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Gallery problems? Not adding Endings?

I have a question concerning the gallery. When you beat Arcade, messages appear telling you what you've earned. Well, every time I see the "[???] ending has been added to the Gallery.", I go the gallery and find no way to view the endings that supposedly have been added. This is confusing me greatly and I would appreciate some insight. :\

Mega_Mac provided additional details:

So, they only allow you to view the ending art, not the endings themselves at will? If so, that's too bad. :(


Angelglory answered:

You have to purchase the specific character's gallery. Then when you look in their gallery, their ending pictures will be there, granted you cleared Arcade with the character.
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moogleswish answered:

You must purchase the characters profile first.
Then when you click L on the character,if you have it,the ending shows!
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