Question from Dragonlord3699

How do I beat (the dark queen)?

I can only get her to the point she turns black. I have tried guarding. I have tried countering. I DESPRATLY NEED A THOROUGH EXPLANATION ON THE FINAL ATTACK!!!

(also, if possible, shrouded forest "chain of enemies" answer)


HylianHeroLink answered:

Dodge her energy attacks and wait for your chance to counter. That chance will be when the arm she's going to attack with glows white. After that, unleash Soul Surge and strike with Perfect Hits. In this battle, just one flick of the Wii remote will do a Perfect Hit. Don't swing hastily.
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gameoverpal answered:

when her shied is up wack it with your sword and hit her sword with your sword and get soul surge and when she turns red that means shes almost defeated hope this helps,-_- XD
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rocksword777 answered:

Once she turns black, you need to avoid the orbs that come at you, and you can actually slash the largest ones to make them disappear. Then you need to sword attack at the same time she does. Then repeat, but while the orbs come at you she will attack with a sword at the same time. Then swing your sword at the same time she does again. This last time, instead of dodging orbs a third time, just use soul surge. Dont worry about perfect hits, just keep attacking as fast as you can and she should be finished. And btw the cutscene where you finally finish it is really cool :) I hope this helps
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Sonic_the_Fast_ answered:

here is what i did: I doged orbs countered and perfec hitted and got 5 stars
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Unleashed5545 answered:

All u have 2 do is dodge the orbs and attack when the wiimote command comes up and use soul surge. Do this again and she's dead (not DEAD dead, but defeated...)
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