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Job Island:Hard Working People (Help Wanted) FAQ
Version 1.00
By Rakhal Stormwarden (ranma@rakhal.com)


1. Disclaimer
2. FAQ information
3. Game Information
4. Version History
5. Game Overview
  5.1 Controls
  5.2 Characters
  5.3 Starting the game/save games
  5.4 Game Modes
  5.5 Employment Office
  5.6 Job Battle
  5.7 Career Fair
6. Employment Office
  6.1 The start
  6.2 Initial Uniforms
  6.3 A typical Day
  6.4 A typical Job
  6.5 Meteors
  6.6 TV Shopping
  6.7 The Employment Database
  6.8 Special Events (weekday)
  6.9 Special Events (sunday)
  6.10 Memorial Hall
  6.11 The Visitor Collection
  6.12 The Telescope
  6.13 Interludes
  6.14 Completing the Game
  6.15 And starting again.
7. Jobs
  7.1 Unlocking Jobs
  7.2 The Job List.
  7.3 Alphabetical listing of Memorials.

8. Credits


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           FAQ Information

This is a guide for Job Island: Hard Working People for the Wii.
It is based on the European version of the game (UK specifically)
The guide details all the jobs. event, and unlockables and hence there are
spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Hopefully this guide will prove useful to those playing the game.

           Game Information

Title (Europe): Job Island: Hard Working People
Title (US): Help Wanted
Platform: Wii
Number of Players: 1-2 Simultaneous
Blocks: 1

           Version History

Version 1.00 
        Initial Update.
        More information still to be added for many jobs, watch this space!

           Game Overview

  *5.1*  Controls

On most menu screens you can either point and select with the A button, or
move the highlight with the nunchuk controller, also selecting with A.
The B button generally cancels whatever you are doing (stop shopping in the
TV shopping network, return from a job info screen to the main job selection
page, return home e.t.c)
The + button will bring up a screen allowing you to return to the game title
screen (or just return to the game), or will pause/unpause if you are doing
a job. This only applies in Employment Office mode.

When moving around your house or Memorial hall, you move using the Nunchuk
joystick. Holding the B button down will allow you to move faster.

  *5.2* Characters

TOM    The older boy. Hard working and eager to please. One of the two
       characters you can play in the main game. Has a weird spanner shaped
       hair do sticking straight up on his head.

MAYA   The older girl. Also hard working and eager to please and the other of
       the two characters you can play in the main game. Has two weird 
       spanner hair ornaments at the rear side of her head, one on each side

DAD    Has a small flourescent (I think) blue bulb on his head. Going bald
       and is trying to do something about it. Prone to dodgy art deals.
       Playable in Job Battle and Career Fair modes

MUM    Definitely the one in charge. Red hair with a sort of twisted peak
       sticking straight up. Wants to diet but doesn't have the will-power.
       Really good cook. Playable in Job Battle and Career Fair modes.

GRAMPS Resident star-gazer and discoverer of the threat approaching earth. He
       is your mentor at the start of the game and pops up frequently in 
       events throughout it, not always beneficially! Has no money sense.
       Bald as a cue-ball and yearns for his hair back. Playable in Job Battle
       and Career Fair modes.

GRANNY Thrifty and wise, her intuitions are usually correct. Always helpful
       when she appears and is as clever with money as Gramps is foolish.
       Playable in Job Battle and Career Fair modes.

       The younger triplet. Always getting up to mischief and making life hard
       for poor old Tam. Not playable

TAM    The long suffering family dog. Not playable.

  *5.3* Starting the game/save games

The first time you start the game you will be asked which one of 3 game save
slots you wish to record your game in. These three slots are all stored in 1
block in the Wii memory.
You will then get to choose whether you are playing as the boy or the girl,
and whatever one you choose, you'll get the chance to name.
When you resume, just select the game save you wish to resume from. There is
no 'save-as' functionality so copying the game save to an SD card is the only
way of keeping a save point that you can return to later when something goes
wrong. Saving the game is automatic, at the start of every game day.

  *5.4* Game Modes

The game can be played in 3 modes. After loading/selecting your save game you
are brought to the game selection screen. Selecting Employment Office starts
the main game, selecting either of the other two where you can practice jobs
or challenge your friends. You can return at any time to this selection screen
from Job Battle or Career Fair modes by selecting back (a few times), but you
must restart the game to return from Employment Office.

  *5.5* Employment Office

This is the main story-mode of the game. You always play as the character you
initially selected in setting up your save slot. Here is where you deal with
the meteors that threaten the planet, and also train up in jobs. This is the
only mode where you can advance in skill-rank in jobs, and it is also the
only mode where you can look at your collections e.t.c
The money you earn from doing the jobs accumulates here in your bank balance
and can be used to buy memorials, uniforms, items to help you work and
indirectly items to deal with meteors.

  *5.6* Job Battle

This is where you come to battle your friends. On starting the mode both 
players should pick a character, you can choose from Tom, Maya, Dad, Mum, 
Gramps and Granny. Any job difficulty level may be chosen in Job Battle
mode regardless of whether you have earned that level.

You can choose one of four modes to battle in

a) Free For All. Choose from any of the 15 jobs available in Job Battle mode.
                 The total earned by each player is kept but there is no set
                 win condition. You may change the job difficulty level
                 between each job.

b) Goal Money.     At the start choose a goal amount of money that you are
                 working awards. You can choose from 1,000.00 to 10,000.00
                 in 1,000 increments. You can also set the difficulty level
                 at this point.
                 Now you will do random jobs drawn from the pool of 15 jobs
                 available above until one player has earned the total amount
                 of money set as the goal.

c) Total Money   At the start select a number of rounds to play over, either
                 3,5,7 or 10. You may also set the job difficulty level at
                 this point.
                 Now you will do random jobs drawn from the pool of 15 jobs
                 available above until you have done the selected number of
                 jobs. Whoever has earned the most money at that point is
                 declared the winner.

d) Wins             At the start choose the number of wins needed to be declared
                 victor. You may also set the job difficulty level at this
                 point. Now you will do random jobs drawn from the pool of 15
                 jobs available above until one player has won the determined
                 number of battles.

Jobs available in Job Battle Mode

    Bodybuilder.       The two players stand side-by-side in the centre and
                       perform independantly
    TV Shopping Crew   Split screen, one player on top and one on bottom. You
                       perform independently.
    Farmer             Splt screen side by side. You perform independently
    Interviewer        Split screen but you both are playing in the same arena
                       This means that you are fighting for the same celebrity
                       interviews. The first one to reach a celeb with mic at
                       the ready gets the interview.
    Hospital EMT       Split screen (top and bottom). You perform independently
    Grill Cook.        Split screen. You perform independently
    Personal Trainer   You stand side by side with the cues scrolling down the
                       sides of the screen. You perform independently
    Haunted House Crew You perform on the same screen racing each other for the
                       scaring opportunities.
    Dairy Farmer       Split screen. You perform independently
    Dentist            Split screen. You perform independently
    Fisher             Split screen, but you perform in the same arena. Which
                       means that only one of you can catch the bonus fish for
                       instance. You don't appear to be able to catch your
                       opponent though!
    Newscaster         Split screen. You perform independently
    Lighting Crew      You perform on the same screen and the first one to each
                       light gets the points for that light. Moreover your
                       combo is still broken if your opponent gets to a light
                       before you.
    Master Gamer       This game is head-to-head. Whoever gets the highest
                       score gets the cash, the loser gets nothing.
    Action Hero        This job is played somewhat cooperatively. You are both
                       fighting in the same arena defeating the bad guys
                       together although you earn independently. Whoever lands
                       the final blow on Resligron gets to do the ending jump.
                       You can knock each other down.

  *5.7* Career Fair

This is where you come to practise jobs. Any job you have unlocked in the main
came at any point is available here, 9 jobs to a page. You can also set the
difficulty level of the job when you select it, but you can only select a 
difficulty level you have unlocked for that job by gaining experience in the
main game. 
Playing and scoring in the jobs is exactly the same in Career Fair as it is in
the main game with a couple of exceptions. 
  1) You can never use items in the Career Fair 
  2) Your mastership status in a job is not taken into account, so if you play
     Personal Trainer in Hard mode for instance, you will start at 0.40 per move
     and each additional successful move will add 0.02, rather than the 
     0.60 ++ 0.03 you get in Mastered/Hard mode.
Although you see what you earn in each game there is no running total kept. The
game does remember the best score you've got in the Career Fair for each job
and difficulty level within that job.
You cannot earn experience in a job in Career Fair mode.

           Employment Office

  *6.1* The start

NAZA has got a problem. They've spotted a huge meteor heading towards the earth!
The President must be told, plans of action must be made! However the President
seems more interested in a date with his P.A. Kate, and before NAZA can do
anything a fragment of the meteor scores a direct hit on it. Without NAZA will
anyone even notice the danger before it's too late?
Fortunately Gramps is an avid starwatcher and spots the danger. There is only
one week to save the earth! What can they do?
Your family has always been into TV shopping channels and recently a great
item has been advertised on it. The Transformowatch, it will turn whoever 
wears it into a giant super-hero, easily capable of dealing with a meteor
Your course of action is clear. You must find employment and earn enough money
to buy the Transformowatch to save the earth!
Good thing that Gramps has a few uniforms left over to give you a start. Off to
work for a week. For this initial period Gramps will act as your tutor
explaining how things work. When you get to Saturday and the meteor is just 1
day away he finally explains that you don't have to work every day, you can
take days off if you want :) Normally not a good idea, but in this case you 
must. It takes a day to get whatever you order, so unless you order it today it
won't arrive in time.
Time to go shopping then! Hmm, immediate problem. Seems the Transformowatch is
only available on the Points channel, and the only way you can buy things here
is to use Shopping Points. You earn these by buying other things, so off to
another channel. Don't worry if you can't afford anything, Gramps will give
you some spare change to get you up to 200.00 if you are short.
Once you've spent your cash another problem reveals itself. Sure, you have some
points, 8 or 9 generally. Unfortunately it costs 5000 to buy the
Transformowatch! Have to settle for a spooky mask instead. At least it will buy
you another 3 days to earn some more cash.
Sunday arrives and your stuff arrives. A new uniform probably and the spooky
mask which Gramps promptly uses to scare the meteor back 3 days! Funny though,
the meteor doesn't really appear that close, and a quick tap reveals that the
days-to-go gauge has got stuck. There are really 21 days to go! That's better
but still not much time. Better get to work if you're going to save the world!
From now on, you're on your own!

  *6.2* Initial Uniforms

What uniforms you get to start the game with depends on who you chose to play.

For Tom you get Bodybuilder, Firefighter, Courier, Farmer, Haunted House Crew,
                Security Guard, Fisher, Clown and Pizza Chef

For Maya you get Firefighter, Courier, Interviewer, Tailor, Haunted House Crew,
                 Clown, Pizza Chef, Lighting Crew, Manicurist

  *6.3* A typical Day

Each day the following sequence of events happen

    *The day steps on one
    *If there are 7 days or less to go before the meteor hits, or it's a Sunday
     you get an animation indicating how long to go before impact
    *If you have something being delivered today, you will recieve your order.
    *If you received new head ornaments for Gramps he'll put them on.
    *If you recieved some Meteor Busting kit, it will be used now.
    *If there are 28 or more days to go and you didn't use Meteor Busting kit
     today the Meteor will advance by 7 days.
    *A Random event may occur
    *On Monday you'll get an image of you determinedly setting down at the
     computer to look for work. Mouse at the ready!
    *On Weekdays..
      *If the special event doesn't force you to do a particular job, you will
       see the days selection of jobs appear
      *If you select a job, or the special event forced you to do a job you
       will see the info page for that job
      *if you do the job, on conclusion of the job the day ends automatically.
      *if instead you select to take the day off continue with the On Sundays..
    *On Sundays...
      *You appear in your bedroom. You can move around. check out your items
       collection, log onto the computer (but there will be no work available),
       go upstairs to check out the telescope, or go downstairs to do some TV
       shopping, check out your visitor collection or visit Memorial Hall.
      *When done, go to the bed and press A to end the day.

  *6.4* A typical Job

  When you select a job to perform you'll first be take to the Job information
  screen. On here you will see your current mastery level for that job (Newbie,
  Pro, Expert or Master), a spanner-head shape that fills up with colour as
  you progress towards your next skill level, a flash that indicates whether
  you are a master in that job and another flash indicating whether there is
  a special challenge at present in this job, or you are eligible to take the
  mastery exam.
  There are also buttons that let you use an item, let you review the controls
  for this job and lets you start the job.

  Experience is gained in a job by earning money in it. Every time you earn
  money the experience meter advances by an amount that depends on what you
  earned and on what the base-pay for that job at your level of mastery is. 
  Note that it's the base pay for the level of mastery that you have reached
  that counts, not the base pay for the level of the job you are performing
  at present. In addition it's the raw pay that you got that counts. If your
  pay is doubled by an event for instance, the experience earned is not also
  doubled. Exception. If an event reduces your pay to 0 you also get no

  Use an item. Each job has a special item that can be used with it to make the
  task easier in some way. Some give you extra time, some make it easier to do
  some task (like get the pizzas just the right size in the pizza chef job) and
  some directly help you make more money. Once an item is used though, it's
  gone, and you'll have to buy another one if you want to use it again.

  Review controls: The first time you ever attempt a job you must go through 
  the controls, after that it's optional.

  Start the game: An animation plays at the start of each job. This can be
  skipped through by pressing the A key unless it's your first time doing this
  job, in which case you cannot skip it. One exception, the Cameraperson job.
  The opening animation for this job can never be skipped.

  After completing the job.

  If you scored 0 (or fell off the posts in the Kabuki Actor job) you failed
  the job.
  If you earned some money then you completed the job
  If you scored a Perfect then you get the Job Successful animation.
  If there was a special target for this instance of this job you will be told
  on the results screen whether you made it, or failed.
  Your earnings will be adjusted based on certain special events and on whether
  you made your goal or not.
  The money will be counted onto your total
  Experience will be awarded. If this takes you to a new level bonus money will
  be awarded, 500.00 for reaching Pro level, 1000.000 for reaching Expert level
  If you fill the meter at Expert level you become eligible to take the 
  Mastership exam. Each time the Expert level of that job becomes available
  thereafter and there is no other bonus active (like 10% extra for 2 lucky
  clovers) you can attempt the Mastership exam on that job. A goal will be set
  and if you achieve that goal you will advance to Master level, earning you
  a 1500.00 bonus and giving you a higher pay-scale for that job in the future.
  The amounts set as goal for the mastership exam are listed with the data for
  each job in section 7.2

  *6.5* Meteors

There are 10 meteors that menace the earth in total. They are listed beloe

  Name                             Power       Initial Time
  ====                             =====       ============
  Meteor                             500          7 days
  Stone Face                         800         14 days
  Ramen                             1000         12 days
  Disco Fever                       1200         10 days
  Gum Wad                           1500          7 days
  Space Gal                         2500          5 days
  Ghost Photo                       3500          3 days
  Red Liquid (giant pen)            6000          3 days
  Space Dad                        ?????         30 days
  Monumental Thingy                30000          3 days

In order to defeat a meteor sufficient damage must be done to it to bring its
power down to 0. This doesn't have to be done on one attack though, several can
be used to gradually whittle it down in time. The initial time is how far away
it is when first spotted. Various items (like the space fan) can be used to
extend the time.
If the time to collision gets to be more than 28 days though, the meteor 
will advance by an extra week every day.
Should you not defeat a meteor before it arrives then Gramps will step in to
save the day. Seems he has a cut-price Transformowatch he got from a street
seller. Doesn't exactly cover him all the way but it does well enough to push
whatever is menacing the earth away by 14 days. 
Unfortunately Gramps then crashlands, messing up Memorial Hall, which will then
take him 2 weeks to fix Until then, you can still go around it, but it's all
blackened and beaten-up looking. Not only that, Gramps charges you half of your
money and half of your shopping points for repairs, and gives you a minor
affliction for 2 weeks.
For instance if it's the first meteor that hit, you will wind up wearing
bandages around your face for 2 weeks. If it was the Monumental Thingy your
face will wind up fuzzy and pixellated for 2 weeks.

  *6.6* TV Shopping

This is where you spend your money to get new uniforms, items, memorials and 
meteor clobbering kit. There are 4 channels

1) The Uniform Channel

This is where you buy new uniforms to allow you to attempt new jobs. Generally
costing between 160.00 and 300.00 they also award you a 5% points rate. In
other words, if you spend 200.00 on a uniform, you will get 10.00 points.
Uniforms are delivered in 1 day. Uniforms that you already possess will be
sold out.

2) The Support Channel.

This is where you buy items to help you with your jobs. Prices range between 
40.00 and 500.00 and award a 10% points rate. In other words, a 200.00 item
will give you 20.00 points. Support items are delivered in one day. If you
already have a particular support item, it will not be offered at all, unless
there are not at least 5 items you don't have. If there are less than 5 items
you need, an item you already have may be presemt, but it will be sold out.
Once you use the item, it will be in stock again.

3) The Memorial Channel

This is where you buy mememtos of your jons. There is one for each skill level
of each job (not including Master). The mementos are not of any use in the jobs
but they are displayed in Memorial Hall. The point rate for items in this
channel is 15%, so a 200.00 item would get you 30.00 points. Items range in
cost from 150.00 to 4200.00. Only items that are for jobs and skill levels that
you have reached in the game will be displayed here, so in order to see the
Race Pit (for instance) you will need to raise your skill level in the Pit Crew
job to at least Expert level.
Memorials you have already bought will not be displayed here unless there are
less than 5 memorials you have not already bought. In this case an already
bought memorial may be displayed, but it will be sold out.
If there are no more memorials to buy at all, and Memorial Hall has been
upgraded to its final form you can buy head ornaments for Gramps here instead.
These range from 500.00 to 12000.00 and pay a whopping 40% points rate, so 
that 12000.00 chandelier will net you 4800.00 points all by itself!
Memorial channel items are delivered in one week, with the exception of Gramps
head ornaments, which are delivered in one day.

List of Gramps Head Ornaments

Workers Lightbulb      500.00
Modern Streetlamp     3000.00
Dazzling Disco Ball   5000.00
Mysterious UFO        7500.00
Stadium Light         9000.00
Sparkling Chandelier 12000.00

One of these will be worn by Gramps at all times, the other 5 will be
avaliable in the Memorial Channel. All 5 will always be available, even if
the other channels are only showing 1 item due to the 'TV Shopping Channel has
less in stock' event.

4) The Points Channel

In this channel all items are priced in shopping points and that's what you'll
need to buy them. The items here are all geared to Meteor disposal, with the
exception of the Reminiscitron. They range from the Spooky Mask at 5.00 points
to the Transformowatch at 5000.00 points. 5 items will be available at any
given time, plus the Reminiscitron, if it's been unlocked and you haven't yet
bought it. Unlike the other channels, you can only buy one item from this
channel a day. Once you have then all items on the channel will be out of
stock. Although items in stock in this channel are random like the other 
channel the Spooky Mask will always be available and the Transformowatch will 
also always be available unless there is only one item in the Points channel
today (Special Event)
Points channel items are delivered in one day

List of Points Channel Items.

Name                    Points   Damage done       Days given
====                    =======  ===========       ==========
Spooky Mask                5.00            0           3 days
Galactic Blaster          10.00      100-300           1 day
Space Fan                 10.00            0           7 days
Space Guitar              20.00      200-600           0 days
Lucky Drakon Stone        50.00     100-2000         1-4 days
Iron Volleyball           60.00       0-1500         0-3 days
Mini Handybot            100.00    1000-3000           0 days
Space Fan 2.0            100.00            0          21 days
Lunar Remote             150.00    1000-3000          14 days
Space Fireworks          150.00    1500-4500           0 days
Transformowatch         5000.00       100000*          0 days

The Transformowatch actually instantly ends the game.

On any channel you will notice that an unbought item starts off saying 100 in
stock. That number will slowly decrease and if it reaches 0 the item will 
then be out of stock. This takes quite some time though.

  *6.7* The Employment Database

This is accessible from the Job Selection screen (click the graph button). 
In here will be displayed graphs for the amount of money earned in total and
the amount of money on hand over the last month, the amount of points earned
in total and over the last month and a 'leader board' for each job skill
level (Newbie, Pro, Expert).

Each leaderboard shows you the jobs ranked by Maximum amount earned for the
job, by the Average amount earned for the job and the number of times the
job has been attempted. Until a job has been raised to the appropriate
skill level it won't appear on the relevant board.
Mastered jobs are denoted by a lighter-coloured background and a red M.

  6.8 Special Events (weekday)

These occur at random in the morning before you start the days job.

  *Lucky Flower     
         This makes 'bad' Random events less likely to happen (though some
         still seem to occur). It lasts for more than one day and while it
         is still in effect, you can see the glowing plant in a pot on the
         roof if you go up there.
  *Dinewell's Quota
         This only appears once you have at least 3 jobs at Pro level or
         higher. A random job is chosen and you are given a target to beat
         at the job. The job level will always be Hard, the quota demanded is
         listed for each job in the data for that job (section 7.2).
         Beat the quota and your pay is doubled, miss it and it is halved.
         You cannot use support items for this job. You cannot refuse this
         challenge except by not working at all today.
  *Beat Yesterdays score to earn double money.
         If you accept this challenge you will automatically re-play the job
         and skill-level you did yesterday. Score more than you did 
         yesterday and your wages will be doubled. Score less and you get
         half pay.
         You can elect to refuse this challenge in which case it is as if
         there were no event today at all.
  *Beat Yesterdays score to earn triple money
         If you accept this challenge you will automatically re-play the job
         and skill-level you did yesterday. Score more than you did 
         yesterday and your wages will be tripled. Score less and you get
         nothing at all. Not even any experience.
         You can elect to refuse this challenge in which case it is as if
         there were no event today at all.
  *1,2,3 lucky clovers
         Granny finds 1, 2 or three lucky clovers in her tea (?!).For each 
         clover found you will get an extra 5% on whatever pay you make today.
         i.e if there are 2 clover you will get an extra 10% pay.
  *3 lucky venus flytraps
         Granny finds 3 venus flytraps in her tea today (?!!) She needs to
         switch to decaf. This does nothing.
  *Normal Level
         This only appears once you have at least 3 jobs at Pro or higher
         level. Only normal level jobs are available today.
  *Hard level
         This only appears once you have at least 3 jobs at Pro or higher
         level. Only Hard level jobs are available today.
  *Expert level
         This only appears once you have at least 3 jobs at Expert or higher
         level. Only Expert level jobs are available today, including
         mastership challenges.
  *Higgins Challenge
         This only appears once you have at least 3 jobs mastered. Master
         Higgins challenges you to beat his score at a random job. Beat his
         score and your wages are quintupled. Fail to do so and you get half
         pay. The amount that you need to beat is listed with the data for
         each job (where known) in section 7.2.
         You cannot use support items in this attempt. You cannot refuse this
         challenge except by not working at all today.
  *Higgins Duel
         Master Higgins challenges you to a duel at the Master Gamer game.
         If you beat him you will get 7.5 times pay, if you lose you get 
         nothing. You can elect to refuse this challenge in which case it is
         as if there were no event today at all.
  *Dad's 1000.00 antique
         Dad has found a valuable antique. You can buy it off him for 1000.00
         If you do so, you sell it the next day getting somewhere between
         500.00 and 1500.00
  *Dad's 3000.00 antique
         Dad has found a very valuable antique. You can buy it off him for 
         3000.00. If you do so, you sell it the next day getting somewhere
         between 1500.00 and 4500.00. In my experience you seem to lose money
         more often than you make it.
  *Gramp's Dream
         Gramps has a dream in which you earn more than usual if you do a job
         in a particular category (like a job where you entertain people). 
         If you do the right job the next day, you'll earn double pay, but
         there is no indication (other than the clue) what the right job is.
  *Granny's Dream
         Unlike Gramps, Granny has much more specific dreams. She'll tell you
         exactly what job to do the next day to get double pay. The job will
         be listed on the selection screen with the 'Chance' flash.
  *Flower has wilted
         This only appears when the Lucky Flower is in effect. It cancels that
  *Gramps 3x pay
         Gramps is in a tremendous hurry and is willing to pay you triple wages
         if you can do the job he gives you and score a perfect in it. The job
         is selected at random. You can elect to refuse his offer in which case
         it is as if there were no special event today at all.
  *Gramps 2x pay
         Gramps offers you double pay if you do a job of his choosing. If you
         accept the offer you will do a random job/skill level. You will get
         double pay regardless of how well you do in that job. You can elect to
         refuse his offer in which case it is as if there were no special event
         today at all.
  *Rambling Gambler Red
         The Rambling Gambler (Gramps in disguise) challenges you to a card
         contest. Win and he'll give you some good info, lose and he'll take a
         random support item. If you accept he chooses one card and you choose
         another. The cards, which have red backs, have values from 1 to 4.
         Higher numbers beat lower with the exception that 1 beats 4. If you win
         you will do a random job and will recieve double pay for it. If you
         lose you'll lose a support item. You can elect to refuse his offer in
         which case it is as if there were no special event today at all.
  *Rambling Gambler Green
         The Rambling Gambler (Gramps in disguise) challenges you to a card
         contest. Win and he'll give you some good info, lose and he'll take
         two random support items. If you accept he chooses one card and you
         choose another. The cards, which have green backs, have values from
         1 to 4. Higher numbers beat lower with the exception that 1 beats 4.
         f you win you will do a random job and will recieve triple pay for it.
         If you lose you'll lose two support items. You can elect to refuse
         his offer in which case it is as if there were no special event today
         at all.
  *Ann, Fran and Stan's juice
         The triplets have each come up with a dubious liquid concoction. You
         have to try one! Pick one and one of three effects will happen
         1) You'll perform your job today as if you had a support item in
         2) It was just water. No effect.
         3) Not sure what it was, but it sure messed you up. You skip the
            entire rest of the day.
  *Support Items are Hidden
         The triplets have hidden all your support items today. You can't use
         support items.
  *Tam digs things up
         Select a spot for Tam to dig in. If you're lucky he'll dig up some
         free support items for you.
  *Mustachio drops items
         Tam chases off a burglar! In his haste to escape he drops some free
         support items for you.
  *Courier goes to the wrong house
         The courier that was supposed to be delivering items to you today has
         got lost (and is apparently trying to deliver your stuff to Master
         Higgins). Your delivery has been delayed a day. Hopefully the Meteor
         isn't going to hit today...
  *Gramps buys you an item
         Gramps has bought you a support item or a uniform. It's a pity he has
         no financial sense since he got ripped off for it. It cost 50% more 
         than normal. In an excess of softheartedness we pay him back.
  *Granny buys you an item.
         Granny has bought you a support item or uniform. Unlike Gramps she
         knows a good deal when she sees it and she got you the item at half-
         price. This deal we're happy to reimburse her for!
  *Nostradamus predicts disaster
         Nostradamus has predicted that the meteor approaching the earth will
         move a week closer unless we can get a perfect score in a random game.
         The game will always be a normal level game. This challenge may not
         be refused. Get a perfect in the game and the meteor is actually put
         back by a week, miss though and it's a week closer.
  *Wishing Star
         We wish on a shooting star. If it works the current meteor is put back
         by a week, if it fails nothing happens.
  *Wage Wonder Day
         The pay is increased by 50% for a random job. The job will be marked
         on the selection screen with a 'Chance' flash. You don't have to do
         that job if you don't want to though.
  *Granny repairs a support item
         You can use a support item today and it won't vanish after it has been
         used as it usually does.
  *Mum's Great Meal
         Mum has cooked a wonderful meal. It was so good we can do our job
         today as if we had a support item in effect.

  *6.9* Special Events (sunday)

  These occur at random on Sundays only

  *Memorial Hall Closed
         Mum is in a cleaning frenzy today and Memorial Hall is closed while
         she works her magic.
  *Males Only
         Only men are allowed in Memorial Hall today. Fortunately this only
         seems to apply to the people we put in our customer collection,
         Maya is still allowed in.
  *Females Only
         Only womenmen are allowed in Memorial Hall today. Fortunately this
         only seems to apply to the people we put in our customer collection,
           Tom is still allowed in.
  *Special News Program
         Apparently Memorial Hall has been featured on the news and as a
         result there are more people than usual in it. Only occurs once
         Memorial Hall has been upgraded at least once.
  *Extra Points on the TV Shopping Network
         Everything that awards points awards them at a greater rate. Either
         3%, 5% or 7% extra will be awarded, so if this is a 7% extra day
         today, uniforms will give you 12%, Support items 17% and Memorials
  *% off day on the TV shopping network
         Prices have been reduced by 10, 20 or 30% on everything except items
         on the Points channel. These cost the same as usual. Even though the
         price may have been reduced for an item, you'll get points for it as
         if it were full price.
  *Gas Prices have risen
         Everything is 10% more expensive on the TV shopping network. This
         includes Points channel items, so a Transformowatch is 5500.00 for
         instance. Points awarded for items bought are increased in line with
         the increased price (so a 1000.00 memorial which would normally award
         150.00 points awards 165.00 points in line with it's increased 1100.00
  *TV Shopping Channel has more in stock
         Every channel except the Points channel has 10 items in stock. The 
         points channel has only it's usual amount though. In addition, if the
         Memorial Channel has Gramps head ornaments in stock, it too will only
         have the usual 5.
  *TV Shopping Channel has less in stock
         Every channel, including the Points channel only has 1 item in stock,
         For the Points channel, it will always be the Spooky Mask. Exception
         if the Memorial Channel has Gramps head ornaments in stock, the usual
         5 items will still be in stock.

  *6.10* Memorial Hall

Once you've had your first Memorial delivered, Memorial Hall will open. This is
a large building in which all your uniforms and memorials are put on display
It's a circular building with 'niches' around the edge, one niche for each job
you have, Initially it starts off with one floor, but as you get more uniforms
Gramps will add extra floors to a maximum of 3 (Note that if you don't get any
memorials until you have too many uniforms to fit on one floor, Memorial Hall
will start of with 2 or even 3 floors)
You enter the hall in a sort of lobby area. Here is where you will meet people
who want to offer you new jobs when you unlock one. It is also where your
golden Hero statue will be placed once you have obtained all 150 memorials.
In the center of the hall is a circular room where the lift to the different
floors is and also where the Reminiscitron is placed. This is a device that
lets you listen to any of the music in the game, or view any of the cut-scenes
Through the other 3 doors, and through any of the 4 doors on levels 2 and 3
are the niches, set in a circular track on the outside of the tower. You can
walk along the row of niches from sector to sector without going back to the
central location if you wish.
Each Niche is dedicated to a job. You will see a statue of yourself in the
uniform for that job and behind that will be placed the memorials dedicated to
that job, up to 3 of them. If you have mastered the job there will be a golden
banner on the back wall as well.
Visitors will also appear in the hall, talk to them to add them to your Visitor
Memorial Hall can be upgraded in appearance twice, initially to a red and gold
finish, and eventually to a green and gold finish. The music playing while you
wander the hall is also 'upgraded' becoming more ornate and fancier. If you
allow a meteor to get too close, Memeorial Hall will be damaged, appearing
burnt and blackened for two weeks until Gramps gets the place fixed up again.

  *6.11* The Visitor Collection

Shortly after you get Memorial Hall open for the first time, Gramps will give
you the Visitor Collection book. This is where you record the details of the
people that visit Memorial Hall. There is one such visitor for each Memorial
you collect, although not all will be present at the same time.
Just talk to one of them to add them to your collection if they are not
already present.
For each visitor there will be a page of information about them and also an
animated image.
The Visitor Collection is not re-set when you re-start the game in the same
slot, so you can continue to add to it.

  *6.12* The Telescope

This is where Gramps first discovered the danger to Earth! It is on the roof
and you can come here at any time to check on the remaining power and time to
impact of the current threat.

  *6.13* Interludes

At various points during the game you will get a cut-scene, generally when
the damage to each meteor passes 50%. These give you a view into the day-to
day life of your family and provide a bit of comic relief.

  *6.14* Completing the Game

You can complete the game in one of two ways once you reach the Monumental
Thingy. You can buy the Transformowatch, turn into a superhero and blast that
meteor out of the way in one hit, or you can just patiently batter the meteor
using the regular items until its power reaches 0. There is a different
cut-scene in each case, and once it is over the credits roll. After those
have finished you get a game summary screen listing things like total cash
earned, total points earned, number of times Gramps saved you, total Uniforms,
Memorials and Visitors obtained and an overall assesment of your performance
in the form of a letter grade.

  *6.15* And starting again.

Once you have completed the game, the game data for that slot will show a small
star at the end (you get one star for each time you complete the game in that
You can then re-start. Your job status will carry over (what level and 
experience you have) as will the Visitor collection. Uniforms, Items and
Memorials will reset though. In addition the Reminiscitron will now be
available in the Points Channel.
Different and very weird characters will also start showing up all over the
place, in the Memorial Hall and in the jobs you perform.


  *7.1* Unlocking Jobs

As you master jobs you will gradually unlock other jobs. Once a job is unlocked
there will be someone wandering around in the entrance hall to Memorial Hall.
Talk to them and the uniform to that job will become available in the Uniform
channel on the TV shopping network. Note that if you check out the shopping
channel before talking to the person in Memorial Hall, the uniform won't
become available until the next day you go shopping.

Following is the list of unlockable jobs

Job Name                  When unlocked
--------                  -------------
Stunt Person              Once the first job is eligible for mastery
CEO                       When at least 1 job is mastered.
Pinch Hitter              When at least 2 jobs are mastered.
Sumo Referee              When at least 3 jobs are mastered.
Astronaut                 When at least 4 jobs are mastered.
Master Gamer              When at least 5 jobs are mastered.

  *7.2* The Job List.

Following is the list of all jobs available. For each job there is a
description of the job and gameplay within it, along with some tips and
detail of the differences at each level of job (Normal, Hard, Expert).
There is also a data section for each job as follows

<name>                     : Normal:<nnnn>     Hard:<hhhh>  Expert:<eeee> 
                           : Master:<mmmm>  Higgins:<HHHH>  Dinewell:<dddd>
         Normal: <Description of earnings at Normal Level>
           Hard: <Description of earnings at Hard Level>
         Expert: <Description of earnings at Expert Level>
Mastered Normal: <Description of earnings at Normal Level when mastered>
  Mastered Hard: <Description of earnings at Hard Level when mastered>
Mastered Expert: <Description of earnings at Expert Level when mastered>
           Item: <The support item for the job along with its effect
     Memorial 1: <The memorial you can buy initially for this job>
     Memorial 2: <The memorial you can buy on attaining Pro status>
     Memorial 3: <The memorial you can buy on attaining Expert status>

<nnnn> is the base pay amount for the normal level
<hhhh> is the base pay amount for the hard level
<eeee> is the base pay amount for the expert level
<mmmm> is the target amount to achieve Mastery in the job
<HHHH> is the target amount to beat Master Higgins in one of his challenges
<dddd> is the quota amount set by Dinewell for this job

In the Earnings sections you will often see something like 5.00 ++ 1.50 per hit
This means that the first time you do an action you get 5.00 for it. The 
second time you do it, if it is a combo (2Combo) you will get 5.00+1.50 or 6.50
for it. For the 3rd hit in the combo you will get 5.00+ 2x(1.50) or 8.00 for it
and so on. As soon as the combo is broken you will drop back down to the 5.00
level for the next hit.
Speed bonuses are generally estimated (I got say 22.45 speed bonus with 7
seconds remaining, so a guessed speed bonus rate would be 22.45/7 rounded down
a bit for the fractional second I can't see, giving me 3.20/sec. They are
quite likely off a bit, but I tried my best :)

There is some missing data still, either because I have not mastered a given
job yet, have not managed to get a perfect at a given level yet, or just
haven't been challenged to a particular challenge in a given job yet
(referring to the Higgins and Dinewell challenges)

Action Hero
Fight 'bad guys' by hitting them with your remote. Use the nunchuk controller
to run around and when you are in position swing your remote to hit the enemy.
You'll first fight a wave of fighters, then once they are defeated you will
fight the boss, Resligron the Inscrutible (looks like a big gorilla). Defeat
the boss to earn the perfect bonus. Each hit you make on an enemy will award
you money. Note that you cannot turn while you are swinging.

Tips: When Resligron covers his eyes he cannot be hit. He will soon start
      spinning with his fists out. Evade and stay far away until he stops
      spinning (he'll hit you surprisingly far away)
      When Resligron starts roaring he'll beat his chest for a bit. You can
      rack up some good hits and score cash, but his health will not decrease
      After a while he'll charge you.

Normal level. You fight low-ranked fighters at the start (black), and then
              Resligron will attack on his own.
Hard level. You fighted mixed low and high (purple) ranked fighters at the 
            start. When Resligron attacks, he will be accompanied by 2 low-
            ranked fighters
Expert level. You fight mostly high-ranked fighters at the start. When
              Resligron attacks, he is accompanied by 2 high-ranked fighters

Action Hero                : Normal:100.00     Hard:150.00    Expert:200.00  
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:450.00  Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: %x0.02 per hit - 20 perfect bonus
           Hard: %x0.025 per hit - 25.00 perfect bonus
         Expert: %x0.03 per hit - 30.00 perfect bonus
Mastered Normal: %x0.03 per hit - 30.00 perfect bonus
  Mastered Hard: %x0.045 per hit - 45.00 perfect bonus
Mastered Expert: %x0.045 per hit - 45.00 perfect bonus
           Item: Hero Badge 350.00 - Halves % lost when hit
     Memorial 1: B Rank Fighter Figurine - 300.00 [130]
     Memorial 2: A Ramk Fighter Figurine - 1125.00 [131]
     Memorial 3: Monster Figurine - 2400.00 [132]
Aerial Camera
Fall through the sky taking pictures of people in formation falling with you.
Hold the controller horizontally and tilt it left or right to turn. Press the
'2' button to take a picture. The picture frame will turn green when it's a
good time to take the picture. There are 10 pictures to take.

Tips: This is a combo heavy game. It's important to NOT take bad pictures. Not
      taking a picture at all of a group won't break the combo, just taking
      pictures at the wrong time

Normal level. The groups are either single people or pairs.
Hard level. The groups are threes or fours.
Expert level. The groups are all sets of four.

Aerial Camera              : Normal:100.00     Hard:110.00    Expert:120.00  
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 4.00 ++ 0.60 per pic, 8.00 bonus for random pic. 25.00 perfect
           Hard: 5.00 ++ 3.00 per pic, 10.00 bonus pic, 35.00 perfect
         Expert: 10.00 ++ 4.00 per pic, 20.00 bonus pic, 50.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 6.00 ++ 0.90 per pic, 12.00 bonus pic, 37.50 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 7.50 ++ 4.50 per pic, 15.00 bonus pic, 52.50 perfect
Mastered Expert: 15.00 ++ 6.00 per pic, 30.00 bonus pic, 75.00 perfect
           Item: Pro Parachute 50.00 - Makes it easier to steer.
     Memorial 1: Sightseeing Skydiver - 300.00 [133]
     Memorial 2: Plummeting Skydiver - 825.00 [134]
     Memorial 3: Small Plane - 1440.00 [135]
Arctic Deliverer
Zoom across the ice in your dragon sled, delivering ramen to hungry igloo-
dwellers. You start of whizzing across the ice towards your goal and you must
brake your sled carefully so you wind up coming to a halt by your customer.
You can't speed up again and if you go too far you'll fall off the ice into the
ocean! Hold the controller horizontal and raise it towards vertical to apply the
brakes. The further you raise it, the harder you apply the brakes.
Tips: I find it best to slow down in increments. Beware leaving it too late, the
brakes on the sled aren't that good and take some time to slow you, even at 
Exception: If you are using the item, you will slow down very fast. If you're
not expecting that you could well find yourself creeping along miles from your

Normal: Wide target area you can stop in
Hard: Narrower target area
Expert: Very narrow target area.

Arctic Deliverer           : Normal:80.00      Hard:140.00    Expert:260.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:350.00  Dinewell:      
         Normal:6.80/sec speed bonus
           Hard:13.00/sec speed bonus
         Expert:20.00/sec speed bonus
Mastered Normal:10.20/sec speed bonus
  Mastered Hard:19.50/sec speed bonus
Mastered Expert:30.00/sec speed bonus
           Item: Brakes of Antiquity 80.00 - Makes brakes much more effective
     Memorial 1:Dragon Sled - 240.00 [148]
     Memorial 2:Ramen Noodles - 1050.00 [149]
     Memorial 3:Penguin - 3120.00 [150]
Art Restorer
Fix broken objects of art.
Objects will be presented to you one at a time. At any given moment there will 
be the object so-far and the next piece to be added. Point at the object-so-far
with the controller and grab it by pressing A and B at the same time. While
holding the buttons twist the object until it is in the right position to add
the next piece. When it is, release the buttons without moving the controller,
if the controller is moving at all, the object will continue rotating for a
while. Now grab the new piece the same way, rotate it until it is in the right
orientation and move it into position. When you are close enough it will snap
into place. Money is awarded for each object completed, based on how much total
time there is left when you do and 5 seconds is added. This means that taking a
long time on the first object costs you a lot more than taking a long time on a
later object since you'll have less time left after every subsequent object and
hence less money awarded.

Normal: 3 objects to repair
Hard: 6 objects to repair
Expert: 9 objects to repair

Art Restorer               : Normal: 90.00     Hard:130.00    Expert:230.00
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:120.00
         Normal:0.60/sec speed bonus, 10.00 perfect
           Hard:0.67/sec speed bonus, 10.00 perfect
         Expert:0.72/sec speed bonus, 10.00 perfect
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Chilly Pad  45.00 - makes it easier to place pieces
     Memorial 1: Fancy Urn - 270.00 [46]
     Memorial 2: Historical Clay Doll - 975.00 [47]
     Memorial 3: Vintage Bronze Horse - 2760.00 [48]
Move a satellite into the correct orbit
Use the B and Z buttons to turn yourself until you are heading towards the
satellite (green on the little corner map). Tilt the controllers forwards to
move forwards, use the A button to give yourself a boost. When you reach the 
satellite, get yourself on the right side of the satellite using B and Z again
and move the satellite into the correct location (white circle/blue target on
small map). Watch out for asteroids, if they hit you, or the satellite if you
are holding it, they will send you flying and spin you around.
Tips: When you are heading to the satellite, don't aim straight for it, steer
past it, then turn to approach from the back. This is faster than inching
around it when you're already touching it.
When you are moving the satellite, use the mini-map to see where the rocks
are and try to use the boost to dodge them.

Normal: Not many rocks flying around
Hard: A fair number of small rocks flying around
Expert: Lots of rocks flying around of all sizes.

Astronaut                  : Normal: 90.00     Hard:150.00    Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:520.00  Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 2.35/sec speed bonus, 10.00 perfect
           Hard: 4.75/sec speed bonus, 30.00 perfect
         Expert: 8.00/sec speed bonus, 100.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 3.75/sec speed bonus, 15.00 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 7.20/sec speed bonus, 45.00 perfect
Mastered Expert: 13.50/sec speed bonus, 150.00 perfect
           Item: Cosmos Walking 100.00 - doubles your jet fuel.
     Memorial 1: Satellite - 270.00 [88]
     Memorial 2: Earth & Moon - 1125.00 [89]
     Memorial 3: Space Shuttle - 2400.00 [90]
Calm grumpy babies by shaking a rattle
Use the nunchuk joystick to select a baby, then shake the remote to shake a
rattle, hopefully calming the baby. The faster you shake, the quicker the baby
calms although when you stop shaking the rattle over a given baby it will in
time start fussing again. You must have all babies happy at the same time (all
faces green) to complete this job and you recieve a speed bonus depending on
the time left when you do. To score perfect, just complete the job.
Tip. Short fast shakes work best, no need to move the controller a lot.

Normal: 4 babies
Hard: 5 babies
Expert: 6 babies

Babysitter                 : Normal:70.00      Hard:130.00    Expert:160.00  
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:      
         Normal: 0.10/swing, 2.30/sec speed bonus, 30.00 perfect.
           Hard: 0.15/swing, 4.80/sec speed bonus, 50.00 perfect
         Expert: 0.20/swing, 8.25/sec speed bonus, 70.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 0.15/swing, 2.45/sec speed bonus. 45.00 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 0.22/swing, 7.20/sec speed bonus, 75.00 perfect
Mastered Expert: 0.30/swing, 12.35/sec speed bonus, 105.00 perfect
           Item: Terrific Rattle 500.00 - makes it easier to rattle faster.
     Memorial 1: Adorable Rattle - 210.00 [97]
     Memorial 2: Crib - 975.00 [98]
     Memorial 3: Stroller - 1920.00 [99]
Demonstrate your muscles by posing on a stage.
You will be in the centre of a five person line up. For each pose, the outside
pair pose first, then the inside pair, then you. Your pose must be different 
from the others. There are three poses, nunchuk and controller down, nunchuk
and controller up and one up/one down. The outside pair will always do the
same pose as each other, as will the inside pair.
Tip: Make precise controller movements, hold them horizontal and when it is
time to move, move them simultaneously to the desired position. It's easy for
the movement to be mis-read by this game. There is also a way to 'cheat' at
this game for easy perfect scores, check the cheat section at the end.

Normal. A fair bit of time between each pair posing and you posing, there is a
        window that shows which pose you should make. 10 poses in total
Hard: Shorter time to pose, no window showing the right pose, 15 poses total
Expert: Very short time to pose, no window, 20 poses total.

Bodybuilder                : Normal: 85.00     Hard:120.00    Expert:170.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:      
         Normal: 10 moves, 9.00 max per move, 10.00 perfect (100.00 max)
           Hard: 15 moves, 12.50 max per move, 20.00 perfect (207.50 max)
         Expert: 20 moves, 15.00 max per move, 30.00 perfect (330.00 max)
Mastered Normal: 10 moves, 13.50 max per move, 15.00 perfect (150.00 max)
  Mastered Hard: 15 moves, 18.75 max per move, 30.00 perfect (311.25 max)
Mastered Expert: 20 moves, 22.50 max per move, 45.00 perfect (450.00 max)
           Item: Protein 45.00 - gives you longer to pose.
     Memorial 1: Bronze Muscle Statue - 255.00 [16]
     Memorial 2: Silver Muscle Statue - 900.00 [17]
     Memorial 3: Gold Muscle Statue - 2040.00 [18]
Televise a pop show live.
You are in control of a TV camera televising a pop concert. It's your job to
keep the camera focused on the current singer. You move the camera left and 
right with the left and right keys on the controller, and you zoom in and out
with the up and down keys. You can change the position of the crosshair
indicating where the camera is pointing with the nunchuk joystick,
Whenever a singer is lit up with a spotlight, you need to focus the camera on
that singer and use the nunchuk to center the crosshair on their face.
You get an initial cash amount for first getting the crosshair on a singers
face when the spotlight goes on them and a smaller amount every 1/2 second or
so as long as you keep the camera focused on them and the spotlight remains on.
Your rating goes up by 1% for each tick you are focussed on the active singer,
you lose 1% for each tick the spotlight is on, but you have the camera in the
wrong location (having it in the right location but the crosshair not on the
singers face won't award you any rating increase or money, but you won't lose
any either.
Note that the cash awards for reaching 20%, 30% 40% e.t.c rating are only
awarded once. If you get 1.20 for reaching 20%, go back down to 18% and then
back over 20% again you won't get another award.

Normal: A girl group is singing (Working Princess), the map at the top-right
        will have a red dot indicating the singer that is next to be high-
Hard:   A boy group is singing. The map at the top-right will only show a red
        dot when a singer is actually being highlighted.
Expert: A mixed group is singing. The map will never show a red dot.

Cameraperson               : Normal: 70.00     Hard:150.00    Expert:170.00 
                           : Master:180.00  Higgins:250.00  Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 3.70 on-target, 0.10/tick, 0.00 ++ 1.20 per 10% rating
           Hard: 7.50 on-target, 1.00/tick, 0.00 ++ 2.00 per 10% rating
         Expert:10.00 on-target, 1.50/tick  0.00 ++ 5.00 per 10% rating
Mastered Normal: 5.55 on-target, 0.15/tick, 0.00 ++ 1.80 per 10% rating
  Mastered Hard:11.25 on-target, 1.50/tick, 0.00 ++ 3.00 per 10% rating
Mastered Expert:15.00 on-target, 2.25/tick, 0.00 ++ 7.50 per 10% rating
           Item: Mobile TV van 50.00 - stops ratings going down.
     Memorial 1: Nina Figurine - 210.00 [25]
     Memorial 2: Tina Figurine - 1125.00 [26]
     Memorial 3: Gina Figurine - 2040.00 [27]
Stamp documents with your company seal.
Documents will be presented to you with an outline indicating where the seal
should be placed. You must rotate the seal to the correct orientation by
twisting the remote and move it to the right place. Then press A to stamp the
document. You have 4 seconds per document to stamp it, and there are 10 to do.
The award you get for each stamp depends on how closely you matched the
outline. It seems that the angle of the stamp is more important than its
exact location.

Normal: All stamps are vertical
Hard: The stamps can be either slanted left, slanted right, or vertical.
Expert: The stamps can be slanted left or right either a little or a lot as
        well as vertical.

CEO                        : Normal: 75.00     Hard:120.00    Expert:150.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:450.00  Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: Max stamp 10.00, perfect 10.00
           Hard: Max stamp 20.00, perfect 20.00
         Expert: Max stamp 30.00, perfect 30.00
Mastered Normal: Max stamp 15.00, perfect 15.00
  Mastered Hard: Max stamp 30.00, perfect 30.00
Mastered Expert: Max stamp 45.00, perfect 45.00
           Item: Discerning Eye 50.00 - 2 extra seconds for each document
     Memorial 1: CEO Office Furniture Set - 225.00 [145]
     Memorial 2: CEO Figurine - 900.00 [146]
     Memorial 3: Employee Figurine - 1800.00 [147]
Cook steak, fish and stir-fry for hungry diners.
You have three pans in front of you, in each of which something is cooking.
You must flip the food when the indicator flashes above each pan. Move left
and right with the cross-control on the controller, flip the food by jerking
the controller sharply up. Stir-fry takes five flips each time it needs
flipping, whereas the steak and fish only require once each time. However the
steak and the fish must each be flipped 3 times before they are done, whereas
the stir-fry needs only 2 sets of 5 flips before it is done.
When the food is ready, press A to serve it and be awarded for doing so. You
recieve a set amount for each dish server and an incrementing bonus for each
set of 5 dishes served

Normal: Fairly long time to flip and serve food after the indicator appears
Hard: Shorter time to flip and serve
Expert: Shortest time.

On all levels the time you have to respond to an indicator gets less and less
the more meals you serve in a session.

Chef                       : Normal: 80.00     Hard:120.00    Expert:210.00 
                           : Master:250.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 1.00 per meal, 3.50 ++ 2.50 every 5 done, but no normal award
           Hard: 2.00 per meal, 7.00 ++ 5.00 every 5 done, but no normal award
         Expert: 5.00 per meal,25.00 ++20.00 every 5 done, but no normal award
Mastered Normal: 1.50 per meal, 5.25 ++ 3.75 every 5 done, but no normal award
  Mastered Hard: 3.00 per meal,10.50 ++ 7.50 every 5 done, but no normal award
Mastered Expert: 7.50 per meal,37.50 ++30.00 every 5 done, but no normal award
           Item: Master Chef Hat 80.00 - 1 extra mistake allowed.
     Memorial 1: Kitchen Set - 240.00 [4]
     Memorial 2: Burned Table Set - 900.00 [5]
     Memorial 3: Gorgeous Table Set - 2520.00 [6]
Cleaning Crew
Clean planes and other flying objects of grime.
You must clean splattered birds, footprints and general smudges of planes with
your trusty mop. Move around with the nunchuk joystick and jump with the Z
button. Swing the controller up and down to clean a smudge, Depending on how
dark the smudge is, it may take several swings to clean it. You get an award
for each smudge cleaned and a speed award for each plane fully cleaned based
on total seconds left. Extra time is then awarded for the next plane. Falling
off immediately ends the job. Cleaning all planes gives you a perfect bonus.

Tip: If you are falling off, jump! It's surprising how far off a plane you can
     be and still jump.

Normal: You are cleaning 3 stationary planes in a hanger.
Hard: You are cleaning a series of flying objects in flight. First there is a 
      plane, then a whale(!), then a flying saucer, then a prop plane and 
      finally a helicopter. The flying objects tilt left and right.
Expert: You are cleaning the same set of 5 objects, but they tilt further to
        the left and right while you are doing so.

Cleaning Crew              : Normal: 85.00     Hard:170.00    Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:450.00  Dinewell:130.00
         Normal: 0.20 per smudge, 0.75/sec speed bonus per plane, 20.00 perfect.
           Hard: 0.30 per smudge, 0.80/sec speed bonus per plane, 30.00 perfect
         Expert: 0.50 per smudge, 1.20/sec speed bonus per plane,150.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 0.30 per smudge, 1.20/sec speed bonus per plane, 30.00 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 0.45 per smudge, 1.20/sec speed bonus per plane, 45.00 perfect
Mastered Expert: 0.75 per smudge, 1.80/sec speed bonus per plane,225.00 perfect
           Item: Legendary Mop 60.00 - smudges only take 1 swipe to clean.
     Memorial 1: Jumbo Jet - 255.00 [13]
     Memorial 2: Helicopter - 1275.00 [14]
     Memorial 3: U.F.O - 2400.00 [15]
Juggle balls to keep the crowd entertained.
The nunchuk controls your left hand, the controller the right hand. You will
be tossed balls, which you must juggle by jerking the controller and nunchuk
up at the right time. Martine (the clown hanging upside down above you) will
occasionally grab a ball, and release it later, usually timed so you must toss
2 balls in rapid succession from one hand. More balls will be added as time
goes on and you are awarded a fixed amout for each juggle. Missing a ball ends
the job.

Normal: Balls are added slowly
Hard: Balls are added faster.
Expert: Balls are added very fast.

Clown                      : Normal: 80.00     Hard:130.00    Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:      
         Normal: 1.00/flip
           Hard: 1.50/flip
         Expert: 2.50/flip
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Balancing Clown - 400 - slows Martine the clown down
     Memorial 1: Clown Toy - 240.00 [112]
     Memorial 2: Flying Trapeze Artist - 975.00 [113]
     Memorial 3: Circus Tent = 2400.00 [114]
Deliver packages, braving dogs, bees and water on the way.
You have three packages to deliver. Move by using the nunchuk joystick, and 
dive forwards by pressing the Z button. If a dog barks at you, or you get
splashed with water from a sprinkler you will sit down for a couple of seconds
If you walk across flowers you will attract bees which will make you walk
slowly. Getting barked at, or splashed when you have bees around you will get
rid of the bees however (as well as making you sit down for a bit)
You get a speed award for each package delivered and extra time is then given
for the next package. Delivering all 3 packages gives you a perfect bonus.

Note: Diving will not let you dive over flowers, the bees will get you anyway.
      Watch out for dogs blocking the path. If this happens, diving past them
      is your only option, and even that doesn't always work.

Normal: 3 fairly simple courses to negotiate
Hard: 3 medium difficulty couses to negotiate
Expert: 3 tough courses to negotiate.

Courier                    : Normal: 80.00     Hard:140.00    Expert:160.00  
                           : Master:200.00  Higgins:300.00  Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 1.00 per second - 20.00 perfect
           Hard: 2.15 per second - 30.00 perfect
         Expert: 7.50 per second - 40.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 1.45 per second - 30.00 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 3.30 per second - 45.00 perfect
Mastered Expert:12.00 per second - 60.00 perfect
           Item:Fancy Shoes 60.00 - Run faster
     Memorial 1: Dog & Cardboard Box - 230.00 [28]
     Memorial 2: Garden Set - 1050.00 [29]
     Memorial 3: Delivery Truck - 1920.00 [30]
Crane Operator
Unload container ships quickly and precisely
Move the crane with the nunchuk controller, pick up and drop containers with
the A key. Unload the ship onto the three waiting trucks making sure A) to 
only place containers that match the trucks colour onto a truck and B) to
never place a larger container onto a smaller container. Each pile (either on
the ship or on a truck) can be at most 3 containers high. You get a speed
bonus after each ship is fully unloaded, dependant on the total time remaining
and extra time is them awarded for the next ship. Unload all three ships to
get a perfect bonus

Normal: The ship is generally loaded in such a way as to make unloading easy
Hard: The containers will require some shuffling around to unload.
Expert: The containers may require a fair bit of shuffling to unload.

Crane Operator             : Normal: 95.00     Hard:150.00    Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:200.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 0.58 per second left each ship, perfect 20.00
           Hard: 1.06 per second left each ship, perfect 30.00
         Expert: 2.15 per second left each ship, perfect 40.00
Mastered Normal: 0.88 per second left each ship, perfect 30.00
  Mastered Hard: 1.60 per second left each ship, perfect 45.00
Mastered Expert: 3.20 per second left each ship, perfect 60.00
           Item: Toy Freighter 70.00 - gives extra time.
     Memorial 1: Container - 285.00 [82]
     Memorial 2: Container Truck - 1125.00 [83]
     Memorial 3: Container Ship - 2400.00 [84]
Dairy Farmer
Milk a cow.
Use the nunchuk and the controller to milk the cow. Press the Z and B buttons
simultaneously and them move the nunchuck and controller up and down in an
alternating rhythm at the correct speed to milk the cow. When the cows eyes 
open and show yellow release the Z and B buttons immediately or the cow will
buck and rear, taking some time to settle down. Mess up enough, either by not
releasing when you should or pumping with the wrong rhythm and the cow will
bolt, ending the job.
You earn money with each successful pump, each successive succesful pump
without missing one increasing a combo bonus. To keep the combo going over a
break where the cow gets restless you must release the buttons before the cow
starts rearing and you must start pumping as soon as the indicators at the
bottom start lighting up again.

Normal: Slow rhythm with a fair amount of latitude for being off-time.
Hard: Somewhat faster rhythm and less latitude.
Expert: Fast rhythm with little latitude for mistake. Also the cow becomes
        restless more frequently.

Dairy Farmer               : Normal: 80.00     Hard:120.00    Expert:160.00 
                           : Master:250.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 1.00 ++ 0.01 per squirt
           Hard: 2.00 ++ 0.01 per squirt
         Expert: 2.50 ++ 0.01 per squirt
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Rubber Gloves - 50.00, Slows the rate of cow irritation.
     Memorial 1: Friendly Cow - 240.00 [94]
     Memorial 2: Crazed Cow - 900.00 [95]
     Memorial 3: Dairy Farm Set - 2400.00 [96]
Deep Sea Diver
Catch specimens from the deeps
You are piloting a submarine. Turn left and right by twisting the controller
left and right. Press the Z button to extend your claw to grab a specimen.
This game is in three stages. First you are catching crabs. Grab as many as
you can before the time runs out (the blue crabs are worth more). Money is
awarded for each catch made and an incrementing bonus for each 3. Next stage
is above an underwater well (or something). Catch blue fish here, the yellow
and blue fish are worth more. These fish tend to run off fast so watch the
rader and only go for fish that have just arrived. Finally you travel to an
underwater volcanic area. Here pick up gems, the purple ones are worth much
more (5 times the value of the others) A red fish here tends to eat the gems.
Try not to go for a gem that he is close to, since he's likely to grab it
before you can making you waste a claw-extend.

Normal: The crabs are mostly stationary at the start making them easy to grab
        The blue fish remain stationary for a reasonable length of time and
        the red fish in the volcano zone doesn't move fast.
Hard: The crabs generally move slowly, requiring you to 'lead' them a bit with
      the claw. The blue fish remain stationary for less time but still long
      enough for you to see one arriving on the radar, turn and grab it. The
      red fish in the volcano zone moves faster.
Expert: The crabs move quite fast. You need to lead them by about a crabs
        width to grab them. The blue fish do not remain stationary for very
        long at all. To grab one you need to see it arriving and start the
        grab before it's fully arrived, or it will leave before your claw gets
        there. The best way to do that is to follow the large red fish. The
        blue fish tend to appear more often just under his tail. The red fish
        in the volcano zone moves fast. Make sure that there is a gem between
        the one you are going for and the fish before you make a grab, or he
        is very likely to steal your gem before you can get to it.

In the data section S1: refers to the first section (crab catching) and the
values are for the normal and blue crabs. S2: refers to the second section and
the values are for the blue and yellow/blue fish. S3: refers to the third
section and the values are for white and purple gems.

Deep Sea Diver             : Normal: 70.00     Hard:130.00    Expert:160.00 
                           : Master:250.00  Higgins:450.00  Dinewell:      
         Normal:S1: 0.50/ 1.00 S2: 1.00/ 1.50 S3: 0.50/ 2.50  2.00++ 2.00 per 3
           Hard:S1: 2.00/ 4.00 S2: 4.00/ 6.00 S3: 2.00/10.00  8.00++ 8.00 per 3
         Expert:S1:10.00/20.00 S2:20.00/30.00 S3:10.00/50.00 20.00++20.00 per 3
Mastered Normal:S1: 0.75/ 1.50 S2: 1.50/ 2.25 S3: 0.75/3.75   3.00++ 3.00 per 3
  Mastered Hard:S1: 3.00/ 6.00 S2: 6.00/ 9.00 S3: 3.00/15.00 12.00++12.00 per 3
Mastered Expert:S1:15.00/30.00 S2:30.00/45.00 S3:15.00/75.00 30.00++30.00 per 3
           Item: Deep Sea Walking  250.00  Improves sub control
     Memorial 1: Mystery Ore - 210.00 [85]
     Memorial 2: Strange Sea Organism - 975.00 [86]
     Memorial 3: Deep Sea Research Ship = 1920.00 [87]
Extract a tooth from a patient
Twist the controller to twist a tooth to be extracted. A gauge on the bottom
left shows you what angle the tooth is currently at. Twist it too far and your
patient starts moaning. If the patients pain gauge fills up, the job ends. The
target zone is highlighted in blue. Move the pointer into this zone and wait
a short time. The zone will move and shrink. Move to the new location and
repeat until after the 4th (very narrow) zone you can finally pull the tooth.
Hold down A and B and pull up to do so. You are awarded a speed bonus 
depending on the time remaining when the tooth is pulled.

Normal: The cursor moves fairly slowly and is easy to control. You don't have
        to remain in each zone long before you can move to the next.
Hard: The cursor is more sensitive and you must wait longer the later zones
      before you can move on.
Expert: The cursor is very sensitive and you must hold the cursor in the 3rd
        and 4th zones for quite a long time before you can move on.

Dentist                    : Normal: 95.00     Hard:170.00    Expert:240.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:      
         Normal: 2,10/sec speed bonus
           Hard: 4.25/sec speed bonus
         Expert: 7.00/sec speed bonus
Mastered Normal: 3.15/sec speed bonus
  Mastered Hard: 6.35/sec speed bonus
Mastered Expert: 10.4/sec speed bonus
           Item: White Mask 50.00 - takes longer to fill up pain gauge.
     Memorial 1: Dental Model - 285.00 [100]
     Memorial 2: Examination Table - 1275.00 [101]
     Memorial 3: Bright Decay Bacteria - 2880.00 [102]
Dry Cleaner
Iron wrinkled clothes.
10 items of clothing will be presented to you in turn. Hold the controller
horizontal and facing away from you initially, tilt it forwards to move the
iron up, backwards to move it down and twist the controller left/right to move
the iron in those directions. The A button will lower the iron onto the cloth
or lift it away. You must iron all the wrinkles out before the time expires
to recieve a speed bonus. The time for each piece of clothing is independant
of the others.
Note: Beware wrinkles hidden in the pattern of the cloth. It's quite common to
think you've finished a piece of clothing only for there to be one tiny 
wrinkle left somewhere hard to see.

Normal: 10 seconds per item of clothing, not may wrinkles to iron out.
Hard: 15 seconds per item, more wrinkles to iron out
Expert: 20 seconds per item, lots of wrinkles

Dry Cleaner                : Normal: 80.00     Hard:150.00    Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:150.00  Higgins:230.00  Dinewell:      
         Normal: 1.25/sec for each garment, perfect 10.00
           Hard: 2.40/sec for each garment, perfect 20.00
         Expert: 3.35/sec for each garment, perfect 45.00
Mastered Normal: 2.30/sec for each garment, perfect 15.00
  Mastered Hard: 3.80/sec for each garment, perfect 30.00
Mastered Expert: 6.00/sec for each garment, perfect 67.50
           Item: Awesome Iron 50.00 - can move iron faster.
     Memorial 1: Iron Set - 240.00 [73]
     Memorial 2: Clothes Dryer - 1125.00 [74]
     Memorial 3: Hawaiian Shirt - 2400.00 [75]
Harvest carrots.
You have 30 carrots to harvest. You will see a circle with a dot spinning
round it. Part of the circle is coloured orange. Hold the controller
horizontally and pull it sharply vertical when the dot is over the orange
section to pull a carrot up. Miss the orange section and you'll only pull the
green section off the top.
This game is heavily combo oriented and you'll recieve more for each carrot
you pull in a row, not mis-pulling any carrots and pulling a carrot on each
spin of the dot. The orange section shrinks as you extend the combo, but if
the combo is broken for any reason, it will reset to the initial large size.
To achieve a perfect, pull all 30 carrots.

Tip: If you need to get a perfect specifically for a challenge, don't try to
keep a combo going. Pull a few carrots until the orange zone gets small and
then deliberately wait for the dot to spin twice. The zone will reset and you
can fairly easily pull all carrots this way. Unfortunately this will not work
to master this job, the mastership requirements are too high.

Normal: You can pull 8 carrots before the zone gets really small.
Hard: You can pull 4 carrots before the zone gets really small.
Expert: You can only pull 2 carrots before the zone gets really small.

Farmer                     : Normal: 65.00     Hard:110.00    Expert:130.00 
                           : Master:500.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 1.00 ++ 0.30 for each carrot -  30.00 perfect bonus
           Hard: 1.50 ++ 1.00 for each carrot - 100.00 perfect bonus
         Expert: 2.00 ++ 1.50 for each carrot - 200.00 perfect bonus
Mastered Normal: 1.50 ++ 0.45 for each carrot -  45.00 perfect bonus
  Mastered Hard: 2.25 ++ 1.50 for each carrot - 150.00 perfect bonus
Mastered Expert::3.00 ++ 2.25 for each carrot - 300.00 perfect bonus
           Item: gardening gloves - 40.00 - increases target zone
     Memorial 1: Just-Picked Carrot - 195.00 [40]
     Memorial 2: Jumbo Carrot - 825.00 [41]
     Memorial 3: Truck = 1560.00 [42]
Put out blazes rapidly
There are 3 rooms on fire you must douse. Point the controller at a blaze and
press the A button to spray water on it. When your water runs out, wait for
one of the other firemen to bring you a new canister. You get money for each
blaze doused and a speed bonus when each room is cleared based on total time
remaining. Extra time is added at the start of each room.
Tip: If you can clear a room before you reload you will score more. Reloading
takes some time and frequently fires re-light while you are waiting. Firemen
getting in your way will be the biggest problem though.

Normal: Not too many fires in each room, slow to re-light after they are doused.
Hard: More fires, faster to re-light.
Expert: Many fires and very fast to re-light.

Firefighter                : Normal: 85.00     Hard:160.00    Expert:170.00 
                           : Master:200.00  Higgins:        Dinewell:100.00
         Normal:0.50/fire, 0.60/sec speed bonus per room cleared
           Hard:0.80/fire, 1.05/sec speed bonus per room cleared
         Expert:1.00/fire, ????/sec speed bonus per room cleared
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item:fire charm - 60.00 - doubles water 
     Memorial 1: Fire Extinguisher - 235.00 [19]
     Memorial 2: Burned Building - 1200.00 [20]
     Memorial 3: Fire Engine - 2040.00 [21]
Catch fish, and maybe a manta-ray.
Steer your fishing boat with the nunchuk joystick. Hold the controller
vertically and swing it forwards to cast your net. When it lands on the water
an award is made for any fish within it, A radar map shows you where you are
and where the fish are relative to you. There is a special fish/manta-ray as
well. Catch this to make big money!.
Note that the net takes some time to land, so make sure to lead the fish so
they'll be in the right place when the net lands.

Normal: Slow moving fish
Hard: Faster moving fish
Expert: Fast moving fish

Fisher                     : Normal: 80.00     Hard:140.00    Expert:180.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:450.00  Dinewell:      
         Normal: small= 2.00 big= 5.00 bonus fish= 500.00
           Hard: small= 4.00 medium = 8.00 big = 12.00 bonus fish = 500.00
         Expert: small=10.00 large = 15.00 bonus fish = 500.00
Mastered Normal: small= 2.00 big= 5.00 bonus fish= 500.00
  Mastered Hard: small= 4.00 medium = 8.00 big = 12.00 bonus fish = 500.00
Mastered Expert: small=10.00 large = 15.00 bonus fish = 500.00
           Item: Veteran's Net 60.00 Increases area where fish are caught.
     Memorial 1: Big Haul Flag - 240.00 [103]
     Memorial 2: Lively Fish - 1050.00 [104]
     Memorial 3: Fishing Boat - 2160.00 [105]
Game Creator
Complete the design of a game sprite.
You are presented with a partly finished game sprite and it's your job to
corrent and finish it. Point at the colours at the side and press A to select
a colour (or the eraser), point at a pixel and press A to colour that square.
Press B to see the image you are trying to create. You recieve a speed bonus
based on the time left when you complete the image and a perfect bonus if you
complete it in time.

Normal: Not many corrections needed to finish the sprite
Hard: More corrections needed
Expert: Quite a lot of editing needed to finish the sprite

Game Creator               : Normal:100.00     Hard:140.00    Expert:180.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:450.00  Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 0.80 per second left, 20.00 perfect
           Hard: 1.80 per second left, 30.00 perfect
         Expert: 3.00 per second left, 40.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 1.20 per secomd left, 30.00 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 2.70 per second left, 45.00 perfect
Mastered Expert: 4.50 per secpmd left, 60.00 perfect
           Item: ultra rare game - 50.00 - 10 extra seconds
     Memorial 1: Tabletop Chassis - 300.00 [109]
     Memorial 2: Upright Chassis - 1050.00 [110]
     Memorial 3: Racecar Chassis - 2160.00 [111]
Defend your goal in a penalty shoot-out
Your team is up 5-4 in a penalty shoot out, if you can save this ball then you
win the match. Hold the controller and nunchuk level and move them left, right
and/or up to block the ball being shot at the goal. If you succeed you win, if
you fail you must watch as the opposing team scores in their next shot. Then 
you are up again and this time you must succeed, or you will lose. If you do
succeed then again you must watch as the opposing team attempts to score. This
time they will miss though and once again you will have the chance to save the
ball to win. This repeats until either you win or lose.
Winning awards the full cash amount, losing gets you nothing.

Normal: Ball is shot fairly slowly giving you time to react.
Hard: Ball is shot faster.
Expert: Ball is shot so fast you have to jump before you can see which way it
        is going. Hope you guess well!

Goalie                     : Normal:150.00     Hard:250.00    Expert:350.00 
                           : Master:350.00  Higgins:525.00  Dinewell:250.00
         Normal: 150.00
           Hard: 250.00
         Expert: 350.00
Mastered Normal: 225.00
  Mastered Hard: 375.00
Mastered Expert: 525.00
           Item: Legendary Gloves, 75.00 - slows ball
     Memorial 1: Soccer Ball - 450.00 [7]
     Memorial 2: Scoreboard - 1875.00 [8]
     Memorial 3: Soccer Pitch - 4200.00 [9]
Grill Cook
Cook skewers of meat and veggies.
There are several skewers cooking in front of you. Occasionally one will
require turning. Use the left and right buttons on the controller to select a
skewer that needs turning, grasp it by pressing the A and B buttons at the
same time and twist the controller to turn the skewer. Some skewers take less
time to cook than others. In order the fastest are the all veggie skewers
(hard and expert only), the flat meat and veggie skewers, the red-purple lumps
pf meat (expert only), the small chunks of meat and finally the meatballs.
Take too long turning a skewer and it will burn.
You start off with 3 skewers and over time more are added until you get to 7
Tip. The skewers that take longest to cook also take longest to burn if left.

Normal: Only 3 types of skewer, extra skewers are added slowly
Hard: 4 types of skewer. Extra skewers are added faster.
Expert: 5 types of skewer. Start with 5 skewers and reach 7 very fast.

Grill Cook                 : Normal: 75.00     Hard:100.00      Expert:120.00 
                           : Master:300.00  Higgins:       Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 1.00 per item grilled.
           Hard: 1.50 per item grilled.
         Expert: 2.00 per item grilled.
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: bosses fan - 50.00 - 1 extra mistake
     Memorial 1: Red Lantern - 225.00 [55
     Memorial 2: Chicken - 750.00 [56]
     Memorial 3: Grill Stand - 1440.00 [57]
Haunted House Crew
Scare the patrons of a haunted house
You are in a secret chamber at the heart of a haunted house. From here 
swivelling panels lead to 4 hallways, allowing you to jump out at the visitors.
The hallways are colour coded and to achieve the maximum effect you should 
switch to the matching coloured costume before jumping out. Move with the
nunchuk joystick, and change costumes by pressing left or right on the
controller d-pad. Wearing the right costume will score you twice as much as not
doing so.
Tip: On Expert mode look out for the astronauts. They're worth 5 times as much
to scare as the regular people!

Normal: People move slowly in the hallways
Hard: People move faster
Expert: People can move very fast indeed. There are also the occasional
        astronaut to scare.

Haunted House Crew         : Normal: 80.00      Hard:120.00     Expert:150.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:450.00   Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 4.00 not matched-8.00 matched
           Hard: 8.50 not matched-17.00 matched
         Expert: 10.00 not matched-20.00 matched-100.00 astronaut
Mastered Normal: 6.00 not matched-12.00 matched
  Mastered Hard: 12.75 not matched-25.50 matched
Mastered Expert: 15.00 not matched-30.00 matched-150.00 astronaut
           Item: B Movie Video 40.00 - Automatically switches costumes for you.
     Memorial 1: Full Moon and Werewolf - 240.00 [70]
     Memorial 2: Casket and Mummy - 900.00 [71]
     Memorial 3: Haunted House - 1800.00 [72]
Hospital EMT
Rush the patient to the OR
You're pushing a trolley rushing a patient to the OR. Hold the controller
horizontal and tilt it left and right to steer the trolley left and right. Try
not to crash into people wandering the hallways, but if you see a helpful
doctor, run into them to enlist their help. At corners you will need to press
either the 1 or 2 button repeatedly to avoid hitting the wall. You'll need to
press the right button several times to make the turn whereas pressing the
wrong button once dooms you to crash.
You can clear the hallways by pressing the Emergency button, the d-pad on the
controller. Note that people  don't vanish when it's pressed, they run to the
sides and you may still hit them as they run. You can do this up to 3 times.
Don't get too close to the walls or, again, you'll come to a screeching halt.
You get some money for making each turn and if you reach the end, you'll get a
speed bonus and a perfect bonus.

Normal: 10 sections of hallway
Hard: 12 sections of hallway
Expert: 14 sections of hallway

Hospital EMT               : Normal: 50.00      Hard:90.00      Expert:160.00 
                           : Master:130.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 1.00/turn  3.50/sec speed bonus  10.00 perfect
           Hard: 1.00/turn 12.00/sec speed bonus  20.00 perfect
         Expert: 1.00/turn ?????/sec speed bonus ?????? perfect
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Bullhorn 45.00 2 extra 'Emergency' calls.
     Memorial 1: Stretcher - 150.00 [52]
     Memorial 2: Accident Victim - 675.00 [53]
     Memorial 3: Ambulance - 1920.00 [54]
Interview celebrities
You're interviewing celebrities as they walk from their limos into a building.
Run around with the nunchuk controller. When you are near a celebrity with a
speech bubble near them, press the A key and swing the controller up and down
to record an interview. You are paid according to how much you record. Nornal
celebrities will give you a 1-1.5 second interview, the ones with a fire aura
around them will give you a longer interview, up to 3 seconds.
If a celebrities moves off before you finish an interview, you will get credit
for the time recorded and an exclamation mark will show. The next time the
celebrity stops you will see that their speech bubble is partly filled in. If
you interview that celebrity again you will record the end of the interview
you started instead of a new one.
Tip: Celebrities always stop just before the end and talk. A good place to
grab some interviews.

Normal: 10 celebrities, they walk slowly
Hard: 20 celebrities, they walk faster.
Expert: 30 celebrities, they walk fast.

Interviewer                : Normal:100.00      Hard:140.00     Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:260.00   Higgins:400.00   Dinewell:      
         Normal: 3.60/sec recorded, 10 celebrities
           Hard: 4.80/sec recorded, 20 celebrities
         Expert: 6.00/sec recorded, 30 celebrities
Mastered Normal: 5.40/sec recorded, 10 celebrities
  Mastered Hard: 7.20/sec recorded, 20 celebrities
Mastered Expert: 9.00/sec recorded, 30 celebrities
           Item: PrestoPatter Mic 50.00 - Allows you to record faster.
     Memorial 1: Handheld Mic - 300.00 [43]
     Memorial 2: Hall Entrance - 1050.00 [44]
     Memorial 3: Limousine - 2400.00 [45]
Translate a speech on the fly
You are an interpreter translating a speech about the new Handybot movie at a
press conference. For each phrase a series of keys will appear in the speech
bubble. Press those keys in order. Be fast though as the keys will fade in
time. You get an award for each key pressed, a speed bonus at the end of each
phrase and if you get all 10 phrases correct, a perfect bonus.

Normal: 6 key presses in each phrase, the cross, A,1 and 2 keys are used.
Hard: 12 key presses in each phrase, the cross. A, 1 and 2 keys are used.
Expert: 18 key presses in each phrase, the cross, A, B, 1 and 2 keys are used.

Interpreter                : Normal: 85.00      Hard:150.00     Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:325.00   Higgins:480.00   Dinewell:120.00
         Normal: 0.50/key, 6.00 max spd bonus/phrase (12.00 w/item) 20.00 pfct
           Hard: 1.00/key, 7.00 max spd bonus/phrase (16.00 w/item) 30.00 pfct
         Expert: 1.00/key,12.00 max spd bonus/phrase (30.00 w/item) ????? pfct
Mastered Normal: 0.75/key, 9.00 max spd bonus/phrase (18.00 w/item) 30.00 pfct
  Mastered Hard: 1.50/key,10.50 max spd bonus/phrase (24.00 w/item) 45.00 pfct
Mastered Expert: 1.50/key,18.00 max spd bonus/phrase (45.00 w/item) ????? pfct
           Item: Sleep practice pillow 50.00 extra time for each phrase
     Memorial 1: News Conference Seat - 240.00 [76]
     Memorial 2: Dictionary - 1125.00 [77]
     Memorial 3: Electronic Dictionary - 2400.00 [78]
Kabuki Actor
Hop on pillars across the stage
You start from the side of the stage and must hop across a series of pillars
set varying distances apart to reach a podium at the front (where you wave
your hair around). The jumps are either short (1 unit), Medium (2 units) or
Long (4 units), To jump hold the controller vertically, press the A button and
swing it down. The speed you swing it down with determines how far you jump.
If you jump such that you don't land on a pillar, you end the job immediately.
You can however jump OVER a pillar and land on another one and still continue.
To get a perfect though you must jump onto all pillars.

Normal: Short course
Hard: Medium length course
Expert: Long course.

Kabuki Actor               : Normal: 85.00      Hard:120.00     Expert:140.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:450.00   Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 0.50++0.50 per jump, 40.00 perfect (100.00 max)
           Hard: 0.50++0.50 per jump, 40.00 perfect (202.50 max)
         Expert: 0.50++0.50 per jump. 60.00 perfect (357.50 max)
Mastered Normal: 0.75++0.75 per jump, 60.00 perfect (150.00 max)
  Mastered Hard: 0.75++0.75 per jump, 60.00 perfect (303.75 max)
Mastered Expert: 0.75++0.75 per jump, 90.00 perfect (536.25 max)
           Item: Nonslip socks 100.00 can't slip on short jumps for 10 secs/row
     Memorial 1: Oversized Fan - 255.00 [115]
     Memorial 2: Drummer - 900.00 [116]
     Memorial 3: Kabuki Stage - 1680.00 [117]
Lighting Crew
Shine the spotlight on the dancers.
You are in charge of lighting at a dance show. Dancers will perform on stage
and whenever one stops moving, you must shine a spotlight on them. There are 8
spotlights and to activate one click on the light. There are 4 across the top
of the stage and 4 across the front. Click on a front light to illuminate
someone at the back of the stage, click on a top light to illuminate someone
at the front. This is a combo-heavy game, the more you get right in a row, the
more you score. To get a perfect you must light all 10 poses.

Normal: Dancers move slowly, the lights glow when they should be activated.
Hard: Dancers move faster, no light glow to help you.
Expert: Dancers move very fast.

Lighting Crew              : Normal:100.00      Hard:120.00     Expert:140.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:450.00   Dinewell:      
         Normal:3.00++1.00/light 25.00 perfect (max 100.00)
           Hard:5.00++2.00/light 60.00 perfect (max 200.00)
         Expert:7.00++3.00/light 95.00 perfect (max 300.00)
Mastered Normal:4.50++1.50/light 37.50 perfect (max 150.00)
  Mastered Hard:7.50++3.00/light 90.00 perfect (max 300.00)
Mastered Expert:10.50++4.50/light 142.50 perfect (max 450.00)
           Item: Workers Gloves 50.00 - Gives you more time to hit lights
     Memorial 1: Red Light - 300.00 [121]
     Memorial 2: Blue Light - 900.00 [122]
     Memorial 3: Green Light - 1680.00 [123]
Line Judge
Call balls in or out.
You are a volleyball line judge. The opposing team will send balls to your end
of the court. You must hold your controller up to call a ball out, and down to
call it in. Hold the controller level until you are ready to call. The balls
will start fairly slowly and get faster as the game continues. The game ends
when you make the 3rd mistage. You can use the nunchuk controller to change the 
view to a closeup of the left part or the right part of the court and initually
you can tell which side the ball will go by the way the ball is passed at the
start. The players always send the ball down the side they are on, so if the
ball is passed left, switch focus to the left-hand side and vice-versa.
At some point though, the players will start doing random cross shots making it
very hard to use the closeup feature.
You are awarded a fixed amount for each good call and an incrementing bonus for
each 5 done.

Normal: Balls start slowly, cross shots start after 20 shots.
Hard: Balls start faster, cross shots start after 20 shots.
Expert: Balls start very fast, cross shots start immediately.

Line Judge                 : Normal: 90.00      Hard:140.00     Expert:160.00 
                           : Master:450.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:100.00
         Normal:2.00/call 8.00++4.00/5 done
           Hard:3.00/call 15.00++7.50/5 done
         Expert:4.00/call 40.00++20.00/5 done
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item:Golden Flag 45.00 - Allows one more mis-call
     Memorial 1: Volleyball - 270.00 [10]
     Memorial 2: Volleyball Umpire - 1050.00 [11]
     Memorial 3: Volleyball Court - 1920.00 [12]
Makeup Artist
Apply makeup to peoples faces.
Five people are coming to you for a facial makeover. For each one you will be
shown a dummy with the desired makeup on. When the customer arrives, remove any
makeup they have on and apply the new makup, dragging and dropping the right
choices into place. Hold the A button down to pick up a design and release it
to drop it. Press B when you are finished with a customer.
You are awarded a set amount for each customer correctly made up, and a speed
bonus depending on how much time was left when you finished. Each customer has
their own 30 second window. Make up all 5 customers correctly and you earn a
perfect bonus

Normal: Customers come in with no makeup on, not many designs to choose from
Hard: Customers have lipstick on, but no eye makeup. More desigs.
Expert: Customers have full make-up on. The most designs to choose from.

Makeup Artist              : Normal: 90.00      Hard:170.00     Expert:230.00
                           : Master:295.00   Higgins:440.00   Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 10.00 per person - 0.42/sec/person speed bonus - 5.00 perfect
           Hard: 20.00 per person - 0.90/sec/person speed bonus -10.00 perfect
         Expert: 30.00 per person - 1.63/sec/person speed bonus -15.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 15.00 per person - 0.65/sec/person speed bonus - 7.50 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 30.00 per person - 1.40/sec/person speed bonus -15.00 perfect
Mastered Expert: 45.00 per person - 2.50/sec/person speed bonus -22.50 perfect
           Item: Elite Makeup Kit 45.00 - 3 less items to choose from
     Memorial 1: Vanity - 270.00 [139]
     Memorial 2: Makeup Kit - 1275.00 [140]
     Memorial 3: Lipstick Figurine - 2760.00 [141]
Paint peoples nails
3 people are coming to you to have their nails painted. Each nail will be
presented to you with the desired design outlined on it. Drag the elements into
place, holding the A button down to pick them up. Rotate them  by twisting the
controller left or right until they fit the outline, at which point they will
snap into place. Completing each finger adds 20 seconds before starting the next
You are awarded money for each design placed, a speed bonus on completing each
finger based on the time remaining and if all 3 fingers are painted, you will
get a perfect bonus

Normal: Simple designs
Hard: More complex designs
Expert: The most complex designs.

Manicurist                 : Normal: 80.00      Hard:130.00     Expert:140.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:450.00   Dinewell:100.00
         Normal:1.50/item 0.80/sec/finger speed bonus - 10.00 perfect
           Hard:2.30/item 1.60/sec/finger speed bonus - 20.00 perfect
         Expert:3.00/item 3.50/sec/finger speed bonus - 30.00 perfect
Mastered Normal:2.25/item 1.20/sec/finger speed bonus - 15.00 perfect
  Mastered Hard:3.45/item 2.40/sec/finger speed monus - 30.00 perfect
Mastered Expert:4.50.item 5.25/sec/finger speed bonus - 45.00 perfect
           Item: Aromatherapy Oils 40.00 - gives 10 extra seconds
     Memorial 1: Nail Polish Set - 240.00 [136]
     Memorial 2: Nail Figurine - 975.00 [137]
     Memorial 3: Nail Care Set - 1680.00 [138]
Master Higgins
Mash buttons like crazy
You have been challenged to a button mashing contest. Just hit the A button as
many times as you can in 10 seconds. Whoever hits it the most time is the
winner and scores a set amount plus a bonus for each point that they beat their
opponent by. The loser gets nothing.
The Master Higgins challenge is a bit different for this game. Master Higgins
will challenge you to a duel. He will always score 160. Beat that and you will
score 450 + 1.50 per point you beat him by, all multiplied by 7.5!

Normal: You face a B Rank fighter. He will generally get between 60 and 75.
Hard: You face an A Rank figher. He will generally get between 90 and 105
Expert: You will face one of the TV Shopping channel hosts. They will get
        between 120 and 135.

Master Higgins             : Normal:100.00      Hard:200.00     Expert:300.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:#160     Dinewell:      
         Normal:100.00 + 1.00/point by which you win by
           Hard:200.00 + 1.00/point by which you win by
         Expert:300.00 + 1.00/point by which you win by
Mastered Normal:150.00 + 1.50/point by which you win by
  Mastered Hard:300.00 + 1.50/point by which you win by
Mastered Expert:450.00 + 1.50/point by which you win by
           Item: Master Higgins Hat 50.00 - Reduces opponents score by about 10
     Memorial 1: Mash-O-Meter - 300.00 [124]
     Memorial 2: Touring Van - 1500.00 [125]
     Memorial 3: Master Higgins Bust - 3600.00 [126]
Read the news accurately
You must read 10 segments of news. Each segment is represented by 3-5 symbols.
These symbols will be shown in the right order for a short time, then the
symbols will be shown scattered around the screen. You have 10 seconds to 
select the symbols in order. To select a symbol point towards it and press A.
You will get an award for each correct symbol selected and a speed bonus for
the time remaining when you complete a segment correctly.
Complete all 10 segments correctly to get a perfect bonus.

Normal: Shorter segments on average, a long time to memorise the symbols
Hard: More 5-long segments and less 3's. Shorter time to memorise.
Expert: Even more 5-long segments. A short time to memorise.

Newscaster                 : Normal: 90.00      Hard:130.00     Expert:160.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:450.00   Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 1.00 per symbol, 0.60/sec speed bonus/section, 50.00 perfect
           Hard: 1.50 per symbol, 1.10/sec speed bonus/section, 90.00 perfect
         Expert: 2.00 per symbol, 1.60/sec speed bonus/section,140.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 1.50 per symbol, 0.90/sec speed bonus/section, 75.00 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 2.25 per symbol, 1.70/sec speed bonus/section.135.00 perfect
Mastered Expert: 3.00 per symbol, 2.75/sec speed bonus/section,210.00 perfect
           Item: Pronunciation book 40.00 - gives longer to memorise symbols.
     Memorial 1: Black and White TV - 270.00 [106]
     Memorial 2: Color TV - 975.00 [107]
     Memorial 3: Flat Panel TV - 1920.00 [108]
Personal Trainer
Lead an exercise session
You will see symbols scroll down a window on the side of the screen and a
yellow box at the bottom. Hold the nunchuk and controller vertically and
sharply tilt them down when the appropriate symbol reaches the yellow box.
Green symbols mean punch the nunchuk, blue symbols mean punch the controller
and when both are present at the same time, punch both. There are also large
red boxes. When one of these hits the yellow box, alternate the nunchuk and the
controller as fast as you can to run.
Each move you do correctly in succession increases your combo and the amount
you get for that move. Getting all moves right gives you a perfect bonus

Normal: Fairly short session, slowly moving symbols
Hard: Longer session, slowly moving symbols
Expert: Long session, much faster moving symbols. Multiple 'run' sections (the
        red boxes)

Personal Trainer           : Normal: 90.00      Hard:110.00     Expert:130.00 
                           : Master:400.00   Higgins:600.00   Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 0.80++0.02/move  20.00 perfect
           Hard: 0.40++0.02/move  20.00 perfect
         Expert: 0.50++0.01/move 100.00 perfect
Mastered Normal: 1.20++0.03/move  30.00 perfect
  Mastered Hard: 0.60++0.03/move  30.00 perfect
Mastered Expert: 0.75++0.01/move 150.00 perfect
           Item: Workout DVD 50.00 - Doubles starting money.
     Memorial 1: Stationary Bike - 270.00 [61]
     Memorial 2: Weight Machine - 825.00 [62]
     Memorial 3: Heavy Weight Machine - 1560.00 [63]
Pinch Hitter
Score a home run for your team.
The bases are loaded, your team is down 0-3 and you're up to bat. Hold the
controller vertically and swing it at the right time to hit the ball pitched at
you. Watch out for curve balls. Get it right and you'll score a home run, but
miss 3 times and you'll be out. If you get a home run you get the full cash 
award, if you don't, you get nothing.
Very long ending animation sequence on this game if you win.

Normal: Slow balls, mostly straight
Hard: Faster balls, some curve balls.
Expert: Very fast balls, and curve balls.

Pinch Hitter               : Normal:150.00      Hard:250.00     Expert:350.00 
                           : Master:350.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:250.00
         Normal: 150.00
           Hard: 250.00
         Expert: 350.00
Mastered Normal: 225.00
  Mastered Hard: 375.00
Mastered Expert: 525.00
           Item: Homerun King Bat 75.00 - makes balls slower and easier to hit.
     Memorial 1: Little Worksalot - 495.00 [64]
     Memorial 2: Mr Richard - 1875.00 [65]
     Memorial 3: Baseball Field - 4200.00 [66]
Pit Crew
Change a wheel quickly
You have to change a wheel by first unscrewing 5 bolts, then screwing them up 
again with the new wheel. For each bolt. first move the hand over the crank
handle and press A and B simultaneously to grab on. Move the controller if
anti-clockwise circles to unscrew, clockwise to screw in. Don't move the
controller too fast or you'll 'stall' You can stop winding a fraction of a
second before the screw is finished, giving you time to get into the right
place to grab the crank again for the next screw. You score a set amount for
each screw removed or placed, and a speed bonus when you finish.
The speed is heavily affected by what place the car is in when you are done as
indicated by the gauge at the bottom,. Dropping from 1st to 2nd place for 
instance pretty much halves your bonus.

Normal: Car moves back through the places slowly
Hard: Car moves back through the places faster
Expert: Car moves back through the places even faster.

Pit Crew                   : Normal: 85.00      Hard:180.00     Expert:260.00
                           : Master:250.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:120.00
         Normal: 1.00 per nut, ~90.00 1st place score.
           Hard: 1.50 per nut, ~200.00 1st place score
         Expert: 2.00 per nut, ~275.00 1st place score
Mastered Normal: 1.50 per nut, ~135.00 1st place score
  Mastered Hard: 2.25 per nut, ~300.00 1st place score
Mastered Expert: 3.00 per nut, ~415.00 1st place score
           Item:Ancient Wrench 50.00 automatically grips wrench
     Memorial 1: Tire - 255.00 [34]
     Memorial 2: Racecar - 1350.00 [35]
     Memorial 3: Race Pit - 3120.00 [36]
Pizza Chef
Spin dough to make pizzas
You are tossed a disk of dough and you must spin it to make a pizza of the
correct size. Hold the controller vertical and move it in a circle to spin the
dough. You can make small, medium, large, or extra large pizzas. As you spin
the dough it will get larger. You will see a size guide on the screen,
initially for small. To make a small pizza press the A button when the pizza is
touching the guides (the S will get larger when the pizza is the right size)
If you go past the S markers, they will vanish and M markers will appear 
further out. Press A when the pizza touches them for a Medium pizza. The same
is true for Large and Extra large pizzas.
The guides are smaller for each larger size of pizza, the one for Extra Large
is very narrow, making it hard to get just right. Press the A button when the
pizza is not at one of the correct sizes will cause you to drop it on the 
floor and you'll have to start again. Spinning the dough too slowly will cause
it to droop and if it droops too far you will also drop it.
The larger the pizza made, the greater the award you'll get for it.

Normal: You can spin the dough fairly slowly.
Hard: You must spin the dough faster.
Expert: You must spin the dough quite fast.

Pizza Chef                 : Normal: 80.00      Hard:110.00     Expert:150.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:450.00   Dinewell:100.00
         Normal:XL = 25.00 - L = 20.00 - M = 15.00 - S = 10.00
           Hard:XL = 50.00 - L = 40.00 - M = 30.00 - S = 20.00
         Expert:XL = 75.00 - L = 60.00 - M = 45.00 - S = 30.00
Mastered Normal:XL = 37.50 - L = 30.00 - M = 22.50 - S = 15.00
  Mastered Hard:XL = 75.00 - L = 60.00 - M = 45.00 - S = 30.00
Mastered Expert:XL =112.50 - L = 90.00 - M = 67.50 - S = 45.00
           Item:master's scarf - 150.00 - increases target zone
     Memorial 1: Jumbo Pizza - 240.00 [118]
     Memorial 2: Pizza Oven - 825.00 [119]
     Memorial 3: Pizza Delivery Bike - 1800.00 [120]
Police Chief
Stalk and arrest the bad guy
You are tailing a criminal. You need to get close enough to grab him without
him seeing you and fleeing to his getaway car!. Move with the nunchuk joystick.
You will see a box with a series of dots above the criminals head. The dots
will grow in turn and when they are all large the criminal will turn and look
behind him. You need to be out of his sight when he does so or he will run. You
can hide behind doors (that will open as you get near them), behind bins,
barrels, cars and round building corners. To hide behind something short,
crouch by using the Z button. Don't run into any other people walking around 
Catch up with the criminal to arrest him. If you succeed you get the full cash
award, fail and you get nothing.
Tip: Using the item you can just run straight for the criminal and catch him
in the normal version of the game.

Normal: The criminal doesn't turn around too often.
Hard: The criminal turns around more frequently
Expert: The criminal turns around very frequently

Police Officer             : Normal:150.00      Hard:250.00     Expert:350.00 
                           : Master:350.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:250.00
         Normal: 150.00
           Hard: 250.00
         Expert: 350.00
Mastered Normal: 225.00
  Mastered Hard: 375.00
Mastered Expert: 525.00
           Item: Silencer shoes 75.00 - allows you to run faster.
     Memorial 1: Wanted Poster - 450.00 [67]
     Memorial 2: Patrol Car - 1875.00 [68]
     Memorial 3: Getaway Car - 4200.00 [69]
Resort Captain
Pilot a boat through the obstacles to an island.
Move the controller up and down to row the boat, and use the nunchuk controller
to steer. Beware that it takes some time to turn the boat and also some time to
stop turning. It also takes some time to speed up and slow down.
There are rocks, upended sticks, floating logs and whirlpools to navigate. Don't
get too close to the rocks or upended sticks, you'll hit them some time before
you think you should and they'll stop you dead. Whirlpools will grab you and 
spin you if you get in them but it is possible to break free if you row fast,
Floating logs will also stop you dead if you hit them, then they'll sink, 
allowing you to proceed. Get to the island before the timer expires to get a
speed bonus and a perfect bonus. Fail to reach the island and you get nothing.

Normal: Fairly easy sets of obstacles to navigate
Hard: More complex sets of obstacles to navigate
Expert: Very complex sets of obstacles to navigate

Resort captain             : Normal:85.00       Hard:130.00     Expert:180.00 
                           : Master: 270.00  Higgins:         Dinewell:100.00
         Normal: 2.75/sec speed bonus  30.00 perfect
           Hard: 6.00/sec speed bonus  40.00 perfect
         Expert: 9.00/sec speed bonus  50.00 perfect
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Sacred Oar 40.00 - allows you to speed up faster.
     Memorial 1: Rowboat - 255.00 [31]
     Memorial 2: Gull Rock - 975.00 [32]
     Memorial 3: Seaside Resort Set - 2160.00 [33]
Security Guard
Keep a watch for vandals
You are sitting in front of a bank of security monitors watching people walking
the hallways. Some are not meant to be there and occasionally one will stop,
pull a large mallet out and if not apprehended will then do damage (knocking
out your monitors for a while). You have 5 monitors to watch. One will be 
selected and a larger image from that monitor will be displayed on the main
screen. Press B to catch a criminal. Only do that though if you have selected
the monitor that they are on, and they actually have a hammer out. 
You are given an award for each criminal caught, increasing for each successful
arrest. Sound the alarm when there is no crime in progress though will break
the combo, as will not catching a vandal before they knock out your monitors
Tip: The vandals will stop for a while looking around before they pull their
hammer out. Also make sure that when you are concentrating on catching one
vandal that there isn't another about to knock your cameras out on another

Normal: 2 vandals.
Hard: 3 vandals.
Expert: 4 vandals.

Security Guard             : Normal: 90.00      Hard:140.00     Expert:240.00 
                           : Master:170.00   Higgins:280.00   Dinewell: 100.00
         Normal: 1.30++1.30/vandal
           Hard: 1.30++1.30/vandal
         Expert: 1.20++1.20/vandal
Mastered Normal: 1.95++1.95/vandal
  Mastered Hard: 1.95++1.95/vandal
Mastered Expert: 1.80++1.80/vandal
           Item: Hot Black Coffee 40.00 - Makes vandals move more slowly.
     Memorial 1: Security Camera - 270.00 [79]
     Memorial 2: Thief Figurine - 1050.00 [80]
     Memorial 3: Security Monitor - 2880.00 [81]
Jump over cars at high speed.
Hold the controller horizontally and tilt it left or right to turn the car.
Your aim is to reach the end of the course, and the ramp at as high of a speed
as possible. There are many crashed cars littering the course, not to mention
piles of tires. Hitting a car head on will stop you, ending the run, hitting
one a glancing blow will slow you down and throw you off to the side. The same
happens if you hit the side of the course. Hitting a pile of tyres will just
slow you down. 
Hit the ramp at the end of the course to jump, the award you recieve is
proportionate to the speed that you hit the ramp. Hit it at 500 mph to recieve
a perfect bonus. Hit the side of the ramp and you'll spin  out of control
scoring nothing. Missing the ramp altogether and going down the sides will also
score you nothing.

Normal: Simple course, not too many stationary cars
Hard: More stationary cars
Expert: Many obstacles to dodge.

Stuntperson                : Normal:100.00      Hard:150.00     Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:      
         Normal: 100.00 max, 50.00 perfect
           Hard: 200.00 @ 300mph approx
         Expert: 300.00 @ 310mph approx
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Next-Gen Tires 50.00 - Allows you to accelerate faster
     Memorial 1: Stunt Car - 300.00 [127]
     Memorial 2: Half Wrecked Stunt Car - 1125.00 [128]
     Memorial 3: Totaled Stunt Car - 2400.00 [129]
Sumo Referee
Wave a fan at sumo bout.
Two sumo wrestlers are fighting and you have to wave a fan (to cool them?) as
many times as possible, whilst avoiding collisions. You recieve an incrementing
award for each wave made as long as you do them fast enough, Stopping for too 
long breaks the combo. Colliding with a wrestler gets you thrown out of the
ring and ends the job. Make it to the end of the match (as indicated by the
timer) gives you a perfect bonus.

Normal: Short round, fairly slow wrestlers
Hard: Longer round, fairly slow wrestlers
Expert: Longer round, faster wrestlers.

Sumo Referee               : Normal:100.00      Hard:150.00     Expert:160.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:150.00
         Normal: 0.01++0.01 per swing, 10.00 perfect
           Hard: 0.01++0.01 per swing
         Expert: 0.05++0.05 per swing
Mastered Normal: 0.01++0.01 per swing
  Mastered Hard: 0.01++0.01 per swing
Mastered Expert: 0.07++0.07 per swing
           Item: Sumo socks 100.00 - allow you to move faster.
     Memorial 1: Massive Victory - 300.00 [37]
     Memorial 2: Origami Wrestlers - 1125.00 [38]
     Memorial 3: Sumo Ring - 1920.00 [39]
Supermarket Clerk
Scan customers shopping.
You man a checkout at a supermarket. Customers will arrive at your station and
their shopping will move along a belt in front of you. For each item of
shopping, you have to turn the item until you find the bar-code, then you must
scan the barcode.
Turn the item with the Nunchuk joystick. Scan the item by using the controller
to move the red horizontal line over the barcode. Note that the barcode must
be horizontal, you cannot turn the red line. It doesn't matter which way up the
barcode is though.
Each customer has an impatience meter which slowly fills up. Fail to scan all
their items before the gauge fills and the job ends.
Tip: You can see three sides of the object as it approaches. If you fail to see
it on those three sides, rotate the item up twice, then left once. This should
let you see all sides. Barcodes will never be on the tail of the fish (on the

Normal: 5 custoners
Hard: 8 customers
Expert 10 customers. Generally more impatient.

Supermarket Clerk          : Normal: 80.00      Hard:150.00     Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:100.00
         Normal:1.00/item, ~15.00 max speed bonus/customer 30.00 perfect
           Hard:2.50/item, ~18.00 max speed bonus/customer 
         Expert:5.00/item, ~23.00 max speed bonus/customer
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item:Apron 40.00 - Gives a little more time per customer.
     Memorial 1: Cash Register - 240.00 [1]
     Memorial 2: Overflowing Cart - 1125.00 [2]
     Memorial 3: Endcap Display - 2400.00 [3]
Sushi Master
Serve 3 impatient customers
There are 5 types of sushi available and 3 customers to serve. Each customer 
will indicate what they want, you must grab the appropriate item, chop it and
then serve it before they get annoyed.
To select an item, use the nunchuk joystick. Grab the item with the A button.
Swing the controller down to chop it, then use the nunchuk joystick to select
the customer. Finally press A to serve that customer. For each item served you
get an incrementing award. If you serve the wrong item to someone, or don't
serve a customer in time (they start banging the table when they get impatient)
the combo is broken.

Normal: Slower order rate, customers are fairly patient.
Hard: Faster order rate, customers are less patient.
Expert: Fast order rate, customers are not very patient.

Sushi Master               : Normal: 80.00      Hard:150.00     Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:250.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:      
         Normal:0.20++0.20/item served
           Hard:0.25++0.25/item served
         Expert:0.49++0.49/item served
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Bosses Headband 45.00 - makes customers more patient.
     Memorial 1: White Lantern - 240.00 [58]
     Memorial 2: Tuna - 900.00 [59]
     Memorial 3: Sushi Stand - 2400.00 [60]
Sew shirt designs.
You must accurately sew a design into a shirt. You will start at one side of 
the design and you must sew around the design following the blank strip around
the edge of the pattern. Hold the controller horizontal. Accelerate with the 1
key, slow with the 2 key, stop with the A key. Turn left and right by tilting
the controller. There is a quality meter in the bottom left corner. This starts
at 100% and goes down for each stitch made outside the blank strip. If it
reaches 0% the job is over.
You recieve a small award for each stitch and a cumulative bonus every 5. If
you complete the design you get a speed award based on the remaining time and
if you finish with the quality meter still at 100% you get a perfect bonus.

Normal: Simple designs
Hard: More complex designs
Expert: Complex designs, faster drop in quality when bad stitches are made.

Tailor                     : Normal: 95.00      Hard:150.00     Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:      
         Normal:0.01/stitch 0.01++0.01 per 5, 1.35/sec spd bonus 30.00 perfect
           Hard:0.02/stitch 0.02++0.01 per 5, 3.80/sec spd bonus 30.00 perfect
         Expert:0.03/stitch 0.02++0.01 per 5, 6.00/sec spd bonus 30.00 perfect
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Lovely Apron 45.00 - Makes Quality meter drop more slowly.
     Memorial 1: Sewing Machine Set - 285.00 [49]
     Memorial 2: Bomberman T-Shirt - 1125.00 [50]
     Memorial 3: BeeTee - 2400.00 [51]
Teach a class.
You are teaching a class of kids, some of whom are falling asleep. Select a kid
with the nunchuk joystick. If the kid is nodding off, whack him/her with a
piece of chalk to wake them up by swinging the controller down. If they are
fully asleep it will take 2 swings to wake them. If the kid has their arm up
though, press the A key to teach them. Be fast though, take too long and
they'll give up and start to fall asleep.
You score a fixed amount for each kid taught and an incrementing bonus for each
5. You get nothing for waking a sleeping kid up, but sleeping kids don't ask
Tip: If you get the entire class awake it seems that kids then start asking
questions in turn. One will put their hand up and as soon as you teach them the
next will.

Normal: Kids are reasonably patient when asking questions.
Hard: Kids are more impatient.
Expert  Impatient kids, more sleeping kids at the start.

Teacher                    : Normal: 90.00      Hard:130.00     Expert:160.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:      
         Normal:0.50 per pupil taught, 1.20++1.20 per 5 done.
           Hard:1.00 per pupil taught, 4.50++4.50 per 5 done
         Expert:1.50 per pupil taught, 6.00++6.00 per 5 donw
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: Lightweight Chalk  75.00 - Wakes up any kid with one blow.
     Memorial 1: Male Figurine - 240.00 [91]
     Memorial 2: Female Figurine - 975.00 [92]
     Memorial 3: Blackboard & Podium - 1920.00 [93]
Tropical Waiting Staff
Serve juice to customers on a hot beach
There is a thirsty customer at the far end of the beach and you have to get
their juice to them. Unfortunately the sun is hot and if the drink is left out
in it for more than a few seconds it will evaporate! So you must somehow get
to the customer by dodging from shadow to shadow. Navigate with the nunchuk
joystick, crouch (to fit in shorter shadows) with the Z key.
To get to the target you'll need to use some moving shadows. The trolleys are
easy to use, the shadows are large and you can easily stay in the shadow as
they move. Using people however is harder. For them you'll need to crouch and
navigate carefully.
You are awarded a bonus dependent on how much of the drink is left when you
reach the customer. The time taken doesn't matter, unless you run out

Normal: Plenty of shade.
Hard; Less shade, you need to use trolleys and a few moving shadows.
Expert: Even less shade. It's neccessary to use people as shades as well.

Tropical Waiting Staff     : Normal: 90.00      Hard:140.00     Expert:200.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:         Dinewell:      
         Normal: ~120.00 full
           Hard: ~300.00 full
         Expert: ~500.00 full
Mastered Normal:
  Mastered Hard:
Mastered Expert:
           Item: South Pole Ice 75.00 - Makes drinks evaporate more slowly
     Memorial 1: Frosty Beverage - 270.00 [142]
     Memorial 2: Surfboard - 1050.00 [143]
     Memorial 3: Beach Resort Set - 2400.00 [144]
TV Shopping Crew
Demonstrate the wondrous Excaliburch
The TV Shopping Network has a great new product. The Excaliburch. Made of wood
but incredibly sharp, it can slice anything! It's up to you to demonstrate it.
Hold the controller upright and when the hosts toss objects at you, slice the 
controller down at the right moment to chop whatever is thrown in half. You get
an incrementing award for each object sliced in succession, but missing one 
will break the combo. 

Normal: Only Bruce (the center guy) throws items at you. Vegetables and fruit.
Hard: All three hosts throw vegetables, fruit, meat and fish at you to slice.
      The left-hand host tosses high and slow, the right hand host tosses low
      and fast, the centre host tosses as normal.
Expert: As Hard, but now the hosts toss toilets, bowling pins and televisions.
        These are harder to slice.

TV Shopping Crew           : Normal: 70.00      Hard:120.00     Expert:140.00 
                           : Master:300.00   Higgins:450.00   Dinewell:      
         Normal: 1.00 ++ 0.35 per slice
           Hard: 1.50 ++ 0.75 per slice
         Expert: 2.00 ++ 1.50 per slice
Mastered Normal: 1.52 ++ 0.52 per slice
  Mastered Hard: 2.25 ++ 1.12 per slice
Mastered Expert: 3.00 ++ 2.25 per slice
           Item: Swordmasters Scroll 300.00 - Less accuracy needed to slice
     Memorial 1: Excaliburch - 210.00 [22]
     Memorial 2: Two-Split Set - 900.00 [23]
     Memorial 3: Studio Set - 1680.00 [24]

  *7.3* Alphabetical listing of Memorials.

A Rank Fighter Figurine - 1125.00
Accident Victim - 675.00
Adorable Rattle - 210.00
Ambulance - 1920.00
B Rank Fighter Figurine - 300.00
Baseball Field - 4200.00
Beach Resort Set - 2400.00
BeeTee - 2400.00
Big Haul Flag - 240.00
Black and White TV - 270.00
Blackboard and Podium 1920.00
Blue Light - 900.00
Bomberman T-Shirt - 1125.00
Bright Decay Bacteria - 2880.00
Bronze muscle statue - 255.00
Burned Building - 1200.00
Burned Table Set - 900.00
Cash Register - 240.00
Casket and Mummy - 900.00
CEO figurine - 900.00
CEO office furniture set - 225.00
Chicken - 750.00
Circus Tent - 2400.00
Clothes Dryer - 1125.00
Clown toy - 240.00
Colour TV - 975.00
Container - 285.00
Container Ship - 2400.00
Container Truck - 1125.00
Crazed Cow - 900.00
Crib - 975.00
Dairy Farm Set - 2400.00
Deep Sea Research Ship - 1920.00
Delivery truck - 1920.00
Dental Model - 285.00
Dictionary - 1125.00
Dog & Cardboard Box - 240.00
Dragon Sled - 240.00
Drummer - 900.00
Earth and Moon - 1125.00
Electronic Dictionary - 2400.00
Employee figurine - 1800.00
Endcap Display - 2400.00
Examination Table - 1275.00
Excaliburch - 210.00
Fancy Urn - 270.00
Female Figuine - 975.00
Fire Engine - 2040.00
Fire Extinguisher - 235.00
Fishing Boat - 2160.00
Flat Panel TV - 1920.00
Flying Trapeze Artist - 975.00
Friendly Cow - 240.00
Frosty beverage - 270.00
Full moon and werewolf - 240.00
Garden Set - 1050.00
Getaway Car - 4200.00
Gina Figurine - 2040.00
Gold Muscle Statur - 2040.00
Gorgeous Table Set - 2520.00
Green Light - 1680.00
Grill Stand - 1440.00
Gull Rock - 975.00
Handheld mic - 300.00
Half-wrecked Stunt Car - 1125.00
Hall Entrance - 1050.00
Haunted House - 1800.00
Hawaiian Shirt - 2400.00
Heavy Weight Machine - 1560.00
Helicopter - 1275.00
Historical Clay Doll - 975.00
Iron Set - 240.00
Jumbo carrot - 825.00
Jumbo Jet - 255.00
Jumbo pizza - 240.00
Just picked carrot - 195.00
Kabuki Stage - 1680.00
Kitchen set - 240.00
Limousine - 2400.00
Little Worksalot - 495.00
Lipstick figurine - 2760.00
Lively Fish - 1050.00
Makeup Kit - 1275.00
Male Figurine - 240.00
Mash-O-Meter - 300.00
Massive Victory - 300.00
Master Higgins Bust - 3600.00
Monster Figurine - 2400.00
Mr Richard - 1875.00
Mystery Ore - 210.00
Nail Care Set - 1680.00
Nail Figurine - 975.00
Nail Polish Set - 240.00
News Conference Seat - 240.00
Nina Figurine - 210.00
Origami Wrestlers - 1125.00
Overflowing Cart - 1125.00
Oversized Fan - 255.00
Patrol Car - 1875.00
Penguin - 3120.00
Pizza Delivery Bike - 1800.00
Pizza Oven - 825.00
Plummeting Skydiver - 825.00
Race Pit - 3120.00
Racecar - 1350.00
Racecar Chassis - 2160.00
Ramen Noodles - 1050.00
Red Lantern - 225.00
Red Light - 300.00
Rowboat - 255.00
Scoreboard - 1875.00
Satellite - 270.00
Seaside Resort Set - 2160.00
Security camera - 270.00
Security Monitor - 2880.00
Sewing Machine Set - 285.00
Sightseeing Skydiver - 300.00
Silver Muscle Statue - 900.00
Small Plane - 1440.00
Soccer ball - 450.00
Soccer Pitch - 4200.00
Space Shuttle - 2400.00
Stationary Bike - 270.00
Strange Sea Organism - 975.00
Stretcher - 150.00
Stroller - 1920.00
Studio Set - 1680.00
Stunt Car - 300.00
Surfboard - 1050.00
Sumo Ring - 1920.00
Sushi Stand - 2400.00
Tabletop Chassis - 300.00
Thief figurine - 1050.00
Tina figurine - 1125.00
Tire - 255.00
Touring Van - 1500.00
Totalled Stunt Car - 2400.00
Truck - 1560.00
Tuna - 900.00
Two-Split Set - 900.00
U.F.O - 2400.00
Upright Chassis 1050.00
Vanity - 270.00
Vintage Bronze Horse - 2760.00
Volleyball - 270.00
Volleyball Court - 1920.00
Volleyball Umpire - 1050.00
Wanted Poster - 450.00
Weight Machine - 825.00
White Lantern - 240.00

Id like to say thanks to:

-GameFAQS, for hosting my guide on their site
-Hudson, for making a game that's taken FAR too much of my time up
-You for being determined enough to actually read all of this :)

I'm sure that there are plenty of errors in this FAQ. Feel free to send all
corrections/additions (info for the games I've not been able to master yet, or
the modes I've not been able to get a Perfect bonus on especially welcome)
to ranma@rakhal.com

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Thanks for reading!
--Rakhal Stormwarden--