the way for FLAME GEM, then
jump back to "Chimera island."  Go back and save, too.  There's a point of
no return here, with yet another boss fight; the best you can do beyond this
point is grind experience off beginning of the game enemies, so saving here
allows you to fight stronger enemies if need be.  When ready, jump to the
left of "Chimera island," take the lift up by heading to the left and we'll
be treated to Luze and Saura.  They get us back into Meridia and will be
waiting for the team in Topazion.  Before heading off, grab the sparkle for
MAP: GALOIS RAVINE and cross into the Empire; there's no turning back now
since odds are, we're not getting one of those Royal Passes.  Weird Niko
decides it's time to bump into someone again, because he hasn't done that in
awhile.  This time it's Mark, the messenger.  He recognizes L'Arc and Niko,
agreeing to keep their current alive status on the DL and passes along info
that a Lightship was seen off the coast of Topazion, over in the East.  Most
likely Alf's stolen Lightship.

-- World Map / Topazion / World Map --

From the Galois Ravine exit, head West-Southwest to reach Topazion.

// Topazion [Version 2] Vendor: The Top Hat
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     Revive Bottle       500 R               Cure Confusion      200 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Cure Petrify        600 R
     Cure Silence        300 R               Cure Binding        300 R
     Cure Paralysis      250 R               Cure Sickness       500 R
     Cure Sleep          150 R               Reset All           500 R
     Analyzer             20 R

Luze and Saura are waiting between the Eloquent Cat Inn and Vendor: Top Hat,
who now has new items for sale.  Luze knows that L'Arc bonded with Gula, then
some philosophical questions about being human.  Saura shares Alf's plans for
summoning Rufunga: creating Hozone.  So let's stop them by heading out to the
World Map, going toward the Galois Ravine and heading East.  Take a save
before approaching the beach in a secondary save slot, just to be safe.

-- World Map's Beach --                                                [12faq]

We'll see Adele using Dark Squall, a similar song to Ryfia's Ray Squall, it
seems.  Dark Squall produces Hozone to crystallize the earth.  Then words
escalate and we get into a pretty tough battle.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Alf                     | 10599  |  32 |    |    |    |    | 2821  |  4622
Adele                   |  9576  |  32 |    |    |    |    | 2779  |  4552
Leslie                  |  9464  |  31 |    |    |    |    | 2751  |  4528

Alf/Adele/Leslie strategy:
It's rare that I suggest a specific party formation, but it seems to work
here.  Use L'Arc's Zweihander with at least the Add SPD+ Arm Force and unlock
the Weapon Secret; give Ryfia's Resist Code with the HP500 Arm Force, Auto-
Liquid, and the Weapon Secret active; Rastan's Gladius with the Weapon Secret
active.  Orb setups don't matter as much, but give Ryfia Water/Rain gems for
heal support; not that we can upgrade Orbs, so we're stuck with what we have.
For armor, use the Topaz and Amethyst for the Earth resist and Leslie's Wind
resist; avoid using Earth Amulets. Remember to heal up using Heal Liquids,
since we just increased HP totals.  Was Lvl 30 for all three members.
Turn 1: Set Ryfia to Defend; L'Arc and Rastan each attack Alf once and follow
        up by throwing Ryfia a Mid Liquid or two.  If Wind Raystones are on
        the field, target those rather than Alf.  Next, Alf's team targets the
        party member with the least amount of HP to hit with a Trinity Act; in
        this situation, it's Ryfia.
Turn 2: Drop Gula.  Alf's team Concentrates and Earth Graves the team.  Leslie
        has a chance to Paralyze someone, so fix that on the next turn.  Your
        chance to use an Analyzer on Alf is here.
Turn 3: Trinity Act on Alf using Heavy Crush, Radiant Song and Dark Blade; use
        any leftover AP to heal status or HP, or Defend if you're doing well.
        Alf uses Multisphere while Adele and Leslie uses Ignition on the party
        member with the highest amount of HP; that's who uses Defend if you're
        doing well since they'll most likely die.
Turn 4: You're hit with Energy Blast, Sonic Rage and Grand Rage from Alf's
        team.  Use this turn to heal up, revive and generally stay on the
        defense, keeping a minimum of 2AP for the next turn.  Everyone needs
        to be alive for the next turn.
Turn 5: Alf will drop Girtab after Leslie and Adele protects Alf with Stone
        Wall, so you must kill Alf now.  Focus another Trinity Act on Alf
        using Heavy Crush, Radiant Song and Dark Blade and you should act
        first with L'Arc's Add SPD+.  That should finish Alf and leave the
        rest of the battle much more manageable without a Girtab summon.
        And yes, I'm suggesting to ignore the party's warning about trouble
        coming for this turn.
If Alf doesn't fall in Turn 5, he'll gain a fairly constant Frantic Defense
ability, leaving your chances low on taking him out before he summons Absin;
even Trinity Acts don't hit through it.  For the rest of the battle, break all
Wind Raystones, leaving Water Raystones to slightly lower Adele's Fire damage.
Adele may use Decadent Song one time, so heal and defend on that turn; you're
prompted with that when your team says they sense trouble.  Take either out,
remembering to heal with Mid Liquids or magic Heal and use an Analyzer if
you're collecting their data.  When Leslie is low on HP, she has an
Auto-Liquid ability, generally keeping her HP near 2000.  Adele has an ability
called Block Physical, which is somewhat similar to Alf's; thus, don't go nuts
with Trinity Acts on Adele.  The main point is the worst part of the battle is
over back at Turn 5.  Do note that you are allowed to lose this fight; you
just don't get a Quad Force and the Rogress Rufunga.

After winning this battle, Rufugna appears and Clyde shows up, pulling Alf
into retreat mode.  Ryfia summons a Ray Squall and Rufunga acknowledges the
team for not starting the Hozone pollution, offering L'Arc Logos of Purity.

   If you lose the battle, Adele is about to finish L'Arc off when Rufunga
   appears.  Rufunga asks if they started the Hozone pollution when Alf says
   he's teamed with Real; Rufunga acknowledges Girtab with Alf and bonds.
   Seems Adele decides to blame Serge for losing Gula at this point.

Anyway, we're heading back to Topazion.

-- Topazion / World Map / Jada --                                      [13faq]

Go to the Eloquent Cat Inn and spend the night; no, it's not free this time.
In the morning, there's talk of Hozone and crystallization, with the belief
that the Rogress cleanse the land.  Seems there's talk about how Hozone can't
kill the "common" race.  In the end, Niko leaves the party to go on an
advanced scouting mission at the Dragon Prison in Jada.  We're following.

// Jada [Version 2] Vendor: The Noble Lady
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     Revive Bottle       500 R               Cure Confusion      200 R
     Cure Poison         100 R               Cure Petrify        600 R
     Cure Silence        300 R               Cure Binding        300 R
     Cure Paralysis      250 R               Cure Sickness       500 R
     Cure Sleep          150 R               Reset All           500 R
     Analyzer             20 R
// Jada [Version 2] Armory: Freedom Spear
     Bronze Plate        700 R               Metal Plate       8 000 R
     Metal Guard       8 000 R               Surcoat           8 000 R
     Cloak               700 R               Velvet Robes      8 000 R
     Bronze Boots        500 R               Metal Boots       5 000 R
     Cotton Shoes        500 R               Nobility Shoes    5 000 R
     Power Ring        1 000 R               Ray Ring          1 000 R

From Topazion, head South to Jada.  Enter and the party notices that there's
no soldiers around.  Niko comes running in, saying how there's no guards over
at Dragon Prison either.  Well, that's a good sign.  Or not.  Head to the next
screen and Niko will hand over MAP: DRAGON PRISON, which basically just shows
the top floor.  Head over to the Sealed Gate when you're ready.

-- Dragon Prison --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Banshee                 |  589   |  27 |  - |  - |    |  + |  556  |   932
Grapplecat              |  873   |  28 |    |    |    |    |  598  |   998
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Weiss                   | 23727  |  33 |  + |  - |    |  + | 8118  |  13256
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Tartalos                | 14940  |  30 |  - |    |  + |    |   0   |  18015

There's a short scene before entering Dragon Prison, again.  The Lift still
works, so you won't have to get back to the switch and reactive it.  Head
down to B1 and we have an optional boss waiting for us.  You can steal both a
Sand Castle and Resist Leaf from Tartalos, and he drops the Murakumo weapon
for Rastan.  Tips to beat him: he attacks physically, but they're not too
damaging; he has a Lightning attack, so try and resist water and wind; he can
petrify you with Gaia Crush,  which does a decent amount of damage as well,
so resist earth and/or equip the Topaz.  His "sense trouble" attack is an
unblockable lightning attack and activates Block Physical somewhat often, so
don't get too Trinity Act spam happy.  Spread your attacks out, heal often
and just outlast him to claim your prize.

Once done, take the Lift back to the Top Floor and walk toward the screen for
two treasure chests containing ARMORED CANE and ELIXIR.  Spend some time here
building up your SP and Rogress bar, since heading to the right of the Lift
essentially starts the next boss.  Oh, and don't bother using Niko because he
won't be available for the next boss, so change your plans accordingly.

Cutscene here with Niko getting incapacitated, Weiss showing his "curse" and
suspicions of where the espionage mission went wrong.  Then we fight.

Weiss strategy:
Give everyone Storm Gems or use two Wind Gems for Wind magic Lvl2.  Everyone
should be able to cast and sync the spells together a couple times; use this
Wind spell synch when you need a boost to your AP.  For the actual fight,
spread out and activate Trinity Acts, at least using L'Arc's Gae Bolg to get
a boost to your damage output.  Save your Rogress summon, especially if you
have Rufunga; after Weiss gets to around 5000 HP or below, he'll use an
Excel called Dark Flame, which inflicts status conditions on most of the team.
Once you do get around 7000HP left, use your highest Excel Acts available to
do a higher leveled Trinity Act, basically avoiding Dark Flame if you don't
have Rufunga.  Otherwise heal, break Raystones and get in attacks.  If you
opt to steal, you can pick up both a Firestorm Shard and Rock Shard.

Weiss falls and we don't learn anything about this "Eesa's Curse."  Instead,
he eggs on the team to continue attacking, but Rastan takes Weiss on alone,
letting the rest of the team to board the Lightship.  Freya shows up, giving
Weiss reinforcements, but Rastan gets in a swipe and rejoins the team.

Congrats, we now have a Lightship.  Inside, speak to everyone when a cutscene
occurs; seems someone is attacking us.  Thankfully we're "saved" by having a
bird or phoenix-looking creature crash into the ship, causing us to crash land
below.  That was short-lived; we're somewhere Northwest of Ebur, so let's try
going there to see if someone can fix the Lightship.  Exit through the door.

-- World Map / Ebur / World Map / Old Lightship / World Map --

From the Old Lightship, go Southeast to reach Ebur.  Once inside, Mark shows
up and blabs about Niko and L'Arc being on a secret mission.  Apparently
Cecille was right; Mark was the weak link, causing the watchmen at the Galois
Ravine to tail us and allowing Weiss to know we were coming to Jada.

Swing to the screen beyond Maria's house by going beyond the Tailor.  Maria
asks Grantz on the team's behalf if he can fix the Lightship.  He's not
interested until Ryfia mentions that we were knocked out of the sky by a giant
bird; Grantz names this bird as Mashgar, running off to fix the Lightship.
Maria asks to tag along, so let's go back to the World Map and go Northwest to
the Old Lightship.

Inside Old Lightship, Maria calls it the Ship to the Stars; Grantz calls it
the Rogress Slayer.  Seems the Lightship was used in the Era of Loss, or the
Dragon Descent from 1000 years ago.  So we need old parts to fix it, and Maria
suggest a church on a hill.  Seems it's been sealed by the Aion Unit, which
at the mere mention of, Maria freaks out.  Grantz points the team in the
direction of Gula Churhc; it's over to the West.  Actually, it's West of Ebur,
rather than West of our current location.  Looking for a Gyro system chip.

-- Gula Church Ruins --                                                [14faq]

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Djinn                   |  883   |  30 |    |  + |    |  - |  676  |  1118
Sauroid                 |  1047  |  30 |    |    |    |    |  667  |  1102
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Kanher                  | 29107  |  35 |    |    |    |    | 9704  |  15732

Rastan thinks something is inside, despite the place being sealed.  Since we
don't really know what that Gyro system chip is, we're just going to steal
everything not bolted down.  Sounds like a plan.

Enter the Floral Chapel and head past the door to the right and grab the chest
for SHIELD OF AJAX.  Head up to the door and Rastan unlocks the seal, letting
us go in further.  Go in, take the stairs down and we'll be in B1 Storage.

Turn the corner and examine the sparkle on the shelf for LIGHTSHIP PARTS.  A
cutscene ensues, having Serge appear, taking Ryfia hostage.  He wants Ratan to
open a different door's seal.  Rastan mentions that trying to unlock the seal
will alert the Aion Unit where we are, but unlocks it anyway; it's a trap, and
we all fall down a hole.  Serge jumps in with us, as does Ryfia, all to help
with the Feldragon attacks.

We're starting in Facilities B3, following the path until Serge frees a locked
up prisoner who turns into an enemy.  Beat it and continue forward.  At the
first intersection, head left and follow the path all the way to grab a chest
with MOONSTONE inside.  This should hint that we'll be dealing with fire or
wind typed enemies or a boss, or one that likes to make us sick.  Head back
to the intersection, where the sealed door is, and instead go right.  Enter
the small room, examine the sparkle and pick up BLUE BRACELET.  This will open
that door at the intersection, so try it out.  Go through and head to the
right for the stairs to Facilities B2.

Facilities B2 is just a snaking, linear path.  Try to stay away from the
middle of the hallways, specifically those little squares you may see that are
off color; stepping on them causes a gate to open up, allowing you not to
backtrack.  Here, it's just annoying if you're trying to sidestep enemies.  As
you snake through the passages, we come across the experiments going on here,
with Rastan saying he knows nothing about it; something shady's happening.
Along the way, there's one chest with CURE SICKNESS.  As we start going up
to Facilities B1, the team says they'll help Serge as repayment for the info
about the Lightship.  Seems there was a Transforming Code using Hozone here.
Serge is obviously bothered, since this was his family from the church.

Starting Facilities B1, ignore the first corridor and go through the second,
taking the YELLOW BRACELETS from the sparkle point.  A SILVER GUARD is hiding
in the corner, most likely for Niko, but well, he's not going to be useful
when the boss encounter occurs, again.  Go back to the first corridor and
find FORCE SUPPORT.  Ignore the third corridor, unless you want an enemy
encounter, and head down the fourth corridor, again ignoring the middle of the
hallway, unless you want that encounter at the end of the path.  Go through
the last sealed door and we get a cutscene where Niko can't fight.  Serge
seems okay with us going for the kill, so let's do it.

Kanher strategy:
You can steal a Cure All and a Specialty M if you really want it.  Kanher can
buff its magic stats and uses Banishing Ray and Abyss Blast for damage, along
with normal attacks.  This should be an easier battle though, compared to past
fights of late, especially since Serge is in as a guest character.  Basic
attacks, healing and Trinity Acts or a Rogress if you wish, but I was able to
stick to just regular attacks and healing, with a random Excel here and there.
Treat it as a more resilient, regular encounter and you should be fine.

After the battle, Serge picks up the sparkle, finding Selena's Gem.  Seems
Niko already escaped and Serge mentions he needs more training if Ryfia was
able to detect his sadness.  I'd really heal up with Heal Liquids here and
get someone who can steal before we exit to Voiceless Place, but that's me.

Now outside the church, we get a cutscene showing Walter approaching.  Serge
attacks to hold Walter off, but it seems it didn't do much.  And WTF, a few
huge reveals all happen at once here.  The first is Walter is Ignacy, who was
ordered by Hosea to protect the Imaginal Diva and the Child of Eesa.  Next, we
learn that the Aion Unit is the Senate's personal assassin unit and that
Zamuel died due to Ignacy's "personal curiousity."  And a battle.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Ignacy                  | 101509 |  56 |  - |    |    |  - |  N/A  |   N/A

Ignacy strategy:
You can't win.  The best you can do is make this into a positive for the team,
which will be to try and steal both the Inferno Shard and Terra Shard he's
holding.  In fact, the battle automatically ends after about 10 turns, even if
your whole team is still alive.  Oh, and don't bother throwing Liquids, using
Revive Bottles instead to get more steal chances in if your stealer(s) are
KO'd, remembering that L'Arc's Wild Scimitar has a Steal Weapon Secret.

So the battle ends and Ignacy reveals that Leon was the only person to have
ever hurt him and now the three central members of the Lord Knights will die
by Ignacy's hand; implying he killed Rex Lagoon.  Cutscene time with Leslie
and an unrelated Niko showing up with reinforcements.  Seems QED is the group
Leslie was researching way back in Antrax when she was part of our team.  We
make our escape and automatically appear in Ebur.

-- Ebur / World Map / Old Lightship --

The plan is to go back to Grantz to get the Lightship fixed, now that we have
the Lightship Parts.  Serge opts to come along since he has something to
discuss with Rastan. So head up to the Manufactory screen, talk to Grantz and
he'll run off again; Maria takes his place.  Serge gives Maria Selena's Gem,
then suddenly Maria calls Serge "Lightning Leon."  Another WTF moment.  Seems
Ignacy injured Serge's good arm, leaving Serge without the ability to hold a
sword.  Which is why he was in the thieves hideout, since Zamuel called for
his help.  This did leave me with a question: If Serge really is Leon, then
why did Rastan react in such a way upon hearing that Zamuel's mission was
complete?  Eh well, head to the Old Lightship in the Northwest.  Before that
can happen, Leslie appears, wanting to pick up Serge, but she leaves him with
the party since Serge isn't interested in fighting Alf.

At the Old Lightship, we get even more spoilerific details.  As we know,
Ignacy was after the Olquina Diva and the Lord Knights were tasked with saving
Adele.  Serge says they found Ignacy but were betrayed by none other than
Rastan.  This betrayal caused Rex Lagoon to lose his life since Rex was aware
of Rastan's situation: Ignacy was holding Rastan's family hostage.  Rex let
himself be beaten in battle, falling on Rastan's blade due to this info.  His
last words were "Rastan's heart is loyal to us. I forbid you to seek revenge."
Thus, we learn that Rastan lived so that Rex's son can kill him, but since
L'Arc has no intention of doing so, Rastan goes off to kill himself.  Ryfia
stops him and L'Arc says that he must live each day to feel the weight of what
was done, so crisis averted.  Grantz pops up to not really lighten the mood,
saying the repairs are done.  We now have four Rogress locations to choose
from and we're given the tutorials on how to fly around in the Lightship.
Before Rogress hunting, since we're finally given some freedom to do what we
want, let's get on a world tour to collect and equip ourselves on the best
stuff we can currently get.

-- World Map, World Tour --                                            [15faq]

I'm going to go in order of the Nomad son characters for the locations we can
get into at the moment.  The shops will also upgrade our armor and give us
some helpful weapons and Arm Forces for the Rogress battles ahead.  The first
location is Opalus, which we can find by heading Northwest from Ebur Ruins.
It's situated at the base of a snowy mountain.

-- Opalus --

// Lean Giant Inn        100 R
// Opalus Vendor: The Fringe Store
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     High Liquid       2 500 R               Revive Bottle       500 R
     Cure Confusion      200 R               Cure Poison         100 R
     Cure Petrify        600 R               Cure Silence        300 R
     Cure Binding        300 R               Cure Paralysis      250 R
     Cure Sickness       500 R               Cure Sleep          150 R
     Reset All           500 R               Analyzer             20 R
// Opalus Armory: The Silver Mirror
     Defender         15 000 R               Perseverance     15 000 R
     Soil Staff       20 000 R               Earth Staff      20 000 R
     Coder Hunter     15 000 R               Regen Blade      15 000 R
     Dohji-Giri       15 000 R               Excellence       15 000 R
     Watergun         20 000 R               Watergun II      20 000 R
     Silver Plate     10 000 R               Silver Guard     10 000 R
     Shazarant        12 000 R               Silk Robes       12 000 R
     Silver Boots      7 500 R               Winter Boots      9 000 R
     Fire Amulet       7 500 R               Water Amulet      7 500 R
     Wind Amulet       7 500 R               Earth Amulet      7 500 R
     Ice Amulet       30 000 R               Thunder Amulet   30 000 R
     Light Amulet     30 000 R               Dark Amulet      30 000 R
// Opalus Tailor: Carol
     Furry Coat        4 000 R               Lonewolf          4 000 R
     Moonlight Coat    4 000 R               New Arrival       4 000 R
     Slender Coat      4 000 R               Corrupt Teacher   4 000 R
     Dark Coat         4 000 R               The Gardener      4 000 R
     Lily-white Coat   4 000 R               Grade-skipper     4 000 R
     Midwinter Coat    4 000 R               School Doctor     4 000 R
     Checkered Coat    4 000 R               Sidekick Style    4 000 R

Speak to 15th Nomad son near Lean Giant Inn for MAP: OPALUS.  Go further into
town and enter a home near Nice guy and Stubborn man, getting RIVER SHARD from
Self-blaming elder.  Go to the next screen to get to Local School and examine
the snowman on the right street, near Snowman elder nearest the school to get
GALE SHARD.  Head out and our next destination is the Waxing Crescent Inn,
found on this continent in the West.  Look for where there's an inlet of water
coming into the land; near that inlet is where we're headed.

-- Waxing Crescent Inn --

Check the barrels on the right, before entering, and we get FLOOD SHARD.  Go
inside and get MAP: WAXING CRESCENT INN from 16th Nomad son.  Head outside and
we're going to a much warmer climate next: Ferris, which is in the desert area
in the Southwest portion of the map.  It's easier to go North from here,
wrapping around the world.  Ferris is in the Northwest corner of the desert,
with a landable area off to the West of the entrance.

-- Ferris --

// Dashing Walker Inn    100 R
// Ferris Vendor: Hot Sand
     Heal Liquid          50 R               Mid Liquid          500 R
     High Liquid       2 500 R               Revive Bottle       500 R
     Cure Confusion      200 R               Cure Poison         100 R
     Cure Petrify        600 R               Cure Silence        300 R
     Cure Binding        300 R               Cure Paralysis      250 R
     Cure Sickness       500 R               Cure Sleep          150 R
     Reset All           500 R               Analyzer             20 R
// Ferris Armory: Falling Star
     Flamberge        20 000 R               Flameguarder     20 000 R
     Pinaka           15 000 R               Jadagna          15 000 R
     Makeeri          15 000 R               Arcana Shotel    15 000 R
     Wind Aneras      20 000 R               Wind Guarder     20 000 R
     Shining Gloves   15 000 R               Drainer Magnum   15 000 R
     Adaman Plate     12 000 R               Adaman Guard     12 000 R
     Linen Cuirass    10 000 R               Wisdom Cloak     10 000 R
     Adaman Boots      9 000 R               Desert Boots      7 500 R
     Strength Ring    10 000 R               Skasaha Ring     10 000 R
     Coder Ring       10 000 R               Runner Ring      10 000 R
     Legion Coat      10 000 R               Coder Cape       10 000 R

Speak to the 17th Nomad son near the entrance for MAP: FERRIS.  Go to the left
and talk to Luggage watcher near the workshop for MP QUICK 3.  That's all we
can get here.  Our next location is to the Southeast, just East of the
squiggly lines on the world map, still in the desert.

-- Old Moon Inn / World Map --

Talk to 18th Nomad son for MAP: OLD MOON INN.  Behind him is Lady at the well,
who gives the team a REVIVE BOTTLE.  Our next location isn't for another map
but instead, the only item I've found on the world map besides the Mid Liquid
at the broken bridge after Benetnasch.  From Old Moon Inn, go Northwest to
find a small clearing surrounded by mountains; alternatively, you can go
East-Northeast from Ferris for a closer destination to travel from.  Land
there and find a FIRESTORM GEM in the corner.

Our next location can be more easily found by flying from Jada, which is a bit
to the Northeast.  From Jada, fly to the Northwest until you spot some islands
just off the coast.  Land on the largest, most Western island.

-- New Moon Inn / [Gauss Tunnel] --

Go straight inside and get MAP: NEW MOON INN by talking to the Air Kopin /
100th Nomad son.  Speak to them again for RICOALOT.  Exit and check the fourth
tree on the right side, starting from the inn, examining the ground to gain a

Before finishing our world tour, head back to Gauss Tunnel on the Carbunculus
side or the Southern entrance and go one screen in to Looming Path.  A prompt
lets you let the Kopin break the wall on the left side, revealing an
INTERRUPTER.  I'm not sure why it wasn't there the first time through here,
but it's here now.  I only came back here for the Afternoon Tea Party guild

-- World Map / Rogress hunting --                                      [16faq]

Choose one location for a Rogress.  Zeifellt Holy Tower is in the desert,
nearest Old Moon Inn.  The Ruins of Hilbert are to the East of Old Moon Inn.
Soliton Caves are near Gauss Tunnel and North of Half Moon Inn, with
Ellgode Volcano also nearby, closer to Carbunculus.  You can only get one at
this point, so once you make your decision, head down to the appropriate
section.  I'm going to list the Rogress locations in the order they appear in
the locations list, as well as the equip effect and summon when used, so you
can decide which you prefer more.  Starting this section of the storyline,
my party was about level 30.

-- World Map / Zeifellt Holy Tower --                                  [wifaq]

Potential Rogress to gain: Papirusagu
Effect: SPD and Wi+, Ea-                Summon: Wind damage to all enemies

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Desert Fish             |  990   |  32 |  - |  + |    |    |  755  |  1238
Desert Frog             |  828   |  32 |  - |    |  + |    |  716  |  1174
Habetrot                |  664   |  29 |    |    |    |  - |  619  |  1027
Samiad                  |  1175  |  32 |    |    |    |    |  748  |  1225

Land near Old Moon Inn and head North, around the mountain range.  Before
heading further into Zeifellt Holy Tower, check the enemy data below.  You'll
want to equip earth-type weapons (read: Ryfia's Soil Strike and its AF) and
wind (and lightning)-resist armor; stick with two Lightning Amulets.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Grape Slime             |  765   |  30 |  - |    |  + |    |  654  |  1081
Living Arms             |  1001  |  32 |    |    |    |    |  756  |  1239
Sylpheed                |  746   |  31 |  + |  + |  + |  - |       |
Virsago                 |  1093  |  31 |    |  - |  - |  + |  697  |  1147
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Papirusagu              | 29019  |  36 |    |  + |    |  - | 10302 | 16629
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Berry Slime             | 44225  |  44 |  + |  + |  + |  + |   0   | 30834

Take the left path, up the stairs beyond the save point.  Go up the second set
of stairs and hug the wall on the left to grab a chest with MP CHARGE 3.  Now
jump across the collapsed floor to the right of the stairs.  Head down two
sets of stairs and avoid the top right corner, unless you want a battle with
an optional boss, heading into the doorway into Elevator Hall.  Some tips
for this optional boss are listed when we have to come back here for storyline
purposes, where we have access to better Arm Forces to deal with Berry Slime.

Go to the back of the room to activate a scene, where we can head down to the
Console Floor area.  Take the intersection left for CURE SILENCE, backtrack to
the right and examine the sparkling piece on the wall.  We're told we need a
part that the team saw earlier in the dungeon, so exit back to the elevators
and go up to Elevator Hall and head to the bottom door, back to Entrance Hall.
Again, avoid the optional boss if you did on the way in and climb two sets of
stairs on the right half of the room.  At the top, you'll find a sparkle on
the right wall, which we examine.  With the parts we get here, go back down to
Elevator Hall.  Before heading down, examine the "wall" across from the
elevators for a treasure chest to gain TRISMEGISTOS.  Head back down to
Console Floor, take the path right and fix the mechanism.  This opens up the
elevators going up, so let's go back to the Elevator Hall again.

As we come up, we're treated with a scene, so we're going to have to go up
the stairs, rather than the elevator we just fixed.  The trick to winning this
race to the top is to *avoid all battles* and *avoid all treasure*.  We can
get the treasure on the way out, anyway.  In order, the stairways we want to
take to maximize the trip to the top are:

Elevator Hall: Right     Floor 03: Right    Floor 06: Left     Floor 09: Right
     Floor 01: Right     Floor 04: Left     Floor 07: Left     Floor 10: Right
     Floor 02: Right     Floor 05: Right    Floor 08: Left

The chests we're passing up along the way are, on Floor 03 MP QUICK 3;
Floor 08 gives 20 000 RICO, Floor 10 with WIND TABARD.  At the top, you should
see that the elevator on the left side should be empty, meaning we beat Alf's
team to the top.  Grab the chest on the left side for an EMERALD and equip
that on the person without a Lightning Amulet.  Take the Anti-grav elevator
to the top floor and we're going to challenge Papirusagu for a Logos.  On
the way out, MAP: ZEIFELLT HOLY TOWER is off sparkling to the right.

   If the elevator happens to be there, and the team comments on Alf taking
   the next elevator up, you lost the race.  Either restart or accept the loss
   of this Rogress to Alf's team.

Papirusagu strategy:
This might've been one of the harder Rogress to get to, but one of the easier
ones to beat.  Spread out on the first turn and break Raystones.  Papirusagu
has two main attacks: Chain of Jade, which adds DEF- to the character it hits
or various wind spells.  Omniscient Wave, which adds Blitz and SPD+ to
Papirusagu, can be ignored.  Hit Papirusagu with a Geo Impact Trinity Act,
which I got consistently with Aqua Spiral, Aqua Blade and Trickster, and you
should be doing about 12 000 dmg.  A second one should outright beat this
Rogress, as long as you get in a few hits while healing in between rounds.
Add on an Earth Strike Arm Force and a three chain normal attack should be
doing around 1 000 dmg.

-If this is the first time you chose a location:
     Skip down to the World Map/Opalus section, leading to Resolvent Iceberg.
-If this is the second time you chose a location:
     Skip down to the leaving the dungeon section, leading to Half Moon Inn.

-- Ruins of Hilbert --                                                 [eafaq]

Potential Rogress to gain: Banchu
Effect: DEF+, ATK-                      Summon: Physical immunity on allies

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Bone Rook               |  1175  |  32 |  - |  - |    |  + |  748  |  1225
Gnome                   |  746   |  31 |  + |  - |  + |  + |  811  |  1335
Leanan-sidhe            |  823   |  31 |  - |  - |    |  + |  686  |  1129
Undead Sauroid          |  3106  |  32 |    |    |    |    |  890  |  1458
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Banchu                  | 25964  |  36 |  - |  - |  - |  - | 10312 | 16644
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
King of Kings           | 25865  |  41 |    |    |    |    |   0   | 31077

For preparation going into this area, use wind based weapons and earth resist
armor.  Rastan's Wind Aneras is helpful for doing more damage to the enemies
and the Rogress battle; take two Dark Amulets along, too.

The optional boss is found on the upper ramp as we enter Ruins of Hilbert.
You can avoid it if you'd like, but here's some tips on the King of Kings.
Its big attack is Noisy Recital, which inflicts Sick and Poison status on the
team.  It loves casting spells, so if you can get Serge's Coder Hunter Arm
Force to work here, which is Add Silence, you're golden.  Otherwise, expect a
long fight with lots of healing items thrown around.  King of Kings seems to
be able to notice the Raystones on the field as well, making sure not to cast
a spell that would be lowered, though it primarily focuses on wind and earth
spells, with some fire spells thrown in.  Your reward for winning is a
King's Purse.

Take the upper ramp first, grabbing the chest for 20 000 RICO.  Head back and
take the lower ramp.  Near the save point, there's a chest with HIGH LIQUID.
Head to the next screen to get to Main Street and, when presented with
multiple paths, take the bottom path first for REVIVE FULL.  Head back and
take the upper path, grabbing a STONE GEM in an alcove off to the left.  Take
the center path in this new path-selecting area and we'll get a scene where
Elza takes Ryfia over, pleading for help.  Seems the area was ravaged by
Hozone and she's asking for help.  Agree to help and backtrack to
Cave Entrance to help out this Ryan person.

As we enter the screen, the team is ambushed by Undead Sauroid; you can steal
Reset Alls and Cure Alls from them.  Go and beat it up and it turns out to be
Dynos controlling this enemy.  They walk off in search of the Rogress, but
Ryfia heals Ryan, leaving parting words that our kindess will release Banchu.
Serge mentions that the Rogress in the area understands such kindness, so
let's help these people out.  Head back to over to Main Street and continue
on to Nobleman Zone.

Take the ramp down to grab OBSIDIAN from a chest there, equipping it on the
character that's not wearing a Dark Amulet.  Head back up the ramp, take the
upper path and jump over the crack.  Follow this path, taking the left path
for a chest with MP QUICK 3.  Before we can get it, we're ambushed by an
enemy that we need to save.  Beat the Undead Sauroid and Ryfia heals Luis.
Continue heading right to enter Vast Cavern.

Follow the path, banking to the right for a chest with CURE SLEEP.  Continue
on to find a clearing with a circle on the ground.  There's a chest directly
ahead with 20 000 RICO, then examine the wall just to the right of this
chest to have your Kopin break the wall, revealing a Feldragon to save.  Tom
here asks you to find his mother, so head right, hugging the wall with what
looks like water wells and go down the ramp.  The Feldragon here is looking
for Tom, so go back to Tom and speak to him and Ryfia cures them both at once.
Behind Tom, a chest was waiting, holding ROC'S WING.  Head to the next area
to reach Sandrock Path, grab MAP: RUINS OF HILBERT near the save and walk
down the path beyond to encounter the Hall of Bonding.

If all went according to plan, you'll see Alf speaking to Banchu, but then
they suddenly disappear.  Banchu says they were blown outside, sensing that
Banchu must speak to our team first.  It's as thanks for saving the people we
saved while getting here.  But as such, we must be tested.

Banchu strategy:
This is one of the easier Rogress to get to, but slightly harder to beat.
First of all, spread out so you're not lined up in a line, just waiting to be
hit all at once with Ground Shot.  Banchu will use Logos of Protection on the
first turn, setting up a wall that negates all physical damage.  The good
thing is that spells work fine through that shield.  Keep attacking, using
regular attacks, so you can eventually weaken the shield, doing damage with
spells, since any will work.  After Pride Wave, which increases Banchu's DEF
and RES stats, Banchu is slightly more prone to beating hit by Trinity Acts.
Use a weaker one at the start, since we want to save SP for Geo Impact use
later on in the fight.  Banchu's big attack is Oppressed Anger, which can
inflict sickness, sleep and MAG-, but you shouldn't be getting hit by sleep
all too much with our amulets.  Continue chipping away at Banchu's HP and,
when Banchu gets around 7000HP, Frantic Defense will activate.  This is when
you want to activate a Geo Impact Trinity Act, normally using the highest
offensive Excel Act with all party members at the same time.  You can steal a
Sand Castle and Defense Leaf from Banchu.

-If this is the first time you chose a location:
     Skip down to the World Map/Opalus section, leading to Resolvent Iceberg.
-If this is the second time you chose a location:
     Skip down to the leaving the dungeon section, leading to Half Moon Inn.

-- Ellgode Volcano --                                                  [fifaq]

Potential Rogress to gain: Urgula
Effect: ATK and Fi+, Wa-                Summon: Fire damage to all enemies

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Beelzebob               |  802   |  29 |    |  - |    |  + |  650  |  1079
Bird of Hell            |  866   |  30 |    |  - |    |  + |  660  |  1092
Flame Frog              |  770   |  31 |  + |    |  - |    |  681  |  1121
Salamander              |  746   |  31 |  + |  + |  - |  + |  811  |  1335
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Urgula                  | 32074  |  36 |  + |    |  - |    | 10278 | 16590
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Naberius                | 51539  |  46 |  + |    |  - |    |   0   | 34443

Get some equips ready, mostly water type weapons, such as Niko's Watergun for
its Waterstrike Arm Force, and fire resist armor, such as two Fire Amulets.
We should be ready to handle the area and boss now.

Land near the top and enter the area.  There's a chest off to the right with
HIGH LIQUID.  Grab it and keep heading up the volcano until you come across an
intersection.  Head left to grab a RUBY and equip it on the person not already
wearing a Fire Amulet.  Head to the next section, the Lava Overlook.

Approach the rock and let the Kopin break it, letting you jump across the lava
here.  Go beyond the first circular area, heading up and right to another
circular type area, grabbing a SPEED POTION in the chest here.  Go back to the
first circular area and let your Kopin break the rock on the upper left area,
letting you jump across another set of lava.  Hug the left cliff's edge here
to go behind the rock for a FLAME GEM in the hidden chest.  Continue forward
and branch off to the left for the chest we saw just before to get WEPALOT.
Continue up the volcano for a scene and when given control, take the right
cave path into the Bloodline Pass.

Here, take the right branch, then the left branch, then the right branch.  We
should be in the Blazing Bridge's upper area.  Yes, there were some treasure
chests back there, but we'll pick them up on the way out.  If you're wondering
what they were, the first left path had CURE CONFUSION, the second right path
had MP QUICK 2 and the third left path had 20 000 RICO.  Anyway, at the
Blazing Bridge, there should be a scene while crossing, mentioning that the
team can hear Alf's team "far behind" based on their echos.  That's a good
sign that we're on track to get to Urgula first.  Continue forward and the
team notices that there's cracks all over the bridge.  Be certain that you
*walk* across, rather than run across; you can walk by just barely tilting the
control stick in the direction you want to move toward.  If you don't walk,
you'll fall to the path below, wasting time and more often than not, losing to
Alf's team.  There's three bridges that you have to be certain you walk across
here, so play it safe and just walk on every bridge-looking spot.  The first
path to the right has MIRAGE GLOVES for Cecille, but we can skip them for now
and come back after the events at the Hall of Bonding.  Eventually, you'll
spot a sparkle near the left wall, which gives MAP: ELLGODE VOLCANO.  Walk
across the bridge on the right and we should be approaching the save point.
Just beyond is the Hall of Bonding and you should be there first.

Urgula strategy:
This feels like a medium difficulty area to get the Rogress chance first and
a medium difficulty battle, compared to the other three.  With our prep work
prior to starting the area, you shouldn't be taking a whole lot of damage.
Urgula starts the battle by using its Logos, so spend the time healing,
spreading the team out and defending right out of the gate; note that this is
the move that will be used when the team senses trouble.  The next turn,
Urgula tends to use Valiant Wave, which reflects damage back, so avoid using
Trinity Acts on this and the following turn, opting instead of regular attacks
and/or the weaker Excels.  Urgula's other attacks consist of Assault, which
targets a single person and has a small AoE; Lava hammer can cause a meteor
to fall from the sky and damage your characters.  Thus, stick to breaking
Raystones, chaining water spell attacks for AP boosts and normal attacks,
boosted by Waterstrike or Waterstrike+, the Weapon Secret on Watergun.
After Valiant Wave's effect has passed, strike with a Mystic Fortune Trinity
Act, accomplished by chaining those 25%SP/3AP moves, except for Ryfia, who
should always use Aqua Spiral for her part in the Trinity Act, if she's on
your attack team.  Just keep up the Raystone cracking, water-boosted attacks
and healing support and Urgula should be yours for the bonding.  If you're up
to stealing, Strength Leaf and Inferno Shard are up for grabs.

Now it's time to get all those treasure chests we missed.  Grab those Mirage
Gloves we skipp and root up all the chests back at Bloodline Pass.  Take the
left path from either Lava Overlook or Blazing Bridge and pick up three chests
for FLARE SCALE, RESET ALL and SPECIALTY M, which is in order from Blazing
Point's entrance, heading back toward the exit.  Continue out of Ellgode or
opt to take on the optional boss, since it's easier to deal with now that we
have Urgula.

Tips on beating Naberius, found at Blazing Bridge on the lower half, below
all the bridges, all the way at the end: Break Raystones and chain or double
cast water attack spells.  With the resist equipment used to take out Urgula,
as well as setting Urgula to be a Rogress to be used in battle in the Role
menu if L'Arc is joining the party, you shouldn't be taking much damage.  You
can steal a Shield of Ajax and a Vitality Leaf, and drops an Executioner for
sure, with a chance of a Vitality Leaf and Firestorm Shard.

-If this is the first time you chose a location:
     Skip down to the World Map/Opalus section, leading to Resolvent Iceberg.
-If this is the second time you chose a location:
     Skip down to the leaving the dungeon section, leading to Half Moon Inn.

-- Soliton Caves --                                                    [wafaq]

Potential Rogress to gain: Squill
Effect: RES and Wa+, Fi-                Summon: Water damage to all enemies

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Blood Sucker            |  716   |  30 |    |  - |    |  + |  655  |  1083
Catfish                 |  990   |  32 |  - |  - |  + |  + |  755  |  1238
Mos-leef                |  931   |  31 |    |  - |    |  + |  718  |  1181
Mackerel                |  1093  |  31 |  - |    |  + |  - |  697  |  1147
Undine                  |  746   |  31 |  - |  + |  + |  + |  811  |  1335
Zephyampoo              |  828   |  32 |  - |    |  + |    |  735  |  1204
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Squill                  | 21331  |  36 |  - |    |  + |    |  9931 | 16030

Setting up the team, bring along two Water Amulets and focus on fire weapons,
notably L'Arc's Flamberge.  You'll also want to get at least Lvl 3 fire spells
by using either a Firestorm Gem, two Flame Gems or three Fire Gems.  I'd
suggest 2MP for each of the three levels at minimum, having more MP in the
lower level spells rather than the higher level spells at this point.  Also,
upgrade your fire spell users to have extra slots, since you'll want at least
two for the upcoming fight.  At this point, you should have one Firestorm Gem
and three Flame Gems, so a maximum of two slots is needed for the two member
fire spell user minimum.

From the entrance here at Warpgem Wood, follow the path to Rocky Overhang.
Jump across the subterranean river and grab the CURE POISON, then jump back to
the other side where we started.  Take the upper path to Flourite Path and
follow the road along to Crossroads.  Go up to Blue Waterfall, jump across the
subterranean river and use the Kopin to break the rock along the upper part.
Jump across to get AQUAMARINE in the chest.  Pass by the save and jump across
the subterranean river on this side to reach the Crossroads screen again.  We
get a scene with Niko and Serge saying this path is slippery, helping the team
traverse the path.  Head to the right and approach the water to find Alf
already waiting there.  Squill wants to challenge both Children of Eesa to
determine who to give the bond to.

Squill strategy:
Squill heals near 1500HP every turn by using Fury Wave.  You need to destroy
every water Raystone on the field, so make that a priority.  After making
sure all water Raystones are destroyed, let your fire user double cast
Burning Drive, the Lvl 3 fire spell, for a chained fire attack on the same
turn the Raystones are beaten.  When you run out of Lvl 3 MP, double cast
Fireball, the Lvl 2 fire spell, for another chained fire spell, again on the
same turn that water stones are cleared from the field.  Do this with all
your fire users, getting in an attack when you have the spare AP when you
don't need to throw a Mid/High Liquid.  You should be outdamaging Squill's
healing attempts, letting you win and bond with the Rogress.

-If this is the first time you chose a location:
     Skip down to the World Map/Opalus section, leading to Resolvent Iceberg.
-If this is the second time you chose a location:
     Skip down to the leaving the dungeon section, leading to Half Moon Inn.

-- World Map / Old Lightship --                                        [17faq]

After getting through the Rogress of your choice and hopefully getting the
bond, you'll start to exit the area.  L'Arc seems concerned about what the
connection between Hosea and the Aion Unit is, along with this whole plan of
bonding with the various Rogress.  He's worried that even if we do save the
world, the Republic is going to destroy the Empire.  Head to the World Map
and travel back to the Old Lightship.  The team notices an Imperial Army
Lightship flying off to Opalus, so that's where we're going to next.

-- Opalus --

Seems like we need to inform General Elliot about this upcoming attack, so
it's a good thing Serge is with the team since Elliot is good friends with the
Lord Knights.  L'Arc and Ryfia seem distracted, but just go all the way up to
find the headquarters at Military Academy.  A scene occurs, with Alf and his
team showing up.  L'Arc shares that he thinks of Adele as a little sister and
Alf goes off, saying that Imaginal's Law will destroy the world.  And we get
Leslie's rank and name: Turemillian Senate Guard, Archon Unit Commander,
Captain Leslie Ferrati.  She takes us to see Elliot, so enter Faculty Wing,
head down the hall and enter Cmdr. Office.

Serge shares that the Imperial Army is coming and offers to help.  Seems that
was why Alf was here, since he also gave the warning and offered a defense
strategy on top of it: to build a permafrost defense shield made of Ray, which
Leslie was working on previously, called the Snowy Project.  Ryfia is worried
that, if things go wrong, then Adele is in trouble.  But we still need to
gather reinforcements, so get the HQ MISSIVE from Leslie and head off to
Carbunculus.  She warns us that the shield will go up, so we won't be able to
reenter town.  Anyway, go to Carbunculus to the South-Southeast.

-- Carbunculus / World Map --

Head straight to the Senate.  If you forgot how to get there, go up one
screen, left one screen, then up one screen to reach the huge staircase.
Head to the top for a short scene about dungeon threats, go inside, up the
stairs and into the Senate Conference Hall.  The team tells of the Snowy
Project and the other members are initially suspicious about L'Arc but decide
to trust Ryfia.  L'Arc seems to be worried, so let's head back to Opalus,
despite Leslie saying the shield would be up.

Before we can exit to the world map, the team is approached by someone who
seems to know Leslie.  She asks us to give Leslie a message: "Come home."
Seems that Leslie quit the Archon Unit after a failed mission to protect her
sister's husband; that sister is the person we're talking to.  And she gives
her name as Angie.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Snow Frog               |  954   |  34 |  - |  - |  + |  + |  786  |  1278
Tronbower               |  890   |  33 |  - |    |  + |    |  769  |  1257
Y-verr                  |  1263  |  33 |    |  + |    |  - |  755  |  1238

Get in the Old Lightship and fly back toward Opalus.  You should spot the
shield up and a short cutscene with the Imperial Lightships shooting at the
shield.  Seems the shield has a crack, so we enter through there and land the
Lightship, way out of town.  Opalus is to the Southeast.

-- Opalus / World Map --

Enter town and make a beeline for Elliot's office, to the left of the gates
at the Local School screen.  Ryfia wishes to help Adele with the barrier, so
we learn that Alf and Adele are at the Snowy Temple, off to the West.  As the
team is about to exit town, a scene will play out about what L'Arc should do
when dealing with Alf.  Rastan suggests using their weakened state to take the
Rogress for their own and then raising the shield, but L'Arc is against it.
Rastan and Serge decide to put their trust in L'Arc due to their trust in Rex.

Exit to the World Map and hug the mountains going West for Resolvent Iceberg.

-- Resolvent Iceberg --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Imperial Knight (F)     |  1039  |  34 |    |    |    |    |  838  |  1362
Imperial Knight (M)     |  1380  |  34 |    |    |    |    |  865  |  1406
Lucy Mimic              |  4020  |  36 |    |    |    |    | 1227  |  1981
Snow Vulture            |  1075  |  33 |  - |  - |  + |  + |  764  |  1247

Upon entering, a scene plays out about the area being called the Snowy Temple.
Also a small mention of marriage.  After regaining control, take the ladder
just past the save point to grab REGEN WING and climb back down.  Head down
the path a bit and we get a scene with Leslie and needing to battle some
Imperial soldiers.  Continue past that point, climbing up another ladder. Upon
reaching the next ladder, walk to the right and the screen should shift; grab
the MP CHARGE 3 there and head back to the ladder we just passed and climb up.
A few short steps and we should be in the Icy Mirror Hall.

Yay, a sliding puzzle.  Go up, left, down, right, up and left; grab the chest
here for DIAMOND.  Now go right and up to fight the Lucy Mimic.  From here, go
down, left, up and left to grab a chest with HARPE for the taking.  Get back
to the beginning by going right, down then left.  To finally move on, go up,
right and up again, climbing the ladder.  At the top, take the path to the
right and grab CURE BINDING in the chest.  Go back and take the upper path to
reach the Mountain Ruins screen.

Climb the nearby ladder for FULL LIQUID at the top, then head back down and
go to the right, to a screen with no name.  Head up the path for a cutscene,
where the temple is hit just as the shield falters.  Adele jumps in to save
L'Arc from a falling stalagmite and they're both fine.  Ryfia then resumes
where Adele left off, putting the shield back up.  That time where it went
down let in some Imperial soldiers, so we're going to have to fight a few.
Take out the ones here and let Alf escape; Rastan wanders off to guard the
entrance and the game puts solely L'Arc in control.  Go to Mountain Ruins
and speak with Rastan.

Essentially, L'Arc wants to forgive Rastan but can't.  Two Imperial Army
soldiers attack, which, when coming out of the fight, seems L'Arc showed some
mercy and Rastan tells him not to, since a friend can quickly become a foe.
Two more soldiers attack.  More speaking, with L'Arc saying he's willing to
trust Rastan.  Now it's three soldiers you have to fight.  After, Leslie shows
up, saying the reinforcements from Carbunculus have arrived; the team just
needs to hold the shield for another three hours, then a counterattack plan
can begin.  Head back to the team at the screen with no name.

More storyline concerning what happened between Leslie and Serge after what
transpired at Ebur Ruins and L'Arc bonding with Gula.  A messenger shows up,
saying we can lower the shield now.  The whole team rejoins except for Ryfia.
Head down the mountain, going down, left, down at Icy Mirror Hall.  Just
before hitting the save point at the exit, Niko reminds L'Arc about Angie's
message for Leslie.  Turns out Lord Douglas, Angie's husband, died in front
of Leslie's eyes, and thus she feels she can't go back.  Exit to the map.

-- World Map / Opalus / World Map / Ol--Cecille the Brave --

We can't move the Lightship closer; I tried.  So head back to Opalus, over in
the East.  Upon entering Opalus, an old man runs through, saying the Republic
won; the team wonders what that means and seeks out General Elliot, so head
straight ahead through town when we get a scene with Alf at the Local School.
Alf apparently stopped the fighting with a speech and with control, go speak
with Elliot.  Before doing so, Niko leaves to go to the bathroom, returning
to the Lightship.  Elliot gives a reward of 86 400 RICO, then go outside.

L'Arc questions the money, feeling the difference between legionnaire and
mercenary status.  L'Arc shares his feelings, saying he didn't know what to
say when Alf asked about Imaginal's Law and if it was right, showing first
naiviety, and now jealousy towards Alf.  He's had a change of heart, now
wanting to think of what he should do; at this point, Leslie leaves to rejoin
Alf's efforts.

Head back to the world map.  We're headed back to the Lights-- err, the Old
Lightship changed names.  It's now Cecille the Brave.  If you forgot where it
was parked, it's off to the North.

Inside, the team discusses what to do next.  We're back to hunting Rogress.

-- Rogress Hunting, Part II --                                         [18faq]

Starting this section, I was at Lvl 37.  Choose a location for one of the
Rogress you didn't attempt, whether you bonded or not, in the first Rogress
hunting section; the location, treasure chest contents and conditions to get
the Rogress first are the same as before.  The only difference is that the
enemies gained a few levels, giving them a little more HP, but the experience
and money gained also have increased.  Refer to the initial Rogress hunt
sections above for details on getting through.

Now would also be a good time to get the guild quest boss battles done if you
need to unlock an arm force to hunt down a specific Rogress.  Here is the
data for those three quests that should be available to you at this point:

Quest: Those Fowl Birds!!!!!             Location: Retea Forest - Winding Path
GUILD QUEST BOSS name   |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Diana                   |  9751  |  36 |    |  + |    |  - |   0   | 18483
Catherine               | 13544  |  35 |    |  + |    |  - |   0   | 19228
Tips: Diana will soon summon Catherine for aid.  They have a lot of stun
attacks, breaking up Trinity Acts or chained spells, so just be wary.  Diana
drops Flanking Shoes and has Speed Potion and Speed Leaf for steals, and the
Catherine has Strength Potion and Strength Leaf for steals and drops a Full

Quest: Undersea Assault              Location: Oceansong Road - Undersea Fount
GUILD QUEST BOSS name   |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Remora                  | 19233  |  33 |  - |  - |  + |  + |   0   | 20372
Tips: Remora's main attack seems to be Geo Crush, which hits all party members
with earth damage.  Shouldn't be too much trouble with chained spells.  It
can drop both a Water Gem and a Speed Leaf and steals include Speed Potion
and Speed Leaf.

Quest: Vicious Little Devil              Location: Mandelro Coast - Cliff Path
GUILD QUEST BOSS name   |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Carbuncle               | 20843  |  34 |  - |  + |  - |  + |   0   | 21585
Tips:  Carbuncle uses Tail Charge, which gives MAG+ and RES+, then often
follows up by casting Lightning.  Equipping Lightning resistant items will
lessen the damage here.  You can steal Roc's Wing and Strength Leaf, as well
as getting a Wind Gem drop.

-- Leaving the second Rogress dungeon --                               [19faq]

No matter which dungeon you picked, as you're exiting the area, Ryfia will
want to be left alone.  Rastan senses some impatience, with Serge mentioning
that it doesn't seem to be Rogress related.  As you continue to leave, right
before getting to the save point at the beginning of the area, Ryfia will run
off to the entrance, with everyone else feeling more concern over her.  Then,
a monster suddenly appears, knocking Ryfia out.  You're forced to use a team
consisting of Rastan, Serge and L'Arc, so get those three equipped before
getting to the save point screen.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Allocer                 | 22979  |  39 |  + |    |    |    | 10689 | 17074

Allocer strategy:
You can steal two (2) Specialty M items, if that's worth your trouble. Allocer
has two main attacks: Chain Tail, which has a small AoE range that does
physical damage or Flame Cross, which is more of a magic attack using fire.
Spread out to avoid multiple damage for the former and equip anything that
reduces fire damage for the latter.  Allocer's big attack is called
Gravitation Summer, which targets a single party member; keep everyone's HP
near full and be sure to defend, otherwise you may get the person who gets hit
KO'd.  When Allocer's HP gets low, Frantic Defense activates, which by now
you probably know how much of a pain it is.  Just keep piling on the hits and
you'll come out with the win.

The team automatically escapes to Cecille the Brave.  On the Lightship, Niko
suggests taking Ryfia to a doctor; Rastan mentions one being near Carbunculus.
It's actually the Half Moon Inn, the one we used heading up to Gauss Tunnel.

-- Half Moon Inn / Cecille the Brave --

Enter the Small Hut and a scene with the doctor plays out.  Luze and Saura
enter, with the doctor familiar with Luze.  Turns out Luze is the Hierarch of
Noireism, outranking both the Patriarch and Light Lord.  The team rests for
the night automatically and in the morning, Luze says that Ryfia was mentally
exhausted.  She passes on info that the Aion Unit was leading an army to
Carbunculus, and Ryfia runs out to try and help.

Inside the Lightship, L'Arc questions why Ryfia has been rushing around so
much lately.  That's when Ryfia says that L'Arc should be with Adele, throwing
L'Arc for a loop.  But our next destination is Carbunculus.

-- Carbunculus --

Enter town and, shocker, Niko decides to come with the team.  An even bigger
shocker is Ryfia left the party, causing L'Arc to no longer be a Child of
Eesa; he wishes to now know the truth about both Laws.  The team is worried
about Ryfia, though, but L'Arc wants to meet with the Aion Unit.

Start walking toward the Senate and Rastan spots the Aion Unit.  They're seen
arresting Angie, Leslie's sis, on the charges of treason for plotting to
asassinate the Imaginal Diva and the Singing Ministry.  We recognize both
Paula and Luna from the hideout and seek to help Angie without Ryfia's help.
We're headed to Benetnasch to speak to Patriarch Hosea about why Alf would
reject Imaginal's Law and what he knows about the Aion Unit.  So, let's go.

-- Benetnasch --

Walk toward the cathedral when we see Ryfia there already.  Approach her to
activate a scene with an Aion soldier not letting Ryfia in due to Hosea's
meditations.  Seems she's not allowed in since she hasn't done her mission: to
guide the Child of Eesa.  So she runs off and the rest of the team goes off on
their own, leaving you in sole possession of L'Arc.

Before meeting with Ryfia, speak to Selfless girl near the statue south of
the cathedral to gain VITALITY POTION.  Take the right path to reach the
Assaulted Town screen.  Near the road toward the graveyard here, Contemplating
girl will give you RICOALOT.  Now approach Ryfia for more storyline.

L'Arc tells Ryfia that he was worried about her, especially how she managed to
reach Benetnasch after we left her back in Carbunculus.  Ryfia shares how she
felt ashamed since the Diva was supposed to be respected but she feels as if
she was just pretending to be a grand Diva.  She now has doubts about her
teachings but in a twist, L'Arc is the one who provides Ryfia the proof she
needs.  He reminds her how sad she would be if the world crystallizes and the
decision she made to stop crystallization by L'Arc's side.  He asks for Ryfia
to help as Ryfia, not as a Diva; this convinces her to rejoin the team.  Head
over to the rest of the waiting team near the inn and we learn that Ignacy
gave the order to block the cathedral off.  The team also fills Ryfia in on
the Angie situation.  Cecille suggest we just fight our way into the cathedral
and that's the course we're taking.

Head toward the cathedral and Cecille knocks the Aion Unit soldier out.
Approach the next set of doors and Cecille knocks that person out.  We're now
proud to call ourselves intruders, it seems.  Enter through the doors and
Hosea seems to be missing, but then suddenly appears.  They demand that Angie
be released, Ryfia saying how it was an Olquina attack.  We ask about Imaginal
and Hosea lets slip something about how the Law leads to the creation of a
world for the Divine.  Hosea denies all knowledge about QED and the Aion Unit.
And we also learn, though we might've guessed as the player, that Hosea was a
hologram.  Attempt to leave and we get another scene; we're going to check on
Hosea's promise to free Angie, so back to Carbunculus we go.

-- Carbunculus / Prison / Senate --                                    [20faq]

Go to the Senate, climbing the steps to activate a scene where Ryfia gets all
deceptive-like, letting L'Arc knock out the two guards.  Take the stairs
down to the dungeon area, since Angie is going to be executed tonight.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Novem                   |  1421  |  39 |    |    |    |    |  986  |  1575
Uno                     |  1606  |  39 |    |    |    |    |  1048 |  1675
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Luna                    | 17401  |  42 |  - |  - |  + |  + |  5318 |  8418
Paula                   | 19334  |  42 |  + |  + |  - |  - |  5329 |  8435

Start heading into the Regular Cell area and we'll come across a scene with
Alf.  The team learns that Leslie came here to save Angie and Alf's team keeps
the guards busy, letting L'Arc and friends go ahead into the Special Cell.
Continue forward, entering Execution Area twice over and we'll hit a scene
with Leslie and Ignacy.  To keep Angie save, everyone drops their weapons, and
Ignacy is asking for something called a Code Disc, which Leslie seems to have.
Enter Alf's team, distracting everyone, which Serge uses to his advantage,
bringing Angie safely to our side.  While Clyde and Dynos chase after a
fleeing Ignacy, Niko runs for his life, once again leaving the party.  Though,
Leslie joins up as a guest character.

Luna and Paula strategy:
Coming into this fight, have one person with ice magic, done by combining
water and earth, with another person brining light, by combining fire and wind
magic.  Let the third person use Boost Item, SP Auto Cure, Auto-Defense and
all those fun defensive arm forces.  That's going to be your primarily item
healer, freeing the other two to double cast spells; use ice on Paula and
light on Luna.  Focus on Paula first, since Luna can cast a Bless effect on
Paula; if you can get rid of the Bless target, then Bless wouldn't be helpful
for the pair.  Their big attack is Magical Gemini, which seems to have a high
critical hit rate and damages everyone, despite spreading out a formation.
The nice thing is, Magical Gemini no longer works when you take one of the two
out.  This is essentially an easier beach battle since it's four on two and
they can't summon.  You can steal an Inferno Shard and Gale Shard from Paula,
with Luna giving up a Terra Shard and Flood Shard through sticky finger use.
For the fight, most were at Lvl37 with a few characters at Lvl38.

With the win, Angie is grateful for everyone coming by.  L'Arc notices a
missing Niko and, as we're leaving the prison, we learn that Leslie knew about
the execution due to Ignacy sending a messenger about it all, and also asking
for the Code Disc.  Continue leaving, walking up the stairs to the Senate's
main floor and we get another scene, with Niko running in with Shelly.  It's
only now that Angie's release papers are sent over; good thing we barged in.
Shelly asks Leslie and L'Arc to come to the Council Chambers, though.

Head upstairs to the Senate Conference Hall and more story stuff, about Shelly
hearing of Angie's execution orders as we broke in.  She also knows about the
Code Disc, saying it has info on North Noireism's conspiracy with the Senate.
The past directors plotted with QED, but Shelly's father didn't and was thus
eliminated.  Shelly bought her way into the Senate to learn more about QED,
but they never contacted her; instead, she did checks on the other Senators to
try and find a QED connection and this is when Douglas was killed.  Oddly
enough, Leslie hasn't been able to open the Code Disc, so the team plans to
meet with Angie to try and figure out the password.

Start heading down the big set of stairs into Carbunculus and Niko decides he
would rather wait in the Lightship, so he leaves the team once again.  Head to
the Artist's Zone to find the Douglas Family house on the right-hand street.
More story with the password cracked, the Patriarch ordering QED to kill the
Olquina Dive, thus implying Hosea knows that the Aion Unit is a group of
assassins; Imaginal's Law isn't really about justice.  Leslie decides to take
this intel to the Shelly and the Patriarch, so she leaves the party.  Weiss
makes an unexpected appearance in the form of a flashback, focusing on how he
chose neither Imaginal nor Real.  L'Arc wishes to talk with Weiss to hear
about this non-choice, so our next destination is set: Diamant.

We automatically head outside and we get a scene with Alf.  We get their take
on Imaginal's Law: that it seeks the survival of humans at the expense of all
other living things.  Ryfia and Adele get into a scuffle and, as Alf leaves,
he mentions that crystallization is happening due to rules being broken and
that L'Arc is an enemy to him once again.

Head to the entrance for a scene with Leslie.  Shelly wants to seek a truce
with the Empire and has requested L'Arc to be the messenger on the Senate's
behalf.  Leslie rejoins the team here and say yes to heading directly to the
Senate.  There's talk about revolts in the other Republic cities, with these
revolts being formed as "Alf's Army."  Gain OFFER OF TRUCE and we're off
to Diamant now.

-- World Map / Cecille the Brave --

Well, okay, not quite yet.  Seems Niko left a letter saying that fighting is
too scary for him, prompting him to leave.  The team figures he's over in
Diamant, where we're headed anyway.  So let's go.

-- Diamant --

Cross the huge bridge and enter town for a scene, saying there's a rumor about
Mahat passing away.  Additionally, there's a rumor saying that Weiss was the
one who killed Mahat.  With that over with, head up to the castle by taking
two different Lifts up to the top.  We get another scene at the castle doors,
bringing Freya out.  Yay, we're arrested once again.  Though, rather quickly,
Freya comes over and lets us go free, asking us to go see Weiss at the Throne
Hall.  She asks about Niko too, but well, she hasn't seen him either.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Castle Watch (A)        |  2495  |  43 |    |    |    |    |  1301 |  2053
Castle Watch (B)        |  1879  |  43 |    |    |    |    |  1210 |  1911

As we're climbing out of the dungeon, grab the HAUTECLAIRE weapon nearby.
There's hostiles everywhere, so either charge on through or avoid them; in
either case, when you climb the stairs to the Hall of Mirrors, we're entered
into a battle automatically.  Dispatch them and take the stairs up to get
to the Throne Room, going toward the big door once at the top of the stairs.

Story events here with Weiss.  He doesn't want a cease-fire since he already
knows about the Senate/North Noireism connection and doesn't fully trust that
the Patriarch isn't involved in this.  L'Arc mentions that Alf is a Child of
Eesa and that he doesn't know what to believe.  This gets Weiss to agree to
the truce, which we have to come back for the next day at his office.  In the
meantime, we're heading to Zamuel's Martial Arts School.

Enter Zamuel's and we see Elena, who recognizes Leon.  She learns that Mahat
has passed and she's upset, but doesn't say anything.  The team rests and
that's all we can do; head back to the castle and go through the center doors
to reach Weiss' office.  Weiss shows us a rock, apparently the Meridian Bible;
Ryfia senses a Code from it.  We learn about the Meridia family and how they
have a pact with Eesa.  Seems Weiss' mother was poisoned and, in order to save
her, Weiss entered into that pact and that's how he became cursed.  He notes
that the Meridian Bible was manipulated, with Code in there originally about
the Meridia family precepts, but the Hierarch of Noireism formed that pact to
protect the royal bloodline.  That manipulated Code had a piece erased dealing
specifically with the Empire's duty to kill Eesa; Weiss asks L'Arc to do this
duty instead, and must gather the Rogress to get to Noire.  L'Arc's non-answer
convinces Weiss to sign the treaty, set for a meeting at Batrachites.

Exit the castle and we get a short scene about heading to Carbunculus so
Director Shelly is informed of the peace talks going through.  To Carbunculus.

-- Carbunculus / Batrachites --                                        [21faq]

Head straight to the Senate.  Shelly asks if we'd go with her to Batrachites.
Say yes and we're instantly there.

In the meeting room, Weiss asks L'Arc to stay, claiming that L'Arc is his
brother.  Weiss mentions that Elena is Weiss' birth mother and was driven out
by Queen Gruene.  Suddenly, a soldier runs in, saying the Empire is attacking
Batrachites.  A cutscene occurs and we're thrown into a fight.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Imperial Undead (A)     |  2641  |  44 |  - |  - |    |  + |  1345 |  2117
Imperial Undead (B)     |  1989  |  44 |  - |  - |    |  + |  1253 |  1973

We deduce that the soldiers aren't Imperial, but actually Olquinian.  The team
distracts the enemies with another battle, allowing Shelly and Weiss to leave.
Seems Dynos might be behind this, so we need to find and stop him.  Head to
the right, towards the main part of town and we'll stumble across Dynos along
with Adele.  So they were behind this, with Adele's motivation being revenge
on the world.  We get another automatic fight, allowing Dynos to escape.
After the battle, we hear Freya scream, so head to the next screen to check.

We run into Alf, who's asking Weiss about what happened to Mahat.  Weiss gets
away and Alf gives chase, under the impression that the Empire is the one who
attacked first.  Seems Leslie is coming along now, letting the soldiers help
Shelly to safety.

-- World Map / Cecille the Brave --

Fly South to Benetnasch, since it's easier to find our next location here;
fly due West and you'll spot something in the air.  As we approach, we get a
scene commenting on Alf using a Rogress to attack the Flagship Percival.  Our
goal is to keep Weiss alive, so let's go.

-- Flagship Percival --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Imperial Officer (A)    |  2860  |  45 |    |    |    |    |  1389 |  2182
Imperial Officer (B)    |  2154  |  45 |    |    |    |    |  1296 |  2035

As we land, an Imperial soldier wishes for Alf to lead the Empire, then dies.
There's a chest with RIVER GEM in the top left corner, before going down the
stairs to Bowside Pass.  Wind down the stairs again, keeping to the path and
we'll enter Sternside Pass.  Move forward and take a right at the broken
part of the hull.  At the intersection, go left for an ALL CHARGE, then go
right to continue on down the path.  We'll enter Bowside Pass again, this
time taking a left for THE CHASER, then a right for the elevator.

With the elevator, we get a cutscene showing Alf and Weiss in a battle.
Adele jumps in and Alf uses this cover to stab Weiss; Weiss mentions how Alf
is deceitful and underestimated him.  The rest of Alf's team realize that
Adele was deceiving them all and L'Arc barged into the room with the truth.
It doesn't stop anything and Adele felt justified in Weiss' death since he led
the attack on Antrax; this all being part of her plan to get Alf to take the
throne.  Weiss, with his last few breaths, tells Ryfia to let Alf go, rather
than fight here.  L'Arc asks about clarification about them being brothers, so
Weiss talks about Elena meeting Rex as she fled the castle.  Seems that Mahat
killed himself while telling Weiss to protect Elena; Mahat decided to kill
himself due to gaining Eesa's Curse when Weiss broke the seal on the Meridian
Bible in order to protect Elena.  With Weiss' death, he mentions that Carlisle
will give us help in taking Eesa out.  Now we need to go.

But first, if you were eyeing that weapon during that whole talk, head back
inside the elevator to get to the Bridge and grab ISKANDAR.  Now we can start
getting out of here.  It's also noticeably harder to get a First Strike while
leaving, so take that into consideration in healing between fights.  Once
outside, enter Cecille the Brave, nearest the screen, and we get a cutscene
showing Flagship Percival sinking into the ocean.  We get a small scene inside
the Lightship with Leslie requesting to check Benetnasch.  She wants to check
up on something Alf mentioned, about Weiss killing Imperial soldiers, possibly
to protect Shelly from the Aion Unit.  We might as well, since the Carlisle
lead is currently a dead end.

-- Benetnasch --

Go straight to the cathedral and approach the door.  Rastan notes that he
hears people talking: we see it as Hosea and Ignacy.  They mention that Alf
has collected the remaining Rogress and that, without Hozone, the Common Race
would perish.  Hosea also mentions that L'Arc seems to suspect something's up,
so Ignacy plans to brainwash L'Arc using Code control.  Thus, Imaginal's Law
wasn't meant to save the human race, but instead to save the Divine Race.

As we try and make out escape to the Lightship, we hit a cutscene with the
Aion Unit and Ignacy there.  Ignacy mentions that Shelly was killed and the
Code disc recovered back at the Batrachites attacks.  We also get confirmation
that Ryfia is part of the Divine Race; she jumps in to save L'Arc from the
Code control.  They retreat to the Lightship and find that Ryfia isn't waking
up.  Simmah appears, directing the team to go to Zeifellt Holy Tower.  If
you haven't been there during the Rogress hunts, it's closest to Old Moon Inn,
which we should have gotten to during our world tour; land there.

-- Old Moon Inn / Zeifellt Holy Tower --                               [22faq]

From the inn, head North to the giant tower and enter.

If you haven't been in here during the Rogress hunts, please refer to the
section above, during the first Rogress hunts.  The major difference between
then and now is that the elevators and Antigrav elevators are functioning.
Even all the treasure chests are the same.

As you make your way down the second set of stairs at the opening screen,
Leslie mentions she's thinking of Shelly.  Head to the Elevator Hall and take
the Antigrav Elevator to the Control Room.  Examine the sparkling parts on
the outside to activate the device and accompanying scene.  Seems this is
Code manipulation to make a Rogress, implying humans were converted into
Rogress.  To save Ryfia, we're going to use these Codes to enter Ryfia's
consciousness; Rastan stays behind to pull us all back when needed.

Cecille notes that this place looks like Lascade Skywalk.  Head towards the
screen, staying more to the right and we get talk about the 12 Brave Warriors
of Noire.  Go left for more memories, then enter the second door on the left.
We spot Ryfia and she's able to see L'Arc.  We get a memory ot Ciel and
Hardel, who turn out to be Ryfia's parents.  Oddly enough, Hardel is calling
himself Simmah the Liberator.  With this scene over with, go back to where
we started and enter thos big doors near the start.  Walk to the right for
more memories, then continue straight ahead for Ryfia.  She says she's not
waking up on purpose; her original intention was to save everyone, which she
thought would happen if the Divine Race were saved.  She feels that she's led
the Common Race to their destruction.  We get another scene mentioning
Mashgar the Solitary and Kudoan the Witful going out of control, making sure
Hardel is sure of his decision.  It's confirmed that Rogress to convert Hozone
into Ray and that the 12 Brave Warriors found a Singing Stone and are devoted
to worshiping Eesa, unlike Meridia calling Eesa a false god.  The team notes
what the player might've seen: that the unidentified person looks a lot like
Saura.  Continue through the big door and we get a cutscene, showing where
Ryfia first met L'Arc.  L'Arc says he's not going to choose a Law, but rather
make a new one to save Fulheim.

We then find ourselves back on top of Zeifellt Holy Tower, Rastan mentioning
that he saw the whole thing from the console.  They wonder if there's a way to
keep Hozone around but make it ineffective; no one seems to have thought of
that scenario, but there seems to be data on Code to change Hozone.  It was
recently accessed by a Carlisle.  Interesting?  Take the elevator down to the
Elevator Hall.  Or, if this was your first time coming to Zeifellt, you're now
free to grab all the remaining treasure chest as noted in the Rogress hunting
section.  Either way, get back to the Elevator Hall and start to exit.

On the way out, we run into Niko, who seems to have joined the Resistance.  It
seems that, with Alf ruling, he wrote a whole Imperial Charter, laying out
limits on Ray and food and water.  Seems Alf also put a bounty for L'Arc,
wanted dead or alive.  The team decides to give Niko a lift over to Ferris,
so he hops over to the Lightship.  Head back there yourself, and we're now off
to Ferris.

I'd suggest this being a good time to take on that Berry Slime optional boss.
Fire-single target and wind-AoE spells are the more common spells, with a
light spell thrown in now and then, so focus on fire and wind resistant armor
before going in.  Berry Slime can stun both with magic use and its normal
attack, which adds a SPD- effect at times, as well.  Set one person to Boost
Item, throwing a Mid Liquid to whoever is hurting the most while the other
two characters whittle Berry Slime's HP down however you'd like.  I honestly
just kept using regular attacks, boosted with Magical Bane while getting in
all my steal chances with the third character.  You can steal a Resist Leaf
and Shield of Aegis, but the main drop prize is the Anti-Coder weapon.

-- Ferris --                                                           [23faq]

Enter town and we get a scene depicting the water rationing.  The team steps
in and the soldier runs away.  The townsman tells Niko that Kazaf was looking
for him and we hear Carlisle being mentioned.  Enter the Dashing Walker Inn.

More story events.  We meet Kazaf, the Resistance's sub-leader, and Alf's
given L'Arc a new nickname: Deathbringer.  Kazaf asks us to rescue their
Resistance leader while Niko fetches Carlisle for us.  The rescue mission is
at Ruins of Hilbert, a bit to the Southeast from here.  As we're leaving the
inn, we're given RESISTANCE PIN, which opens up a bunch of new items.  Let's
go check those items first.

// Ferris [Resistance] Armory: Falling Star  *new items only*
     Mandau           30 000 R               Hypno Magnum     30 000 R
     Army Shoes       13 000 R

// Jada [Resistance] Armory: Freedom Spear *new items only*
     Spirit Taker     30 000 R               Fort Arms        30 000 R
     Army Boots       13 000 R

// Diamant [Resistance] Armory: Twelve Heroes *new items only*
     Carn Diva        30 000 R
     Segmentata       19 000 R

// Antrax [Resistance] Armory: The Red Crescent *new items only*
     Laevateinn       11 000 R
     Olquina Guard    19 000 R

// Batrachites [Resistance] Armory: Earthen Warship *new items only*
     Octoheart        30 000 R               Wellbrand        30 000 R
     Albszipon        19 000 R

// Ebur [Resistance] Armory: Whispering Arrow *new items only*
     Dark Whisperer   30 000 R
     Nobility Cloak   19 000 R

If you want a Guild Quest optional boss to help level up all the new weapons,
then Den of Horrors should be accessible right now.

Quest: Den of Horrors                   Location: Galois Ravine - Ravine Floor
GUILD QUEST BOSS name   |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Callisto                | 65966  |  50 |  - |  + |    |    |   0   | 39112
Tips:  Callisto has a Strength Leaf and Strength Potion up for stealing and
can drop Armored Cloak and an Elixir with a win.  Callisto likes to attack
using ice, water and earth magic, so focus on resists for water and earth. Its
big attack is a series of earth spells, as well.  Callisto has a regular
attack called Bear Howl which hits everyone on the field and breaks all of the
Raystones, as well.  Just treat it like those bear-type enemies that just
happens to cast magic.

When you're done getting new equipment, head over to the Ruins of Hilbert.
It's Southeast from here, with a landable spot West of the ruins.

-- Ruins of Hilbert --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Imperial Guard (A)      |  3191  |  47 |    |    |    |    |  1489 |  2325
Imperial Guard (B)      |  2404  |  47 |    |    |    |    |  1384 |  2162
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Clyde                   | 87559  |  52 |    |  + |  + |    | 22966 | 35527
     QUEST BOSS         |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Thanatos                | 79383  |  53 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   | 42431

The guild quest boss for "Nightmare in the Ruins" is located on Main Street.
You can steal a Shield of Ajax and Vitality Leaf, and for winning, you're
guaranteed a Three Quarters armor drop.  Thanatos mostly uses earth and fire
type magic, sprinkling in Corpse Burst to stun a character.  Go with fire and
earth resist armor to minimize the damage.  Spread out and stay out of a
single line formation, since Thanatos' big attack, Death Cutter, deals damage
in a straight line.

If you haven't been through here, the treasure and layout is the same as when
we were hunting for Rogress earlier in the story, so refer to that section
for loot and enemy weaknesses/resistances.  Bring along some Thunder Amulets,
though.  As we start, the party seems some Imperial Soldiers being led away.
Now's our chance to move.  Go right, taking the bottom path to Main Street;
keep going to Nobleman Zone; follow the path to Vast Cavern.  There's some
walls here that, if you rush straight through, you'll wind up against Clyde
ill prepared for a boss fight.

Clyde strategy:
Give everyone Thunder Amulets and try to boost your HP via Arm Forces or
Weapon Secrets.  Designate one person to be your Liquid thrower, giving them
Boost Item, and give your main attacker Block Defense; for me, L'Arc was
throwing Liquids, Leslie doing damage and Cecille stealing. On the first turn,
use a Rogress to take out the flanking soldiers, since they're a bit of a pain
to deal with when you have Clyde staring down at you; use the remaing AP to
move everyone out of the way to avoid a Volthorn attack.  His main forms of
attacking are Storm and Lightning spells, which our amulets can deal with; the
other thing to worry about are his normal attacks, which can do near 1000 dmg.
He has Auto-Defense as well, hence Block Defense on our setup.  After that
initial Volthorn, he sticks to normal spells and attacks for most of the
battle, but your Liquid thrower should be throwing at least one Liquid per
turn.  Throw in a Dispel Magic now and then to get rid of Clyde's buffs; you
can access this by adding at least Fire Lvl2 and Earth Lvl2 gems to the orb.
It's helpful but not fully necessary.  When you think each character can
survive ~1800 dmg, go ahead and chain a Trinity Act.  While all this is going
on, destroy every Raystone on the field and just be content with chipping away
at Clyde's HP when you can.  Levels before the fight were 43 and you can steal
a Gale Shard and Flood Shard if you're bringing along a stealer.

After the battle, Clyde mentions that Imaginal's Law abandons the Common Race,
hence our search for a new Law.  Apparently Alf also came to the same idea,
wanting to make the gods follow him.  Clyde has faith that L'Arc can stop Alf,
giving us intel on Alf's intentions of destorying Carbunculus by using Adele
to activate Ellgode Volcano.  Clyde leaves and we're off to find the
captured Resistance leader now.

Still in the Vast Cavern, take the path to the right of the "wells" on the
wall; those that came in here earlier found Tom's mother here.  Or, if you
want to save after feeling the effects of the battle, take the screen to the
right, above the "wells," but come back here after the save.  At the bottom of
the ramp, head to the screen on the right to get to Sandrock Path.  In the
first ruins on the left, grab 4-LEAF CLOVER in the chest.  Go to the right
ruins, examining the wall near the torch for RESIST LEAF.  Head inside that
alcove for a weapon prompt, the CHAA-KUU.  Now approach the soldiers in the
middle for a scene, showing Clyde ordering a retreat.  We now meet the leader,
and it turns out to be Shelly, though she lost her memories somehow.  She asks
us to take her back to Ferris, so let's get back to the entrance, remembering
to grab the chest in the corner behind you for NACHT ARMS.  Odd that Clyde
issued a retreat and there're still soldiers running around here...

As we're about to exit, Kazaf meets up with us, telling how Shelly was found
unconscious near Batrachites; he calls her Lilia, though.  Seems Shelly's
memories were wiped by Code, so Ryfia sings a Hymn and Shelly is restored. She
appoints L'Arc as the new Resistance leader and we head back to Ferris.

-- Ferris --

Enter Dashing Walker Inn for a scene.  L'Arc is going to be a key link, with
Shelly wanting Alf to revoke the Imperial Charter and return Republic lands.
Seems Niko is still looking for Carlisle, but Shelly's going to return to
Carbunculus.  She already knows Alf was behind the Batrachites attacks and we
fill her in on Alf's Ellgode Volcano plans.  Time for Carbunculus.

-- Carbunculus --

Go to the Senate, activating a scene at the top of the stairs.  Shelly asks us
to follow her, so head upstairs for a scene.  L'Arc is cleared of blame from
Batrachites, with Avlice dismissed from the Senate, now spending time in the
dungeons for his part in illegal donations to the church of North Noireism as
well as his role in Shelly's father's death.  Good thing Shelly made a copy of
that Code Disc.  Shelly puts in a motion to abolish the Reductio and accuses
Hosea and the church of North Noireism for treason.  We have a more pressing
mission: get to Ellgode Volcano.  Shelly send along reinforcements, as well.

-- Ellgode Volcano --                                                  [24faq]

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Flammis                 |  5864  |  49 |  + |    |  - |  - |  1692 |  2631

If you haven't been here before, Ellgode Volcano is East of Carbunculus.  The
treasure contents and locations are the same as during the Rogress hunts, so
refer to the earlier section on how to navigate the area; you can ignore the
parts about walking on the narrow trails if you wish, since we're no longer
on a race to the Rogress.

As we enter, our goal is to find Alf and some device that he might be using.
Head to the next screen for Lava Overlook, take the cave on the right to get
to Bloodline Pass, then follow that to Blazing Bridge.  Head across the room
to get to the Hall of Bonding, where we find Alf and friends.  We walk in on
Adele singing, activating the volcano.  Alf explains his plans: he wants to
reduce the number of people in the world to make them easier to manage.  He
claims the existence of people is more deadly than the Hozone.  He distracts
the team, letting Adele escape, then the volcano begins shaking.  Ryfia tries
to quell the volcano with a Hymn, but Simmah's gem needs to help; they calm
the volcano down and we can start leaving the area.

In the next room, we run into Clyde and he explains his position.  Seems the
massacre at Batrachites is what changed Alf for the worse, accepting that he'd
become the Emperor and taking Adele's sins onto himself.  There's a tinge of
guilt that Clyde senses in Alf, showing through his lack of hesitation, where
the old Alf would've thought about his actions.  Seems Real's crystallization
doesn't lead to complete destruction, but more like a ritual for the rebirth
of the planet.  It's akin to cleaning away the dirt; wherever Hozone causes
crystallization, new life begins below. Crystallization kills people, however,
since for the planet, people are a type of poison, hence needing cleaning.
Alf wanted to prove to Real that people aren't poison, thus the creation of
the Imperial Charter.  Real just needs the humans to endure it for a year,
but the planetary damage is so extensive that Alf isn't going to be able to
meet that deadline.  Thus, we need a law differnt from Alf's.

Continue going down the volcano toward the entrance and we spot Niko and a
Republic soldier.  The soldier gets sent away to tell Shelly that the volcano
has been secured, then Niko says that he found Carlisle: she's over at the
Soliton Caves, which are to the North, near Gauss Tunnel.  L'Arc then thanks
Niko and we get genuine happiness.

-- Soliton Caves --                                                    [25faq]

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Adaman Gear             |  9882  |  50 |    |  - |  - |  + |  1846 |  2863
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Emeraldes               | 63297  |  55 |  - |    |  + |    | 20124 | 30862
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Amaltea                 | 66720  |  56 |    |    |    |  - |   0   | 48222

Surprisingly, this area is slightly different from the Rogress hunt section.
Equip Ice Amulets coming in here, since the boss is one of those "surprise"
bosses that just suddenly appear.

From the entrance, there's an amusing talk with Serge looking for Carlisle.
Head right to the Rocky Overhang and take the ramp to the upper part of this
screen.  When you head right to Flourite Path, we'll automatically get a
scene and need to fight the boss.

Emeraldes strategy:
I was Lvl45 here, if you need a level suggestion.  Keep the same setup as the
Clyde fight in regards to arm forces, adding on Fire Strike(+) and Block
Defense on your main attacker.  If you're thinking of bringing a stealer to
the fight, you can grab a Defense Leaf and Shield of Aegis.  On to the actual
fight, Emeraldes likes to use Magic Shell to nullify all magic spells, so
watch out for that if you see a spell being cast as its first action.  Liquid
Howl tends to be thrown around, which has water damage built in; Lethal Stomp
is one of Emeraldes' big attacks, which causes earth damage as well as having
a good chance of causing binding/immobilization, hence the Ice Amulets to
reduce the damage from these two attacks. Otherwise, Emeraldes chains together
a couple regular attacks all at once, doing about 500dmg per hit.  What you
need to do is, at the end of each of your character's actions, make sure to
defend before the end of the turn.  We're fighting a turtle, so we're going to
use a turtling strategy.  When you see an opening, by having high HP with
everyone as well as breaking Emeraldes' shield in the previous turn, you're
fairly safe to throw an excel; I had L'Arc, Leslie and Cecille using Ignis
Beat, Photon Line and Up and Away, respectively, which more often than not
chained together for a high level fire type excel Trinity Act.  Continue
chipping away, defending and throwing around Liquids to keep an opening ready
for an excel.

After the fight, you'll find the person that needed saving was none other than
Sonia Carlisle, the person Weiss told us to get in contact with.  The team
asks about Hozone Code conversion and find out that Weiss had the same thought
about fixing the Hozone problem.  Weiss seemed to have saved Sonia and in
return, she was asked to research Hozone countermeasures.  She's also aware of
the L'Arc-Weiss link and explains that the Hozone change isn't impossible,
but we need to follow her further inside for explanation.

From where we are, go right to Crossroads and up to Blue Waterfall.  If this
is your first time here, grab the chest above then head to the right for a
scene.  Sonia explains that these caves have the highest concentration of Ray
in the world, then does a demonstration with a plant which neutralized some
Hozone.  The only problem is, it took a whole month to convert that Code, thus
even with all this Ray, this plan's going to take a lot of time.  She explains
that we can't completely neutralize the Hozone, otherwise it'll turn into Ray;
we just need to neutralize the poisonous effects.  She then asks L'Arc what
his plans are, and depending on the answer, she may or may not help our cause.
L'Arc explains that he wants the future returned to the hands of the people
and along the way, wants to protect himself and his friends.  Sonia seems to
accept this answer and says we'll need to get to the Singing Stone over in the
Holy Land of Noire.  Then further says that the Singing Stone is Eesa, and
that the stone is also what spins the Code for the planet.  The team decides
that they'll eventually need to get Alf's Rogress, and we're free to move
around again.  Hit up the save, take the right path down to Crossroads and
head to the lower left path to grab MAP: SOLITON CAVES.  Now make your way
out of the caves.

As we're about to reach the entrance, Sonia says she's leaving.  She joined up
with the Resistance after Weiss' death, teaching them how to make weapons and
how to fight.  When we need her help, she'll be waiting at Carbunculus Senate,
in the lab.  We need to get Alf to listen to us, so we're off to Diamant now
to see Alf and Adele.

There's an optional boss on the Rocky Overhang side of Flourite Path, using
the lower path.  If you check the map, that's where you see three chests, all
being guarded by this boss.  I'd suggest restocking on items and coming back
with full health, since I found this to be an annoying boss.  Tips on beating
Amaltea: You can steal a Shield of Ajax and Vitality Leaf.  My team was around
Lvl45 still.  Designate your healer and give them various defensive Arm Force
pieces, like Block Physical, Auto-Defense, Boost Item and the like, or even
the Protector Horn if you gained Banchu.  Just like Emeraldes, you'll need to
turtle at the end of each round.  Give your main attacker Blow Special Def or
follow it up with Rastan's Dark Blade if you're taking him along; that shield
that goes up every two to three turns makes this a rather long fight.  The
turn that shield is gone, you should be free to use a Trinity Act, but stick
to Mystic Fortune so you have the AP to burn for defending at the end of the
turn.  Once you get your rhythym going, this shouldn't be too bad; just long.
The reason for all the defense is its Bull Rush can stun and even with a
defense up, it can deal around 2000 dmg.  Add in a Deadly Strike ability, too.
It drops a Gigantic Horn for a guild quest, and the treasures behind Amaltea

-- Diamant --                                                          [26faq]

You get a scene beyond the bridge screen, asking for a pass due to the whole
Imperial Charter thing.  Freya comes in and gives you FREYA'S PASS since she
doesn't think what Alf is doing is right.  We share that we saw Niko with the
Resistance and she wants us to pass on a message of apology to Niko.

There's a couple items to gain from the townspeople.  In the Industrial Zone,
speak to the Good craftsman for RIVER SHARD, found on the upper West side.
Going up to the Upper Zone, Young wife in the garden that you access through
the nearby house gives MP QUICK 4.  Head up to Castle Diamant and near the
Lifts for the Lightships, a Calm noble gives TERRA SHARD.  Approach the main
doors and before we get there, we run into Luze and Saura.  We find out that
Saura might be of the Divine Race, but she doesn't have a Dragon Gem.  They
like to follow around since they're tasked with watching the Child of Eesa
that will open the path to Noire.  Saura turns out to be the leader of the
Noire Twelve, calling herself Allul the Foreseeing, suggesting that she may
be a Rogress.  Anyway, head toward the main doors.

We get in thanks to Freya's Pass and get another short scene.  Speak to the
Sociable watchman in the left Castle Room along Regent's Pass, which normally
led to Weiss' office; you gain WEISS' GARB.  Now, head to the Throne Hall at
the top of the stairs and we get a cutscene where L'Arc and Ryfia explain
their desires to save both the Divine and Common Races.  Alf seems surprised
at such a proposition, and we fight.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Alf                     | 67559  |  53 |    |    |    |    |  N/A  |   N/A
Adele                   | 47559  |  53 |    |    |    |    |  N/A  |   N/A
Clyde                   | 57559  |  53 |    |    |    |    |  N/A  |   N/A

Alf/Adele/Clyde strategy:
The battle automatically ends, so just try and survive it.  First turn, they
use Geo Impact on one of your members.  During the second turn, they generally
stat-up with an attack in the third turn, generally Adele's Decadent Song.
Then another stat-up turn followed by an attack turn again; be wary of Alf's
Cerulean Slam and Clyde's Sonic Blade here.  For the sixth turn, Alf likes to
use a Rogress, and as long as someone survives this turn, the next turn
should end the battle.  You can steal a Phoenix Wing and Resist Leaf from Alf,
a Revive Full and Defense Leaf from Clyde and Morrigan Ring and Insight Leaf
from Adele.

Dynos runs in to stop the fight and Walter Ignacy enters.  He tells everyone
that Imaginal wishes to speak to both Child of Eesa, with Hosea inviting us to
go to Lascarde Skywalk, which we can reach via Lightship.  To ensure our team
goes, Ignacy intended to take Elena but settled for Niko, who was trying to
protect Elena from capture.  Since L'Arc can't abandon Niko, we're off to
Lascarde Skywalk; he mentions he can't abandon Alf nor Adele either.

Exit Diamant and board Cecille the Brave.  Our location is to the Northeast of
Batrachites, just off the coast.  As you approach, the camera even does a pan
of Lascarde, just for fun.

-- Lascarde Skywalk --

As we enter, the Common Race party members are told to wear a Dragon Gem since
the areas ahead don't have Hozone.  Gain DRAGON GEM and we'll have 100 hours
of survival time; not that we'll need that much time.  Swing over to the left
and then walk toward the screen to gain an ALL CHARGE in the chest in the
corner.  Head over to the elevator on the left side to get to the Cradle.

-- Cradle --                                                           [27faq]

// Cradle: Supplies Dispenser
     High Liquid       2 500 R               Revive Bottle       500 R
     Reset All           500 R               Analyzer             20 R
     Fragarach        33 000 R               Thyrsus          33 000 R
     Main Gauche      33 000 R               Azoth            33 000 R
     Elemental Blade  33 000 R               White Cradle     33 000 R
     White Cradle II  33 000 R               Heavy Arms       33 000 R
     Ares Plate       22 000 R               Tours Guard      22 000 R
     Curly Vest       22 000 R               Artemis Garb     22 000 R
     Divine Leggings  16 000 R               Divine Boots     16 000 R
     Hercules Ring    30 000 R               Odin Ring        30 000 R
     Morrigan Ring    30 000 R               Epona Ring       30 000 R
     Divine Coat      30 000 R               Divine Cape      30 000 R
     Inferno Amulet   25 000 R               Flood Amulet     25 000 R
     Gale Amulet      25 000 R               Terra Amulet     25 000 R

After getting off the elevator, you should recognize this area as what we saw
while in Ryfia's mind/Simmah's memories.  Speak to Active man on the right for
MAP: CRADLE.  Odd that it's not a Nomad son, huh?  On the right side, you can
find the shop.  None of the people are willing to give anything, so head up to
the big doors and enter Hall of the Dormant.  We can't do anything yet, so
wander off to the big door at the end of the hall to go to Cradle of Stars.
We get a small scene, showing this being where the Divine Race sleep, and a
Code is going around that helps the Divine Race stay asleep.  You'll leave
automatically, so walk toward the screen and we run into Alf's group.
He's here only because Adele told him to come, then a Divine Race person tells
us that Hosea is waiting for us.  As they head off, the group talks about Alf
and Ryfia mentions how "falling down hurts."

We automatically start this scene too, with Hosea welcoming us.  Turns out
he's hiding behind another hologram, saying he's waiting with Imaginal.  And
Niko.  To get things started, Ignacy tells us that we need to cleanse and
purify our bodies.  Yeah, this doesn't seem like a trap.  Adele sense that a
Spellsong is active, with some Divine Race members showing the inner circle is
safe, so L'Arc and Alf step on, then suddenly feel the pain.  We get a big
reveal, that L'Arc is half Divine Race and half Common Race, which is why he's
not affected by the device, which is trying to extract the Eesa Code from the
two of them.  In essence, Ignacy is trying to create a new Child of Eesa, the
new one being himself.  Ryfia tries to stop it via a Hymn but it's not very
effective, since this Spellsong replaces the Hozone in Alf's body with Ray in
order to extract Eesa's Code.

Cue cutscene.  Adele steps in to save Alf, and Alf confesses that he knew that
Adele would eventually go back to L'Arc.  Adele confesses that she wanted to
like Alf, but you can tell she doesn't.  She does say that she's willing to
die for Alf after how he handled everything at Batrachites, especially since
Alf knew that Adele was always thinking of L'Arc.  Then the poor thing fades
out of existence.  At the end of all this, Ignacy runs off, with Dynos and
Clyde giving chase.  We're going after them too.  Head towards the screen
to get to Hall of Birth to find Alf's team already down.  Alf realizes that he
can't summon a Rogress due to no longer being a Child of Eesa.  We step in to
battle Ignacy and Alf stands up, wishing to help avenge Zamuel.  And Adele.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Ignacy                  | 101509 |  56 |  + |    |    |  + | 20608 | 31546

Ignacy strategy:
I was at Lvl46 here and you can steal the same things as the previous Ignacy
fight: Inferno Shard and Terra Shard.  If you come into this battle with a ton
of healing items, you can honestly use this fight to level up your new weapons
from the shop.  Leslie's Heavy Arms is particularly useful due to the huge
increase in HP, leaving her without healing needs for a good few turns.  Give
everyone a Topaz and Earth/Terra Amulets and at least one person with
SP Auto-Cure active to heal petrifications quicker/automatically.  Ignacy uses
mostly fire and earth spells, so you can substitute an Obsidian over an Earth
or Terra Amulet.  He abuses Block Physical and Physical Reflect, so don't go
too crazy with Trinity Acts.  If he casts Black Shield, dispel it on the next
turn.  Other than spells, Ignacy attacks with Divine Slash, which does about
1500 dmg or petrifies the target; if you resist petrification, the damage is
cut down to around 1000 dmg.  He also has two big attacks: Void Infinity,
which you can heal up fairly easily on the next round; Insanity Curse, which
inflicts paralyze, poison and sick statuses, along with the usual damage;
heal those status effects, mostly sick first and hope your SP Auto-Cure user
heals up the rest.  Try and keep Alf alive as well, since while you're healing
and fixing status, he'll often stay on the offensive, which every little bit
of damage helps; sometimes he'll even cast Heal/Healing Stream.

We get a cutscene afterwards, showing Ignacy's final words.  Seems everyone is
hating on Ignacy, so Alf steps in and slides his sword to end Ignacy's life.
We jump back out to hear about Niko and Hosea being just ahead.  Alf is going
to come along too, to avenge Adele's death, but he needs to take Clyde and
Dynos to the Lightship since they were injured while protecting Alf without
his Rogress.  Cecille wants to help Dynos, but he flat out refuses.  When you
regain control, restock up on items, heal up at the station and take the
elevator back down to the Lascarde Skywalk - Airport, then take the right
elevator up to Lascarde Skywalk - Accessway.

-- Lascarde Skywalk --                                                 [28faq]

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Imaginal Gear           | 11092  |  52 |  - |    |    |  + |  1950 |  3011
Imaginal Sabre          |  2932  |  51 |    |  - |  - |    |  1553 |  2403
Lascardes               |  7278  |  53 |    |  - |  - |    |  1796 |  2766
Living Battler          |  3482  |  52 |    |    |    |    |  1674 |  2584
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Hosea                   | 123758 |  58 |  + |  + |  + |  + | 21703 | 33086

Grab the chest near the elevator for PHOENIX WING.  Take the long passageway
on your right, going away from the screen to hit a switch.  This opens up the
first path on the right when coming back toward the screen, leading to the
Guarded Area.  Go away from the screen again and take the first right to find
another switch; hit that and backtrack to the Accessway area, moving all the
way back toward the screen and taking the path there to the right.  You'll
enter the lower portion of the Guarded Area; hit the switch there and grab a
FULL LIQUID in the chest and head back to the upper Guard Area section.  With
the new path here, go beyond the second switch you hit and take the left path
to grab 40 000 RICO and continue on to the Control Center.

You get a scene here about the Divine Race not being able to go back into the
Lullaby and Ryfia's wishes, then you regain control.  The chest on the left
gives CAP-A-PIED while the one on the right has DALMATICA.  Equip them and
take the elevator in the middle of where the two chests were to reach the
Near Comm Room.

Go left and enter the Communications Room to grab a RAY CHARGER and to hit the
switch inside, letting you progress into the Concourse area.  In Concourse,
follow the path around the turn and hit up the save point if you wish; there's
four switches in this room that we need to hit to continue on.  Take the left
stairs to hit the switch closest to the laser door, grabbing the sparkly
MAP: LASCARDE SKYWALK while there; press the switch furthest away from this
switch to lower more lasers from the door.  Cross over to the other set of
stairs and press the switch nearest the door and the one furthest away from
the door, opening up the path into the Hall of the Law.  Before going in,
there's a treasure chest to the right of the save holding TRIDENT; now would
be a good time to save since we have a boss fight coming up.  If you haven't
equipped Light Amulets and the Moonstone while navigating the area to mitigate
the sick-inducing Code:S attacks from the Imaginal Sabres, do so now.  Enter
the Hall of the Law and we get a cutscene soon after.

Hosea strategy:
You can steal a Flood Shard and Rock Shard with enough persistence.  Hosea's
major damage dealer is White Wave, which does about 1000 dmg and can inflict
Silence and ATK- on the target; counter this with SP Auto-Cure on someone's
weapon grid.  Otherwise, he has access to Add Stun Magic and Anti-Force,
along with fire, wind and light spells; thus, keep breaking those Raystones.
After reducing Hosea's HP by 1/2, he'll add water and earth magic to his
attack pattern, as well as using Flash Ride, which increases MAG and RES;
dispel that as soon as he casts it on himself.  Unlike the past string of
bosses, he doesn't seem to have any type of auto-shield, so go to town with
Trinity Acts, or Excel Trinity Acts if you've been able to activate them.
Also unlike past bosses, his big warning attack, Imaginal Revelation, doesn't
seem to do so much damage through a defense, so remember to heal and defend
when the characters warn you about trouble coming.  For levels, I was in the
48-49 range and didn't have many healing items while getting to Hosea, since
I used most of them up just getting here.  If you're also in that situation,
Boost Item will be helpful.

Treated to a scene after Hosea's defeat, with him asking for more power from
Imaginal.  L'Arc was about to destroy Imaginal's crystal, but Rastan stops him
since that would wake up the entire Divine Race.  After Hosea keels over,
Niko is freed, but all is not safe; Hosea triggered Lascarde to attack the
planet if he happens to die.

Head out, back to the Near Comm Room screen and enter the Communications Room.
Rastan starts working on shutting down White Spear, but with Diamant set as
the first target, there's no other way of stopping the firing mechanism other
than destroying the turret at the bottom of Lascarde.  Niko heads off to try
and stop it; Serge and Rastan stay behind, leaving the rest of the team to
chase Niko down.  Head toward the elevator to the right and we'll get to a
cutscene automatically.  Spoilerific events with Niko, then Alf rushes in to
kill Imaginal.  L'Arc stops him and Alf heads back, trying to create a new
world for Adele.  Time to exit this whole area.  Go back to the Accessway,
where the Lightship is docked, then head up the left elevator to the Cradle.

-- Cradle / Lascarde Skywalk --

Step away from the elevator for more scenes and the Divine Race getting mad at
the team for killing Hosea and activating White Spear.  We're off to a new
mission to seal Imaginal's room, so head back to the Accessway, examine the
right elevator and say yes to sealing Imaginal's chamber.

We'll automatically be in the Control Room and witness images appearing on the
monitor.  Hozone is rapidly expanding in the ocean, spreading out from
Diamant, Carbunculus and Antrax's midpoint.  That's some new land right there,
centered around a coral reef leaking Hozone.  Exit back to the Accessway and
return to the World Map using Cecille the Brave.

-- World Tour, Part II --                                              [29faq]

At this point, a lot of the Guild Quests open up, as do the Lightship upgrades
associated with specific Guild Quests.  I'd focus on finishing both Archaic
Relic quests to gain access to "warping" to map locations, as well as doing
the Mysterious Request quest, so you can use those various Ray crystals. Notes
for completion are listed in the Guild Quest section.

Finishing the Mysterious Request will lead you to the Kopin Secret Village.
// Kopin Secret Village Vendor: Kopin Shop
     Cure All          1 000 R               Strength Potion     800 R
     Defense Potion      800 R               Insight Potion      800 R
     Resist Potion       800 R               Speed Potion        800 R
     Vitality Potion     800 R               Heroism Potion    1 000 R
     Regen Wing        2 500 R               Roc's Wing        5 000 R
     Monster Bait      2 000 R               Monster Bane      4 000 R

As you're leaving, Kopin gains a new power.  Dreamy Kopin hands over a
SHIELD OF AJAX, the sparkle nearby has an ELIXIR and examining the right side
near Frightened Kopin reveals a RIVER GEM.  Near the entrance, Stray Kopin

With the Ray crystal power, you can open these treasure chests:
-- Antrax Parish > Olquina Sub-Shrine > B2 Storage
   The right chest has an EXALOT, the left chest has a ROCK GEM.  Near the
   entrance on the left, you can find a weapon for L'Arc called Illhoon.

-- Ellgode Volcano
   Lava Overlook's Ray crystal bridges leads to a FIRESTORM GEM and the
   Blazing Bridge Ray crystal chest leads to TITAN BOOTS.

Since we're on the subject of guilds, the new optional bosses are as follows:

Quest: Grim Reaper                   Location: Olquina Sub-shrine - B2 Storage
GUILD QUEST BOSS name   |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Hades                   | 130640 |  62 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   |  53744
Tips:  Stealable items include Shield of Aegis and Resist Leaf; Hades drops
Reaper's Staff to complete the quest and a Shield of Aegis.  Hades cycles
through every spell, going from fire magic, to water magic, to wind magic,
to earth magic to four individual, normal attacks.  Thus, you'll want as much
magical resistance as you can get, and those normal attacks hurt for 800 to
1000 dmg, unguarded.  Along with that magic, Hades has Boosted Magic and the
Master Mage abilities, so keep up the Raystone breaking.  The good thing about
this battle is Hades doesn't have an auto-defense type shield, so go ahead and
use Trinity Acts at will.  Beware that, after getting down to about 1/3 HP
remaining, Hades drops its normal attacks and adds the combination magic (ice,
lightning, light, dark) with the regular spells and will also start using the
big, warning attacks, often multiple times in a row.  Life Leap hits for 2.5k
and Gaea Prison is a big earth spell; by the time Hades starts using these,
you should almost have the fight finished anyway, so keep it up.

Location: Retea Forest - Deep Forest, to the left of Kopin Hidden Village
OPTIONAL BOSS name      |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Mike                    | 112206 |  59 |    |  + |    |  - |   0   | 41186
Tips:  Stealable items include Strength Potion and Vitality Leaf, with drops
being a Mushussu weapon for Cecille and a Roc's Wing.  Mike uses mostly earth
magic with a rare fire spell thrown in from time to time; equipping earth
resistant equipment will help reduce damage from spells.  Mike's Arm Force is
Boosted Magic and has one regularly used warning-type attack: Heavy Press,
which stuns and can add SPD-, doing around 600 dmg guarded, 800 unguarded.
Mike has a single sync called Woodpecker which can do around 1500 dmg if not
defended.  When Mike gets to around 40000 HP, you'll start seeing higher level
earth spells and you may see a Life Force boost; Dispel that HP+ condition.
After the battle, check where Mike was to gain FELDRAGON SCALE.

Location: Ebur Ruins - Hall of Bonding, via the center/Walkway:Right path
OPTIONAL BOSS name      |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Dendro Mimic            | 106499 |  58 |    |    |    |    |   0   | 49874
Tips:  Steal Shield of Aegis and Shield of Ajax and win the Graceful Gloves
weapon for Cecille.  Dendro Mimic likes to open with Dendro Breath, which
does around 500 dmg guarded and adds on RES- and DEF- conditions; this attack
is also the warning attack that you hear about from the party.  Dendro Mimic
tends to use water and lightning magic, so equip resists focused on water and
wind.  Its main Arm Forces are Boosted Magic, Master Mage and Frantic Defense,
with Frantic Defense activating around the 22000 HP remaining mark.

Now, for the items that various townspeople give out for free.

   Cursing soldier: GALE SHARD

Jada   Mercantile Zone              | Disappointed soldier: HEROISM POTION
       Military Zone > Command Room | Nervous watchman: STRENGTH LEAF

Diamant   Fountain Square > Home | Singing girl: WEPALOT
          Port Zone              | Sailor girl: FLOOD SHARD
          Industrial Zone        | Depressed soldier: INSIGHT LEAF
          Upper Zone > Zamuel's  | Motivated girl: FULL LIQUID
     Also to pick up: Diamant Castle - Throne Hall has a weapon for L'Arc
     called THE HOLY NOIRE.  Diamant Castle - Regent's Pass, on the room to
     the right, explains Niko's secret mission as well as gains the BENNEX.

Kopin Village
   Happy Kopin: TERRA SHARD
          Note- This Kopin will only give out the Terra Shard *randomly*.  You
                can only get one, and it seems it's only attainable by getting
                three hearts for all three subjects when agreeing to getting
                your fortune told.

Antrax Parish   Cathedral Plaza | Imperial craftsman: FULL LIQUID
                Mercantile Zone | Sharp-eyed watchman: SPEED LEAF
                Residentials    | Yawning soldier: INFERNO SHARD

Carbunculus   City Port                | Captain's daughter: ELIXIR
              Industrial Area          | Hard-working man: FULL LIQUID
              Senate > Parliament Hall | Thinking watchman: RESIST LEAF
              Senate > Conference Hall | Back-right bookcase: INSIGHT LEAF
              Opera Boulevard          | Studious child: RICOALOT
     Also to pick up: Douglas Family Side Entrance has the Douglas family's
     maid handing over a REPUBLIC OFFICER outfit for Leslie, at Artists' Zone.

Benetnasch   Cemetary | Cat lover: VITALITY LEAF
     Also to pick up: Blind believer at the house on the right of Cathedral
     Road gives the CIEL'S DRESS outfit for Ryfia.

Batrachites   Abandoned base | Pessimistic soldier: STRENGTH POTION
              Residentials   | Diplomatic woman: FULL LIQUID

  Manufactory | Fire Kopin: PHOENIX WING

  Snowy Stones | Explaining girl: GALE SHARD

  Aloof woman: SAND CASTLE

Ruins of Hilbert
  At the Resistance Area | Kazaf: ALL CHARGE
     Also to pick up: 19th Nomad son gives MAP: RUINS OF HILBERT update.

Waning Crescent Inn
   Woman looking up: DEFENSE LEAF

-- Resolvent Iceberg / Other Rogress battles --

This is also another optional stop on the world tour.  Skip down to the next
section if you'd rather continue with the story and/or save this area later.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Garm                    |  5404  |  61 |  - |  - |  + |  + |  2151 |  3259
Ice Claw                | 18390  |  62 |  - |  - |  + |  + |  2523 |  3817
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Separ                   | 42224  |  43 |    |    |  + |    |   0   | 31289

Separ can be found at Permafrost Wall, previously referred to as the screen
with no name the last time we were here.  You can steal Specialty M and
Specialty L, and victory gives Elemental Soles and a Full Liquid.  Separ uses
mostly physical attacks with a wide AoE, such as Chain Tail and Spiked Tail.
It rarely uses magic, but it's normally in the form of ice magic.  Honestly,
just keep attacking, since at this point, you should have a few levels on
Separ.  It's most likely in your way while doing the We Challenge You! quest.

Now, as for new areas, the team comments on a new path when passing through
the Mountain Ruins screen.  Climb up the ladder for the new set of enemies.
There's also a chest nearby for RESET ALL.  Continue up and we'll get to the
Hall of Silver Ice, another sliding puzzle.

Go right and up to land on a spot.  From here, go left and down for a chest to
gain HERMES SHOES.  Head back to the beginning, then go right and up again to
land on the first spot; head right, up, left, up to land on the second spot,
and then go left, down, right, down, left, down and left for ELIXIR.  Head
back on the ice and go right, up, right to find a SAND CASTLE.  Slide back to
the start.  Slide right and up for the first spot again; go right, up, left
and up for the second spot; go left, down, right, down, left, up, right and up
to reach a save point to get to the next area.

   Hermes Shoes:  > ^ [1] < v
   Elixir:   > ^ [1] > ^ < ^ [2] < v > v < v <
   Sand Castle (from Elixir):  > ^ >
   Next screen:  > ^ [1] > ^ < ^ [2] < v > v < ^ > ^

This leads to the Snowy Altar screen.  Head to the left to grab the sparkle
for MAP: RESOLVENT ICEBERG.  If you approach the center area, you'll find
Allul and are told you need Mashgar and Kudoan before Allul battles.  Now
let's go for them.  Head back to the World Map.  For the following two bosses,
I was at Lvl50.

OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Mashgar                 | 166410 |  62 |    |  + |  + |    | 24583 | 37185

To get Marshmallow/Mashgar to show up, you must complete the Archaic Relics-2
quest.  Once you have that done, Auto-Pilot over to Antrax then start flying
Southeast, over the largest mesa here; this should trigger Mashgar to come out
of hiding and allow you to track its location on the world map.  Zoom it out
to the largest viewfinder and follow *behind* Mashgar, eventually catching up
from behind.  This will trigger the battle.

For the battle itself, Mashgar uses water, wind and predominately lightning
typed magic.  Focus on water and wind resistances; Ryfia equipped with her
Dalmatica, a Chimera Cape and a Boost Resists Arm Force are really helpful in
this and the following Rogress battle.  Give someone a Boost Item and have
everyone use the same type of magic; I like fire for this fight, since it hits
for neutral.  Syncing a Lvl 3 fire spell with all three members should be
doing at least 10k dmg; do this when you need the AP to use a(n Excel) Trinity
Act on the following round.  Otherwise, just keep your HP up, since Mashgar
likes to get in LVL- and activates Block Defense fairly often; still defend
at the end of each round, just in case it doesn't activate.  Mashgar's attacks
to beware of are Turbulence, which has a wide AoE with wind damage, and Call
Lightning, which also has a large AoE dealing lightning damage.  Mashgar's
big attacks are Thunder, which focuses on a single target and sometimes
activates as a single sync without warning, and Logos of Solitude, which
hits everyone for at least 1000 dmg.  Stealable items include Roc's Wing and
Speed Leaf, and a guaranteed Vajra weapon drop.  Enjoy Marshmallow.

Quest: Armchair Pilgrim                          Location: Waxing Crescent Inn
GUILD QUEST BOSS name   |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Kudoan                  | 158089 |  62 |    |    |    |    | 24891 | 37650

Before coming here, increase your elemental resists, focusing on water, wind
and fire, since Kudoan likes to use ice and light magic.  You can steal a
Sand Castle and Resist Leaf, and victory nets you a Horn of Wit and Shield of
Aegis, along with Kudoan.  For more prep work, I came in here with everyone
loaded with access to at least Dark magic Lvl 2, with 5 Lvl 2 MP each, since
we're going to make extensive use of Dispel.  Every single time Kudoan casts
Regen on itself, Dispel it; if you can survive powered up spells via a Flash
Ride stat up, you can hold off on the Dispel, otherwise Dispel those stat
ups as well.  Also make sure to defend at the end of every turn to further
minimize damage.  In addition to access to all magic, Kudoan likes to attack
using Mad Rush, which targets one person and does around 2000 dmg unguarded,
while Sky Charge as a fairly wide AoE range and deals around 2500 dmg if
unguarded.  Kudoan has two big attacks: Eternal Ring, which adds Silence and
hits as hard as Sky Charge; Logos of Wit, which you honestly want Kudoan to
use more often, since it would negate Kudoan's Regen and Flash Drive self-
casting.  Just take it slow, looking for an opening to use a Trinity Act while
keeping Kudoan Dispel'd, and you'll eventually come out on top.  I personally
found Kudoan tougher than Mashgar.

Now that we have Mashgar and Kudoan, we can go after Allul.

OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Allul                   | 205768 |  66 |    |    |  + |  + | 27897 | 41898

Allul strategy:
You can steal a Strength Leaf and Insight Leaf here.  Allul has the following
Arm Forces: Block Defense, LVL-, DEF-, Boosted Magic, Anti-Force and
Add Stun Magic.  To make this fight easier, only do battle when the initial
Raystones on the field are both earth-type; each additional water Raystone
increases Allul's attack output.  Also, whatever you do, do *not* use any of
your Rogress in battle; equip them solely for the ice resist boosts.  If you
do summon a Rogress, Allul will add on a casting of Great Blue at the end of
the turn, which will fully restore her HP.  Come in to this battle with mostly
water and earth resistant equipment for the ice resists.  Allul's first big
warning attack is a Frostlock spell, typically in the early phases of the
fight.  As Allul loses more HP, about the 3/4 mark and lower, she'll start to
use her Excel as the warning attack; if there's two earth Raystones on the
field, then it'll do around 500 dmg guarded, 1800 dmg if not, but with two
water Raystones, it jumps up to around 800 dmg guarded and 2900 dmg not.
Aside from normal attacks and the prior warning attacks, Allul has an attack
called Ice Lance which targets in a straight line, so keep your team spread
out to avoid it; Ice Lance can also add immobility.  The main attack you'll
see is Frost Cross, which adds silence and can be activated as a single sync
as well.  For the fight, bringing along Dispel is helpful to lessen the damage
from ATK+ and MAG+ buffs as well as chaining Life Force for a quick heal and
gaining HP+ condition.  Otherwise, when using up Trinities, make sure you're
going first on the turn order, otherwise you might just be attacking right
into a Stop All.  If you do find yourself behind Allul's first action, throw
out a regular attack first, just to check if Stop All was being cast.  For
your troubles, Allul can drop a Shield of Ajax and Shield of Aegis and you'll
gain access to the Logos of Foresight.  Didn't get around to beating Allul
until I was Lvl55-56.

-- The Crystal Continent --                                            [30faq]

Enjoy the moments with the team and make your way along the path.  There's
nothing to fight along the way to our next location.

-- Verct Skywalk --

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Efreet                  |  4197  |  55 |  + |    |  - |    |  1855 |  2846
Four-leaf               |  3249  |  54 |  - |    |  + |    |  1714 |  2634
Real Sabre              |  3470  |  54 |    |  - |  - |    |  1728 |  2656
Verct Sabre             |  3640  |  55 |    |  - |  - |    |  1809 |  2775
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Dynos                   | 122737 |  59 |    |  - |    |  + | 23457 | 35680
Erebus                  | 16020  |  59 |  - |  - |    |  + |  2391 |  3637

We start at Patina Way.  Follow the path to the right, eventually getting to
a dead end, which holds a TYRFING weapon for L'Arc.  Backtrack to take the
path going up, then at the intersection, go right, into the cave.  You'll
briefly be inside Halls of Coral, which holds a treasure chest housing a
JUST CALL armor piece.  Head back out to Patina Way and go left at the
intersection to trigger a scene.  Continue following the path and we'll come
across a fight with Dynos.

Dynos strategy:
Come into this battle with access to at least Lvl 3 wind and Fire magic.  The
more party members that have it, the better, but bring along some Lvl 2 dark
magic for the nifty Dispel spells.  For equips, stack mostly dark resists,
done by resisting earth and fire.  Ryfia's Dalmatica, Chimera Cape and a Boost
Resists arm force will give a +6 for all elements, if you decide to bring her
along; otherwise, use the elemental resist arm forces from the Ferris/Opalus
weapons paired with Terra Cuirass/Flare Scale from Ebur Ruins/Ellgode Volcano,
respectively.  If you can only focus on one of the two to resist, go for more
earth resists and bring along Sp Auto-cure, since you'll be afflicted with
sick fairly often, with some confusion and poison thrown in from time to time.
For the actual battle, Dynos likes to use Summon Minion, which will bring an
Erebus to the field; Erebus has a predictable pattern.  It will first use
Mighty Charge, then its next turn will start Freeing Sin and Mighty Charge,
then attacks with Punishments on the third turn of summoning; defeat it before
that point, otherwise you'll have a KO'd character after a Punishment hit.
It's best done by double casting Burning Drive for Ignition or syncing the
Lvl 3 wind spell if Dynos is within the AoE range; if you have to target a
Raystone rather than Dynos or Erebus directly, do so to hit them both.  Once
Dynos' HP is somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 left, he'll stop using Summon
Minion and switch to being more offensive, with dark and fire spells and his
Three Cries attack; after dropping below 1/2, he'll start adding Doubly Dark
to the mix.  Just keep your HP up and using Trinity Acts; a Simmah summon will
do around 25 000 dmg, so keep that in mind.  When Dynos is almost beaten,
he'll use Death in the Dark, which does a good deal of damage even through
a defense, so keep your HP up rather than going for broke near the end.
Steals consist of a Terra Shard and Inferno Shard from Dynos and I was only
able to get a Specialty L from the Erebus summons.  Levels were 50-51 here.

After the battle, Dynos reveals his devotion to Rafil, then rips off his
Dragon Gem in an attempt to thwart our progress as a Feldragon.  Tragically,
he's beaten and we move on, following the path to Halls of Coral.  You are
allowed to backtrack to the save point and/or leave the area to restock on
items, if you need more items.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Hime                    |  3740  |  57 |  - |    |  + |    |  1894 |  2892
Vercts                  |  8596  |  56 |    |  - |  - |    |  1984 |  3038
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Clyde                   | 151576 |  60 |    |  + |  + |    | 21552 | 32718
     OPTIONAL BOSS      |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Coccinella              | 139830 |  63 |    |  - |    |    |   0   | 55397

Continue going to the right and we get a short scene before being allowed to
continue.  After regaining control, continue going up, ignoring the path to
the left until you meet a ladybug looking enemy.  Depending on the previous
section, this can turn into an optional boss, but for now, take the path left
of the ladybug.  A chest holding HOBARGEON is here.  Backtrack to that first
path left and we'll get another boss battle.

Clyde strategy:
Walked into this battle at Lvl 51-52.  Like Dynos, go for a lot of resistant
armor and Arm Force/weapons, this time for lightning/water and wind.  Clyde
activates his arm force abilities fairly often, leading me to believe he's got
Boost Force equipped, along with Block Defense, DEF- and Deadly Strike.  With
resistant armor in place, his magic attacks shouldn't be too harmful; it's his
physical attacks that you'll have to be a bit wary of.  Even though Block Def
activates almost all the time, still use up the 6AP per turn to defend at the
end, since there are times when your defense holds up.  As usual, bring along
Boost Item, SP Auto-cure and all that fun stuff.  When you see Clyde about to
use an Excel, in the early part of the fight, it'll be Sonic Blade; if it's
more toward the beginning of the turn order, it'll be High Accelerate, which
you can Dispel.  After dropping Clyde's HP to near half, he'll start using
Volthorn without party warnings.  The one attack you do get warned of is
his Lvl 4 wind spell, since he often pairs it with Overdrive.  Around this
time, he'll also start using Brave Rush, which you get warned about too.  It's
essentially a KO'd character, unless you have really high HP, and he'll use
this two turns in a row, at minimum; during that time, just throw around
Revive Bottles like they're candy, healing on a turn after.  Steals include
a Flood Shard and Gale Shard, and he'll drop a Gale Gem.

Continue to the left of Clyde and you'll come across a door.  Head right first
to find a sparkle and gain MAP: VERCT SKYWALK.  Now head through the door into
Hall of the Law.  Follow the sole path, take the Lift down, continue along the
path and enjoy the cutscene.

For the Coccinella optional battle, I still need to test what's triggering it
to appear, but after you clear all of Verct and can move on to the next area,
some new enemies populate the Patina Way area.  Starting from the entrance,
beating the two sabre enemies, skipping the plant enemy and beating the dragon
enemy, two sabre enemies, the armored mech and dragon enemy leading to Halls
of Coral will trigger Coccinella to be available.  It'll be at the same spot
where the ladybug is, but will look like a glowing statue if done correctly.
As for tips, bring along wind and dark magic; wind is for clearing the field
initially and dark is for Dispel later in the match, where Coccinella likes to
cast Regen, which can heal near 20k per turn.  Cocinella always alternates
between using magic one turn, then physical attacks on another.  It tends to
use light spells during the magic phase and will use a single sync called
Three Steps on its physical phase, which can do around 3000 dmg unguarded.
It has one excel called Poison from the Land, which hits about as hard as
Three Steps and adds Poison and can cause Sick.  Cocinnella uses the Block
Defense and Boosted Magic Arm Forces, and you can steal Specialty L and a
Strength Leaf.  If you're being overwhelmed by damage, try using Rastan's
Scapegoat on the Hauteclaire to "share" the damage, but be sure to boost
Rastan's HP if you do this.  Winning gives you a Caladbolg weapon for Rastan.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Alf                     | 165691 |  61 |    |    |    |    | 23780 | 36034

Alf strategy:
Level ranged from 51-53 here, and you can steal a Revive Full and Resist Leaf.
Unlike the previous two fights where our equips focused on elemental resists,
this time we're focusing solely on physical.  Things like Block Physical,
Boost Defense and Auto-Defense, pairing it with Boost Force to get them to
activate more often, along with our usual Boost Item mainstays, should be your
focus.  Alf doesn't tend to use much magic, opting for excels and regular
attacks instead; of the magic he does use, he loves using fire spells but has
access to all spell types, so don't shrug off all elemental resists.  If you
picked up the Protector Horn, it's helpful in this battle, too.  The Arm
Forces Alf tends to activate are MAG-, Boosted Magic, Add Stun Magic and
Block Critical.  For magic, bring along Lvl 3 Wind for the easier revives,
since it'll mostly be fire and wind Raystones on the field; still take along
a dark magic user for the dispel.  Alf uses Grand Rage both as an Excel, which
you can easily spot on the turn order, and as a single sync, which isn't as
easy to spot; look for two normal attacks in a row and that might be a single
sync'd Grand Rage.  Depending on how much HP Alf has left, you'll have one of
two big, warning attacks to deal with.  Real Revelation does around 1500 dmg
and is used when he has about 1/3 through 3/4 HP remaining.  Below 1/3 HP,
Alf switches to Vision of Real, which hits everyone and adds confusion,
paralyze and silence.  Both of these tend to be fast actions, meaning you
can't heal and defend before the attack happens, so defend first, then heal
up after, on the same turn if possible.  With a win, Alf drops Meister Rod.

We get more cutscene goodness and Alf decides to gift L'Arc all the Rogress
he's collected.  Eesa seems to be calling and Alf sends the team away so that
he can destroy the core, with Clyde's help.  Attempt to leave from the Hall of
the Law and we get another scene.  We'll step outside and the party decides to
regroup at Carbunculus and get Sonia's advice, now that we have the Rogress.

-- Carbunculus --

Go to the Senate-Parliament Hall and enter the doors in back for the Senate
Laboratory.  We get a scene with Sonia explaining the Singing Stone, then she
gives PURITY PROGRAM.  Sonia then asks to speak to L'Arc alone, where she
explains what kind of sacrifice needs to be made to neutralize the Hozone.
He steps out and, with the news, decides to regroup in Diamant before heading
off to Noire.  To Diamant we go.

-- Diamant --

Go to the Upper Zone and enter Zamuel: Guest House to get a scene with Elena.
L'Arc replays what Sonia told him and Elena interrupts L'Arc's thoughts,
bringing up that she knows about the events with Niko and Adele.  With some
encouraging words, Elena tells us to go talk to Ryfia.  Before that, we can
speak to the rest of the team, one on one.  Cecille and Rastan are both in
the Upper Zone; Cecille just outside of Zamuel's and Rastan near the Lifts to
the Fountain Square.  Going down there, we'll find Serge in front of the
fountain.  Head to the Port Zone and find Leslie near the stairs heading down
toward the dock.  She'll direct you to climb the stairs all the way up and
we'll enter a cutscene with Ryfia.  Now that L'Arc and team feels prepped
enough, we're ready to go to Noire.

-- Holy Land of Noire --                                               [31faq]

We start at the Hall of Rising.  Hit the save, since it's going to be a little
while before we're given an opportunity to save again.  If you're worried of
another "Ebur Ruins," don't be.  Head up the stairs for a cutscene and battle.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Luze                    | 140783 |  64 |    |    |    |    |  N/A  |  N/A

Luze strategy:
Lose and/or steal.  There's no other option.

Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Behemoth                | 10358  |  60 |    |    |    |  - |  2384 |  3619
Big Ear                 |  5304  |  57 |    |    |    |    |  1900 |  2902
Charon                  | 10358  |  60 |  - |  - |    |  + |  2233 |  3390
Cobalt Scythe           |  9013  |  57 |    |    |  + |  - |  2170 |  3314
Dao                     |  5044  |  59 |    |  - |    |  + |  2062 |  3136
Gorgon                  |  5304  |  57 |    |  - |  - |  + |  1900 |  2902
Lava Turtle             |  3916  |  58 |  + |    |  - |    |  2161 |  3295
Mample                  | 15280  |  58 |  - |    |  - |    |  2226 |  3394
Metal Scissors          |  3570  |  56 |    |    |    |  - |  2060 |  3154

After the loss, we get another cutscene and the team gets split up.  Give
L'Arc the Balmung for the next forced encounter against a Dao; to get there,
from where L'Arc starts, go right and follow the big square path all the way
around.  When you start walking down the stairs on the right side, we'll get
to the aforementioned Dao and reunite with Ryfia.  If you happen to have the
Cautious Travel Arm Force unlocked, it would be helpful to use while getting
through the area for now; otherwise, just deal with the enemies however you
wish.  After getting Ryfia, walk toward the center of the square and take the
warp to the Foyer of Ruins.  And re-equip L'Arc's weapon for something else
since the dragon threat is subsided for awhile now.

Follow the path up and head all the way to the left to grab an ALL QUICK.
Backtrack a bit and head down, following the path and we'll have to sacrifice
Girtab and Absin to move on.  Take the warp to Halls of Puzzle.

This room looks exactly the same as Halls of Chaos, the room where L'Arc
started off alone.  In fact, follow the same path and at the top of the square
we'll reunite with Cecille.  Again, go toward the center of the square and
take the warp, this time to Foyer of Ally.

Follow the path and head to the right, once the camera changes position, and
pick up the SHIELD OF AJAX at the end.  Take the center path and we'll be
sacrificing Banchu and Rufunga's gems.  Take the left path for a REVIVE FULL
and head back to the right path to get to Halls of Distrust.

Again, it looks like Halls of Chaos and Halls of Puzzle.  Take the outer path
all the way around and pretty much get back to the other side of the wall
from where you start for a REVIVE FULL.  Backtrack to go down to the center
of the square and we'll catch up with Rastan, who we get as a guest character
for this battle.  Beat up the Charons and head to the Foyer of Loyalty.

As soon as we enter, the team spots Leslie across the way.  Papirusagu's time
for sacrifice happens here and we reunite with Leslie.  Head around, ignoring
the first left path for the time being and we'll sacrifice Urgula.  Head back
to the left path we ignored and Squill gets sacrificed.  Continue heading
across the bridge and follow the path to find ARTEMIS EDGE as a weapon just
hanging around at the dead end.  Take the lower path near the weapon pickup
and at the end of the road, Gula gets sacrificed.  Backtrack all the way back
to where Urgula was sacrificed and head across the new bridge, opening the
chest for SHIELD OF AEGIS before taking the warp to Halls of Neglect.

This should be familiar.  Go around and take the center warp to Foyer of Past.

The team is still wondering where Serge is, but don't worry, he's in this
room.  Just follow the linear path up and we'll catch up with Serge and end up
sacrificing Simmah in the process.  The warp will take us to Eternal Cross,
which finally ends this warping around, but remember to grab the SAND CASTLE
before taking the warp.

Grab the nearby chest for an ELIXIR then approach the center, speaking to
Allul, who returns all the Rogress that you had to give up.  Take the left
branch, grabbing the sparkling MAP: HOLY LAND OF NOIRE, and use the warp to
get back to Hall of Rising, where we landed with the Lightship.  There's two
chests here; the left side has a COTARDIE and the right a HAUBERK.  If you
need to stock up on items, now is the time to do so.  Once you're ready, take
the warp back to Eternal Cross, hit the save and take the stairs up to warp
to the Hall of Choosing.  The game asks one more time if you're ready since
this will be the final battle.

At the Hall of Choosing, walk forward, approaching the stone.  Cue cutscene
and battle.  My team was at Lvl 54-55 for this battle.  Give someone in your
main party SP Auto-cure, at the very least.  Otherwise, go with a more general
boss-type setup.  For elemental resists, if you only have room for one, go
with fire resist, with some earth and/or wind to block dark and light, if you
have room, respectively.  Heal up any HP if you boosted HP totals, too.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Luze                    | 140783 |  64 |    |    |    |    | 25681 | 38700

Luze strategy:
You can steal a Revive Full and a Sand Castle.  Luze's active Arm Forces seems
to be Add Stun Magic, Boosted Magic and Frantic Defense, with Frantic Defense
almost always activating when Luze is near defeated.  The main types of magic
used here are all base elements and dark spells, but with a defense up, it
shouldn't be doing too much damage that a Mid Liquid can't fix.  Luze's main
form of damage is a light attack called Blue Wave, which adds silence and RES-
to the targeted character.  Unless you have a lot of MP Quick/Charge items
stocked up, stick with (Excel) Trinity Acts, peppered in with regular attacks.
Don't use your Rogress in this battle, either.  From time to time, Luze will
use an Excel called Oracle of Aether, which tends to act fairly quickly, not
leaving enough time to heal and defend, so defend a few times until one of
your characters acts after Luze, then use that person to throw around healing
items.  Oracle of Aether does around 1000 dmg and tacks on ATK- and MAG-
conditions.  Only thing worth using Dispel on is an Overdrive boost.  Overall,
it shouldn't be a taxing fight, since the real fight is next.

After Luze falls, we get another cutscene where we're about to lose all the
Rogress again, but Alf jumps in and joins up as a guest.

BOSS name               |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Eesa                    | 181117 |  68 |  + |  + |  + |  + | 28826 | 43131

Eesa strategy:
There's literally nothing to steal; Eesa is holding no items.  Eesa tends to
open up with Scepter of Order, which causes paralysis and does near 800 dmg.
Eesa's Arm Forces include Add Stun Magic, Boosted Magic and Block Critical.
Eesa has a few big attacks; Ruining Bond inflicts sick, poison and confuse
conditions, as well as dispels any positive effects, on top of doing near
1500 dmg on a single target, and you're not warned of this attack, but you
need to look for it on the turn order.  An attack you are warned of is called
Judgement Day, which adds immobilize/binding and silence, along with 1600 dmg.
Like Oracle of Aether in the previous fight, defend a few times in a row with
one character until you can act last, then throw around healing items.  After
about half of Eesa's HP is lost, you'll start seeing Eesa's Guidance, another
attack you're warned of, which does 1400 dmg to everyone and adds on a DEF-
and RES- effect.  As for Alf, keep him alive since he helps heal status and
cure HP for various party members, as well as chip away at Eesa's HP, but
don't make it a priority over your own team.  As for status healing, put your
priority on clearing away confusion, then sick, next binding and lastly
paralysis; if you lean on magic for that character, heal silence after sick,
since keeping your HP up and being able to control them is key, with all the
status being thrown around.  Double casting/syncing the lvl 2 water healing
spell can fix all status in one go, as well.  I went with using an untyped
Rogress, Absin, due to Eesa's resistances, and that gets you close to 30k dmg.
Just keep your HP up and your characters in control and you'll come up with
a win.

Cue another cutscene, with Eesa/Luze explaining what's trusted, then L'Arc's
decision.  Credits roll and at the very end of the credits, after all the
messages, we get a prompt to save.   Postgame content ahead.

-- Postgame, World Tour --                                             [32faq]

- Jada
     Near the save point when you first enter town, there's an enemy hiding
     behind the wall on the right side.
OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Elizabeth               | 202483 |  71 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   | 67297

Elizabeth strategy:
Stealable items include All Quick and Shield of Aegis.  For setups, Elizabeth
uses fire and lightning spells at the beginning of the fight, then adds on
dark spells toward the end, so stick to mostly fire resists, adding on wind
or earth via the Moonstone and Obsidian equipment.  Bring along light magic in
your orb setups since Elizabeth is weak to both elements; access to Life Force
for heals and surviving either of Elizabeth's two big attacks is needed if you
don't want to spend the next turn reviving, else you can do without.  Along
with spells and regular attacks, Elizabeth uses Bag of Doom which has a chance
of inflicting silence.  Just keep your HP up for most of the fight, syncing
spells together to increase the damage total.  The two big attacks that the
party warns you of are Sword of Beginning, which Elizabeth uses after getting
below half HP and can stun and does near 3k dmg even with a defense up; Life
Spore does 2500 dmg through a defense and you'll start seeing this when
Elizabeth is near critical HP, around 35000 or so.  Was at Lvl 56-58 for the
fight, and winning gives you access Ascaron, a weapon for L'Arc.

- Mandelro Coast, Hidden Docks
OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Mamon                   | 193781 |  70 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   | 66529

Mamon strategy:
Ranged between Lvl 58-59 here, and steals include Roc's Wing and Speed Leaf.
Mamon abuses Block Physical, especially when using his excel.  I wasn't able
to do this battle until gaining Rastan's Mitama, by loading him up with
Protect, Taunt, Anti-Force and Block Critical; by siphoning most all damage to
Rastan, and usually blocking with Anti-Force activating, the other two members
were free to attack and sync magic.  Keeping Rastan's HP up with Regen or even
Above and Beyond kept him alive and allows you to focus on offense.  As
Mamon's HP drops to the 40000 HP level, he'll start shying away from attacks
and will add in Pilfer, which steals your money but you'll gain it back when
you win, and will add an Auto-Mid Liquid command at the end of the turn;
Mamon can use up to three Mid-Liquids at once.  During this time, you'll get
warnings from the party of a big attack, which turns out to be a Cyclone
wind spell.  Once you get to this point, it should be smooth sailing, and the
win gets you your money back as well as Carnwenhan, a weapon for Serge.

- Nabra Jungle, Decaying Hall
OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Jack Lantern            | 154008 |  65 |  - |    |  + |    |   0   | 58085
Titania                 |  5176  |  64 |    |  - |    |  + |   0   |  5120

Jack Lantern strategy:
Jack Lantern has Full Liquid and Strength Leaf for stealable items and the
Titania summons have at least a Cure All; couldn't get a second steal without
being overwhelmed.  For the beginning of the fight, Jack Lantern will keep
using an Excel called Luring Voice, which summons a Titania to the field.
The Titanias are a threat, since they frequently activate their Arm Forces for
Add Sickness, Add Paralysis, Add Poison and LVL-; they max out at four of them
on the field.  For prep, this is going to be a mostly magic battle.  Have all
party members with an orb setup focused mostly on Lvl 3 MP, some Lvl 4 MP and
at least two Lvl 2 MP, since you're going to start the battle by Dispeling
the regen effect.  For gems, stick with fire and wind to combine for light,
ensuring that you have at least one user with access to Lvl 4 wind.  For a
weapon, have your Lvl 4 Wind user with Faster Casting, or better yet,
Fastest Casting, available on Ryfia's Meister Rod.  There's three scenarios
you'll often have: if Jack Lantern is alone, sync fire spells focused on it;
if there are Titania enemies on the field, then sync Lvl 3 wind spells to
knock them out before they can take an action, making sure to get them all
in one go.  If the Titanias are too far spread out, then use one Lvl 4 Wind
spell to hit them all, leaving the other two free to sync a fire spell on
Jack Lantern or steal.  Do this enough times and Jack Lantern will stop using
Luring Voice and will cast Life Force on itself, normally when it has 40000 HP
remaining; make sure that there are no fire Raystones on the field before this
happens, otherwise Jack Lantern is going to fully heal itself, even after
using Dispel on the HP+ condition.  At this point, Jack Lantern will focus on
normal attacks, so heal/defend/attack and gain the Q.E.F. gun weapon.  Beat
this boss at Lvl 55-56.

- Soliton Caves, Flourite Path
OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Oceanus                 | 127037 |  69 |    |    |    |    |   0   | 72254

Oceanus strategy:
Did this battle between Lvl 58-59 for everyone, and you can steal a Defense
Leaf and Shield of Aegis.  Oceanus has access to the Auto-Defense, Supreme
Magic, Master Mage and Deadly Strike+ Arm Forces and likes to attack with
earth based attacks like Lethal Stomp, which adds immobility and does near
2000 dmg if unguraded, as well as using earth magic.  L'Arc's unlocked Ascaron
was a big help in this fight; add Aquatic Bane, Boost Force and Blow Special
Defense, at minimum, to unlock Deadly Strike++, and L'Arc can be your main
damage dealer.  A three chain should be doing around 7k dmg, at worst, and if
he goes first, all the other attacks can get through, as well.  If you also
designate a tank/damage absorber to take most of the hits, give them Protect
and/or Taunt and boost their HP by double casting/syncing Lvl 3 fire spells
for Above and Beyond.  During the beginning of the fight, a Frostlock ice
spell will be what the party warns you about, and after losing near half of
Oceanus' HP, it'll switch to using Hellrotte, an earth based attack with an
AoE centered around Oceanus itself, doing about 800 dmg through a guard.
Winning here will give you access to Rastan's weapon, the Mitama.

- Lascarde Skywalk, Control Center
OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Epetam                  | 160755 |  66 |    |    |    |    |   0   | 57887

Epetam strategy:
You can steal Wepalot and Strength Leaf.  Epetam has access to a wide range
of Arm Forces, inflicting ATK-, DEF-, MAG-, RES-, SPD- and LVL-, along with
using Block Physical.  It has two attacks, Francisca, which has a wide AoE
range, and Tomahawk, which causes Stun and does near 2800 dmg unguarded.
Sticking to a tanking/damage absorbing character, like in the Mamon or Oceanus
fights, frees up two characters to do damage and brings your healing worries
down to one character.  Treating this like the aforementioned battles will
get you a win soon enough, dropping the Heroic Gloves for Cecille.

- Verct Skywalk, Halls of Coral
     At the very end, where you found the map.
OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Benuu                   | 177023 |  68 |    |  + |    |  - |   0   | 62132

Benuu strategy:
Levels ranged from 58-59 and you can steal an All Charge and Phoenix Wing.
Despite Benuu's elemental resistance/strengths, Bennu predominately attacks
using water magic, so go full on resist with that, throwing in some wind
resist since later on, Benuu will start to use some lightning spells.  Benuu
enters battle with a Blitz effect, so you can Dispell it if you wish.  Until
Benuu drops to around 30000 HP, you can predict every attack it makes.  If
it's mostly normal cards in the turn order, it'll use a normal attack.  If you
see a spell being used, it'll be an offensive water spell.  Otherwise, the
excel/burning fire icon signifies a use of Sky Blader, which has a good chance
of causing Stun and skipping a party member's action; you can double up on
defending if you see a lot of Sky Blader actions in the turn order.  Benuu
activates Block Physical and Magical Reflect Arm Forces, so you can counter
with Anti-Force if you're going to go Trinity Act/magic sync happy, but I
managed just fine using a bunch of chained attacks from L'Arc.  After that
30000 HP benchmark, Benuu will start adding Lightning spells.  Winning will
net Ryfia a Kerykeion weapon.

- Holy Land of Noire, Foyer of Ally
OPTIONAL BOSS           |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Nyx                     | 146771 |  64 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   | 56345

Nyx strategy:
Equip Dark Amulets and the Obsidian for the sleep resist/immunities, which
also helps to mimimize Nyx's dark spells.  You can steal a Specialty L and an
Elixir.  Nyx makes use of the Deadly Strike+, Block Defense and Block Magical
Arm Forces and likes to use Magic Shell to nullify magical attacks.  If stop
magical goes up, go for a Dispel if you're chaining/syncing magic, otherwise
you can ignore it and continue attacking physically/with Trinities.  What to
watch out for is Nyx using Freeing Sin, which gives Nyx ATK+, which you'll
want to Dispel.  The turn after Freeing Sin goes up, Nyx will attack using
Punishments, which the party will also warn you of; this activating with
Block Defense generally leaves you down one party member, which you can revive
on the next turn.  Winning nets you the Chain of Guilt other.  As for levels,
was around 56-58 at this point.

-- Infinite Maze of Allwise --                                         [33faq]

Head to New Moon Inn to find and examine a pentagram near the inn.  Enter
and we'll get to go through this dungeon.  Note that you do NOT need Allul to
gain entrance to this area; if you bonded with Allul, L'Arc will mention that
one of his gems are acting funny and Allul will chat, otherwise Allul will
just appear and the team will ask if it's okay for her to be away from Luze.

                     Wandering Memories I, II, III, IV, V
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
P-00                    | 17582  |  61 |  - |    |    |  + |  2594 |  3930
P-01                    |  4575  |  60 |  - |    |  + |    |  2041 |  3099
P-02                    |  5173  |  60 |  - |  - |  + |    |  2167 |  3290
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Baal                    | 137226 |  66 |  - |    |  + |  + | 27040 | 40610

In the first room, head to the top of the diamond and go down a little to
reach the teleport.

Wandering Memories II is shaped a bit like a pinwheel, starting off on the far
left spoke.  The top spoke holds a chest with 4-LEAF CLOVER and the right
spoke holds the teleport to the next room.

In Wandering Memories III, take the right path from where you start to find a
TERRA GEM, then take the upper path from where you started to grab a chest
with RICOALOT.  From the starting point, go to the upper right corner to find
the teleport to the next room.

For Wandering Memories IV, keep going to the top right corner and when you
reach the diamond shaped area, go to the center of the diamond to head to
Wandering Memories V and the boss room.  Heal up and approach the boss.

Baal strategy:
You can steal an Elixir and Resist Leaf; this battle should feel similar to
Vifrons back at Nabra Jungle, only we can't ignore what it's currently weak
to like we could've done in the early game.  Give everyone access to fire
magic, and Baal generally starts the battle susceptible to magic, noted by
checking the giant flower on its back.  If it looks closed, then you need to
attack with magic; if the flower looks open, physical damage hurts it more.
You can also check the end of turn when Baal uses Time of <blank>; if it's
"Beginning," then the flower opens and can be hit with physical hits, ie
regular attacks or excels, but if it's "Ending," then the flower closes and
you need to burn it with magic.  After Baal loses half of its HP, expect Baal
to use Sustenance, which will fully heal its HP; it only does this once.  If
you get to this point, keep doing what you've been doing and we can move on.
Just be aware of Baal starting to use Tenth Night Festival, its big attack,
after Sustenance; it has a small AoE and does about 1300 dmg.

After the battle, there's a chest on the left holding THIRD EYE for Ryfia and
a chest on the right with KISS OF DEATH for Leslie.  Either escape to the
teleport on the lower half to restock on supplies or press on to the next
area by taking the upper teleport.

                     Recurring Memories I, II, III, IV, V
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
A-00                    |  4964  |  63 |  - |    |  + |    |  2491 |  3759
A-01                    |  4575  |  60 |  - |    |  + |    |  2057 |  3123
A-02                    |  5404  |  61 |  - |  - |  + |  + |  2151 |  3259
A-03                    |  4669  |  62 |  - |    |  + |    |  2086 |  3155
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Leviathan               | 215805 |  67 |  - |    |  + |    | 28208 | 42284

This first room is shaped like a big "X", so head to the top, going either way
and then head down and take the teleport.

In Recurring Memories II, to the right holds a chest with VITALITY LEAF.  Take
the path all the way to the top right and go left, beyond the teleport and
find a chest with GUNGNIR.  Head back to the teleport on the right.

In Reucrring Memories III, ignore the "branches" on the lower section, heading
up toward the "crown" of the area.  The left branch holds an INFERNO GEM and
the right branch holds the teleport to the next room.

No treasures or branching paths in Recurring Memories IV.  Follow it to the
end near the top right corner and we'll get to the boss room on Recurring
Memories V.  Before heading to the boss, head down to grab an AZURE DRESS
costume for Ryfia.  Heal up and approach the lobster boss.

Leviathan strategy:
Stealable items include Elixir and Defense Potion, and the main Arm Force that
gets used is Auto-Defense.  Just like with Baal, come into the fight with fire
magic, but this time you'll want some water and wind resists.  Along with the
fire magic, add on earth for access to dark spells, specifically Dispell,
since Leviathan can boost itself up with Flash Drive, but not until it's
below 75000 HP.  Leviathan likes to use water, wind and lightning magic, use
normal attacks and uses an attack called Acid Parts which adds ATK-, DEF-,
MAG- and RES- to the target, along with 800 - 1500 dmg, depending on if the
attack was guarded or not.  Overall, not much of a threat.

After the battle, a chest on the left holds CURTANA for Serge and a chest on
the right has HANDS OF FATIMA for Cecille.  Once again, escape the maze via
the lower teleport for restocking/saves or continue on via the upper teleport.

                      Hopeful Memories I, II, III, IV, V
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
M-00                    | 21393  |  65 |  - |    |  + |    |  2869 |  4315
M-01                    |  7044  |  63 |  - |    |  + |    |  2041 |  3099
M-02                    |  5303  |  63 |    |    |    |  - |  2148 |  3241
M-03                    |  6253  |  64 |    |    |    |    |  2321 |  3497
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Jormungandr             | 236683 |  69 |  + |  + |  - |  - | 30061 | 44912

Starting in Hopeful Memories I, head to the left side to grab a SPEED LEAF,
then circle counter-clockwise all the way around to get to the teleport.

Hopeful Memories II is arranged like a diamond within a diamond, starting on
the outside, bottom part of the diamond.  Head to the top of the diamond, then
take the path down to the center diamond.  Go to the bottom of the center
diamond and head in again for the teleport.

Take either the left or right path until you reach the top, then head toward
the center of the shape.  There's no treasure here, so take the teleport.

Now we're in Hopeful Memories IV, and it's easier to think of this like a
giant X with a diamond intersecting it.  Along the X shape, the upper left
corner has a RESIST LEAF and the bottom right corner has a FLOOD GEM.  The
teleport to the boss room is in the upper right corner.  Once again, heal up
and approach the boss.

Jormungandr strategy:
Was at Lvl 58-60; steals are Revive Full and Vitality Leaf, with Elixir and
Revive Full as drops.  Jormungandr only really has a Block Critical and
SP Auto-Cure Arm Force that's noticeable.  Come into the fight with Light
Amulets or some other way to resist/avoid sick status, and bring water and
earth spells to the fight, being sure to bring at least a Dispel-er for the
Regen about halfway through the fight.  Spread out and attack with whatever
you have; either chain ice, water or earth spells, or chain attacks boosted
with Dragon Bane and/or Water/Earth Strike, or a combination of both.  Serge's
Excel Trinity works best here, if you decide to bring him along, since his
Million Regret is ice typed.  Attacks to watch for are Arsgals, which does
earth damage to all on the field, and Bifrest, which deals light damage in a
sweeping line.  Berserk causes effects for everyone on the field, adding ATK+,
MAG+, DEF- and RES- and, as mentioned, will cast Regen after losing half of
its HP.  The warning attack is Ragnarok, which adds DEF- and paralyzes,
doing around 2500 dmg.

Checking the left chest gives LORICA HAMATA and the right gives ACTON.  Exit
or continue on to the next area.

                      Obscure Memories I, II, III, IV, V
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
B-00                    | 22331  |  66 |    |  - |  - |  + |  2976 |  4469
B-01                    |  8302  |  67 |    |  - |  - |  + |  2512 |  3765
B-02                    | 14847  |  68 |  - |    |  + |    |  2898 |  4337
B-03                    |  7977  |  66 |    |    |    |    |  2458 |  3691
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Abaddon                 | 274880 |  72 |  + |  - |  - |  + | 31749 | 47219

Obscure Memories I is shaped like a sword; you start at the handle, then go
around either side of the hilt, up the blade then down the center of the blade
to reach the teleport.

Obscure Memories II is a shield.  Starting at the lower left corner, travel
counterclockwise to reach ALL QUICK at the opposite corner.  Go down by one
platform, then head left to enter the center of the shield.  To avoid an extra
bear enemy (B-00), take the lower portion and head to the center for the

No real shape in Obscure Memories III.  At the intersection, go to the upper
left and take the first right, following the path to REVIVE FULL.  Backtrack
to the intersection, going to the lower right and, when the path splits up
again, go right to find an INSIGHT LEAF.  Head back to where you can go to
the upper right and follow the path to the teleport.

The Nomad Sons would have a fun time cartographing the last few areas, but
alas.  Obscure Memories IV has a GALE SHARD in the upper left corner, guarded
by a bunch of those Behemoths (B-02), and the lower right corner has a chest
with SAND CASTLE.  The teleport to the boss room is in the upper right corner.
Heal up and approach the boss.

Abaddon strategy:
Was at Lvl 60-61 here, and Elixir and Vitality Leaf can be stolen, with a
Revive Full and Shield of Ajax as drops.  Before coming into the fight, load
up on fire and earth resists and tune your weapon to deal water, wind and
Beast Bane damage.  Consider fire spells for Above and Beyond healing or
sticking with Regen healing or any water spells.  The first five or so turns
will be nothing but "warning" signs from the team, with All Sins, Hand of
Greed, Wings of Pride all doing damage to the entire party.  Heal and defend
as best you can here, or go for the HP boosts as well, and once the initial
onslaught is over, you can start going more on the offensive.  The first few
turns are really the worst part of the fight, so chain attacks, sync water,
earth or lightning spells for damage and be cautious about using up Trinity
Acts, since Abaddon likes to trigger Block Physical; instead, activate you
Excels one at a time, so they're not all wasted on a single activation of
Block Physical.  All Sins, which can generally KO a party member, and Hand of
Greed, which adds a stun effect, are the main attacks to watch for.  As the
fight continues, Abaddon's dark magic adds another wrinkle to the battle,
also hitting everyone on the field.

The chest on the left holds ALONDITE for L'Arc and the chest on the right has
DURANDAL for Rastan.  I'd suggest leaving and stocking up now if you've been
pushing through the dungeon, but head on forward if you wish to start the
next area.

                      Closing Memories I, II, III, IV, V
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
D-00                    |  7066  |  67 |  - |    |  + |    |  2511 |  3764
D-01                    |  7353  |  68 |    |  + |    |  - |  2568 |  3842
D-02                    |  7650  |  69 |  + |    |  - |    |  2622 |  3918
D-03                    |  7953  |  70 |    |  - |    |  + |  2669 |  3982
     BOSS               |        |     |    |    |    |    |       |
Allwise                 | 299562 |  74 |    |    |    |    | 38310 | 56786

Starting Closing Memories I, head left two platforms, up three platforms,
right three platforms and down three platforms, passing the path that leads
to the left.  Continue going up and right to find STRENGTH LEAF at the end of
the path and head back to that path that went left.  Follow it, spiraling
around to the teleport.

In Closing Memories II, follow the path until you come to a choice of going
either down or to the upper left.  Head down first to grab an ALL CHARGE, then
continue to the upper left portion.   You'll get another choice of going left
or right here, but go left for ENDURA BOOTS first, then head to the right by
two platforms when you were given the choice.  Ignore the path to the right,
opting to go to the upper left instead.  You should have a choice of going
up or to the upper right; go up first to find an ELIXIR.  Backtrack and take
the path to the upper right to find the teleport.

Closing Memories III is a mess.  From where you start, take the upper left
path twice, then down once to find an EXALOT.  From that chest, go up one
platform, then head to the upper right path and then take the upper left path.
Go right by four platforms to reach the upper right corner, and go down one
platform to find a chest with CLIMB OVER.  From the armor piece, go up once,
left once then take any path leading down from here to find the teleport.

Closing Memories IV is just a snaking, winding path; you'll either be going to
the upper left or lower right as you navigate.  The second time you reach the
very top edge of the area, which would be the third time you're moving in an
upper left direction, you'll find a chest with BRITHINGAMEN.  Continue right
to the teleport and boss room.  First, go all the way to the lower portion in
the boss room to find AZURE ROBES, a costume for L'Arc.  Now heal up and get
ready for a really long fight.

Allwise strategy:
There's no way to sugarcoat this; get ready for a really long battle.  Allwise
isn't hard perse, but it takes awhile to chip away at its health.  If you have
Leslie's Q.E.F., activate the weapon secret and attach Anti-Force, Boost
Force(+) and Dragon Bane, since she'll now be your primary attacker; if not,
give your best attacking character Boost Force(+) and Anti-Force before the
fight.  Give your secondary attacker Block Defense and Boost Force, if you
haven't given it to your main attacker.  For magic, you'll want mostly healing
spells like Raising Call, a Lvl 4 light spell, which also gives you access to
Life Force, Regen and Raising Wind.  Water spells also help for status
restoration along with healing.  You'll also want to use Dispel at least once.
Allwise will cycle once through various Howl of <blank> moves, representing
all the Rogress available, all of which adds a Stop All component.  At this
point, you can basically ignore the majority of the warnings from the party
and go by instinct.  As the battle goes on, Allwise gains access to more Arm
Forces, initially having none at its disposal.  Other than Howl of <blank>
attacks, Allwise uses Burst Shot, which does 2000-2500 dmg with a guard up
and dispels any HP+ conditions; Wing Cutter hits everyone in front of Allwise,
doing around 600 dmg guarded, and near 2000 unguarded; Triple Shot has a very
wide AoE range, so if you can split the team out as far as they can go on the
battle map, it should only hit one person for around 1000 dmg with a guard.
After Deliverance, Ruling and Judgement, Allwise gains Block Critical.  At
half HP, Allwise gains Physical Reflect and Block Physical, and will most
likely have used Integrity and Purity; Purity adds a Regen effect, so Dispel
that ASAP.  As you wittle away at Allwise's HP, it'll use Protection, Valor,
Surging, Majesty and Solitude, by now gaining the Deadly Strike and Boosted
Magic Arm Force abilities, around losing 1/3 of its HP.  At this point,
Allwise will finish up the rest of its Howls, using Wit, Foresight then
Awareness; this last one is bad due to the 100 000+ HP healing effect, LVL+,
and Fi/Wi/Wa/Ea+ effects.  This should be the last time Allwise heals, but
Awareness opens up Master Mage and Magical Reflect abilities, and will start
using mostly water and fire spells, along with its usual Burst Shot, Wing
Cutter, Triple Shot attacks.  I'd even guess Boost Force+ opens up with the
use of Awareness.  Ration your items for a long fight, rather than throwing
around your healing items willy nilly.  Ended up taking Allwise down between
Lvl 60-62, with its steals being Revive Full and Strength Potion, and the
drops being Elixir and Sand Castle.

Some story sequences after the battle, then claim your prizes.  To the right
of the teleport holds CHASUBLE and the left chest holds MAXIMILIAN.  Take the
teleport out and we've completed the Infinite Maze of Allwise.

IV.   Equipment Lists                                                 [sellma]

                                ~ L ' A R C ~
Weapon Name + Native AF | Arm Force        | A.Force Shape | Weapon Secret
Balmung                 | Dragon Bane      | []            | Dragon Bane+
  - N(ATK2)             |                  | []            |
Claymore                | ATK2             |        []     | ATK3
  - N(HP100)            |                  |        []     |
Medical Sword           | Self-healing     | []            | First Aid
  - N(Boost Heal)       |                  | [][]          |
Lumberblade             | Plant Bane       |        []     | Plant Bane+
  - N(Earth Resist 2)   |                  |        []     |
Wooden Sword            | Nagging Curse    | [][]          | Fixed SP50
  - N(Act First)        |                  | [][]          |
Wild Scimitar           | Intimidation     |        [][]   | Steal
  - N(ATK-)             |                  |               |
Sharkslayer             | Aquatic Bane     | []            | Aquatic Bane+
  - N(Water Resist2)    |                  | []            |
Kora                    | ATK-             |        [][]   | Add ATK+ 
  - N(Lady Luck)        |                  |        []     |
Berserker               | Heal on Kill     | []            | AP for Kills
  - N(SP for Kills)     |                  | []            |
                        |                  | []            |
Zweihander              | ATK5             |        []     | ATK10
  - N(HP500)            |                  |        [][]   |
Hexaheart               | Add SPD+         | [][][]        | SPD-
  - N(SPD2)             |                  |
Mac-aftil               | Add Paralysis    |        [][]   | Block Paralysis
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  |        [][]   |
Interrupter             | Anti-Force       | []            | Lady Luck
  - N(Block Critical)   |                  | []            |
                        |                  | []            |
Defender                | Auto-Defense     |        [][]   | Boost Defense
  - N(DEF Stock)        |                  |        [][]   |
Perseverance            | Near Death+      | [][][]        | Frantic Defense
  - N(HP100)            |                  |               |
Flamberge               | Fire Strike      |        [][]   | Fire Strike+
  - N(Fire Resist2)     |                  |        []     |
Flameguarder            | Fire Resist2     | [][]          | Fire Resist4
  - N(Fire Strike)      |                  | []            |
Executioner             | Gather Strength  |        [][]   | SPD3
  - N(Deadly Strike)    |                  |        [][]   |
Iskandar                | Mass Attack      | [][][]        | Auto-Blitz
  - N(Lone Wolf)        |                  | [][][]        |
                        |                  | [][][]        |
Octoheart               | SP for Kills     |        [][][] | SP for Kills
  - N(Add SPD+)         |                  |               |
Chaa-Kuu                | Deadly Strike    |   []          | Big Critical
  - N(ATK5)             |                  | [][]          |
Fragarach               | Physical Reflect |        [][]   | HP500
  - N(Followup)         |                  |        [][]   |
The Holy Noire          | Boost Summon     | [][][]        | Boost RP
  - N(Boost Excel Act)  |                  |               |
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  |               |
Illhoon                 | More XPs         |        [][][] | Auto-Regen
  - N(Self-healing)     |                  |        [][][] |
Tyrfing                 | Fleet of Foot    | [][]          | Frantic AP Save
  - N(SPD5)             |                  | [][]          |
  - N(Act First)        |                  |               |
Alondite                | Boost Force+     |        [][][] | Anti-Force
  - N(ATK15)            |                  |        [][][] |
  - N(Lady Luck)        |                  |               |
Ascaron                 | [None]           |               | Deadly Strike++
                                 ~ R Y F I A ~
Weapon Name + Native AF | Arm Force        | A.Force Shape | Weapon Secret
Diva Rod                | MAG2             | [][]          | MAG3
  - N(Silence Res)      |                  |               |
Wisdom Staff            | Observation      |        []     | Save MP
  - N(MAG2)             |                  |        []     |
Draw Wand               | Morale Support   | []            | Add Lvl+
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  | []            |
Medical Wand            | First Aid        |         [][]  | All Res
  - N(SP Auto-Cure)     |                  |         [][]  |
Morningstar             | Magical Bane     | [][]          | Magical Bane+
  - N(Add Stun Magic)   |                  |               |
Darza Mace              | DEF-             |         []    | Add DEF+
  - N(Lady Luck)        |                  |         [][]  |
Magical Stick           | HP MAX on Win    | [][]          | LUK10
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | [][]          |
                        |                  | [][]          |
Randgrid                | Block Defense    |         []    | ATK5
  - N(Blow Special Def) |                  |         []    |
                        |                  |         []    |
Coder Staff             | MAG5             | [][]          | MAG10
  - N(Faster Casting)   |                  |   []          |
Resist Code             | Add RES+         |         [][]  | Faster Casting
  - N(RES Stock)        |                  |           []  |
Asclepios               | SP Auto-Cure     | [][][]        | Boost SP+
  - N(First Aid)        |                  |               |
Armored Cane            | Frantic Defense  |         [][]  | Boost Defense
  - N(Auto-Defense)     |                  |         [][]  |
Force Support           | Boost Force      | [][]          | Boost Force
  - N(Anti-Force)       |                  | [][]          |
Soil Staff              | Earth Strike     |         [][]  | Earth Strike+
  - N(Earth Resist2)    |                  |           []  |
Earth Staff             | Earth Resist2    | [][]          | Earth Resist4
  - N(Earth Strike)     |                  |   []          |
Pinaka                  | Boost Resists    |         [][]  | Boost Elements
  - N(Water Strike)     |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Earth Strike)     |                  |               |
Jadagna                 | Add Confusion    | [][]          | Block Confusion
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  | []            |
Trismegistos            | SP Passing       |         [][][]| HP/SP Exchange
  - N(Auto-Regen)       |                  |         [][][]|
Anti-Coder              | Block Magical    | [][]          | Boosted Magic
  - N(MAG5)             |                  | [][]          |
                        |                  | [][]          |
Laevateinn              | Master Mage      |         [][]  | Boosted Magic
  - N(MAG5)             |                  |           []  |
Thyrsus                 | RES Stock        | [][]          | Block Magical
  - N(Save MP)          |                  | [][]          |
Mistilteinn             | AP Regen 1       |         [][]  | AP Max 1
  - N(MAG5)             |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Faster Casting)   |                  |         [][]  |
Vajra                   | Gun Mastery      | []            | Auto-Blitz
  - N(Water Strike)     |                  | []            |
  - N(Wind Strike)      |                  |               |
Meister Rod             | Add Stun Magic   |         [][]  | Fastest Casting
  - N(Master Mage)      |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |               |
Third Eye               | All Res          | [][]          | All Block
  - N(Magical Reflect)  |                  | [][]          |
  - N(SP Passing)       |                  |               |
Kerykeion               | [None]           |               | Fixed SP100
Shining Rod             | Supreme Magic    | [][][]        | Fastest Casting
  - N(Master Mage)      |                  | [][][]        |
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | [][][]        |
                            ~ A L F / R A S T A N ~
Weapon Name + Native AF | Arm Force        | A.Force Shape | Weapon Secret
Caliburn                | Lone Wolf        | [][][]        | Auto-Regen
  - N(Followup)         |                  |               |
Long Sword              | HP100            |         [][]  | HP200
  - N(ATK2)             |                  |               |
Firongi                 | Boost Heal       |   []          | Self-healing
  - N(HP100)            |                  | [][]          |
Kastane                 | Defend & Heal    |         []    | Auto-defense
  - N(DEF Stock)        |                  |         []    |
                        |                  |         []    |
Gigant Blade            | More WPs         | [][]          | Big Critical
  - N(Act Last)         |                  | [][]          |
Boar Sword              | Beast Bane       |         []    | Beast Bane+
  - N(SPD2)             |                  |         []    |
Rayhunter               | MAG-             |   []          | Add MAG+
  - N(RES Stock)        |                  | [][]          |
Pile o' Gold            | Good Luck        |         [][]  | LUK10
  - N(More Rico)        |                  |         [][]  |
Incognito               | Taunting         | [][]          | Add DEF+
  - N(Boost Excel Act)  |                  |               |
Gladius                 | HP500            |         [][]  | HP1000
  - N(ATK5)             |                  |         [][]  |
Katzbalger              | Add DEF+         | []            | DEF-
  - N(Lady Luck)        |                  | [][]          |
Snake Eyes              | Add Sickness     |           []  | Block Sickness
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  |         [][]  |
Damascus                | Debuff Res       | [][]          | Block Debuff
  - N(HP500)            |                  | [][]          |
                        |                  | [][]          |
Murakumo                | Block Physical   |         [][][]| Anti-Force
  - N(Block Defense)    |                  |         [][][]|
Regen Blade             | Auto-Regen       | [][]          | Boost Heal
  - N(MAX Damage+)      |                  | [][]          |
Dohji-Giri              | Fixed Sp25       |         [][]  | SP Passing
  - N(Lady Luck)        |                  |           []  |
Wind Aneras             | Wind Strike      |   []          | Wind Strike+
  - N(Wind Resist2)     |                  | [][]          |
Wind Guarder            | Wind Resist2     |           []  | Wind Resist4
  - N(Wind Strike)      |                  |         [][]  |
Hauteclaire             | Protect          | []            | Scapegoat
  - N(Near Death+)      |                  | []            |
                        |                  | []            |
Wellbrand               | MAX Damage+      |         []    | Heal on Kill
  - N(Defend & Heal)    |                  |         []    |
                        |                  |         []    |
Elemental Blade         | Boost Elements   | []            | Boost Resists
  - N(Fire Strike)      |                  | []            |
  - N(Wind Strike)      |                  | []            |
Caladbolg               | Auto-Bless       |         [][]  | Sustension
  - N(Taunting)         |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Boost Heal)       |                  |         [][]  |
Artemis Edge            | Effect Passing   | [][][]        | Sustension
  - N(Combo Strike)     |                  |               |
  - N(Block Defense)    |                  |               |
Durandal                | DEF Stock        |         [][][]| Block Physical
  - N(Prevent KO)       |                  |         [][][]|
  - N(Protect)          |                  |               |
Mitama                  | [None]           |               | Auto-Defense+
                                  ~ N I K O ~
Weapon Name + Native AF | Arm Force        | A.Force Shape | Weapon Secret
Soldier Gun             | SPD2             | []            | Boost Item
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | []            |
  - N(Boost Flee)       |                  |               |
Heimfooter              | SPD-             |         [][][]| Fleet of Foot
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |               |
  - N(Add SPD+)         |                  |               |
Cool & Sweet            | Auto-Liquid      | []            | Act First
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | []            |
  - N(Near Death+)      |                  | []            |
Bugkiller               | Insect Bane      |         [][]  | Insect Bane+
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |               |
  - N(Wind Resist2)     |                  |               |
Mailbreaker             | Blow Special Def | [][]          | Deadly Strike
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | [][]          |
Peacemaker              | LUK10            |           []  | Treasure Hunt
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |         [][]  |
Smartgun                | Boost Item       | [][][]        | Auto-Liquid
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |               |
Tathlum                 | Boosted Magic    |         [][]  | Master Mage
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |         [][]  |
                        |                  |         [][]  |
Binder Magnum           | Add Immobility   | [][][]        | Block Immobility
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | [][][]        |
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  |               |
Selfbooster             | Add Lvl+         |         []    | Morale Support
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |         []    |
                        |                  |         []    |
Watergun                | Water Strike     | []            | Water Strike+
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | [][]          |
  - N(Water Resist2)    |                  |               |
Watergun II             | Water Resist2    |         []    | Water Resist4
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Water Strike)     |                  |               |
Drainer Magnum          | Absorption       | [][][]        | Steal
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |               |
  - N(HP500)            |                  |               |
Maneater                | Human Bane       |         [][]  | Human Bane+
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |               |
The Chaser              | Combo Strike+    | [][]          | Followup
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | [][]          |
  - N(Combo Strike)     |                  | [][]          |
Hypno Magnum            | Add Sleep        |         []    | Block Sleep
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |         []    |
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  |         []    |
Carn Diva               | SPD15            | [][]          | Act Last
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | [][]          |
  - N(Act First)        |                  |               |
Heavy Arms              | HP2000           |         [][][]| Boost Heal
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |         [][][]|
  - N(Act Last)         |                  |         [][][]|
Ray Charger             | Save MP          | [][]          | Boosted Magic
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | [][]          |
  - N(Add Stun Magic)   |                  |               |
Bennex                  | Fixed SP50       |         [][][]| Boost Excel Act
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |         [][][]|
  - N(Master Mage)      |                  |               |
The Detective           | Cautious Travel  | [][][]        | AP Max 1
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | [][][]        |
  - N(Boost Flee)       |                  | [][][]        |
Kiss of Death           | Followup         |         [][]  | ATK15
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Combo Strike+)    |                  |               |
Gungnir                 | Lady Luck        | [][]          | Boost Force
  - N(Gun Mastery)      |                  | [][]          |
  - N(Big Critical)     |                  |               |
Q.E.F.                  | [None]           |               | LUK100
                                 ~ S E R G E ~
Weapon Name + Native AF | Arm Force        | A.Force Shape | Weapon Secret
Rogue Dagger            | Steal            | []            | Boost Steal
  - N(SPD2)             |                  | []            |
                        |                  | []            |
Runaway                 | Boost Flee       |         [][]  | SPD3
  - N(LUK10)            |                  |               |
Feather Krys            | Winged Bane      | [][]          | Winged Bane+
  - N(Wind Resist2)     |                  |               |
Crusade Terek           | Undead Bane      |         [][]  | Undead Bane+
  - N(Master Mage)      |                  |               |
Pickpocket              | More Rico        | [][][]        | Good Luck
  - N(Followup)         |                  | [][][]        |
Coder Hunter            | Add Silence      |         [][]  | Block Silence
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  |         [][]  |
Makeeri                 | Add Poison       | []            | Block Poison
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  | [][]          |
Arcana Shotel           | Add MAG+         |           []  | MAG-
  - N(MAG2)             |                  |         [][]  |
Harpe                   | Add Petrify      | [][]          | Block Petrify
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  | [][]          |
                        |                  | [][]          |
Mandau                  | Hiding           |         [][]  | Auto-Regen
  - N(MAX Damage+)      |                  |           []  |
Spirit Taker            | LVL-             | []            | Add LVL+
  - N(Master Mage)      |                  | []            |
                        |                  | []            |
Parrying Dagger         | Combo Strike     |         [][][]| Combo Strike+
  - N(Auto-Defense)     |                  |               |
Swordbreaker            | Boost Defense    | [][][]        | Block Critical
  - N(Auto-Defense)     |                  |               |
Main Gauche             | RES15            |         [][]  | DEF15
  - N(Add MAG+)         |                  |         [][]  |
Azoth                   | MAG15            | [][]          | ATK10
  - N(Add RES+)         |                  | [][]          |
Trident                 | SP for Kills     |         []    | Boost SP+
  - N(Mass Attack)      |                  |         []    |
                        |                  |         []    |
Misericordia            | Life Exchange    | [][]          | Deadly Strike+
  - N(Big Critical)     |                  |               |
  - N(Prevent KO)       |                  |               |
Curtana                 | Combo Mastery    |         [][]  | MAG15
  - N(Supreme Magic)    |                  |               |
  - N(MAG5)             |                  |               |
Carnwenhan              | [None]           |               | Master Mage+
                               ~ C E C I L L E ~
Weapon Name + Native AF | Arm Force        | A.Force Shape | Weapon Secret
Warrior Gloves          | Boost SP         | [][]          | Boost Excel Act
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | [][]          |
  - N(ATK5)             |                  |               |
Iron Maiden             | HP/SP Exchange   |         [][]  | SP Passing 
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Boost Excel Act)  |                  |               |
Unicorn                 | RES-             | [][]          | Add SPD+
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |   []          |
  - N(Add RES+)         |                  |               |
Achelous                | Add ATK+         |         [][]  | ATK-
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         []    |
  - N(Boost SP)         |                  |               |
Mercurius               | Boost Steal      | []            | LUK10
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | []            |
  - N(Steal)            |                  |               |
Jeweled Gloves          | Block Critical   |         []    | HP200
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         []    |
  - N(ATK5)             |                  |         []    |
Unlimited               | Prevent KO       | [][][]        | Block Physical
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | [][][]        |
  - N(Boost Force)      |                  |               |
Excellence              | Big Critical     |         []    | Deadly Strike
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Gather Strength)  |                  |               |
Shining Gloves          | Act Last         | []            | HP500
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | []            |
  - N(Sustention)       |                  |               |
Mirage Gloves           | Sustention       |         [][][]| Deadly Strike+
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |               |
  - N(Gather Strength)  |                  |               |
Mercury                 | Treasure Hunt    | [][][]        | LUK10
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |               |
  - N(Followup)         |                  |               |
Fort Arms               | Boost Excel Act  |         [][]  | ATK5
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         []    |
  - N(DEF Stock)        |                  |               |
Dark Whisperer          | Faster Casting   | [][]          | Save MP
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | []            |
  - N(Add Stun Magic)   |                  |               |
Nacht Arms              | Magical Reflect  |         [][]  | HP500
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(MAG5)             |                  |               |
White Cradle            | ATK15            | [][]          | MAG15
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | [][]          |
  - N(Add DEF+)         |                  |               |
White Cradle II         | DEF15            |         [][]  | RES15
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Add ATK+)         |                  |               |
Cat Paws                | Act First        | []            | Fleet of Foot
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | []            |
  - N(Deadly Strike)    |                  | []            |
Mushussu                | AP Max 1         |         [][][]| AP Max 2
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         [][][]|
  - N(Auto-Defense)     |                  |               |
Graceful Gloves         | Frantic AP Save  | [][]          | Boost Elements
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  | [][]          |
  - N(Combo Strike)     |                  | [][]          |
Hands of Fatima         | Auto-Blitz       |         [][]  | Frantic AP Save
  - N(Combo Mastery)    |                  |         [][]  |
  - N(Big Critical)     |                  |         [][]  |
Heroic Gloves           | [None]           |               | Combo Strike++

Upper Body Name  | ATK | DEF | MAG | RES | SPD | LUK | Resist | Other
Maximilian       |     | +64 |     | +39 | -7  |     |        |
Lorica Hamata    |     | +60 |     | +41 |     |     |        |
Acton            |     | +58 |     | +45 |     |     |        |
Chasuble         |     | +55 |     | +46 |     |     |        |
Cap-a-pied       |     | +53 |     | +32 |     |     |        | HP+200
Hauberk          | +4  | +51 | +4  | +36 | +4  |     |        |
Hobargeon        |     | +50 |     | +36 | +8  |     |        |
Ares Plate       |     | +49 |     | +30 | -5  |     |        |
Tours Guard      |     | +47 |     | +31 |     |     |        |
Cotardie         |     | +46 | +8  | +37 |     |     |        |
Dalmatica        |     | +45 |     | +38 |     |     |        | Fi/Wa/Wi/Ea +2
Armored Cloak    | +6  | +45 |     | +25 |     |     |        |
Just Call        | +8  | +44 |     | +38 |     |     |        |
Curly Vest       |     | +44 |     | +33 |     |     |        |
Segmentata       |     | +44 |     | +26 | -5  |     |        |
Artemis Garb     |     | +41 |     | +35 |     |     |        |
Olquina Guard    |     | +41 |     | +28 |     |     |        |
Albszipn         |     | +39 |     | +29 |     |     |        |
Nobility Cloak   |     | +37 |     | +31 |     |     |        |
Adaman Plate     |     | +37 |     | +22 | -4  |     |        |
Adaman Guard     |     | +35 |     | +24 |     |     |        |
Terra Cuirass    |     | +34 |     | +21 |     |     |        | Ea +2
Shazarant        |     | +33 |     | +25 |     |     |        |
Three Quarters   |     | +32 | +6  | +38 |     |     |        |
Flare Scale      |     | +32 |     | +22 |     |     |        | Fi +2
Silver Plate     |     | +32 |     | +19 | -4  |     |        |
Silk Robes       |     | +31 |     | +27 |     |     |        |
Wind Tabard      |     | +30 |     | +23 |     |     |        | Wi +2
Silver Guard     |     | +30 |     | +20 |     |     |        |
General Guard    |     | +30 |     | +18 | -3  |     |        |
Aqua Glocke      |     | +29 |     | +24 |     |     |        | Wa +2
Brigandine       |     | +29 |     | +21 |     |     |        |
Linen Cuirass    |     | +28 |     | +21 |     |     |        |
Magus Garb       |     | +27 |     | +20 |     |     |        |
Metal Plate      |     | +27 |     | +16 | -3  |     |        |
Wisdom Cloak     |     | +26 |     | +23 |     |     |        |
Surcoat          |     | +24 |     | +18 |     |     |        |
Composite Plate  |     | +24 |     | +14 | -3  |     |        |
Velvet Robes     |     | +22 |     | +19 |     |     |        |
Banded Mail      |     | +22 |     | +15 |     |     |        |
Velvet Cloak     |     | +21 |     | +16 |     |     |        |
Hopeland         |     | +20 |     | +17 |     |     |        |
Steel Plate      |     | +20 |     | +12 | -2  |     |        |
Chain Mail       |     | +19 |     | +13 |     |     |        |
Stud Leather     |     | +18 |     | +14 |     |     |        |
Coder Robes      |     | +17 |     | +15 |     |     |        |
Iron Plate       |     | +17 |     | +10 | -2  |     |        |
Iron Guard       |     | +16 |     | +11 |     |     |        |
Battle vest      |     | +15 |     | +11 |     |     |        |
Cotton Robes     |     | +14 |     | +12 |     |     |        |
Bronze Plate     |     | +13 |     | +7  | -1  |     |        |
Bronze Guard     |     | +12 |     | +8  |     |     |        |
Buff Coat        |     | +11 |     | +9  |     |     |        |
Cloak            |     | +10 |     | +10 |     |     |        |
Hard Leather     |     | +10 |     | +5  |     |     |        |
Soft Leather     |     | +9  |     | +6  |     |     |        |
Hide Armor       |     | +8  |     | +7  |     |     |        |
Coder Robe       |     | +7  |     | +8  |     |     |        |
Robes            |     | +7  |     | +8  |     |     |        |

Lower Body Name  | ATK | DEF | MAG | RES | SPD | LUK | Resist | Other
Endura Boots     |     | +9  |     |     | +29 |     |        |
Titan Boots      |     | +8  |     |     | +24 |     |        |
Divine Leggings  |     | +7  |     |     | +22 |     |        |
Army Boots       |     | +6  |     |     | +20 |     |        |
Adaman Boots     |     | +5  |     |     | +17 |     |        |
Silver Boots     |     | +5  |     |     | +15 |     |        |
Army Leggings    |     | +4  |     | +4  | +16 |     |        |
Diamant Royals   |     | +4  |     | +4  | +16 |     |        |
Magus Shoes      |     | +4  |     | +3  | +17 |     |        |
Metal Boots      |     | +4  |     |     | +13 |     |        |
Battle Boots     |     | +4  |     |     | +11 |     |        |
Steel Boots      |     | +3  |     |     | +9  |     |        |
Elemental Soles  |     | +2  |     | +2  | +16 |     |        | Fi/Wa/Wi/Ea +1
Iron Boots       |     | +2  |     |     | +8  |     |        |
Bronze Boots     |     | +2  |     |     | +6  |     |        |
Leather Boots    |     | +2  |     |     | +5  |     |        |
Climb Over       |     |     |     | +9  | +36 |     |        |
Hermes Shoes     |     |     |     | +8  | +30 |     |        |
Divine Boots     |     |     |     | +7  | +28 |     |        |
Army Shoes       |     |     |     | +6  | +25 |     |        |
Winter Boots     |     |     |     | +5  | +21 |     |        |
Desert Boots     |     |     |     | +5  | +18 |     |        |
Flanking Shoes   |     |     |     | +4  | +17 |     |        | Followup AF
Nobility Shoes   |     |     |     | +4  | +16 |     |        |
Spiked Leggings  | +5  |     |     | +3  | +14 |     |        |
Light Shoes      |     |     |     | +3  | +14 |     |        |
Hardened Shoes   |     |     |     | +3  | +12 |     |        |
Battle Shoes     |     |     |     | +2  | +10 |     |        |
Rogue Shoes      |     |     |     | +2  | +9  |     |        | Flee chance up
Cotton Shoes     |     |     |     | +2  | +8  |     |        |
Leather Shoes    |     |     |     | +2  | +6  |     |        |

Other Name       | ATK | DEF | MAG | RES | SPD | LUK | Resist | Other
Vitality Ring    |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | HP +100
Strength Ring    |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | HP +500
Hercules Ring    |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | HP +1000
Iron Dumbbells   | -20 | -20 |     |     | -20 |     |        | HP +2000
Power Ring       | +3  | -3  |     |     |     |     |        |
Skasaha Ring     | +7  | -7  |     |     |     |     |        |
Odin Ring        | +12 | -12 |     |     |     |     |        |
Ray Ring         |     |     | +3  | -3  |     |     |        |
Coder Ring       |     |     | +7  | -7  |     |     |        |
Morrigan Ring    |     |     | +12 | -12 |     |     |        |
Speed Ring       |     |     |     |     | +2  |     |        |
Runner Ring      |     |     |     |     | +5  |     |        |
Epona Ring       |     |     |     |     | +10 |     |        |
Coat             |     | +5  |     |     |     |     |        |
Legion Coat      |     | +7  |     |     |     |     |        |
Divine Coat      |     | +12 |     |     |     |     |        |
Cape             |     |     |     | +5  |     |     |        |
Coder Cape       |     |     |     | +7  |     |     |        |
Divine Cape      |     |     |     | +12 |     |     |        |
Chimera Cape     |     | +4  |     | +8  |     |     |        | Fi/Wa/Wi/Ea +2
Horn of Wit      |     |     | +8  | +8  |     |     |        | BlockMagicalAF
Scholar Glasses  |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | Observation AF
Scarlet Trinket  |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | Increase WPs
Feldragon Scale  |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | Nag. Curse AF
Dried Sunflower  |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | Treas. Hunt AF
Ex Machina       |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | More XPs AF
King's Purse     |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | More Rico AF
Lucky Tokens     |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | LUK50
Night Queen      |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | Blitz effect
Blessed Scarf    |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | Bless effect
Protector Horn   |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | Neg. phys dmg
Quad Force       |     |     |     |     |     |     |        | Regeneration
Chain of Guilt   | +10 |     | +10 |     |     |     | All    |
Trinity          |     | +10 |     | +10 |     |     | Stat   |
Brithingamen     |     |     |     |     |     |     | All+   | Di/Wa/Wi/Ea +4
Fire Amulet      |     |     |     |     |     |     | Confsn | Fi+2, Wa-2
Water Amulet     |     |     |     |     |     |     | Poison | Fi-2, Wa+2
Wind Amulet      |     |     |     |     |     |     | Silnce | Wi+2, Ea-2
Earth Amulet     |     |     |     |     |     |     | Ptrify | Wi-2, Ea+2
Ice Amulet       |     |     |     |     |     |     | Immble | Wa/Ea +2
Thunder Amulet   |     |     |     |     |     |     | Parlys | Wa/Wi +2
Light Amulet     |     |     |     |     |     |     | Sick   | Fi/Wi +2
Dark Amulet      |     |     |     |     |     |     | Sleep  | Fi/Ea +2
Inferno Amulet   |     |     |     |     |     |     | Confsn | Fi+4, Wa-4
Flood Amulet     |     |     |     |     |     |     | Poison | Fi-4, Wa+4
Gale Amulet      |     |     |     |     |     |     | Silnce | Wi+4, Ea-4
Terra Amulet     |     |     |     |     |     |     | Ptrify | Wi-4, Ea+4
Ruby             |     |     |     |     |     |     | Confsn+| Fi+8
Aquamarine       |     |     |     |     |     |     | Poison+| Wa+8
Emerald          |     |     |     |     |     |     | Silnce+| Wi+8
Topaz            |     |     |     |     |     |     | Ptrify+| Ea+8
Diamond          |     |     |     |     |     |     | Immble+| Wa/Ea +4
Amethyst         |     |     |     |     |     |     | Parlys+| Wa/Wi +4
Moonstone        |     |     |     |     |     |     | Sick+  | Fi/Wi +4
Obsidian         |     |     |     |     |     |     | Sleep+ | Fi/Ea +4

V.    Mini-guide on Magic                                               [zedd]

Initial DP Totals:    L'Arc  Ryfia  Alf  Niko  Serge  Cecille  Rastan  Leslie
                       240    276   252   228   288     264      228     252

  MP Lvl 1 |  MP Lvl 2 |  MP Lvl 3 |  MP Lvl 4 |   Slots   | Magic Upgrades
    100/2  |   200/4   |   400/6   |   800/8   |   400/2   |    5000/4
    300/6  |   600/10  |  1200/14  |  2400/19  |  2000/10  |   30000/20
    800/12 |  1600/18  |  3200/25  |  6400/33  |  8400/28  |   15500/84
   1800/20 |  3600/28  |  7200/38  | 14400/50  | 34000/60  |
   3500/30 |  7000/40  | 14000/54  | 28000/70  |136400/110 |
   6100/42 | 12200/55  | 24400/72  | 48800/93  |
   9800/56 | 19600/72  | 39200/93  | 78400/119
  14800/72 | 29600/91  | 59200/116 |118400/148
  21300/90 | 42600/112 | 85200/142 |170400/180

 Example on how to use the above information:
   Suppose you want Alf to have access to 4 orb slots, the maximum amount of
   9 Lvl 4 MP and are wondering what else you can get.

         252         -          60           -     180      =       12
   Alf's initial DP     DP cost for 4 slots     9 Lvl 4 MP     Remaining DP

   So you can either get 3 Lvl 1 MP, or 2 Lvl 2 MP & 1 Lvl 1 MP, or even
   upgrade three different spell types for one star each with those 12 DP.
   The reason for splitting the MP up in groups of three is that using an
   All Quick item to restore MP restores 3 MP for all level types.

 Element| Lvl 1 | Lvl 2 |   Lvl 3   |  Lvl 4       Combination Magic:
  Fire  | Fire  | Flame | Firestorm | Inferno      Ice         = Water + Earth
  Water | Water | Rain  |   River   |  Flood       Lightning   = Water + Wind
  Wind  | Wind  | Storm | Whirlwind |   Gale       Light       = Fire + Wind
  Earth | Earth | Stone |    Rock   |  Terra       Dark        = Fire + Earth
 An explanation on gaining magic:
   Let's pick Fire magic as an example.  For access to Lvl 3 Fire magic:
         1) Equip 1 Firestorm Gem (or 1 Inferno Gem) to a slot
      OR 2) Equip 2 Flame Gems on two different, adjoining slots
      OR 3) Equip 3 Fire Gems on three different, adjoining slots
   Having access to Lvl 3 Fire spells also gives you access to Lvl 1 and Lvl 2
   Fire spells.  The same holds true for the other basic elements.

      *Note that Lvl 4 magic CAN NOT be gained by using 4 Lvl 1 gems.
       You'll need to use 3 Lvl 2 gems, 2 Lvl 3 gems or 1 Lvl 4 gem.

 An explanation on gaining COMBINED magic:
   Let's pick Ice magic as an example.  For access to Lvl 3 Ice magic:
         1) Equip 1 River Gem *AND* 1 Rock Gem on two adjoining slots
   That's the ONLY combination you can use, and just as before, this gives
   you access to both Lvl 1 and Lvl 2 Ice spells.  Thus, for combined magic,
   the gem levels used must be the same level.  If a Flood Gem is equipped
   next to a Stone Gem, you'll have zero access to any ice magic.  The same
   principles hold for the other three combination magic types.

      *There's a caveat to spell resonance and repulsion.  If you have three
       slots and equip a Firestorm Gem, Whirlwind Gem and Rock Gem to those
       three slots (in any order), you'll have access to Lvl 3 Light spells,
       Lvl 3 Dark spells, Lvl 3 Fire spells, but only Lvl 2 Wind and Earth
       spells.  It seems resonance is given priority over repulsion.  Placing
       an empty slot between the Whirlwind and Rock Gems will restore your use
       of Lvl 3 magic for both Wind and Earth since it breaks the repulsion.

                      ~ F I R E     M A G I C ~
Lvl|  Basic Spell   | Effect     | Hit | AP |   Supreme Spell    |   Effect
 1 | Blaze          | Damage     |  1  |  2 | Flame Detonator    | Damage+
 1 | Fire Shell     | Fi+        |  1  |  2 | Flame Curtain      | Duration+
 2 | Fireball       | Damage     |  1  |  4 | Fiery Vortex       | +Confusion
 2 | Mighty Charge  | ATK+       |  1  |  3 | Overload           | Duration+
 3 | Burning Drive  | Damage     |  1  |  5 | Ignition           | +Stun
 3 | Life Force     | HP+        |  1  |  4 | Above and Beyond   | +Heal HP
 4 | Inferno        | Damage     |  1  |  6 | Volcanic Beat      | +Wa-
 4 | Reflection     | Rflct. dmg |  1  |  5 | Pain Reflection    | Duration+

                     ~ W A T E R     M A G I C ~
Lvl|  Basic Spell   | Effect     | Hit | AP |   Supreme Spell    |   Effect
 1 | Heal           | Heal HP    |  1  |  2 | Healing Tears      | Clr Status
 1 | Water Shell    | Wa+        |  1  |  2 | Bubble Curtain     | Duration+
 2 | Spread Wave    | Damage     |  1  |  3 | Rainy Arrows       | +Poison
 2 | Cure Status    | Clr Status |  1  |  3 | Cure Condition     | +Heal HP
 3 | Healing Stream | Heal HP    | AoE |  5 | Healing Rain       | Clr Status
 3 | Liquid Howl    | Damage     | AoE |  5 | Tidal Wave         | +ATK-
 4 | Full Care      | Full HP    |  1  |  5 | Great Blue         | Clr Status
 4 | Aqua Squall    | Damage     |  1  |  5 | Wavy Sphere        | +Fi-

                      ~ W I N D     M A G I C ~
Lvl|  Basic Spell   | Effect     | Hit | AP |   Supreme Spell    |   Effect
 1 | Wind Slicer    | Damage     | AoE |  2 | Aero Twister       | Damage+
 1 | Wind Shell     | Wi+        |  1  |  2 | Silver Curtain     | Duration+
 2 | Storm          | Damage     | AoE |  4 | Whirlwind          | +Silence
 2 | Booster        | SPD+       | AoE |  3 | Speed Boost        | Duration+
 3 | Slash Gale     | Damage     | AoE |  5 | Turbulence         | +DEF-
 3 | Raising Wind   | Heal KO    |  1  |  3 | Raise Spirit       | +Regen
 4 | Cyclone        | Damage     | ALL |  7 | Tempest            | +Ea-
 4 | Acceleration   | Blitz      |  1  |  5 | Ward of Quickening | Duration+

                     ~ E A R T H     M A G I C ~
Lvl|  Basic Spell   | Effect     | Hit | AP |   Supreme Spell    |   Effect
 1 | Sunder Earth   | Damage     |  1  |  2 | Earth Spear        | Damage+
 1 | Earth Shell    | Ea+        |  1  |  2 | Sand Curtain       | Duration+
 2 | Earthen Grave  | Damage     |  1  |  3 | Earthen Trap       | +Petrify
 2 | Stone Wall     | DEF+       |  1  |  3 | Endurance          | Duration+
 3 | Grand Break    | Damage     | AoE |  5 | Earthen Destruction| +SPD-
 3 | Revival        | Bless      |  1  |  6 | Reincarnation      | Duration+
 4 | Gaea Prison    | Damage     | AoE |  6 | Gaea Grid          | +Wi-
 4 | Protective Wall| Stop All   |  1  |  5 | Flawless Protection| +DEF+, RES+

                       ~ I C E     M A G I C ~
Lvl|  Basic Spell   | Effect     | Hit | AP |   Supreme Spell    |   Effect
 1 | Icicle         | Damage     | AoE |  3 | Icicle Rain        | Damage+
 2 | Icy Edge       | Damage     |  1  |  4 | Icy Coffin         | +Immobile
 3 | Force Shield   | No Physical|  1  |  7 | Fortress           | Duration+
 4 | Frostlock      | Damage     | AoE |  7 | Freezing Cage      | +MAG-

                 ~ L I G H T N I N G     M A G I C ~
Lvl|  Basic Spell   | Effect     | Hit | AP |   Supreme Spell    |   Effect
 1 | Thunderbolt    | Damage     |  1  |  3 | Electrocution      | +Stun
 2 | Lightning      | Damage     |  1  |  4 | Blast Impact       | +Stun
 3 | Flash Ride     | MAG+ & RES+|  1  |  5 | Overdrive          | Duration+
 4 | Judgment       | Damage     | AoE |  6 | Thor Hammer        | +Paralyze

                     ~ L I G H T     M A G I C ~
Lvl|  Basic Spell   | Effect     | Hit | AP |   Supreme Spell    |   Effect
 1 | Shining Light  | Damage     |  1  |  3 | Shining Bullet     | +Stun
 2 | Regeneration   | Heal&Regen |  1  |  4 | Holy Blessing      | Duration+
 3 | Banishing Ray  | Damage     | AoE |  6 | Shooting Ray       | +Sick
 4 | Raising Call   | Fullheal KO|  1  |  4 | Spirit Call        | +Bless

                      ~ D A R K     M A G I C ~
Lvl|  Basic Spell   | Effect     | Hit | AP |   Supreme Spell    |   Effect
 1 | Nightmare      | Sleep      | AoE |  3 | Hypnotic Wave      | Damage+
 2 | Dispel Magic   | Clr Status | AoE |  5 | Magical Disjunction| Damage+
 3 | Magic Shell    | No Magical |  1  |  7 | Anti-Magic Field   | Duration+
 4 | Chaos Bind     | Damage     | ALL |  8 | Void Infinity      | +RES-

VI.   Excel Acts                                                 [hummingbird]

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Heavy Crush      |  7  | 25 |  3 |
Accelerate       |  11 | 30 |  3 | ATK bonus on self
Earth Drive      |  18 | 40 |  5 | Earth damage Area-of-Effect, reduces Speed
Gae Bolg         |  26 | 50 |  6 |
Ignis Beat       |  38 | 75 |  7 | Fire damage Area-of-Effect
Eesa Factor      |  48 | 70 |  6 | Bless effect on self
Buster Lore      |  58 |100 |  9 | Light damage to all

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Oracle's Healing |  7  | 25 |  3 | Minor heal, cannot target self
Radiant Song     |  14 | 35 |  4 | Light damage, stun effect
Floral Coat      |  20 | 45 |  5 | Area-of-Effect DEF & RES bonus
Aqua Spiral      |  29 | 50 |  5 | Water damage Area-of-Effect
Revive Ray       |  39 | 60 |  6 | Area-of-Effect heal
Ryfia's Magic    |  49 | 75 |  7 | DEF- effect
Healing Song     |  59 |100 |  8 | Full heal for all, adds DEF+ and RES+

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Grand Rage       |  7  | 25 |  3 |
Multisphere      |  13 | 40 |  4 | ATF & DEF bonus to self
Cerulean Slam    |  -  | 60 |  5 | Reduces DEF & RES

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Dark Blade       |  -  | 25 |  3 | Dark dmg, clears Blow Special Defense
Jasper Wall      |  -  | 35 |  4 | Special Defense on self
Thunder Roll     |  -  | 50 |  4 | Lightning damage, stun effect
Ray of Light     |  32 | 65 |  5 | Recovers for one incapacitated ally
Frost Fang       |  41 | 75 |  7 | Ice damage Area-of-Effect, MAG- effect
Invulnerability  |  47 | 80 |  5 | Stop all effect, cannot target self
Flower of Light  |  55 |100 |  8 | Light damage

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Brutal Cannon    |  -  | 25 |  3 |
Showtime!        |  17 | 40 |  4 | Fully heals own HP
Niko Cannon      |  25 | 60 |  5 | Fire damage Area-of-Effect
Trickster        |  33 | 80 |  6 | Area-of-Effect target

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Cecille Punch!   |  -  | 25 |  3 | 
Cecille Boost!   |  -  | 35 |  3 | ATK & SPD bonus to self
Flashy Spear!    |  -  | 40 |  5 | Area-of-Effect target
Astral Wall      |  28 | 50 |  6 | Area-of-Effect elemental resistances
Up and Away!     |  35 | 60 |  6 | Lightning damage, paralyze effect
Here I Come!     |  44 | 70 |  7 | ATK+, MAG+, DEF-, RES- on self
Light and Dark!  |  54 |100 |  8 | Light and dark damage Area-of-Effect

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Flaming Throw    |  -  | 25 |  3 | Fire damage, reduces Water resistance
Feel the Love    |  -  | 30 |  3 | Removes Status Effects, cannot target self
Assault Bash     |  17 | 40 |  5 | Area-of-Effect target
Aqua Blade       |  34 | 50 |  4 | Water damage, reduces Fire resistance
Earthen Crush    |  42 | 75 |  7 | Earth damage Area-of-Effect, Wi- effect
Brave Halo       |  50 | 60 |  5 | Area-of-Effect ATK+, MAG+
Tornado Gear     |  57 |100 |  9 | Wind damage to all, reduce Earth resistance

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Energy Blast     |  -  | 35 |  3 | 
Concentration    |  16 | 50 |  5 | Area-of-Effect bonus to all abilities
Freezing Ray     |  -  | 70 |  6 | Ice dmg Area-of-Effect, immobilize effect

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Brutal Cannon    |  -  | 25 |  3 | 
Healing Bullet   |  -  | 35 |  3 | Minor heal, cannot target self
Crescent Edge    |  -  | 40 |  4 | Straight line effect, clears status
Sonic Rage       |  -  | 55 |  5 | Lightning damage on last hit
Photon Line      |  45 | 70 |  5 | Light damage Area-of-Effect
Blitz Boost      |  51 | 75 |  5 | Area-of-Effect Blitz
Aerial Assault   |  56 |100 |  8 | Area-of-Effect target

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
High Accelerate  |  -  | 25 |  3 | ATK & MAG, Special Defense bonus to self
Sonic Blade      |  -  | 50 |  4 | Wind damage Area-of-Effect, reduce SPD
Volthorn         |  -  | 70 |  6 | Lightning Area-of-Effect, paralyze effect

Art              | Lvl | SP | AP | Description
Three Cries      |  -  | 25 |  3 | 
Doubly Dark      |  -  | 50 |  6 | Light & Dark AoE, confuse & paralyze effect

VII.  Guild Quests                                                     [kirby]

       Quest            |       Condition           | Reward
These Fowl Birds!       |Hunt: 10 Chick             |200R, Heal Liquid
Weeding Request         |Hunt: 15 Mad Plant         |500R, Cotton Robes
Out of Honey            |Collect: 10 Honey          |1500R, Speed Potion
Tastes Like Chicken     |Collect: 10 Fowl Meat      |2000R, Monster Bait
Those Fowl Birds!!!     |Hunt: 10 Beak              |1000R, Revive Bottle
Pest Control            |Hunt: 10 Scythe            |2000R, Reset All
Mushroom Hunting        |Collect: 5 Necromush       |
                        | & Collect: 5 Mansungi     |2000R, Insight Potion
Seeking Silk            |Collect: 10 Superb Cocoon  |6000R, Hardened Shoes
Monster Research        |Collect: 30 monster entries|3000R, Scholar Glasses
Cute Little Devils      |Hunt: 10 Kul-eeth          |3500R, Velvet Cloak
Revenge of the Bugs     |Hunt: 1 Death Scythe       |18000R
We're Being Watched     |Hunt: 10 Oak Eye           |3000R, 2-leaf Clover
Brawny Fiends           |Hunt: 10 Bear              |3500R, Metal Guard
A Special Kind of Stew  |Collect: 2 Chewy Squid     |
                        | & Collect: 2 Chewy Chicken|
                        | & Collect: 2 FragrantPetal|4000R, Strength Potion
In Search of an Antidote|Collect: 5 Plant Eyestalk  |
                        | & Collect: 5 CatrpllarHorn|7000R, Elixir
Feline Accessories      |Collect: 10 Paw-like Glove |18000R, Defense Potion
Courier Duty-1          | [Deliver to Benetnasch]   |5000R, Vitality Potion
Those Fowl Birds!!!!!   |Hunt: 1 Diana              |20000R
Undersea Assault        |Hunt: 1 Remora             |20000R, Earth Gem
Lovely and Lethal       |Hunt: 15 Assassin Cat      |7000R, Silver Plate
Afternoon Tea Party     |Collect: 5 Dolly Teaset    |15000R, Heroism Potion
Hopping in the Snow     |Hunt: 10 Snow Frog         |6000R, High Liquid
Local Produce           |Collect: 10 Wolf Liver     |2000R, Resist Potion
Vicious Little Devil    |Hunt: 1 Carbuncle          |20000R, Fire Gem
Den of Horrors          |Hunt: 1 Callisto           |55000R
Nightmare in the Ruins  |Hunt: 1 Thanatos           |55000R
Mysterious Ore          |Collect: 5 Rare Ore        |20000R, Monster Bane
It's so... Big!         |Collect: 1 Gigantic Horn   |55000R, Swordbreaker
Rich and Capricious     |Collect: 10 Bear Claw      |
                        | & Collect: 10 Wolf Fang   |
                        | & Collect: 5 Behemoth Horn|40000R, Phoenix Wing
Pooch Chow              | [Find & feed all dogs]    |111111R, Shield of Ajax
Armchair Pilgrim        | [Pray at all Moon Inns]   |20000R, Shield of Aegis
Planning a Concert-1    | [Benetnasch, CathedralRd] |5000R, Regen Wing
Planning a Concert-2    | [Batrach >Gauss >Batrach] |7500R, Revive Full
Planning a Concert-3    | [Diamant, Upper Zone]     |10000R, Blessed Scarf
Mysterious Request      | [Find Kopin Secret Villg] |10R
Archaic Relics-1        | [Explore Zeifellt tower]  |20000R
Archaic Relics-2        | [Explore Antrax           |
                        |   Olquina Sub-shrine, B3] |30000R
Wanted-Fugitives        | [Follow clues from Gauss] |10000R, Roc's Wing
A Supicious Gathering   | [Go to Gula Church]       |15000R, Speed Leaf
We Challenge You!       | [Go to Resolvent Iceberg] |20000R, Night Queen
Find the Bandits        | [Explore Mandelro Coast]  |30000R, Lucky Tokens
Courier Duty-2          | [Diamant >Batrach. >Ebur] |7500R, Hercules Ring
Courier Duty-3          | [Opalus > Ferris > Opalus]|10000R, Vitality Leaf
Courier Duty-4          | [Topazion > Diamant Port  |
                        |   > Topazion > Antrax Port|
                        |   > Topazion > Carbn. Port|
                        |   > Topazion              |15000R, Iron Dumbbells
City Maids-Part 1       | [Maids at Diamant]        |20000R, Specialty L
City Maids-Part 2       | [Maids at Carbunculus]    |50000R, All Charge
Grim Reaper             |Collect: 1 Reaper's Staff  |60000R, Mistilteinn

Specific Guild Quest notes

Pooch Chow dog locations
   (2) Topazion: Wise-looking dog, Aggressive dog
   (5) Jada, Mercantile Zone: Adorable dog
             Military Zone: Full dog, Starving dog, Old dog, Accompanying dog
   (1) Diamant, Port Zone: Bored dog
   (2) Carbunculus, Artist's Zone: Loved dog
                    Opera Boulevard: Loyal dog
   (4) Batrachites, Garden Street: Docile dog
                    Abandoned base: Flustered dog, Prowling dog, Calm dog
   (1) Opalus, Snowy Stones: Big brother's dog

Planning a Concert-2
   Courageous boy is in Gauss Tunnel's Cage of Fangs, on the right side.

Planning a Conert-3
   1st daughter is hiding near the Tailor
   2nd daughter is hiding on the stairs coming down from Zamuel's
   3rd daughter is hiding by the tree outside of Zamuel's
   After finding all three daughters, head back to listen to the song.

Mysterious Request
   Speak to the Troubled courier at Batrachites, Garden Street.
   Go to Opalus, Local School, and approach the boxes on the left side.
        Gain FLEXIBLE ROD.
   Go to Antrax, Residentials, going to where Mil. Facilites used to be.
        Get directed to Retea Forest, message about "Happiness in numbers."
   Go to Retea Forest, Deep Forest.  Check the right side of the screen.
        Enter Kopin Secret Village.
   >> Gain access to using Ray crystals @ Olquina Sub-shrine and Ellgode

   Go to Gauss Tunnel, Path of Opening.  Gain OLD NOTE 1.
   Go to Ellgode Volcano, Blazing Bridge's lower path.  Gain OLD NOTE 2.
   Go to Soliton Caves, lower right path of Flourite Path.  Quest complete.

We Challenge You!
   Go to Resolvent Iceberg, gain SECRET NOTE.  Go to Permafrost Wall, formerly
   the screen with no name, and approach the back wall.
   Go to Ebur and approach the well.
   Go to Ferris, approach the right wall.  Quest complete.

Find the Bandits
   "An old man" is at the top of the long flight of stairs at the Port Zone.
   Head to Villain's Roost and take every dead end path.  In order, you should
   find REVIVE FULL, then WOLVES AT NIGHT!, followed by SECRET GARDEN.
   You should be going toward the Hidden Docks screen, finding CASINO TOKENS
   at the end.  Let the storyline play out and this will end.

City Maids-Part 1 Diamant maid locations
   Fountain Square:   Nice girl
   Industrial Zone:   Maid on errands
   Upper Zone:        Hard worker       Older maid

City Maids-Part 2 Carbunculus maid locations
   Circular Park:    Hasty maid         Lively woman
   Artist's Zone:    Charitable woman
   City Port:        Hesitating maid    Shopping maid
   Industrial Area:  Sensitive maid     Protective maid
   Opera Boulevard:  Spiritless maid

VIII. Carbunculus Arena                                               [blargh]

Stalwart Soldiers           Entry Fee: 1000R
 Initial Reward: 2000R, Shield of Aegis
 Special Condition: Sick status inflicted on party
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Republic Soldier        |  389   |  21 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Zealot Watch (A)        |  466   |  23 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Zealot Watch (B)        |  547   |  23 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Imperial Amazon         |  504   |  25 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Imperial Soldier        |  672   |  25 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0

Unholy Undead               Entry Fee: 2000R
 Initial Reward: 3500R, Cat Paws
 Special Condition: Paralysis status inflicted on party
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Bone Knight             |  334   |  18 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   |    0
Slave Wight             |  548   |  18 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   |    0
Bogey                   |  381   |  22 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   |    0
Lich                    |  910   |  23 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   |    0
Visc Doll               |  416   |  23 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   |    0
Banshee                 |  589   |  27 |  - |  - |    |  + |   0   |    0

Menacing Menagerie          Entry Fee: 3500R
 Initial Reward: 5000R, The Detective
 Special Condition: Poison status inflicted on party
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Lykos                   |  514   |  24 |  - |    |  - |    |   0   |    0
Crimson Scythe          |  994   |  24 |  + |    |    |  - |   0   |    0
Forest Beak             |  1380  |  23 |    |  + |    |  - |   0   |    0
Forest Chick            |  543   |  26 |    |  + |    |  - |   0   |    0
Grapplecat              |  873   |  28 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Cat-sidhe               |  2963  |  46 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Snow Frog               |  954   |  34 |  - |  - |  + |  + |   0   |    0
Y-Verr                  |  1263  |  33 |    |  + |    |  - |   0   |    0
Snow Vulture            |  1075  |  33 |  - |  - |  + |  + |   0   |    0
Flame Frog              |  2328  |  48 |  + |    |  - |    |   0   |    0
Desert Frog             |  1978  |  45 |  - |    |  + |    |   0   |    0
Bird of Hell            |  2664  |  47 |    |  - |    |  + |   0   |    0
Catfish                 |  3086  |  50 |  - |  - |  + |  + |   0   |    0
Desert Fish             |  2363  |  45 |  - |    |  + |    |   0   |    0
Samiad                  |  2804  |  45 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0

Grueling Grudge             Entry Fee: 5000R
 Initial Reward: 7500R, Whirlwind Gem
 Special Condition: MAG-, DEF-, RES- and SPD- conditions inflicted on party
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Imperial Guard (M)      |  3191  |  47 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Imperial Guard (F)      |  2404  |  47 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Republic Capt.          |  2932  |  49 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Zealot Paladin (M)      |  4049  |  52 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Zealot Paladin (F)      |  3447  |  52 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0

Rallied Rogues              Entry Fee: 7500R
 Initial Reward: 12500R, Ex Machina
 Special Condition: Magic command greyed out
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Burglar                 |  3239  |  53 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Septem                  |  4634  |  58 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Green Sauroid           |  4746  |  54 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Dos                     |  3567  |  55 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Nihil                   |  4098  |  58 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Tres                    |  4032  |  55 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0

Creaking Contraptions       Entry Fee: 12500R
 Initial Reward: 20000R, Misericordia
 Special Condition: Attack command greyed out
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Imaginal Sabre          |  2392  |  51 |    |  - |  - |    |   0   |    0
Lascarde Sabre          |  3080  |  52 |    |  - |  - |    |   0   |    0
Lascardes               |  7278  |  53 |    |  - |  - |    |   0   |    0
Real Sabre              |  3470  |  54 |    |  - |  - |    |   0   |    0
Verct Sabre             |  3640  |  55 |    |  - |  - |    |   0   |    0
Vercts                  |  8596  |  56 |    |  - |  - |    |   0   |    0

Friends Forsaken            Entry Fee: 50000R
 Initial Reward: 75000R, Trinity
 Special Condition: Battle against the last three members in your party lineup
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
L'Arc                   | 104745 |  65 |  + |  + |  + |  + |   0   |    0
Ryfia                   |  84745 |  65 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Serge                   |  87745 |  65 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Cecille                 |  94745 |  65 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Rastan                  | 104745 |  65 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Leslie                  |  94745 |  65 |    |    |    |    |   0   |    0

Radiant Rondo               Entry Fee: 75000R
 Initial Reward: 125000R, Shining Rod
 Special Condition: Cameo battle from Luminous Arc
Enemy name              |   HP   | Lvl | Fi | Wi | Wa | Ea |  EXP  |  Rico
Lucia                   | 134745 |  75 |  + |  + |    |    |   0   |    0
Vanessa                 | 289490 |  75 |  + |    |    |    |   0   |    0
Saki                    | 154745 |  75 |    |    |  + |  + |   0   |    0

XI.   History                                                       [ladislaw]

July 23, 2010 - Picked up game, got through first town and populating format.
          Notes caught up for the day, as well.  Thankfully finished DQIX's
          main quest today to be able to start this, yay ^.^
     Random statistics: Pages(6)              Characters(6495)
                        Words(1247)           Bytes:(8697)
July 24, 2010 - Beat up the first boss... twice.  Low story progress.
     Random statistics: Pages(8)              Characters(11182)
                        Words(2368)           Bytes:(15421)
July 25, 2010 - Game up to Kopin Village, trying to get FAQ up through there.
          Considering maybe dropping the drop lists.  Written up to Diamant's
          entrance.  Added Quest section in lieu of drop lists.
     Random statistics: Pages(12)             Characters(17583)
                        Words(3898)           Bytes:(24587)
July 26, 2010 - Didn't play a whole lot; just mapped out most of Nabra Jungle.
          Doing lots of catch up with yesterday's notes and almost got to
          today's.  Filled in most of the secret weapon skills I have, but
          forgot to document the regular weapon arm unlocks.
     Random statistics: Pages(15)             Characters(24755)
                        Words(5676)           Bytes:(34642)
July 27, 2010 - Working on intro.  Added detachable Arm Force shapes and the
          missing equip data I forgot about.  More quests added.  Considering
          Excel Acts list and Magic section.  Caught up to accessing Shrine.
     Random statistics: Pages(23)             Characters(38686)
                        Words(9184)           Bytes:(56242)
July 28, 2010 - Game through Carbunculus, guide just starting Oceansong area.
          Filled in more quests and added Excel Acts section and data.  More
          equips and slowly adding in search anchors.
     Random statistics: Pages(27)             Characters(46256)
                        Words(11139)          Bytes:(68349)
July 29, 2010 - Whoops, skipped Vifrons strat and now added; ran spellcheck.
          Played through leaving Benetnasch, guide written up to *reaching*
          Benetnasch.  Attempting to submit guide for the first time so
          something can at least be up over the weekend.  Adding anchors.
     Random statistics: Pages(36)             Characters(64123)
                        Words(15468)          Bytes:(94997)
July 30, 2010 - Yay, it's posted.  Not much storyline progress since I spent
          most of the day unlocking weapon secrets.  Caught up with notes.
     Random statistics: Pages(39)             Characters(71141)
                        Words(17089)          Bytes:(104391)
July 31, 2010 - Distracted by the IRL event.  Up to failing Ebur.
     Random statistics: Pages(42)             Characters(76295)
                        Words(18533)          Bytes:(114063)
August 1, 2010 - Grr at Chimera's Big Sin.  Didn't even try the next boss
          yet, but the data's up in case someone needs it.  More anchors.
     Random statistics: Pages(48)             Characters(86899)
                        Words(21211)          Bytes:(129511)
August 3, 2010 - Took a needed break yesterday, but pretty much broke down the
          beginning AI tactics for the beach battle today.  Beyond the Dragon
          Prison and now wandering around Ebur.
     Random statistics: Pages(52)             Characters(94911)
                        Words(23014)          Bytes:(140746)
August 4, 2010 - Flew around on the Lightship.  Starting Rogress hunt with a
          potential branching storyline.
     Random statistics: Pages(59)             Characters(108169)
                        Words(26290)          Bytes:(161725)
August 5, 2010 - Got three of the four branching storylines and documented the
          events beyond that point, where they all converge again.
     Random statistics: Pages(66)             Characters(121580)
                        Words(29565)          Bytes:(180800)
August 6, 2010 - Oops, typo on the location, but finished Ellgode Volcano.
     Random statistics: Pages(68)             Characters(125554)
                        Words(30477)          Bytes:(186179)
August 7, 2010 - Branching paths again, but hey, it's already documented.
     Random statistics: Pages(69)             Characters(128487)
                        Words(31211)          Bytes:(190374)
August 8, 2010 - Beginning fights after lots of story events.  I almost miss
          the regular battles; off to save Angie, I hope.
     Random statistics: Pages(74)             Characters(139228)
                        Words(33669)          Bytes:(204667)
August 9, 2010 - Saved her and at Diamant.
     Random statistics: Pages(76)             Characters(143576)
                        Words(34636)          Bytes:(210493)
August 10, 2010 - Up to Niko and the Resistance, written through Zeifellt.
     Random statistics: Pages(81)             Characters(153311)
                        Words(36850)          Bytes:(223630)
August 11, 2010 - Through Soliton Caves.
     Random statistics: Pages(86)             Characters(162842)
                        Words(39097)          Bytes:(237451)
August 12, 2010 - Game through Lascarde Skywalk, on to save a certain member.
     Random statistics: Pages(92)             Characters(175083)
                        Words(42052)          Bytes:(255253)
August 15, 2010 - Guild quest progress, rewrote Ignacy tactics.
     Random statistics: Pages(96)             Characters(182312)
                        Words(43630)          Bytes:(265515)
August 16, 2010 - More guilds.  Planning for Arena section.
     Random statistics: Pages(99)             Characters(187676)
                        Words(44805)          Bytes:(273588)
August 17, 2010 - Two optional Rogress gained.  Started Verct.
     Random statistics: Pages(103)            Characters(194202)
                        Words(46463)          Bytes:(283054)
August 18, 2010 - One boss done, another two boss data gathered.
     Random statistics: Pages(104)            Characters(197005)
                        Words(47081)          Bytes:(286777)
August 19, 2010 - Everything suggests this is the final story dungeon.
     Random statistics: Pages(106)            Characters(201859)
                        Words(48245)          Bytes:(293396)
August 21, 2010 - Yay, beat game.  Final clear time: 93:52:59.  Hodge podge of
          postgame related stuff.
     Random statistics: Pages(110)            Characters(209581)
                        Words(50123)          Bytes:(304050)
August 22, 2010 - Lost all motivation.  Thanks, topic #56071482 </3
          Oh look, a new section.  Sorta reading through parts now.
     Random statistics: Pages(112)            Characters(211625)
                        Words(50798)          Bytes:(308090)
August 24, 2010 - More postgame data gathering.
     Random statistics: Pages(115)            Characters(217089)
                        Words(52065)          Bytes:(315693)
August 26, 2010 - Same, with some Arena data added, too.
     Random statistics: Pages(117)            Characters(221916)
                        Words(53296)          Bytes:(322814)
August 29, 2010 - Should be completely done with optional bosses.  Just need
          the optional dungeon and this should be done.
     Random statistics: Pages(121)            Characters(231437)
                        Words(55556)          Bytes:(336114)
August 30, 2010 - Optional dungeon complete.  Minor additions to go, now.
     Random statistics: Pages(125)            Characters(239712)
                        Words(57523)          Bytes:(347474)
August 31, 2010 - "Core" changed to "Cane" in weapons; not sure how long it's
          been like that.  Added magic section, filled in all the native arm
          forces on weapons, finished arena.  Submitting as complete.  Minor
          updates from here on out.
     Random statistics: Pages(131)            Characters(249260)
                        Words(60064)          Bytes:(362218)

X.    Copyright                                                      [birdman]

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