Question from thepuffyshirt

In Puzzle 4 of the Fish Tank?

...where do I find the sixth coin and what order do the jewels go in the box?

myxxzzer asked for clarification:

In the puzzle game how do u change the eyes to do what they do


joboo33 answered:

As for the jewels in the box, they are arranged by size--smallest to largest.

coin 1--right of treasure chest in front of bowling pin
coin 2--keep scrolling right from coin 1; coin 2 is half-buried in the sand at the very front of the aquarium
coin 3--keep scrolling right; coin 3 is just to the right of the big clam shell, lying up against one of the poles used as the starting gate for the fish races
coin 4--keep scrolling right; after you past the fish food (outside the aquarium) and pass the yellow starfish in the aqarium, coin 4 is at the front of the aquarium in the green seaweed/kelp
coin 5--i could be wrong as I've solved this puzzle long ago and am now unable to go back and click on the coins but I think coin 5 is just to the left of the fish food (sitting outside the aquarium); it is inside the aquarium and just above and to the left of the word "seasick." Only about 2/3 of the coin is protruding from the ground
coin 6--if you keep scrolling right from what I think is coin 5 above, you will go around the end, past the big rock with the fish fossil and apple imprint; go past this corner (scrolling right) and come to a point where one corner of the aquarium is at the very left of your screen; you should also see the treasure chest; in between the left corner and the treasure chest, nestled at the bottom of the left minaret tower, is coin 6, about half-buried
hope this helps; good luck!
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