Question from gthyjukilo

I need help for pikmin suggestions for saving looie help kind of?

I want to save looie but i need some suggestions for pikmin i should take down there and one more thing where is this "final boss" i am hearing about


EMoney140 answered:

I would bring 20 of each color so it equals 100. The final boss is <spoiler>A giant Dweevil controled by Louie</spoiler>
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Bluebird5555 answered:

The final boss is the Titan Dweevil, which is on the last sublevel of a cave called the Dream Den in the Wistful Wild. You can bring 20 of each pikmin down there, or any other combination you like, really. Having a lot of Spicy and Bitter sprays will help too.
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yoshipikmnghost answered:

You go into a cave called. "The Dream Den" All I can say is, BRING YELLOW PIKMIN FOR THE FINAL BOSS THEY WILL BE A BLESSING FROM THE LORD!!!
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