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Kimmy Howell?

What happened to Kimmy? I beat the game already but, is it possible I missed her? Or, is she even in the game at all?

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Emperor_Z answered:

It's possible to fight Kimmy immediately after the giant robot fight. Exit the motel, then come back, and the motion will become available after a cutscene.
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Bnkai4tailLuffy answered:

To fight her, you have to kill Matt Helms, and when you go back to the motel, Leave and come back. Sylvia will have left some papers about her and revenge missions. Thats when you can fight her. I dont think you can do it after Matt.
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kunel_sanders answered:

Matt Helms was the bunny mask guy right? if so you have to leave then re-enter the motel before his fight. After you kill the football guy is when you fight her.
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flyingnightmare answered:

I fought her right before my fight with Ryuji(Rank 7)
you just have to spend a little time out in the world, then go back to the motel. I think you may have to fight her before Ryuji though, since Sylvia makes reference to her after the fight. Unless "That school girl" she was talking about was shinobu.
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Kylemaster7 answered:

Yeah that school girl she was talking about was Shinobu as she said high school student. Kimmy's a College girl and all you have to do is re-enter your apartment after leaving.
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JYELLE answered:

idk but since u beat this game already i was wondering how the hell to defeat pizza batt man. About 1 or 2 times i was this close to beating him but he stupid wind move defeats me like a bich and i was jw how to defend tht attack better and how to defend his stupid teleporting move which pisses me off to the max. All the other times i faced him i didnt quite make it as far to the wind move. Most likely ill die frum the teleporting or a cheap ass punch move or bats fly at me n i come crashing out of the windows -_-. thts the part i hate most about this boss fight...stupid cheap thing like falling out the windows fuqin PISSES ME OFF. Like i was THIS close to beating him 1 time n then he gets me out the window. But ya srry lol i jus need to get this off of my chest cuz its ridiculous, iv been playing 4 about 5 hrs jus trying to beat this damn thing n i dnt wana hav to end this rite ther wen im this close to beating the game and i dnt wana hav to turn it off wen cuz then id have to start frum the beginning wit jr batt man
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marioandluigi21 answered:

Kimmy is an optional boss. She doesn't affect the storyline in any way, shape or form. To fight her, you must first beat Charlie McDonald. Then, after the fight with Charlie McDonald , the cut scenes, saving the game and exiting the hotel, reenter the hotel. There will be a cut scene of Travis walking to the phone receiving a fax to a challenge fight with Kimmy. This also opens up the revenge missions in the game. The only possible reason why you didn't fight her was that you didn't reenter the hotel to save and beat the game in one try.
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