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Asked: 5 years ago

Are the Wii boxing gloves worth it?

Are the wii boxing gloves good to use with punch out? When i looked online it didnt seem like u can press the buttons on the wiimote. if thats true then there useless. can someone clarify 4 me before i waste my money?

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I saw on the boards someone talking about how they got gloves from gamestop with there punchout game. it doesnt sound third party and when i looked them up the package looked legit... kind of. but what im looking for in the answer is if u can still use any of the buttons, like the old power glove style or if the wiimote sits on the back and is totally unreachable.

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also there are some... so so third party wheels, other than that I have to agree that most are useless. I've heard enough complaints about people hitting each other during wii tennis and I cant imagine a huge racket would help that situation.

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From: GROUNDxZER0 5 years ago

In my opinion, they're worth it. I got mine at game stop and I like them. But the DO hinder game play and they make some matches impossible to win. My only complaint is if you use them like normal boxing gloves, there is no pocket to put your thumb in. Otherwise they make good gloves. And 20 bucks isn't to bad a price.

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I can pretty much guarantee you that no third party wiimote add-on (ie swords, lightsabers, sports add-ons, and boxing gloves) is good for ANYTHING. Don't waste your money, they don't add to the experience and oftentimes hinder wiimote functions such as the IR sensor and in some cases they'll even leave permanant dents on your wiimotes where they attach.

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The first reply is dead on. The third party addons that make the wiimote look like the instrument it's emulating cripple the responsiveness of the wimote and are overall of shoddy quality. besides. I do not suggest using motion control for punch out. you WILL lose because of it...ALOT.

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The gloves are third party gloves. Just because gamestop sells them doesn't make them legit. Any wii-mote add on that you have to purchase seperately is not worth the money. They are just some gimmick to get people who don't know whats what to waste some more money on.

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I would have to say no, don't get the gloves as they are a waste of money, especially if you are like Akuma Hokoru and have no intention of using the motion controls. (Which are perfectly fine for this game.)

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Because this is not a boxing simulator, the gloves are not worth it. This is more of a puzzle game. If you wanted them for, lets say, Don King Boxing for example, they would be fine. Not all peripherals are a waste of money (ie the Hand Cannon, or the Zapper).

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