Question from Tmomen

Asked: 4 years ago

Echo gates?

I have just gotten the light armor, and am exploring some areas of Dark Aether. I've run across an echo gate and have no idea how to begin unlocking it. Can anyone give me a description on how you unlock one of them? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thank you. The part that had me stumped was using the annihilator beam.

Accepted Answer

From: ---Nintendo--- 4 years ago

First, you need to equip the Annihilator Beam and the Echo Visor, then shoot the beam at the center of the gate, it will start playing some sounds in a particular order, now you need to shoot the locks that are close to the gate with the Annihilator Beam in the same order, once you get it right, the gate should open.

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