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How do I beat Lancelot Returns?

OKay, when I do this fight I have no soul gauge and it doesn't fill up, so the main strategy wont work. Whats wrong?


BuraiDX answered:

Keep defending when he attacks. Eventually, you will get your soul gauge filled. When he sends 3 blasts at you, jump and attack. When he has those blasts over him, use Soul Surge.
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HyperEmerald answered:

Paladin style really helps here. When he comes at you with Chaos Control, try opening up with a lunge attack, then follow up with that rising slash (where you hold back and flick the Wii Remote), then immediately back up to avoid his Chaos Blast. Try to stay close enough to where he trys to lunge forward, then jump up. He should try to jump in the air when you do, so when he does, use the spinning slash move (where you flick the Wii Remote in the air).

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.
It's also a good strategy to help you five star this battle, it worked pretty well for me.
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joekidme answered:

Ok he was hard to my style is when he is shuting the red stuf in a line you atake him because he can't defend himself so then atake and sone he stop doing that atake then cepp moveing back and whet for him to charge like at the beginig thne when he is chargig at you you do a jump spin atak and sone he will start telepoting to you so thenwhenhe telpors jump back and atak and that is how i beat him.
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DarkElek answered:

Calvior(Sp?) style helps alot (though I did level it up alot) rush at him then keep on hitting him, with spin attacks so that h falls down, if he dosn't do that then restart, if you mess up or he jumps away, he'll begin to spam chaos blast, so just defend that flurry of attacks into your soul gauge has a good amount, attack him with it when he's open and you shou;d be able to beat, just keep in mind that you have to keep on pressuring him like crazy
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Sonic_Follower answered:

When you are able to use Soul Surge, the best time to attack is when Lancelot is about to use Chaos Spear. That's his most vulnerable moment. Repeat until you beat him (Oh, and block every, and I mean EVERYTHING that he throws at you!).
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ROBLOX1089 answered:

This Was My Hardest Boss in the Game But For the first part i just run backwards then use soul surge and attack until what i call phase 2 where it dont work no more. in phase 2 you have to be VERY QUICK literally. and block EVERY or close to every attack. then you attack him. repeat the process several times to beat him. it took me litterally 70 tries to beat it but eventully you'll get to do it.
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ekat39 answered:

Dude i beat him but i dont remember how so just beat on him when he is vulnerable and guard his attacks
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Sonic_the_Fast_ answered:

1.Use PALADIN syle!!!2.he charges coming close, jump and slash
3.repeat until hes minced LOL
Use the special challenge with cavalier style
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