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Most Popular Answered Questions Answers
How do I put the tas into the control panel in the final chapter? 1
How do I solve the Chapter 6 puzzle with the keys? 2
How do i solve the Chapter 8 puzzle, control panel of security room (numbers sequence)? 2
How do you find Matthew's treasure? 1
How do I solve Clock tower in chapter 6? 1
How do I solve the puzzle with the (wii remote) casket and the kaleidoscope? 1
Where do i find Matthew in chapter 3? 1
How do I get in to the Security Room? 1
How do i open the briefcase on the pier? 2
What is the password for Richards Laptop EMail? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How to open the door with the TAS using the cordless phone & charger? 0
How do you key in the room number to get out of the meeting room in JC Valley? 0
What do i enter for Ryans door lock? 3
Wheres the secret compartment in rex's office? 1
How do I get the pick out of the drain? 3
How do I get clean water to trow in the herbs?? 2
How do I release the Clock Tower keys in chp 5? 1
How to get out of ryans office? 1
How to unlock Sayoko's box in Chapter 8? The one with the password chamber. 1
I cant pick fishing rod up OR mirror? 2

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