FAQ/Walkthrough by Phazon Monkey

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/05/05 | Printable Version

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Version 1.0

By Tommy

Table of Contents

Section 1: Controls
Section 2: Temple grounds
2.1: Missiles
Section 3: Agon Wastes
3.1 Morph Ball Bombs
3.2 Space Jump Boots
3.3 Dark Beam
3.4 Light Beam
3.5 Dark Suit
Section 4: Torvus Bog
4.1 Super Missiles
4.2 Seeker Missiles
4.3 Gravity Boost
4.4 Grapple Beam
4.5 Dark Visor
Section 5: Sanctuary Temple
5.1 Spider Ball
5.2 Power Bombs
5.3 Echoes Visor
5.4 Ahhnilator Beam
5.5 Light Suit
Section 6: Sky Temple Keys
6.1: Temple Ground keys
6.2: Agon Wastes Keys
6.3: Torvus Bog keys:
6.4: Sanctuary Fortress Keys
Section 7: The Final Battle
7.1 Emperor Ing
7.2 Dark Samus
Section 8: Possible Endings
Section 9: Copyrights

Section 1: Controls

Control stick: Move on main screen. Move Samus.
Directional Pad: Switch Visors
C stick: Switch Beams
Start/pause: Pause the game
B button: jump. Press twice to double jump. Press B twice and hold to float in
water. Go back on Main Screen.
A button: Shoot. Hold to charge and shoot. Select something on Main Screen.
Lay bomb in morph ball mode.
Y button: Fire missile. Lay power bomb in morph ball mode.
X button: Enter and exit morph ball mode.
L button: Lock on to an enemy. Use the scan visor.
R button: Move arm manually. Using the Control stick, move the arm while
holding R.
Z: Bring up the map.

*note, this walkthrough does not contain all the expansions/scans in the game,
although there are some.

Section 2: Temple Grounds

Samus gets a message from the Galactic Federation telling her that a ship Dis-
appeared on aether. She goes to investigate and crash lands thanks to the
deadly atmosphere.

Section 2.1

You will come out of your ship and you are in a room called ďlanding siteĒ.
Using the power beam and the lock-on modes, destroy the webbing blocking your
way. In the Hive Access Tunnel, drop down the hole. In the new room you need to
scan the post near the door. Destroy the locks that appear and enter the door.

Now, scan the post near the dead creature (you will find that this is a
Luminoth). Download the map and continue, destroying the webbing. Ignore the
corpses in the room and kill the bugs. Roll under the gate in the next room.
Roll through the tunnel and bomb the gate that blocks your way. Using a bomb
jump (lay a bomb and roll on top of it) and use the bomb slot. Now go back near
the gate. On your way you will have to attack the zombies of some Galactic
Federation Troopers that have been infected by Ing. Scan the panel that the
Luminoth had tried to scan. The gate opens, be sure to scan the Lore near the
gate, and fight more GF Troopers. You will see Dark Samus. He will enter the
Dark World. Follow him. You will be attacked by some Ing while watching Dark
Samus. They will steal almost everything but Samus manages to get back to the
Light World.

Go back behind the portal and blow up the stuff on the wall in order to morph
ball through. Go past some GF troopers. The path next is blocked to the right
and to the left you need to scan the post and destroy the locks. Move the block
by scanning a post again. Climb up the platforms and cross bridge scanning yet
another post and destroying some locks. You will see Lore in the tunnel on the
way to the door. In the next room, you will see a block but you need the light
beam. You will also see a translator. It is impossible to open but if you turn
around youíll be able to scan a . . . post? Again? Well anyways it will move a

Shoot the frayed part and it will drop and allow you to pass. In the next room
scan the machine to open door. Follow the path to Lore. Scan post to turn on
Satellite but the atmosphere blocks it. Exit the path and fight the
Ing-possesed Space Pirates on the way. In the next room, roll through the hole
near the right of the gate and enter the other side of the room. Get Lore and
open the gate. It is malfunctioning so you will have to roll under. Here you
will find the GF ship you were looking for and many dead troopers. One of them,
according to how Samus acts, is probably her friend. Youíll learn that they
were attacked by Dark Splinters and got annihilated. Too bad but we have worse
things to worry about.
Blow up the box and get missiles.

Missiles Acquirred!
Section 3: Agon Wastes

Now scan the dead GF Troopers and get ready to fight. Using missiles is
helpful but you are limited and you will have to open a few doors. After they
are dead, enter the ship from the bottom. Collect map data and jump out the
side. Morph Ball and fly across the place with the cannon. Roll through the
hole and get the Lore, you will not be able to access a yellow door. So go back
and open the missile door.

Ignore Wasps and scan the post above you. This will open a Morph Ball Cannon
getting you to the ledge. Go through the door. Destroy the Hives with missiles.
Scan the hidden post for a Morph Ball Cannon. Fire up at the pillar. It will
crack so hit it with a missile. Now Cannon up to the hole and roll along the
track to take the Elevator to the Great Temple. Roll through the tunnel and in
the room you become trapped.

Dark Alpha Splinter
Fight the splinters which will become Dark Splinters. After they die (they will
die easy with a charge shoot and a few normal shots) Alpha Splinter appears. It
will become possessed and become Dark Alpha Splinter. Shoot it and strafe. It
is easy as long as you keep moving. It will shoot dark stuff and then jump, if
you know this pattern you wonít lose. You will acquire an unknown object,
nothing negative happens.
Take the elevator up and talk to your first Luminoth; U-mos.

He explains how Aether was divided into 2 worlds and how they had to split the
energy. So the Ďunknown objectí was an energy transponder that every Ing REALLY
want. So now you can use purple Translator Doors and Lore. Get the Lore and
head down. Go to through the door that leads to Agon Wastes. At Temple Assembly
Line go right until you reach the elevator. Get energy Tank on the way by
opening the missile door. Get the Lore. After opening the translator, kill the
Luminites and take the elevator down.


Now get to the Mining Plaza. Take a right through the missile door to save. Go
back. Jump up the platforms to the right and shoot the pillar with a missile.
It will fall. Continue across the bridge and through the door. Roll through.
You will fight many Space Pirates here. Use missiles on them. Go up the
platforms on the far side. Ignore the first door, go all the way up and missile
another pillar. Open the door and continue. Pass shriek bats and enter temple.

Bomb Guardian
Watch out for the sludge it spits. The back side that lays bombs is what you
shoot. Then when you do enough damage, the front end charges and you shoot it.
If you kill it, it will give you Morph Ball Bombs that can destroy Talloric

Morph Ball Bombs Acquired!

Section 3.2

Blow up the wall and continue. Use the bomb slot to get to the other side of
the room. I-sha, the Luminoth, will tell you that you need 3 keys from the Dark
World to access the Dark Agon Energy Controller to bring the energy back. In
Mining Station A you can now open a translator door for a missile expansion. Go
beneath it and follow the path four a Morph Ball Cannon elevator. On the other
side, if you turn around, you can find a missile expansion right next to the
first cannon.
After killing off the space pirates in the Portal Terminal, activate the bomb
slot. A ďladderĒ appears and use the morph ball to climb up. No just use bombs
and bomb jumps to get to the top. Avoid the buzz saws and you open the portal
to the Dark World. Now all you have to do is scan the bottom-left corner of the
portal to activate it.

In the Dark World, try to avoid the atmosphere as much as possible, for youíll
lose health for being there. Take a left and be sure to shoot the little dots
of light, they provide temporary shields. Use the bomb slot to open the gate
and continue. You will come upon a save station, use it. Continue left in the
next room. Kill the annoying Ing Warriors and get to the dark door. This canít
be opened so go up the steps. Follow the moving light portal, or just run
through if you have enough health. Go across the bridge to the next room.
Jump Guardian
This thing is nothing but a giant Ing Warrior. Shoot this thing till it dies.
It loses health rather quickly and its only attack is to shoot Dark Matter at
you. When you beat him you will get the Space Jump Boots back.

Space Jump Boots Acquired!

Section 3.3

Jump up platforms and got through the missile door. When you enter the temple
go left, open the door, get the key, and head back to the Light World.

Go left, the door is now open. You will get a missile expansion. Save in the
next room. In the room after that, open the translator. Bomb and roll in, get
your prize, go back and head left. Bomb the block and use the Morph Ball Cannon
to reach the Energy Tank. Jump up on the statue of . . . something. Jump up to
the ledge and get the Lore and open the gate. Kill pirates and enter the
Central Mining Station. Kill the pirates and the turrets using missiles. In the
next room, bomb the weak spot on the floor and roll into the Command Center.
Keep an eye out, while dodging the electricity, for an opening in the pipe that
will lead to a missile expansion. Kill all the Space Pirates and scan the Lores.

Now head up the mini elevator and go through the door. You will see Dark Samus
again but you canít chase him. Go through the door, open the barrier and go
back down and go through the now open door. Fight the turret and roll under the
laser beams. In the next room, jump up and kill the pesky Pirates. Youíll pass
some contained Metroids on your way through the door. Activate the bomb slot
and get to the next room. Kill the pirates, go right, and scan the thing. Now
go to the other side. Each room controls the containers in front of you. The
left one moves it down and the right one moves it up. Make some stairs going to
the right using the containers. Get the energy tank and make the stairs go left

Jump, bomb block, jump, and continue dodging the lasers. Save in the room. In
the new room, blow up back wall with a missile (find it with your scan visor).
Boss battle time.

Dark Samus
Shoot at him and dodge his attacks using the pillars as shields. Once you get
his health down Ĺ of the way (which isnít hard) he will seem to charge up and
now he will turn into a ball a jump at you . . . wait, thatís Samusí Morph
ball! Oh well. When he charges at you, donít use the outer pillars, they will
brake away. Use the middle pillar. And before you know it . . . what the heck?
Heís dead already?
Well, take the elevator up.

Dark Beam Acquired!


Get the Lore and go back. Shoot the light crystal in the room where you first
saw Dark Samus to open the doors. In the command center, shoot the Dark Beam at
the Dark Portal to activate it. Move from light crystal to light crystal and
try to find a statue on a pillar that shows up read with your scan visor. Shoot
a missile and hit the crystal with your Dark Beam. Jump up to the Dark Beam
door. Donít enter though, get the key and then enter. Kill the Ing in the
tunnel and continue. You will see an inactive portal so keep on going. On the
back top side of the platforms you can lower them with a good Dark Beam shot.

Jump up and got through the door to get a Save Station. Roll through, fall in
the phazon (thereís no other way) and bomb out. Take the Elevator down. Blow up
the boxes to the left and scan the first post. Go back the other way. Scan the
second post on the ledge. Now jump up the moving platforms for post number 3.
Shoot several times in order to open the barrier. Hop over it and open the
missile door. In the next room, drop down. Shoot as many bats as you can. Now
shoot the crystal on the pillar and the crystal near the other light barrier.
This will give you access to the Dark Door.

Light Beam Acquired!


Inside the Feeding Pit go on through the Light Door. Shoot the Dark Webbing
down with the Light Beam. Go through the Light Door in the Doomed Entry. At the
Battleground, the key will disappear and you will have to kill the Ing in order
to find it. Go to the inactive portal you saw earlier and activate it with your
Light Beam. Go back to the Portal Terminal. On your way, go back to the Space
Pirate place and get the missile expansion in the room near the Biostorage
Station. Now back in the Dark World, go to the Temple. Open the door with the
keys and . . .

While it is jumping, shoot it to crack the shell. Then it will attach itself to
the ball in the middle and fight you. Shoot the head and it will fall over.
Morph ball and he will suck you in. Use a few bombs and you will damage it. Now
there are two and then there will be three worms. It is easy; just shoot the
shell off whatever one decides to pop up. When they attach themselves to the
ball, work on one at a time. This is simpler then it sounds.

Dark Suit Acquired

Section 4: Torvus Bog

Go to the energy controller and take the energy from the Dark World. Now take
it back to the Light World. Youíll see that the energy has been returned. Now
go back to where you first met U-mos. Now go down, open the translator, and
your on your way to Torvus. Continue, waiting for the Sandbats to pass. Jump up
and activate the Dark Portal. Go through the tunnel, there are few light
barriers, and take the Morph Ball Elevator on the right. Skip the first bomb
slot you see. Do the rest of them.

Now drop down the other elevator and go up the first one in order to get the
first bomb slot. Now go onto the sideways elevator and shoot the bats you see
coming. Go to the Light World. Go through the path using the light beam to move
some blocks. Open the Translator and take the elevator. Pass the shriek bats
and get the lore. Jump up to the left platform to save. Dive into the water and
take the Dark Beam door. Roll under the cage into the next room. Open the
missile door to allow a bridge to the Light Door in the first room.

Now kill the Grenchlers. Go up the platforms. You will notice a bomb slot that
can only be accessed from the Dark World. Cross the bridge and enter the Dark
World. Go back to the bomb slot and move the bridge. Go back to the light
world, use the Light Beam on the Pirates and get the missile expansion by the
door the go through it. Take the Morph Ball path on the right of the ledge. Let
the spore grab you, and then kill it. Continue. Jump down and go right. Scan
post and Morph Ball Cannon to the ledge. Take the Dark Beam door. Bomb the
middle spot in the hallway to get a missile expansion. Go back and continue.
Now you will have a fight with some pirates.

Super Missiles Acquired!


Take the elevator to the top. Familiar?
A-vog will allow you to access Emerald translators and Lore now. He (or she or
it, who knows?) will tell you that you need 3 more keys. Go down the elevator
and take the door. Fight some space pirates. How annoying. Activate portal to
Dark Aether and fight the Hunter Ing. They can only be hit when they latch on
to a tree. Climb the stumps to the Dark Door. Save the game and jump to the
next room. Youíll see the Boost Guardian speed into the next room. Follow him.

Boost Guardian
When this horribly difficult boss is in its solid form, last it with the light
beam. I donít know if my game is messed up or if this is a glitch but when I
ran out of Ammo, I could still use charged shots for some reason. When he uses
the Boost Ball attack on you do one of these things:
1) Try to stand on one of those posts.
2) If you canít stay balanced, roll into Morph Ball and roll around everywhere
laying bombs.
3) When he turns into Morph Ball form, bomb him like crazy.

When he hits one of your bombs or a post he will turn into liquid form. Get
into the famous Morph Ball again and lay bombs in front of him. If you damage
him enough like that, he will return to solid form. Continue this until you get
the Boost Ball.

Boost Ball Acquired!


In the other section of Dark Torvus Arena, use the boost ball to ride the
half-pipe and get your first key of this area. Go to the Great Bridge (in the
Light World) and open the Translator to get a map.
Now head ALL THE WAY back to the Temple Grounds. Go to the Meeting Grounds and
use the half-pipe. Follow the Morph Ball track to the destination. Use the
spinners you find in order to move the panels. When one panel lights up, stop
and try another spinner. You have to get all of them to light up. Since some
spinners control 2 panels you will have to use different ones. The first one on
the left and the one in the back-right have to be used in conjunction in order
to get the first to panels to light up, for example.

Seeker Missiles acquired!


Use them to open the doors and head back to Agon (this is only for a missile
expansion, so if you donít want it, skip this next paragraph).

Go to the Transport Center in Light Agon. Use your boost ball in order to get
to the dark portal. The missile expansion is located . . . right in front of
your face?

Now take the elevator back to Torvus.
Take the Seeker Missile door to an elevator that leads to the lower level of
the Torvus Bog. Save your game behind the missile door. Go under water and get
to the platform with the Morph Ball Cannon, but donít use it, it just leads to
the top of the room. Now scan the machine then go to up the Morph Ball Cannon.
Now go to the Seeker Missile door. Follow the weird light through the tunnel.
What the . . . I thought we killed him? You wonít have to fight that monster
now. Kill the Bloggs and use the spinner the move the tunnel to the red things.
Morph Ball through, get Lore, and continue.

Go through the tunnels and in the big room, take the Dark Beam door (got
through the water and up the platforms to reach it). In the first room, scan
the machine. Now go to where you saw Dark Samus and take the Light Beam door
this time. Go under the water and shoot the two things that are spiky on top in
order to cross them. Go above water and hop across to the bomb slot and
activate it. Now go to the Dark World and turn the spinner. Take the Morph Ball
Cannon to the ledge and go to the first room. Get the last lock and open the
bottom thing in order to get to the next room. Drop down the shaft. In the next
room, jump down, turn around and

Gravity Boost Acquired!

Alpha Blogg
Dodge the water bubbles and charge up. He will try to charge at you. Use a
Super missile then strafe or Gravity Boost out of the way. When he is dead use
your Gravity Boost to get to the Save Station in the first room. Now go to the
Meditation Visita and go to the Dark World. Go to the Dark Forgotten Bridge and
use the Super Missile door. Hit the Crystal on the platform with a Dark Beam
blast and then go through the Morph Ball hole. Now go through the portal
chamber to the poisoned bog. Go through the Seeker Door for a Beam expansion.
Now in the Portal Chamber, donít Morph Ball. Instead Jump up and go through the
hole. Take the Light Portal, get expansion, and go back. Now go to the Dark
Torvus Temple. From here go through the Super Missile door and get the Energy
Tank. Take the other one for an Ammo Recharge Station. Back in the Poisoned
Bog, go through the missile door for a Save Station.

Now that that is done go to the Light World and through the Hydrodynamo Shaft.
When you see those weird things, float upwards to get a Dark Portal. When in
the Dark World, get the key thatís right in front of your face. Now go to the
Catacombs. In the Morph Ball Tunnel on the way you can get an energy tank. In
the first tube you can use a Double Bomb jump to get to the Bomb slot. Now, in
a tube further down, jump, and before you reach the top of your jump, lay
another bomb. Do this several times and you will get a bomb slot. Now in the
middle tube you can find an energy tank using some more bomb jumps. Energize
the bomb slot in the Catacombs and go to the Dark World (donít worry you wonít
land in Dark Water).

Take undertransit 2 to the Sacrificial Chamber. Cross the room and enter the
undertransit 1. Hit the Light Crystal with your Dark Beam. Climb the moving
platforms to Crypt Tunnel. Go through and drop to the bottom in the next room.
Take the Morph Ball Cannon to a Save Station. Drop to the middle of the room,
go through the cage energizing the bomb slots on the way, and continue in order
to fight . . .
Grapple Guardian
All this easy, yet time consuming, boss can do is move around, snap at you if
you get too close, and spit the Grapple Beam out of its mouth. Dodge this by
hiding behind a pole or simply moving. Shoot his eye like crazy. When he stops
to pant charge up and move to his back-side at the same time and fire a Super
Missile. ĺ of the way through he will lose his shell only making it easier for
now you donít have to go behind him, you can shoot his face.

Grapple Beam Acquired!


Hop up to the ledge on one side and Grapple Beam to the other ledge. Now go to
the Save Station in the main room. Go to the Venomous Pond (you will have to
exit the Dark World and come back in the upper part of Torvus) and get the key
using the grapple beam. Now go into the temple via the elevator and destroy the
cocoonís supports with missiles.
Chykka Larva
When this thing swims around, use the power beam on those annoying flying
dudes. When he stops swimming charge your Light Beam and look on the radar.
When he see a dot appear turn to face it. Chykka will jump out of the water.
Use your Light Beam on its stomach. When it jumps onto the platform, keep
shooting charged shots and dodge its tongue.
Chykka Adult
When you will Cykka Larva this thing appears and your platform is cracked into

Round one: Shoot it in the head with the Dark Beam. When it sprays water just
jump out of the way. When it stops moving and you see 4 red circles on the
opposite side, use your grapple beam to get to another platform and use a Super
Missile on a Target. Repeat this 4 times.

Round two: Shoot the cocoon thing on its tail with any weapon. It will shoot
Chyklings out of this cocoon; use your R button Aiming system on them, it is
easier. When the cocoon opens go onto
Round three: Same thing as round 1
Round four: Same thing as round 2

Dark Visor Acquired

Section 5: Sanctuary Temple

Use the Dark Visor to go up the platforms. Now get the energy and head back to
Light Torvus. Give the energy to the temple and head back to U-mos. You will
need to go to the Sanctuary Temple so go to the Sacred Bridge. Switch to the
Dark Visor and use Seeker Missiles on the 5 locks. Go through the Compound and
scan the post. Use the spinner and kill the pirates. Use the light beam or
super missile when they donít have their shield up. Now shoot the turrets and
use the Dark Visor + Seeker Missiles again to make the ledge drop down. Use a
Super Missile and a charged shot on the drone.

Now you will fight what seems like a mini boss. But  I hope it isnít too hard
for ya because there are A LOT more! Use a Super Missile on the head. You might
have to shoot the butt. Itís easy. Now it will twirl so use your boost ball on
it. Then use a bomb underneath it when it stops. Then the head will pop off,
use Light Beam on it. Now go through the Missile Door to save. Kill the floaty
things and go to the top and through the door.

Go through the Morph Ball hole after scanning the post. First take Amber
(yellow) bomb slot. Then take the Cobalt (blue) one. Next is Crimson (or red)
and last is Emerald (Green). Cross the bridge and go through the door killing
drones. Energize the Portal and take the Dark Door to an elevator. In the Hive
Dynamo Works, kill the bats and use the Grapple Hook to cross the gap. Now turn
around and use the Dark Visor and Seekers again in order to open the access to
the Light World. Take the portal. Roll under the floor and watch out for the
Mechaclops (you know, the evolved form of the annoying Cyclops in MP1?).

Activate the elevator and go through the door. Now get to a room with the
Dynamo inside of it. Use the Morph Ball Tunnel in the back wall in order to get
to a room with a bomb slot (the second one over). Activate it. Now shoot the
center of the panels in order to make 3 straight rows of the same color. Use
the new bomb slot and go back to the room where you first came upon when you
morph balled. Jump onto the ledge that stopped spinning earlier when you used
the bomb slot. Go through the Morph Ball pipe to the next room. Use the spinner
to create a shortcut, but donít use the shortcut, take the elevator.
In the Temple you will find two drones. Kill Ďem and head up the platforms
using your handy Grapple Beam. Now go through the usual Energy Controller guard
and talk to O-Lir. He says to watch out for the drones. Now get the Lore and
leave. Go to the Translator door, trying not to fall (there are some annoying
dudes down there). Jump down to the lowest platform and scan the thing. Use the
Morph Ball Cannon to get to the other side. Go through the Morph Ball Hole into
the next room.

Spider Guardian

Ok this boss is my favorite so far. In this first room, all you have to do is
use bombs on him. Lay a bomb right before he passes over. 3 bombs and the bomb
slot will energize. Activate it and the door will move. The spider guardian
will run into the blue energy thing and he will lose health. Follow it into the
next room. Now go to the top of the next room. Fall out of the hole and lay a
bomb at just the right time in order to hit it. 3 hits and you will activate
the bomb slot and he will lose health. Blow up some boxes for some health. Now
this is the last room. First, hit it three times and use a bomb slot. **note**
be sure that it isnít to the left of the ledge that the bomb slot is on.

It will lose health. Now do the one on the top ledge and the first one. It will
get even higher up and lose more health. Now bomb jump through an invisible
hole on the top row in order to activate the third bomb slot. Activate the
other two, kill it, and roll through the hole and . . .

Spider Ball Acquired!


Now use your Spider Ball to get all the way back to the temple. Roll up the
statue and boost ball off of it to get up to the door. In the next room use
your Dark Visor to locate 4 missile targets. Use the Morph Ball Cannon to get
out of there. In the Main Gyro Chamber use the Dark Beam Door. Use the elevator
you find, after going through various Spider Ball tracks of course, to get to
the Hall of Combat Mastery. Spider ball up into the wall to get a key. Also do
it at a different part and use your techniques to get to the bomb slot. Now use
the techs again to get through this maze. You might have trouble in the room
with the phazon. On the first platform, jump and use the spider ball to hold on
to it. Now take the Power Beam door, kill the Dark Metroid, and get a Missile
Expansion. Now go to the bridge you crossed when you entered. Dark Samus will
destroy it. But we can spider ball! Use it and the boost ball to get across.
Now head back to where you got the gravity boost. This is a long trip. Be sure
your in the Dark World when you get here. Use the Spiderball to reach the bomb
slots. Hit all four and itís dead! Now ride on up to get the new expansion!

Power Bombs Acquired!


Now, go to the large elevator that you can see on your map. You will need a
combination of your boost ball, spider ball, and power bombs to get here.

Dark Samus

Use the Dark Beam (for some reason it is stronger than the light beam) or Super
Missiles while using the pillars to dodge the attacks. When she disappears, use
the Dark Visor to locate her. Just jump as high as possible when he turns into
morph ball so you can dodge it.

Now go out the window she fell through. Climb along the edge and go into the
Dark World. Go back and use the spinner to move the track. Spiderball to your
new visor.

Echoes Visor acquired!


†Now, head to the Main Research, it branches off the reactor core.†Use the
Echoes Visor to shoot down transmitters whenever a door won't open. Do that in
the Main Research and take the portal. Now, take out the transmitters and scan
the post. Go down the new hole and go to the light world. Now Spiderball up and
we have a mini boss! Dodge the legs and Boost over the gap whenever you see a
red thing pop out. Do this four times and you will take out the main power
thing and go up higher. After three rounds, you win. Now go through the
previously unreachable door.

In the watch station, you need to get to the Spider ball track. Use it to get
to the kenetic orb cannon. When you get to one of those spinning Spiderball
tracks, lay a bomb as soon as you pass two red posts and you will be safe. When
you get to a big square of Spider Track, go left. You will get a Beam Ammo
expansion. Go right for a bomb slot. Activate the slot and go through to the
Dark World. Now go out the door leading to the vault. Cross the gap using the
Dark Visor and your there! Well, go to the Light World and go through the door,
then you will be there! Now activate the things to drop the barrier. Go to the
Dark World and finish the puzzle using spinners.
Screw Attack Acquired!

Now go to Dark Torvus Temple.
Use the boost ball to blow up the red things under his feet. Then, use 2 super
missiles to blow up its kneecap. Do this to all four legs. Now the head will
fall off. Locate the antenia with the echoes visor. Destroy it with a screw
attack or a light beam (charged). Now shoot an antenia on the head. Repeat the
process 2 more times. Now, Spiderball up the leg and boost up. Aim yourself to
land on the head. Destroy the 2 holes with bombs.
Ahhnilator Beam Acquired!

5.6 (really easy)
Now, you know the drill. Get the energy and head back to U-Mos.

Light Suit Acquired

Section 6: Sky Temple Keys

Now you need to find the locations of the 9 sky temple keys. They are located
in the Dark World. Use the dark visor to spot them. They are red. Shoot them a
few times. Then they will start to move. Keep shooting until they blow up and
the key is revealed. Here are the locations of the 9 keys:


Temple Grounds:

Defiled Shrine
Accursed Lake
Ing Reliquary


Agon Wastes:

Dark Oasis


Torvus Bog:

Poisoned Bog


Sanctuary Fortress:

Hive Entrance
Hive Dynamo Works

Section 7: The Final Battle

Ok, go to the Sky Temple Gateway with all 7 keys. Follow the simple path, using
the Screw Attack and wall jump to get to the boss.

Emperor Ing

First off, you will see this beast with some tentacles sticking out of its
head. Shoot them with a single light beam shot or two missiles.

When there all gone, just charge your ahhnilator beam, and press Y as soon as
you see the part of the core where there is no shell over it. Now use a super
missile (or two, depending on the Sonic Boomís accuracy) and it will move to
its second form.

Ok, now it stay still and breath a toxic gas. Use the spiderball to climb up
the side. Stand next to a hole. As soon as you see purple bubbles coming out,
lay 3 bombs and roll away. If you see black smoke coming out of the hole, you
did it right. Now do this to all of them.

Now it will sorta resemble a spider. Itís mouth will start orange. Use a super
missile. It will change to white or black. If white, use the ahhnilator beam
(sonic boom if you have enough ammo). If black, use Light Beam or Sunburst. Do
this many times and he will die.

Use the Screw Attack to reach the Hall of Honored Dead. Time to fight the final


Dark Samus

Ok, shoot the crap out of her. When she floats, donít waste your ammo, sheís
invisible. Run away from her phazon beam which is simple. When she drops down,
use any weapon to shoot her (she is only visible to the echoes visor).

When ľ of her health is gone, she will change techs. She will float still, but
now she will have a phazon barrier around her. Lock-on to her. When she fires a
projectile, strafe and dodge. Charge up the hole time. When little ďsnowflakesĒ
shoot out of her, catch them with your charge beam. You now have the phazon
beam. Fire it at her. Do this a few times and you will win.

Section 8: Possible endings

0%-74%- You see Dark Samus, in a weak looking form, crawl up to Samus, and
reach out at her trying to kill her with its last breath. Then Samus walks
through a row of Luminoth and flies off.

75%-99%- You see Dark Samus, in a weak looking form, crawl up to Samus, and
reach out at her trying to kill her with its last breath. Then Samus walks
through a row of Luminoth and flies off. Then you see Samus with her helmet off.
100%- You see Dark Samus, in a weak looking form, crawl up to Samus, and reach
out at her trying to kill her with its last breath. Then Samus walks through a
row of Luminoth and flies off. Then you see Samus with her helmet off. Finally,
before the credits, you see some phazon particles reform into none other then
Dark Samus. Can you say Metroid Prime 3?
Section 9: Copyrights

This Walkthrough has my copyright and is not allowed to be copied unless given
direct permission from myself. If you would like to put this on your site, or
noticed an error, or anything else you would like to notify me about, email me
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Thank you, happy Ing-butt-kicking!