Question from BryantMC

Whatever happened to Assault?

I haven't seen anyone use it, is it still in the game or did Capcom remove it.?


Twin_Blade_Mike answered:

Assault is tied to the Mega Crash. It counts as Assault if you use the Crash to continue a combo.
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Ryutaa answered:

I seen it the trailer, It seems that its had the same effect as Megacrash, but your character would actually counterattack with a punch and push the oppenent back. Assault was doing some damage too. It was scrapped in developement so it is not in the game anymore.
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VibriosR answered:

Umm, Mike is right. Also, Capcom constantly acknowledged the move in PRs... using Mega Crash offensively counts as Assault. What you saw was a early implementation of the move BEFORE it was incorporated into Mega Crash.
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