Soma plus others selectable?

ok, can soma, arikado and even the forge master, as well As Jonathan, Charlotte and other non-mentioned guys, be playable?

ULTIMATEONAGA provided additional details:

Okay, i was also thinking like on smash bros, where for example with dracula i can pick an outfit and turn him into soma, same way as turn zelda into sheik, but i suppose is impossible.

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taiyouh_rock answered:

The only playable characters are the 14 that have already been announced.
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AkatsukiMinion answered:

You know Arikado is Alucard right? Otherwise all those characters are not playable.
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MangledMailMan answered:

I heard that there are two more beisdes tth 14 that have been kept secret but Im not sure about that. Why dont you just wait for a day (from when you posted this topic) to find out. Im sure that by 3 days after release we will know everything there is to know about this game.
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Raven_Shikumi answered:

No, they are not in the game.
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wonderfulkatie answered:

Currently no Soma. The characters available are

Alucard Farenheights Tepes
Simon Belmont
Trevor Belmont
Sypha Belnades
Grant Danasty
Maria Renard
Eric Lecarde
Dracula (Vlad Tepes)
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ocarinabr answered:

IGN said that we have some secret characters besides the 14 that have already been announced.
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