Question from Pigpen29

Asked: 4 years ago

Do you NEED two Wii Motion Plus' to play with two players?

I want to know casue i just got this game and it only comes with one wii motion plus things and i wanna know if i can play with my sister.

Accepted Answer

From: twoleftfeet106 4 years ago

Yes, for both of you to play simultaneously, you will need 2 WM+. However, until you get it, you can play some of the games together, like bowling, golf, and archery. But to play anything that can require 2 remotes at once, like swordplay, basketball, cycling, and dogfight skydiving, you will need the extra WM+.

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Submitted Answers


WM+ is required for each Wii-mote being used.

Games where each player takes separate turns, like bowling and golf, you can share with one Wii-mote. Head-to-head or team games will need two though, like swordplay and cycling.

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