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Asked: 5 years ago

Cold number? 6th arrow?

In paper world I CANNOT find these!!!

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I need help finding the 6th arrow also, but the cold number is a 2 on the side of paper city news in the shadow. But, does anyone know where the sixth arrow is i have.....1. stock arrow 2. the one behind the juice carton 3. the one in the grass 4.the arrow on the blue sign 5. the arrow on the sailboat sign 6????

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I just foud the 6th arrow and it is on the tall brown building, the side facing the paper clip, and u can barling make it out in the dark but its made up of black squares.

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The cold number is 2 with the degree sign. It is located on the side of the building near the sailboat sign. The arrows are as follows: Orange juice carton - blue sign, and top left corner of juice and back and is black, Stocks plummet arrow, sailboat sign, and building with stamp - behind on the ground and on the right side of building made up of windows.

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