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Plot/Storyline Help Answers
What planet is the volcano planet? 1

Other Help Answers
A question about the shoe spectrobes? 1
Are any of the High Krawl in this game? 2
Are the card codes one time use or multi? 1
Are there any...? 1
Can i get detailed instructions on how to unlock metallic ryza and leo? 1
Can i transfer spectrobes? 5
Can you copy saves to SD card? 1
Can you play two players and if you can does 2nd player control the spectrobe ? 1
Can you turn off the parade? 1
Can you use the Classic Controller with this game? 1
De-Volving Spectrobes? 1
Do you ever have to play as Jeena? 1
Does Pagani have an evolve stage ? 2
Does Saboquill have a child form and adult form ? 3
Does Windora, the wind spectrobe return? or is he gone? 1
How come you can't control two spectrobes but in google there is an image that rallen is contrlolling two spectrobes ? 1
How do I get........? 1
How do I properly use the training gear? 3
How do you evolve? 1
How many spectrobes are in this game? 1
How many spectrobes can you control at a time ? 1
I already started the game and I want metallic leo and ryza can i get them still? 1
If 2P collects the hidden items, does my child Spectrobe still gain EXP? 1
Is Aldous in Origins? 3
Is there any website or store that I can find an official Spectrobes: Origins Guide? (written not video) 1
Is this game? 1
Legendarys? 1
Lost Disks? 2
My evolved form lost abilities? 1
Rallen's phrase? 1
Secret Place? 2
Someone have a image of windora and thundora? 1
Unknown Spectrobe? 3
What is the best spectrobe in the whole game? 1
What is the highest level able to be reached? 2
What's the better fire spectrobe? 2
When do I unlock the Card Input Machine? 1
When do you unlock the mount? 2
When is a faq going to be posted? 1
Where do i find the shoes spectrobe tsubasu? i think 1
Who's in the character bubble after Jado? 1
Why won't my Rydrake train anymore? 1
Will there ever b more spaces to hold and switch between child spectrobes? 1
Wishing Tikal's Spectrobe Video??? 1
Zeni and Zuwa Fossils? HELP!!! 2

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