Question from MJongo

What are the four ways to get stars on Aran Ryan?

For the challenge, I have:
1. Punch him when he taunts
2. Counter-punch him from the left
3. Dodge an attack, punch him, dodge his next attack and quickly punch him again.

What is the fourth one?

MJongo provided additional details:

I do that, but I just stun him and do not get any stars. Is there a specific punch I have to do?

MJongo provided additional details:

For the headbutt I've done both counterpunching it and dodging it and punching back. Neither give stars.

Accepted Answer

Prinny_J answered:

Block his headbutt and punch him. You have to start blocking right as he is bouncing toward you, if you block too early or too late you will get hit.
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Akuma_Hokoru answered:

Counter his off the ropes Headbutt.
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Geneyuss5555 answered:

I have not tried it myself, but what I think Akuma means is you do not dodge it, you time it and counterpunch it where you stand.
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