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Asked: 5 years ago

Defeating Disco Kid in 6 punches?

I read how to do it on the only guide on GameFAQs, but it didn't work. Could somebody please be a little more specific?

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Thanks, guys!

Accepted Answer

From: CM8 5 years ago

When he does his taunt at the very beginning of the fight (he says "Yeah!" and strikes a pose) jab him when his teeth shine and the *ding!* sound is heard. Now dodge his punches for four swings. He'll strike another pose and go "whoo!", after which his teeth will shine. Star punch him when his teeth are shining for your first knockdown. It has to be when his teeth are shining - too early or too late and you'll just damage him.

He'll get up, throw one punch, then he'll strike the first pose again. Jab him to get the star. Dodge his next four punches, and he'll strike his second pose again, this time snickering before the shine. Star punch him again for the second knockdown.

Now he'll get up and throw two punches before the first pose. Jab for the star and dodge his next six punches. This time when he strikes his second pose, there won't be an accompanying gesture to help your timing. Instead, listen to the background noise. You'll hear a drumbeat. It beats one, two, three. On three his teeth shine. Star punch on the shine and you'll win.

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Punch him once he taunts, you'll earn a star. Then dodge his punches until he taunts again, when his teeth glow, unleash your Star Punch. This should knock him down instantly. Repeat these for the steps for the other two knockdowns and Disco Kid should be TKOed.

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