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Asked: 5 years ago

What is hapening when i get a pro status?

If i get a pro status in one of the games, is there then a change like in wii sport

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From: eli36397 5 years ago

The only real differences are purely aesthetic- you get a silver icon next to your name when starting a match, and in some sports, the equipment is a different color.

The opponents also get tougher, but they get progressively tougher anyways.

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I have not yet received pro status on this game, but I did receive it on the old one in bowling. As far as the old one went nothing happened, except you got a different design on your bowling ball. When playing opponents they are also tougher, but take a look at what item you are using in that sport or maybe your clothing to see if it changed.

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When u reach pro in swordplay duels u get different armor

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