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Will this game be compatible with the GBA Link Cable?

Despite the game being a direct port, I'm not sure if the Wii port will be able to communicate with Metroid: Fusion. Anyone have any ideas?

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AlphaAran answered:

Okay, SCRAAAAAPPPP What I said: Metroid Prime Trilogy WILL be compatible with the GBA cable! ONLY METROID PRIME, THOUGH!!! Prime two and three will NOT becompatible as they have NOTHING GBA related to unlock.
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AlphaAran answered:

No. Metroid Prime is a remake of the GameCube version, but it does not have compatibility with the GBA cable. That was part of the data taken out to make way for the MP3-esque controls and better graphics. Even if it WAS compatible with Metroid: Fusion, though, you'd need the JPN version of EVERYTHING, since those ******* canceled its release in America.
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