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Asked: 5 years ago

Vacation home?

I completed all 80 i points in island flyover, so where is the vacation home the promised me?!?

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From: HappySmile72 5 years ago

It's on the island called 'Private Island'. It even has an i point on it. When you fly near it before you get 80 i points , it'll say 'This wouldn't be a bad place for a vacation home'. After you get the 80 i points it'll say 'Good job (insert name here)' and there will be a house with your Mii's face on the flag. There might be people by it.

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You cannot enter it, but it's located the otherside of the island near the Temple and the Snake Mouth Cave, on a small Island, there's a i Point at the location, so just repass all the i Points on little islands. (Between Snake Mouth and Temple)!

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It's on the largest of the islands behind Wuhu Island - I believe that it is called Private Island.

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It's on the private island. Located on the other side of the island.

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Its on the "Private Island "
You can find it on the island flyer maps on the faqs page(scroll down to maps)

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