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How do you do high corner kicks using the nunchuck combo?

anyone know how to pull off a high corner kick with the nunchuck combo? the B trigger only does a low corner kick...

i checked the manual and the only controls that are listed for a high corner are in the control charts for the classic controller and wiimote.


Sagorious answered:

Try double tapping B
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Tappaz answered:

Double tapping B doesn't work, you will just end up passing if you receive the cross. Its just pure luck. The controls aren't as sophisticated for corners and free kicks compared to PS3 or X-BOX, only if you use the Classic controller or just the Wiimote you can. For the nunchuk combo - you're out of luck.
Generally a player with lower pass skill will loft the ball more and if you have a player situated towards the back post or even past it there is more likelihood that it will work. I wouldn't so much as worry anyway,the AI is really dumb in the game. On a corner the AI will mark all of your players that run in th box. Just keep every player you see on a corner kick on the edge of the box and have one guy run straight in the middle 9/10 times he wont be marked or they will pick him up as he is heading it.
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