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Asked: 5 years ago

Bowling any different?

Ok, the bowling has better graphics and is more realistic in physics, but what else really changed?

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@Reversinator: That goes with the physics part of the question

@eli36397: again, WM+ goes with physics, and scarring the crowd isn't new, and the 100 pin and spin control are just improvements to the last games mini games!
And the badges are just a wanna be Achievement system for all the games, not just bowling,,,

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From: furykidd 5 years ago

The main thing I noticed was that bowling is definitely more challenging. My old top score was 237 and now my best score is 179 and I have played alot. I can vouche for above comments in sensitivity. Definitely better control and I like it more challenging. Strikes were WAY too easy to come across in the old game.

100 pin challenge is the second game type which is 10 frames of bowling with each frame having 100 pins instead of 10.

Spin control is the third game type where you play ten frames (I think it was ten) and must use spin control to get around stationary and moving bumpers. Unlike the old one each frame has a full ten pins in this game type.

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You can now curve your balls.

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There is better control (due to the WM+), and if you release the ball on the backswing it will go into the crowd, which will yelp (easter egg), and there is the Spin Control mode where you have to get past obstacles, and there is the 100-pin challenge with bumper guards, and there are stamps to collect in each mode.

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The main difference for bowling is that it now more accurately detects the angle you are holding the wiimote. In the original wii sports it just detected a change in acceleration as opposed to the actual location of the wiimote. Notice that as you move the wiimote in a bowling motion your mii will start walking. This is about all that has changed. The original wii sports still had curve detection, and allowed you to release at any point in the swing. The main difference is that it is more accurate, although, the original bowling was very good to begin with. There are also 2 new multiplayer games, based on the training modes of wii sports which are fun to play.

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I don't know what you mean by "are the physics better"; the physics were pretty spot on in the original title. The main improvement gameplay wise is that the controls are better, being able to detect spin on the ball.

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The motion plus lets you actually put spin on the ball by twisting your wrist, which is an improvement from the previous game, and lets you make more realistic throws.

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Nothing at all. I had some kind of natural curve in Wii Bowling, and the other versions of the game are both the training from Wii Sports. Also as you said the throwing the ball into the crowd isn't new. All they really did to the Bowling were make the graphics a little better.

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