Boss FAQ by Zeus-Guy

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Game: Klonoa (Wii)
Type of Guide: Boss FAQ
Author: Zeus Guy
Date of Completing: May 25th, 2009

1. About this FAQ
2. The Bosses
  2.A. Rongo Lango
  2.B. Evil Seadoph & Evil Pamela
  2.C. Gelg Bolm
  2.D. Baladium
  2.E. Joker
  2.F. Ghadius
  2.G. Nahatomb
3. Credits
4. Legal Info

1. About this FAQ

Welcome to the Klonoa Boss Guide. This is my second guide on GameFAQs, the 
first being the bestiary for Skies of Arcadia: Legends (Game Cube). This 
guide will focus on how to defeat all seven bosses in Klonoa for the Wii. 
There isn't a whole lot else to describe here, so lets jump straight into 

Note: Other than revealing the names of these bosses, this guide contains no 
story spoilers.

2. The Bosses

== 2.A. Rongo Lango ==

This boss is incredibly easy, mainly because Joker pretty much tells you its 
weak spot - its back. Grab one of the two Moos (the red enemies) with a Wind 
Bullet and throw it at Rongo Lango's tail to inflict damage. To get behind 
the boss, wait for it to jump into the air and run under it in the opposite 
direction while its airborne. Jump to avoid the shockwaves it generates - 
there are two types but both are easy to see and avoid with a well-timed 
jump. Rongo Lango is immobile when it attacks, so you can run up to it from 
behind and attack it during this time.  After a few Moos to the tail, Rongo 
Lango is finished.

== 2.B. Evil Seadoph & Evil Pamela ==

During the entire battle, you'll have to constantly jump over the spike balls 
that emerge from the statue in the back - simply jump and glide over them. 
Pamela has two attacks; the first attack has her jumping towards you, but 
it's easy to avoid if you listen for her shriek and keep moving; sometimes 
she'll spin around during the jump, giving her a wider attack range. For her 
second attack, Pamela will shoot streams of water into the air that come down 
as bubbles. The bubbles can be popped with a Wind Bullet, but it's better to 
just avoid them altogether (watch for the shadows on the ground to see where 
they'll land). When Seadoph is riding on Pamela he'll also say something 
that'll let you know what attack is coming up: if he says "Get Them", Pamela 
will use the jump attack; if he says "You're Finished", she'll use the bubble 
attack (note that this only works if the game's dialogue is set to English 
and not "Phantomillian").

After an attack, Seadoph will jump off Pamela and ride on one of the spike 
balls (Pamela will still attack you though). While you can grab him with a 
Wind Bullet at this time, it's a lot safer to just wait for him to jump off 
and appear in the middle area and grab him there. When Pamela tries her jump 
attack on you, throw Seadoph at her to inflict damage. You can also jump as 
Pamela attacks and use a double jump to drop Seadoph onto her, but throwing 
him is a lot easier. Repeat this until the two return to their old selves. 
This battle can be quite difficult for first-time players but once you know 
how to damage them, they're not very tough.

== 2.C. Gelg Bolm ==

Gelg Bolm's weak spot is the pink plant in the center of its body, which is 
protected from side attacks. To damage it, grab a Moo, use the springboard to 
jump over the boss as it approaches and throw the Moo at the boss' center via 
a double jump when you're directly above it. Since Gelg Bolm is constantly 
moving, timing when to bounce off the springboard and use the double jump is 

After two hits, Gelg Bolm's attack pattern changes. First it'll roll a large 
spike ball at you; use the springboards to jump over it. Second Gelg Bolm 
will jump into the air; during this time, grab a Moo and keep moving around 
until the shadow stops and move out of the way. Once Gelg Bolm has landed, 
use the nearest springboard to jump above it and then double jump to toss a 
Moo into its center. Try to get the boss to land as close to a springboard as 
possible, but don't let it land directly on it or else you can't use it.

After you hit Gelg Bolm again, it'll go back to its first attack (running 
back and forward) but it'll move a lot faster, so you'll have to time your 
double jumps more carefully. After you hit it again, it'll roll a larger 
spike ball at you - use the springboard and a double jump to avoid it or be 
prepared to take damage. Repeat the process once more to claim victory.

== 2.D. Baladium ==

This giant cobra-like creature is the only boss where Joker won't tell you 
its weakness, but it's pretty obvious that its weak points are the colored 
spots on its body - two on each side. Grab one of the Flying Moos (the light 
green enemies with orange wings) and throw them at the colored spots on 
Baladium when the bridge swings close to it. If you throw the Moo from too 
far away, it'll be destroyed before it reaches the boss. Also keep in mind 
that each colored spot changes to grey once you hit it and you cannot attack 
that spot a second time.

Baladium has three attacks. The first attack has it generate a series of 
green and red pillars - simply move around them as best you can without 
hitting any of them; they'll destroy whatever Moo you're carrying. If you 
throw a Moo at the red pillars, they'll yield a heart to restore your health. 
The second attack has it launching a wave of missiles - look for an opening 
and stand there to avoid them or jump over them. For the third attack, a 
group of bombs will appear in front of Baladium and explode once the bridge 
swings near. Again look of an empty space and stand there to avoid the 
explosion. Also watch out for the yellow enemy that sometimes appears on the 
bridge. Once you hit all of Baladium's colored spots, the battle is won.

== 2.E. Joker ==

Hey Joker, "Why so serious?" . . . Come on, you saw The Dark Knight reference 
coming a mile away.

Joker is actually a lot less complex than the previous three bosses. All he 
does is simply walk around within the ring-shaped platform you're standing 
on. Grab one of the Moos that appear and throw them at him to inflict damage. 
The catch is you have to throw them at him when he's close and without 
hitting the fists that rotate around him (the Moos will just bounce off 

After losing about half his health, Joker will walk to the center of the ring 
and transform into a turtle-like creature. During this time, you cannot 
damage him since the Moos will transform into Eclipses, purple enemies that 
are unaffected by your Wind Bullets. To return Joker to his original form, 
step on the colored tiles until they are all yellow (you'll need to step on 
some more than once) while avoiding the Eclipses and Joker's attacks. Jump to 
avoid the spin attack, and keep moving when he smacks his fin on the 
platform. Sometimes hearts will appear during this phase. Don't go out of 
your way to get them since they disappear fairly quickly.

After all the colored tiles are yellow, Joker will return to his normal form 
and the Eclipses will become Moos again. Repeat the same process as before to 
defeat Joker. If you're quick enough, you can defeat him before he transforms 
into his turtle form again.

== 2.F. Ghadius ==

This battle takes place within a ring that is constantly moving. The 
important thing to remember is to avoid the yellow spheres throughout the 
battle. If you touch one of them, you'll warp to the outer portion of the 
ring, where Ghadius will attack you until you touch the yellow sphere again. 
His attacks are difficult to avoid here, so make sure you avoid the yellow 
spheres at all cost. Furthermore, you cannot damage him here.

To damage Ghadius, grab Death Moos and throw them at his cape; Death Moos 
look like regular Moos, but they're dark purple with a lavender face. The 
cape is large, so its an easy target, but it can be difficult to line up your 
shots since you have to do so while avoiding the yellow spheres and coping 
with both Ghadius' other attacks and the moving platform.

Ghadius has three attack methods and he'll only change them after sustaining 
enough damage. The first attack has him summoning a series of spheres and 
Death Moos. Use the Wind Bullet to grab the Moos while avoiding the other 
spheres; they'll burst upon touching the ground. The spheres can be destroyed 
with Wind Bullets as well, but you're better off ignoring them and focusing 
solely on grabbing the Death Moos.

After a few hits, Ghadius will change to a new tactic. Now he'll summon three 
groups of Death Moos that bounce around the ring. Grab them from a distance 
and throw them at Ghadius' cape. Each group of Death Moos have a pink sphere 
that becomes a yellow sphere once you've grabbed all the Death Moos from it; 
so make sure you grab them from a distance.

For the third and final attack, Ghadius will trap the Death Moos within a 
triangle-shaped object with three turquoise spheres on each of its corners. 
Look at where Ghadius is pointing to see where the triangle will strike and 
then shoot one of the three turquoise spheres with a Wind Bullet to release 
the Moos. Once again, shoot the sphere from a distance - it'll transform into 
a yellow sphere when hit. After the Death Moos are free, quickly grab one and 
throw it at Ghadius' cape. Repeat the process until you've put an end to 
Ghadius once and for all.

== 2.G. Nahatomb ==

Nahatomb is the final boss battle in the game, which is separated into three 

Part One

Nahatomb will create four Death Moos, one regular and three armoured - only 
creating more once the first four are destroyed. While avoiding the Armoured 
Death Moos, grab the regular one and throw it into one of the five cannons. 
Once all five cannons are loaded, they will fire on Nahatomb, ending the 
first part of the battle. During this phase, Nahatomb has two attacks. The 
first attack causes him to slam its fist down, creating two fiery shockwaves 
that travel around the entire ring-shaped platform - jump as high as you can 
and glide to avoid them. The benefit to this attack is that it takes off the 
Armoured Death Moos' armour, allowing you to grab them with a Wind Bullet and 
throw them into the cannons. For the second attack, Nahatomb will try to grab 
you with its tongue. Again, jump to avoid it. It's a bit difficult to avoid, 
but the good news is you won't take any additional damage beyond the initial 
hit, so don't worry if you can't avoid it.

Part Two

Part two takes place inside Nahatomb on a slippery platform that's constantly 
tilting left and right, making it difficult to grab the single Death Moo; if 
its too close to the ledge, let it fall off and wait for another one to 
appear. While avoiding Nahatomb's lasers, grab a Death Moo and throw it at 
the red crystals located in the background near each end of the platform. 
Once all four crystals are destroyed, a blue crystal will appear and move 
around in front of Nahatomb. Aim carefully and keep throwing Death Moos at 
the crystals until you're ejected from Nahatomb.

Part Three

Like in part one, the goal in the final part of this battle is to load Death 
Moos into the five cannons. The catch this time is that the cannons are 
circling below the platforms. Grab a Death Moo (again avoiding the Armoured 
Death Moo) and wait until a cannon approaches a gap between the platforms. 
Use a double jump above the gap to drop the Moo into the cannon. Repeat this 
process for all five cannons.

During this phase, Nahatomb has three attacks. The first attack has it 
temporarily destroy the platform you're currently standing on - simply run 
over to another platform until Nahatomb stops. At first it'll only destroy 
two platforms, but as the battle progresses it'll start destroying more. The 
second attack causes it to generate several rainbow shockwave - jump to avoid 
them. The final attack causes Nahatomb to rain flaming rocks on you - keep 
moving to avoid them.

Once you've loaded a Death Moo into all five cannons, they'll all open fire 
on Nahatomb and Klonoa will deliver the finishing blow. Congrats, you've won 
the game. Sit back and watch the ending.

3. Credits

Myself - For writing this guide.

Namco - For making this addictively fun, albeit short game. Now all they need 
to do is remake Klonoa 2, make a new third game and we're in business.

You - For reading this.

4. Legal Info
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or private use. It may not be copied and/or redistributed on any website 
other than GameFAQs or otherwise distributed publicly. Use of this guide on 
any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and is considered a copyright violation.

Klonoa c Namco
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