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Asked: 4 years ago

Reopen Cavern of Gods?

i've reopened the Cavern of Gods. I have gone over every inch of the place and cannot find the lever. Where is it? And who do I have to dive with/what time of day? I have 244 hours of playing time, and I am getting frustrated. Help.

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I thought you had to find a way back into the upper rooms (treasure, etc). Isn't there coins in there? I still have a few coins that are missing. I can't find any way into those rooms, the one where the goblin sharks are in.

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Lever? Wich lever? You don't need to find anything in there except the Commerson Dolphin (As a partner), coins and fish.

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Wait! how can i reopen the cavern of the gods?

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This has happened to me too! I keep talking to Jean- Eric, and he keeps saying to go to the cavern of the cavern of gods to see if there is anything that I hadn't seen before. I've looked everywhere and all i found was some new species and that one dolphin but nothing else. I hadn't heard about a lever... maybe it is one of those gold glittery things? I don't know. I cannot get farther into the story, I am stuck too.

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Ok KELVINSOBERALOR to reopen the cog you have to get 1million p sounds easy but its not.For the rest of you there should be no lever.You should be able to get to all the rooms the only cutscenes i can think of that you might get are the opah, then the commersons dolphin(the one that you befriend),and when you go into the treasure room and you decide to keep the treasure there.LOL.

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ok the EASIEST WAY to get 1 mil is to treasure search at valka castle ;) u get like 20 thousand every time u go there believe me

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I agree with Muhman, you have to earn 1 million p, then go and talk to Jean Eric. The easiest way for me to earn money was to salvage and do Dolphin Shows :)

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The only lever I can think of is when you first go to the COTG and are on a time limit. There's a panel you have to find and push while the white whales (Singing Dragons) are going berserk. But if you already reopened it...

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