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Why does the game keep telling me it's not reading the disc well?

i was trying to play bowling and it was loading and it wouldn't read! it did this with every other game besides table tennis and swordplay!!!! How would i fix it?? Do i need to get a lens cleaner? We've cleaned it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and water(not hard soft light water). Is it the wii or game?? Please
just tell me!! thanks!

hmelvin83 provided additional details:

I tried it all it started a new game and wouldn't read after that I need a wii cleaning kit right?

hmelvin83 provided additional details:

I have been putting the disc in the right way. I think its the wii actually. Is it? We got it in 2009 in December.
Would the lens in it need to be cleaned?

Accepted Answer

FireCharizard answered:

Well that happened to me, but I fixed it by:

1. Leaving it alone for a while
2. Wiping it gentilly
3. You might of put in the disc the wrong way.
4. Maybe you ejected it.
5. The battery might be low.

Do you have a crack? If so, go to the place where you bought the game. That's what I did when I bought my DS and they gave me another chip with my save data!

Good luck!
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kolona99 answered:

Probably you put your disc in the wrong way
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unsquadronmaste answered:

My Wii had a similar problem then its' laser unit died. I had to buy a new Wii and I decided to use my old, dead-laser Wii for VC games.

Get your Wii repaired by Nintendo for $60 before it's too late unlike me.
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