Question from Red_Thunder777

How do I beat King Hippo?(1st time)

He keeps getting me with the hand slam move!(cant describe attack too well)

Accepted Answer

iostream answered:

When he goes back for that hand slam move, duck (down on the control pad on the wiimote). After that jab to hit him in the face. Then attack his midsection. Repeat until you get a KO.
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BlueRamza answered:

Make sure when you fight him you punch his mouth 1st, then his stomach, after which, his head is vulnerable.)

After getting King Hippo down to half strength and he starts his slamming move, wait for the red flash and do a lower left punch to knock off his crown. Do it twice to KO him.
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FlakyPorcupine answered:

When he does this attack, duck.
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Coppo_68 answered:

In order to deal damage to him, you'll need to wait until his mouth opens, then hit him once in the mouth, and only once. He'll then cover his head with his gloves, and expose his stomach. Hit him in his stomach and he'll use his arms to pull up his trunks. You can either continue to pound on his stomach, or aim for the face, which I think helps when trying to knock off his crown (though I've never managed it myself).

To avoid his hand slam, which he hooks from both sides at the same time to crush your head, you'll have to duck to avoid it. Dodging left or right will get you hit. Also, once you've ducked, wait about half a second and King Hippo will look up in awe and expose his mouth. When that happens, you can continue to deal damage.

During his normal attacks, his mouth should be open both before and after his overhead punches, and after his jabs. You can counter his overhead punches early if you've got fast enough reactions, but it's easier to dodge and then aim for the open mouth.
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