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How can you beat king hippo doing zero jabs?

Im trying to complete the challenges and on king hippo i need to know how you can beat him without doing jabs and also how can you knock his crown off of his head.

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Phoenixrefire83 answered:

Wait until hippo does his big mouth punch, dodge it and hit with the fist the bandage is on.

To make hippo lose his crown make it so he does his two fisted punch. As he goes back you can hit him in the gut... it is random each time but the most I have had to do it was 3 for the crown to come off and 2 more for the ko... Also when you knock his crown off his punches come faster and do more damage.
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BlademasterOrca answered:

To beat King Hippo without using jabs, simply wait until he does a move (the one with the overhead swing is especially useful for this), dodge to the left or right and then hit him in the stomach on whatever side the bandage is on; this will give you a Star Punch. The rest is easy to figure out from there.

As for knocking his crown off, fight him normally, when you punch him in the face to make his pants fall down, punch him once in the stomach to stun him, but then jab him repeatedly in the face. After a few times of doing this, his crown will fall off.
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Nysato87 answered:

Wait until King Hippo does a Straight punch and block it the hit the belly on the side the bandage is on, then star punch him
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Nysato87 answered:

For the Crown less Hippo Challenge When he uses his double punch, you must punch him in the gut when he turns red. do it 3 times to win
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pummy84 answered:

OK, for the zero jab one, you have to dodge his attacks and hit him in his stomach fast to get a star. Get three stars and use your star punch. Rinse and repeat one more time. After the second star punch lands, he'll start doing his heavy attack, where he raises both fists in the air. Time you punch right on his stomach as he starts to move forward, and it will send him back to the ropes while knocking his crown off. He'll come back, and should do that attack again. Counter the same way to take him down for good. This should land you both achievements.
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