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Asked: 5 years ago

Can an NTSC-U Wii console use the NTSC-J savegames for this game?

Can an NTSC-U Wii console use the NTSC-J savegames for this, and if so, how do you get it to work because I cannot get it to work? Thanks

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From: niniendowarrior 4 years ago

Cross Generation of Heroes save will not work with Ultimate All-Stars... period. Also, Ultimate All-Stars Japanese save will not work with Ultimate All-Stars US game.

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If you have a Japan version of TvC save data & you try to use it w/ the US TvC, I doubt it will work b/c there some difference between the two versions

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Homebrew is hacking the system so it will make your warrenty invalid and Nintendo can refuse to repair your system if it has it.

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It's not the same game, so it does not work, I have both.

On another note, seriously who cares about warranty, it is designed to run out before your Wii has problems.
I know I would never want to send my console in and wait 3months to get it back.

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I tried it with me Tatsunoko j-save, and it didnt work.
It made a brand new save for UAS. maybe its because the old save has data from Daimao or something

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