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Which is the better wii fitness game?

Should I go for Ea sports active, my fitness coach, gold gym:cardio work, or another one?? Take into account I already have the wii balance board and that i would be willing to buy some extra equipment (dumbbells, steps, resistance bands) if they are useful and affordable.

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I meant best not better

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Thank you very much, but what about gold's gym: cardio work?


RealRellik answered:

I have Wii fit, EA sports active and my fitness coach.
In Wii fit I miss plans for workouts.
My fitness coach is only a fitness video. No feedback. And you need 10ft x 10ft space in front of your tv,

So I going at the moment with EA sports active.
I think the workouts a exactly for my fitness level. And with the 30 days channel you have really something to go for. And the exercises are fun.
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shairosen231 answered:

Thank you very much, but what about gold's gym: cardio work?
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