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How do I get past missions 40 and 43?

I've tried everything with everybody to throw the foot off the castle in mission 40 and also throw them off the boat in mision 43. Any advice?


KingDedede16 answered:

This is how I did it:

Use Nightwtcher on Mission 40. Get the Foot Ninjas to the side of the castle and keep spamming Nightwtcher's Side+Smash+B. This should help your problem there. It knocks them pretty far, and in the final area of the castle, its the easiest to knock them off, since they can't grab the edge.

For Mission 43, when the iceberg hits the ship, try to know exactly when the whale comes, and jump to it. By the time the Foot Ninjas try to get to the whale, sometimes they get confused and fall in the water. If some are still on the whale, do this: On the right side of the whale, the water raises up and down on the whale. If you get a little deep in that water, the sharks'll eat you. Try to get the Foot Ninjas to step in that spot and it should finish them off.
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BIRDHOUSEskater answered:

For me, using Donatello was the best. This was because of the long range of his weapon.
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sz_agent answered:

On Mission 43, I have another suggestion, as the previous answer didn't help. Early in the stage, get to the bow of the ship, the piece past the rail that breaks off once you hit the iceberg. Wait for the Foot to jump on there as well, then use Donatello's Side B Smash to knock them far away. You can usually get them before the iceberg, as the move hits them just too far to grab the rail.
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N3M0_kuchiyose answered:

The 1st and 3rd answers u've gotten are pretty good strategies. I hope u didn't think u had to actually "throw" them off the stage. Here's my strategy.

I used The Shredder. Old shred head's not very fast but he is immensely powerful. His up and strong attack (hold up don't tap) is a launcher, and I mean a LAUNCHER. But u have to time it for when his target is getting up it takes a while for him to do the motion. using this move it's a piece of cake for knocking them off the ship. Better yet just wait for the iceberg to crash then do it on the whale. U can also wait until the ship returns and get up there first so u can just spike back into the water.

The castle is a little more difficult because they can grab the roof. But if u can avoid the foot long enough so that the roof colapses, then here's what u can do. Go to one of the outside balconies and make at least one of them chase u out. Grab them then press the direction that will make Shredder throw them off the edge. then follow up with the same Up + strong attack (B) . Regardless if they fall with the throw or not the follow up attack will make sure...
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TheZMage answered:

43 was long, but I never found a trick to it.

For 40, however, the trick is to use Utrominator. His smash side-B attack (where he fires several projectiles in an arc from the bottom to the side) can not only launch the foot but will hit them when they're in the air. Spam it. After failing with everybody else, I was able to finish all 5 ninjas before leaving the roof with this strategy.
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Mario_sonic_man answered:

Mission 40: the best thing to do is use a character with good arial abilitys. when you throw them off an edge try to hit them in mid-air and grab an edge. they fall of easly. and the lower section hit them as far as you can then hit them even more over the pit but save your double jump. youll need it to get back on stage.

Mission 43: when you get to a whale try useing an attack that makes them fall on there back. (know what i meen?) they won't have a chance to recover if they fall off the whale and land in the water :)
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fate311 answered:

It's best to knock them off, then keep smacking them away while they're in midair to hit them as far as you can away from the stage. The Wind powerup dramatically speeds this up if used right. This strategy is best used with Donatello due to his extreme range.
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