Multiplayer Guide by Neonjohn779

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 
Multiplayer FAQ v1.2
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This guide has very minor spoilers regarding weapons and unlockables. 
Last update: 11/27/04 

Hi everyone. First off, before anything else, I want to thank the 
people on the message board here for being so helpful during the first 
week the game has been out. A lot of people have had trouble with this 
or that *coughboostbosscough* and it's great to see so many users 
working together for a common goal. Awesome job, everyone! 

Next on the list: 

--Table of Contents-- 
1) [int]   Introduction 
2) [faq]  Starting out and frequently asked stuff 
3) [lvl]   Pick your level 
4) [wpn] ...and pick your weapon, too! 
5) [str]   Strategy 
6) [msc] Misc. Info 
7) [bye]  Bye byes!! 

NOTE: A useful feature that some of you may not know about is that you 
can press CTRL+F to bring up a search box. Put in the word in brackets 
of the section you'd like to jump to. For example, if you need help on 
weapons and power-ups, type in [wpn] and hit find...voila! You're 
there! Also, this works with any document or website, so it's good to 
know. A real time saver. 

SECTION 1: [int]  Introduction 
Welcome, and hello too. This guide is meant to help you kick your 
friend's butts(unless they read this too, in which you've got a good 
opponent). Here I will list all the weapons and powerups you can 
acquire, as well as all the levels and some strategy too. I hope you 
find this useful. Other than that, enjoy! 

SECTION 2: [faq]  Starting out and frequently asked stuff 
The very first thing you should know about multiplayer is that you need 
two controllers. You should also get comfortable and familiar with the 
controls. Practice a bit of dodging, aiming and firing, and just get a 
feel for the game. Then you can start fighting your friends. You'll 
have a blast! 

Now choose Multiplayer on the main menu. After a few brief confirmation 
screens, you're ready to play. 

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions(hence FAQ...) 

"How do I unlock Multiplayer?" 
Plug in two controllers. Make sure they're snug. Grab a friend. Hooray, 
you just unlocked Multiplayer! 

"Do I need to find weapons in single player to use them in 
Nope. It's not like it's a huge graphical spoiler or anything either, 
because most of the weapons are considerably dumbed-down in the looks 
department(I was disappointed with the multiplayer Annihilator, yet I 
was very impressed with the single player version when I got it). This 
was probably done to keep the game at a steady framerate. 

"Are there bots in multiplayer?" 
Unfortunately, no. So you really do need a friend to play it, unless 
you just want to screw around and explore the multiplayer levels by 
yourself, or have fun fragging the idle 2P Samus. 

"How do I unlock the two secret levels?" 
Right from the get-go, you can see two hidden levels on the level 
selection screen. You unlock them through energy restoration in the 
temples. More on that later. 

"Can I change my suit color?" 
No. Yeah, it kinda sucks. You could swap controllers with your friend 
to pick a more favorable color though. 

"How do I get more music?" 
You also unlock music in the single player game. Refer to Misc. Info 
for that. 

"Can I use Charge Combos in multiplayer?" 
No, aside from the Super Missile which doesn't really function as a 
combo of anything(it's just death in projectile form). 

"How many modes are there?" 
Just two. Deathmatch and Bounty, where you collect coins spewed from 
your enemy's battle wounds ^_^ 

"Is there co-op?" 
Nope. All battles are every-man/woman-for-themselves. 

"How many levels are there?" 
Four; two are unlockable. 6 total. 

"Can you play as Dark Samus?" 
No, only the Samus color variations. 

SECTION 3: [lvl]  Pick your level 
First, you can choose Deathmatch, which is just a free-for-all, or 
Bounty Mode, where you collect coins. Now select a level. 

---Crossfire Chaos--- 
A rather standard arena with a desert environment(reminds me of the 
Chozo Ruins of MP1). It contains two "bases" holding item boxes and 
randomizers, with a large but shallow pit between the two buildings. 
There is a super missile right in the center of it all. Item boxes are 
also found in front of the buildings, and small things like missiles 
and health orbs are scattered everywhere. This level is almost entirely 
symmetrical. Neat, huh? No? Okay, it's not the most interesting map out 
there, but it could be fun to form alliances with other players and 
play a "king of the hill" type game on your own even though the game 
itself doesn't provide one. One cool thing, however, is how you can 
blow up some of the outer walls of the buildings with your weapons. 
Kinda gives it a Dark Samus feel, huh? 
---Items of notes: Super Missile in the center(accessed from the two 
surrounding platforms or a good jump), item boxes in front of and 
inside the two base buildings 

---Sidehopper Station--- 
This place is a favorite. With plenty of nooks and crannies to enter 
and lots of action, the station can be a hectic place to battle in. You 
can use the kinetic orb cannons at the station's "feet" to launch 
between halves of the level. If two players use the orbs at the same 
time, double death occurs. There are randomizers strewn in small rooms 
and also you can find some kinetic orb cannons inside the station, 
which throw you into the ventilation ducts. Grapple points are located 
here as well. In the vents, you can hop up to the top surface of the 
station, which is actually not a bad place at all for fighting. 
Following the top surface, you can find some excellent sniping spots 
overlooking the orb cannons that take you to opposite sides. 
---Items of note: Super Missile on the station's top, item box right in 
front of Super Missile, item box at the front of the main chamber, 
randomizers in the two small rooms leading the main chamber 

---Spider Complex--- 
A very interesting level we have here. There is a huge spider-track 
sphere in the center, which is littered with powerups. Use the two 
kinetic orb cannons to reach it. There is also a nicely placed Super 
Missile for you if you Boost on the circle on the side of the sphere. 
There are small rooms and intertwining hallways that lead to lower and 
upper floors of the main chamber, which is also littered with powerups. 
You can boost off of the sphere to reach different items. There's also 
some spider track near one of the kinetic orb cannons that you can use 
to reach a small catwalk; this is on the second floor. 
---Items of note: Super Missile in a small alcove(Boost off the 
sphere), red health orbs(Boost off the sphere), randomizer on top of 
the sphere, Massive Damage Icon on the side of the sphere, randomizer 
behind the catwalk, item boxes at hallway intersections and turns, item 
box behind kinetic orb cannon 

---Shooting Gallery--- 
Yes, everyone's REAL familiar with this one. Mainly because 
of...hmmm...definitely gotta be that awesome purple health orb to the 
right of the randomizer on the west side facing the TURRET...oh that's 
right, the turret. We all know what it does to your health(and if you 
don't know, you'll soon find out next time you get hit with it). You 
can hit people in front of you, to your sides, below you, across into 
the large pillar can even hit people in mid-grapple! But not 
behind you. If someone gets behind you, you're screwed one way or 
another. So you better have good aim, 'cause this is the shooting 
gallery. Pick longer-ranged weapons(missiles and annihilators work 
great) and have yourself a jolly good time. Just be careful of the 
turret, and the poison water too for that matter. The pillar 
room(directly across from the turret) is a great, fun place to have 
strafing battles. Learn to dodge, jump, and aim well in this level. 
With the turret or any weapon, you can blast the floor right out from 
under someone! Grates can be smashed with it. Boost by someone on a 
grate, lay a quick bomb, and unroll to see them fall face-first into 
the poison. Use the grapple point right in front of the turret and you 
can have a shooting battle with it since you can fire while swinging. 
Very fun. Trap someone in a poison room, lay a power bomb to block the 
exit, and see if they're clever enough to be able to get out in time... 
---Items of note: Super Missile in the west poison room(grapple and 
jump to reach it), item boxes in small notches in hallways, & turret 
room, randomizers in poison room hallways 

Some really nice underwater fighting done here. This is a very fun and 
varied level. It's well worth the effort to unlock it, so when you do, 
it's something that you can look forward to next time you meet with a 
friend. Anyway, this level consists of three main areas. The first is 
the control room. It's loaded with metroid holding tanks(no metroids 
though) and computers. The second is the hallway system. It's a dual 
hallway that goes on either side of the control room, down into water 
until you're fully submerged. The third area is the huge underwater 
region below the control room, reached via hallways. It's got a Super 
Missile on a semi-hidden ledge, and a large platform in the center fit 
for duels. There are also huge pillars in the corners that form large, 
fat hallways of rock around the room(though it's still open). The 
environment here is much like any land just have a jet now. 
Press and hold B after your two initial jumps to shoot upward; this can 
be used offensively and defensively depending on your enemy's 
elevation. There are some awesome underwater fights waiting for you in 
this stage. 
---Items of note: Super Missile on isolated ledge(Gravity Boost your 
way to it), randomizer at floor of underwater chamber, item box 
underneath main platform in underwater chamber, two item boxes in 
control center, randomizer in control center. 

This unlockable level is split into actually two aerial arenas; the one 
with the randomizer in the center will be labeled A and the other one 
B. You can shoot from one arena to the other via kinetic orb cannon. 
When doing so, you will pass through a ring in the sky containing a 
Super Missile. On B, there are two kinetic orb cannons that lead to 
pretty much the same place. Also on B, there is a huge central 
structure(the one that "catches" you when being thrown from a kinetic 
cannon on A). This can be use as a defensive bulwark against homing 
attacks. You can also go behind it for some goodies. Same goes for A, 
except the central structure has openings so you can shoot, lay traps, 
etc. A really fun and original level. 
Items of note: Super Missile in center sky ring, randomizer behind 
central structure B, item box behind central structure A, randomizer at 
A's center, item box at front of B facing sky ring 

SECTION 4: [wpn]  ...and pick your weapon, too! 
Now that you're all set, you need to start exploring- that power beam 
won't be too helpful when you come across your buddy packing three 
dozen missiles and a fat Annihilator to top it off. Well, the 
Annihilator's skinny, but whatever. There are some things that you 
already are equipped with: 

Combat Visor 
Dark Visor 
Power Beam 
Charge Beam 
Morph Ball 
Morph Ball Bomb 
Grapple Beam 
Space Jump 
Boost Ball 
Spider Ball 
Gravity Boost 

Some important things to look out for are as follows... 

Health Orbs: These are you friends. They heal you...duh. They come in 
two flavors; grape and cherry. Grapes restore 10 health while cherries 
give you 30. Yum! As expected, red ones are less likely to be in plain 

Item Boxes: These contain your beam weapons. The boxes look like 
floating, rotating metal cubes with a strange glowing yellow symbol on 
it. You can get Dark Beam, Light Beam, and sometimes an Annihilator or 
Power Bomb. Simply shoot at the box to open it. 

Weapon Icon: This is left behind when an Item Box is broken open. Light 
Beam looks like a white circle over a crescent moon. Dark Beam looks 
like two purple stones under a larger arrowhead-shaped one. Annihilator 
looks like a panda bear head. Simple as that. Power Bomb looks like 
round metal sandwich with bits of orange. Note that if you already have 
a weapon and you collect its icon again, you'll just get an ammo 

Missile Icon: An orange missile-shaped rotaty thing found everywhere. 
Each one gives you access to your Missile Launcher and 5 missiles. You 
can hold up to 50 at one time. 

Super Missile Icon: This rare item is put in harder-to-reach spots than 
most normal items. They look like normal missile icons, except a little 
bigger and with metal plating. They upgrade your Missiles into deadly 
Super Missiles for about 25 seconds. Use 'em wisely. 

Massive Damage Icon: A one-of-a-kind item found only in Spider Complex. 
It adds 100% to your damage, effectively doubling it. Oh, by the way, 
collecting this item and then getting Massive Damage from a randomizer 
right after will not give you more than double damage. 

Power Bomb Ammo: These restore ammo to your power bombs of course. They 
look like little flying robot heads, like metal balls with antennae 
sticking out the bottom. These are sorta rare. You don't see them too 
often, so don't miss with your power bombage. 

Kinetic Orb Cannon: This is an orange spherical hologram. Dive into it 
with your morph ball to be shot to god knows where. 

Spider Ball Track: These metallic railings can be clung to with your 
spider ball. Hold down R to activate. 

Coin Chest: Found in Bounty Mode. The chests contain coins...yawn. 

Heavy Turret: Ahh yes, everyone's favorite. 75 damage, infinite 
ammo...and very vulnerable. This cannon is found in the Shooting 
Gallery stage. Enter the hologram in normal mode(not morph ball) and 
you can use it to fire huge green blasts of energy. Have fun! Oh yeah, 
to exit you press B. 

Grapple Point: This looks like an orange grapple symbol suspended in 
the air near things that your Grapple Beam can cling to. Look up at it 
until it turns blue, then press L to swing. Let go of L to drop off, or 
rotate around and press A to move your swing trajectory and shoot 

Randomizer: It looks like a glowing pillar of light with a question 
mark in it. Step in to receive a random battle effect. Refer to Misc. 
Info for details. 

Here we go. These are what you want to fight back with! This is how I 
will format the analysis of each weapon. 

Name: Duh. 
Description: How the weapon works, what it's like, etc... 
Damage: Points of damage dealt to your opponent on hit. Charge the 
weapon to increase damage. The more you charge it, the better it gets. 
Speed: How fast the weapon fires and travels, averaged together. Scored 
in X's from 1 to 5, with 1 being terrible and 5 being great. 
Range: The weapon's maximum range. Also scored in X's. 
Usefulness: Overall, how good and reliable it is in a fight. Scored in 
Notes: Any side-effects or other info. 

On with it! 

Name: Power Beam 
Description: Your default beam. It fires a small orange blast of energy 
that bursts into a little shockwave on impact. The charge beam 
increases its size and shockwave range. 
Damage: 1 standard, 7-15 charged 
Speed: XXXXX standard, XXX charged 
Range: XXXXX standard, XXXXX charged 
Usefulness: XXX 
Notes: It has great rapid-fire abilities and good speed, making it hard 
for the enemy to dodge. However, the lack of strength is a really bad 
downside. Of course, it also has its tactical upsides, like if you 
enjoy whittling down your opponents with fast, accurate weapons while 
dodging, etc. It can be really fun. It's up to you. Power Beam is not 
bad at all, but sometimes you need more punch. 

Name: Dark Beam 
Description: Unveil your evil side and blast your enemies with rapidly 
spinning purple shots. The charged version offers a larger blast that 
explodes into many dark particles that slowly damage your enemies over 
Damage: 5 standard, 12-20 charged; particles do 5-8 for a total of 
about 17-28 
Speed: XX standard, XX charged 
Range: XXXX standard, XXXX charged 
Usefulness: XXXX 
Notes: Charged Dark Beam shots also have a freezing effect; use this 
opportunity to blast away with missiles, another Dark Beam shot, or 
other weapons. Each Dark Beam shot uses 1 ammo; a charged one takes 5. 
Maximum capacity is 50. 

Name: Light Beam 
Description: This purifying weapon blasts a scorching ray of light 
straight forward. The charge beam version releases multiple lasers of 
long-ranged light that can home in if you lock on to your target. 
Enemies hit by this beam burst into flame. The charged Light Beam 
releases 3-5 lasers, depending on how long you charge it. 
Damage: 10 standard, 11-15 charged; 3 fire damage for a total of about 
Speed: XXXXX standard, XXXXX charged 
Range: XX standard, XXXXX charged 
Usefulness: XXXX 
Notes: The flame effect not only adds a bit of damage to your attack, 
but it also impairs your enemy's vision. Nice! The homing feature is 
great for fleeing opponents. Every Light Beam shot you use eats up 1 
ammo unit, and charged shots take 5. 

Name: Annihilator Beam 
Description: This bad boy releases sonic pulses that home in your 
enemies regardless of lock on; just fire somewhere in the general 
direction of your opponent for it to activate. Upon impact, shots burst 
into waves of sonic energy. Charged-up blasts release huge, non-homing 
waves of energy. It explodes outward into a fading circular shockwave. 
Damage: 5 standard, 20-35 charged 
Speed: XXXXX standard, XXX charged 
Range: XXXXX standard, XXXXX charged 
Usefulness: XXXXX 
Notes: While it doesn't have any side-effect like freezing or burning, 
it does pack some very high firepower and does well in most stats. It's 
fast, powerful, long-range, and can have homing properties too. The 
downside is that it costs 1 dark AND light ammo to fire, and 5 of each 
to use a charged shot. On another topic, keep an eye out for those Item 
Boxes, because getting a full refill for both light and dark ammo is 
just plain great. 

Name: Missile 
Description: Your missile launcher fires a high-grade blue and white 
explosive that bursts into a dome of light on impact. It homes in on 
your foes when locked on. 
Damage: 20 
Speed: XXX 
Range: XXXXX 
Usefulness: XXXXX 
Notes: It does good damage, has great range, and is a nice way to 
damage or kill fleeing opponents. Missiles hit hard and with good 
accuracy, so they're a fine idea in ranged battles. They can chase your 
enemies all the way across the battlefield if need be(though it usually 
hits before then). 

Name: Super Missile 
Description: The king of explosives is well worth the effort you put in 
to reach it; you now have the power of huge, deadly explosions at your 
Damage: 50 
Speed: XXXX 
Range: XXXXX 
Usefulness: XXXXX 
Notes: It's like being a kid in a candy store here. For almost 30 
seconds you can track down and slaughter your opponents with the Super 
Missile's incredible damage. It's fast too, and it locks on and homes, 
so if you can see your enemy, he's a good as dead unless he's smart 
enough to put an obstacle between himself and the missile. Other than 
that, enjoy your missiles while they last. 

Name: Morph Ball 
Description: Morph Ball Bombs release up to three small blue spheres 
that soon explode into shockwaves. It does small damage but it really 
adds up, especially when you use them to confuse your opponent or draw 
them him into traps. Using a bomb when very close to an enemy will 
explode it immediately instead of having the lag time. It's also useful 
for drive-by attacks with the Boost ability. Speaking of 
charging B in morph ball mode, you can release stored energy to reach 
high speeds. The flame aura that forms around you during Boosts can 
even damage enemies! On to Power Bombs. These puppies will unleash a 
mammoth explosion that will absolutely shred anything near you to tiny 
bits. Of course, you gotta get it to hit the enemy. So what do you do, 
plant it on them from above. Trap them in a corner and set one off. Use 
it while Boosting. Just think I'm sure you can come up with many more 
ideas for the morph ball other than escape... 
Damage: 10 bombs, 10 boost, 99 power bombs 
Speed: XX bombs, XXXXX boost, X power bombs 
Range: X bombs, X boost, XXX power bombs 
Usefulness: XXXX all 
Notes: Well, since I just realized I put all my notes up in 
Description, oh well. Uhh...Morph ball is good? I guess? Have fun with 

Name: Heavy Turret 
Description: Man the gun to fire enormous green shots. Use with 
caution; you can still be harmed. 
Damage: 75 per hit (!) 
Speed: XXX 
Range: XXXXX 
Usefulness: XXX 
Notes: Yes, the damage is ridiculous for something that can fire like 
the turret. However, there is a way to beat a turret camper. And that 
is the morph ball slot directly behind it...more on that in the 
Strategy section. 

Name: Kinetic Orb Cannon 
Description: When firing out of one, you become a weapon o.O 
Damage: Uh...insta-kill! 
Speed: XX? 
Range: Kinda hard to determine. 
Usefulness: X 
Notes: I included this because I felt like it. If an enemy touches you 
when you enter the hologram, they die. End of story. 

SECTION 5: [str]  Strategy 
This is where I shall *arnold schw. voice* PUMP YOU UP! Seriously, you 
need to have some sort of battle plan or tactic to win. If you just 
charge in with guns ablazin', your enemy will turn, yawn, and then pelt 
you with missiles. You need to defend when you need to, counterattack, 
and use the terrain to your advantage while forcing the opponent(s) 
into bad situations. 

When you decide to go on the offensive, pay attention to both your 
beams and the enemy's. If he has a Light Beam, stay out of range and be 
ready to duck behind corners to avoid the charge-shot. If he has a Dark 
Beam, strafe a lot so his shots miss, and stay at midrange. If he's got 
an Annihilator, then it takes a bit more cunning. You should try to 
play defensive here; try to whittle down his ammo until he's forced to 
use something different against you. To fight against the annihilator 
is like fighting a stone wall- it's very hard and time-consuming. 
You'll need more tactical planning with your morph ball, grapple beam, 
and other methods of attack since using your beams against the 
annihilator is not always a good idea. 

If you're losing health, try to maintain a higher position than your 
opponent. This forces him to look up manually or back up far enough to 
see you, both of which take some time so you can escape. Use pillars, 
walls, and other obstacles to block shots, and strafe out in erratic 
intervals so you don't make a pattern. Better yet, strafe out one side 
a few times and then pop out the other side or attack from a completely 
different direction. Attacking with a surprise element not only is a 
health-saving tactic but also is very fun and rewarding, just like 
shooting out the floor from underneath someone's feet in Shooting 
Gallery or swinging on the grapple beam while massacring your friend 
who's in the ventilation duct directly in front of you. Using indirect 
methods of attack puts you in a better position to be offensive, and 
increases your odds of winning in general. 

---Morph Ball Tactics--- 
The morph ball is a great thing in MP2 that's just a little different 
from the big-name, big-multiplayer shooters. The morph ball is not just 
a tool for escape. You can also be fiercely offensive with it. Yeah, it 
sounds funny being "fiercely offensive" with a little ball, but can you 
take an ordinary rubber ball and set off massive bombs or speed along 
at 60 MPH directly into your neighbor with it? No. The morph ball has 
three main methods of attack discussed in the Weapons section. Bombs, 
power bombs, and boost. The bombs are the basic form of attack. They're 
weak but using them together will add up. It also adds up if you 
confuse the hell out of your opponent with them and then unroll behind 
them and start blasting away. Morph bombs can be used as a quick way to 
break up the flooring in Shooting Gallery while enabling you to escape 
in time(boost). Bombs have a lot of variety in them; you just need to 
know how and when to use it. You could even surround an enemy with the 
3 bombs if you've got the time and health to do so. Just think. There 
are many more uses for bombs. They may not be in this FAQ, but they're 
in your head, and that's what makes this game simply awesome. 

Morph ball boosting is our next topic. Boosts deal as much damage as 
one bomb. Not much, but you can use it as a hasty retreat or as a last-
resort method of attack. Retreating with it is easy enough, but what do 
you do if there's a missile on your ass? Roll into a lower elevation. 
Roll behind a wall. Roll behind your opponent. Roll this, roll that. 
Just roll. Ok, sorry. The boost is also used if you need to cross a 
room that the enemy is in and you want to do it fast. If the exit is on 
a higher elevation, don't attempt to bomb jump- instead, temporarily 
unroll and quickly jump up. This puts you at a better position. While 
you're a larger target, you don't need to waste time just sitting there 
as a ball waiting for your bombs to go off. You can also be ready to 
fight back if your enemy turns and starts firing, and you'll be at a 
higher elevation to boot so that buys you some time if you can't fight 
back. Then you can duck safely behind a wall or corner(unless someone 
else is behind you!) and morph. While boosting, a nasty trick is to 
place bombs right as you pass your opponent. You could even do this 
with power bombs, just try to have good timing and get it behind them 
so if they don't know what's going on, they will be dead- the time it 
takes to turn 180 degrees around to look will kill them. 

Power bombs...the insta-killers. If you place them right, that is. Just 
putting one at your enemy's feet is a bad idea since he can just back 
up and watch the pretty fireworks. Instead, try placing one behind him- 
sneak up. Or even more fun is to spot your enemy below you, bounce 
right on top of his head, and THEN lay a power bomb. Hooray! You can 
also try placing them in hard-to-see spots, so you can hope that your 
enemy doesn't see that particular place until it's too late. You can 
trap your foes with power bombs. Force them into a small area with only 
one exit, and block it off with a power bomb. This buys you time to get 
into a better position for attacking if they survive. IF they survive. 
To make sure that doesn't happen, place it nearer your enemy. This 
ensures that they die, and the exit won't matter anymore ^_^ 

---The Power Beam--- 
The power beam is your weak default beam. It is weak. Very. A single 
shot does 1 damage. A volley of them does maybe 8. C'mon, your morph 
bombs do more than that. This beam sucks, right? Not really. It's got 
low power, yes, but it is helpful in the beginning and it's a fun 
weapon to use if you feel like saving your ammo or chipping an enemy to 
death. This weapon is one of the most accurate you have simply because 
of its speed. The extreme rapid-fire capabilities allow you to shoot 
volleys of this weapon in great bursts. It can be tiring though. At 
least to me. Whenever I try the Power Beam my thumb gets sore... 

---The Dark Beam--- 
Sure, it can be slow, but if you hit with it they will feel it, I 
assure you. A common combo is using the charged dark beam over and over 
to keep your enemy frozen. Of course, you cannot just rush an opponent 
with the dark beam(that's absolutely laughable). You need to sneak up 
on him. Spot your opponent coming, duck into a corner, wait for him to 
pass, and then pop back out whilst popping him with your Dark Beam. It 
also helps to keep a shot charged when waiting- that way, you can have 
an attack ready on short notice. Now if they're frozen by your well-
placed Dark shot, you have a number of options. The first is to keep 
them frozen with more Dark shots. This is cheesy. I don't recommend it, 
but whatever floats your boat. Another option is a missile barrage. Get 
yourself at a good distance, lock on, and let loose. Make sure you're 
ready to defend against any counterattacks. One more thing you could do 
is plant a power bomb directly in front of him for an easy finisher. An 
easy, evil finisher. You need to be fast for this work, or else they 
will break free. It's a risk. 

Now, you need to hit with this beam. It is not terribly accurate so you 
need to make up for that in your own terms. Sneak up, be stealthy, 
attack from above or below(preferably above), think of something. Be 
varied. Don't use the same strategy to hit with your beam over and over 
or else they'll figure it out and punish you. 

---The Light Beam--- 
Here we go. This a short-ranged, fast, accurate weapon(sorta opposite 
the Dark Beam). You can make your enemies go flamity-flame-flame!! You 
gotta get in closer range to hit with it unless you use the charged 
shot, which is recommended for its range and homing ability. The light 
beam has a decent rate of fire you can blast away if they get careless 
or if you encounter them in front of you and they don't notice(they're 
turned away or preoccupied). You can use the homing to your advantage; 
just find a nice spot to snipe and fire away when they're not near any 
obstacles. Good spots for this are the catwalk in Spider Complex and 
the side areas of the top of Sidehopper Station. Be creative. This is a 
fairly straightforward and easy-to-use weapon, but you can come up with 
a lot of strategy with such simple things as terrain, elevation, and 
enemy position. 

---The Annihilator Beam--- 
The mammoth of the beams is BACK and BETTER THAN EVER!!! Okay I just 
had to say that. Really, Annihilator is a very powerful(if brief) 
weapon. Even collecting an annihilator icon is great; full refill for 
both dark and light!! Assuming you have both beams, of course. Getting 
an annihilator won't magically sprout the other beams. Anyway, 
annihilator is a deadly weapon. Very powerful, very rapid-fire, and 
great homing ability. Basically this is a button masher beam. If you 
can get the enemy in sight, you can kill him in 20 mashes. Is he hurt 
already? Then it's even less. Of course, just sitting there firing is a 
bad idea. You need to be dodging his shots too. Keep an eye out on what 
he's doing, and where he might be heading. If he's smart, he'll try 
some clever trick against you or bust out a Death Ball to shove down 
your throat. Be sure to save your ammo. Don't use the charge shot 
unless he's in close range(watch out for light beams and charged dark 
beams). Strafe, aim carefully, and fire when you have the opportunity, 
like when he's busy charging something. If you get overwhelmed, don't 
be afraid to run. It's better to save your own life and that tasty 
annihilator than to lose it by being stubborn. Having an annihilator 
does not make you anywhere near invincible. You have great attack 
power, yes, but hey, Frodo and the gang DID take down that troll, did 
they not? Keep an eye out for tricks. Take care, even with your 

---The Missile Launcher--- 
Your missiles are some of your most deadly weapons. Great damage, good 
speed, great accuracy, and a good radius to boot. Use them on fleeing 
opponents or in your attacks as a mix-up. Not much to say here other 
than have fun with them, like Super Missiles. Just be sure to not hit 
any obstacles. 

---The Heavy Turret--- 
The turret in Shooting Gallery is the focal point of the arena. Whoever 
has it is the king of the hill. I personally like the freedom of 
movement much more than 75 damage attacks, but whatever. If you have 
it, you're in luck. It can be tough to breach a turret, but it's 
possible so you have to have good aim. If you don't eliminate the 
threat, they CAN kill you. The turret can be fired at and destroyed 
just like you. If you have low health, you can hop in the turret to 
save your life though. So it's good. You can fire across into the 
pillar room, and if you have extremely precise aiming, you can hit even 
the BACK of the pillar room, past the pillar! Be sure to watch the room 
you're in, too. Hitting a moving target can be difficult, but you can 
improve you odds by shooting apart the grates in the room to decrease 
their mobility. You can even hit people while they're grappling. It's 
very amusing. Even if you don't have a friend, try it out with a second 
controller. It's really funny. 

Anyway, what if you're trying to attack the turret? You can destroy it 
two ways: Reduce its HP to 0 through conventional attack, or zoom 
behind it and set off the morph ball slot to blow it up. It doesn't 
really matter; both methods take effort and strategy. If your opponent 
is careless or has bad aim, though, you could just save yourself some 
time and boost up the walkway and set off the slot since it's quicker. 
Now, if you're fighting the turret, that's a different story. Two hits 
and you're gone. So you need to know where you're going. If you just 
need to cross the room quickly, boost by with your morph ball. If you 
need to traverse it any other way while fighting, you must avoid the 
grates at all costs. They can be blown out from under you, dropping you 
in acid and possibly reducing the number of times you must be hit from 
2 to 1. Be careful, and use the turret's recoil time to your advantage. 
You can attack or escape safer when it has just fired a missing shot. 

Oh, and if at all possible, grab the super missile next door if you 
just want to blow the crap out of the turret. 

SECTION 6: [msc]  Misc. Info 
This is where I list all the odds and ends that didn't really fit 
anywhere else. 
1) Morph Ball Racing 
2) So what's in that Randomizer, anyway? 
3) Music Unlocking 
4) Level Unlocking 
5) Double-bomb Jump 

1).  Morph Ball Racing 
A fun way to pass the time is morph ball racing. Set a course, have 
each of you grab one power bomb, and race! Set different bombs to 
impair other people's courses and boost to get ahead or smack another 
player out of the way. Decide some laps, and there you go! Morph Ball 
racing is one of those things that people wished were in multiplayer, 
but hey, it IS! 

2).  So what's in that Randomizer, anyway? 
Randomizers are those pillars of light with the ? symbol in it. They 
can contain the following: 

Unlimited Beam Ammo - Self explanatory. 
Unlimited Missiles - See above 
Invisibility - See above...use Dark Visor to see an invisible enemy or 
when you see the enemy dot on the radar disappear 
Invulnerability - Go on a killing spree! 
Massive Damage - Doubles your attack power, turns those super missiles 
into killing machines 
Death Ball - This turns you into an electric morph ball; any who touch 
you are most likely dead 
Hacker Mode - Scan someone to hack them, distorting their vision and 
doing damage 

These all wear off after a few moments, so use them quickly. 

3)  Music unlocking 

Music is unlocked through playing the game. 

Luminoth(Temple Grounds theme) - Find U-Mos. If you're at the beginning 
of the game, don't worry, he is not far away. 
Pirate Fear("approaching pirates" theme) - Speak to U-Mos after 
restoring energy to the first temple. 
Torvus Bog(Torvus Bog theme) - Speak to U-Mos after restoring energy to 
the second temple. 
Sanctuary(Sanctuary Fortress theme) - Speak to U-Mos after restoring 
energy to the third temple. 
Darkness(Dark Samus battle theme) - Beat the game. 
Dark Echoes(Menu theme) - Beat the game. 

4)  Level unlocking 

Levels are also unlocked through playing single player. 

Pipeline - Gotten along with Torvus Bog soundtrack. 
Spires - Gotten along with Sanctuary soundtrack. 

5)  Double Bomb Jumping 

Most everyone knows about this(in fact it's required sometimes in 
Metroid games to get things). To perform this move, lay a bomb in morph 
ball mode, and right before it explodes, lay a second one. Now as you 
are launched into the air from your first bomb, lay your third one a 
little below the apex of your jump. If timed right, you will be blasted 
up twice as high and can reach higher places. You don't really need 
this in multiplayer, but it's in here anyway. 

SECTION 7: [bye]  Bye byes!! 
I'd like to thank Retro for bringing us Metroid Prime as well as this 
masterpiece. I think they did a great job with the multiplayer too, for 
their first try. It's incredibly fun, and that's why I made this FAQ. 
Second I want to thank GameFAQs and all of the users there including 
CJayC for keeping this site awesome all these years. Great job, 

Note: Since the first version of this guide does not have any player 
input other than mine(duh), there are no further credits. If you want, 
you can e-mail me at... 

Please do not send spam and all that, it's just plain grr. 
Other than that, feel free to send me your comments, suggestions, 
strategies, etc. I will gladly put your name in this section. 

So have fun! That's the point of this game, right? Hell, it's the point 
of all games. So have fun!!