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Asked: 5 years ago

My wii remote is not responding to the motions the game tells me to make. Am i alone in this?

I am trying to beat the final boss and i am doing the motions that the game tells me to make with my wii remote but my remote will not let me do the final hit which i think is to hit the a button but it does nothign when i hit the a button so im thinking its a piece of crap but i dont konw. Is this happening to anyone else?

Additional details - 5 years ago

i tried that but my problem is only happening at one certain point in beating the fallen dude, when i go to make that (what seems to be) last hit (which i think is to hit the A button) the video game does not respond to my wii remote and that is the only point in the game that it has done this. I have no problem until that point. so im thinking it may be a glitch in the game.

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1.wii is out of battery, deffective or wii is defective
3.yes but in a different way because I keep rolling
4.someone can help you if u have a 2nd wii remote press 2 for instructions on wepon system go to the campaign then revisit earlier levels then go to chapter 1 optimus invades press 2 after analog stick instructions.
5.go to wii menu check wii options and adjust wii remote sensitivity

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first of all your not supposed to press A your supposed to keep tapping A and u shoudn't stop it's really hard

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The awnser cant be that the remote is defective cause i beat the game and i know that to get him to do the moves he has to be not to far or to close to the sensor and face the sensor directly try that

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In the final boss, there is one time when you must press A repeatedly (and as fast as you can), not just once.

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I was having this problem too. Pressing A repeatedly for the final hit was the solution.... :)

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I find that trying different setups with where you sit in relation to the TV and where you position the sensor bar can make a big difference. I was in the middle of playing NHL 2K10 when we got a new big screen TV and so the sensor bar was in a much different place then it was before. And of course I was sitting much further back as well. That threw things way out of whack so I had to make some adjustments.

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