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Asked: 6 years ago

Howcome i can't get my guitar and drumset to work?

I've tried all day.. nothing.

i can get the wireless guitar and drum connected, but the problem is when i'm on the screen where you have to press + to activate the guitar and drum, i can't. it says soemthing like "connect guitar/drum to the wii" even though the guitar/drum are connected (i think), they still aren't functioning.

so there are a couple of possibilites to this problem..
either my guitar/drum aren't working, or something wrong with my wireless connection on the wii. i can't figure it out.

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Are they on? are the 2USB things plugged in? do they have batteries?

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I have had this problem before when i did it was because all my wii remotes where on so check that

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Either you don't have enough space for the instruments (as all the Wiimote turned on as wiigamer said) or you don't have the dongles for the guitars plugged in. As for the drumset, no clue.

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Are you talking about the rock band guitar and drum set if so just keep pressing the reconnect buttons on the connector and instrument if that doesn't work replug in the connector thingy

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I think the problem might be on the guitar is that it ran out of battery. You should change it. But I don't know about the drums that weird.

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The same thing happened to me, turn off the guitar unplug the usb plug it back in turn on the guitar and it should work.
Your drums just try unplugging and plugging until it works.

Hope it helped

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They need to be sync them to the wii

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You should test your calibration.
To test it, go to Options, Calibrate, and do as it says. It will tell you how much you are delayed, then it will have a scale saying when it reaches the side of the scale, hit.
How direct you hit will be how direct it will when you are playing from then on.

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And, if that doesn't work, try changing batteries.

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