Question from Bathdeva

How do I solve The power door puzzle?

I am having problems trying to solve the area where you turn the console on and then have to use the key card to turn on the blue screens in a particular order?
I have tried just about every combination and am having no luck at all.

thedrx asked for clarification:

Does anyone got a guide of this, or is there not a guide for it?

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Bidoof answered:

The goal of the puzzle is to get all of the lights turned on. Whenever you turn a screen on, the screens that were around it that were dark also turn on. However, it also turns off any adjacent screens that were already on. What you'll want to try to do is set it up where you'll have three "off" screens in the corner in order to be able to turn them all on without flipping any screens off. It takes some time, but you can get through it once you know what to do.
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faijai answered:

this one is just trial and have to light them ALL up to get the door to open
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ruler_of_earth answered:

Ever played Lights Out?
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