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. 428~封鎖された渋谷で~ - 隠し要素ガイド -    .
. 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de - Secrets Guide  .
.                                               .
. by wakuwaku  (  .


-The secrets are unlocked after you beat the game
 (except well actually 2 things that can be seen on
 the story in your first run), so I'm not gonna say
 anything here on how to reach the end of the game.

-There will most likely be spoilers, I will try to 
 minimize them, so be careful, because at least to
 me reading the whole story was the most
 entertaining part of the game.

-Also...I assume you at least have a basic knowledge
 of japanese, so I won't do much translation here.

 Welcome, this is the first guide I write.

 I decided to write this because, well because
 info on this game currently is found basically
 in japanese, and this is such a great game, 
 and even though should be played by people who 
 can understand at least some japanese, I think having
 guides of this game in other language might help some
 people to go through the game, even not being totally
 proficient on the japanese language, like me who uses
 this kind of games to learn.

 Also the hidden things on this game are not easy to
 discover, and putting them all on a codes/secrets
 section, without spoiling something is not so easy
 I think.

 I will try to explain in the clearest way how to
 unlock the secret stuffs.

 I'm writing these based on what I read through the 
 net. And completed on the game afterwards, had to read
 a few sources in japanese to understand everything.

 Also, any errors you find, tell me and help me improve
 this guide,also sorry, english is not my first language.

||Table of Contents||
|0.0-IMPORTANT NOTES                       | 
|  0.1-Introduction                        |
|1.0-Updates                               |
|2.0-The Secrets                           |
|    2.1-The Labyrinth                     |
|    2.2-Cult Quiz 428                     |
|    2.3-Bonus Scenario 1(White Bookmarker)|
|    2.4-TRUE ENDING                       |
|    2.5-Bonus Scenario 2(Black Bookmarker)|
|    2.6-Hidden Scenario-Eco-kichi part    |
|    2.7-Eco-kichi Door Door mini-game     |
|    2.8-Special Episodes                  |
|    2.9-Gold Bookmarker                   |
|    2.10-The Conspiracy part 1            |
|    2.11-The Conspiracy part 2            |
|    2.12-Prismatic Bookmarker             |
|3.0-Credits                               |
|4.0-Legal Section                         |

  -Guide initiated
  -Finished writing

[The Secrets]
 **POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD, you've been warned.**

 [The Labyrinth]
  --What is this?--
This is the secret you can access right on your first run.

--How to unlock--
On 御法川(Minorikawa)'s story at 18:05 decision 最後の頼み
if you choose the C option "裏原宿の『ラビリンス』まで頼む!"

--Extra Info--
When you choose this option , although the Taxi leads
Minorikawa tothe bar Inferno, where he was supposed to
go, when he enters he will be in a weird maze-like dungeon
, and to progress you have to solve the riddle of the 
cat-suited fellows over there, and also, choose the right
path, because there are dead ends. 

I think I'll make an in-depth FAQ about this later.

If you can solve the puzzle and go through the maze, you
will get to the bar Inferno and progress the story, the 
same way if youdidn't went to the labyrinth.

So why should you go there? First to see this weird 
thing on the game, and to challenge the riddle, and
second, it's the only way to obtain BAD END #79,that
you obtain by giving up on the maze when you reach a
dead end or if you choose wrong the answers in the 
end and give up.

 [カルトクイズ428/Cult Quiz 428]
   --What is this?--'s a quiz, with questions, that're
supposed to find the answers in game.

  --How to unlock--
Pretty easy, all you need to do is reach the end of the
main story.

  --Extra Info-- be honest...some questions are answerable by 
doing some research on the scenes but some are impossible
to know what the game is actually asking,I think by 
receiving messages through the internet on the game 
might give tips to the questions, but I can't check 
this, since I can't get my Wii on the internet. And I do
hope these messages received through the game actually 
helps on these answers, otherwise I have no idea on how
some of those were supposed to be answered.

By answering those you unlock some SPECIAL EPISODES
more details later on the respective section) that 
are extra information and stories about minor
characters of the game.

 So anyway, here are the Q&A:

*Question 1: ゲームの中に出てくる黒いもの
            [The Black thing(s) that appear in the game]
Ok...this one is not clear at things, there
are lot's of them on the game  if you think, all guns 
are black, the briefcases are black, lot's of black 
cellphones and...all the criminal foreigners were also
wearing what exactly do they want?

I would never have guessed...but the questions refers
to a scene on Tama's story...that can affect Achi's.
I'll check the time of the scene later, but the question
refers to the cockroach...
So the answer is: ごきぶり 
*Question 2:"どうげん庵"のメニューの左から8つ目
        [Beginning from left, the 8th thing on
        the menu of DougenAn(need to check reading)]
At least this one is more can
only see this menu when you make a choice that leads
to one of Minorikawa's BAD END. Gonna check the
details further when I can.

The answer is:にくうどん 
*Question 3:犯人は誰?フルネームで
           [The culprit is who? Write the fullname]

Now...that question beats the first one in vagueness in
my opinion. There are a lot of guilty persons in this,
and you have no idea about what they're talking about.

The answer is:やなぎしたじゅんいち 
*Question 4:マリアの部屋の様子、漢字4文字で
           [At Maria's room, writing in hiragana
           the thing that appears that has 4 Kanjis]

Honestly, still didn't check this one to understand.
The Answer is:せいりせいとん 
*Question 5:彼女は何の元チャンピオン?
           [She is the ex-champion of what?]

The only character that talks about something like 
Champion is Miku although she gives up of fighting at
BRIDE, she is still the champion so it's not about that,
but on Minorikawa's story when we first get to know
Miku, there is the answer.
The Answer is:ぼんさい 
*Question 6:マリーはこれで死んでしまった
            [Marie died by this]
Gonna check later, but when you're at Inferno I think,
and the punks start to talk about doing guillotine on 
Achi, I think there is a TIP that might mention Marie 
Antoinette, so the answer is quite obvious now.

The Answer is:ぎろちん 
*Question 7:さらば涙、○○○○○○○
       [This one is to complete the sentence]

Need to check exactly where you find the answer;

The Answer is:よろしくゆうき 
*Question 8:身代金
           [Ransom+Burning Hammer+100 Short Cakes]

Not sure, didn't check this one yet.

The Answer is:50045000 
*Question 9:加納慎也と建野京三と大沢賢治、
             [The phrase that Kano, 
                 Tateno and Osawa all said]

  Also, gonna check later the correct scenes to 
  find the answer.

  The Answer is:そんなばかな 
*Question 10:あるシーンに馬がいます。それはどこ? 
  [In a certain scene a horse appears,
               when is this?
               remove the ":" to answer]

*Question 11:ネコはネコでも……?[A cat is a cat...but?]
 Anyone can help me with that one? 
 I still don't  get it.

     But the answer is:まねきねこ
[ボーナスシナリオ1(白い栞)/Bonus Scenario 1(White Bookmarker)]
  --What is this?--
The first extra story on the game, the main character is 
Achi's sister, Suzune.

  --How do I unlock it?--
First you need to reach an end on the main story, if you
have obtained 50 or moreBAD ENDs you will unlock this.

  --Any Extra Info about?--
This might unlock without even wanting, because
it's not that hard to see this many BAD ENDs in your first
play trough. Anyway, if you didn't get much bad ends you 
just need to go changing the story to get more the BAD 

One tip here...usually when a character gets a BAD END,
most likely other character(s) will also get a BAD END, 
so before fixing you decision, check the other characters
To access the Bonus Scenarios on the Character Selection
press 1 on the wiimote to change to the Bonus Scenarios
character selection screen.

Honestly this is a great story, almost made me cry,
however you can't do anything except read,but almost
at the end, if your main story meets the requirement you
can do a JUMP to Achi's story. (further details on the 
next section)

You can also access this on your first run.

  --What is this?--
Although it seems like when you reach the epilogue that
there is only one end. Actually there are some choices 
that unlock the true ending of the game.

When you get this ending you'll see on the time
chart when you select the final scene that it'll
be written NEVER ENDS.

  --How do I unlock it?-- 
There is the slight possibility that you see this
ending as your normal ending if you make the right
choices for the characters on the 18:00~20:00 period.

The catch here is that on certain choices, all 
characters must have the options with no feelings
of hatred selected.

- For 加納(Kano) at 19:05 何を考えている?
  Choose the A option:

- For 亜智(Achi) at 19:00 たかぶる感情
  Choose the C option:

- For 建野(Tateno) at 19:10 カナンに銃を向けて
  Choose the B option:

- For Jack at 19:20 復讐か、任務か
  Choose the C option:
" 復讐を遂げたとき、..."

With all this choices on the epilogue it triggers a
choice for Maria and to get the true ending you must
choose the A option:

  --Any Extra Info about?--
Just a few things:
If you don't make all the right choices, the choice on 
the epilogue will not appear however it leads you to an
END, and the same END will occur if even with all the 
right choices, at Maria's decision on the epilogue you 
choose the B option. It's kind of obvious, since you had
to make all choices without hatred for the others, 
because the B option makes Maria want revenge.
Reaching any of the the 2 epilogues will lead to a END 
completion of 7, which is from all the main characters.
However if you by any chance reach the TRUE END on your
first run, I would tell you to change and see the other
ending the "bad" one, though it's more enjoyable if you
see the "bad" one and than see what changes on the "true"

[ボーナスシナリオ2(黒い栞)/Bonus Scenario2(Black Bookmarker)]

  --What is this?--
The second extra story on the game, the main character 
from this story is カナン(Canaan) and it's in anime style.

  --How do I unlock it?-- 
To get this, you simply have to clear the game seeing
the True Ending mentioned above.

  --Any Extra Info about?--
Nothing much, like Suzune's scenario you can't do anything
but read, it's a long story but it tells a lot about 
Canaan and Alfalud, it's really interesting.

Almost at the end of the story, when Canaan arrives in
Japan at the airport, on the scene she uses the phone 
it's possible to do a JUMP  to Maria in the main story. 

 [隠しシナリオ-エコ吉編/Hidden Scenario-Eco-kichi part]

  --What is this?--
This is a hidden scenario, you can't select it through 
the main character selection screen even after unlocking
it, it's really  hidden.

You need to JUMP to read this story in JUMPs that can be
found on TIPS.

The main character is the pet bottle on Achi's shirt, 
Eco-kichi (I'm not sure on how to read the kanji)

  --How do I unlock it?-- 
You need to end the game with the true ending, by doing 
that on the final scene when you access through the time
chart it should say NEVER ENDS, and also you must read 
through both Bonus Scenarios mentioned above.
After that go to 亜智(Achi), at 15:30, and go until the 
scene after the explosion, when Canaan saves Hitomi,
when Canaan is on the ground, a dialogue that I honestly
don't remember being there before will occur, anyway, if 
the dialogue was there, the tip wasn't, Canaan will say 
something about Achi's shirt and the word シャツ will be a
TIP, go to this TIP and there will be a JUMP on this tip,
in the word 男.

After you get a KEEP OUT you need to search for another 
TIP with a JUMP to the Eco-kichi story.
Sometimes you can guess where it is, but well, here are 
the places where you JUMP to continue to read the story
in order.

Don't forget, you begin at 亜智(Achi)15:30 TIP"シャツ"
JUMP word is「男」

-マリア(Maria) at16:00 TIP:"爆発現場"JUMP word is"ある者たち"
-加納(Kano)at 16:40 TIP:"サウスヒル" JUMP word is"エコ吉"
-加納(Kano) at 16:40 TIP:"睨みつけた" JUMP word is"エコ吉"
-大沢(Oosawa)16:40 TIP:"謎" JUMP word is"彼ら"
-亜智(Achi)17:05 TIP:"路肩"JUMP word is"エコ吉"
-亜智(Achi)17:10 TIP:"事件"JUMP word is"エコ吉"

  --Any Extra Info about?--
Again, you don't have choices on this story, but well...
It's also a nice story, and it's another style, cause 
it's more of a cartoon now.

Also, during the story you may find JUMPs to the main 
characters, just remember that if you do the JUMP you'll
need to go back to the TIP you did the JUMP to continue
reading the story.

Other thing, when looking for the TIPs, remember you can
press down on the wiimote to scroll through the text to
find the TIP.
Also after you finish reading this story...let's say that
you'll see the TRUE CREDITS of the game.

 [エコ吉ドアドア/Eco-kichi Door Door]

  --What is this?--
A mini-game featuring Eco-Kichi

  --How do I unlock it?-- 
By finishing reading the Hidden Scenario mentioned above.

  --Any Extra Info about?--
None actually, just give it a try, you'll probably want 
to play something silly after hours of reading in this

 [スペシャルエピソード/Special Episodes]

  --What is this?--
Extra stories with the minor characters of the game, 
that gives you more details about them, or simply tell
a story with them, giving more background story for them.

  --How do I unlock it?-- 
11 of them by answering the Cult Quiz428, the other 10
by inputting some commands on specific scenes where the
picture scrolls through the screen, if you wait you can
see Eco-kichi with a baloon saying the command.

Ok...if you don't want to wait to see Eco, here are the
commands and where you should input them.

all codes you only press Right or B on the wiimote
so I'm gonna put the commands with "R" for right and
"B" for...B button...

-Number 1
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 3

-Number 2
When:at 御法川(Minorikawa)16:05
Where: The scene that starts with "あの出版社までなら、..."
Input Command:"RBRBBR"

-Number 3
When:大沢(Oosawa) 12:30
Where:The scene that starts with "あれ、随分とあっさ..."
Input Command:"RRRBBR"

-Number 4
When:加納(Kano) 15:25
Where:Scene that starts with "その言葉の意味を加納..."
Input Command:"RRBRRB"

-Number 5
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 9

-Number 6
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 8

-Number 7
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 6

-Number 8
When:亜智(Achi) 14:35 in BAD END 36 scene.
Input Command:"RRBBRB"

-Number 9
When:加納(Kano)12:40 in BAD END 18 scene
Where: "待て!!"  
Input Command:"RRBBBR"

-Number 10
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 1

-Number 11
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 5

-Number 12
When:御法川(Minorikawa) 12:00
Input Command:"RBRRBR"

-Number 13
When:亜智(Achi)15:05 in BAD END 43 scene
Input Command:"RBRRBB"

-Number 14
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 11

-Number 15
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 2

-Number 16
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 10

-Number 17
When:大沢(Oosawa)14:20 in BAD END 40 scene
Input Command:"RBRBBB"

-Number 18
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 7

-Number 19
 By answering Cult Quiz 428 Question 4

-Number 20
When:マリア(Maria) 14:00
Input Command:"RBBBRR"

-Number 21
When:亜智(Achi) 13:50 in BAD END 28 scene
Input Command:"RBBBRB"

  --Any Extra Info about?--
You don't need to wait for Eco to appear to input the 
commands so it's easier and faster having the commands 
and inputting them without waiting for Eco to appear
because in some scenes it takes like more than 3 minutes
for him to appear...However, if you want to see 
everything on the game,including Eco on the photos be
patient, because some screens seems like they're not 
moving at all.

Later I'll add how to trigger the BAD ENDs required for 
some of those SPECIAL EPISODEs

 [金の栞/Gold Bookmarker]

  --What is this?--
Just something to show your completion of the game.

  --How do I unlock it?-- 
-Getting the END count to 10
(The 7 from the main story+Suzune+Canaan+Eco-kichi)
-Completing all the BAD ENDs (there are a total of 85)
-Obtaining all the 21 SPECIAL EPISODES

  --Any Extra Info about?--
None really, this is just a marker of completion.

 [陰謀編/The Conspiracy part]

  --What is this?--
A crazy secret message you can find on the game.

  --How do I unlock it?-- 
You can only see this after getting the Gold Bookmarker.
Go to 御法川(Minorikawa) @17:35 on the scene "よくある名前2"
and choose the option B:"中村"(Nakamura) Wait a few
seconds(don't advance the scene) after like 10 seconds,
you'll start to hear a message
which translates to:

 "Hello, Can someone hear this? It's me. Nakamura
 if it's difficult to hear, go to a place with good
 reception. If you can't, properly swing the Remote
 controller. the controller..."

When he says "Rimokon wo..."you need to begin moving.
Well...I found that it was easier to move the wiimote 
up and down so that the wiimote loses contact with the
motion sensor every time it goes up or down depending 
on how you arrange your Wii)

If you're doing correctly, the screen will start to show 
some noises, keep going until the message "今から送信します
Now transmitting)" is heard, and the screen blackout
to the secret message.

  --Any Extra Info about?--
This is weird...when you think there were no more things
on this game, you still have this, a message from a man
supposedly named Nakamura that says that works at 
Chunsoft and his only way to communicate with others is 
via this message that he could transmit through the game,
and that he is somehow
in danger.
 [陰謀編2/The Conspiracy part 2]

  --What is this?--
Another crazy secret message.

  --How do I unlock it?-- 
After you see the the message from Nakamura, go to the 
Eco-Kichi last part of history and advance until the last
page, on that page, there is a hidden message, in the
text, that tells you to turn off your video-game...
so do that on that last page, before the credits start.

Turn your Wii on again, and when you choose START from
the Wii'll see the other secret message before

  --Any Extra Info about?--
You thought the Nakamura story was crazy? Well this one
tells that Nakamura was a liar. You have to read it for
yourself not gonna say much more. And in the end the 
message gives you some instructions, because you're
probably in danger too...

After the message ends, you'll get the 
 [虹の栞/Prismatic Bookmarker]

  --What is this?--
Another completion mark, the last least as far 
as we know.

  --How do I unlock it?--
After seeing the Conspiracy part 2 mentioned above.

  --Any Extra Info about?--
None...this just proves you really completed the game, 
and if you're like me it will make you both happy and
sad, happy you completed, and sad wanting more and 
because the instructions on the message of conspiracy 
will only be of use if you live in Japan.

-Thanks to the internet so I got to see the people 
impressed with Famitsu giving a perfect score to this
game that made me interested in playing it.
-Thanks to SEGA and CHUNSOFT for this awesome game.
-Thanks to a certain search engine that helped me find
japanese boards to understand the many secrets on this
-Thanks to Gamefaqs for being this great site that it 
has always been.
-And for you for reading.

  [Legal Section]
This document is Copyright(C) 2009 Wakuwaku.
contact as stated at:

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any circumstances except for personal, private use.
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
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