Question from datchick925

Asked: 5 years ago

THE GAME WON'T PLAY ?? ( wii sports resort )

I just bought this game and i cant get it to work idk wat to do. the game starts then it says to dive to wuhu island then i press the a button and nothing happens ? i even took the game back thinking it was defective.

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From: imaxelkid444 5 years ago

point to the box it say "A" in and clik "A"

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Are you pointing at the box that has A in it?

If that doesn't work then I can't help you.

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Do you have wii motion plus?

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take it back to the store and demand a refund:D

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Buy the lens cleaner for the disc if you cant click on the "a" button. there is a wii disc cleaner for your system you can get for 15.00 can.

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Oh also forgot to add, dont forget to recalibrate your controller too

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