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Animation sequences for knockouts or TKO's?

Does anyone know what one must do or which conditions must be met with each character to get a special knockout animation. I.E. Glass Joe with the croissants going across the screen? If so I'm curious as to what they are?

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ptrgiese answered:

Well, a star punch helps. I tried punching with a star punch in the end, and it always work. But it is sometimes optional, and hard to master.

BTW, Instant KOs to Bald Bull (TD), Aran Ryan (Both), Great Tiger (TD), & Von Kaiser (Contender) always lead to the Animation.

And also, no matter what you do to Mr. Sandman in 2-3 rounds, you'll get his KO animation when you TKO him, or knock him down 5 times in all 3 rounds combined. Same rule apply to King Hippo, excepet he gets knocked down once for a KO animation.

One more thing, do NOT TKO your opponent with a body blow. It always never work.
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GothDeathProfit answered:

Usually after the first two knock downs if you TKO him with a star punch it should go into it.
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shyguy1234 answered:

There are two ways it can happen: use a star punch when you knock him down for the third time for TKO, or if your opponent is really really REALLY weak( like literally bruises and bumbs on face, and deep red marks on stomach) star punch himand you'll get it. But dont do any body blows. they never work
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MrL1193 answered:

You will always get the animation when you beat King Hippo and Mr. Sandman (unless it was by decision). The requirements vary for other boxers, but if you KO or TKO your opponent with a star punch, you will always get the animation (which essentially guarantees that you will get the animation upon defeating TD Bald Bull). (Conversely, if you knock down your opponent with a star punch but do not get the animation, your opponent will always get up.) One final note: it is not true that you cannot get the animation with a body blow; the requirements vary between boxers.
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