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Secret Targets?.

Where are the secret targets in archery?

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smashbrosbar21 answered:

There is a secret target on every stage on every difficulty. They appear as food items (except the last stage on expert difficulty). As you progress through the four stages, the secret targets will appear in order as an orange, a watermelon, a cantaloupe, and a different one each time for the fourth stage. They are hard to get but at least you have three tries per stage.
On beginner:
1) The orange is to your right by the waterfall. 2) The watermelon is to your left on the ledge. 3) The cantaloupe is by a tree past the target (aim above the left pole of the target). 4) A cake is to your bottom right off the bridge.
On intermediate:
1) The orange is on the far end of the tennis courts. 2) The watermelon is to your top left on the bridge. 3) The cantaloupe is near the entrance to the church by the big tree. 4) A loaf of bread is to your top right on the cliff.
On expert:
1) The orange is to your right on the beach (you must be very accurate to get this one). 2) The watermelon is peeking over the hill slightly to your right. 3) The cantaloupe is on top of the ruins to your top left. 4) A timer is to your right slightly past the rock in the lava (make your arrow go just over the ledge to hit the timer).
That's all of them and it may take awhile to get used to the precise angles and everything but you'll eventually get it. Hope this helps!
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