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How do I beat Bald Bull in title defense?

I've practiced against him and i got the hang of it. But when i fought him in career mode i can't beat him, can someone help me?

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How do i get stars from bald bull?

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ShadowX9999 answered:

There are three ways that you can try to beat him.

1. Get two stars (the delayed ones are very strict), don't get hit while waiting for the Bull Charge, counterpunch him, and when the cutscene ends, immediately use the three-star punch to OHKO him.
Pattern: Hook, Uppercut, Fast Jab, Slow Jab, Fast Jab, Uppercut, Slow Jab, Fast Jab, Slow Jab, Repeat.

2. Use a three-star uppercut on each OHKD, and when you get to the third one, it will OHKO him, even if you go to Round 2.

3. Counter every Bull Charge, and use the OHKD trick, everytime. If you do so, he'll be down on the 5th Bull Charge.

Personally, the first one is the easiest, the second one is the most simple, and the third one is if you know his patterns, and if you can counter the Bull Charge, well enough. Hope this helped! =|
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MourningStar72 answered:

Most the times try delaying your hits so you hit him on the knock back in his face gets you stars.
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