Another Marona Walkthrough by Eisnis

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/30/10 | Printable Version

Another Marona Walkthrough + Wii Exclusive Post Game

Version 1.00

Date First Completed: January 5th, 2010.
Date Updated and Actually Uploaded!!: July 11th, 2010.
Date Completely Finished: December 30th, 2010.

GameFAQs Account Name: Eisnis

Table of Contents:

Introduction [Prt1]
Statistics of Starting Characters [Prt 2]
Opinion on Characters [Prt3]
Recommended Phantoms [Prt4]
Useful Tips [Prt5]
Another Marona, Storyline Stages [Prt6]
(to find a certain stage, simply Ctrl + F and type in the name of the stage,
you'll find both the stage and the stage after completion)

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again - The Legendary Pringer X...'es?? [Prt7]
The Last Two Post-Game Stages [Prt8]

Introduction [Prt1]

Hi, I'm someone who made a Walkthrough for the Wii remake of Phantom Brave.
This Walkthrough is only for the new storymode that comes with Phantom Brave:
We Meet Again, Another Marona, and only for a brand new game at that.  If you
want help with anything else Phantom Brave related, please visit the PS2 
version's section on GameFAQs, as I'm not ready to provide information on
anything else, and don't even know if I will do that eventually for this
walkthrough.  My only future plans are the Post-Game stages, and that's simply
because Phantom Brave; We Meet Again adds some extra stuff to the Post-Game
(and I love Post-Game stuff, but at this point in time I STILL haven't even
touched it!).

If you want to contact me, my e-mail's  What I don't
care about: thanks (seems rude but really I'd rather have criticism so I can
make the Walkthrough better), insults (it's a waste of your time, really), 
spam, complaints about me poking fun at Ash (I'm not even being serious about
it...).  What I do care about: any errors in this walkthrough, be it 
grammatical, spelling, whatever, no matter how small (I'll honestly change it
if you show me), pointing out if I forgot to credit anyone (on the off-chance
I happened to reference something someone else said specifically.  Heck, even
if it's a coincidence, if you prove something similar was said by someone else
first, I'll credit you or that person or thing), suggestions, any helpful 
tidbits I haven't covered, or not covered not well enough, redundancy, the 
list goes on.  If you have a valid suggestion to better this walkthrough, I'm
on board if it's not something silly.

Now, let's move on with the actual walkthrough!

Statistics of Starting Characters [Prt2]

Just in case you were interested in seeing what the characters are like at 
level 1, I've provided a list of them.  Do note however, that their actual 
base stats (HP, ATK, DEF, INT, RES, SPD) slightly change and vary all the time
when starting a new game or if you reach a point in the game, restart from a
previous save, and reach the same point again.  Everything else is solid 


Remove: Infinite


Physical:E 0
Energy:E 0
Elemental:E 0
Nature:D 1
Time:B 3
Stats:B 3
Healing:A 4

When Equipped:

HP 0
INT +1
RES +1
SPD -2




Physical:A 4
Energy:A 4
Elemental:D 1
Nature:E 0
Time:C 2
Stats:E 0
Healing:E 0

When Equipped:

HP 0
ATK +3
DEF +2
INT +1
SPD -2




Physical:A 4
Energy:A 4
Elemental:D 1
Nature:C 2
Time:E 0
Stats:E 0
Healing:C 2

When Equipped:

HP +2
ATK +3
DEF +1
INT +1
RES +1
SPD -1




Physical:S 9
Energy:S 10
Elemental:F 0
Nature:F 0
Time:E 0
Stats:F 0
Healing:F 0

When Equipped:

HP +5
ATK +15
DEF +5
INT +2
RES +2
SPD -3




Physical:A 3
Energy:S 5
Elemental:D 1
Nature:C 2
Time:E 0
Stats:E 0
Healing:F 0

When Equipped:

HP +2
ATK +3
DEF +1
SPD -2




Physical:S 4
Energy:C 2
Elemental:F 0
Nature:F 0
Time:F 0
Stats:F 0
Healing:F 0

When Equipped:

HP +4
ATK +2
DEF +1
INT +0
RES +0
SPD -5




Physical:A 3
Energy:C 2
Elemental:E 0
Nature:F 0
Time:F 0
Stats:F 0
Healing:F 0

When Equipped:

HP +0
ATK +21
DEF +3
INT -8
RES +2
SPD -1




Physical:A 4
Energy:C 2
Elemental:F 0
Nature:F 0
Time:F 0
Stats:F 0
Healing:F 0

When Equipped:

HP +5
ATK +4
SPD -1




Physical:B 3
Energy:A 3
Elemental:F 0
Nature:E 0
Time:F 0
Stats:F 0
Healing:B 3

When Equipped:

HP +3
ATK +4
DEF +2
RES -1




Physical:E 0
Energy:E 0
Elemental:B 3
Nature:B 3
Time:B 3
Stats:E 0
Healing:F 0

When Equipped:

HP 0
ATK -1
INT +5
RES +3




Physical:A 3
Energy:C 2
Elemental:F 0
Nature:D 1
Time:F 0
Stats:F 0
Healing:F 0

When Equipped:

HP +1
ATK +4
SPD -2

Opinion on Characters: [Prt3]

Marona: The most broken character in the entire game.  She has no Remove 
counter, can move far enough and jump high enough to get to most places, 
learns Healing Magic as well as Space-Time and Stat-Altering Magic easily 
enough, can Confine (aka summon) up to 16 Phantoms, 8 if they're equipped, 
can throw her own weapon and Confine a Phantom to it, has a naturally high 
RES stat so not only will her healing spells be potent but she can also take 
advantage of attacks that are based off RES, and can never have her body be 
killed completely.  She's so broken, she's necessary for the game to even 
work!!  I'd tell you to avoid using her to make the game fair, but you can't!
Use her, every chance you get.

Ash: A very good melee guy.  His HP and ATK get pretty high, and his DEF and
SPD aren't that bad either.  His Move and Jump are good, his Remove is a 
nice 5, he learns his own unique attack at level 35, knows Quick Attack, and
his ability Solemn Vow doubles his ATK or INT on his last turn of Confinement.
He's always available to you, no matter what.

Raphael: He's not one to disappoint.  Although his Remove is 4, Raphael comes
with Swords Dance and Heliotrope, and his own unique weapon, Heliotrope.  
Raphael is another melee guy that excels at what he does.  If you need someone
reliable, it's him.

Sprout: THIS guy... He's very powerful.  A Remove of 3 and 45 Move for good 
reason.  His HP and ATK are very high, and he naturally has Hurricane Slash,
Aura Blade, and Dark Eboreus.  Unequipped, he also has Dragon Punch.  He also
comes with a unique weapon, Shiva.  He also comes with EXP. Riser at level 50
and Healing Birth at level 99.  He's an absolute beast, and if you Confine him
at the right time, the enemy will be helpless to do anything about it.

Walnut: I love Walnut.  Well, I love Psycho Burgundy.  Walnut's cool enough 
to use it though.  His Remove is 6 and his Steal is 40, so already he shows 
how useful he can be.  His HP and ATK are pretty good, and you can take 
advantage of his Steal rate by equipping him with a knife weapon, but this 
game showed me that by equipping Walnut with a Bonfire, which raises HP a ton
and boosts INT (and provides INT-based moves that suck HP from the enemy), 
you can take full advantage of Psycho Burgundy.  It's a fire-type move and it
has long range, meaning Walnut doesn't even have to get too close to danger 
in battle.  To top it all off, if he gets hit hard, he'll probably survive if
you've been boosting his HP.  Do make note though, the lower his CURRENT HP, 
the lower the strength of HP-based moves.

Bijou: I like this guy a lot.  His HP, ATK, and DEF are pretty decent and he 
can surprisingly take a good beating before dropping.  His Remove's 5 and 
Move's 55, so he'll be useful moving around on the field.  The big reason to 
use him is his Quick Attack, which along with Ash means you have TWO Phantoms
that can act right away to do your bidding.  In my opinion he's better than a
regular Werewolf, simply because he has an S in Physical Ability, meaning 
he'll gain a lot of SP fast for physical skills.  He learns a couple of useful
physical skills on his own as well.

Fox: The Mage.  Hefs a good one.  He has a Remove of 5 and Move of 50, which
is good for mages.  His stats are similar to what you'd expect from a mage as
well.  His signature move, Viridian Copper, is nice and cheap, so you can 
blast enemies with elemental magicks and when you need to finish them off, 
Viridian Copper comes in nicely.  He can also learn Time/Space magic pretty 
nicely too.  He won't disappoint you.

Flame: I love her.  Why?  She makes herself so useful to you, that's why.  
A Remove higher than 5 is always great, and her's is 6.  Her Move is 55, which
is still good.  She's obviously a melee-type with a B in Physical Ability and
A in Energy Ability, but also has an A in Healing Magic.  What really makes me
like her is the fact that she comes with EXP. Riser level 20, meaning raising
her is no problem compared to other Phantoms, and she has her signature attack
Cobalt Blues, which is an ice-elemental attack.  It's just nice to have an 
attack like that in reserve, since every now and then an enemy with a huge ice
weakness will show up.

Lierre: He's a pretty useful guy in different ways.  He's an Owl, so his 
Move and Jump will be high, Move being 70 and Jump being 25.  His Remove's 5 
and he also comes with the unique attack Myosotis, a SPD-based attack that's 
wind-type.  He also has Healing Birth level 10, which is nice.  What I 
personally did is gave him SPD-raising Objects to equip and had him use 
SPD-based attacks, which not only take advantage of his unique skill, but also
allow him to get turns faster to move around the field and do whatever setting
up I required.  Although SPD is hard to really take advantage of for damage 
purposes, I enjoyed him more for the aid he provided by having a Phantom that
could get things done for me faster than anything else on the map.  If you 
don't feel like dealing with that though, just give him a sword or knife and 
make him a good warrior that can move farther than usual.

Drab: Eh.  I'm sure he's a good Phantom in his own way, but not the right way
for a game like this.  His Remove's 5 and Move 50, which are decent, but his 
SPD's low with good HP, ATK, and okay DEF.  If you give him an axe like you 
would think would fit him, he'll just be too slow to be useful.  Of course his
DEF will be boosted with the right weapons, but I find that having more SPD to
react to danger is better than trying to endure it, especially since it means 
he'll be helping other Phantoms out less, and the synergy will get hurt.  His 
unique attack Mega Crocus is fine enough, and he has Healing Birth level 10, 
so he's not a bad Phantom.  It's just that, compared to all the other great 
Phantoms, he isn't too outstanding.  You'll probably be using everyone at the
start anyways, so my recommendation is to just stick with a sword, and if you
happen to like him to use him enough later on, then you can switch to a weapon
that lowers SPD and raises ATK and DEF, because at that point in time his 
natural SPD won't be able to be fixed with a weapon anyways.

Milon: Another Phantom that didn't impress me.  His Remove's 7, which you 
would think would be great, but his SPD is horrible.  HIs ATK is okay and HP 
is good, but all he really offers is Chomp, which never did too much damage 
for me and Healing Steps level 10, which at the rate he's moving, won't 
actually be too helpful.  I would suggest emphasizing on his high Remove rate,
but in a game where you're literally always playing with a limited amount of 
turns and all your other Phantoms are acting with each other to conquer the 
stages, Milon will simply get in your way.  SPD's the main attraction in this
game, sorry.

Recommended Phantoms: [Prt4]

Merchant: The higher you raise her, the better equipment you can get.  If you
wanna manage it, instead of raising her on the side, use her in battle as a 
main Phantom.

Blacksmith: The higher he is, the more skills you can add to an Object and 
more you can level it up.  Since you won't be using random dungeons for 
awhile, you better come to appreciate leveling up your equipment.

Fusionist: The higher she is, the more ability swapping and item/character 
fusing you'll be doing, which will greatly increase your options and 

Archer: I just love Archers, partly from bias because they're from Disgaea, 
but also for the fact that they're actually useful in a game for once.  
Archers have an S in Energy Ability and come with Quick Attack.  Since there 
are a bunch of useful energy attacks in this game, you can easily make good 
use of an Archer.

Knight: In Another Marona, you get Knights fairly early and can utilize them 
to help you out.  They come with an S in Physical Ability, have good HP, ATK,
and DEF, and start with Healing Steps at level 10.

Useful Tips: [Prt5]

-Don't die.  Duh, I know, but at the very beginning of Another Marona, and 
for a good while on, money will be TIGHT.  I replayed every stage that I could
at least once, and I still experienced money issues when playing.  It'll be a 
little bit into the second half of the game before you don't have to worry as 

-Give Marona skills that boost stats and skills that heal.  It's just a 
recommendation of mine, but I think making Marona the maintainer of the team 
is her best job.  As far as healing goes, in both modes I played in Phantom 
Brave, I've only ever needed one healer (Marona), and I personally believe 
it's a waste to Confine a Phantom who's main focus is to heal UNLESS you fuse
Quick Attack onto him/her/it.  Then I can see an emergency reviver sort of 
deal while keeping Marona safe from harm.

-Give Walnut Bonfires to equip.  Seriously, it's almost like the game designed
Bonfires just for him to use.

-Sell Objects you take home after battle at the beginning.  These Objects 
probably aren't worth leveling at the moment and won't be that effective.  
Selling for extra cash will probably be in your best interest.

-Get the Changebook and 500 Bordeaux around Phantom Isle at the very 
beginning.  You can give the Changebook to Fox to use for awhile, and you can
use that 500 Bordeaux to suit your Phantoms up at the start.

Where to find this Bordeaux?  Jump in the following locations:

1. The circle of stones near the front of the house.

2. Southwest of spot 1., go into the very watery corner of the map and jump 
around a bit.

3. Behind the house, there's a square of land raised above higher and 
surrounded by three trees.  Jump in the middle of that.

4. Go right of 3.'s location and fall in the water.  Jump around there.  
It's the point in the water that goes into the land the most.

5. Climb on top of the roof.  You'll get 500 more.

If you jump onto the tree (use a weapon to help you reach it) you'll also get
a Changebook from the great beyond.

-Stick with swords and knives.  You want ATK and SPD most of all at the 
beginning of the game, and axes and spears just won't cut it.  They don't cut
as well as swords and knives.

-Raise many different Phantoms.  If you stick with just a main group, you're 
going to end up in a situation where there's either too many enemies to deal 
with in your limited amount of turns or just too many to fight off at once.  
The game suggests having seven good phantoms at your disposal, so let's go 
with that.

-Upgrade your equipment when it only costs one Mana.  Upgrading equipment is 
a lot more important with less money and no DungeonMonk, so it only makes 

-Use Angle Slash, Burst, or whatever 0 SP moves you have to raise SP quickly.
Later on you'll be getting plenty of powerful attacks to choose from.  Make 
sure you can use them!

-Look before you leap.  Figure out the enemies' game plan, and form one that 
counters their own.  Don't just rush into a situation, ecause chances are 
you're going into a trap.

-Don't get overwhelmed.  Chances are, if you lose on a stage, some slight 
tweaks in your tactics could result in a very different outcome.

-Levels are very significant.  If you're still getting whomped, get a couple 
levels in yourself.  You don't have to grind a lot for levels, but sometimes 
it's just practical to take advantage of the numerous amounts of EXP, Mana, 
and Money boosting stages.

-Use Marona.  Whether you like it or not, she's getting involved in every 
single battle.  Along with your other Phantoms, work on her and develop her 
into a very useful and contributing member of your ever-growing army of pain 
and despair.


Another Marona [Prt6]


Seaside Treasure

Get used to thinking out everything you do in a stage.  If you think this 
stage is too hard for you, don't get overwhelmed; your biggest obstacle right
now is completing a stage with the limited resources provided to you.  Now, 
you did get plenty of great Phantoms to use, but with 500 Bordeaux (1000 if 
you jumped all over Phantom Isle), you won't have too much to work with when 
it comes to equipment.  Luckily, in this stage two weapons will be provided 
for you (assuming you don't just Confine to them like I did) as well as 
ATK + 50% Protection on two Objects.

First thing to do, take out the Behemoth with your strongest Phantoms 
(probably Sprout and Raphael).  Since that beast can recover its health 
every turn, you want it gone as soon as you can manage.  The Titlist and his 
Zombie pals aren't too deadly, and the Slimes are pretty weak, though with 
level 1's on your side they can still be a threat.  Remember to take advantage
of everything possible, the game will expect you to if you want to win.


After this, you'll have unlocked the Titlist.  He'll be handy later.

Seaside Treasure, Revisited

After completion, the game sets the Seaside Treasure stage up for the player 
to both raise low-level characters and earn some extra cash.  Since currency 
will be tight for awhile (I completely ran out twice after the first two 
stages), this generous money-boost might actually be required for some.  The 
weapons on Marona's right when the stage first starts are now gone (the game 
probably assuming you have your own weapons by now), but the ATK + 50% 
Protection Objects remain.  What has changed, and is very much appreciated is 
that the other set of Protection Objects now give Reinforce x 2 Protection, 
making any character Confined to them double in stats.  Obviously, use these 
buffed up objects to make raising weaker characters easier.  Last, the amusing
background of fish sprawled out with an unconscious Deathsaber is replaced 
with a Fishcake that gives all enemies on the stage EXP + 50% and Money x 2 
Protection.  This stage isn't too bad the second time around, as the enemies 
are the same but your advantage is even greater.  Feel free to take a Bonfire
or two for yourself as you use this stage to set up your new/underused 
characters or generate some currency to play around with.

Just remember to take out the Behemoth with some of your Protection-pumped 
units sooner rather than later (like, probably right away), cause you don't 
want to have to pay extra for dead members later on, especially at this point
in the game.


This stage flows well for unlocking the Slime unit.

No Man's Land

Be grateful for Ash's present.  That trail of Fishcakes with ATK + 30%?  Yes,
of course we're following it, but at the same time don't rush straight through
it.  Keep in mind that the Phantoms you Confine near the start of this stage 
won't be able to make it to the end so easily.  The strategy for this stage 
is to prolong the fight so that all the enemies are taken care of before 
progressing to the next area.

The Witches seem deadly, but if your Phantom has some levels on him/her, the 
Witches won't be too much of a threat.  There are four Scrabbits which aren't
too worrisome either, but at the same time you wanna pop them in the mouth so
they don't get the chance to mess up your strategy later on.  You'll notice 
two Scrabbits holding either the Weed or Driftwood, they aren't too fatal but
can put a dent in a Phantom's forehead if you don't take them out right away.
You don't want them near you when you're taking on the Mini-Boss Werewolf, and
unfortunately they're close by to him.  A Fusionist and Blacksmith hang around
the Werewolf, but are on the same threat level as the equipped Scrabbits.

My suggestion?  Save your toughest Phantoms for the end of the Mushroom trail,
then hit as hard as you can!


Now that you have the Fusionist and Blacksmith, be sure to level them up every
so often.

No Man's Land, Revisited

Expect completed stages to turn from "my life sucks kill me" to "right there 
this massage rules".  Not much has changed, but it only takes little tweaks to
make a bad situation fantastic.  The Rainbow Shell is still there to protect 
Marona under the same conditions as before and the enemies are mostly the 
same, only two changing.  The line of precious Fishcakes has been replaced 
with Mushrooms (this game has a weird appetite) which now offer Reinforce 50%
Protection, coming from the Werewolf Mini-Boss from before.  Speaking of him,
he's shifted position a bit to where the Fusionist and Blacksmith were, and 
those two utility units are now replaced with unarmed Boars.  Just follow the 
Mushrooms and play smart.  The same weak four Scrabbits are back with the two 
not-so-impressive Witches, but the two Scrabbits armed with a pulled Weed and 
dastardly Driftwood are back and can cause unnecessary annoyance if you leave 
them alone, so make sure to punch them hard when you're nearby.  When you get 
to the Werewolf and his pals go all out.  Be warned that one of the Boars has 
a tendency to lift up one of the boosting Mushrooms right in front of them.  
It's nothing major, just don't make a fully laid-out plan and expect it to be 
there or anything.


This stage is a cute way to unlock the Scrabbit unit.

To the Old Castle

This stage isn't too bad once you know what to do.  Precious Watermelons are 
provided for your use, and while they lower your Defense, Resistance, and 
Speed, they boost Health, Attack, and Intelligence, meaning you can summon 
any kind of unit there (though you might want to save Lierre since Speed's 
sorta his main use, and use Fox on a Tree for extra Intelligence boost).  The 
Cerberus will probably start off attacking the Objects on this stage, and 
there's a good reason: all save one are on half the stage being separated by 
the Protection KeepOut: Red.  Don't worry, the stage's main challenge is 
actually going to be the biggest strength.

The Werewolves on the other side of the KeepOut: Red are given the Protection
Reinforce 30% by a Granny, and a Valkyrie and Fighter are also given the 
Protection Reinforce 30% by an Old Man.  It's easy to see that the old folks 
should be taken out, especially since they only have over 30 Health.  Confine 
your team to the Watermelons or Trees and start attacking the Cerberus so you 
don't have to deal with them, all while staying away from the Werewolves.  
Clear the way for Marona so she can travel to the point where she's across 
from the Old Man on the other side.  At this point, Confine a tough guy 
(Raphael, Sprout, Ash, Walnut, or anyone that you MAKE tough) to that stump 
near him and kill the Old Man.  It's a good idea to save Ash or Bijou for this
since their Quick Attack ability will ensure they do the necessary task.  If 
you happen to grab the attention of two of the Werewolves close to the bridge,
get ready to Confine some of your toughest guys and hold them off at the 
bridge, you're not outta luck yet.

Keep the Summon maintaining the Protection KeepOut: Red alive if you can, 
until you get rid of the Old Man.  In fact, if you did draw out two of the 
Werewolves earlier, whoever you Confined to take out the Old Man can now run 
towards the Granny and deal with her.  Once you send them both to the 
infirmary, clean up the rest of the enemies.  They won't be too much trouble 
once you reach this point, and your team should be doing fine if they were 
able to sneak around the once-heavy hitters.


Congratulations, you now have the Old Man and Granny to hang out on your lawn 
and talk about how everything was better in their day.

To the Old Castle, Revisited

Oh my.  Remove the old folks, get rid of the Summon, no KeepOut: Red.  Give 
the four Watermelons Protection Reinforce 50% and every enemy EXP + 50% and 
Money x 2.  The Cerberus doesn't give money though, but instead in that place 
grants Mana + 50% to the slayer.  Use this stage to boost any characters you 
think might need it, gather Mana if you want it, or raise your funds.


This stage is a creepy way to unlock the Cerberus and Werewolf units (though 
I think Bijou will serve you better than a Werewolf.  Although you can't fuse 
him into other units to get the Quick Attack ability, so there's that to keep 
in mind).

Another Girl

This stage has 11 enemies, with ??? (Mysterious Girl) being the most 
dangerous.  After a few turns all the enemies will come towards Marona, so the
first goal is to clean up the entrance so all that has to be dealt with are 
the Giga Beast and ???.  The Giga Beast also wields a Dark Weapon, though at 
level 1.  Another thing to point out is across the zombies on the opposite 
side of ??? is a Treasure chest that I've only seen spawn with the Strong 
title.  If you want to get the Braveheart spell, you'll want to Confine and 
take this home (if you can honestly play around that long).  FYI, the chest 
only appears during this battle; you cannot come back to this stage later and 
get it.

Onto the strategy: Marona's Rainbow Shell now grants the following Protections
to Marona: DEF + 70% and HP Heal 10%.  Take advantage of that by moving her as
far as you can up the stairs without confining anything YET.  End your turn, 
let the enemies pass their own, and on your next turn Confine either the Vase 
next to the Pillar with someone containing Quick Attack (I'd pick Bijou and 
save Ash for later) or Confine the Attack Crystal across the Defense-granting 
Crystal and have him destroy the Crystal granting the Protection DEF x 2 to 
your enemies.  Once that's done, set up and Confine to the Objects with 
Protections SPD - 50% & ATK + 50% (you don't really have a choice at this 
point in time).  Remember that because of that awful speed decrease, Lierre's 
Myosotis will not be useful at all if you Confine him to these Objects.

The Owls and Whisps are regular enemies to deal with and the Ghosts are very 
weak, so don't Confine too many of your best units yet.  The Lady Zombies 
however have SPD + 50% & ATK + 50% affecting them, so when they start coming 
it's time to go all out, especially since the Giga Beast and ??? are going to 
be following them close by.  When they're close enough Confine your toughest 
units into the Ichiban Tree with Protection Reinforce 30% or any other Objects
nearby, they're all pretty good for warrior-types.  Taking out the Giga Beast 
first would be best as it can do a good bit of damage to you and it sends ??? 
the Protections DEF + 30% and SPD - 30%.  You might want to keep the 
Protections on her if your units are actually pretty strong at this point in 
the game to avoid ??? getting more turns on you, but if not then kill the 
Giga Beast so your attacks aren't nerfed.

Don't forget that ??? can cast Mega Heal on other enemies so don't leave any 
half-dead for her to find.  She also has a unique sword, Hell Ansas, but I 
wouldn't bother with stealing it unless you're a collector.  And if you are, 
maybe save it for another playthrough.


Congratulations, you can now enlist the Owl Sentry and Owl Ninja, if you so 

Another Girl, Revisited

The Objects on the stairs have Protection SPD + 40% & ATK + 30%, all the 
enemies have Protection EXP + 50% & Money x 2.  No ???, weaker Giga Beast.  
Have fun if you want.  At the very least, you can get three bonfires on this 
stage easily.  If you REALLY want to get Ghosts, Whisps, Lady Zombies, or even
the Giga Beast at this point in the game, go for it.  You'll have to play this
stage nine times for Lady Zombie and nineteen more times for the Giga Beast 
though, and you'll be fine with what you have during the story, I promise.

First Training

This stage is easy, especially if you've been replaying the earlier stages 
(obviously I do each of them at least once :p).  The Manticores present 
Protections that can cause trouble, but fortunately are easy enough to kill.
Confine a fast phantom or one with Quick Attack and kill the Manticores giving
off the Protection DEF - 30%, sparing the one with Protection KeepOut: Red to 
keep all the other enemies at bay.  Kill the leader of the Manticores next, 
since its Reinforcement 50% will make the Magicians deadly.  Without that 
boost, they still hurt but shouldn't put you at risk for losing.  If you 
accidently kill the Manticore with KeepOut: Red (like I did), you can use a 
Burst move on the leader Manticore to knock him out of the fight immediately, 
thus removing any risk you might be in.  Just sweep away all the enemies once 
you remove the biggest threat.

First Training, Revisited

The usual EXP + 50% boost is on all the enemies, with Money +50% this time.  
The middle Manticore has the KeepOut: Red Protection, kill him when you want 
to deal with the others.  You can also keep collecting a Trolly in this stage 
if you want to, near the right of the Manticore group.  Though if you wait one
stage longer, you can get TWO Trollies.  Pretty cool.


This stage is a hot way to unlock the Manticore unit.

Fiery Discipline

I just don't like my SPD stat being messed with, but yet again this stage does
so.  In front of Marona lies six Objects that can be Confined which will 
result in SPD - 30% and ATK + 30%, because apparently the Sign says so and 
Marona's too polite to refuse.  Behind her are two Objects that give each 
other HP Heal 20%.  Also behind her are two Dragons, both affected with 
DEF + 40%, Weaken 40%, & ATK + 40%.  Ideally, you'll want to destroy the 
DEF + 40% and ATK + 40% effects while keeping the Weaken 40% in place.

So to start off, let's cheat our way to victory by Confining Ash and Bijou 
(if you're using them) on each side of the Sign and have them attack the 
enemies boosting the Dragons with beneficial Protections.  If you don't use 
one or both of them, just use speedy characters and hope for the best.  In 
fact, use speedy characters anyways since there are two enemies on each side 
you need to get rid of anyways.  Behind Marona, Confine your two strongest 
units that you want to do battle with the Dragons.  Just remember that the 
Lizardmen on the left have low RES and the Cerberus on the right have low DEF 
when planning on which units to Confine to which Object.  Also, the Lizardmen 
will be fighting like warriors and the pack of Cerberus will be fighting like 
mages.  Dragons are tough, but the more in control you are, the less they have
to threaten you.  Kick the crap outta them.


By this point in the game it's easy enough to unlock the Cerberus unit since 
you've fought them on three separate stages.  If you're interested.

Fiery Discipline, Revisited

The Sign, as well as its Protection, is gone.  The Cerberus and Lizardmen are 
plagued with EXP + 50% & Damage 10%.  The Dragons are afflicted with 
EXP + 50%, Money + 50%, & Weaken 30%.  The two Crystal Objects with 
HP Heal 20% are still there, so take advantage and have fun beating up dying 

Fiery Training

Humm, what a tough you've got in front of you.  Two Golems with SPD x 2 & 
No O.B. and a Dragon with SPD + 60% & No O.B.  Personally, I think you can 
take those two Golems and a Dragon head on, but I'd be a horrible FAQ maker 
if I just left you with that.  :p  Let's get crackin'.

You've got two ways of doing this.  One, there's a Bomb right of the Rainbow 
Shell sending out No O.B. Protection to Objects and the three gigantic 
monsters.  If you get rid of that (with long range attacks), you can simply 
knock those creatures out of bounds.  But that defeats the purpose of Carona's
training (do it if you want I don't care).

Option two: You've got two precious Trollies before you, both granting 
ATK + 30% & SPD + 20% (and No O.B. if you just have to know).  That will help 
boost your people, but you still might be intimidated.  Don't worry, cause 
behind Marona-chan are plenty of Objects you can Confine your Phantoms to so 
you can dispose of the owls and humans granting the obscene Speed-boosts to 
the Golems and Dragon.  Chances are however you'll engage the giant monsters 
while they're still boosted, so Confine yet again two strong Phantoms to duke 
it out.  You don't have much choice, since Marona has nowhere to run except 
TO them.  Even that holy DEF + 70% & HP Heal 10% can only do so much for her 
facing down that kinda monstrous threat (if there's only one left though she's
probably fine and you're in the clear).

Golems are tough, Dragons are tougher.  Fortunately, they won't DO anything 
for two turns.  Sometimes that mechanic annoys me, at least they could wake up
if you're close to them.  As for the humanoids, owls have low-to-standard DEF 
while the humans have two magey characters (Titlist and Fusionist) and two 
Knights (you want to create a Knight after this battle?  You got it!).  The 
Knights have fairly low RES but also pretty good DEF.  They're nothing big 
after what you've been through though, so get rid of all those people in the 
back, either by kicking their teeth out or knocking them out of the ring.  A 
suggestion of mine is to use the Trollies to boost your high-Speed Phantoms, 
and for Objects that don't grant a Speed boost, abuse Phantoms with Quick 
Attack.  The first turn of this stage will more or less determine the results
anyways unless you're really super powerful and just toying with the enemy.  
But then you shouldn't be reading this FAQ anyways.  >:/


Congratulations, you've unlocked the Knight, Owl Knight, and Owl Mage by 
completing this stage.  Just remember that raising new characters is no 
problem since every stage is an EXP booster.

Oh yeah, if you really want that Bell the Dragon's wielding, don't worry.  
Unlike some other Objects, this one will remain in this stage.  Feel free to 
pick it up later and add it to your Item Collection or what have you.  
Speaking of which...

Fiery Training, Revisited

Same stage layout for the most part, but tweaked in an interesting way.  All 
enemies will have at least Mana + 50% and EXP + 50%, and yet again the 
gigantic monsters have SPD boosts granted by the owls and humans.  However, 
the Objects around Marona all give off Reinforce x 2 & No O.B.  Just take out 
everyone that gets in your way, with double your Phantoms' stats you can't 
really screw up (unless you really want it that way, I suppose).


Congratulations, you've unlocked the Knight, Owl Knight, and Owl Mage by 
completing this stage.  Just remember that raising new characters is no 
problem since every stage is an EXP booster.

Icy Revenge

Not a bad stage at all, which is weird.  Marona now has Sticky Protection too,
so the ice stages won't be annoying I guess (though I actually liked sliding 
since I could get where I wanted further...).  Four Fenrirs are shooting out 
Reinforce x 2 at the Merfolk, but it's okay because they're the closest 
enemies to you, and therefore you should beat them up violently.  The Fenrirs 
are set up like warriors and the Mermen are offensive casters.  The Mermaid 
can heal.  Fortunately for you, she doesn't have any Protection helping her 
out, but it doesn't matter too much if you're tackling the Fenrirs first.  
Also, be on the lookout for Objects with the Slick Title or Lively Title.  
These will grant you Braveheart (Slick) or Shield (Lively), so if you're 
looking for some easy boosters to add to your selection, here they'll start 
showing up.  Other neat attacks do show up too, so it's worth taking a quick 
look through the stage's selection of Objects.

Only the four Crates at the beginning are affected with No O.B. & Sticky, 
which is nice so save those Objects for the Phantoms that don't have attacks 
where you can place their position on the map.  Otherwise it's not that big a

Give 'em Hell!

Icy Revenge, Revisited

All enemies, excluding the Mermaid, have Sticky, EXP + 50%, & Mana + 50%.  
That's what she gets for being a girl!  Also, there's now a Fish in the 
middle of the frozen pond that grants the three Crystals around it with 
/*ATK x 2 & SPD x 2.


This is a cool stage to unlock the Fenrir and Merman units.

Cold Situation

Waka, this stage looks complicated at the start.  But it's not, simply because
all the Protections affecting the Objects come in pairs.  To make it even 
easier, they're always on different sides of the KeepOut: Red.  Let's start 
off with the enemies: 

The Fusionist on the left side gives and receives SPD + 50% with the 
Blacksmith on the right side.  They're both the main utility characters.  The
Archer on the left side is giving and receiving DEF + 50% with the Knight on 
the right side.  They're both advanced combat characters you need to unlock.  
The Witch on the left side is giving and receiving Reinforce 50% with the 
Titlist on the right side.  They're both mage'ish types.  The Healer on the 
left side is giving and receiving HP Heal 50% with the Mystic on the right 
side.  They both are pretty good healers.  The Valkyrie on the left side is 
giving and receiving ATK + 50% with the Fighter on the right side.  They both 
beat up the homeless.  Very easy to figure out if you remember who pairs with 
what instead of having to check Protections all the time.  The Funguy doesn't
get any sort of pair boost cause he's a loser.  Haha j/k he'll kick your teeth
out, that's why he doesn't have a partner!  Also everyone has Sticky 
Protection to boot.

Funguy at the top has some HP-based attacks, and he has a lotta HP.  On top of
that, his DEF, INT, and RES are fairly high.  On top of THAT, no Objects are 
in the middle of the two KeepOut: Red fields, so Marona's trapped with him.  
That leaves you with three choices: make Marona fight to the death with him 
(don't), Confine Phantoms with long range near Funguy and chip away at him, 
or... destroy those two barrels keeping up the KeepOut: Red with their meager
20'ish HP (do that!).  As for the other enemies, my priority list is this: 
kill the fighter (ATK + 50%) enemies first, since they can hurt a lot but 
won't have boosted defense.  Next get rid of the mage (Reinforce 50%) enemies
since they can blast a good chunk out of you.  After that, target the utility 
(SPD + 50%) enemies because they won't be too hard to take out.  At this 
point, choose between the other warrior (DEF + 50%) enemies or the healer 
(HP Heal 50%) enemies, as one can still do damage if you keep them alive and 
the other can heal up damage.  

Healers are faster to take out and at least you know what trouble you're 
getting into, but if your characters are strong enough, save the healers for 
last since you'll receive the least amount of damage at that point.  It is 
true that the Healers can buff the other enemies, but those buffs only last 
one turn and you're better off killing the really tough ones right at the 
start, so they have nothing to buff anyways (brutal strategies are the best 
strategies, especially in a game where your units have a time limit anyways 
and can't waste it playing footsies with the computer!).

Honestly though, while on paper that looks like the way to go, you're going 
to Confine your Phantoms all over the stage, so really you're going to just 
send your stronger (or more suitable, since of course all your Phantoms could
be strong) Phantoms to the heavy hitters and get rid of them first.  Also, as
you kill an enemy on one side, his or her partner on the other side will lose 
their Protection, so if you plot accordingly, you can ruin their entire set-up
in one or two turns.

I don't really wanna explain the Objects lying on the field for you to use.  
But who cares what I want, you don't even know me.  I'm text!  What you really
need to know is that each Object is giving and receiving Protection to an 
object on the other side of the KeepOut: Red barriers.  As you Confine 
Phantoms and use them in this battle, keep in mind that if any of them get 
bonked during the fight to check and see if they were sending Protection to a 
buddy on the other side or not.  Don't get caught unprepared.

Important to note: you need to destroy both the barrels or else the entire 
KeepOut: Red barriers will stay up on both sides.

Going from bottom left up to top left: 

The Fish receives SPD + 50% from an Old Tree in the most upper right and gives
HP Heal 20% to the Stump in the upper right.  

The Dead Tree receives ATK + 30% from the Stone in the upper right side and 
gives ATK + 30% to that Old Tree in the most upper right.  

The Rock receives HP Heal 20% from that Stump in the upper right and gives 
DEF + 30% to that Stone in the upper right below the most upper right Old 

The Old Tree receives Reinforce 20% from a Bomb, and gets Reinforce 20% from 
that same Bomb (finally a pair that doesn't mix).  

The Crate receives DEF + 30% from a Rock a bit north of the Bomb, and gives 
ATK + 30% back to that same Rock.  

Finally, the Rock at the very top of the left side receives ATK + 30% from an
Old Tree at the very bottom right side and gives Reinforce 20% to that same 
Old Tree.

I'm not doing the right side, nyah.  But do remember that absolutely 
everything has Sticky Protection (if you really want to, you can destroy the 
Starfish north of the Funguy and have silly fun on this stage).  Remember that
the enemies will work in pairs (well, only because of the Protections, they 
aren't smart enough to coordinate some special attacks or somethingc yet), 
so you should too.  And by that I mean counter their pairings.  Marona's going
to be in the middle of everything, so keep off all the attention on her 
(destroying both those barrels right away helps a LOT) and watch out for the 
fighters and Funguy mostly, keeping in mind the mage blasters.  As always with
these well set-up situations, you can ruin the enemies' hard work with Quick 
Attack Phantoms.  Most important of all to remember is that once you defeat 
one of the pairs, the other stops receiving their Protection.  ;)


Once you beat this stage, you get the wondrously Netherworldian Archer!!!  

And a Mystic I guess.

Cold Situation, Revisited

Funguy's been replaced with a Water Can that gives Reinforce 50% to every 
Objects excluding the Sticky-spreading Starfish, Marona's Rainbow Shell, and 
a Barrel giving all the enemies EXP + 70% & Weaken 30%.  The enemies still 
carry the same Protections as before, but with Weaken 30% affecting them and 
your Phantoms getting a 50% at least Reinforce boost, you can just forget 
about it.  It's definitely a good stage to help catch characters up that are 
slacking in levels, or if you simply want to make all your Phantoms stronger.  

Also, the KeepOut: Red Protection is still around, but as a vase directly in 
front of Marona.  You can destroy it easily or keep it up to protect Marona 
from the enemies, your choice.  Play nice now.

Icy Trap

Stupid Raphael and his sexy charisma.  Well let's get crackin' and make this 
description waaaay shorter than the last stage:

There are two Mermaids on this stage holding Crystals that give all the other
female enemies Reinforce 50%.  They affect the group of four ladies closer to
them.  Hit them hard enough to break the Crystal they're wielding, it won't be
too hard to do.  Oh, and finish them off while you're at it.

The Erotic Granny makes everyone Sticky (geez) but that's not a big deal 
really.  Get rid of the Reinforce 50% and beat off the fan-girls with a stick,
 of the large and deadly variety.

As always, be on the lookout for any Objects with skills that you'd like to 
add to your collection.  Might as well try to obtain them while going along 
with the story.


When you complete this stage, be happy, as you now have the lusty Amazon.  

Icy Trap, Revisited

Most Objects on this stage are now affected by the Sticky Protection, and a 
Treasure (chest) has appeared that gives all the enemies EXP + 60% & 
DEF - 50%.  The Erotic Granny is still there, just if you want to keep meeting
her or something.  Weirdo...

Oh yeah.  Steal one of those Ebony Bonfires for Walnut, if you're using him.  
They give a great HP boost and fairly good INT boost, so if you're a fan of 
Psycho Burgandy like I am, they'll work out pretty good on him.  If you'd 
rather have him with more of a focus in attack though and just keep Psycho 
Burgandy as a nice long-range attack, that's fine too.  Just a suggestion of 


I am so disappointed in you, Ash.  Anyways, enemies wielding enemies.  The 
good thing is that as you damage one enemy, you'll also cause damage to the 
"weapon" enemy as well (during the killing blow that is).  Still, it can be 
pretty annoying to defeat one enemy and have another ready to attack you.  
Along with that, there are only eight total Objects you can Confine to 
(since, y'know, the enemies won't drop standard weapons this time around).  
Along with THAT, the enemies like to heal a lot as well (mainly the Blobs).  
In fact, kill the Blobs first.  They just piss me off with their goofy look 
(plus the healing their entire HP thing).  Besides Marona's Rainbow Shell, 
there will be no Protections offered in this battle.  

Use this stage to determine how your team of Phantoms is doing, and depending 
on how difficult this stage is for you, it can help you consider if you're 
progressing fine or need to do some more training for your Phantoms.  You'll 
need hard-hitting Phantoms all the way through.  Keep in mind that the Mutant 
enemies won't have elemental weaknesses, so you can't increase damage that 

Only other thing to know is that when one enemy is killed, they'll pick up 
their dead comrade to use unless you destroy the corpse.


This stage is a droopy way of unlocking the Shade, Blob, and Mimic units.  
Slimes too if you haven't gotten them yet.

Mislead, Revisited

A Flower gives out ATK + 50% to Objects for you to Confine, and a Crystal 
gives your enemies EXP + 70%, Mana + 70%, & Weaken 30%.  Also, the Knights 
have been replaced with Soldiers.  This stage went from Hell to swell, so 
take advantage of it.

Lonely Desert

This one's real easy, especially compared to the last stage.  All enemies 
excluding the Sentry Mimics will be affected by either Weaken 10% or 
Weaken 40% thanks to the Archer, who's kept in a KeepOut: Red cage in the 
opposite corner of the stage from Marona.  The Sentry Mimics are affected by 
SPD x 2 and sending out the KeepOut: Red effect to a Leader Werewolf in 
another corner of the stage.  The Archer sending out the Weaken effect is 
surrounded by Scrabbits, so you might think to send someone to help her out 
and keep the effect active, but truthfully, those Scrabbits happen to be 
affected by Weaken 40%, so chances are she'll be able to take care of them 
herself.  If you wanna be safe, pick off two of them and leave her to deal 
with the rest.

The most threatening enemies in this stage are the Leader Werewolf and his 
Saber Kitty buddies, so just fight them with caution and you'll be done with 
this stage with few-to-no problems.

Lonely Desert, Revisited

The Scrabbits are now out of the KeepOut: Red cage, affected by EXP + 70%.  
Every other enemy excluding a Mimic is affected by EXP + 70% & Weaken 40%.  
The Leader Werewolf is replaced by a Leader Saber Kitty, and the Sentry Mimics
are gone.  Sweep up everything.


In front of Marona are a group of four Merchants wielding Fans.  They would be
the least threatening group if not for their Invincible Protection.  Because 
they're also affected by SPD - 50%, I'm going to recommend saving them for 
last.  If by chance however, one approaches you without their Protection 
(Funguy is going to destroy the Sunflowers he's around), slap her.

Marona has four Objects in front of her.  Confine Phantoms into those that 
have, preferably, high SPD and not-too-low Remove rates.  March 'em across the
bridge to the Blacksmith gang (they have high health but other than each of 
them having a certain stat higher than normal they can all be punched through.
Their RES tends to be low no matter what), Confine more Phantoms if you want 
out of the Objects they drop if some happen to not be destroyed and continue 
on to the Boars and their Leader Hell Corgi.  The Boars have really high 
Attack and Health, usually respectable DEF, but pitiful RES and SPD.  Kill 
them first because the Hell Corgi is going to be casting Braveheart on them, 
and it'll HURT; if you kill the Boars first though, you get to avoid a 
skull-shattering smack.  Here's a tip: the Boar's weapons are pretty weak.  
Try to get the first strike in the fight and hopefully destroy their weapon.  
This way, even if they attack you with their buffs on, you aren't done for.

To deal with the Leader Hell Corgi and Funguy, I recommend taking advantage of
the three Objects affected by Reinforce 30% nearby.  I know it seems like the
best thing to do is take out Funguy first because he's sending out 
Reinforce 50% to the Hell Corgi, but forget it.  You should be using wide-
ranged attacks when attacking groups of enemies anyways, and since the Hell 
Corgi would be involved in these attacks, you can dispose of it easily enough 
after the Boars are gone.  I just suggest this way because it was easier for 
me to beat up the Hell Corgi when I had the chance rather than pass it by and 
give it a free turn at my Phantoms.

Once you take out everything that's actually a threat and remove the 
Sunflowers, feel free to pummel the leftover Merchants.

Don't worry about only having one shot at getting a Fan; after completing this
stage, if you revisit it the Merchants will still be there equipped with Fans.

Alternatively, you could march ahead through the Merchants and ignore them 
chipping away at your Phantoms and Confine your strongest Phantoms to take out
the Funguy, Hell Corgi, and Boars, then deal with the rest of the enemies if 
you really just don't want the strongest enemies waiting for you to approach. 
This way you could Confine into the Object giving Funguy SPD x 2 & No O.B. or 
simply destroy it, etc.  Pick the path you think is best.  The worst thing 
that can happen is that you and all your Phantoms die and your corpses are 
well-preserved in the desert sand.  The first one I explained seems best to 
me is all.

Mirage, Revisited

This stage is... really straight-forward.  And great.  In front of you, the 
four Merchants are affected with Mana x 2.  The Blacksmith union is affected 
with Money x 2.  The Boars and Hell Corgi are both affected with EXP x 2 & 
Weaken 50%.  No Sunflowers or Funguy.  Obviously this stage is great for just
getting whatever you need.  Why would the game suddenly do this for you 
though?  My guess is, it's here in case you aren't ready for the big event 
coming up in the next stage... >;3

Reunion After 8 Years

I love being able to see the results of training.  You're up against a bunch 
of Summons and a Dark Avatar.  At the start of the battle, you're going to see
a small brigade of Summons equipped with fancy weapons with five Phonographs 
laid about.  You can't Confine them unless you kill the head Summon (he's 
wielding an Iron Sword), and they're sending Reinforce 30% to five Crystals 
all the way east of the stage map.  Chances are, at least some of those 
Phonographs will be destroyed.  That's not your main worry though.

You'll see at the start that you have four Objects to Confine your Phantoms 
within.  The two in front of Marona give each other SPD + 30%, and the two far
apart from each other give DEF + 30% to each other.  Send out four Phantoms 
you trust to take out ALL these summons on just this piece of the stage, and 
make sure they aren't your best Phantoms either (at most, leave one of your 
"really good" Phantoms here.  If you do things right, you can return and 
finish off any remaining Summons).  Instead of trying to save the Phonographs,
let the Summons waste their turns destroying them while you perform an 
exorcism.  With your violence.

I highly recommend having Marona run all the way east after Confining your 
four Phantoms and then having her throw her weapon down and Confining a 
phantom that won't help during this battle (or, have one that's strong waste 
one turn doing what I'm about to say and then participate in the battle).  
Make that phantom then throw Marona across, attempting to reach the distant 
piece of land far away.  Marona should then warp onto the other side even 
though your throw won't make it (or maybe you'll figure out a way to do it 
without the warp, which if that's the case, congrats for figuring it out.  
Too bad it won't make a difference but still).  On the other side is where 
the reunion takes place.

Wraith, the Dark Avatar, is a pretty tough opponent if you haven't been 
atrociously power-leveling.  He's backed up by two Summons wielding Skulls 
that are sending him Reinforce 30% and HP Heal 20%.  Luckily, all the Summons 
are easy enough to take out, including these ones.  Punch their mouth through 
their ears and crack their Skulls, and hopefully there are some Crystals left 
for you with Reinforce 30%.  But whatever the case is, you have five Crystals 
on this side to use to your advantage, so stay sharp and make Ash's day.

My only real advice is that the Dark Avatar's REF tends to be one of its 
highest, if not the highest stat, next to ATK.  Its SPD is lowest, but still 
at a nice amount to not be too detrimental.  Do yourself a favor and leave 
your mage(s) on the side with tons of Summons.  Over here, after being 
Confined into a Crystal that gives -30% to INT and -30% to SPD, going against 
a boss with huge REF, they're not going to be all that excited.  I recommend 
Ash and Sprout if you've been using them, not only because it fits the theme 
of the story, but also because Ash's Quick Attack and Sprout's amazing stats 
and attacks period will be a big help.  Kick their ass!!


There will be no chance to revisit this stage after completing it, so sorry.  
It's not me deciding to be lazy, the World Map won't show the Island of Evil 
for awhile.

After that battle, you should receive a ton of money.  Suit up your 
characters, if you're into the whole winning thing.

Spirit and Body

I love boss battles.  8)  This stage has a pretty nice set-up too.

Walnut's body has DEF x 2 & HP Heal 100%.  On top of that, his HP surpasses 
one-thousand.  That means he's incredibly prepared for you, having one 
Protection cover his weakest stat, and another ensuring his greatest stat 
always boosts his greatest attack, Psycho Burgandy.  He's supported by two 
Giga Beasts sending him half of his Protections each, and they themselves are 
boosted by Funguys for SPD + 50% & DEF + 50%.  The Funguys have HP Heal 50% & 
SPD + 50% (except for one, replacing HP Heal 50% with DEF + 50%), meaning they
have to be taken out fast.  These Funguys are receiving their Protections from
Slimes who just happen to be out of the way.  The Slimes themselves aren't 
receiving any Protections and are the weakest enemies on this stage.

What'll make this stage hard is that while you're going through the Funguys 
and Slimes at first, the Giga Beasts and Walnut will have time to attack you 
still.  Well, they would if the computer AI didn't make them skip the first 
couple of turns to "be fair" (I'd rather they just not let the player win on 
account of their lack of effort, but eh).  These free turns means you should 
mow through the Funguys and Slimes as fast as you can. The Slimes make the 
Funguys annoyingly resistant, and with their HP Heals, that's going to get 
aggrevating.  Since the Slimes are weak, and Trees are near them, Confining a 
mage next to them for a good INT boost and out of real harm's way is a nice 
decision you could make.  Watch out for a Slime's Roundhouse: you'll probably 
be thrown far away from them (due to sliding) making yoru task that much 
harder.  Once you get through the Slimes and Funguys, focus on the Giga 
Beasts.  Focus your attacks on one Giga Beast at a time (it won't matter if 
you aren't even attacking Walnut's body, but it'll still get you done 
quicker).  Walnut's body is smart and wielding a Bonfire which apparently 
increases Health a ton, and I wasn't aware of this fact until this point in 
the game.  Heh.  My knife-twirlin' Walnut's still b/a though I don't care what
anyone thinks.

Once Walnut's body starts fighting, if you haven't gotten rid of its 
Health-increasing Protections, you're going to experience quite a bit of 
flaming passionate pain.  With his HP so high, he can easily do over 500'ish 
damage to your tough Phantoms.  So, take care of that, thanks.

One last thing, fighting up the slope's a pain, so position your characters 
with the controller if you can for their attacks to save a lotta hassle.  
Still, it can REALLY help you out.  Example: Sliding up it slightly, letting 
it carry you for less movement rate.  Positioning Marona to a phantom to buff 
them, then sliding away with little movement for a far travel speed downhill 
out of danger.

I wanna bring to your attention that the Objects' Titles are starting to get 
really good, so if you're interested in boosting your characters, try snagging
some later on.  They're getting good enough to bother stealing.

Spirit and Body, Revisited

The Giga Beasts are replaced by Saber Kitties, and instead of Walnut's body 
you have a Giant Tree in his place giving all the enemies EXP + 70% & 
Mana + 70%.  Best of all, this stage still has Walnut's theme playing!  
Definitely a stage worth visiting!


This stage is a funky way to unlock the Funguy unit.

Reoccuring Regret

Summons are annoying, but at the same time they aren't the most impressive 
enemy.  All the Objects in front of Marona have some type of beneficial 
Protection, so choose the best one for your phantom.  Keep in mind that you 
might want to save your two best for later, as there are two Objects on this 
stage that will have the Permanent effect.  You won't need that many Phantoms 
to get through the first part anyhow.  Three of the Summons past the others 
are wielding Steel Katana, meaning they have Hurricane Slash and Aura Blade. 
If you can, do your best to give them as few chances for attack as possible.

Watch out for the Cerberus too.  Get too close and he'll attack you (and 
there's nothing you can do about it).  When you get to the Lizardmen avoid 
killing the red one for just a bit.  This is because each one represents a 
KeepOut: Color on this stage, and red releases Sprout and the Cerberus.  By 
destroying their Fish, you destroy their barrier.  Across from them in the 
water are two Objects affected by Permanent, HP Heal 20%, & Reinforce 50%, 
blocked by the yellow, blue, and green barriers.  Getting Marona past just 
one isn't a problem, especially if you've taught her buff spells such as 

When you do reach the three Objects, don't Confine anyone to the Shell, which 
puts a time limit on the Permanent effect and defeats the purpose of all this 
(if you really want to add a Shell to your collection, don't worry about this 
one).  You can kill the red Lizardman now, but you'll notice there's an 
opening through the red barrier on the backside leading to Sprout's body.  If 
you kill the last Lizardman, you'll be letting the Cerberus be free as well. 
(you don't have to kill it either to pass the stage).  Last thing to note is 
that the Vet. Pillar will be giving Sprout's body DEF + 40% & HP Heal 20%, so 
if you're only using two Phantoms at this point in time, it's probably best to
get rid of it and make Sprout's body less of a tank for your Phantoms.  A 
couple of strong hits from your Reinforce 50% Phantoms should take care of him

Reoccuring Regret, Revisited

If you wanted to take home a Shell, this stage offers you plenty of chances.  
Three of them are in the corner where the Lizardmen originally were, one of 
them having the KeepOut: Red effect on it.  The enemies all have EXP + 80% on 
them, and in Sprout's body's place are two Ghosts (each holding a Shell) and a
tough Lizardman.  Behind them is a Saber Kitty (yellow NPC, so it isn't an 
exact enemy) who isn't affected by the EXP + 80%.  It's main goal is to 
destroy the Shells, eventually destroying the KeepOut: Red maintaining shell. 
Be wary, as even though this stage is an EXP stage it also requires you to 
pay attention a bit.

Spell and Wound

Very different from the rest of the stages so far.  All the Objects on the 
field are affected with Stay Back 15dm & either ATK, DEF, or SPD + 30%, thanks
to three of the Putties.  The Owls are sending DEF - 60% & SPD x 2 to the 
Golems, and the Golems are sending DEF + 30% & HP Heal 20% to Raphael's body. 
Because of the Stay Back 15dm effect, you're going to have to resort to long-
ranged attacks unless you knock out the Putties.  Your mage(s) should be fine 
with this effect, but chances are not everyone has a good long-range attack on
them, so be careful.  Enemies will usually have their own long-range attack, 
so while you can take advantage of Stay Back 15dm on some (Raphael's body will
be unable to harm you and the Golems' AI mostly messes up trying to reach 
you), chances are you'll meet an enemy who'll take advantage of your 
situation, so don't rely completely on it.

Simple strategy, knock out Golems, either defeat Raphael's body now with your 
Stay Back 15dm effect or destroy the Owls and Putties, then engage Raphael's 
body.  By the way, Golems have a ton of Health, so gang up on 'em.


Oh yeah, after completing this stage, you can now use the Owl Sage.

Spell and Wound, Revisited

Raphael's body is replaced with a Seed that gives all enemies EXP x 2 & 
Mana x 2.  Other than that, all the enemies are the same and they aren't 
giving or receiving any Protections.  This stage isn't really for raising 
weaker characters, more for bettering your strong Phantoms.


Everyone else's body (and a corpse) are here now.  You should be familiar 
with these enemies.  Ignore the barriers made by the KeepOut: Red, Blue, and 
Green and defeat these unique enemies in the proper order.  Starting from 
Milon, each enemy will be sending Reinforce 50% to the next.  Beat them in 
the order they are closest to you and the next enemy won't have Reinforce 50%.
That means you should go from Milon > Bijou > Lierre > Fox > Drab > Flame.  
They'll all have Sticky Protection as well.  Their weapons will also all have 
Reinforce 50% affecting them as well, so if they drop one, Confine.

Good luck.  Every one of these enemies is like having to fight a mini-boss, 
and if one with Reinforce 50% comes close to you, it's going to suck.  There 
aren't that many Objects, so hopefully some of their weapons don't get 
destroyed by you.  If things go your way, Milon will use Clone Fruit which 
results in him throwing his weapon, which have 50% Reinforce on it (like every
other weapon).  Also, make sure to keep as much distance from every other 
enemy as possible.  Try fighting them one at a time.  There's not much else 
to say, if you can't get past this stage you might have to buff up your 
characters or their equipment after a few tries.  Just use everything to your 
advantage and things might go your way one time through.

Doubt, Revisited

The enemies are replaced with their generic counterparts, all have the 
Flexing Title and are affected by Sticky, EXP + 50%, & Money + 50%.  There 
are also more items spread around the stage near the enemies, so there's less 
worry of running out of items to Confine.  All Objects have Reinforce 50% & 
Sticky.  This stage has another Bell.

First Step to Revenge

Of course.  Some of the most annoying enemies, Summons, using Slimes as 
weapons.  It's like they're trying to give you a headache from the start!  At 
the start, you'll have three Objects receiving HP Heal 30% for your Phantoms, 
but otherwise the other Objects on this stage will be plain or giving 
Protections.  Right in the middle of the stage is the Prize Sword, which has 
pretty awesome stats.  As far as I'm aware, you can't take it with you, but 
it's still pretty handy for dealing with this stage, especially the Super Boss
Dragon waiting for ya.  Three Ghosts are sending him awesome Protections 
(SPD + 50%, HP Heal 50%, & DEF + 50%) and the Ghosts are affected by Warp and 
Invincible because of the DungeonMonk's Chest.

Kill the DungeonMonk, celebrate for fifteen minutes cause after this stage 
you've unlocked him, kill the Ghosts, kill the Dragon.  Kill the Summons 
during this process.  Fairly simple to follow.  Do remember however, that the 
Dragon is also equipped with a weapon similar to the Prize Sword in stats, so 
if you get hit by it... chances are you need a new phantom.  However, his 
attack might involve throwing his Hammer, in which case, take it and use it 
as well.  Then you're set.


Well, you have the DungeonMonk, so this is the end of the FAQ.

Okay, well if you're playing Another Marona from scratch, chances are you 
don't want to cheat yourself of the challenge near the end of it.  But for 
those few of you, who don't know the significance of this character, read on.

The DungeonMonk can create randomized dungeons for you to explore, and you get
to control the size of the floors, how many enemies there are roughly, what 
levels they start at, the Objects that spawn, and the type of enemies.  This 
makes raising characters very easy, but to add on to it, you can make 
"failure dungeons".

You can assign Titles to dungeons, and when you give a dungeon a Title it 
affects the enemies.  Some people might think, "I'll make the enemies suck 
with a crappy Title," but those Titles make the enemies give 0 EXP.  Objects 
in the dungeon, however, aren't affected by Titles.  So, you Confine your 
Phantoms to high-level items, and wah-la, the EXP bonus from Confining adds a 
TON of EXP to your Phantoms.  I recommend saving something like this for the 
post-game, but if you really want to, I recommend limiting yourself to just 
utility characters for convenience.  Don't ruin the storymode stages for 

First Step to Revenge, Revisited

All enemies have EXP + 80% & Mana + 80%, and the Dragon along with those also 
has Weaken 50%.  The holy Prize Sword is gone and so is the DungeonMonk.  
Don't let your guard down though.  Unless you've really been power-leveling 
your Phantoms these enemies can still put a dent in you if you're not playing 

Two Faced

Marona's Rainbow Shell doesn't give HP Heal 10% anymore... If you don't 
completely give up after this turn of events, you're a true warrior...

Put Marona's running shoes on, or just find some Weed.  You have a bunch of 
nice Objects on the other side of the stage, but before then there are a 
buncha Reinforced (50%) Zombies chasing you down (of course, after waiting a 
few turns...).  A Boss Summon is sending them this Reinforce 50%, and his 
Candle is giving himself Warp & HP Heal 20%.  Sounds like a stage you need to 
get lucky on, right?  Well if you're like me, your luck is so horrible that 
your only option is to go with every guaranteed possibility open to you.  
That's what we're doin'!

This stage plays out like a zombie horror flick.  You run for safety, gather 
your few precious resources, then hold off all the overwhelming 
(Reinforce 50%) zombies.  Get to the other side and wait for the Zombies to 
get close.  Once they are, Confine and fight them off.  If you get lucky and 
the Summon warps or travels to where you and your Phantoms are... well, 
whaddya want me to tell you?  JUMP HIM!!

My only real helpful tip is this: if the Boss Summon happens to Warp next to 
Marona, and you think you have a strong enough phantom with Quick Attack to 
take him or his damned Candle out, throw her equipment down and get him.  
While you're at it, try using Lift on the Summon and see if you can't get 
lucky and steal his Candle.  He won't take it back, cause unless you destroyed
it he Warps away!  ;3  Good luck to you.

Two Faced, Revisited

Plenty of Objects with Reinforce 50% around, enemies affected with EXP + 80%, 
no Summon.  Go get 'em, tiger.

Source of Power

Le sigh.  Okay.  There's a Hell Corgi surrounded by Vases.  The Vases are 
sending the generic bosses Weaken 40%.  The Vases are also Resistant, so you 
can't Confine 'em.  The Hell Corgi isn't necessary to kill, but he's going to 
destroy the Vases weakening the bosses up ahead.  Furthermore, he's sending 
the Vases their Resistant Protection, can't be hit O.B., is Invincible, Rooted
to the ground, and has SPD + 40%.  The Object sending him these Protections?  
An Evil Rock way far away.  To top it all off, he has Parting Gift, meaning 
he's going to EXPLODE anyways when you kill him.  What to do?

You can either try and get a phantom to dispose of the Evil Rock as fast as 
possible, then O.B. the Hell Corgi so you have only a few destroyed Vases, 
then take on the bosses, or you can ignore all that and tackle the bosses head
on, trying to kill them and complete the stage as fast as possible before 
they're all free of Weaken 40%.  As for the bosses themselves, they tend to 
have high DEF and low RES or vice versa.  You're used to fighting tougher-
than-normal enemies by now, I hope, so clobber 'em after you form your battle 

My suggestion?  Just ignore the Hell Corgi, hit the enemies as hard and as 
fast as possible.

Source of Power, Revisited

The Hell Corgi's gone, and now the bosses have EXP + 50% & Mana + 50% 
affecting them.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea 8D.  Also, most of the Objects you 
can Confine to have Reinforce 50% on them.  Best of all, the bosses still 
have their nicer than usual weapons on 'em.  If you want to steal them for 
whatever reason, go for it.

Final Battle

This is it, the final stage.  The game pits you against Sulphur, two Wraiths, 
and six Summons.  It's the usual pattern, Summons power up Wraiths which in 
turn power up Sulphur.  My personal recommendation is to kill the Summons that
increase ATK first, as you probably won't get to the Wraiths instantly and 
this will ensure their attacks aren't too damaging.  Luckily, all their SPD's 
are around the same, and not too high.  The Objects around Marona are key to 
victory if you aren't super-duper strong.  I'll go over them real quick before
tossing you into the deep end, hoping you learn how to swim and I win coach of
the year:

Marona's Rainbow Shell loves you once more, giving DEF x 2 & HP Heal 20%.  How

The Starfish has Invincible & Weaken 90%.  What's the point of this?  Simple: 
make your invincibly useless character lift up one of his two Wraiths, and 
prevent them from attacking you.  Pretty nice, huh?  Also, if you Confine a 
weak character to this Object, they'll be the target of attacks if nearby the 
enemies.  How wicked of us.

The Treasure Chest has Permanent.  Pick someone suitable (Sprout) for this.

Trolly has SPD x 2.  Got someone who needs to do a lotta stuff for ya?  This 
is his/her/its Object of choice.

Bread has Warp & HP Heal 100%.  This could be useful on a character with high 
enough Health to endure tough blows and escape somewhere else next turn, ready
to come back with full Health once more.  Walnut can fit into this Object just
fine if you've been using him.

Fish has Reinforce 50% & Damage 10%.  Just make sure whoever gets this one 
makes their turns matter.

Vase gives you HP Heal 50%.  Nice and simple.

Crystal blesses and curses a phantom with Reinforce 50% & SPD - 30%.  Luckily 
the other enemies aren't TOO fast, so this isn't such a bad deal.

Pot will give a bro DEF x 2.  It's a good Protection considering it'll help 
that phantom stay alive better and therefore ensure this next item's 
Protection remains:

The Water Can gives a phantom ATK + 50%.  Try not to make the phantom for this
Object a suicide-charger or whatever, cause if he dies, your phantom with 
Invincibility suddenly runs out of it.

Be careful if/when a phantom dies, as that means someone else might lose their
Protection for this battle.  Because of all the different Protections given 
to you in this battle, you'll have to play with what's given to you as the 
battle progresses.  One certain thing is to keep Marona alive at all costs 
(generally a good idea any stage you play).  Also, Sulphur and his two Wraiths
have an attack that does damage based on their total Health, so if you see 
their turn coming up and you've destroyed at least their HP Heal Summon, give 
them a harsh blow so they won't overkill a phantom of yourfs.  Fight on, as 
this battle will seal the fate of Marona's world!

Oh yeah, Sulphur skips a turn.  What a mook.

You get a nice Bordeaux bonus for beating this stage, just so you know.

Also you can't revisit the final stage.

A Girl's Battle

I'm a horrible, dirty, baby-punchin' liar.  It's okay, we're close (you 
probably figured that out on your own during the last stage anyways).

Just a tip, if you want to steal some exclusive stuff (bonfires, watermelons, 
bells, Hell Ansas) you should do it now and during this stage.  Since you have
the DungeonMonk you can find the Weird-type dungeon and slaughter Bottlemails 
(don't cry to me how much it sucks I've skipped over the title more times than
I have fingers trying to select it!), which will help immensely.  I recommend 
leveling up two, but take whatever items you want.

This stage itself: all the Objects you can Confine to are RedHot.  All the 
enemies are Flexing except Carona, who's Parallel I guess.  All the Objects 
before Carona are sending Reinforce + 30% to four Objects all the way north, 
who are receiving 90% Reinforce.  Since Carona has over 4000 Health and ATK 
over 1000 (these numbers can vary, as other times she'll have around 3900 and 
ATK near 1300), plus high DEF, RES, & SPD, I'd recommend saving these 
Reinforcements just for her, although you can take advantage of them and 
sweep up the enemies near you a bit.

Also: the RedHot Flower to the left of Marona is also sending a Reinforce 30% 
to Carona.  It's in your best interests to get rid of it, as it's worth 
removing 30% Reinforce from one of the later Objects.

All the enemies on this stage will be tough, and although their equipment will
be low-leveled, it too will be strong enough to pose a threat.  The left side 
is extreme magical power, the right side is brute force.  It'll suck if you 
split your Phantoms in half to take on both sides, and keep in mind if the 
Objects you Confine them too happen to get destroyed, your 90% Reinforce 
Objects will get weaker as a result.  If this stage is too much for you now, 
there's an alternative to just duking it out.

For the most part, these enemies have "low" SPD, so if necessary equip Marona 
with something that greatly increases SPD, or steal that RedHot Misc Weed to 
your left, and take advantage of that DEF x 2 & HP Heal 20% and run all the 
way to the back so you can Confine at least two Phantoms with 90% Reinforce 
and start mowing them down.  If you're going with this plan, try getting Ash 
as one of those Phantoms and prolonging his life until he reaches his final 
turn, so you can give Carona a double-powered Ash attack.

The enemy at the end of the KeepOut: Color fields controls the others' field 
(this isn't a problem since you can always Confine Objects on the other side 
anyways).  If you want to, you can get rid of the KeepOut: Red at the start, 
but I'd recommend keeping it up and starting on the magic side and staying as 
far away from the monster side as possible, so you don't have to take on both 
sides at once.  If you think you'll do better fighting both sides at once... 
you're bonkers.  But do what you will.

As for Carona, all I can really say is that as a warrior-type of enemy, she 
happens to have higher RES than DEF.  If you destroy her weapon, Hell Ansas, 
or steal it, her DEF drops by about 100 points, so target her with attacks 
that use her DEF in the damage calculations (aka don't use magic on her).  
She has a lot of SP to use her real strong attacks, but they're all on the 
Hell Ansas, so after removing it all she'll have left is Mega Heal and basic 

A Girl's Battle, Revisited

Exact same battle minus Carona, plus EXP x 2 & Mana x 2 to all enemies, and 
Reinforce x 2 to all Objects sending Reinforce 30%.  As an added bonus, the 
final battle theme music is playing, probably to get you pumped up for what's 
coming up.

Island of Evil

Not too hard.  Confine three of your toughest Phantoms (four if you throw a 
Marona's weapon), destroy the Ebony Eggs, and attack the Death Merchant.  
Marona's Rainbow Shell has finally left you, and Marona herself is sending 
Reinforce 50% & HP Heal 20% to the Prayer Crystals, so as always, don't let 
her die.  Ignore the Dark Pillars, they're just there to prevent you from 
stealing the Magenta Core successfully.  Don't worry about disarming the 
Magenta Core, as it doesn't give any equip bonus.  If you can actually steal 
it or not, I'm not aware on how to go about doing that.  If it's possible and 
I didn't think of it, I apologize right now to you.

Eryngi's INT is really high, but he has no attacks based off of it, so you 
only have to deal with his decent ATK and still very high DEF and RES.  You 
won't have many Objects to Confine to, so make every Phantom count.  Go the 
extra mile and try taking out the Ebony Eggs with huge-radius attacks so you 
don't have to waste your turns destroying them one-by-one (probably only get 
this done with the middle and left one, as the right one's a bit farther away 
in distance).

By the way, conserve your SP if you can help it.

Finale of Another Marona

Waiting for you are God Eryngi and Sulphur at his best.  Sulphur's SP has 
skyrocketed, meaning he's not going to run out of a certain type of attack 
anytime soon.  Eryngi is more or less the same as before, except now he has 
Reinforce x 2 affecting him.  The two Flexing Pillars giving this have quite 
high Health so if you're unfortunate it might take more than one whack to 
crack them.

All the Objects in front of Marona and Carona have awesome Titles and are 
affected by Reinforce 50% & HP Heal 20%, courtesy of the two girls (they 
affect the Objects on their side of the stage).  Carona is weaker than her 
A Girl's Battle stage form, but her Hell Ansas is stronger.  If you really 
want to, you can try stealing it one last time before the storyline's over.  
You HAVE to defeat Eryngi before even bothering with Sulphur.

In case you need a reminder, Sulphur has an attack based on Health, so 
damaging his own Health will reduce this HP-dependent attack (which would be 
Terminate).  You might be lucky enough for him to use Terminate even if he's 
getting low on Health.  If you clump a bunch of Phantoms together, he'll 
probably cast an Omega spell on them (though in this fight, you don't really 
want to sacrifice Phantoms).  Finally, you can't lift up Sulphur.

There isn't really anymore strategy than I've given you here.  You have enough
Objects of enough variety to help with any sort of battle plan you choose, so 
do your best and finish Another Marona.


When you start a New Plus Game after completing Another Marona, your reward 
will be Carona at level 1.  Fantastic job!

Carona's stats:




Physical:A 3
Energy:S 6
Elemental:F 0
Nature:D 1
Time:D 1
Stats:C 2
Healing:A 4


Strike 0
Body Swing 0
TossUp 0 6SP
Mega Heal 0 8SP
Chartreuse 1
Confine 1

When Equipped:

HP -29
ATK +1
INT +1
RES +2
SPD -2


The Legendary Pringer X...'es?? [Prt7]

Before I start talking, this section assumes you've already done all the work
of taking care of the first Pringer X and everything before him.  Nothing has
changed in the first ten post-game stages since the original Phantom Brave, so
you can check out the PS2 version's FAQ's and Walkthroughs for any help as 
well as the Message Boards.  This section also assumes you're familiar with 
the basic and advanced/failure methods of fusion.

I'm not going to give you specific instructions on what to do in order to win 
for two main reasons: one, what's the point of playing and challenging 
yourself if you follow some foolproof guide and didn't really do anything, and
two... I looked at all the game mechanic explanations, ultimate weapon 
recipes, etc, and said "screw it" and just winged it.

Just to make it perfectly clear: other than stealing the remote items with a 
title now, or other neat confinement objects in the stages, there is no 
worthwhile reward for beating the Pringer X enemies.  I have so much money I 
can't even tell if that reward is good, and as for experience, when I killed 
Pringer XXX with a level 2500, he leveled up to 2700'ish.  So if you were 
hoping the Pringer X's could later serve as exp-grinding stages... I've got 
some bad news for you, bub.

I mean, theoretically if you made an uber one-hit weapon and had another 
weapon/character that could travel far and snipe the Invincibility-granting 
remotes from far away in one turn, then yes, you could get experience quite a 
bit faster this way.  This also means you DON'T NEED THIS GUIDE if you can do 

Was that a concise enough explanatation for you?  Still want to defeat the 
secret evils that lurk in the Ivoire world once and for all?  Let's go.

Characters I recommend

Ash: If it isn't obvious enough why, he's a main character so he should have 
seen use already, has decent fighting potential, and most importantly about 
him is his ability to double his ATK and INT on his final turn.  His only 
downfall is his low Jump stat (Marona can jump higher...), but luckily for 
us, he doesn't need to jump very high for the Pringer X stages.

Carona: She can Confine, that alone makes her the best phantom.  Because any 
phantom you can think up, she can Confine it and more.  Her stats are 
irrelevent to this, but they're good anyways.  She can fight, which is always 
welcome, she can support/heal/revive (which isn't necessary but still nice), 
her move is 60, which means she can get a max Move 100 stat, and she has as 
long of a natural Remove stat (7) as possible in this game.  And for Pringers,
or heck, anything in this game, you really don't need 8 Remove.

But even if she had crap stats and gave your phantoms Damage - 30% Protection,
she would still be worth it just because she can Confine.  So unless you have 
some different kind of theme going on for your characters or just don't want 
to use her for extra challenge or whatever, USE HER.

Laharl: He's a good phantom and Overlord's Wrath comes naturally with him, a 
long-ranged move that is based off the ATK stat, the easiest stat to raise 
very high.  If his laugh bugs you, too bad.  I'm listing that as a plus for 
using him.

Etna and Flonne are good phantoms to use as well.  They don't offer anything 
super-special but their stats are very high compared to phantoms you can 
create, so consider adding them.

Mid-Boss: He's slightly better than Laharl stat-wise, but his Adonic Buster, 
his own unique move, is based off HP.  HP isn't too bad to raise either, but 
depending on how you like to play and depending on the effort you're willing 
to put into raising and maintaining HP, it might be better to avoid using him 
just for Adonic Buster.  Of course he's still a great character anyways.

The only problem is that someone else handles the HP business way better.

Myao: She's a better mage phantom than the mages you can create, her physical 
capabilities are actually ON-PAR with the Disgaea-trio, is good with anything 
you give her, and comes with her own unique spell... if you steal her weapon. 
And either raise a non-title, failure-fusion immune catnip cane or fuse the 
cane into someone for the spell. Unfortunate as that is, she's still a mage to
consider, and mages do have their uses for Pringer X's: buffing and sniping 
field objects.

Baal: It's a good thing his real body's temporarily destroyed, because his 
stats are overflowing in the Funguy.  His HP, ATK, and INT are the highest 
you're able to get, bar hacking a Pringer X on your team.  His base HP is 100 
and his base ATK and INT are 50 (DEF and RES are 40, SPD 30).  That's quite a 
bit. This makes him the best at using HP-based attacks and methods.  If you 
slap on Big Bang and Parting Gift onto him and go dungeon delving, he'll level
up faster than you can imagine (both awesome and irritating since I wish I 
could level everyone else faster).  The best part, that explosion damage when 
he's Confined or Removed ignores defensive stats.  Although to be honest, he 
probably won't be able to last four turns before disappearing against the

Attacker, Exploder, Magic-Nuker, Baal can do all these things and be the best 
at them.  If you want one phantom throwing around his massive HP, Baal's your 
main guy.  If you want anything else and don't mind the quiet Funguy, use him.

"But, Baal doesn't come with a title."  Lucky you, I know how to get him one!

Make him get Dark 100 by killing and healing everyone on your island as Baal 
(you'll need a changebook or a testament).  He'll get a title because of the 
Dark Eboreus event, and you can later change that title with a Titlist. 
There, Baal has a title just like everyone else.  Now, if we could just find 
out how to get no-title weapons a title...

Lierre: Seems like an odd recommendation, I know, but before you have the 
Pringers to deal with, you have one other obstacle in your path.  Dungeons.  
Lots.  Lierre doesn't have a lot of faults.  In fact, his only real con is 
only being able to raise Physical and Energy attack skills without title-help.
But his main appeal is his Jump 25.  Now, unless I've been stupid all my 
115 hours of total playtime, you can not increase the Jump stat, a real pain 
in my side.  Lierre has the highest Jump in the game; regular owls get Jump 20
and a few other phantoms (Carona, Bottlemails).  His Move is base 70 and 
Remove is at 5.

Basically, what I'm trying to sell you is that if you don't have any 
particulars for what kind of phantom you have fighting for you, but you need 
another one, and you want an overall easier time in dungeons without any 
height nonsense standing in your way, consider using Lierre.  He's probably 
the best phantom for handling random dungeons and once you set your sight on 
the Pringers, he'll be more than able to fight them with you.

Bottlemails: Two of them.  If time is not an issue for you, you can go with 
three, but two really seems to be the magical number.  You want at least one 
to have a title with the maximum stats on it.  And by maximum I really mean 
Steal +100.  It WOULD be better to have both of them sporting a 170 in Steal, 
but that's up to you and your patience.  Maxing titles in general is a smart 
idea, so if you want the lowest chance of error for your swiping purposes, 
get two titles with +100 in Steal.  At least one.

Why Bottlemails?  To steal level 9999 changebooks/eggs.  If you haven't 
noticed it yet, leveling is a huge pain.  With max Exp. Riser, exp-boosting 
titles on both your character and his weapon, grinding on level 9999 giant 
enemies, level-raising is STILL tedious.  I don't know how Phantom Brave 
handles its experience, but it sucks.  Not that there isn't a reason for this
(you only need to transmigrate with 3 9999 totals), but I can still complain 
about it.

Anyways, the point of stealing those items is to dump 100 base points easily 
into a stat of your choice (either the attacking stat or speed stat).  If your 
phantom was about level 2500, you'll almost have 200 points to spend, so 
you could honestly get away with using one level 9999 changebook/egg on a 
phantom and call it a day.

Besides transmigrations, stealing most any level 9999 item you want in a 
dungeon is just overall very nice and if you haven't reached this point by the
time you defeat Pringer X, get to it.

Fusionist: Like the Bottlemails, this character doesn't necessarily have to be
for fighting the Pringer X robots.  Raise a fusionist to levels 2000-3000 and 
thank yourself for making mana-costs during fusing a breeze, rather than a 
nightmare.  If you want to save time and let your fusionist also be a mage for
battle, do yourself another favor and make sure you're raising a PuttyShaman.
PuttyShamans have 50 move over human female's 45, so it can reach the max 
movement, plus PuttyShaman has Jump, Steal, Remove, and Attack Ability 
rankings better than the ones she has.

Prinny: Prinnies are hilarious.  They also have good stats all around and 
nothing that hinders them except for not having a Jump 15 or higher.  Really, 
after having four or five main phantoms, you can just go by taste and choose 
whoever you would want on your team.  If you're looking around and don't have 
any real particulars for what else you want to add, look into Prinnies.

Owls: Move 50-70, Jump 20.  There are a few monsters with high movements and 
jumps as well, and if you like them, use them.  But if you pass on the unique
characters you're given and just want to use standard phantoms, owls are worth
a mention.  At the very least consider using Lierre, the best owl.

Another Marona Uniques: I'll just mention them now (since I mentioned every-
thing else).  Their base stats are higher than the usual phantoms you can 
create, so if any of them appeal to you, don't feel bad fitting them into your
team.  Carona and Lierre were simply the ones that offered an advantage no one
else in the game offered (Walnut has a long-range HP-based move, but Baal 
kinda demands the HP territory.  Sprout comes with Dark Eboreus naturally, but
it's not that great of a move).

Not DungeonMonk: Well, of course you NEED a DungeonMonk and you NEED to raise
him to around level 1000, but after that?  Don't even bother.  His movement 
will never be maxed (a loss of 5 points, but still), his jump is 10, LOWER 
than Ash's, has a remove of four, and crappy fighting potential.  Don't even 
think, "well I'll just save time by using him as a fighter too", because once 
you reach a certain point, leveling to the thousands isn't a big deal.  If 
you can beat Pringer X, you've definitely reached that point.

Team Set-Up

Try to have about 5-7 phantoms able to contribute in the Pringer fights.  I 
would say two of them should be mages so that if the opportunity presents 
itself, you can Confine them for support/distraction.  The rest of them you 
will want to be dealing damage, and there are enough attacks in the game to 
support enough variety amongst them all.  If you've raised two bottlemails 
(I don't know why you wouldn't have), they're great for emergency lifters 
(a.k.a. lift this Pringer X and buy me a turn).

Marona herself should be a support character with buffing spells and revive. 
Obviously that's her style, but as a manager of all the phantoms and always 
setting up every fight on the first turn, it really makes sense to play her 
this way.  Healing is optional, because you have to go out of your way a far 
bit to make sure your phantoms can endure one attack from a Pringer X, and if 
you really want healing, take the time to give your phantoms Healing Steps 99.

Your phantoms should have Quick Attack, unless of course you have the SPD to 
make a plan up.  Example: My highest attacker has the highest speed, but I 
have to destroy the remote first.  I'll make sure everyone BUT my highest 
attacker has Quick Attack.  Now, I can destroy the remote and not waste my 
best guy's turn/be forced to make him destroy the remote for me.  I'll warn 
you now, Quick Attack is not going to be enough without the SPD to get in a 
second turn.  It's leverage, but not a substitution for SPD.

Healing Birth and Healing Steps are optional to consider.  Healing Birth would
have been nice to max out a looooooong time ago, and unless you have any 
particularly beefy phantoms, probably won't be of much use.  Healing Steps 
will take a LONG time to max out, especially on every phantom.  If you do it,
you won't regret it.  But you'll regret it during the process of making it.

Big Bang and Parting Gift are both optional and depend on your playstyle.  I 
imagine that it would be very annoying to destroy the spread out objects you 
want to Confine while fighting the Pringers, so do some thinking before you 
make all of your phantoms exploding jerks.  A well-placed explosion COULD make
all the difference though.  It's your call.

Levels aren't that important, but it doesn't take that much time at all to hit
around level 1500-2500.  Get your phantoms between that level range at least 
if they haven't passed it already just for the sake of making things easier on
yourself.  You can just about enter that range by beating Pringer X up once 
or twice.

Don't think about going unarmed.  I've never tried it, and with no quick way 
to reach level 9999 with max transmigration points I'll never be trying it, so
I can't try it out and give you a report on it.  I'm sure it's possible to 
achieve with 100 points added to both a phantom's attacking stat and speed and
then leveling that phantom to 9999 to receive the full benefits, but if you're
going to do that, then all you need to do is grind endlessly until you reach
that point.  And I'm sure you'll need maybe 3-5 of those maxed out phantoms.
Plus maxed out skills.

If the developers honestly didn't expect players to use failure-fusion, this 
might actually have been the way they expected players to progress.  Level to 
9999, transmigrate with high-level items, get the no-title weapons, and have 
an epic showdown with stats close to the Pringers after all that insane work.
That's also very stupid and I forbid you from playing like that.

How to Set-Up

Assuming you can ransack level 9999 dungeons, you'll need to create some 
dungeons that eventually get you the following 9999 floors: weed floor, tool
(trolly, bombs) floor, sword floor, food (bread) floor, anything magic-
related, and an axe floor.  If you still aren't knowledgable of how fusing 
works to raise equipment percentages or failure-fusing to create super items,
please read one of the PS2 guides that explains it.  I won't outright steal 
the information that helped me figure it all out, and I assure you it's all 
there and will help you out.

Now, what you want to do is buy Dark Weapons from a merchant (you don't have 
one that sells them?  Raise her to level 127), farm trollies out of a dungeon,
and use these items to raise the ATK and SPD percentages your weapons will 
give to your phantoms wielding them.  After your weapons stop increasing from 
the fusions, which is a sign they've reached a bit higher than the percentage 
the items provide, start fusing the items with themselves, to raise their own 
percentages, and THEN fuse them into your weapons.  Since Dark Weapons and 
Trollies have percentages of 100 and 90 respectively, this ensures you're 
getting the full benefit from your weapons and more.

Unfortunately, mages have a harder time raising INT and RES.  The best way to 
raise these two stats is by gathering the rarest staves and fusing them 
together.  That sucks compared to the other stats.  Barring that, Bombs grant 
the user 80% of the item's INT, and Dead/Star/Spirit/Sacred staves give 60% of
its RES to the user.  That's pretty low, and the main reason I don't even 
bother trying to survive the Pringer X attacks (Pringer Beam is INT-based. I 
think you see why that sucks now).  This is another reason why I only suggest 
two mages.  

Bread is just there if you want higher HP.  It's necessary for those 
HP-phantoms and also gives you a chance your phantom/phantom's weapon won't be
outright massacred by a Pringer X.

For weapons, pick whatever you want that has a title.  With the fusion system,
I gave Baal the huge bell and it really fits his style (caving in people's 
skulls with a two-ton bell is illegal for a reason).  I went out of my way to 
get some nice items like the Spirit Sword just so the weapon at least looks 
good to fit the stats I was creating.  This also has the benefit of having a 
weapon with high base equipment rates to begin with.

If you want to use a weapon without a title really bad, go for it.  No, 
seriously, I did.  I raised Carona's Hell Ansas and Myao's Catnip Cane just to
fit them nicely.  It does take a lot of work, and you have to put in more 
effort into fusing just to keep them up with you, which could have been put to
better use making your other weapons uber, but eh.  I like to HAVE FUN with my
video games, so if you do too, know that it really isn't that bad.  If you're 
smart and don't care about that kind of thing though, then don't bother.

When it comes to raising stats, you can go however high you feel like.  But I 
know, you want me to tell you what's enough.  Honestly, for the final showdown
having an ATK total of 2 million and SPD total of 1.3-1.8 million is enough.
If your teammates have around 1.5 million ATK for Pringer XX, it should be 
enough to put some good dents into him.  I did it with a lot less, it was just
more hassle.

Raise at least two titles to the maximum.  One for a phantom, one for a 
weapon.  100 movement can make up for not having a total add-up of millions of
stats on the rest of your team, and 100% increasing everything on your weapon 
is so good it's... delicious.  You can TASTE the difference and nothing's 
there TO taste.  So do it.

By the way, don't give Marona a maxed out Flat title.  That's just lame.  Give
it to Myao.

Unfortunately, what would be really smart is maxing plenty of titles and 
distributing them to everyone, but that will take a long time, and if you 
wanted to do everything the really long way you would not need a guide.  The 
priorities for who to grant maxed titles are as follows: main 
attacker(s)/Confiners, everyone else.  It honestly depends on how you're going
to play it out.  In one strategy having Marona and Carona travel far to 
confine phantoms makes sense, in another having Ash able to run up to or add 
greater distance to enemies is ideal.

Having your team set up like all of this would be rockin', but will still take
awhile.  Skip to the stage sections of this walkthrough if you want to see how
I defeated the final stage with just Ash and Marona without breaking 3 million
in stats.


Give Marona max Healing Steps.  Not for the Pringer battles, since unless you 
really want her to, she's going to flat-out die.  This is just to make every 
other part of the game easier, since you're always using Marona.  You might as
well take some time out to make the rest of your gameplay nicer.

Use Marona.  I gave her some attack skills that lie on the magical side, all-
around buffs and debuffs, healing, revive, and a really nice staff just for 
her.  She keeps up with everyone else's levels just fine and contributes just 
as well to the battle, plus she's always on the field.  She'll never be as 
good as a phantom can be when maximized, but if you went that far, you don't 
need to be reading this guide since I haven't gotten that far either.

Have some Quick Attack reserves.  Even if it's just a turn, when you fight 
things that easily do more than your total health by coughing, that's a big 
difference.  You won't get away with always being cheap and lifting enemies, 
but every once in awhile it can take the pressure off of you.

Use Ash.  Solemn Vow will let him absolutely wreck any Pringer X robot if you 
can control the battle enough so that the Pringers go after everyone else and 
leave him for last.  That could be the difference between beating them earlier
and beating them ten hours later.

Gather Legend(ary) titles.  They're rare, sure, until you hit +61 floors in a 
dungeon and appear as much as any other title.  Dimension Slash is awesome, 
and everyone having it means everyone can DESTROY THAT REMOTE.  Winged Slayer
is an acceptable substitute (Oni title).

Farm high-level skills and fuse them onto your characters or their weapons. 
Let me give you some insight: I was going through a level 9999 dungeon full of
swords, and very easily I had many 99 elemental sword skills (a bit too late 
once you're only concerned with Pringers), level 99 Mincemeat (all you need),
99 Hurricane Slash, Chi Chopper, Twin Beam, Geo Slash, Vacuum Slash. 
InvisiSlash has NOTHING on 99 Mincemeat, and it's so easy to get you can STEAL
it for yourself and everyone else very quickly... once you CAN steal those 
items at level 9999.

Use Braveheart.  The higher your stat, the better the bonus.  You're at the 
end-game now.  Braveheart is working at maximum capacity for you.

Don't boost SPD with spells.  Sure it could be gnarly.  To make that one 
phantom faster.  When you could raise everyone else's SPD manually beforehand 
and save the buff spells for raising easy-to-raise ATK stat to massive levels.

Transmigrate once, for a few phantoms at least.  The boost is noticable, takes
11 floors through a dungeon, and substitutes raising them to the higher levels
by simply increasing their base stats a ton.  Of all the stats, you WILL 
notice a 100-point base addition in SPD and you will like it.

Don't focus on healing.  Here's how it goes: you're focusing on building ATK,
SPD, and maybe INT just so you can have a chance of killing Pringers before 
they wipe you out.  If you put in the time to raise SPD so much that you can 
heal and revive back-and-forth with the killing a Pringer is dishing out, you 
could have spent that time raising your phantoms to quickly and efficiently 
break the Pringers.  This game has always been about speed and efficiency in 
battle, only revive when it makes a difference and never let up on the robots.

Work on your weapon's confinement percentages on the side.  Especially 
Marona's weapon, so she can whip out a powerful phantom at any time.

Be creative.  This isn't just any game, this is Phantom Brave.  The enemies 
are always at the mercy of the unique quirks of the gameplay, we humans can 
take advantages when we see them.  Move out a certain way, throw objects just 
the way you like it, put the enemies in a disadvantage no matter how they act.

Switch between English and Japanese voices while grinding through dungeons or
other on-field areas.  It kinda takes out some of the tedious feelings you may
develop.  Unless the different languages bugs you even more.

This one's during the actual Pringer fights.  Pringer X's can't hit a person 
standing on another person with Prinny Barrage.  Check the section about the 
last stage to see why that's useful.

The Last Two Post-Game Stages [Prt8]

Higher Place - New Challenger! Cont.

Ancient wisdom seems to be the theme here.

Alright, you have the longest distance yet between you and the remote, and 
Pringer XX is directly between you and what you desire.  He also has some HP 
Heal 50% and DEF + 50% affecting him.  Here's the plan:

Send Marona off to Confine two phantoms near the beginning for Pringer XX to 
chase after and Confine one long-distance phantom to your left (mage possibly)
and have that phantom destroy the HP Heal 50%.  You still need someone to 
destroy the remote, so if you have been using her, Confine Carona to head to 
the right set of stairs and have her travel as far as she can to the remote 
(those max movement titles would be handy right about now, or even necessary).
Once Carona has reached her limit, have her throw her weapon and Confine 
another long-distance hitter to destroy the remote.  This hitter can also go 
right after Pringer XX, which is nice.

Ignore the DEF + 50% boost.  I'm no game mechanics expert, but I'm familiar 
enough with Disgaea and high stats to know that once your attack reaches a 
certain point, defense can't keep up.  This is true for Phantom Brave.  Your 
attacks should hurt Pringer XX if they're above 1.3 million and any higher 
will be absolutely brutal to him.

The best part of this map is the fact that its original disadvantage turns 
into your main support: by being forced to spread around Pringer XX in order 
to remove his supports, you find yourself surrounding him with your main 
attackers ready to gang up and invalidate his warranty.

There's also a candle and an hourglass, among other neat and vaguely rare 
items if you're interested.  I guess being given the opportunity to steal 
these is like a reward of sorts.

Good luck and take advantage of the restricted movement options Pringer XX 

Top of the World - New Challenger! More

Don't worry about the Protections the Alternate Pillars are offering, we've 
got bigger fish to fry.  Pringer XXX is being given Protection by the two 
older models behind him, and as always the main Pringer is granted 
Invincibility by the remote.

Again, having Carona in a long, spread-out stage such as this will only make
your life SO much easier.  Have her take one side while Marona takes the 
other, and if they both don't have max movement, you's crazy.  Alternatively, 
have Marona cut through the front and throw her weapon to Confine someone to 
go directly for the Ultimate Remote OR eliminate Pringer X or XX.  A good way
to know if you're ready for this stage is if one of your phantoms can one-hit
Pringer X.  If you have a high level Mincemeat (99 is very possible and easy),
you can pull this off no problem.

Once you have the Remote eliminated, remember that both outdated Pringer 
models need to be dismantled before you even touch Pringer XXX 8000, assuming
you didn't go mad with power and get a 5 million or 9,999,999 stat weapon.  At
this point in the fight, all I can say is do your best, you've done all you 
were willing to do, and if it isn't enough, you may need to do more.  The 
post-game really is all about stats, and the only thing you can do is try to 
determine how high they really need to be for victory.

Hah, just kidding.  There's a secret to this battle.  Read on.

I don't remember the stats of Ash during my playthrough, but here he is right 
after killing all three Pringers:

Ash Level 2745
Move 100
HP 1,930,102
ATK 2,780,168
SPD 1,807,794

I believe ATK was around 2.7 million, but I'm not completely sure.  He went up
quite a few levels.

He had a maxed title on himself and his weapon.  I was not smart enough to 
consider fitting Dimension Slash somewhere in there.

Here's how my finale went:

I made Marona throw her staff and Confine Ash to it.  Didn't use Braveheart on
him, ended her turn.  Ash's turn, had him hit Pringer X but not kill him,
which was accidental since I picked a move that wasn't Mincemeat.  I made
Ash jump on top of Pringer X (I WAS SURPRISED HE COULD JUMP THAT HIGH).
Pringer XXX chases Marona, Pringer XX goes to attack Ash and he kills 
PRINGER X.  Ash spends his next turn destroying the Remote.  Pringer XXX 
blows up Marona, Ash uses Winged Slayer and Chi Chopper to keep distance with 
Pringer XX and later Pringer XXX when he comes back to him.  By the time 
Pringer XXX reaches him, it's Ash's final turn.  Solemn Vow + Rising Dragon 
because it didn't matter at that point in time what move I decided to use.

And I was goofing around while item-grinding to make higher stats, so jumping
on Pringer X's head and later leading me to achieving victory, all of it was 
a complete accident and I actually "soloed" Pringer XXX's stage.  As much as 
you can solo with a phantom in Phantom Brave anyways.

That's how I came to discover that Pringer X's are secretly weak to heights.

Your reward for completing this stage is securing the safety of the world 
(possibly, I don't know what those Pringers were up to) and completing the 
ultimate challenge Phantom Brave has to offer.  Nice work, you've got moxie.


Recording statistics of all items, analyzing each phantom in-depth, discussing
ways to powerlevel with the most efficiency, all of those things would be nice
to do, but I'm not going to bother.  The game certainly has a lot of potential
to explore, but with so few people pouring their efforts into Phantom Brave 
when compared to games like Disgaea, it's too much to expect.  Heck, I only 
made this guide in response to there being nothing for the Wii version, other-
wise I wouldn't have even tried!

Now the PSP one has been announced, and it supposedly has everything the Wii 
version has plus more (and the removed stat menus mysteriously taken out of 
the Wii version...), so hopefully when it's released in English people will 
gather en masse and try to expand on Phantom Brave even more.

But I'm done.  I hope once again that this walkthrough is helpful in some 
manner to people, and if anyone sees a problem with the walkthrough they would
like to address to me, please do so.  I would be interested.


Phantom Brave: We Meet Again game and manual.

Zeno for convincing me to get this game and informing me of Failure Dungeons, 
plus many other things..

Mayor Haze for being a supporting ally.

Dancing Kim for being a supporting ally.

Lil Ethril for being my prinny servant.

Flonne for being Flonne.

Nippon Ichi for making the game.

spoonshiro and his youtube video which showed me the secrets of Phantom Isle 
shown here:

Phantom Brave message boards on GameFAQs, especially Wiggy and his stickied 
topic answering many questions about the original game.  Although I did not 
take any of that information specifically into this guide, I did read over 
the entire topic, as well as browse through nearly the entire message board 
for information on the game.  No doubt that this knowledge has helped mold me 
for playing through the game as I have.

The FAQs for the original Phantom Brave, as I've read through those as well 
and have probably helped me in the same way the message boards have.

GameFAQs for helping me forever and hosting this Walkthrough for a game that 
really deserves it.


Copyright Stuff:

I don't really care what happens to this walkthrough, now that it's on 
GameFAQs.  If I can put GameFAQs in full ownership of it, then I do exactly 
that.  They can claim it as their own if they really want. If other people 
steal it or whatever, I don't personally care.  Hopefully it improves the game
for other players by lending some helpful guidelines and tips from a now 
experienced player.