Asked: 5 years ago

All boxers playable?

I can play as all boxers? Not just Little Mac or Giga Mac?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Oh well, i hope in other punch-out games people can play a other boxers like fight night or face breaker. Also hope players can kick, power bomb, etc, like your oponnents.

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From: SonicRaptor 5 years ago

Little Mac is the only playable boxer in the game, the other boxers (Mr. Hippo, Glass Joe, etc.) are CPU only.

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No; only Little Mac is playable in multiplayer mode

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Sorry, the only playable character in the game is Little Mac. The same is true for the original.

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Little Mac and Giga Mac are the only playable characters in Head To Head. The rest are all unplayable boss characters.

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