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==============================Spectrobes: Origins=============================
                                 by 30johner

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VUI--Version/Update Information
MNC--The Main Characters
MRC--The Minor Characters
SBK--Allies and Enemies, The Spectrobes and The Krawl
IGM--In Game Map
GBB--Game Play and Battle Basics
CEA--Child Spectrobes ,Excavation, and Awakening
IRF--Information on Raising and Effectively Fighting with Spectrobes
EET--Extra Effects
CIM--Card Input Machine
 WP2-Part 2
PTB--Property Barriers
LTM--Lost Memos
LGB--Light Bridges
EQL--Equipment List
ITL--Items List
SPL--Spectrobes List
MLS--Level 100 Stats
GAR--Getting an A Rank
CIC--Card Input Codes


(VUI)===Version/Update Information===

August 31, 2009--1.00- Base version
September 1    --1.10- Fixed some errors, Started Getting an A Rank
September 2    --1.25- Added Equipment and Item lists, Edited a bit
September 10   --1.50- Added Spectrobes List, Updated Equipment and Item
                       Lists, completed Getting an A Rank, Edited a bit
September 29   --1.60- Added Extra Effects, Updated Spectrobes List, Edited
October   6    --1.80- Updated Spectrobes List, Edited
October   25   --2.20- Updated Multiple sections, Added Level 100 section,
                       started Tips and Walkthrough sections
October   28   --2.25- Updated Multiple Sections
October   29   --2.30- Updated Multiple Sections
November  05   --2.40- Added Section, Updated Multiple Sections
November  12   --2.50- Completed Multiple Sections
November  20   --2.55- Completed Walkthrough


This is my first walkthrough as well as my first time creating a document
to be put online. As the title implies this is a walkthrough for the
Spectrobes: Origins Action/RPG title for the Nintendo Wii. I would like to
state now that this game and all material related to it belongs to Nintendo,
Disney Interactive Studios and Genki. However this walkthrough was made by
and belongs to me and it may only be used on sites that I allow. Please do not
post this document on a personal site without asking first. If you have
questions or comments feel free to email me at johner210@yahoo.com.

This guide will contain little if any story spoilers, but will have minor
game play spoilers such as the Items, Equipment, and Spectrobes you'll come
across. Honestly, many of the things I'll be writing about are already told to
you in the game. I'm simply trying to go into more detail. Also I don't plan
on making the walkthrough too detailed as there is already a wonderful map in
the game and you can always check the mission area of the Cosmolink. Also the
map will have a red arrow pointing towards your objective.


All sections are complete. Besides some minor revisions there really isn't
anything left to do. I didn't think it would take this long to write this
thing, but at least it's almost done.


This game is the 3rd installment of the Spectrobes gaming franchise and was
released on August 18, 2009. As was stated in the intro, Spectrobes: Origins
is an Action/RPG for the Nintendo Wii. The Spectrobes Universe and all related
material belongs to Disney and the game was developed by Genki. This game
contains minor animated violence and is recommended for ages 10 and up.


If anyone wants to contribute something I would appreciate it, and you would
get a mention in the Credit Section. If anyone wants to work on a section
about more detailed info on Krawl such as names, attacks, types or even stats
let me know. One of those fancy titles using ASCII art would also be nice. If
you notice any errors or think something should be added tell me. E-mail at

If you like the guide feel free to give a donation to my Pay Pal account at


-Exploration controls

Action                     Wii Remote          Nunchuck

Talk / Action               A Button

Dash (when on Pegatinum)    B Button

Use Item                    1 Button

Lost Memo                   2 Button

Show Map                    - Button

Cosmo Menu                  + Button

Camera Control              +Control Pad

Move (Rallen/Jeena)                             Control Stick

Spectrobe Swap Mode                             Z Button (and +Control Pad on
                                                Wii Remote)

Lock-on Mode                                    C Button


Go!(Search)                 Vertical Swing

Come Back!(to Rallen/Jeena) Horizontal Swing

Pet                                             Horizontal Swing

Target                      Point to Screen
                            and press A Button

-Battle Controls

Action                     Wii Remote          Nunchuck

Attack (Rallen/Jeena)       A Button

Special Attack (Spectrobes) B Button

Use Item                    1 Button

Display Spectrobe Profile   2 Button

Weapon Menu                 - Button

Cosmo Menu                  + Button

Camera Control              +Control Pad

Move (Rallen/Jeena)         Control Stick

Spectrobe Swap Mode                             Z Button (and +Control Pad on
                                                Wii Remote)

Lock-on Mode                                    C Button


Attack (Spectrobes)         Vertical Swing

Come Back (Spectrobes)      Horizontal Swing

Dodge Roll                                      Horizontal Swing


Rallen and Jeena, members of the Nanairo Planetary Patrol(NPP), find
themselves in a whole new galaxy-the Kaio System-when they are suddenly sucked
through a portal. The Kaio System is threatened by a common enemy, the Krawl,
and Rallen and Jeena are their only hope. Their adventure with the new
Spectrobes from this mysterious galaxy is just about to begin.

(MNC)===The Main Characters===

These are the human characters you'll control throughout the game.


Spectrobe Master and Nanairo Planetary Patrol member. Highly athletic and a
crack pilot. Cheerful in disposition and loves a good adventure.


Rallenís partner in the Nanairo Planetary Patrol. Helps keep Rallenís feet on
the ground. Highly intelligent and a whiz with machines & electronics.

(MRC)===The Minor Characters===

These characters only play a support role and are all NPC's


Highly respected commander of the NPP. Calm under fire and protective of
Rallen and Jeena, his favorite officers.


A fellow NPP officer who you will talk to during a few points of the game. He
explains the situation of the NPP and tells you about Grant while your in Kaio.


Archenemy of Rallen and all humankind. Has the horrific ability to control the
entire Krawl race. A mask hides his true face.


Chief of Wyterra's Haven Village. Level headed and loved by his people. Well-
versed in lore pertaining to Spectrobes and the ancients.


Fun and outgoing Blacksmith from Haven Village. He once assisted Wyterra's
former Spectrobe Master. His skills are unrivaled and his work is known
throughout the galaxy.


This guy is an info-dealer and can be found in The Stuffed Belly. He'll tell
you various bits of info about things such as Property Barriers.


Chief of Verdant Village on Doldogo. Friendly and loved by her people, but
overbearing at times. This causes conflicts with her daughter Salia


Chief Gretta's daughter. A gentle soul and protector of nature who is as
powerful as her mom on the inside. Can eat anyone under the table.


Leader of a group of sworn to defend the Kaio system. Despite his heroic and
rather stern exterior, he is an old softy inside.


Greedy, manipulative CEO of a Major Wyterra-based corporation. Will stop at
nothing of there is a profit to be made.


Renowned explorer and ruins expert with curiosity matched only by his
propensity for trouble. But this has led to some major discoveries.


Leader of the shady three-man team working for Dyrus. A man of action, but
tends to lose his cool. Has high respect for his boss.


A member of the shady three-man team working for Dyrus. Tends to be smug and
disrespectful of authority, especially Zig's.


A member of the shady three-man team working for Dyrus. Low man on the totem
pole. A big guy with a lot of energy.


Caretaker robot of the Slayso tower. Has maintained the tower with his partner
for several thousand years. Highly emotional for a robot.


Caretaker robot of the Slayso tower. Physically identical to tidy, but calmer
and more easygoing than his friend. Has a strong sense of duty.


Most powerful of all the High Krawl. His highly vindictive nature makes him a
sworn enemy of Rallen and company.

(SBK)==Allies and Enemies, The Spectrobes and The Krawl==

Spectrobes, creatures of light, and Krawl, creatures of darkness, have existed
since the creation of the galaxy. The are natural enemies and both are
creatures of instinct.

The Spectrobes native to the Nanairo system can be contained in and controlled
by the Prizmod. While the Cosmolink contains and allows control over the
Spectrobes of the Kaio system.

It is not clear how the Krawl are being controlled, but it is suspected that
the being known as Krux is responsible for the mayhem caused by them.

After the Great Krawl War, the Spectrobes went into a hybernative state and
became fossilized. Only a Spectrobe Master can awaken them from their dormant
sleep, and wield their power against the new rising threat of the Krawl.


There are several planets in Origins where you will do all of your exploring.
I'll add a walkthrough for each one in a later update.


Capital of the Kaio system. Most of its people live in Giga City, while the
rest of the planet is covered in pristine wilderness. Small villages can still
be found amid the forests.


Constant summer-like weather allows thick forests and huge plants to grow.
Some of its trees are several thousand years old. Also home to many kinds of
rare fish and fruit.


Perpetually covered in thick ice fed by constantly falling snow. Human breath
freezes on contact with the icy air. Breathtaking auroras stretch across the


Endless deserts stretch as far as the eye can see. Once home to a great city
in ancient times. Major corporations began mining here after discovering
Antigravity Stones.


Mercilessly buffeted by strong winds that have deformed its hills and valleys.
Only the mysterious lone tower to the clouds seems unaffected by the
tempestuous force.


Known as the volcanic planet due to its constant volcanic activity. Despite
its harsh environment, it was home to an ancient civilization that harnessed
its thermal power.


A planet-sized mass of Krawl created by Krux. It's diameter is several
thousand miles long. Made of pure darkness, it is capable of immeasurable


The Cosmolink is the most important tool of the Spectrobe Master. It contains
all the items you have collected from, Spectrobes to weapons. Press the +
button to open it any time, even during a battle. It contains 6 tabs along
with a summary of your characters status. Line up allows you to view info
about all the Spectrobes you have with you by highlighting it and pressing C.
Press A to view the back of the card and C or B to close it. You can also set
your active Battle and Search Spectrobes from here. Equipment allows you to
view basic info on your weapons with C and select your active weapon. Mission
tells you your current objective, displays the shards you have collected if
any, and lets you you view your map. Excavated Items allows you to view all of
your fossil blocks as well as discard any you don't want. Cosmolink Data
allows you to view info on everything you own including the Spectrobes that
aren't with you. System Settings allows you to change in-game options such as
the vibration function and screen brightness. You can also open the Equipment
menu during battle by pressing the - button.

(IGM)===In Game Map===

The game has an excellent map for all areas and is the reason why the only
maps I may make are maps for puzzles. The mini-map is always in the upper-left
of the screen and can be enlarged with the - button outside of battle. If you
wish you can move around with the map open. The map has a few symbols. Arrows
point toward exits/entrances of the area. Arrows that are red will be pointing
in the direction of your objective. Follow the red arrows and you should never
lose your way. You will also see blue dots indicating where NPC's are, and red
dots indicating enemies. Save points, your human partner, your Spectrobe,
excavated items and yourself can also be seen with easily recognized symbols.
The mission area of the Cosmolink Screen also displays a map of all the areas
on that planet if you click on the Map tab. The map screen will have a O
showing where you are and an X showing where you should be heading.

(GBB)===Gameplay and Battle Basics===

Spectrobes: Origins involves real time combat and monster collecting. There is
also a fair bit of puzzle solving. You play as either Rallen or Jeena who are
officers of the NPP, whose job is to help those in need and defend the galaxy
from the evil Krawl. During the game you'll use many types of items and
weapons such as Swords, Axes, and Shields to aid you in combat. As you defeat
enemies you'll gain experience(EXP) and when enough EXP is earned you'll gain
a level which will raise your Health(HP), Attack(ATK) and Defence(DEF). The
game auto-locks onto the nearest enemy but the reticule tends to move a little
rapidly. You can lock onto a specific enemy by pressing UP on the control pad.
This allows you to easily focus your attacks on one enemy. When an enemy is
locked onto you can see that enemies HP gauge along with their property. When
fighting with Rallen or Jeena flicking the the nunchuck horizontally during
battle will trigger a dodge roll/jump, this maneuver can be easy to forget in
battle but can also be useful. You can also flick the nunchuck back which will
trigger a back flip. Remember to have a healing item equipped at all times to
keep your HP from getting to low.

Rallen and Jeena can also use the Cosmolink to call forth the mighty
Spectrobes, the natural enemies of the Krawl. After you find the Cosmolink
soon after starting the game, you can summon a Spectrobe to help you in a
fight. Most Spectrobes have three forms Child, Adult and Evolved. Only the
Adult and Evolved forms can fight, while the Child form aids you in exploring.
Adult and Evolved Spectrobes can gain experience from battles and level to
increase their power just like Rallen and Jeena. Child Spectrobes can gain
EXP whenever they help you explore and find items. The Child forms also help
you in other ways such as aiding you in solving certain puzzles. There are two
more ways Spectrobes can gain EXP and levels. These will be discussed later
on. The game also supports co-op, the 2nd player would control the Spectrobe.


Unlike earlier Spectrobes titles where there were only three properties, or
elements, Origins introduces five. The new Properties are Fire, Plant, Earth,
Sky and Water. Most of the Krawl and Spectrobes you'll encounter are aligned
with one of these properties. Each property is strong against one and weak to
another. This chart will show you the relationship between the properties:

Fire beats Plant, and is weak against Water
Plant beats Earth, and is weak against Fire
Earth beats Sky, and is weak against Plant
Sky beats Water, and is weak against Earth
Water beats Fire, and is weak against Sky

As an example if my Fire property Spectrobe attacks a plant property Krawl, my
attack will inflict extra damage. If that same Krawl attacked my Spectrobe,
the attack would inflict a reduced amount of damage. If my Fire Spectrobe
attacked a Water Krawl it would inflict reduced damage and that Krawls attack
would inflict a greater amount of damage. If a neutral match-up occurred such
as Plant versus Water, then they would be evenly matched and exchange equal
blows. Same properties are strong against each other, two water properties
would inflict weak damage against each other. As you can see the key to
winning battles is matching up your properties correctly. Do that and you'll
win most of your battles with ease. Later in the game you will encounter
multiple properties in one battle which will require greater strategy to
effectively win.

Each property has a symbol that appears next to an enemies health gauge, a
Spectrobes info window and a piece of equipments window. The symbol for Fire
looks like a flame. The symbol for Plant looks like a leaf. The symbol for
Earth looks like a diamond with a dot in the middle. The symbol for Sky looks
like a cloud. The symbol for Water looks like three raindrops. There is also a
sixth property that some Krawl have called Clear. Its symbol is a circle with
5 dots and all properties are equally effective against it both offensively
and defensively. Some bosses will also use this property but can have property
based attacks.

Note that Rallen and Jeena have access to weapons that also have the various
properties. This can affect the damage they inflict upon enemies, however it
will not affect them defensively as only the weapons are affected by their
property. Cosmo and Galaxy equipment use the clear property meaning they
inflict equal damage on all enemies. However if you can help it, its usually
better to use a weapon with a property advantage to gain extra damage.


As I've already said, Rallen and Jeena have access to a variety of equipment.
Once you gain access to them via the Cosmolink, a weapon must be equipped at
all times. Rather than a weapon making up your entire attack stat, the weapon
simply adds to it. There are five weapon types which include Swords, Lances,
Axes, Gloves and Blasters.

Swords give the forth highest boost to your ATK stat, but they enable a 3-6
hit combo which usually ends with an attack that launches or knocks back the
target. They are the most versatile weapon and can fit most situations.
However they shine against small groups where you can combo the enemies and
then have a Spectrobe follow with a strong attack.

Lances give the third highest ATK boost. Their single attack lands multiple
blows on the enemy at about the same power per hit. Although risky because of
the 'wind-up' before the attack, a connect means a devastating blow for the
target. They are a good melee weapon for boss fights because of their high
damage output and a bosses numerous targets. Some can pierce an enemies guard
or thrust more than once.

Axes give the highest ATK boost and have the highest damage per hit ratio.
They are a little slow between attacks but their high power makes up for it.
They also tend to knock several enemies around, making them best for large
groups. Some can easily overwhelm groups of enemies or even mini-bosses. You
can even juggle enemies with certain ones. They all can break an enemies guard
and some can strike multiple times to allow a combo. You also cannot be
knocked back while attacking.

Gloves give the second highest ATK boost. Most only hit once but always have
have an ATK effect, allowing a Spectrobe to follow up with a STG ATK. Some can
hit a few times with a singe blow, but these extra hits, unlike the Lance, are
much weaker than the initial blow. Enemies can be juggled until they're
killed, therefore they are best on a single enemy or a small group. Some can
unleash a pillar aligned with a property. These pillars last for a few seconds
and damage any enemy that touches them.

Last are Blasters which give the weakest boost. However they allow ranged ATKs
and are therefore very valuable. There are three types of guns. Blasters shoot
burst shots or multi-way shots, Zappers fire lasers and Cannons fire powerful
single shots. Guns usually come with an effect, such as freeze, to make up for
their low power. They're great for boss battles as they allow you to pepper
the boss with shots from a distance while a melee Spectrobe keeps them busy.
However some foes can reflect ranged attacks. Otherwise they are versatile,
but best for small to medium groups.

As you can see all weapons are useful in their own way and can fit a wide
range of play styles. All weapons types can have properties and various side-
effects that can have a small or large impact on the individual weapon. You
can change equipment during battle using the - button.

There are also shields that increase your defense stat and allow you to put up
a guard to severely lower the damage you would normally take from an enemies
attack. Shields can also have properties and effects, such as being able to
reflect damage back at the enemy.

(CEA)===Child Spectrobes, Excavation, and Awakening===

This is a big part of the game and also one of the most unique, interesting,
frustrating, and fun parts of Origins. After the first part of the game you
will have a Child Spectrobe. The game's tutorial tells how to go about doing
all of this, but let's review. When you see a golden/white colored sparkle,
flick the remote vertically to have the Child Spectrobe run a few feet ahead
of you and let off a sonar like wave. Anything buried underground will pop out
and the Child Spectrobe will usually retrieve the items that appeared. Note
that you can also grab the item by simply touching it. You may also see a dark
blue colored sparkle. These are Dark Crystals and will summon a group of Krawl
to fight you. The Child Spectrobe will gain experience depending on the items
it finds. As a Child Spectrobe levels its search range increases.

One of the most common types of items you'll unearth from a gold sparkle are
minerals. Minerals can be fed to any form of Spectrobe as long as its in the
Incubator. 7 minerals of different colors exist that give various amounts of
EXP. There are other minerals that directly enhance a Spectrobes stat or even
allow a Child or Adult Spectrobe to progress to the next stage. Another item
you'll find are called Mystery Pods. They are also referred to as fossil
blocks as they normally contain a Spectrobe fossil. Although they can also
contain a mineral that just like the Spectrobe will need to be excavated. Note
that only a Spectrobes Child form can be found in the fossil. Rice Balls and
Training Gear are also found through searching. 

The game gives a tutorial on how to remove the rock from a fossil block. But
here's a run-down of the tools. Bombs allow you to blow away large chunks of
rock, but you only have 5. A Laser can be used to make a precision cut along
the edge of a fossil to quickly excavate it, however it has a limited amount
of energy. A Scanner can temporarily allow you to see through the rock and
show what kind of fossil you're excavating. There's a Hammer that lets you
chip away at smaller chunks of rock. A drill can be used for getting pieces of
rock stuck to the fossil off, and is one of the safer tools. Last a Blower can
be used to blow away loose pieces of rock stuck to the fossil after most of
the rock has been removed. Remember that any tool but the Scanner and Blower
can damage the fossil or mineral. If all of the fossil's health is depleted,
the fossil will be destroyed and you fail the excavation. Depending on the
amount of damage you did to the fossil, and the amount of time it took to get
all the rock off, you'll receive a Rank. The higher the rank the closer the
fossil's level will be to the character's, or in the case of a mineral the
better the grade it will be. The best mineral you can get is an orange one.
There is also a larger mineral fossil encountered later in the game which goes
up to purple. If your wondering how to get an A rank, see the Getting an A
Rank section. If your trying for an A Rank, I suggest you get a few of the
fossils you want and save, keep trying and if you fail to get an A Rank,
reload and try again. But don't go crazy or get mad because some of the
fossils are much harder to get an A on than others. For each rank you drop,
the fossils level will drop by 20% of the character's level. So if an A gives
you 10, a B will give a 8 and a C will give 6.

When you want to awaken a Spectrobe choose the excavated fossil you want to
awaken, and select Awaken. Copy the jingle the game plays with the remote or
nunchuck as needed and the Spectrobe should awaken. If you mess up you can try
again as much as you like without consequence. When you succeed the game will
give you a description of the type of fighter it will become and give you a
chance to name it. You can rename it as much as you like. The new Spectrobes
level will be whatever the fossil's level was. You may excavate and awaken as
many Spectrobes as you like even if its one you've already done, as long as
you can fit them in the incubator.

(IRF)===Information on Raising and Effectively Fighting with Spectrobes===

There are many Spectrobes in Origins. There are 28 families each with a Child,
Adult and Evolved form. There are also 6 special ones. 5 are gained through
Card Input codes. The other is gained during the story and it does not fight,
rather it helps you move faster and access areas you couldn't before.

The first step to creating a powerful battle partner is to first obtain the
Spectrobe in its fossilized form. Through story progression you find and are
given a few, but for the most part you must find them yourself. The Excavation
section has info on how to obtain them and awaken them. Once you have your
Child Spectrobe, you'll have to raise it's level to at least 5 which shouldn't
be a problem even early in the game. Once they are level 5 or higher feed them
an Evolve Mineral and they'll progress to they're next form. As the Adult
levels they'll gain some new moves such as the SPL ATK and BNS ABL. At level
30 the Adult can progress to they're most powerful form, the Evolved form. The
Evolved form will have to learn all their skills again. However an Evolved
form is stronger than an Adult in every way.

Spectrobes will attack enemies on their own, but only with a BSC ATK. They
will also occasionally guard against attacks. By locking onto an enemy and
giving the Attack! CMD, they will instantly ATK that enemy. They can also use
a STG ATK without any level investment, which can be used in two ways. Either
manually target an enemy with C and press A, then flick the remote. Or knock
an enemy up, back or down with a melee attack, followed by a flick of the
remote. Watch an individual Spectrobe as some are better with one technique
than the other. As a Spectrobe levels its STG ATK will become stronger. Adults
gain a STG ATK upgrade at level 15 and 20. Evolved forms gain an upgrade at 40
and 50. Certain Evolved forms can gain a 3rd increase, those that can will do
so at level 55. You can view a STG ATKs level by looking at the back of a
Spectrobes status window. Its level is represented by 1 to 3 stars which will
be lit depending on how many upgrades that attack has.

SPL ATKS replace the Combination ATKs from the DS games. After an Adult form
reaches level 10 or an Evolved form reaches level 35, enemies will drop yellow
orbs called Charge Orbs. They also rarely drop a large red orb called Super
Orbs that instantly fills the charge gauge. The gauge will also fill slightly
as the Spectrobe fights. When its full press the B button and cross your arms
over your chest, the charge icon will begin to fill and when it's full, thrust
your arms outward to unleash the attack. It may sound silly at first but the
ATK is very powerful and can easily kill normal enemies and inflict high
damage on bosses. In fact it's a strategy in itself to fill the charge gauges
of all your Spectrobes, and when the fight against the boss begins, unleash
them one by one. This will likely severely weaken the boss or outright kill
it, especially if your Spectrobes are at a good level for that point in the
game, which is at least about five levels higher than the normal enemies. Note
that you really just need to cross the remote and nunchuck and not necessarily
cross your arms.

Its best to lock-on to enemies to get the most out of the above ATKs.
Especially with the SPL ATK, after all you don't want your strongest ATK
missing the enemies right? Don't forget to keep an eye on your Spectrobes. If
it looks like they're taking a beating or a boss is preparing a powerful ATK
and you're Spectrobe is in the path, call it back at the right moment and you
can get your Spectrobe out of danger. Using the come back CMD is a good way to
regroup and get your Spectrobe out of danger. Remember that Spectrobes are
strong but not invincible. If all your Spectrobes get defeated, you will take
more damage than normal and it will be that much easier to get killed yourself
and get a game over. If you get killed you can simply reload or continue from
where you entered the area. Anything you've done since entering the area will
be undone. Also while fighting, defeated enemies will sometimes drop blue orbs
called Minergy Orbs that will partially heal a Spectrobe, make sure you get
these as its the only way a Spectrobe can heal besides the use of a save
point.(Although 2 do have a recovery ABL.) A Spectrobes health will also
recover when they level up, as will the players. You can press 2 during a
battle to view a summary of the current Spectrobe.

There are also BNS ABLs which an Adult gains at level 25 and an Evolved gains
at level 45, that give a Spectrobe a passive power that will give some kind of
benefit such as increased recovery or stat boosts. The abilities effect both
the Spectrobe and Player making them very useful. Each Spectrobe has its own
unique ability and it should be a factor in choosing your battle team. Note
that the effect is only active when the Spectrobe is actively fighting, the
ABLs of the whole team do not stack and are never active all at once, only one
at a time.

(EET)===Extra Effects===

All these effects cause the PC to get knocked down, you can still take damage
even if your on the ground. You can get up by simply moving. Enemies can be
attacked when on the ground, although some ATKs may miss. 


Sends the target flying into the air, making it vulnerable to a STG ATK.


Sends the target flying backwards, making it vulnerable to a STG ATK.


The target is slammed into the ground, making it vulnerable to a STG ATK.

These effects all wear off in time or when the battle ends, effects are never
carried over to the next fight.


Constantly inflicts damage on the target. The damage is equal to about 5% of
the targets MAX HP, meaning that poison can kill the victim. The target also
flinches whenever it takes damage. Appears as a purplish cloud.


Slows the movement of the target. Appears as a blue/black cloud.


Causes a shock each time the target attempts an attack. Appears as an electric


Reduces the DEF of the target by about 20%. The target appears blackened.


Completely immobilizes the target. The PC can use rice balls but cannot ATK,
move or CMD their Spectrobes. The target is frozen in a chunk of ice. The
effect is also broken if the target is attacked.

These are weapon/attack effects.


The ATK can damage multiple enemies if they are behind one another. There
is no limit to the number of possible targets.

-Break Guard

The ATK cancels an enemies guard. However the ATKs damage can still be reduced
if the enemy has protection against melee/ranged ATKs.


Only applies to ranged ATKs. The ATK 'homes' or turns toward the target, note
the ATK can still miss.


The Krawl are creatures of darkness and your foe throughout the game. They
come in many shapes and sizes and each one can be aligned with a property.
There are too many to list, but simply fighting them yourself with the
correctly aligned Spectrobe should enable you to beat most without too much
difficulty. Study how each one fights and create a strategy of your own to
combat them. With so many Spectrobes and weapons at your command it should be
easy to fight them off provided you use the right property. You could also
just hack, slash, and smash them with brute force. At least that is how the
Clear property enemies should be fought since they have no weaknesses or
resistances. The level of the enemies are set according to what point in the
game you are at. So if you want to power-level the enemies will not level with
you. I will give strategies for the bosses in the walkthrough.

I said there's too many to list but I'll at least identify the different types
of Krawl as well as their ATK pattern. When multiple names are listed, it is
by increasing strength.


They are a weak Krawl similar in appearance to Kurag, that only seem to appear
in the Chamber of Ordeals.

-Kurag, Grekurag, Neokurag, Beskurag

They move in a wave-like manner and look somewhat bulbous. One of the more
common Krawl they use direct ATKs. There is a Sky Property variant that can
use a ranged Stun-effect ATK. 

-Kasa, Grekasa, Neokasa

Somewhat spider like they're quick and use direct ATKs.

-Gigasa, Gregasa, Jagasa

A variation of the Kasa, they use a ranged ATK. They also let out a sonic cry
that is harmless when used by the weaker type, but can stun and damage when
used by the stronger types. 

-Muzol, Gremuzol, Neomuzol

They are quick, can bite and tend to swarm you. However they have low defense
and go down quickly.

-Druzol, Gandruzol

Earth Property variant of Muzol. They behave exactly the same.

-Zorb, Grezorb, Neozorb

These floating ball-like Krawl can use a direct ATK.

-Pyrowag, Dokuwag, Hywag, Zapwag, Sanwag

Elemental variants of Zorb. They use a ranged ATK of their own property which
can inflict you with a matching effect.

-Mulroot, Thoroot, Gelroot

These plant-like Krawl will use direct ATKs as well as a poison-gas cloud. The
stronger types can use a seed projectile.

-Znail, Gigaznail, Doznail

They are a defensive Krawl. They guard often and can reflect ranged ATKs. They
can use use a direct ATK along with a cloud of poison. 


A flying Krawl. They can be difficult to hit and use a ranged ATK.

-Pygrivo, Hygrivo

Elemental variants of Grivo. Use property-based ranged ATKs.

-Qorcid, Zaqorcid, Gilqorcid

These enimies constantly guard making it difficult to ATK. They ATK directly
with their claws.

-Zorog, Grezorog, Neozorog

They are simple but fairly strong direct attackers.

-Pyzorog, Gyzorog

Elemental variants of Zorog.

-Pyplask, Hyplask, Metaplask

Defensive Krawl who guard while in ball form. The Fire and Water versions ATK
with a high-speed roll while the Sky version bounces around. They can be
stopped mid-attack by guarding. The ATKs only go in one direction so just get
out of the way to avoid damage.

-Zerok, Grezerok

These agile enemies knock you down with their direct ATKs. They tend to ATK in
groups and seem similar to raptors. They will usually jump back before lunging

-Pyzerok, Hyzerok, Sunazerok

Elemental variants of Zerok. They are almost the same except they can also use
a ranged breath ATK.

-Bleva, Ibleva, Izbleva

Floating Krawl that can be difficult to hit and use ranged poison ATKs.

-Pygrawl, Hygrawl, Sangrawl

Floating Krawl that use a 4-way directional beam ATK.

-Derog, Grederog, Neoderog

These are direct-attacking flying Krawl.

-Pyderog, Hyderog, Zapderog

These are elemental variants of Derog.


Speedy flying Krawl. They use dash ATKs that can knockback.


Fire-variant of Qasul.

-Barun, Grebarun, Neobarun

Flying dragon-like Krawl that use direct ATKs.

-Pybarun, Hybarun, Sunbarun

Elemental variants of Barun. They can use property-based breath and ranged

-Zacht, Grezacht, Dokuzacht

Powerful direct attackers that guard often.


They are large, slow moving and powerful enemies. They can't be knocked around
but have no ranged ATK so they themselves are vulnerable to ranged ATKs.

-Iwadogan, Sardogan, Pydogan

Elemental variants of Dogan. Larger than regular Dogan, but otherwise they
are similar.


Only encountered 3 times as a mini-boss, these Krawl mainly shoot multiple
poison projectiles. They will also use a direct knockback ATK if you get too
close. One weakness is they barely move so use a hit and run tactic.


A large seal-like Krawl. Its ice-like body is resistant to most damage. Only
axes can inflict damage without bouncing off. It uses direct ATKs and an ice


A centipede-like Krawl. It uses a rolling ATK that can't be blocked and is
resistant to damage.


A fish-like Krawl that swims under the sand. It uses direct ATKs along with a
sand breath.


Fast for its size it uses slashing ATKs. Its best to stay close to it when


Flying Krawl that uses direct and whirlwind ATKs. Has protection against
ranged ATKs.


Flying Krawl that uses direct and lightning ATKs. Has protection against
ranged ATKs.


The first Boss you encounter on Wyterra. It's a giant Krawl that resembles a
Kurag. It uses its massive body as a weapon and is resistant to ATKs. 


The Boss Krawl you encounter on Doldogo. It uses powerful charging ATKs. It
can also cling to the ceiling and drop down on you.


The Boss Krawl you encounter on Kogoeria. This dragon/hydra-like boss can use
Fire, Water, and Sky based ATKs. It will also stomp its feet down and cause a
small quake when you get close to it. For most of the battle it stays in one
place but may eventually move away from the wall.


A Giant Krawl encountered on Menahat. It can move at an extraordinary speed
despite its enormous size. It is said to have been the main cause of Menahat
turning from a lush beautiful planet, into a desert wasteland.


A Boss Krawl you encounter on Menahat. It moves at high-speed under the sand.
It uses both direct and ranged ATKs.


Boss Krawl of Slayso. It's actually Grapatar with a satellite grafted onto its
body. Has gained electric ATKs and greatly enhanced power.


Boss Krawl of Bahmud. Has powerful direct and ranged ATKs. Becomes more
powerful after losing half of its health.


A High Krawl and the second boss of Wyterra. Uses various powerful ATKs.


The Boss Krawl of the Krawlosphere. Very powerful and faster than it looks.


The leader of the Krawl. Once human, he became obsessed with the source of the
Krawls power and was overtaken by it. Uses powerful high speed direct and
ranged ATKs in battle.


You gain the Incubator during the first planet. It is a device found on your
ship that stores all the Spectrobes you awaken throughout the game. It is also
where you train and evolve all of your Spectrobes. It starts with 5 boxes,
each capable of holding 6 Spectrobes for a total of 30. You can pick your
Spectrobe battle and search teams, rename them, and release them if you wish.
You can go into the incubator with Z to interact with them. Inside the
incubator you can feed your Spectrobes a wide variety of minerals, take
pictures of them which can be sent to the Wii board and then to your friends,
or train them with gear.

You can start finding gear on the 2nd planet. There is a gear type for each
property. In the incubator select Gear and then a Spectrobe to train. There is
a strait percent chance the Spectrobe will gain a level. The chance increases
if you use the same property gear as the Spectrobe your training. Clear Gear
gives all Spectrobes an equal chance to level. Gear can be used on any type of
Spectrobe but it is most useful on high level ones.

As you progress in the game you will gain access to more boxes as well as more
terrains for them. In the end you'll have 20 boxes and 4 terrains.


This device is found on your ship. The database is a machine that contains a
large amount of data. You can read detailed information about anything from
your Spectrobes, Weapons you have collected, Characters and many other things.
You gain it during the first planet.

(CIM)===Card Input Machine===

You gain this when you complete the forth planet. This is a device on your
ship that allows you to enter the codes of real world cards to obtain items or
Spectrobes. Many of the codes tend to give you something that you would not be
able to obtain in the game otherwise. Enter the code on the card and then the
sequence on the back of the card.


-In the early part of the game when you don't have a full team, you should
switch Spectrobes when they're HP gets low. You should also switch when one
levels to keep a balance of power.

-You can use the - button to skip cut-scenes.

-It is a good idea to keep at least one of a type of Spectrobe in its block
form. As you progress Krawl will level quickly. It would be very time
consuming to lvl every Spectrobe you have 5 or so lvls for each new planet. By
keeping about 2 of each type of Spectrobe in block form you can simply
excavate a new one when that type gets to be many lvls weaker than the Krawl.
This is better than going to each planet repeatedly and collecting them all.
You can carry 40 blocks so you can have 2 of 20 different types in 'reserve'.
You'll be full when you reach the second to last planet, you can then excavate
1 of your 2 reserve blocks and have all the ones you can obtain up to that
point at a good lvl. You can then excavate the other sets when you get to lvl
100, you'll then have a full team of lvl 100 Spectrobes w/o having to lvl each
one manually.

-It's much easier to just lvl the character and then excavate Spectrobes since
they'll be close or match your lvl if you get an A Rank. Use Keto/Butobasu's
ABL, which increases EXP, to lvl quickly. Then excavate to have all your
Spectrobes at high lvls.   

-Some Spectrobes will automatically use their STG ATKs on Krawl who guard or 

-Although there are no shops, rice balls and minerals are common so don't be
shy about using them. If you get low you can always re-enter an area until you
have a decent amount again.

-Don't just speed through the game, take the time to explore areas and collect
items. It's better to have extra items then be short when you need them.

-Don't spam rice balls when you take some damage. Unless your in a Boss fight
there's usually no danger in letting your HP be a little low. If your
constantly trying to keep your self at full health during every fight then
you'll go through your supply faster than you can collect them. You don't
wanna have to stop playing and spend 20 minutes collecting more items when you
get low. Just try to stay around the half-way point when fighting in normal

-The best way to take down bosses is to use area based ATKs. With area ATKs
you can damage multiple parts of a boss, effectively multiplying your damage
by however many parts the ATK hits. SPLs that hit multiple times are also
useful. Make sure you position a Spectrobe so its SPL hits multiple parts. The
chest or head is the best as it will usually allow the arms/legs to get hit as

-A good boss killing strategy is to fill the gauges of 6 Spectrobes and
unleash one after the other as quick and efficient as you can. Bosses tend to
become more vicious/powerful as their HP drops. Be careful not to ATK when a
boss goes to an out of reach area, such as when they cling to a wall or fly.
As the ATK will probably miss or be less effective. 

-Powerful SPL ATK users include Dongiga, Zappizor, Zazanero, Ukazeer, Aobasar,
Shakablad(w/ low HP), Tortegarda, Zenipyra, Gokazoa, Saboquill, Gorberus,
Leozar, All Secret Spectrobes and Komadoros. Good Adults to use are Zuwaja,
Dongora, Sabogar, Gorgan, Shakor(w/ low HP), Ukalos, Zenigor, Zappira and

-Remember to have a Spectrobe of each property to balance the team. Once you
know what properties you'll encounter on a planet you can resemble your team
so you only have Spectrobes that are strong against the enemies.

-Some Krawl are resistant to certain types of ATKs. Ranged ATKs may reflect
off an enemy and direct ATKs may be guarded against. Some enemies may resist
both types. It's best to use an axe on these enemies as axes break an enemies
guard. As for the Spectrobe just choose the one that has a property advantage
and/or has the highest ATK.

-Manually leveled Spectrobes are more powerful then ones straight out of a
fossil. For every 10 lvls gained through fighting, a Spectrobe will gain about
another 2-3 points in their stats. So if you lvl a Spectrobe long term then it
will be another 20-30 points stronger in all areas then one evolved from a
fossil at lvl 100.

-Save the stat-boosting minerals until the end of the game where you've
settled on a team and all your Spectrobes in general are at high lvls. For
most of the game, enemies can easily be defeated as long as you match up
properties well and your Spectrobes are at least at the lvls of the Krawl.
It's not until later in the game where large swarms of high lvl Krawl are
thrown at you where you should use them to make battles easier.

-Spectrobes that have stat boosting ABLs can get more use out of stat-boosting
minerals than other Spectrobes. Leozar can gain a 15 ATK bonus from an ATK
mineral while most others get only 10.

-I suggest you wait until your near the end of the game and you have your main
team selected. Then split the minerals you've collected throughout the game
between them. Give extras to anyone with a stat-boosting ABL. ABLs that give
a boost to direct/ranged ATKs should be included.  

- In the Incubator you can pet your Spectrobes by flicking the nunchuck when
near them. This will make them follow you. By giving the Come Here! command
you can get them all to come to you. You can then give the Go! command to have
them all run forward at once.


This walkthrough will be done in a step by step/area by area fashion. I highly
suggest you read the previous sections as they explain about all gameplay,
most of which will not be repeated in the walkthrough. Here is the format to
be used for a Planet:

Planet Name

Krawl Level Range(KLR)
Major Krawl Property(MKP)
Minor Krawl Property(mKP)
Available Spectrobe Fossils(SF)
Minerals that can be found
Items that can be found

Here is the format to be used for Areas:

Area Name
Property Barrier(PB) Yes/No
Save Point(SP) Yes/No
# of Dark Crystals/Battles(DCB)

It's best if this walkthrough is read from the beginning but you really start
from wherever you need.


When the game is at the start screen you can enter the cheat in the Card Input
Section(UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,A, then you should hear a sound). This will put a
Metallic Ryza and Leo in the first box of your Incubator. These two Spectrobes
cannot normally be gotten until some in-game progress, so it's very useful to
have them from the start. They will also keep their metallic color as they
evolve. Although, you can't use them until you gain access to the Incubator
in-game. It's up to you whether you want them or not, but you must decide
before you start a file. Once a file is started the code will not work on it,
but can affect another file that hasn't been started yet.

Whatever you decide name the new file and watch the opening cut-scenes. When
they're over you'll be on the first planet. During the first planet the game
will be giving tutorials, but this is not a practice level, you can die.

Wyterra(Part 1)

KLR: 3-12
MKP: Clear
SF: Torgapod, Zazapod, Zenipod, Spipod,
Tobapod, Zorapod
Minerals: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange
Items: Rice Ball, Mega Rice Ball

(While this planet has Property Barriers you do not posses the item needed to
obtain the equipment inside. Although you can still destroy the barriers so
you can quickly grab them when you do obtain the item.)

Inception Hill
PB: Yes
SP: Yes(In the Sanctum Ruins)
DCB: 1

-Go down the hill and just run past the Kurag to the entrance of the ruins.

Sanctum Ruins

-Talk to a few people until Radese's text turns blue and he has a ! symbol.

-You'll receive the Cosmolink which will give you access to two Adults as well
as your first and for now only weapon, the Cosmo Sword. Swords give a low ATK
boost but allow combo ATKs to make up for it. This one will allow a 3-hit
combo and will end with a Launch ATK which will knock an enemy into the air.

-Enter the Chamber of Ordeals and follow the instructions.

-As you leave a women will give you 3 Rice Balls and a man will tell you about
Save Points.

-Fight the Krawl. Simplest way to win is to combo with the sword and then have
the Spectrobe follow-up. Rinse and repeat and you shouldn't have much trouble.

Haven Village
PB: No
SP: Yes
DCB: 0

-Explore the village as much as you like. You can find out a bit of background
info about Wyterra, the Kaio System and the Krawl invasion. Know that you
cannot leave this area yet. When your done, go to Radese's home.

-Head to the Excavation Site. Know that you can't go to Inception Hill. Also
some villager's dialog have changed so you can talk to them to get some new
info. Don't think it's all mindless banter, some people do have some very
interesting things to say and dialog can change at many points during the

Excavation Site
PB: Yes
SP: No 
DCB: 1

-Explore the area and search all the sparkles. A battle with Kurag will start
in the east part of the area. The fossil is in the north part of the area.
Return to Haven Village when your done.

-You may leave and then re-enter as many times as you like to stock up on
items and minerals as well as to level up the Child Spectrobe a bit.

-If you re-enter at this point there will be more search spots but you will
not find fossils or encounter any Krawl.

Haven Village

-Go to Radese's and you'll obtain a fossil block.

-Gilwan at the Stuffed Belly has info on the Property Barriers.

-You can now return to Inception Hill as well as your ship.

Inception Hill
PB: Yes
SP: Yes(In the Sanctum Ruins)
DCB: 1

-A battle with Kasa will start soon after entering. Afterwards you can search
around and then head for your ship.

-In your ship the process of excavation and awakening will be shown to you.
Don't worry about how you do, you can easily obtain another fossil of the same
Spectrobe later on.

-You will then be shown how to change your search team. You can now add Ryza
and Leo to your team if you did the cheat. Know that you can't evolve
Spectrobes yet but you can raise their levels through searching until then.

Haven Village

-Radese will explain a bit more about Spectrobes and tell you to go to
Master's Cave.

-Now that you have some freedom you can go to the Excavation Site and
Inception Hill to search for items, minerals and fossils.

-Find as many fossils as you like but don't excavate them yet. Since you can't
evolve them or feed them minerals yet you might as well keep them in their
block form. Don't even excavate them as when you do the fossils level will be
set. A fossils level is determined by its rank, and for every rank below A
fossils will be 20 % lower than your lvl. So if your at level 10 and get a C
rank the fossil will be level 6, because that's 2 less ranks than A and
therefore a 40% difference between yours and the fossils level.

-Even if your level 20 when you awaken the fossil, it will still be level 6
because its level was set when you excavated it. So wait until you can freely
evolve, then the Child forms will be as close to your level as possible.

-There's no point in having a bunch of Child forms sitting in boxes when you
only need one to search. Plus the longer you wait the higher their lvl will be
when you do evolve them.

-In summary it's okay to collect them but don't excavate them until you can
evolve. Heres an update on the new conditions of the past areas:

Inception Hill
PB: Yes
SP: Yes(In the Sanctum Ruins)
DCB: 3

-West of your ship in the corner is a sparkle that always produces a fossil
block containing a mineral. If you get an A rank you can obtain an orange
mineral which otherwise is a rare find on this planet . When you can feed
Spectrobes it is a great tool as it gives the most EXP(128) for this point in
the game.

Excavation Site
PB: Yes
SP: No 
DCB: 5

-With 5 battles this is the best training ground right now. Take some time to
level your Adult Spectrobes by 2-3 levels. Krawl levels increase often so its
good to take some time now and then to level your Spectrobes a bit so they can
fight effectively. You should try to at least be the same level as the Krawl.

-A mini-boss is coming up in the next area so make sure your ready and
confident in your Spectrobes power. There's no shame in taking 5 minutes to
raise your Spectrobes by another level or two.

-When you've finished training head to the south gate and enter Dawn Bridge.

Dawn Bridge
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 6(plus a boss fight)

-You'll be confronted with a small army of Krawl complete with a General. Take
out the grunts first so they don't get in the way. The Dogan has two ATKs. A
simple punch and a stronger ground pound. Its ATKs are slow and you should be
able to dodge or call back your Spectrobe when necessary. Use one Adult and
constantly tell it use a STG ATK with C. The Dogan can't be launched but it
can flinch from ATKs when it's not attacking. If the Adult starts to get weak
just switch to the other and continue. Don't be afraid to ATK with Rallen. It
shouldn't take long before the brute falls.

-After the fight feel free to explore although you can only explore one side
of the area. Head back to Haven Village when your done.

Haven Village

-Talk to Kotetsu and he'll tell you to find his apprentice at the Excavation

Excavation Site

-Defeat the Kasa whose level has risen. You'll then speak with the rescued
apprentice, Gumark.

Haven Village

-Kotetsu will give you an Expansion Cube for the Incubator. Head to your ship
to install it. You may now feed Spectrobes minerals.

-However you should still wait until you finish the planet before doing that,
you still can't evolve your Child forms so there's no rush. If you've managed
to max out a type of mineral, probably blue ones, feel free to split a bunch
between you're Adults. No point in collecting minerals and not using them, or
having a type maxed out while you're collecting them.

-It's easier than you think to be collecting minerals throughout the game and
forget to use them. Whenever you start a planet or finish one check your
mineral supply to see if you have a large amount of any. If you do, split them
between whichever Spectrobes you like. There's no benefit in hording 80 of a
type of mineral.

-Although much later in the game you'll find weaker minerals hardly make a
dent in your Spectrobes EXP bar, so use them while they can make a difference.
Later when this happens give them all to a Child as the only other way for
them to get EXP is searching and that becomes a slow process.  
-When you head back to Kotetsu he'll give you a new weapon, the Cosmo Lance.
Lances are much stronger than Swords and a single thrust usually hits about 4
times. Thing is, they're slow, I'd stick with the sword for now as the lance
doesn't allow for a combo with the Spectrobes. Although it'll come in handy
soon. Head for Dawn Bridge.

Dawn Bridge
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 8

-You now have access to the other side of the area, as well as access to the
next area, Sunny Grassland.

Sunny Grassland
PB: Yes
SP: Yes
DCB: 1

-This large area has only one battle for now. These Muzol are kinda weak but
alot of them appear. If your Adults have reached level 10, a SPL ATK is 
helpful for the last wave of them.

-If your Adults haven't reached level 10 by now, get them to it and make sure
their charge gauges are full. In fact you may even want to get them to level
15 so their STG ATK upgrades and they gain a 3rd hit. This will be helpful in
increasing their rate of damage. The next area will be home to your first Boss
Krawl. Make sure your ready as this fight will by far be your toughest yet.

Valley of Mist
PB: Yes
SP: Yes (in Masters Cave)
DCB: 2 (Normal and Boss fight)

-When you get near the middle of the area you'll get attacked by some Zorb.
These ones don't use ranged ATKs. DO NOT use your SPL ATK, defeat them as fast
as you can while taking as little damage as possible.


Here's your first Boss Fight. It'll basically try to crush you with its limbs
so stay back with the character and just have the Spectrobe ATK. The Boss may
also charge you or do a massive body slam ATK. Try to stay out of its way and
don't hesitate to use a rice ball, they are very easy to find. You will notice
every time you damage the boss there will be a shield symbol next to the
damage #. This indicates either a guard or that the enemy is resistant to that
type of damage. Since direct ATKs are your only choice you'll have to deal
with it. There's a few strategies to use depending on your level. It's easiest
if your at least at level 15. If this is the case aim at the smaller set of
legs and use a SPL. After that use C and constantly use the STG ATK on it. If
the Spectrobe is getting weak switch to the other one and do the same, use the
SPL then a constant STG ATK. The boss should not last long with this strategy.
If your between 10 and 15 use the SPL then the STG ATK, without the 3rd hit it
will take longer but will still work. If your below 10 don't even try, its not
like your forced into the fight. You can take as much time as you like to
level. If you insist on going in at a low level the only thing you can do is
to keep using the STG ATK and switch if one Adult gets weak. If both adults
get taken down then pull out the lance and ATK and heal when you need to. As
the lance is your best weapon it's your best shot at finishing the fight. If
you die you will just restart at the entrance of the area, if this happens
turn around and go up another 2 or so levels. Remember to be aggressive, you
can't be too defensive in this game, Bosses will easily knock you down and
kill you if you are. Good Luck.

-When the Boss falls explore if you wish but know there are no more fights in
this area. Continue north to the cave when you're ready.

Master's Cave  

-Inside you'll find a few items along with a Zen Fossil, and Lost Disk #1.
Leave after the scene and head all the way back to Haven Village. Some areas
have changed:

Valley of Mist
PB: Yes
SP: Yes (in Masters Cave)
DCB: 6

-This area now has some battles against Zorb except at higher levels.

Sunny Grassland
PB: Yes
SP: Yes
DCB: 1 (*10)

-The Muzol from before appear at higher levels.

*-Note that this change will not happen until you return and talk with Radese. 

Dawn Bridge
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 9

-Kurag appear instead of the Kasa for most encounters at the same level.
One of the west side battles contain waves of Kurag and Kasa.

Excavation Site
PB: Yes
SP: No 
DCB: 5

-Crawlers will appear at higher levels.

Haven Village

-Talk to Radese to learn about Properties. You'll be taken to you're ship and
learn how to evolve Spectrobes.

-You can only evolve one Spectrobe right now and I suggest Komainu. Not only
is he Fire Property but its next form, Komanoto, is a powerful Adult. It can
use both direct and ranged ATKs and its SPL is very powerful. When it gets its
ABL, it will boost all of his and Rallen's stats by 10%. The Evolved forms ABL
will boost them by 30% which is extremely useful. You will not gain another
Komainu for a long time so it's best to use the one you have now, plus if
you've done alot of searching it should at least be at level 10 meaning it can
use its SPL. Your other choices would be Zen, Zaza, Torga and Leo if you used
the Cheat. You can read more about all of them in the Spectrobes List section.

-Whatever you decide, evolve it. You'll be taken to Radese's and be told what
to do next.

-Talk to Kotetsu and he'll tell you he has a new weapon. Give him 50 blue
minerals and you'll get the Cosmo Glove. It will deliver one strong punch that
will knock the enemy back and allow for a combo. It's not a bad replacement
for the sword.

-You still cannot freely evolve so I suggest you continue to leave your fossil
blocks alone.

-If you want, take a Sky Child form (Zora) to Sunny Grassland. Look around
the big tree with Zora out and you should see a ring of sparkles. This is a
orange mineral deposit.

-Still with Zora, Go to the crater in Valley of Mist. You should find a few
more orange mineral deposits.

*To make a future task easier, make sure you have a Zeni and a Tobasu. Either
keep them in their block form or just leave them in a box.*

-When your ready, go to your ship and enter the cockpit. Watch the scene then
go to Doldogo.

Doldogo(Part 1)

KLR: 8-17
MKP: Plant
mKP: Clear, Sky
SF: Spipod, Hanapod, Sabopod, Zenpod
Dongupod, Zuwapod, 
Minerals: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,
Evolve, Attack, Guard, Life
Items: Rice Ball, Mega Rice Ball,
Giga Rice Ball, Kryptos

Note that you may return to Wyterra at any time. The planet will have changed
slightly however. NPC dialog will have changed but no one will have a Lost
Disk. Also Haven Village has been repaired and a new path will have opened
giving a shortcut to the gate.  If Doldogo proves too difficult, return to
Wyterra for some training as the levels will not have increased. Sunny
Grassland will remain one of the best training grounds throughout the game as
it contains many battles along with a SP. Meaning you can fight, heal and then
just leave and re-enter to refresh the area. 

Verdant Village
PB: No
SP: Yes(In your ship)
DCB: 0

-Explore the village and talk to some people. When ready enter the Chief's
house in the center of the village.

-After the chat head to the Forest Shortcut.

Forest Shortcut
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 2

-You'll run into some Krawl but they shouldn't be a problem. Continue to the
Tree of Life.

-From here on you will be able to find Evolve Minerals. Feel free to excavate,
awaken and evolve some new Spectrobes. The best way to build a team is to have
one Spectrobe of each property. Since there's 5 elemental properties you will
have 1 free spot. I suggest using that spot for a second Spectrobe strong
against the main property of a planet. Since this is a Plant world you should
bring a second Fire Spectrobe.

Tree of Life

-You'll have your first fight against a bunch of Mulroot, Plant Krawl. Just
use Fire Spectrobes and you should be fine.

Verdant Village

-Watch the scene then head back to the Tree of Life. At the entrance to Forest
Shortcut a guy will give you Lost Disk #2.

Forest Shortcut

-Make you're way through. It hasn't changed much.

Tree of Life
PB: No (Out of reach Stone Marker)
SP: Yes
DCB: 2

-You can explore part of the area. The next area will have a mini-boss so get
your Fire Spectrobes SPLs ready. Head to Serenity Woods when your ready.

*To make a future task easier, make sure you have a Sabo. Either keep one in
its block form or just leave one in a box.*

Serenity Woods
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 2 (plus a boss battle)

-You will face a bunch of Mulroot as well as a Decaton. Defeat the Mulroot
first so they're not in the way. The Decaton will fire a set of projectiles
that can poison on impact. It will also knock you away if you get too close.
First use your fire-based SPLs. Afterwards just keep attacking. Komanoto can
shoot fireballs from a distance which lets you ATK and stay relatively safe.
If you have Gazen his STG ATK may burn the Krawl and allow you inflict greater
damage. Heal if necessary.(Duh)

-Afterwards you can explore the area freely, Head back to the Tree when ready.

Tree of Life
PB: No (Out of reach Stone Marker)
SP: Yes
DCB: 0

-When you return a new path will open. This will also become a no battle zone
as the dark crystals have disappeared.

-Head to the next area, Triple Falls, when ready. There will be another fight.

Triple Falls
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 2 (plus a boss battle)

-Fight the same way you did in Serenity Woods. This time Zorb also appear, and
they can use ranged ATKs this time.

-Afterwards explore, head to the Tree, new path opens, head to new area.

-Note that there are two areas you must go through before reaching High 

-You will need a flying Child Spectrobe to get through an obstacle on the way
there. Hananomi is your only choice so make sure you bring one.

Thunder Crag
PB: No (Stone Marker can be found in the open)
SP: No
DCB: 1 

-You will have your first battle with Znail and Grivo. Znail are defensive and
ATK with a poison cloud. Grivo are a flying Krawl and use a ranged ATK. Gazen
is great against the Znail as it automatically uses its STG ATK on enemies who
guard. Komanoto is great against the Grivo as its STG ATK is ranged and homes
in on the target.

-You can't activate the Stone Marker in this area yet, though you can examine
it for a short scene.

-You must use Hananomi to gain access to the next area.

Glow Moss Cave
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 2

-You will have your first encounter with Gigasa. They are similar to Kasa
except they use ranged ATKs. Continue through to the next area.

High Meadow
PB: No (Out of reach Stone Marker)
SP: No
DCB: 2 (plus a mini-boss fight)

-Fight how you fought the previous battle against this Decaton. When your done
you'll be returned to the tree.

Tree of Life

-You'll gain access to Green Ruins.

-You may want to grab all the Fire Spectrobes you can. There are 4 of them at
this point.(5 if you used the cheat and got Leo.) Get them all to at least 20,
so their STG ATK is at full power. Also make sure their SPLs are ready. Of
course you do have a huge area to get through before this all need be done,
but it might be easier to do before entering. Another good Spectrobe to use
is Zuwaja as its SPL is great against Bosses.(Rygazelle's SPL is also great if
you have access to it.)

Green Ruins B1
PB: Yes
SP: Yes
DVB: 5

-Watch the scene and you'll obtain a Zappi Fossil. Awaken and Evolve it if you
want as it's a powerful Spectrobe and will come in handy on the next planet.

-Progress through this one floor ruin by solving some simple puzzles, which
the game tells you how to solve, and winning a few battles. You'll encounter a
new Krawl during one of these battles, a Qorcid. They are guard fiercely and
ATK with their claws.

-Some of the battles can be avoided but really shouldn't be as the EXP is
decent. If you really want to avoid them just turn right at both forks.

-Save before going through the final door as a tough boss waits on the other
side. Make sure you have a strong team and that everyones SPLs are primed.
A good team to use is Komanoto, Gazen, Zazane, Leopuba, Zuwaja, and Zappira
all at least lvl 20.(Zappira would be at least 21 as its fossil lvl was that.)
If you don't have Leo you can use Torgazar instead.

Sealed Chamber


Your only foe will be Drilzon, the Boss Plant Krawl. He is in my opinion much
tougher than the first boss even though you can have a full team. His main ATK
will be charging at you, towards one of the walls. Run to the side and when it
passes you, turn and try to target the bulb on its back. Unleash a SPL, it
doesn't really matter from who. Drilzon will do a # of things besides the
charge ATK, it may spray a poison-cloud from its bulb, it could also fire
projectiles from the stump on its back which you can outrun if you keep
moving. Drilzon can also jump up and crawl along the ceiling. It will usually
climb towards you, you can track it form its shadow, and then drop down on
you. While on the ceiling it may also fire projectiles or drop a bomb of
sludge. Just make sure you stay away from the shadow as that is the general
range of the bomb. Drilzon will become more aggressive as its HP drops so try
to take it down fast with a barrage of SPLs. Don't ATK with Rallen as it's too
dangerous, you shouldn't even need all the SPLs, and Gazen can use his other
moves as it will have the highest ATK. Don't use Wild Fireball as ranged ATKs
can be reflected. Don't be shy about healing as the Boss can inflict alot of
damage fast. Good Luck

-When the Boss falls walk into the next room and watch the scenes. Don't
explore as there's nothing here. You'll be back in the village.

Verdant Village

-When you have control leave, you'll see a girl with a ! mark, you'll get Lost
Disk #3 from her, don't look around as there are no more. An area has changed:

Green Ruins B1
PB: Yes
SP: Yes
DVB: 3

-Only the trap rooms will have battles. There's nothing in the Sealed Chamber.

-Take a Plant Child form and go to the Forest Shortcut. Near the end where
there's a fork, go left. At the end you should find a orange mineral deposit.

-Go back to Wyterra and talk to Radese.

Wyterra(Part 2)

KLR: 18-21
MKP: Clear
mKP: Plant

The lvls of all enemies has increased. This will happen every time you return
to Wyterra after beating a planet. Wyterra will have lower lvl Krawl than the
next planet, so if the next planet gives you trouble return here for training.

Inception Hill

-You'll be attacked by a new enemy, Zorog. Their simple direct attackers. They
will replace most of the enemies on this planet except for the Muzol in Sunny
Grassland and the Dokuwag in Valley of Mist.

Haven Village

-Talk with Radese, afterwards go talk to Gumark.

-Before going to Kotetsu add a Sabo, Zeni and Tobasu to your search team.
Hopefully you did what those * notes said.

-Show all three to Kotetsu, you must talk to him twice before he sees the
Child form. He will give you a Cosmo Shield. Shields are helpful as they not
only increase your overall DEF, but they allow you to guard, which roughly
cuts damage in half. Not all ATKs can be guarded against and you are only
protected in the direction your facing. If something ATKs you from behind, you
will get hit with the full effect of the ATK. Make sure you equip it.

-Talk to the guy on top of the bridge. There's a path on the south side of the
city to get up there. He'll give you Lost Memo #4.

-Take the time to make a team. The next planet is mainly Water, so train up
your Sky Spectrobes. At this point your only choice is Bazora and Zappira. Get
your team to lvl 25 if you want, as that is when they'll get their ABL.

-The ABL will give a power to a Spectrobe. For example, Bazora will gain
Property Defence which will lower all property based damage by 10%. This means
that except for maybe Clear since its not a true property, all damage is
reduced by 10%. This is good as Bazora has rather low DEF and the ABL will
help protect it. Its evolved form would have a stronger version that lowers
damage by 20%. Most ABLs affect both the Spectrobe and Rallen so they are
worth learning.

-Remember to have a Spectrobe of each property to balance the team. Once you
know what properties you'll encounter on a planet you can resemble your team
so you only have Spectrobes that are strong against the enemies. Of course
since I list all the properties you'll encounter on a planet you'll know from
the start. You should have at least 2 strong against the Major and at least 1
to battle the minor types. Clear will always be encountered but anything can
fight them. Head to your ship when ready.

Kogoeria(Part 1)

KLR: 20-28
MKP: Water
mKP: Clear, Earth
SF: Shapod, Pagapod, Zappod, Ryzapod
Minerals: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,
Pink, Evolve, Attack, Guard, Life
Items: Rice Ball, Mega Rice Ball,
Giga Rice Ball, *Neo Rice Ball, Kryptos

*The Neo Rice Ball is very rare and I found one by luck in Icicle Cavern. I'm
not sure if there are other places to find it but I wouldn't suggest looking
for one. Just be happy if you happen to find one.

Kamtoga's Camp
PB: No
SP: Yes(In your Ship)
DCB: 0

-Head to Long Snowfield

Long Snowfield
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll be attacked by Hyplask. These Krawl use a high-speed rolling ATK. The
roll is one-way meaning you can just move out of the way, they can't turn
while rolling. The ATK can be stopped by guarding. These Krawl are guarding
when their rolled up but will unroll after their ATK or if stopped.

-Take your time exploring this large area. Continue to Ice Cavern when ready.

Ice Cavern  
PB: No
SP: Yes
DCB: 4

-You'll be attacked by Gyzorog which are just a variant of Zorog.

-Continue past the SP to Frozen Cave. This area will contain a mini-boss.

Frozen Cave
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 4 (Plus Boss fight) 

-You'll be attacked by Samzaras. It uses direct ATKs along with an icicle
projectile. Its real strength comes from its resistance to damage. You ATKs
will bounce off of it. Just stay alive and after enough fighting a scene will
take place and you'll be given a Cosmo Axe. Axes break an enemies guard and
have the highest ATK power of all weapons. You also can't be stopped
mid-attack. Use the Axe to finish the fight.(Just keep attacking with it.)

-After the fight watch a scene. You'll be back at camp.

-If you come back here later, take a Water Child form. Down near the small
shore will be a pink mineral deposit. 

Kamtoga's Camp

-Watch the scene and then head to Glacier Valley.

Glacier Valley
PB: No (Out of reach Stone Marker)
SP: No

-While traversing this area you'll get attacked by Hywag. Their variants of
Zorb. Watch out as their ranged ATK can freeze you. Once frozen you can't
really do anything except use rice balls and wait for the effect to wear off.
The effect is also canceled if your attacked.

-Near the end of the area you'll fall.(down a gorge.)

-There's nothing here except for an Ukabi Fossil which will trigger some

Kamtoga's Camp

-Show him a full team which you should've had long before now.

-You'll finally get the Cosmo Key which will allow you to open all the Stone
Markers you couldn't open till now. I suggest you go back to the other planets
and open all the Stone Markers you can.

-Talk to the guy with a ! for am easy way out, but you really should collect
all of them as all the equipment you can get is useful. Their also much better
than the base equipment you have now.

-Look at the past entries to see what areas have a Stone Marker. Don't go to
the ones that say Out of reach as you'll need something on the next planet to
get those. You could also look at the Property Barrier section for a summary
of what areas have a PB and what type is it. But remember some stone markers
aren't behind PB's.

-While your searching the other planets you can get a few Lost Disks. A guy in
The Stuffed Belly on Wyterra will give you Lost Disk #5. On Doldogo the
fisherman on the pier will give you Lost Disk #6. Salia will give you Lost
Disk #7. If you don't know where the pier is, a path in the SE will lead to

-One of the items you'll find is the Sabo Shield. Believe it or not there's
only 3 shields in this game and you won't get the 3rd one till the last
planet. This shield gives the same DEF as the Cosmo Shield but also gives a +5
ATK boost and has the Reflect Damage ability. This means that it will damage
the enemy equal to the damage you take while guarding. So if you guard and
take 5 points of damage, the enemy will also take 5 points of damage. It's
unlikely to kill an enemy but its a nice bonus. Make sure to equip it.

-You'll also obtain some Sky property weapons, specifically the Yagi Sword and
the Zapp Lance. Obviously they'll both be useful on a Water planet. But which
is better? Well, the sword is fast and will launch the enemy at the end of the
combo allowing your Spectrobe to follow. While the lance is a little slow but
powerful enough to kill the enemy on its own, or severely weaken it. Both of
them can inflict Stun which is very useful, so it's up to you which to use.

-Before continuing make sure either Ukabi or Shakin is in your search team. So
you can get a mineral deposit as well as clear an obstacle.

-When your done have a legendary weapon equipped and talk to Kamtoga. You'll
get Lost Disk #8.

-Head back to Glacier Valley.
Glacier Valley
PB: No (Out of reach Stone Marker)
SP: No

-Just continue and you'll come to an entrance into Ice Cavern.

Ice Cavern

-Just cross the bridge as there's nothing of interest.

Icicle Cavern
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll encounter Druzol which are just Earth variants of Muzol.

-Open the Water PB to get an Uka Glove. A Water glove that can break guards
and launch the enemy. It's also one of the few gloves that hit multiple times.

-If you've got Ukabi or Shakin go the SE of the area to find a pink mineral

-Head to the next area.

Aurora Pass
PB: No
SP: Yes

-You'll be attacked by Hyzerok which are agile direct attackers. Their ATKs
can knock you down so watch you don't get caught in a loop of getting up only
to be knocked down. They can also use an ice breath. The Yagi Sword is a good
match and may stun them.

-Use a flying child form to progress. You should have Ukabi or Shakin from

-Hygrivo which are Water variants of Grivo will ATK.

-Progress to the next area which will have a mini-boss.

Shining Plaza
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 4(Plus Boss)

-You'll fight Pentagos and some Druzol. Pentagos will use a roll as its main
ATK. You can't stop it by guarding so get out of the way. Just like the last
boss most ATKs bounce off it so what should you do? The Spika Axe will easily
destroy this entire group. Even the boss will flinch from it and the fact it
has a 3-hit combo and is Plant property will have this boss dead in a few

-This place gives the best chance of getting a Ryzapod. So if you haven't
gotten one yet search here for a while. A spot that usually has one is in the
corner on the left side of the staircase.

-Enter the ruins when ready.

Ice Ruins 1F
PB: No
SP: Yes
DCB: 0

-Watch the scene then take the elevator.

Ice Ruins B1
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 2

-Win the battle then open the PB, enter and obtain the Ryga Sword. A Water
Sword with a 6-hit combo and a chance for a freeze effect.

-Time for a simple puzzle. Take the green totem, put it on the green pedestal.

-Take the blue totem and put it on the pedestal on the other side.

-To get through the maze just don't turn. After the first mandatory right
turn, just go straight. Don't make a left. You can hold B to move faster. When
your out step on the switch.

-Take the red totem and place it on the pedestal. Then step on the big switch.

-Continue and get into a fight with Bleva. These floating Krawl are decent at
dodging and shoot a poison projectile.

-Continue and take the elevator.

Ice Ruins B2
PB: No
SP: Yes
DCB: 1

-Win a battle and continue.

-Have Rallen stand on one switch and use C to get the Child Form to stand on
the other.

-The switch the Child form must stand on is in the room on the right. Have
Rallen stand on the other one.

-Order the Child to go through the hole and press the switch.

-Touch the one on the left once. The one on the right twice.

-If you want to charge your SPLs, then you can repeatedly take the elevator
between B1 and B2 and fight the Bleva and Hyplask. This is the only way your
gonna be able to charge the gauges as their are no other battles. If you need
to heal then your gonna have to repeat the B2 puzzles, but they should only
take about 2 minutes to get through.

-Continue and prepare for the Boss.

Sealed Chamber


This boss is of the Water Property but can use Fire, Water, and Sky based
ATKs. It's main ATK is shooting a Fire, Ice or Lightning projectile from one
of its mouths. It can also use an elemental breath of the same properties. The
ATKs can also inflict Burn, Freeze and Stun effects. If you get close it will
also use a stomp ATK. Many of the ATKs can knock you around as well. The ATKs
aren't blockable so don't try. The best way to fight is to stay back so you
can more easily dodge the ATKs. Have a Spectrobe, preferably Zappira, ATK its
feet to distract it. Use the Dongu Cannon, your only ranged weapon that can't
be reflected, to ATK from a distance. For most of the fight the boss won't
move from its spot but may start to further into the fight. If you don't mind
the risk get in close with the Zapp Lance. Of course use any SPLs you have but
you may want to wait until about the half way point. Good Luck.

-Take the Shard of the Beast King.

Kamtoga's Camp

-You'll get some scenes and a Pepe Fossil. This Spectrobe will be very useful
on the next planet.

-Updates on some areas: Glacier Valley has 4 battles, Icicle Cavern and Aurora
Pass have 3 battles.

-Head back to Wyterra.

Wyterra(Part 3)

KLR: 28-31
MKP: Clear
mKP: Earth, Water

-Zerok now appear at Inception Hill and the Excavation Site. They are just
normal versions of the Hyzerok.

-Grezerok appear at Dawn Bridge, their stronger versions of Zerok.

-Gandruzol, which are stronger versions of Druzol appear in Sunny Grassland.

-Hywag now appear in Valley of Mist.

-Give the shard to Radese and you'll get an Expansion Cube. This will give you
more Incubator boxes as well as another room type.

-Since enemies are starting to get into the 30's. You may want to start having
your Spectrobes progress into their Evolved Form, if you haven't already. A
suggestion is to keep the Adult Form until at least lvl 35. An Evolved Form is
like an Adult at lvl 5, it only has its STG ATK at base power. Wait until 35
so they can at least have their SPL. You may even want to wait until 45, as
some Spectrobes have ABLs that when Evolved will cause them to become weaker.
Leopuba's ABL boosts its ATK by 20%. By evolving before 45 it will lose that
boost and will be weaker ATK wise.

-Head to Menahat when ready.

Menahat(Part 1)

KLR: 30-39
MKP: Earth
mKP: Clear, Fire, Plant
SF: Gorzpod, Ukapod, Mayapod, Dongopod,
Minerals: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,
Pink, Red, Evolve, Attack, Guard, Life
Items:  Rice Ball, Mega Rice Ball,
Giga Rice Ball, Kryptos

-A guy in Kamtoga's Camp will give you Lost Memo #9.

-Starting on this planet you can come across a larger type of mineral fossil.
Don't restart over it, but try to get an A Rank. Getting one will get you a
purple mineral, which gives the most EXP out of any mineral.

Pit of Ruin
PB: No (Stone Marker can be found in the open)
SP: Yes (In your ship)
DCB: 0

-Stone Marker in the South contains Shima Glove. This earth glove will knock
down enemies and can inflict Slow.

-Take an Earth Child Form to the NE to find a mineral deposit.

-Head to Dyrus' Camp.

Dyrus' Camp
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 0

-Talk to the 3 guys with an ! mark. Then talk to gatekeeper.

-Talk to Dyrus then head through the gate.

Great Desert
PB: No (Stone Marker can be found in the open)
SP: No
DCB: 1

-Follow the Spectrobe till a scene starts.

-Just follow the sound. its a little to the NW.(Use the enlarged Map)

-Target the area with C. Take the elevator.

Desert Ruins 1
PB: No
SP: Yes
DCB: 1

-Go forward and fight. You'll battle Sanwag, which are earth variants of Zorb,
and Sangrawl, which are floating Krawl that use direct ATKs and a 4-way beam.

-Continue for a scene. Have Rallen stand on one switch and the Child stand on
the other with C.

-Continue and press the switch. Leave.

Great Desert

-Explore a bit but the area is not worth exploring every inch. Despite the
size of the area there are very few battles.

-Head to the south 'wall' of the area and follow along to the west. Have an
Earth Child Form out and you'll find a mineral deposit.

-In the SE you'll find a Stone Marker with the Dongiga Axe. This is the best
weapon in my opinion. It has the 3rd highest ATK of all weapons. It can
inflict the Slow effect and has a 2-hit combo. If the weapon hits the enemy
directly it will be damaged twice. Each ATK is also area based allowing you
damage more than one foe if they are fairly close.

-Head to the Giant Cactus which is in the SE. There will be 3 blue dots near
it. Everytime you need to find a ruin entrance you will see blue dots near the

-Use C to access the next ruin.

Desert Ruins 2
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 1

-To solve the puzzle just use C on the tiles on floor, that match up with the
red ones on the wall.(Ex. The right bottom-corner tile on the wall is red so
use C on the matching tile on the floor, the one on the right closet to the
entrance.) Do this for all four and continue.

-You'll fight Pyzorog and Pygrivo. Afterwards continue to the exit by taking
the left path. The path on the right has a Fire PB with a Koma Axe. A 2-hit
fire axe that can inflict Burn.

Great Desert

-Just go to the blue dots. When you get there you'll fight some Druzol. Open
the Ruins and enter.

Desert Ruins 3
PB: No
SP: Yes
DCB: 2

-Win the battle.

-Go right and enter the path on the right or second to the left. Then the
second from the right. Last the third from the left. Step on the switch.

-Grab the totem and go back to the center room. Place it on the matching
pedestal. Enter the newly opened path.

-You'll fight some Sanwag along with a Iwadogan. The Iwadogan is an earth
variant of the Dogan mini-boss fought on Wyterra. However this can hardly be
considered a mini-boss fight. A great weapon to use is the Dongu Cannon but
the Flora blaster can also work. Poison is a great ailment to inflict as it'll
cause the brute to flinch whenever it's gets poison damage, combine this with
someone like Spikan or Pepeza and it'll fall easily.

-Continue and open the PB for the Zuwa Glove. This water glove has a cool
effect. Whenever you ATK wither you hit an enemy or not, the weapon will
create a pillar of water that will last for about 4 secs. Any enemy that
touches it will receive damage and be launched.

-Take the totem and bring it back to the main room.

-The next chamber has turning rooms, but you can't fall. The rooms stop when
you stand on them. There's only 2 so just watch for when a complete path to
the other side forms and quickly run across.

-Head to the exit. Neal will give you Lost Disk #10.

Great Desert

-You'll see the Giant Krawl from the previous scene again. It's name is
Zabacraw. But don't worry as you won't actually have to fight it.

Dyrus' Camp

-Go talk to Dyrus.

-Talk to Neal.

-Head through the Gate.

Great Desert

-Follow the Spectrobe, on your way you'll encounter Derog which are just
another type of direct attacker.

-Enter the ruins.

Desert Ruins 4
PB: Yes
SP: Yes
DCB: 2

-Head forward and stand on the switch in the left room.

-Continue and you'll get into a fight with some Thoroot. They're just stronger
versions of Mulroot but can also use a seed projectile.

-Stand on the switch in the next room and open the Plant PB to get the Pepe
Sword. A 5-hit combo plant sword that can poison the foe.

-Continue through the opened door and take the elevator.

-Step on the switch to lower the path. Then continue to a puzzle room.

-First press the blue and green switch. Then press the green and yellow
switch. Last press the blue and red switch. Continue up the path and get into
a fight.

-Exit the ruins.

Great Desert

-Go to the bottom-right corner of the area. On the way you'll fight Sunazerok,
which are earth variants of Zerok.

-Continue and enter the ruins.

Desert Ruins 5
PB: Yes
SP: Yes
DCB: 3

-Progress until you come to a room with 3 paths you can take.

-The North one just has some treasure, the east one contains a battle with
some Neokurag, a stronger type of Kurag. The South path is the one you need to
take to progress.(obviously not the one you just came from.)

-Continue until you find a room with a totem, take it to the room with the two
pillars. Place it on the left pedestal. Go back up to the room above you and
open the PB for the Maya Lance. This earth lance can be thrust twice.

-Go back down and enter the room that was opened. Win the fight and take the
totem and put it on the right pedestal.

-Head back up again and continue to the exit.

Great Desert

-Head towards the blue dot and get ready for a mini-boss.

-You'll fight a bunch of Sanwag and Savonek. As always kill the grunts first
then go after the leader. Savonek will spend much of the battle traveling
under the sand, meaning you can only damage it when it pops up for an ATK. It
will try to hit you from beneath so try to keep an eye on it while fighting
the Sanwag. It will also surface to use a sand breath ATK. Damage it when you
can with Fire-based ATKs. Koma's fireball ATKs will be useful as you can
inflict damage from a distance.

-After the fight, find the entrance to the ruins near the small group of
trees and enter.

Desert Ruins 6
PB: Yes
SP: Yes
DCB: 2

-You'll fight some enemies including a new one, Qasul. Their quick and use a
dash ATK that will knock you back.

-Continue and just go through all the rooms until you've activated all the

-You'll come to another chamber with turning rooms, this time 4 of them. Just
make your way across until you get to the 3rd room. You'll notice there's only
one path on the 4th room that connects to the other side, but you can't get to
that path because the 3rd room doesn't have a path that directly connects to
it from the 2nd room. Before I confuse you let me just tell you the trick. You
must stand on one of the incomplete paths of the 4th room. Then wait for the
correct side of the 3rd room to come up and get on it. Then just wait for the
4th rooms connecting path so you can get across. I hope I explained that well
enough. If not let me know but you should be able to get it.

-When you get across continue to another path room, just push the button.

-In the next room you will find a Sky PB. Open it and grab the Opto Blaster.
This Sky blaster fires 3 homing shots that can stun an enemy they hit. This is
a cool weapon as you can quickly stun a few enemies and then easily ATK them
knowing they can't do anything to you. Continue up the elevator.

-You'll get to another puzzle room. Just do the same thing as before. If you
have some trouble seeing the red tiles on the wall, the red tiles look a bit
like a smiley face.

-Continue across the path you raised before.

-You'll fight some new dragon-like Krawl called Sunbarun. These flying Krawl
use direct ATKs along with a breath ATK. They can also use a targeted ranged
ATK although they don't use it too often. Their also not bad at dodging.

-Continue to the exit.

Great Desert

-Head to the blue dot and watch the Scenes. Afterwards head into the ruin.

Ancient Device 7
PB: No
SP: Yes
DCB: 0

-No puzzles down here just Pegatinum. Walk towards it and watch a long series
of scenes. Note that at the end of them you will have a Boss fight and no time
to prepare, so do so before you trigger any scenes.

Great Desert

-After the scenes you will be faced with what seems to be a spawn of the dead


Similar to Savonek, it will move at high-speed under the sand. It will usually
be moving around the perimeter of the battlefield, constantly swimming in a
circular pattern around you. Every so often it will come straight at you so
it's best to stand in the middle of the arena and run out of the way when it's
coming at you. It will also surface at times to use various direct ATKs along
with a projectile ATK. It can also draw you towards it by sucking in a large
amount of sand. Unlike most bosses it will not reflect ranged ATKs and will
also collapse after it takes a large amount of damage. During this time it is
motionless and is a great opportunity to use a SPL, although it will only stay
like this for a few seconds. It's best to use a SPL while it is attacking as
it will sometimes dive right after surfacing, if you used a SPL it will most
likely miss. If you stay back and let your Spectrobes do all the fighting you
probably won't even take alot of damage. Although feel free to use a blaster
to help out.

Shard Pedestal
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 0

-Watch the scene, then take the Shard.

Great Desert

-The desert now has 10 battles. However considering the size of the area, it
should have more like 15. It is 2-3 times the size of Sunny Grassland but has
the same # of battles. Because of this it is in my opinion a poor training
ground especially considering the battles are spaced far apart and the enemies
you encounter are more difficult to defeat than the weak Muzol you encounter
in Sunny Grassland. Although you will get more EXP for these battles it is not
worth the effort.

-You may now freely use Pegatinum as long as the area is big enough to ride
it. Most areas you can't ride it include Towns, Ruins and the Tower on Slayso.

Dyrus' Camp

-Neal will give you a Blueprint Cube. When you get back to your ship you may
finally use the Card Input Machine.

-This Machine allows you to enter the codes on the real world cards, or the
codes in the Card Input Codes section. You will be able to unlock various
items such as the Stat Boost minerals and special weapons. You can also gain
the Secret Evolved Form Spectrobes along with alternate versions of about half
of the normal Evolved Forms. It's up to you when or if to use these. I suggest
to at least unlock the weapons because they are pretty powerful and inflict
equal damage on all properties.

-If you talk to Gorrick(big guy with the helmet) he will let you link up with
your copy of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals and download a metallic Leopuba
and Rygazelle. If you didn't get their child forms at the beginning of the
game, then this is the only way to get their metallic versions.

-Just know that all these Evolved forms you can gain will start at level 30.
Since enemies are starting to get into the 40's, you would have to train any
Spectrobes you plan on making regular use of by at least 10 lvls. Know that
besides the different color, there is no difference between the alternate
Evolved Forms and regular ones.

Head to Wyterra when ready.

Wyterra(Part 4)

KLR: 28-31
MKP: Clear
mKP: Earth, Water

-Take the Shard to Radese.

-When you entered Inception Hill you may have noticed that the lvls of the
enemies have not increased. This is partly because you have gained access to a
new area now that you have Pegatinum.

-With Pegatinum you can now cross Light Bridges. If you go to Sunny Grassland,
you will notice that you can now use the N exit thanks to a bridge of light
appearing. This bridge can only be seen and crossed when mounted on Pegatinum.

Ancient Village
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 4

-This new area will have higher lvl Krawl than the rest of Wyterra. When you
enter you will fight some Zerok and then two new types of enemies, Barun and
Grebarun. Their normal versions of the Sunbarun you fought on Menahat, they
only use direct ATKs.

-These Krawl are lvl 38-41, a much higher lvl than anything else on the
planet. The other battles will just have lvl 30 Zerok.

-Besides higher lvl enemies this area also contains all items and minerals
that can be found in the game, except of course Super Minerals. Although some
items are rare like the purple mineral, and the rarest, Neo Rice Balls.

-The fossils that can be found include Hikopod, Tamapod, Leopod and Komapod.
These Spectrobes are also the ones you would find on Bahmud, the last planet.
So by coming here now you can get these guys early. Zora can also be found.

-Now that you can cross Light Bridges, go to the other planets and cross the
bridges found on them.

-Head to Slayso when ready.

Slayso(Part 1)

KLR: 40-45
MKP: Sky
mKP: Clear, Fire, Plant
SF: Aopod, Totepod, Shimapod, Tekkapod
Minerals: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,
Pink, Red, Evolve, Attack, Guard, Life
Items:  Rice Ball, Mega Rice Ball,
Giga Rice Ball, Kryptos

Wyterra(Part 4, con't)

KLR: 38-41
MKP: Clear
mKP: Earth

-Barun appear at Inception Hill and Excavation Site. Grebarun appear at Dawn
Bridge. Druzol appear at Sunny Grassland. Sanwag appear at Valley of Mist.
While the ambush fight in Ancient Village hasn't changed, Barun appear instead
of the Zerok for the Dark Crystal battles.

-Qasul now appear in the Great Desert.

-While he won't give you anything, Neal can be found in Verdant Village.

-A guy in Dyrus' Camp will give you Lost Disk #11.

-If you read the tip about keeping fossil blocks in reserve until you reach a
later point in the game, now would be the time to excavate them if you haven't
already. The first 4 planets(not counting Ancient Village) have exactly 20
different fossils that can be found. If you got 2 of each, that would max out
your inventory during Menahat. I suggest getting to lvl 63, that way you can
get lvl 50 Spectrobes with a B Rank. Excavate 1 of each now so that you have
another set for when you reach lvl 100. After you have your 20 Spectrobes, do
the same for the ones found in Ancient Village and Slayso. You can actually
get all 28 families of Spectrobes as Ancient Village has the 4 you would
normally get on Bahmud, and there's the four on Slayso. However one of the 4
on Slayso can't be obtained until about the half-way point of the tower. By
the half-way point of Slayso you can have every Spectrobe in the game and
therefore be able to make an actual team to play with until the end. You
should get them all to their Evolved forms as well as the Secret Spectrobes.

PB: No (Stone Marker in the open)
SP: Yes (In your Ship)
DCB: 0

-After the scene open the Stone Marker. You'll get the Aoba Blaster(misspelled
as Blaser) which is a Sky blaster that fires 5 shots that launch enemies. This
is a useful weapon for keeping enemies back. It also makes it easy for your
Spectrobes to use their STG ATKs.

-Enter the tower but know there will be a mini-boss fight right away.

Tower 1F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 0 (plus boss fight)

-Grapatar will use various slashing and charging ATKs. The best way to fight
it is to stay near it. Staying away from it allows it to use its fast ATKs to
repeatedly hit you. Stay next to it to lessen the chance for it to ATK you. A
great weapon to use is the Dongiga Axe. Just stay near it and keep attacking.
The axe will allow you to ATK without getting knocked down. A great Spectrobe
to use is Komadoros because its ABL will increase all of your stats. Leozar or
Zazanero are also good choices as their ABLs also increase your ATK.

-Progress to the next floor when you win.

Tower 2F
PB: No (Stone Marker in the open)
SP: Yes
DCB: 0

-Watch the scene then open the Stone Marker for the Tote Glove. This Sky glove
will launch a foe and hit it multiple times. It's also good for aerial Krawl.

-This tower will have the largest # of areas, about 15 or so. You may want to
save often as their are only a few SP's among them.

-Progress when ready.

Tower 100F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-When you walk towards the center you'll be attacked by Gregasa, which can use
a sonic ATK to stun you, and Zapwag.

-When you win progress to the next floor.

Tower 101F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 0

-This floor will just have a straight-forward puzzle. Just use a Child form to
follow the paths. If you look on the ground there will be arrows pointing in
the correct direction. Use the B button to move faster or it'll take forever.

-Take the elevator to the next floor.

Tower 102F
PB: No (Stone Marker in the open)
SP: Yes
DCB: 6

-This floor has many doors but only one leads to the exit. All of the others
will lead to battles.

-The only battle door you should go through is the N door as it has a Stone
Marker. This door has Pybarun which are Fire variants of Barun. An excellent
weapon to use on them is the Uka Glove as it is Water property, will knock
them down, and it hits multiple times.

-The Stone Marker has the Flame Blaster. This Fire blaster can fire up to 6

-The exit door is the door that has 2 arrows on it. It's the W one.

Tower 200F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll fight Izbleva and then a Pybarun.

-Continue after you when.

Tower 201F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 0

-This puzzle has patterns of floor panels that light up. Stepping on a lit
panel will cause it to drop and send you back down to 200F. One way I've found
to cross it is to wait until the panels closet to your side light up. Right
when they shut off and the panels on the other side light up, run straight
across and a bit before you reach the lit panels turn slightly and go around
them. If you time it right you can get around lit panels and get across.

-Whether you got across my way or found your own way, continue to the next

Tower 202F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll fight Metaplask. These are like the Hyplask except they use a bouncing
ATK rather than a roll.

Tower 203F
PB: No (Stone Marker in the open)
SP: Yes
DCB: 6

-Another door floor. This time the exit is the NE door, and the weapon room is
the SE door.

-You'll fight Grederog in the weapon room. The weapon is the Mizu Zapper, this
Water blaster fires a beam that can pierce enemies as well as freeze them.

-The next floor has a mini-boss so prepare if you wish.

Tower 500F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-Windorix will use direct ATKs when you get close and will use a ranged wind
ATK that has a homing effect. However the wind ATK will disappear if it hasn't
hit you after a few seconds. This boss has protection against direct ATKs so
a ranged attacker like Gorberus will work best.

-Starting from floor 500 you can start finding Tekkapod's. They will become a
Tekkadorax which is a powerful Spectrobe, and it's ABL will let you Auto-Guard
against ATKs. If you've been following the tips, then this will be the last
Spectrobe for you to collect.

-With access to all Spectrobes you can make a team out of your favorites and
use them till the end, or if you like all of them you can just just keep
changing your team. But if you do this then your Spectrobes won't lvl fast
enough to make battles easier. I suggest sticking with one team but you do
whatever you want.

Tower 501F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll battle Doznail, the strongest version of Znail. These guys can shoot
a poison projectile along with the previous ATKs. You'll also battle Zaqorcid,
which are stronger versions of Qorcid.

Tower 502F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 0

-Another elevator puzzle room. Just like last time follow the direction the
arrows are facing. The arrow design has changed but their function hasn't.

-Continue when your done.

Tower 503F
PB: No (Stone Marker in the open)
SP: Yes
DCB: 6

-Yet another door floor. The exit door is the SE one. The weapon door is the
NE one.

-The weapon door will have Grezacht which are strong direct attackers and
guard often. The weapon you will find is the Bombza Axe. This is a powerful
Plant axe that will knockback enemies with each hit.

-This is the last SP you will come across. You may want to save as their are
a few more floors before the Boss.

Tower 800F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-Thundorix will use direct ATKs along with a ranged lightning ATK. The ranged
ATK will continue for a few seconds after it is launched.

Tower 801F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll fight Zapderog and then a Grezacht.

Tower 802F
PB: No (Stone Marker in the open)
SP: No
DCB: 0

-Another puzzle room. Take the platform in-front of you. Then take the one to
the right. Then take the one across from you. Take the one to the left. Take
the one on the left again. Take the one on the right. You'll get the Scara
Cannon. it will fire an explosive blast as well as inflict the Slow status.
Take the one to your right/S. Take the one to your right to exit.

Tower 803F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll fight waves of enemies on the way up. Try to use one Spectrobe for all
the fighting and then just have it use its SPL on the main boss.



This Krawl is the first mini-boss you fought on 1F except now its added a
satellite onto its body. It will use a slashing ATK just like its previous
form. It will also use an electric area ATK occasionally. It will sometimes
hang off the side of the tower and fire a powerful beam of energy. Stand on a
side if the tower to avoid it. It will then jump forward and do a mostly
unavoidable body-slam ATK. Use SPLs and strong attackers like Dongiga and
Totegarda to bring it down. It's best to target its legs when attacking.

-Grab the shard.

Tower 2F

-You'll get a Tamapod and a few scenes.

-500F and 800F now have normal battles.

-Return to Wyterra.

Wyterra(Part 5)

KLR: 38-41
MKP: Clear
mKP: Earth

-Give the shard to Radese.

-Head back to your ship for a scene, then head to Bahmud.

Bahmud(Part 1)

KLR: 47-55
MKP: Fire
mKP: Clear, Sky, Plant
SF: Komapod, Hikopod, Leopod, Tamapod,
Minerals: All
Items: All

Wyterra(Part 5, con't)

KLR: 48-52
MKP: Clear
mKP: Sky

-Beskurag, the strongest type of Kurag, appear at Inception Hill, Excavation
Site and Dawn Bridge. Gregasa appear at Sunny Grassland. Zapwag appear at
Valley of Mist. Grezerok and Grebarun appear for the Dark Crystal battles at
Ancient Village.

-While he won't give you anything, Neal can be found at Kamtoga's Camp.

-Scout at Tower 2F will give you Lost Disk #12.

-Gilwan will tell you about Expansion Cubes as well as where to find them.

-This planet's fossils can be found in Ancient Village, as I've said before
you could've had all of the games Spectrobes by this point. But if you've
never bothered with Ancient Village than the last of your Spectrobes can be
found here.

-If you want any suggestions on who to use, Ukazeer, Shakablad and Gokazoa are
great choices. Bring any 2 of them and you shouldn't have any real trouble
with the fire Krawl. Ukazeer can charge his SPL quickly, Shakablad can get a
very high ATK if its HP gets low, Gokazoa's ABL will heal both of you whenever
you damage an enemy. Any of the water Spectrobe are great but these 3 stand
out the most to me. The lvl 60 Tamapod you got on Slayso will become a great
Gokazoa if you need one.

Inferno Heights
PB: No (Stone Marker in the open)
SP: Yes (In your Ship)
DCB: 1

-Behind your ship you'll find a Stone Marker with a Hiko Cannon. This fire
blaster can knockback enemies with an explosive blast.

-You'll fight Pyderog and Pyzerok.

-Watch the scene. If you have a fire child form you can find a red mineral
deposit near the symbol on the ground.

-Kamtoga will follow you around but don't worry as it's not long term.

Fire Ruins 1F
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll fight Pyrowag and a Pydogan. The Pydogan can take a bit of a beating
but is similar to the ones you've already fought. If using Ukazeer, use the
Pyrowag as fodder to charge up your SPL then unleash it on the Pydogan for big

-Inferno Heights now has 2 DC with Pyzerok if you want to train you Water
Spectrobes a bit.

-Take the elevator when ready.

Fire Ruins B1
PB: Yes
SP: No
DCB: 2

-At the fork take a left to find a Fire PB. Behind it will be a Leo Zapper.
This fire blaster will fire a beam that can pierce enemies, hit 3 times and
burn foes.

-Go back and take a right this time. You'll battle Pyderog and Pyzerok. After
the battle activate the pedestal in the corner.

-Continue to the next room and you'll fight Beskurag. Again activate the

-Continue and you'll find a third pedestal next to the big door.

-In the SE corner of this room you will find an Expansion Cube which just like
the last one will give you more Incubator rooms and another room type.

-Take the elevator.

Fire Ruins B2
PB: No
SP: No
DCB: 1

-You'll fight Pyderog, Pyzerok, Jagasa, and a Dokuzacht while crossing the
bridge. Just fight accordingly.

-Take the elevator when you get through.

Fire Ruins B3
PB: Yes
SP: Yes
DCB: 3

-Take the left path until you come to a room, you'll battle Pygrawl and
Gigaznail. Afterwards activate the pedestal.

-Go back and travel the right path. Keep to the left side of the wall until
you come to a dead end on a little cliff-side and activate the pedestal.

-Continue to the next room and fight the Pyplask. Then activate the pedestal.

-Continue and you'll fight a few Dokuzacht.

-Continue through the door and follow the west path. You'll find a fire PB.
You'll get the Tekka Shield. This is the third and best shield. It will give a
20 point boost to your DEF. It's a good trade-off for the ATK boost you get
from the Sabo Shield as your Spectrobes should be the major damage dealers
anyway. Save if you wish as a boss fight is coming up soon.

Fire Ruins B4

-Walk forward and....


This bosses weak point is the bulb on its tail, try to target it whenever you
use an ATK. This boss will use various direct and ranged ATKs. It will use a
type of back flip ATK if you get behind it so be quick with your ATKs. It will
also use a lunging ATK occasionally. A ranged ATK that fires multiple
projectiles will also be used. Gafing can jump on to the side of the cavern
and fire projectiles from out of range, just keep running in one direction to
avoid them. After losing half its HP, Gafing will become more powerful and ATK
at a faster rate. It'll also start using a flamethrower ATK and walk around
while using it. Use normal and STG ATKs until the half-way point then end it
quickly with a barrage of SPLs when Gafing powers up. One thing you could do
is have Shakablad use STG ATKs on the bulb, then when Gafing is powered up and
Shakablad's HP is fairly low, use its SPL and try to target the bulb. If you
succeed you'll land a powerful blow keep using Shakablad or switch to finish
the fight. Ukazeer is also useful as its SPL will charge quickly and therefore
it can keep using it on Gafing's bulb. Don't hesitate to heal. Good Luck.

Inferno Heights

-All the Fire Ruin area's will now have Dark Crystal battles.

-Enter you ship and the Expansion Cube will be installed.

-Return to Wyterra.

Wyterra(Part 6)

KLR: 55-62
MKP: Clear
mKP: Plant

-Talk to Radese.

-You'll fight Neokurag at Inception Hill, Excavation Site, and Dawn Bridge. At
Dawn bridge there will also be a ambush fight with Neokasa and Neokurag.

-Neomuzol are found at Sunny Grassland. There will also be an additional
ambush fight triggered by walking near the center of the area. This will bring
the battle total to 11 and make this area an even better training area. If
your team isn't at least in the mid 50's then you should spend some time here
and train.

-Neozorb are found in Valley of Mist.

-When your ready head to Ancient Village. You'll battle Kurag along with a new
Sky variant. These guys will actually try to distance themselves from you and
use a ranged Stun ATK. Kill these guys first as they can get annoying. You'll
then fight Gelroot and Gilqorcid, then Grezerok and Neobarun.

-Afterwards approach the gate. You must have a Evolved Form of each property
with you to open it.

Mt. Awakening
PB: No (Stone Marker in the open)
SP: Yes
DCB: 6

-This area will have the same items that can be found in Ancient Village.

-Follow the path and you'll fight Gelroot and Gilqorcid, afterwards the DC
will have the same enemies.

-Continue and head towards the SW area. If you you have a Sky child form you
can find a mineral deposit.

-Continue and when you get to the middle area you'll fight Neozorog, the DC
will have Neomuzol and Neozorog. The E side of this area will have the final
Expansion Cube.

-Continue and you'll fight Grezerok and Neobarun, the DC will have the same
enemies. The E corner of this area will have a Stone Marker with the Goka
Cannon. This Water blaster will fire a homing shot that can knock back an
enemy. This should be the last weapon for you to acquire, assuming you got the
Card Input weapons.

-You're gonna wanna have your Spectrobes at least in the upper 50's.

-Save and continue to Wyterra's final area.

Pool of Awakening

-Place the shards in the glowing spots.


Can use various punches and projectiles. Certain projectiles can freeze you so
watch out for the ice shots. He can also turn invisible but can be tracked via
the mini-map. While invisible he can only be attacked while you are close to
him. He can also fly into the sky and fire beams. One is a short range area
based beam, while the other is a powerful long range one. He'll become more
powerful when his HP gets low. Use SPLs to inflict major damage. By this point
you really should know how to fight and already be using your own tactics.
Don't let your health get low because he inflict alot of damage later in the

-Place the last shard and watch the awesome scene.

-Head to your ship and the Expansion Cube will be installed. Head to the front
of the ship and you'll automatically go to the Krawlosphere.


KLR: 60-65
MKP: All

-Go to Kamtoga's Camp and talk to Neal for Lost Disk #13, the last one.

-You should get your team to at least the mid 60's, Rallen will probably max
or nearly max his lvl while doing this. If your curious as to what team I use,
here it is and why I use them:


No one can disagree when I say he is one of, if not the strongest Spectrobe.
His ABL increases both of your HP, ATK and DEF stats by 30%. It is a middle
ground of Leozar's, Zenipyra's and Daidongu's ABLs which increase those stats
by 50%. It's one of the best ABLs and raises his average stats to top of the
line in all categories. Not to mention the helpful boost it affords Rallen.
Just his normal ATK is powerful thanks to his boosted ATK. His STG ATK shoots
3 ranged fireballs making him one of two Spectrobes that can use both a direct
and ranged ATK. His SPL inflicts about 4x his normal damage via an area ATK
letting him inflict massive damage in any situation. He also gets points for
coolness, I mean he's based on the legendary guardian lion of China.


This guy looks awesome, he's a water dragon covered in numerous blades. He can
use fast and vicious ATKs to constantly knock away enemies and allow infinite
combo's by combining Torpedo and Head Bash. His ABL is what makes him shine as
his ATK rises as his HP drops. This might sound kinda bad but because of the
sheer speed of his ATKs he can keep attacking, and once you learn how to use
him, enemies won't be able to do a thing to him. Once his HP gets low enough
he can kill most enemies in a few hits, in fact his ATK stat can reach one of
the highest lvls. If he loses 80% of his HP he'll gain an 80% boost to his
ATK stat. This can give his speedy ATKs more strength than even Leozar has.
His SPL can destroy enemies when his ATK gets high enough as it inflicts
multiple hits that do 2-4x the damage of his normal ATK.


He's a living mountain, enough said. His CMD and STG ATKs can be combo'd until
the enemy is dead. His SPL inflicts multiple boosted hits on all surrounding
foes making him very useful. His ABL allows both of you to resist being
disturbed during an ATK. What I mean is you won't flinch whenever your hit so
if your attacked while using a lance or blaster your ATK won't be canceled.
This makes him invaluable as it's great to be able to ATK freely while being
hit left and right in a swarm of enemies. Although you can still be knocked
back or launched, it just keeps you from flinching. He's also just plain
strong and bulky, even without any boosting ABLs.


He's one of the coolest looking Spectrobes and has an awesome sounding roar.
Also he's very original, I mean he's a Cactus Dragon. He's covered in spikes
which plays a nice cosmetic role with his ABL. It returns half the damage both
of you take from direct ATKs. So if you take 60 damage the enemy will take 30
damage, although they don't flinch from it. His STG ATK is a nice 5-hit combo
that knocks the foe back so he can keep using it, although you have to get him
started. But with weapons like the Goka Cannon and Bombza Axe that won't be a
problem. What really earns him a spot is his SPL. Most enemies can't survive
the full effect of the ATK, so know that most things caught in it won't
survive. The ATK can inflict 4 hits at 2x his normal damage within an area. In
the mid 60's he'll do about 200 with a normal ATK, meaning his SPL can inflict
about 1600 to all enemies in-range.


He looks like an ancient beast-warrior, which is cool. He also acts and sounds
like a robot or an android which adds to his coolness factor. He can use very
powerful ATKs. He has an anti-air ATK that he'll use on flying Krawl. His STG
ATK bombards an enemy with multiple hits. His SPL uses multiple boosted hits
within an area which will hit all enemies 3-4 times. His ABL is very useful,
it lowers all damage you take by a solid 20 points, while it may sound weak
compared to a DEF boost it still has its uses. He also has very high stats.

-I usually use Gorberus, Aobasar or Daidongu as the sixth one. I also may use
Zappizor instead of Totegarda and Pepethraz instead of Saboquill. I also like
using Optoger, Flamerax, and Scarazook. I'm not trying to push any of these
guys on you but they are the strongest in my opinion and make up my favorite
team. Know that all the Spectrobes are strong in their own way and I don't
hate or think any of them are weak. I just wanted to share the team I use.

-There will be no items of any kind in the Krawlosphere, only battles. The
only SP will be in your ship, but each battle must only be fought once. So you
can return to your ship to heal whenever you want and not have to worry about
fighting the same battle again. Also Pegatinum can't be used at all in here. 

-When your ready, enter the next area of the Krawlosphere.

Krawlosphere B1
DCB: 14

-Each floor will have certain properties you'll encounter, this floor will
have you fight against Plant and Water enemies.

-You'll fight various Root, Znail, and Qorcid enemies.

-You'll then fight Hyplask, Hyzerok, Hybarun, Hywag and Samzaras. You'll be
fighting a few of the mini-boss's again but you have more resources now. If
you have it, the Giga Axe is a great weapon to use on it.

-Afterwards there's about a dozen DC if you want to train a lvl or two but you
should already have done your training before you came here. If you wish to
heal you can return to your ship, the battles won't respawn.

Krawlosphere B2
DCB: 14

-You'll have to fight Earth and Sky enemies.

-You'll first fight Sangrawl, Gandruzol and a Zacht.

-You'll then fight Jagasa, Zapwag and Grapatar. Just use a SPL or other strong
ATKs to to take it down.(I used Dongiga's SPL and it fell right away.)

-Just like before there's a dozen DC and you can return to your ship to heal.

Krawlosphere B3
DCB: 2

-You'll fight Fire then Clear enemies.

-You'll fight Pyzerok, Pygrivo, Pyderog, Pygrawl, Boqasul and a Dokuzacht.

-If you want to save or something do it now because after the next round
you'll go right to the boss battle.

-You'll fight Bleva and Kurag. Then you'll fight Windorix and Thundorix at the
same time. Use the Gorb Zapper or Scara Cannon along with someone like
Gorberus, Scarazook or Komadoros and you'll quickly take them down.



You will have to fight both of these enemies at the same time. Terragan uses
projectiles and beams, as well as high speed charges and other direct ATKs. It
will start to use a constant charge ATK later on in the fight. Krux will use a
lance along with ranged ATKs to fight, he also has a move that can Stun. He
will teleport randomly around the battlefield making it difficult to target
him. Fight Terragan first as Krux will mostly be in a standby phase. He will
only ATK occasionally or if you go near him. Don't waste all your SPLs on
Terragan, save a few for Krux. Once Terragan dies Krux will become much more
active. I used Komadoros at 66 and he beat Terragan alone. Use the fireball
ATK as much as you can, meaning keep using C with the ATK CMD. Use a SPL when
it comes up. For Krux I keep using him until he got weak, then fought with
Sabo's and Dongiga's STG/SPL ATKs until Krux had about a fifth of his HP left.
Then after Shaka lost about half his HP, finished Krux with his SPL. Really
just use a strong ranged attacker like Koma, Gorb or Goka on Terragan. Then
just go crazy on Krux. Have Rallen use the Gorb Zapper or Opto Blaster since
they home and hit more than once. Try to keep Rallen away from both, don't
fight melee with him.(I didn't even use Tote or Aoba so I could've ended the
battle much quicker by using a SPL on either one.) Careful using SPLs, as Krux
may teleport right when you use one, use a SPL while he's attacking to avoid
this. Remember to heal, Giga or Neo Rice balls are very helpful.

-Watch the scenes and you'll be back on Wyterra. You only need to talk to one
villager to continue. Talk to Grant and watch the final scenes and Credits.

--End 1

(WP2)===Part 2===

-You'll be asked to save, do so and you'll gain access to some extra content.

-After you reload your beaten game you will receive a Silver Komainu for
beating Krux and a Gold Komainu if you have a full Spectrobes Database.

-You'll be back on your ship about to take off for the Krawlosphere, walk
forward and you'll get a new mission. Go to Haven Village.

-The lvls of enemies in all areas have increased. You'll basically have to go
to each planet and fight groups of strong enemies. You'll then have to fight
all the Boss Krawl again, except their much stronger this time.

Wyterra(Part 7)

KLR: 55-95
MKP: Clear
mKP: All

-Talk to Kotetsu, then go to Dawn Bridge.

-At Dawn Bridge you'll fight a swarm of Muzol and Zorog.

-At Sunny Grassland you'll fight a swarm of Root Krawl and then the 3 types of
Dogan Krawl. Just use SPLs and ranged ATKs on the Dogan.

-Head back to Kotetsu and you'll be to told to go to Doldogo.

-Get your team to at least 70. If you want the rest of the game to go as easy
as possible then get Rallen to lvl 100, use Butobasu to make the leveling go
faster. Once there, excavate the other set of fossils you should have. You'll
then have a full set of lvl 100 Spectrobes, however this will take most of the
challenge out of the game.

-Most areas will have enemies in the mid 60's to 70's, except for the Pool of
Awakening. You will fight a dozen waves of Zorb enemies that will reach the
80's and 90's during the final waves.

-In Ancient Village the ambush fight will pit you against 6 Kurag. One of them
is the Sky variant one, while the others are different colored Kurag. When you
kill one of them it will summon 2 of a type of enemy whose property matches up
with the destroyed Kurag's color. Kill the red one and Pybarun will appear,
kill the yellow one and Metaplask will appear, kill the blue one and Gyzorog
will appear, kill the brown one and Sunazerok will appear, kill the green one
and Zaqorcid will appear and killing the last one(grayish I think) will cause
Qasul to appear. However if you manage to kill them all at the same time, no
extra enemies will appear. This can only be done by a powerful area SPL. Some
of the few that can do this are Saboquill, Totegarda and Komadoros. Although
the Kurag will have to be fairly close together for it to work.(Aobasar may
also be able to kill all of them, but you would have to put some distance
between you and the Krawl for them to be caught in the twister.)

Doldogo(Part 2)

KLR: 30-68
MKP: Plant
mKP: All

-Talk to Gretta, then head to Thunder Crag.

-In Thunder Crag you will be fighting swarms of Pyderog, Hyderog and Zapderog.
You will also fight Windorix and Thundorix during the last wave. Use a strong
Earth or Sky Spectrobe to fight, anything else will be weak against one of the
enemy types. Aobasar is my favorite to use as its STG ATK and SPL ATK is very
effective against the enemies, but someone like Dongiga or Gorberus would also
do fine.

-Go back to Gretta and then head to Kogoeria.

-Fire Krawl can be fought in Serenity Woods, Water Krawl can be fought in
Triple Falls, Sky Krawl are fought in Glow Moss Cave, Earth and Plant Krawl
are fought in High Meadow. If you return to Thunder Crag then you will battle
many waves of surprisingly low lvl enemies for this point in the game, most of
which will be Derog.

Kogoeria(Part 2)

KLR: 70
MKP: Water
mKP: All

-In Long Snowfield you'll fight Water and Fire Krawl.

-In Ice Cavern you'll fight Plant and Sky Krawl.

-In Frozen Cave you'll fight a few pairs of Pentagos. Luckily only one will be
active while the other one will only fight when you engage it. The best way to
kill them is the way you killed the one in Shining Plaza. Use the Spika Axe
and just keep attacking with it. The enemies are shielded so most other ATKs
will bounce off. Use a Spectrobe that boosts your ATK to make it go faster,
Leozar and Zazanero work best but Komadoros will also work. The Spectrobe is
there to boost your power, unfortunately most Spectrobe ATKs will be reduced
so their just there for support. If you want to bother, use the Leo Zapper to
burn them and lower their DEF. You'll do about 20% more damage but it only
lasts for about 10 seconds, it's up to you whether you think its worth it or

-Afterwards head back to camp and then back to Wyterra.

Wyterra(Part 8)

KLR: 55-95
MKP: Clear
mKP: All

-Talk to Kotetsu.

-Head to Valley of Mist. If you decided not to get lvl 100 Spectrobes then lvl
your team to 80. It's a good lvl range to be at for this point. Just so you
know, manually lvled Spectrobes are more powerful then ones straight out of a
fossil. For every 10 lvls gained through fighting, a Spectrobe will gain about
another 2-3 points in their stats. So if you lvl a Spectrobe long term then it
will be another 20-30 points stronger in all areas when it reaches 100, then a
Spectrobe evolved from a lvl 100 fossil. Of course this would be very time
consuming to do it for every type of Spectrobe and isn't worth a whole day or
two worth of hours. Especially when it's much easier and less time consuming
to just give your favorite Spectrobes a few of the stat boosting minerals.
However it's a good idea to do it with your team as you've been fighting many
battles with them anyway.

-You'll be fighting Galgore again. It's similar to the last time you fought it
but more powerful. Of course so are you, about 60-70 lvls stronger. Plus you
have a full team to work with this time. As usual use SPLs to inflict alot of
damage and heal when necessary. Some Zorb enemies will also be present during
the battle, but you should ignore them as I believe they are continuously

-I don't see the point of going through each planet like this. You just have
to get to each Boss again and fight it. The lvls of normal enemies will be in
the 70's to low 80's. The fight with Drilzon will also have Kasa, however you
should just ignore them. To fight Zabatar you just need to head towards the
center of the Great Desert. Gafing will go into his powered-up state at the
start of battle. All of the Boss's will be stronger and more aggressive. There
won't really be any new ATKs but some will be used differently or at a faster
pace. I hope you've gotten used to all the fast-paced battles with large
swarms of Krawl, because that's what all the normal battles are going to be
like from now on. You should know how to fight all the different types of
Krawl by now, and there won't be any new ones to worry about.

-You can fight the Boss Krawl in any order you wish. Once they've all been
defeated go talk to Kotetsu.

-You'll be told to go fight a super Krawl that can be found by going through
a portal located in the Great Desert of Menahat. You should lvl your team to
about 90. You don't really need to, but seeing as this is pretty much the
strongest Krawl you might as well max your teams lvl out. It'll probably take
around an hour or so to max one of them out. It's best to train in Sunny
Grassland and just keep fighting and re-entering there. There may be other
enemies that give more EXP, but the sheer rate at which you'll gain EXP in
this area will make it the best area to train in.

-Once you've finished training head over to the Great Desert and go through
the portal.


This Boss is dangerous, it'll quickly kill you if you give it a chance. If you
haven't been killed yet, don't be surprised if you get a game over for the
first time. Even at lvl 100 with a DEF boost from a Spectrobe you can still
take about 100-150 damage from a normal move, and double to triple that from
other ATKs. Make sure a good # of Giga or even Neo Rice Balls are ready. It'll
use quick claw ATKs as well as various others. It can use a suction move to
draw you towards it, as well as cast a black sphere on you that will inflict
damage 3-4 times. A multi-projectile ATK can be used while it's airborne that
will fire a few shots and end by firing a few of them at once. This move is
deadly and difficult to avoid, heal each time your hit. It can also use a
powerful charge ATK when airborne. The best way to defeat it is to kill it
fast. Bombard it with SPLs and don't give it the chance to unleash it's deadly
ATKs. If you draw the battle out you will probably lose. Just like Menahat's
Boss, if you hit it with a strong enough ATK it will collapse for a few
moments. I have fought it a few times, but always used the team above. I open
with Koma's SPL which usually causes it to collapse. If it fell I follow with
Sabo's SPL, then just keep using his other moves until he dies. Then I go to
Shaka and use it's ATKs until he gets hit a few times, his SPL is then used
which if done right can take out about half DARKROE's HP. The SPLs of the
others are then used to finish the fight. I can beat this Boss in a few
minutes but that's because I know it's pattern and how to ATK it. Use my team
or try to copy how I attacked. Just take it down fast. Like the other Boss's,
it'll get more aggressive the weaker it gets.

-After the fight go back to Kotetsu. You will unlock the 100 Krawl Challenge
over at Sanctum Ruins. This thing is completely optional. You will have to
fight numerous waves of various Kurag. You don't really gain anything for
beating times aside from the EXP from fighting. If you ask me, this is not a
great reward for beating all those battles. You should've gotten some kind of
super weapon or something like a special Spectrobe that has the Clear property
for all that. But what are you gonna do. A high lvl Optoger can beat them all
in about a minute.

-The only thing left is to destroy the Krawlosphere again. Just like all the
other planets, this area has also increased in lvl but is otherwise the same.

-Once Krux has been defeated again and you've said goodbye to Wyterra, an
extra scene is shown after the credits. You will be prompted to save again but
you should choose not to, unless you want to go through the second part again.

-Congratulations, on beating the game. The only other things to do is to lvl
all Spectrobes to 100 if you haven't done so. While most can be obtained at
lvl 100 through excavation there are also the 5 Card Input Spectrobes which
have to manually be raised, as well as the alternate colored ones if you wish
to raise them. You can also try getting better times for the 100 Krawl
Challenge, though you don't get anything for doing so.

--End 2

(PTB)===Property Barriers===

Throughout the many planets you will encounter small caves with a glowing
property symbol blocking the entrance. You must use a Child Spectrobe of the
same property to open them. Target them with the C button and give the Go!
command to open them. Inside is a Stone Marker that cannot be opened until you
reach the third planet and obtain a special item. Legendary weapons are
contained inside of them. Some Stone Markers are located out in the open but
still require the item.

Inception Hill-  Sky
Excavation Site- Earth
Dawn Bridge-     Fire
Sunny Grassland- Plant
Valley of Mist-  Water
Ancient Village- Earth
Forest Shortcut- Plant
Glow Moss Cave-  Sky
Green Ruins B1-  Plant
Long Snowfield-  Water
Icicle Cavern-   Water
Ice Ruins B1-    Water
Desert Ruins 2-  Fire
Desert Ruins 3-  Water
Desert Ruins 4-  Plant
Desert Ruins 5-  Earth
Desert Ruins 6-  Sky
Fire Ruins B1-   Fire
Fire Ruins B3-   Fire

(LTM)===Lost Memos===

These are data-disks left over from the previous Spectrobe Master. You will be
given some of them throughout the story, but most must be obtained by talking
to the various NPC's in towns. The best way to acquire the ones not gained
during story progression is to visit all planets after beating one. Then
seeing if any NPC's have an ! mark above their head, if they do they should
give you a lost disk when spoken to. They contain information on various
locations where fossils and mineral deposits can be found. The spots will
always contain the mentioned fossil. However the mineral deposits can only be
'harvested' once.

-Lost Disk #1- Gives access to Memo's 1, 2, 3 and 4
-Lost Disk #2- Gives access to Memo's 11 and 12
-Lost Disk #3- Gives access to Memo's 8 and 24
-Lost Disk #4- Gives access to Memo's 29 and 30
-Lost Disk #5- Gives access to Memo's 20 and 25
-Lost Disk #6- Gives access to Memo's 13 and 21
-Lost Disk #7- Gives access to Memo's 18 and 27
-Lost Disk #8- Gives access to Memo's 16 and 17
-Lost Disk #9- Gives access to Memo's 19 and 26
-Lost Disk #10- Gives access to Memo's 10, 15 and 23
-Lost Disk #11- Gives access to Memo's 5 and 14
-Lost Disk #12- Gives access to Memo's 22 and 28
-Lost Disk #13- Gives access to Memo's 6 and 7

(LGB)===Light Bridges===

Once you gain Pegatinum you may cross bridges that can only be seen and
crossed when mounted on it. There are only a few of them. Here are their
locations and functions.

Sunny Grassland- Gives access to Ancient Village
Tree of Life- Gives access to Stone Marker
High Meadow- Gives access to Stone Marker
Glacier Valley- Gives access to Stone Marker

(EQL)===Equipment List===

This section will contain every piece of equipment in the game including
weapons and shields. It will list equipment by type and show the details of
each piece. The format to be used is:

Weapon/Shield Name
Where/When obtained(will be added later)
Attack/Defence Increase
Weapon/Shield Effects


-Cosmo Sword
Basic sword for the Cosmolink. All-around balanced weapon.
First weapon, Comes with the Cosmolink
Swift 3-hit combo
Launch on third hit

-Zaza Sword
Zazanero-powered sword that can burn and knock back enemies.
Stone Marker behind Dawn Bridge Property Barrier
12 ATK
Swift 4-hit combo
Knock back on forth hit
Burn Effect

-Ryga Sword
Rydrake-powered sword with a 6-hit attack that freezes enemies.
Stone Marker behind Ice Ruins B1 Property Barrier
Swift 6-hit combo
Knock back on sixth hit
Freeze Effect

-Pepe Sword
Pepethraz-powered sword that can deliver a swift 5-hit attack.
Stone Marker behind Desert Ruins 4 Property Barrier
Swift 5-hit combo
Poison Effect

-Buto Sword
Butobasu-powered sword that can hit flying enemies with ease.
Stone Marker behind Excavation Site Property Barrier
11 ATK
Swift 4-hit combo
Knock back on forth hit

-Yagi Sword
Yagizora-powered sword with a forward 5-hit attack.
Stone Marker behind Inception Hill Property Barrier
10 ATK
Swift 5-hit combo
Launch on fifth hit

-Galaxy Sword
Upgraded sword that boasts high attack power.
Obtained through Card Input
12 ATK
Swift 3-hit combo
Knock back on third hit

-Gem Sword S
Special sword of light. The most powerful sword in the galaxy.
Obtained through Card Input
15 ATK
Swift 3-hit combo
Launch on third hit


-Cosmo Lance
Basic lance for the Cosmolink. Capable of multiple hits.
Obtained from Kotetsu during first planet 
12 ATK
Single thrust

-Torga Lance
Torgallup-powered lance that knocks enemies into the air.
Stone Marker across Light Bridge in Tree of Life
17 ATK
Double thrust
Launch on second hit

-Zeni Lance
Zenipyra-powered lance that has a solid strike.
Stone Marker behind Valley of Mist Property Barrier
18 ATK
Piercing thrust

-Maya Lance
Mayazerra-powered lance capable of 2 consecutive attacks.
Stone Marker behind Desert Ruins 5 Property Barrier
16 ATK
Double piercing thrust

-Zapp Lance
Zappizor-powered lance that will stun those around it's hit radius.
Stone Marker behind Glow Moss Cave Property Barrier
15 ATK
Single thrust
Stun Effect

-Galaxy Lance
Upgraded lance that's faster than a normal lance.
Obtained through Card Input
22 ATK
Piercing thrust
Break guard

-Drill Lance S
Special lance that drills through enemies with multiple hits.
Obtained through Card Input
22 ATK
Single thrust
Break guard


-Cosmo Axe
Basic axe for the Cosmolink. Slow, but extremely powerful.
Obtained from Kamtoga during first boss battle on Kogoeria
25 ATK
Single swing
Break guard

-Koma Axe
Komadoros-powered axe with a 2-hit horizontal attack.
Stone Marker behind Desert Ruins 2 Property Barrier
28 ATK
Double swing
Break guard

-Shaka Axe
Shakablad-powered axe that can deliver a swift 3-hit attack.
Stone Marker across Light Bridge in Glacier Valley
27 ATK
Triple swing
Break guard

-Spika Axe
Spikanor-powered axe with a three-hit attack that knocks down enemies.
Stone Marker behind Sunny Grassland Property Barrier
28 ATK
Triple swing
Knock down on each hit
Break guard

-Dongiga Axe
Dongiga-powered axe that can knock enemies into the air.
Stone Marker in Great Desert
29 ATK
Double swing
Launch on both hits
Slow Effect
Break guard

-Bombza Axe
Bombzar-powered axe with a 3-hit attack that knocks back enemies.
Stone Marker in Tower 503F
28 ATK
Triple swing
Knock back on each hit
Break Guard

-Galaxy Axe
Upgraded axe that has a big wide-range attack.
Obtained through Card Input
30 ATK
Single swing
Break guard

-Giga Axe S
Special axe that can deliver a swift and powerful 4-hit attack.
Obtained through Card Input
30 ATK
Quadruple swing
Break guard


-Cosmo Glove
Basic glove for the Cosmolink. Close-range, but powerful.
Obtained from Kotetsu during first planet
18 ATK
Forward strike
Knock back on each hit

-Totsu Glove
Totsuzen-powered glove that creates rising pillars of fire.
Stone Marker across Light Bridge in High Meadow
15 ATK
Downward strike
Burn Effect

-Uka Glove
Ukazeer-powered glove that can juggle enemies high into the air.
Stone Marker behind Icicle Cavern Property Barrier
15 ATK
Launch on each hit
Break guard

-Zuwa Glove
Zuwakrid-powered glove that creates rising pillars of water.
Stone Marker behind Desert Ruins 3 Property Barrier
18 ATK
Downward strike
Launch on each hit

-Shima Glove
Shimadoros-powered glove that knocks enemies down.
Stone Marker in Pit of Ruin
20 ATK
Downward strike
Knock down on each hit
Slow Effect
Break guard

-Tote Glove
Totegarda-powered glove that can hit flying enimies with ease.
Stone Marker in Tower 2F
18 ATK
Jumping uppercut
Launch Effect

-Galaxy Glove
Upgraded glove that allows you to pummel through enemies.
Obtained through Card Input
25 ATK
Charging strike
Knock back on each hit

-Cat Glove S
Special, playful glove that can deliver a powerful 3-hit attack.
Obtained through Card Input
15 ATK
3-hit combo
Knock back on each hit


-Cosmo Blaster
Basic blaster for the Cosmolink. Allows for long-distance attacks.
Obtained from Kamtoga after first boss battle on Kogoeria
3-blast shot

-Paga Blaster
Pagadori-powered blaster with a 3-way shot that freezes enemies.
Stone Marker behind Long Snowfield Property Barrier
3-way shot
Freeze Effect

-Flora Blaster
Florami-powered blaster with a 3-way shot that poisons enemies.
Stone Marker in Thunder Crag
3-way shot
Poison Effect

-Aoba Blaster
Aobasar-powered blaster with a 5-way shot that launches enemies.
Stone Marker in Wasteland
5-way shot
Launch Effect

-Flame Blaster
Flamerax-powered blaster that can shoot 6 consecutive blasts.
Stone Marker in Tower 102F
6-blast shot

-Opto Blaster
Optoger-powered blaster with a 3-way shot that stuns enemies.
Stone Marker behind Desert Ruins 6 Property Barrier
3-way homing shot
Stun Effect

-Leo Zapper
Leozar-powered zapper with a laser that can burn enemies.
Stone Marker in Fire Ruins B1
Straight laser(3 hits)
Break Guard

-Gorb Zapper
Gorberus-powered zapper with a 2-shot blast that slows enemies.
Stone Marker behind Ancient Village Property Barrier
2-way homing laser
Slow Effect

-Mizu Zapper
Mizusar-powered zapper with a laser that can freeze enemies.
Stone Marker in Tower 203F
Straight laser
Break Guard

-Hiko Cannon
Hikolossa-powered cannon with an explosive blast.
Stone Marker in Inferno Heights
Explosive blast
Knock back

-Goka Cannon
Gokazoa-powered cannon with a powerful homing blast.
Stone Marker in Mt. Awakening
Knock back

-Dongu Cannon
Daidongu-powered cannon with a blast that can poison enemies.
Stone Marker behind Forest Shortcut Property Barrier
Explosive blast
Poison Effect

-Scara Cannon
Scarazook-powered cannon with a blast that slows enemies.
Stone Marker in Tower 802F
Explosive blast
Knock down

-Galaxy Blaster
Upgraded blaster that can shoot up to 4 consecutive blasts.
Obtained through Card Input
4-blast shot

-Ninja Blaster S
Special blaster that can fire up to 5 consecutive shuriken blasts.
Obtained through Card Input
5-blast shot


-Cosmo Shield
Basic shield for the Cosmolink. Slightly increases your DEF.
Obtained from Kotetsu after beating Doldogo
10 DEF

-Tekka Shield
Tekkadorax-powered shield that greatly raises your DEF.
Stone Marker in Fire Ruins B3
20 DEF

-Sabo Shield
Saboquill-powered shield that slightly raises your ATK and DEF.
Stone Marker behind Green Ruins B1 Property Barrier
5 ATK/10 DEF
Reflect Damage

A note about the S weapons. There is a different version for Rallen and Jeena.
Meaning the weapon will look different depending on who is using it. Each
weapon also adds an accessory to the player characters outfit when equipped.
The Sword adds a Badge, the Lance adds a pair of Goggles, the Axe adds a
Necklace, the Glove adds Cat Ears, and the Blaster adds a Ninja Headband. 

(ITL)===Items List===

This section will contain info on any items that do not fit elsewhere
including healing items, minerals and training gear.

--Healing Items

-Rice Ball
Effect: +30 HP
Rarity: *

A regular rice ball. Restores 30 HP of your main character's health.

-Mega Rice Ball
Effect: +100 HP
Rarity: **

A tasty rice ball. Restores 100 HP of your main character's health.

-Giga Rice Ball
Effect: +300 HP
Rarity: *** (First found on Doldogo)

A gourmet rice ball. Restores 300 HP of your main character's health.

-Neo Rice Ball
Effect: Fully restores HP
Rarity: ****(only found on Bahmud/or Ancient Village, Mt. Awakening)

The ultimate rice ball. Restores all HP of your main character's health.

*It can can also be found on other planets but it is an extremely rare find
on them. I have found one in Icicle Cavern but that was lucky.


-Blue Mineral
Effect: +16 EXP
Rarity: *

An ordinary mineral that raises EXP by 16.

-Green Mineral
Effect: +32 EXP
Rarity: *1/2

A high-grade mineral that raises EXP by 32. 

-Yellow Mineral
Effect: +64 EXP
Rarity: **

A high quality mineral that raises EXP by 64.

-Orange Mineral
Effect: +128 EXP
Rarity: **1/2

A primo mineral that raises EXP by 128.

-Pink Mineral
Effect: +256 EXP
Rarity: *** (First found on Kogoeria)

An ultra-high quality mineral that raises EXP by 256.

-Red Mineral
Effect: +512 EXP
Rarity: ***1/2( First found on Menahat)

A superfine mineral that raises EXP by 512.

-Purple Mineral
Effect: +1,024 EXP
Rarity: **** (First found on Bahmud/and through mineral fossils)

An ultra fine mineral that raises EXP by 1,024.

-Attack Mineral
Effect: + 10 ATK
Rarity: ***(First found on Doldogo)

A choice mineral that raises attack power.

-Guard Mineral
Effect: + 10 DEF
Rarity: ***(First found on Doldogo)

A choice mineral that raises defense power.

-Life Mineral
Effect: + 10 HP
Rarity: ***(First found on Doldogo)

A choice mineral that raises max HP.

-Super Mineral
Effect: + 10 ATK/DEF/HP
Rarity: *****(Only obtained through Card Input)

A choice mineral that raises attack/defense power and max HP.

-Evolve Mineral
Effect: Evolves a Spectrobe to the next stage
Rarity: **(found starting from Doldogo)

A special mineral that makes Spectrobes evolve.

--Training Gear(First found on Doldogo)

-Fire Kyptos
Effect: % chance of raising level. Increased chance for Fire Property .
Rarity: ***

A training device that has the Fire property.

-Water Kyptos
Effect: % chance of raising level. Increased chance for Water Property.
Rarity: ***

A training device that has the Water property.

-Plant Kyptos
Effect: % chance of raising level. Increased chance for Plant Property.
Rarity: ***

A training device that has the Plant property.

-Sky Kyptos
Effect: % chance of raising level. Increased chance for Sky Property.
Rarity: ***

A training device that has the Sky property.

- Earth Kyptos
Effect: % chance of raising level. Increased chance for Earth Property.
Rarity: ***

A training device that has the Earth property.

- Clear Kyptos
Effect: % chance of raising level.
Rarity: ***

A training device that has the power of all 5 properties.

(SPL)===Spectrobes List===

This list will contain all of the Spectrobes that can be obtained in the game.
They will be listed by property and form. Attacks will also have range, power,
speed, # of hits and type. Each battle Spectrobe will also have its stats
ranked. Here is the format to be used:

-Name of fossil form
Planets where it can be found
Fighting Class
Alternate color if any(most prominent color will be listed)

Child Form Name

Adult/Evolved Form Name
Stat Rank

Species Comments

ATKs will have a summary of what they can do next to their name. The BSC ATK
will be represented by a B. Here is the format to be used:

Name of Attack- Range, Power(none for B), Speed, # of Hits, Type
Comments if any

Range is classified by Area, Frontal, Line, and Single. Area means that the
ATK inflicts damage on foes in a perimeter around the attacker. Frontal means
the ATK inflicts damage on foes in front of the attacker. Line means the ATK
inflicts damage in a line in front of the attacker, it can be a beam or a
physical charge. Single means the ATK hits the targeted/nearest foe, it may be
able to hit more than one enemy if they are close together. With the exception
of Area, all of these are centered on the targeted enemy. 'Targeted' may be
added to Area, this would mean the ATK does damage to the target as well as
enemies in a perimeter around the target. Ranges may also be combined. Ex.
Line Area could mean the Spectrobe charges into one enemy and then does an
area ATK or the Spectrobe spins while going forward.

Power will be represented by a number telling about how much more damage the
ATK does compared to their normal attack. If the number is 1.5, that means the
ATK will do about 50% more damage than their normal ATK does. If the ATK hits
multiple times, and some hits are stronger than others, all possible power
levels will be listed in order of strength. The enemies used for testing are
of the clear property, your damage can differ depending on the property of the
enemy your attacking. Power was difficult to determine. As you play the game
and get to higher levels you'll notice ATKs can have a large damage range. The
power ratings are estimates gotten by comparing the mean of a few ATKs. Don't
expect an ATK to do exactly the damage stated, but it's the average power. The
regular attack won't have Power.

Speed will be shown by 1 to 3 stars. 1 meaning it's slow or there's some kind
of wind-up/charge, 2 being normal and 3 meaning the ATK is almost instant.

# of Hits will simply be the number of times the ATK hits an enemy. The #
represents the maximum # of hits per enemy, it may hit fewer times depending
on the placement of enemies. Melee ATKs may hit non-targeted enemies that are
in their path. Certain ranged ATKs may have a various # of hits, multiple
projectiles may hit the same enemy if close enough, beams may damage each time
an enemy comes in contact with it. An ATK that can have a circumstantial #
of hits will have a ^ symbol. Hit number can increase for STG ATKs when they
level up. The number displayed is for the max level version of the attack. If
your STG ATK is not at the max level, it may hit a fewer # of times.

Type will be either Melee or Ranged. If the ATK has any added effects it will
be mentioned to the right of here. Some Spectrobes perform an ATK that is only
used when given the ATK command. This will be referred to as CMD ATK and it is
separate from the BSC ATK. Some Spectrobes will perform their STG ATK if given
the ATK CMD. Spectrobes that can do so will have CMD in parenthesis next to
their STG ATK. 

Stats will mostly be ranked from 1-4 Stars. If a stat is exceptionally high it
will get a 5 star rating. A stat may also get a half star represented by 1/2.
Ratings will be separate for Adult and Evolved forms. So if an Adult and
Evolved form both get a 3 in ATK, it does not mean they have the same power,
because they are ranked using different standards. ABL that enhance stats will
be excluded, only a Spectrobes natural statistic will be ranked. However an
alternate rank including the effects of ABLs will be next to the actual rank.
All Spectrobes were at Lvl 100 when they were ranked.


Slayso(500F and up, 503 is the best place)
Strong Single-Striker
Evolved Form- Black(see Card Input section)

2 ft/55 lb
This powerhouse engages in constant physical training and demands other to do
the same.

8.5 ft/1323 lb
This quiet but hardworking warrior likes to further beef up its already
powerful body.

HP : ***
ATK: ****
DEF: ****

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Rising Claw     Single, x1.5, *, 1, Melee     Knockdown
Tekkadon leaps at its enemy with its sharp claws ablaze to deliver a powerful

SPL ATK: Super Slash     Line, x2, **, 5^, Melee     Knockdown
Tekkadon slashes surrounding enemies to pieces with razor-sharp claws! 

BNS ABL: Auto Guard     Auto-Guard success 50%
Protects both Tekkadon and you from head-on attacks.

10.8 ft/3968 lb
With burning red spears for hands, this proud warrior is a dependable ally in

HP : ***
ATK: ***1/2
DEF: ****

BSC ATK: Thrust     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Uppercut     Single, x1.5, *, 1, Melee     Anti-Air, Launch

STG ATK: Burning Spear     Single, x2, *, 1, Melee     Knockdown
Tekkadorax delivers fiery jabs with both of its powerful hands!

SPL ATK: 1000 Spears     Line, x2, **, 5^, Melee     Knockdown
Tekkadorax mows down its foes with a barrage of fiery thrusts! 

BNS ABL: Auto Guard+     Auto-Guard success 100%
Protects both Tekkadorax and you from head-on attacks.

This race is a little slow but otherwise is very strong. The STG ATK's can be
used repeatedly since they knockdown. The SPL ATK is almost the same for both,
but that's not bad. They charge forward while unleashing several powerful
ATK's, so try to line up enemies to get the most out of it. Tekkadorax's CMD
ATK is only used when the target is a flying enemy. The ability is pretty cool
as it can automatically protect you from direct ATK's. It will also increase
the Tekka's survivability as it will cause them to guard much more often than
a Spectrobe normally would.    
Doldogo(One is found in Master's Cave, Wyterra)
Strong Single-Striker

2 ft/29 lb
Too shy to ask others to play, this red-faced little guy will often go off and
play alone.

7.8 ft/1323 lb
One minute quiet and the next minute raring to go, this guy can be hard to

HP : ****
ATK: ****
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Punch     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Heavy Burn     Single, x.60, **, 3, Melee     Burn
Gazen swings his arms wildly in the air and rains down fire that burns all

SPL ATK: Comet Burst     Frontal, x1, **, 3^, Melee
Gazen slams into the ground, sending a flaming attack right at its enemy!

BNS ABL: Damage Up     Damage dealt +10
Increases the damage Gazen and you inflict on enemies.

8.2 ft/4189 lb
This little tank knows its power is unrivaled, but only tries hard when it
feels like it.

HP : ****
ATK: ****
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Punch     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Power Smash     Single, x2, **, 1, Melee     Guard Break
Totsuzen violently slams its arms down on its foe, sending them flying through
the air!

SPL ATK: Meteo Burst     Line Frontal, x2/x4, **, 2^, Melee
Totsuzen does a high jump and slams the enemy with a powerful flaming attack!

BNS ABL: Damage Up+     Damage dealt +15
Increases the damage Totsuzen and you inflict on enemies.

These guys have the highest natural ATK for their form. Their ability adds
10/15 points to all damage they and the character inflict. Just use their
ATK's as you see fit as they don't really have any special effects. This race
is all about pure power and they have decent durability as well. Make sure you
lock on when using Meteo Burst.

Strong Ranged
Evolved Form- Gold(see Card Input section)

2.3 ft/15lb
No one can stop this flaming avenger when it gets angry and its fire burns

8.5 ft/441 lb
Everyone knows this aerial firebrand likes to fly ahead and has a mind of its

HP : *
ATK: **1/2
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Double Shot     Single, **, 2, Ranged

STG ATK: Flame Shot     Single, x2, *, 1, Ranged     Knockback, Burn
Hikodrake fires blazing hot fireballs at its enemy! 

SPL ATK: Flame Breath     Frontal, x2, **, 4^, Ranged     Burn
Hikodrake spews blazing hot flames at the enemy in front of it!

BNS ABL: Fire Boost     Fire Property damage -10%, Burn guard 30%
Decreases the Fire damage that Hikodrake and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting burned. 

14.8 ft/1984 lb
Strong-willed and powerful, this confident warrior tends to act on its own.

HP : ****
ATK: **1/2
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Hot Shot     Single, **, 1, Ranged

STG ATK: Flame Blast     Single, x1.5, *, 1, Ranged     Knockback, Burn
Hikolossa sends 2 powerful whirling fireballs flying towards its enemy!

SPL ATK: Magma Bomb     Targeted Area, x2, **, 1^, Ranged     Anti-Air, Burn
Hikolossa deals major damage by spewing fireballs from all three of its mouths
at once!  

BNS ABL: Fire Boost+     Fire Property damage -15%, Burn guard 40% 
Decreases the Fire damage that Hikolossa and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting burned.

Both their STG ATK's knockback enemies so you can use them repeatedly. A burn
may also be inflicted which will increase the damage enemies take. The SPL's
are pretty nice but usually the STG ATKs are sufficient. Make sure you gather
enemies when using a SPL, especially for MB as its range is small. FB can hit
alot of enemies many times if their positioned well. MB seems to only hit
flying enemies multiple times, it bores into them and is capable of inflicting
a Burn. The ability has limited value, burns are rare and you probably won't
use a Fire Spectrobe on Fire Krawl unless you have to. However the ABL can
give an edge when fighting Fire Krawl.

Wyterra, Bahmud
Fast Combo

1.9 ft/66 lb
This bundle of energy zooms about restlessly, smashing into walls wherever it

7.2 ft/903 lb
This speed freak feeds on danger and loves nothing more than plowing into the

HP : *
ATK: *
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: First Gear     Single, ***, 1, Melee     Launch

STG ATK: Gear Change     Single, x1, ***, 4, Melee
Torgazar uses both claws and its tail to deliver multiple swift strikes!

SPL ATK: Super Wheelie     Line Area, x2/x3, ***, 2^, Melee     Knockback
Torgazar races straight into its foe with its entire body ablaze then finishes
with a spinning attack!

BNS ABL: Cost Down     Charge Gauge decrease -30%
Lowers the drain on the charge gauge when using special attacks!

12.8 ft/ 3306 lb
Shooting flames from behind, this engine of destruction crushes the enemy with
a spin attack.

HP : ****
ATK: *1/2
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Head Butt     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Charge Crush     Single, x1.5, *, 2, Melee 
With tires screeching, Torgallup speeds right into its foe with the force of a

SPL ATK: Flame Drift     Area, x2, ***, 3, Melee
Torgallup spins around and knocks back enemies with the power of fire!

BNS ABL: Cost Down+     Charge Gauge decrease -60%
Greatly lowers the drain on the charge gauge when using special attacks!

Cost down is a very interesting ability. It allows these guys to keep a 
portion of their charge gauge after they use their SPL. Torgallup especially
will only need to fill less than half the gauge to use a SPL, just after using
one! This lets him use his SPL multiple times. Torgazar can use his CMD and
STG attacks in a chain, then use his SPL when the gauge fills. Torgallup's
main focus is to fill the fraction of his gauge, then use his SPL. His STG ATK
is slow but strong and will help fill his gauge pretty fast. 

Fast Combo

1.3 ft/15 lb
This  flamboyant fellow is proud of its well-kept ears and is always raring to

7.2 ft/242 lb
Conceited and known to throw tantrums, this little terror is quite scary when

HP : *
ATK: * (** w/ ability)
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, ***, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Mad Slash     Single, ***, 1, Melee     Knockdown

STG ATK: Fire Kick    Single, x1, ***, 4, Melee    Knockback/Launch on 2nd/3rd
Zazane gracefully leaps into the air and spins, delivering a barrage of

SPL ATK: Fire Spin     Line, x4, ***, 2, Melee  
Spinning quickly about, Zazane hurls toward its foe for a powerful direct

BNS ABL: Melee Up     ATK(direct attacks) +20%
Increases the power of Zazane and your melee attacks.

8.8 ft/992 lb
This proud elegant creature has a back kick that is as beautiful as it is

HP : *
ATK: * (**** w/ ability)
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Head Butt     Single, ***, 1, Melee 

CMD ATK: Flame Ballet     Single, ***, 1 per enemy, Melee

STG ATK: Blaze Kick     Single, x1, ***, 5, Melee
Zazanero rises on its hind legs and leaps at its foe to deliver a flurry of
swift kicks.

SPL ATK: Mach Breaker     Single, rises 20% each hit, ***, 6, Melee
Zazanero unleashes multiple attacks as it whirls around at breakneck speed!

BNS ABL: Melee Up+     ATK(direct attacks) +50%
Increases the power of Zazanero and your melee attacks.

These guys are very powerful for speedsters. Melee Up increases the actual
damage they inflict rather than their ATK stat, this gives their fast-paced
moves an impressive boost. Zazane can use its CMD ATK to knockdown a foe, then
beat it up with FK which can be used over and over because of the ATK effects.
Zazanero's FB hits each enemy/target once. So if theirs 1 enemy it'll hit that
enemy once, if theirs 4 it'll hit each one once. If used on a boss with
multiple targets it'll hit each part of the boss, this can make it even more
useful than it's STG ATK. FS inflicts impressive damage and MB is one of the
strongest ATKs in the game. MB hits 6 times and each hit will inflict about
20% more damage than the hit before it. Melee Up's 20/50% increase also gives
your characters direct ATK's a huge boost.       

Bahmud(You start the game with its child form)
Balanced Ranged
Child Form- Skull/Jumpsuit/Stuffed(see Card Input section)
All Forms- Metallic Gold/Silver(see Card Input section)

1.6 ft/22 lb
This easy-going fellow lives at its own pace and loves having its soft curly
ears petted.

6.2 ft/ 507 lb
Once it sinks its teeth in, this fanged champion is like a beast that never
lets go.

HP : ** (**** w/ ability)
ATK: ** (*** w/ ability)
DEF: *1/2 (*** w/ ability)

BSC ATK: Lunge     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Wild Fireball     Single, x.8, **, 3, Ranged     Homing
Komanoto spits a fireball from its gaping jaws, delivering major damage to a
distant foe! 

SPL ATK: Burning Strike     Area, x4, **, 1, Melee     Knockback
Komanoto whirls at great speed, ignites and slams into its foe for a fiery

BNS ABL: Battle Up     ATK/DEF +10% (HP is also increased)
Increases both Komanoto and your HP, ATK and DEF during battles. 

10.8 ft/2425 lb
Normally docile, this living tank destroys evil with a charge like a hurling

HP : *** (**** w/ ability)
ATK: ** (**** w/ ability)
DEF: ** (**** w/ ability)

BSC ATK: Lunge     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Inferno Blast     Single, x.8, ***, 3, Ranged
Komadoros spits fireballs that blast through the enemy with tremendous force!

SPL ATK: Meteo Strike     Area, x3.5, **, 1, Melee
Komadoros leaps into the sky and then comes shooting down onto its foe like a

BNS ABL: Battle Up+     ATK/DEF +30% (HP is also increased)
Increases both Komadoros and your HP, ATK and DEF during battles.

This species is powerful in every way. Battle Up will give their HP/ATK/DEF a
10%/30% boost. Even though the game says that their ranged, they only have one
ranged move. Their STG ATK being ranged and hitting 3 times is useful with
their high ATK. Their SPL only hits once but is a very powerful Area ATK.
Boss's with multiple parts will take damage for each one hit meaning it can
inflict major damage on them. Komadoros is probably the overall strongest
Spectrobe. Only a few others can beat it in raw power. Its durability is
impressive with a Max HP and top of the line DEF. Although bulky its fairly
quick. All these factors mean it can take and dish out alot of damage. The
HP/ATK/DEF boost is a huge benefit for the character.

Balanced Single-Striker
All Forms- Metallic Red(see cheat/DS Link in Card Input section)

1.9 ft/28 lb
This lone wolf hates anything crooked and never fails to help those in need.

6.8 ft/749 lb
This single-minded yet logical thinker attacks with a powerful body slam.

HP : **
ATK: ** (**** w/ ability)
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Lunge     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Jump Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee 

STG ATK: Foot Slash     Single, 1.5, **, 1, Melee     Knockdown
Leopuba leaps and strikes its foe with the horns growing from its hind legs!

SPL ATK: Hyper Spin     Area, x2, **, 1^, Melee    Knockback
Leopuba closes in and delivers a sudden unexpected spin attack with
devastating power!

BNS ABL: Attack Up     ATK +20%
Increases both Leopuba and your ATK during battles.

11.4 ft/1300 lb
This lone wolf with a kingly manner has a howl that slices through the enemy.

HP : **1/2
ATK: ** (**** w/ability)
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Charge     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Lunge     Single, ***, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Fire Spear     Single, x1.3, **, 4, Melee     Knockdown, Anti-Air
Leozar lowers the ring around its head, ignites, and then delivers a fiery
spin attack!

Fire Spear only seems to hit large/flying enemies 4 times. Otherwise it only
hits 1-3 times.

SPL ATK: Burning Beam     Line, 2, **, 2^, Ranged     Pierce
Leozar roars as it shoots a fiery laser beam straight ahead! 

BNS ABL: Attack Up+     ATK +50% 
Increases both Leozar and your ATK during battles.

This Species can obtain one of the highest ATK levels in the game for their
form. Both of their STG ATK's can knock the enemy down, meaning they can use
it repeatedly to kill the enemy. FS is like a jumping lunge so only flying
enemies or ones standing up will be hit more than once or twice. HS has a
small range so enemies must be very close in order for it to hit more than
one. BB is very powerful against bosses, since they can't be knocked away the
ATK will 'bore' into them about 10 or more times. However some bosses have
protection against ranged ATK's so damage may be reduced.

--Flamerax (Secret Evolved Form, Obtained through Card Input)
Balanced Ranged
12.5 ft/595 lb
This flaming warrior is burning with battle lust and will take on any

HP : ***1/2
ATK: **
DEF: **1/2

BSC ATK: Fire Bolt     Line, **, 1, Ranged     Pierce

(CMD)STG ATK: Flare Slash     Line, x1, ***, 5, Ranged     Pierce, Burn
Flamerax strikes multiple foes by firing a beam from the hole on the side of
its head! 

SPL ATK: Crimson Beam     Line, x2, ***, 3^, Ranged
Flamerax mows down its enemy with a fiery shockwave that goes through the

BNS ABL: Fire Boost++     Fire Property damage -20%, Burn guard 100%
Decreases the Fire damage that Flamerax and you receive from enemies and
prevents both of you from getting burned.

Flamerax is a Secret Spectrobe. He's also a very powerful one. Flare Slash
delivers 2-5 hits depending on its level. When it can hit 5 times it becomes
deadly. It can pierce enemies meaning if you gather them the ATK can hit more
then one. He also uses it just by giving the ATK command. With 5 hits FS will
usually inflict as much damage on one enemy as Crimson Beam will. However CB
has a better chance of hitting more than one foe. Be careful when using CB in
a bumpy area as it can go over or even under the enemies if fired at an angle.
The ability has limited value, burns are rare and you probably won't use a
fire Spectrobe on fire Krawl unless you have to. Although, FS is so powerful
the defensive buffer may be worth drop in power.


Strong Combo

2.3 ft/44 lb
A homebody at heart, this reclusive guy is an avid collector that hates to

8.9 ft/1543 lb
This heavy hitter may get the job done, but then always wants to go home right

HP : ***
ATK: **1/2
DEF: ***1/2 (***** w/ ability)

BSC ATK: Lash     Single, **, 1, Melee     

STG ATK: Spin Crush     Line Area, x1, **, 3-6^, Melee     
Zenigor spins and uses the horns attached to its shell to deliver a combo

SPL ATK: Spinning Horn     Area, x1.5, **, 3^, Melee
Spinning rapidly, Zenigor mows down surrounding foes with its sharp horns!

BNS ABL: Guard Up     DEF +20%
Increases both Zenigor and your DEF during battles.

16.1 ft/3968 lb
Normally well mannered, this workhorse tears into the enemy with its keen

HP : ****
ATK: **1/2
DEF: *** (***** w/ ability)

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee 

STG ATK: Spin Slash     Line Area, x1, **, 4^, Melee
Zenipyra spins the blades on its shell, striking the enemy repeatedly!

SPL ATK: Typhoon Edge     Area, x1.5, **, 3^, Melee
Zenipyra spins as it pushes forward, mowing down foes around it like a

BNS ABL: Guard Up+     DEF +50%
Increases both Zenipyra and your DEF during battles.

These guys are pretty strong considering their defensive Spectrobes. Guard Up
gives them and the character a huge defense boost. The plus version basically
cuts the damage you would normally take in half. Their SPL ATK's are fairly
similar in that they both spin like a top at an angle. SH and TE are powerful
and useful attacks, especially when your swarmed by a large group of Krawl.
SC and SS's # of hits can vary. SS may hit twice for the 3rd and 4th parts of
the ATK depending on the position of an enemy. SC is a little funny, it seems
Zenigor can spin either 3 or more(5,6,7) times depending on the position of an
enemy. If the enemy is on the ground he ATK's 3 times, but if the enemy is in
the air when the command is given he'll usually ATK with a longer combo. In
short, although a bit slow these guys do a great job of both taking and
dishing out damage.   

Menahat(given one on Kogoeria)
Strong Combo

2 ft/22 lb
Naive and strangely proud of its floating body, this little dreamer is known
to get lost.

8.2 ft/441 lb
With a kingly manner and glimmering body, this one is a real go-getter.

HP : ***
ATK: **
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Flip Slash    Single, **, 1, Melee     Launch

STG ATK: Tail Burst     Area, x1.2/x1.5, **, 1-3, Melee     Knockback
Ukalos raises its tail blades then strikes the enemy with a swift hard strike!

SPL ATK: Wave Shower     Area, x2, **, 4, Melee
Ukalos builds up power, leaps into the air, and then sends shockwaves that cut
down enemies on the ground! 

BNS ABL: Charge Up     Charge Gauge increase +50%
Increases the rate that the Charge Gauge builds up.

11.8 ft/2205 lb
Enemies bow down before this kingly beast's sharp claws and even sharper

HP : ***1/2
ATK: **1/2
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Claw Shot     Single, **, 2, Melee

CMD ATK: Mega Claw     Single, x2, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Golden Claw     Single, x2, **, 4, Melee     Knockback
Ukazeer strikes with both claws multiple times with furious speed! 

SPL ATK: Claw Storm     Forward, x3, ***, 8^, Melee
Ukazeer slashes the enemy with its gigantic claws! 

BNS ABL: Charge Up+     Charge Gauge increase +100%
Increases the rate that the Charge Gauge builds up.

Their fairly balanced stat-wise. Charge Up is an awesome ability that allows
them to quickly charge their SPL ATK gauges. They should be used in the same
way as the Torga family, use their attacks until the gauge fills then unleash
a SPL. Both STG ATKs knockback allowing repeated use of them. Ukalos can use
FS and TB in combination. TB is a little tricky, it seems the # of hits is
determined by how many enemies near it are knocked down. The SPLs inflict a
high amount of damage, and when combined with their ability, they can cause
alot of chaos for your enemies. 

Fast Combo
All Forms- Metallic Blue(see cheat/DS Link in Card Input section)

2.3 ft/26 lb
This poker-faced fellow does not say much and is as cool as a cucumber till
fight time.

7.5 ft/683 lb
Like a superhero, this warrior can take out many enemies at once with its
sharp metal wings.

HP : *
ATK: *
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Lunge     Single, x1, ***, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Blade Charge     Single, x1, ***, 4, Melee     Knockback    
Rygazelle swings its sharp wings at its foe and delivers a swift combo that

SPL ATK: Thunder Dash     Single, x1.5, ***, 6^, Melee     Freeze
Rygazelle covers itself in water and races into the enemy like a streak of

BNS ABL: Water Boost     Water Property damage -10%, Freeze guard 30%
Decreases the Water damage that Rygazelle and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting frozen. 

11.8 ft/1036 lb
This faithful guardian always protects you, but stay clear of its razor-sharp

HP : *
ATK: *
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Lunge     Single, x1/x1.3, ***, 3, Melee

STG ATK: Blade Crush     Single, x1/x1.3, ***, 5, Melee     Knockback
Rydrake delivers multiple attacks using its large sword-like wings!

SPL ATK: Water Strike     Forward, x6, ***, 1, Melee     Freeze
Rydrake sheaths its wings in water and rockets into the enemy, slicing them to

BNS ABL: Water Boost+     Water Property damage -15%, Freeze guard 60%
Decreases the Water damage that Rydrake and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting frozen.

Their fast-paced ATKs make up for their low stats. Both STG ATKs can knockback
enemies, so they can be used repeatedly. You should be locked-on when using TD
so the ATK takes full effect. TD causes a high amount of damage and can freeze
enemies which is a fairly rare trait. WS will inflict high damage on all foes
near Rydrake as well as freeze them allow for an easy follow-up ATK. Water
Boost is useful as it protects against freeze which is one of the more
dangerous effects, the property DEF is also a nice perk.   

Fast Ranged

1.3 ft/22 lb
This little scaredy cat cries when left alone and always wants to be

7.8 ft/1752 lb
This little comedian likes to make people laugh to hide its insecurity.

HP : *
ATK: 1/2 (* w/ ability)
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Ice Shot     Single, **, 1, Ranged

(CMD)STG ATK: Ice Flip     Forward, x1, **, 1^, Ranged     Freeze
Pagani spreads its wings like flower petals and spins while firing ice balls
at its foe!

SPL ATK: Snow Tulip     Area, x1, ***, 4^, Ranged     Freeze, Homing
Pagani whirls like a flower in the wind, slamming chunks of ice against its

BNS ABL: Blast Up     ATK(indirect attacks) +20%
Increases the power of both Pagani and your indirect attacks.

14.4 ft/9872 lb
With a firm belief that courage trumps fear, this regal beast attacks with
spread wings.

HP : 1/2
ATK: 1/2 (**1/2 w/ ability)
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Ice Shot     Single, **, 1, Ranged

(CMD)STG ATK: Freeze Twirl     Forward, x1, **, 1^, Ranged     Freeze
Pagadori jumps and performs a beautiful 360 twirl as it shoots out ice balls!

SPL ATK: Snow Flare     Area, x1, ***, 8^, Ranged     Freeze, Homing
Pagadori spreads its wings and showers nearby enemies with homing ice blasts!

BNS ABL: Blast Up+    ATK(indirect attacks) +50%
Increases the power of both Pagadori and your indirect attacks.

They may have some of the lowest stats in the game, but they are also the only
fast-ranged Spectrobe in the game. With their ability, Blast Up, boosting all
ranged ATKs you can barrage enemies from a distance. Their ATKs can freeze
enemies which will help in both offense and defense. Their SPLs fire out a #
of icicles, this means the less enemies the more hits an enemy will receive.  

Fast Combo
Evolved Form- (Top)Aqua-Green, (Bottom)Purple(see Card Input section)

2.2 ft/52 lb
Like the steely knife it resembles, this fighter has a spirit that won't bend
or break.

11.8 ft/815 lb
This bladed fish-like fighter swims through the air, attacking with quick

HP : **
ATK: * (***** w/ ability, and near death)
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Wide Slash     Frontal, ***, 1, Melee 

STG ATK: Samurai Slash     Single, x1, ***, 4, Melee     Knockback     
Shakor uses the blade growing from its head to cut its foes to pieces like a

This attack can be used repeatedly because of knockdown.

SPL ATK: Head Screw     Single/Area, x1, ***, 6^, Melee
Shakor straightens out and spins as it shoots into the enemy with its head

Shakor darts around while randomly changing direction during this attack. If
locked onto an enemy he mainly hits that target, but will hit others as well.
If not locked on he will probably charge strait through enemies into a wall,
so its best to lock-on before using this attack.   

BNS ABL: Berserk     MAX ATK +50%
The lower the HP, the higher ATK Shakor and you will have. 

18 ft/2866 lb
This bladed dragon-like fighter sails through the air, chopping enemies to
bits when angry.

HP : ***
ATK: * (***** w/ ability, and HP at 50%)
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Torpedo     Line, ***, 1, Melee     Knockback

Torpedo can be used repeatedly on different enemies.

STG ATK: Head Chop     Single, x1/x.8/x1, ***, 5, Melee     Knockback
Shakablad chops with its axe-like head and slashes with its bladed tail!

Head Chop can be combined with Torpedo. It can also be used repeatedly because
of knockback. 

SPL ATK: Head Quake     Area, x2/x4, **, 2^, Melee     Knockback     
Shakablad attacks its foe with a shockwave from a head-slam into the ground!

BNS ABL: Berserk+     MAX ATK +100%
The lower the HP, the higher ATK Shakablad and you will have.

These guys are vicious attackers. Shakor should constantly use Wide Slash, try
to get the enemies lined up right so he can hit a few at once. Or get him to
use Samurai Slash, that will knock the enemy back so it can be used again and
again until the enemy is dead, then move on to the next one. Shakablad should
use Torpedo to knock enemies back, then follow with Head Chop, which can be
used repeatedly since it also knocks the enemy back. You can use this on all
foes until their all dead and probably not take a single hit yourself. You can
use either of them to sweep an enemy party easy as long as you attack fast
enough. With the constant attacking their Charge gauge should fill up quickly.
Shakor should be locked on to an enemy so he can inflict the most damage, and
try to herd enemies together so Shakablad can hit as many as possible. Berserk
increases their ATK in proportion to how much health they have lost. If they
lose 20% of their HP, Shakor will gain a 10% boost while Shakablad will gain a
20% boost. These guys ability can allow them to get one of the highest ATK
levels in the game for their form, but they have to lose alot of HP to reach
that level. It can be a good idea to allow them to lose alot of health to
raise their ATK. Their fast and brutal attacks will then make up for their low
DEF and allow them to kill most enemies very fast. This is a good strategy to
use against a boss, before fighting one allow them to take alot of damage from
a normal battle, let them get to close to death and then call them back and
finish the fight with a different Spectrobe. During the boss fight call them
out to deliver a Special with their highly boosted ATK. You can do this at the
start or near the end when you need to finish the fight quick. If used at the
beginning you should just switch them as they'll probably get killed quickly.
But if you want, keep them out as their high ATK will likely allow them to
inflict alot more damage, it would be best to have them use their Strong ATK
so they can get a good combo in, try to call them back when you see the boss
attack as they won't be able to take much damage before dying. If used at the
beginning and you called them back, save them until the boss has a little
health left and a STG ATK or two could finish it. Berserk will also increase
the characters ATK but be careful, if the Shak's die no big deal, but if you
do its game over. Its usually not a good idea to let your health drop more
than a third especially during a boss fight, but a 20% to 30% boost can be

Bahmud and Mt. Awakening, Wyterra(given one on Slayso)
Balanced Ranged

1.6 ft/30 lb
Who knows why this grouch is always angry and won't smile? Maybe it's better
that way.

5.2 ft/44 lb
This free spirit goes where the wind takes it. All that stand in its way
suffer dearly.

HP : **
ATK: *
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Mist Shot     Single, **, 1, Ranged

STG ATK: Cross Cutter     Line, x2, **, 2^, Ranged     Pierce
Tiazoa raises its arms high, builds up energy, and then swings them down while

SPL ATK: Coil Blast     Forward, x4, **, 1, Ranged     Knockback
Tiazoa concentrates its energy into a massive energy blast that shoots out
toward the enemy!

BNS ABL: Hit Absorb     HP +10% of damage dealt
When Tiazoa and you hit an enemy, your HP will be restored by 10% of the
damage you dealt.

6.8 ft/242 lb
This dancing drifter goes where it pleases and gets furious when boxed in.

HP : **
ATK: *
DEF: *

BSC ATK:  Mist Shot     Single, **, 1, Ranged     Knockback

(CMD)STG ATK: Core Blast     Frontal, x1, **, 3, Ranged     Launch, Homing
Gokazoa solidifies energy gathered in its huge hands and fires it at its foe!

SPL ATK: Warpcicle     Area, x3, **, 3, Ranged     Launch
Gokazoa gathers energy in its hands, changing it into icicles that shoot up
under its foe!

BNS ABL: Hit Absorb+     HP +15% of damage dealt
When Gokazoa and you hit an enemy, your HP will be restored by 15% of the
damage you dealt.

These ranged fighters are simply awesome. While they look weak, if you keep up
their attacks you can dominate the enemies. CC pierces enemies and allows for
a potentially devastating ATK against groups of enemies, and CB inflicts one
big hit on a foe. Gokazoa's MS can knockback enemies. While CB can launch a
few enemies, or a single one 3 times in a row. Warpcicle can inflict tons of
damage, especially on the multi-part bosses. Hit Absorb gives them the rare
ability to recover HP, only the Hana family shares this trait, but Hit Absorb
will usually heal you more than Vitality Regen. The ability helps to fortify
their weak defense and will save you a few rice balls.  
Balanced Single-Striker
Evolved Form- Green(see Card Input section)

2 ft/33lb
This little powerhouse is stronger than it looks and confident in its

4.6 ft/441 lb
Fearless and quick to anger, this hothead will fight anyone, anywhere and at

HP : ***
ATK: **
DEF: ***

BSC ATK: Jab     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Scissor Thrust     Single, x1.5, **, 1, Melee
Zuwaja thrusts out its head claws to send its foe flying!

SPL ATK: Hyper Turn     Line Area, x1, ***, 1^, Melee     Launch
Zuwaja unleashes a spinning attack with its heavyweight body that sends its
foe flying!

BNS ABL: Shot Barrier     Repel Success 50%
Gives Zuwaja and your shield the ability to repel indirect attacks(while

8.5 ft/2205 lb
The glare of this fearless fighter is enough to send enemies cowering.

HP : ***
ATK: **1/2
DEF: ***1/2

BSC ATK: Jab     Single, **, 1, Melee 

STG ATK: Head Bash     Area, x1.5, *, 2, Melee     Knockdown, Guard Break
Zuwakrid attacks by violently slamming down its axe-like head!

SPL ATK: Head Swing     Area, x3, **, 2, Melee     Knockback
Zuwakrid mows down the enemy with its axe head and then unleashes a water

BNS ABL: Shot Barrier+     Repel Success 100%
Gives Zuwakrid and your shield the ability to repel indirect attacks(while

This defensive single-striking Spectrobe can be a terror for enemies. Zuwaja
has a solid ATK in ST. While HT may look unimpressive it can inflict alot of
damage against a boss, since they can't be knocked aside the attack can hit
them alot. Against regular foes the ATK will inflict the same damage as a BSC
ATK, although it may hit an enemy twice. Launch is useless as by the time HT
finishes, the enemies will have have already gotten up. HT is useful against a
large group, but you're usually better off spamming ST against a single foe.
Zuwakrid is a different story, HB can inflict major damage on enemies,
especially if you can get some close together, and it can be repeated thanks
to knockdown. HS can inflict even more damage and is useful whether its used
on a single foe, a group, or a boss. The knockback may allow you to follow
with a STG ATK. Shot Battier is a nice perk and if your guard is timed right
you can reflect ranged ATKs back at enemies, although don't expect to be able
to reflect the giant beams some bosses fire.      

--Mizusar (Secret Evolved Form, Obtained through Card Input)
Strong Ranged
17.1 ft/1543 lb
This battle-hungry fighter does as it pleases and has no time for reason.

HP : ****
ATK: ***1/2
DEF: ***

BSC ATK: Water Shot      Single, **, 1, Ranged

(CMD)STG ATK: Aqua Sonic     Single, x1.2, **, 1, Ranged     Freeze
Mizusar spews water at supersonic speed, cutting through its foe!

SPL ATK: Tsunami Laser     Frontal, x1.5, **, 3^, Ranged     Launch
Mizusar attacks enemies over a wide area with a wave beam from its mouth and

BNS ABL: Water Boost++     Water Property damage -20%, Freeze guard 100%
Decreases the Water damage that Mizusar and you receive from enemies and
prevents both of you from getting frozen.

Mizusar is a Secret Spectrobe that can only be obtained through Card Input. AS
is only a bit stronger than the BSC ATK, but it is used on CMD and has the
useful ability to freeze enemies. TL will inflict excellent damage in a wide
area, and launches any surviving enemies. Water Boost++ will prevent freezing
and is useful in fights where its a threat, and the DEF buffer won't hurt


Strong Ranged
Evolved Form- Blue-Green(see Card Input section)

2 ft/22 lb
This little guy is a complete worrywart yet is well loved by all its friends.

8.5 ft/661 lb
Popular for its heartwarming kindness, this friendly fellow uses sound as a
healing force.

HP : *** (**** w/ ability)
ATK: **1/2
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Seed Shot     Single, **, 2, Ranged

(CMD)STG ATK: Seed Blast     Single, x1, **, 2, Ranged     Poison
Rapagu fires nuts that travel straight toward enemies!

SPL ATK: Seed Shower     Targeted Area, x5, **, 3, Ranged     Poison
Rapagu relentlessly fires nuts at the enemy!

BNS ABL: Vitality Up     MAX HP +20%
Increases Rapagu and your max HP during battles.

9.2 ft/3968 lb
This kind bird-lover turns fearsome when attacking with volleys of hard nuts.

HP : *** (**** w/ ability)
ATK: ***
DEF: **1/2

BSC ATK: Seed Shot     Single, **, 2, Ranged

(CMD)STG ATK: Seed Berserk     Single, x1.2, **, 4, Ranged
Daidongu attacks its foe with a powerful attack by firing a nut from its

SPL ATK: Megaton Seed     Targeted Area, x3, **, 5^, Ranged     Poison
Daidongu launches a giant nut that comes slamming down on its foe's head and
bursts open!

BNS ABL: Vitality Up+     MAX HP +50%
Increases Daidongu and your max HP during battles.

These strong-ranged fighters are a very useful pair. Their ATKs can poison
foes which is a rare trait. The poison will inflict extra damage and cause an
enemy to flinch whenever their damaged by it. On top of that their BSC and STG
ATKs can hit an enemy twice, further increasing their damage potential. The
SPL ATKs inflict a massive amount of damage, especially MS which can inflict
the damage over a wide range. Vitality Up gives a huge boost to both of your
HP values, in-fact this ABL is the only way to max the characters HP. It also
allows them to be one of the few Spectrobes that have Max HP.

Wyterra, Doldogo
Balanced Combo
Evolved Form- Red(see Card Input section)

2.9 ft/37 lb
This warrior loves to swing its spiked hammer-like tail and can't wait for the
next battle.

7.2 ft/347 lb
This fighter proudly shows off its spiked ball tail as it roams about
searching for enemies.

HP : *
ATK: *1/2
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Punch     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Spike Strike     Single, x.8/x1, **, 4, Melee     Knockback
Spikan easily delivers multiple attacks with its sharp claws and wickedly
spiked tail!

SPL ATK: Spike Wave     Frontal, x2, **, 6, Melee     Launch
Spikan creates a shockwave by slamming its claws and spiked tail into the

BNS ABL: Plant Boost     Plant property damage -10%, Poison guard 30%
Decreases the Plant damage that Spikan and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting poisoned.

8.2 ft/947 lb
This warmonger lives to fight and loves crushing enemies with its spiked tail.

HP : *
ATK: *1/2
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Punch     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Knuckle Punch     Single, x1, **, 1, Melee     Knockback

STG ATK: Spike Rush     Single, x.8/x1, **, 5, Melee     Knockback
Spikanor delivers multiple attacks with its huge claws and spiked tail!

SPL ATK: Final Spike     Frontal, x1.5/x2, **, 6, Melee     Launch
Spikanor does a spin punch and tail strike, lifting its foe with its horns for
a claw attack!

BNS ABL: Plant Boost+     Plant property damage -15%, Poison guard 60%
Decreases the Plant damage that Spikanor and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting poisoned.

These balanced-combo fighters are beasts in more way than one. Both can keep
knocking enemies around with their STG ATKS, and their SPLs can inflict
massive damage on foes. In-fact most normal enemies will probably be killed by
the SPLs. Spikanor can also set up for his STG ATK with KP. The ABL is useful
when fighting Plant Krawl, or enemies that will poison you. 

Menahat(find one on Kogoeria)
Balanced Combo

2 ft/22 lb
Always happy and upbeat, this little jester loves surprising people.

9.2 ft/220 lb
Although scared at times, this bundle of energy is a hero that takes pride in
its heritage.

HP : *1/2
ATK: *1/2
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Charge     Single, x.7, ***, 3, Melee

STG ATK: Razor Lance     Single, x.8/x1, **, 5, Melee
Pepeza jumps up to its enemy and delivers a fierce razor sharp combo!

SPL ATK: Razor Combo     Area, x2/x3, **, 3, Melee     Launch
Pepeza does a spinning jump for a 1-2 attack before launching a shockwave!

BNS ABL: Recovery Up     Rice Ball effect +50%
Increases the amount of HP you recover when using rice balls.

18 ft/375 lb
Prideful of its courage, this warrior defeats all with its massive talons.

HP : *1/2
ATK: *1/2
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Charge     Single, x1, ***, 1, Melee     Launch

STG ATK: Ripping Talon     Single, x.7/x1/x1.3, **, 5, Melee     Knockback
Pepethraz extends its wicked talons for a lacerating attack on its foe!

SPL ATK: Talon Finale     Frontal, x1/x4, **, 2, Melee     Knockback
Pepethraz shoots forward and strikes down its foe with its massive razor-sharp

BNS ABL: Recovery Up+     Rice Ball effect +100%
Increases the amount of HP you recover when using rice balls.

These guys ATK fast and furious. Their CMD ATKs are pretty fun to use. Pepeza
can repeatedly use Charge because of its speed, and Pepethraz can use his own
to set up for his STG ATK. Both their STG ATKs are useful because of the high
hit #. The pair perform their SPLs with style, and they can be followed with a
STG ATK. Recovery Up helps make healing easier by making all rice balls more
useful and last longer. A Giga rice ball will restore a massive 600 HP and
almost eliminate the need for a Neo rice ball.  

Balanced Combo

2 ft/29 lb
This little dream maker aims to become a hero someday.

9.8 ft/265 lb
Practicing in secret, this fighter aims to be a hero that makes dreams come

HP : *1/2
ATK: *1/2
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Lunge     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Spiny Special     Single, x1, **, 4, Melee     Knockback
Sabogar delivers a stinging combo attack with its horned head and spiny tail!

SPL ATK: Spiny Storm     Area, x2/x3, **, 2, Melee     Knockback
Sabogar whirls round and round, damaging surrounding foes with its horns and

BNS ABL: Hit Reflect     Reflect 20% damage
Gives Sabogar and you the ability to reflect back some of the damage that you

9.5 ft/1102 lb
This hero uses its flexible glossy body as a weapon to defend our hopes and

HP : *1/2
ATK: *1/2
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Head Butt     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Spiny Charge     Single, x1/x1.1, **, 4, Melee     Launch
Saboquill uses its spiny body to deliver a devastating combo attack!

SPL ATK: Spiny Burst     Area, x2 ***, 4, Melee
Saboquill swings its tail around, striking surrounding foes and sending spines

BNS ABL: Hit Reflect+     Reflect 50% damage
Gives Saboquill and you the ability to reflect back some of the damage that
you take.

The main thing to do with these guys is to keep using their STG ATKs. They can
use them over and over until the enemy is dead. It shouldn't take long to fill
their charge gauge if you keep it up. Their SPLs are powerful Area-based ATKs,
after they're used you can follow with a STG ATK and then repeat the process.
Hit Reflect is a very cool ABL as it returns a portion of the damage you take
to the enemy that dealt it. The damage won't cause the foe to flinch, but it
does help. 

Balanced Ranged
Evolved Form- Violet and Yellow(see Card Input section)

2 ft/13 lb
Adorable on the outside, but all business inside, this little guy can't wait
to grow up.

9.2 ft/198 lb
While not yet fully grown, this hard worker wants to perfect its creeping vine

HP : *
ATK: *
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Magic Bolt     Single, **, 1, Ranged

(CMD)STG ATK: Flash Beam     Frontal, x.3, **, 5^, Ranged     Poison
Piximi fires an energy ball from its long vine-like arms!

SPL ATK: Shining Orb     Single, x3, **, 4, Ranged     Knockback
Piximi fires a stinging burst of energy from the bright red flower on its

BNS ABL: Vitality Regen     Regen (increments) HP +2
Piximi and your HP will gradually recover in small increments.

9.5 ft/331 lb
This flowery creature is an adult in every way and has an attack to prove it.

HP : *
ATK: *1/2
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Magic Bolt     Single, **, 1, Ranged 

STG ATK: Flower Ray     Frontal, x1, **, 5^, Ranged     Poison
Florami fires multiple energy blasts from the flower buds on its chest!

SPL ATK: Bloom Blast     Area, x2, **, 8^, Ranged     Knockback
Florami spins and shoots a graceful, yet devastating 8-way blast attack!

BNS ABL: Vitality Regen+     Regen (increments) HP +5
Florami and your HP will gradually recover in small increments.

These ranged fighters use wide-range attacks to inflict most of their damage.
The STG ATKs fire a 5-way shot meaning the closer the enemy the more times
they can be hit, their also good for damaging large groups from a distance.
The STG ATKS can also poison enemies increasing the amount of damage the ATKs
can do over time. SO can inflict a large amount of damage and is great for
taking out a single enemy or for damaging a boss. BB can damage and knock away
all surrounding enemies. BB can be used more effectively on bosses by standing
right in front of them before initiating the ATK. Vitality Regen is a decent
healing technique, it will heal about every 4 seconds. While it's not going to
do anything major, it helps during normal battles and may save you a few rice

--Bombzar (Secret Evolved Form, Obtained through Card Input)
Strong Single-Striker
9.5 ft/1323 lb
With massive arms ready to go, this punch master settles things with its

HP : ****
ATK: ****
DEF: ***

BSC ATK: Uppercut     Single, **, 1, Melee     Launch

CMD ATK: Downward Strike     Single, x1, **, 1, Melee     Knockdown

STG ATK: Bash Combo     Area, x2, **, 1, Melee     Knockdown
Bombzar delivers a powerful punch with its huge, powerful hands!

SPL ATK: Giga Hammer     Single, rises 50% each hit, **, 4, Melee 
Bombzar lands a series of punches and then grows a huge hand for a final slug!

BNS ABL:  Plant Boost++     Plant property damage -20%, Poison guard 100%
Decreases the Plant damage that Bombzar and you receive from enemies and
prevents both of you from getting poisoned.

This secret Spectrobe is a powerful melee fighter. You can just keep using its
ATKs to beat up the enemies. You can easily combo the various ATKs together.
GH inflicts massive damage and is similar to Zazanero's Mach Breaker in-that
each hit rises in power. The ABL should be used for the same reason as
Spikanor's version.


Strong Single-Striker

1.9 ft/70 lb
This playful guy likes to curl into a ball and roll about, but he is usually
shy and quiet.

8.8 ft/2160 lb
This powerful fighter is skilled at charging with its heavy body and moves at
its own pace.

HP : ***
ATK: ***
DEF: ***1/2

BSC ATK: Charge     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Spiral Horn     Area, x1.5, **, 1, Melee     Knockdown
Dongora jumps up high and slams into the enemy with its huge horns!

SPL ATK: Boulder Strike     Targeted Area, x3, **, 3, Melee     Launch
Dongora stomps on the ground to create giant boulders that strike under the
enemy's feet!

BNS ABL: Stand Power     No knock back (when attacking)
Prevents both Dongora and you from being knocked back in the middle of an

12.4 ft/6834 lb
Still as a mountain till provoked, this earth shaker crushes all in its path.

HP : ****
ATK: ***
DEF: ****

BSC ATK: Horn Attack     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Toss     Single, **, 1, Melee     Launch 

STG ATK: Spike Press     Area, x1.5, **, 2, Melee     Knockdown
Dongiga spins rapidly in the air and attacks its enemy from above with its
back spikes!

SPL ATK: Rock Wave     Frontal, x2, **, 2, Melee     Knockdown
Dongiga does a spinning jump right at its foe and makes a pillar of rock shoot

BNS ABL: Stand Power+     No knock back (always)
Prevents both Dongiga and you from being knocked back when taking damage.

These titans are both sturdy and strong. Their attacks can not be canceled by
being hit mid-attack thanks to Stand Power. They can repeatedly use their STG
ATKs because of the knockdown effect. Dongiga can chain Toss and SP. Both SPLs
are capable of inflicting high amounts of damage on multiple targets, meaning
their great boss killing ATKs.

Slayso(find one on Menahat)
Strong Single-Striker
Evolved Form- White and Dark Blue(see Card Input section)

1.6 ft/33 lb
This two-tailed fellow always wants to beat Komainu, but Komainu couldn't care

7.5 ft/780 lb
This hothead is quick to anger, and when Krawl get in its way it unleashes
strong head butts.

HP : ***
ATK: **1/2
DEF: ** (**** w/ ability, against melee ATKs)

BSC ATK: Head Butt     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Head Press     Single, x1.5, **, 1, Melee     Knockdown
Shimanoto leaps into the air and then spins while shooting at its foe for a
face attack!

SPL ATK: Colossal Ram     Single, x3, **, 1, Melee     Launch
Shimanoto charges its foe with its massive lumbering body for a heavy ram

BNS ABL: Melee Guard     DEF (direct attacks) +20%
Increases both Shimanoto and your DEF toward direct attacks.

10.1 ft/3086 lb
This flashy showoff loves attention and finishes off enemies with a heroic

HP : ****
ATK: ***
DEF: ***

BSC ATK: Head Butt     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Dive Bomb     Single, x2, **, 1, Melee     Knockback
Shimadoros leaps high in the sky and then spins rapidly while dive-bombing its

SPL ATK: Tube Blast     Single, x3.5, **, 1, Melee     Knockback
Shimadoros shoots an energy ball from each of its tubes for a bone-crushing

BNS ABL: Melee Guard+     DEF (direct attacks) +50%
Increases both Shimadoros and your DEF toward direct attacks.

Their names may be similar to the Koma families, but their abilities aren't.
Not to say that their weak. While their stats are lower, they can take a melee
hit better than the Koma's thanks to their Melee Guard ABL. Their STG ATKs can
be chained because of the ATK effects. The SPLs hit with one strong blow, and
then can be followed with a STG ATK. The single target/one hit ATKs mean their
not the greatest damage dealers for bosses, but the ABL can make it easier to
survive the more brutal melee based ATKs used by bosses.

Fast Combo

2.3 ft/33lb
Who knows what this restless little guy is thinking besides wanting to play
all the time?

8.5 ft/265 lb
The tunnel vision of this expressionless speedster makes it extremely focused.

HP : *1/2
ATK: *1/2
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Horn Dance     Single, x1, ***, 4, Melee
Mayarex uses its horns to toss its foe up, slam them down, and then toss them
up again!

SPL ATK: Horn Plow     Line Area, x2, ***, 3, Melee
Mayarex plows into the enemy at breakneck speed and finishes with a spin

BNS ABL: Earth Boost     Earth property damage -10%, Slow guard 30%
Decreases the Earth damage that Mayarex and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting slowed.

10.2 ft/882 lb
This battle master pretends to be distracted before lowering its horns for the
final blow.

HP : *
ATK: **
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Slash     Single, **, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Horn Crush     Single, x1, **, 5, Melee     Knockback
Mayazerra stabs with all its horns and then jumps, bringing the horns crashing

SPL ATK: Rising Horn     Line Area, x2/x2.5, ***, 4, Melee     Launch
Mayazerra charges its foe with horns lowered for a devastating ram!

BNS ABL: Earth Boost+     Earth property damage -15%, Slow guard 60%
Decreases the Earth damage that Mayazerra and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting slowed.
Like all speed-based Spectrobes they are a little fragile, but they can also
inflict alot of damage once you learn how to use them. Multiple hits are the
source of the STG ATKs power, and Mayazerra's can be chained. For Mayarex, try
manually targeting with C during the ATK, then give the CMD when he finishes
his ATK to send him in for another ATK. You can keep using that strategy, or
just have him ATK after you hit the enemy with an effect. Their rapid ATKs
should charge their gauges quickly, the SPLs are great ATKs that use multiple
boosted hits. Earth Boost like the other property ABLs has limited use. Slow
is rare, but the ABL can give an edge against earth-based enemies.

Fast Combo
Evolved Form- Green(see Card Input section)

0.9 ft/24 lb
These inseparable twins walk with a clip-clop sound and deal a powerful kick
when angry.

3.9 ft/97 lb
These talkative twins are never apart. They're quick to anger and ready to
kick the bad guys.

HP : *
ATK: *
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Kick     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Side Kick     Single, x1.1, ***, 1, Melee     Knockback

STG ATK: Combo Stomp     Single, x1, ***, 4, Melee     Knockdown
Ketobasu kicks together to deliver a drop kick and stomp!

SPL ATK: Twist Kick     Frontal, x1, ***, 6, Melee     Launch
Ketobasu jumps, somersaults in the air, and then delivers multiple kicks! 

BNS ABL: EXP Boost     EXP +25%
Increases the amount of EXP that Ketobasu and you earn.

5.9 ft/220 lb
This dynamic duo likes to showoff and will use a tornado spin to take out

HP : *1/2
ATK: *
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Kick     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Mega Kick     Single, x1.1, ***, 1, Melee     Knockback 

STG ATK: Double Spur     Single, x1, ***, 5, Melee     Knockdown
Butobasu kicks simultaneously with its heal spurs on each body!

SPL ATK: Drill Blast     Line, x.3, ***, 15, Melee
Butobasu becomes one and spins like a drill that plunges into its foe!

BNS ABL: EXP Boost+     EXP +50%
Increases the amount of EXP that Butobasu and you earn.

This Spectrobe is unique in that it is made up of two creatures. The two ATK
together and can perform some amazing looking combos. Both CMD ATKs knockback
the target and allow them to easily follow with a STG ATK which can also be
chained thanks to knockdown. The SPLs inflict a nice amount of damage and with
the multiple hits from their ATKs it shouldn't take long to charge their
gauge to fill. EXP Boost is one of the more valuable ABLs as it gives the
amazing perk of boosting experience by 25/50%. This allows them and the player
to level up faster, and is great for when you feel the character is a little
weak and you wish to level them up quickly. Note that only EXP gained through
battle will be enhanced, EXP from minerals will be unaffected.

Balanced Ranged
Evolved Form- Red and Brown(see Card Input section)

2.3 ft/33lb
Like a nutty professor, this little guy is obvious to others. All it cares
about is searching.

8.2 ft/441 lb
This amazing analyzer is socially inept, but a genius in extracting

HP : **
ATK: *1/2
DEF: **1/2

BSC ATK: Laser Shot     Single, **, 2, Ranged

(CMD)STG ATK: Multi Laser     Frontal, x1, **, 3, Ranged     Knockback, Homing
Gorgan fires a laser that splits up and heads for multiple enemies!

SPL ATK: Laser Rain     Targeted Area, x3, ***, 5, Ranged     Slow
Gorgan's ears spin and release energy that rains down on distant enemies!

BNS ABL: Blast Guard     DEF (indirect attacks) +20%
Increases both Gorgan and your DEF toward indirect attacks.

11.5 ft/1102 lb
This genius of the battlefield has a powerful beam ready for all who stand in
its way.

HP : *1/2
ATK: **
DEF: ***

BSC ATK:  Laser Shot     Single, **, 2, Ranged

(CMD)STG ATK: Phantom Beam     Frontal, x1, *, 4, Ranged     Homing, Piercing
Gorberus fires powerful laser beams that strike multiple enemies!

SPL ATK: Laser Bomb     Targeted Area, x1, ***, 8, Ranged     Slow, Pierce
Gorberus fires an energy blast into the sky that forms a light column that
strikes its foe!

BNS ABL: Blast Guard+     DEF (indirect attacks) +50%
Increases both Gorberus and your DEF toward indirect attacks.

These two ranged fighters can be very useful since their STG ATKs are used at
CMD. PB is especially useful as because of the effects the lasers can hit
multiple targets. LR is a great multi-hit Area ATK, while LB's lasers seem to
pierce an enemy after they hit, meaning you should group targets together.
Blast Guard is great for lowering damage from ranged ATKs. 

--Scarazook (Secret Evolved Form, Obtained through Card Input)
Strong Ranged
11.1 ft/3747 lb
Normally mild-mannered, this intelligent fellow has a king-size beam waiting
for its foes.

HP : ****
ATK: ***1/2
DEF: ****

BSC ATK: Mega Shot     Single, **, 1, Ranged

STG ATK: Sky Berserker     Single, x1.5, *, 1, Ranged
Scarazook launches a sphere into the sky that comes back down to strike a wide

SPL ATK: Sonic Wave     Frontal, x2, **, 2, Ranged     Knockback, Slow
Scarazook generates a wave that goes through the ground, attacking a wide

BNS ABL: Earth Boost++     Earth property damage -20%, Slow guard 100%
Decreases the Earth damage that Scarazook and you receive from enemies and
prevents both of you from getting slowed.

This secret Spectrobe is not only one of the strongest ranged fighters, but
also one of the hardiest. SB fires a single powered-up shot at an enemy, while
SW unleashes a powerful shockwave that damages everything in front of it.
Earth Boost should be used how Mayazerra's version would be used.


Kogoeria(Find one on Doldogo)
Strong Combo
Evolved Form- Black, Red and Purple(see Card Input section) 

2.3 ft/29 lb
Don't bother this youngster with difficult concepts. All it cares about is

11.8 ft/992 lb
This energetic fellow doesn't go by the proverb look before you leap.

HP : ****
ATK: ***
DEF: *1/2

BSC ATK: Stomp     Single, **, 1, Melee     Knockdown

STG ATK: Electric Tail     Area, x1.5, **, 1, Melee     Stun
Zappira attacks with a mighty swing of its tail and an electric shock!

SPL ATK: Bolt Crush     Line Area, x3, **, 3, Melee     Knockback, Stun
Zappira charges itself with electricity and then rams its foe with shocking

BNS ABL: Sky Boost     Sky property damage -10%, Stun guard 30%
Decreases the Sky damage that Zappira and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting stunned.

19 ft/3307 lb
Proud of its energy and stamina, this electric warrior loves to shock its

HP : ****
ATK: ***
DEF: **1/2

BSC ATK: Stomp     Single, **, 1, Melee     Knockdown

STG ATK: Plasma Shock     Area, x1.5, *, 1, Melee     Stun
Zappizor thrusts its split tail at its foe and delivers an electric jolt!

SPL ATK: Thunder Wave     Targeted Area, x2, **, 4, Melee     Stun
Zappizor stabs its tail into the ground and sends electricity pulsing into
surrounding foes!

BNS ABL: Sky Boost+     Sky property damage -15%, Stun guard 60%
Decreases the Sky damage that Zappizor and you receive from enemies and
protects both of you from getting stunned.

These beasts are capable of inflicting high levels of damage on enemies. Stomp
and the STG ATK deliver a strong 1-2 hit. The SPLs are some of the highest
damaging ones in the game. TW especially is one of the strongest ATKs that you
can use on a boss, it will usually hit a few of a bosses parts meaning the
damage is multiplied by however many parts are hit. Since it uses 4 boosted
hits it can easily inflict thousands of points of damage on a boss. In-fact I
killed Jado with this one ATK when he had about 80% of his HP remaining. Like
the other Boost ABLs use it against same property enemies and bosses that use
the effect.  

Strong Single-Striker
Evolved Form- Dark Grey and Light Grey(see Card Input section)

2 ft/15 lb
This cool silent little flyer loves to be praised and has nearly limitless

6.9 ft/331 lb
Normally shy and reclusive, this flying fighter quickly silences its

HP : ***
ATK: **1/2
DEF: **

BSC ATK: Mega Punch     Single, **, 1, Melee     Knockback

STG ATK: Big Uppercut     Single, x1.5, **, 1^, Melee     Launch
Totemoon dives at its foe and then shoots up, delivering a vicious uppercut!

SPL ATK: Falling Blast     Single, x2, **, 1, Melee     Launch
Totemoon soars into the sky and fires a wide electrical attack!

BNS ABL: Damage Cut     Damage taken -10
Reduces the amount of damage that Totemoon and you receive.

10.2 ft/2646 lb
This ruler of the sky is a powerful force with its massive claws.

HP : ****
ATK: ***
DEF: **1/2

BSC ATK: Punch     Single, **, 1, Melee

CMD ATK: Uppercut     Single, x1, *, 4, Melee     Anti-Air

STG ATK: Hyper Punch     Single, x1.3, **, 5, Melee
Totegarda spins its large claws as it delivers a straight punch!

SPL ATK: Earth Strike     Area, x2, **, 4, Melee
Totegarda releases all of its electrical energy in a single super strike!

BNS ABL: Damage Cut+     Damage taken -20
Reduces the amount of damage that Totegarda and you receive.

These two are heavy hitters and aren't too bad at damage either. MP and BU can
be combo-ed, and then BU can be chained. Totegarda's Uppercut only works on
flying enemies. Earth Strike is an intense ATK that can inflict alot of damage
on Bosses. The ABL will lower all damage by a solid 10/20 points. If the ATK
would do less than those numbers the damage would be negated.    

Fast Combo
Evolved Form- Light-Blue and Rainbow patterns(see Card Input section)

2 ft/20 lb
Soft to the touch and a cute personality to boot, this guy is a comfort to
have around. 

7.9 ft/265 lb
This princely speedster is loved by all and is as soft as a cloud.

HP : *
ATK: *
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Head Butt     Single, ***, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Rainbow Whip     Single, x1 ***, 5, Melee
Bazora delivers a multi-strike attack with its whip-like rainbow-colored

SPL ATK: Rainbow Horn     Line, x3/x4, ***, 3, Melee
Bazora brings its rainbow colored horns down like a whip for major damage!

BNS ABL: Property DEF     (All) property damage taken -10%
Reduces the amount of elemental property damage that Bazora and you receive.

9.8 ft/595 lb
This heroic speedster is the first to leap into danger and deliver justice
with its horns.

HP : *
ATK: *
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Head Butt     Single, ***, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Rainbow Axe     Single, x.7, ***, 6^, Melee
Yagizora brings its rainbow-colored horns down like an axe multiple times!

SPL ATK: Rainbow Blast     Line, x3, ***, 3^, Melee
Yagizora charges in a rainbow streak of light and pierces its foe with its
large horns!

BNS ABL: Property DEF     (All) property damage taken -20%
Reduces the amount of elemental property damage that Yagizora and you receive.

These guys ATK with moves that hit multiple times. The multiple hits make up
for their low ATK power. RA has parts where it can hit multiple times and even
more than one target. The SPLs can inflict a nice amount of damage on the
target, RB is charging ATK meaning you should lock-on before using it. The
ABL will lower damage from most ATKs. The only property that will not be
reduced is Clear as it not truly elemental.  

Fast Combo(Aoba), Balanced Ranged(Aobasar)

2.9 ft/11 lb
With sharp eyes and a cool manner, this flyer glides around searching the

7.2 ft/132 lb
This skilled aerial fighter flies swiftly and keeps a cool look despite a
burning heart.

HP : *
ATK: *1/2
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Peck     Single, ***, 1, Melee

STG ATK: Sky Ripper     Single, x1, ***, 4, Melee
Aoba darts through the sky, gouging its enemy over and over with its talons!

SPL ATK: Ferocious Dive     Single, x1.5/x2, ***, 6, Melee     Knockback
Aoba slices the enemy over and over with its wings and razor-sharp claws!

BNS ABL: Air Attack     Aerial strike accuracy +30%
Makes it easier for Aoba and you to hit flying enemies.

8.8 ft/286 lb
The sky is this acrobatic fighter's battlefield where it dispatches its foes.

HP : *1/2
ATK: *1/2
DEF: *

BSC ATK: Whirlwind     Single, **, 1, Ranged     Launch

(CMD)STG ATK: Sonic Cutter     Frontal, x1, **, 1^, Ranged
Aobasar launches a cutter like a sonic boom from midair!

SPL ATK: Tornado Blast     Line, x3, ***, 1^, Ranged     Launch
Aobasar furiously beats its wings, creating a tornado that shoots through its

BNS ABL: Air Attack+     Aerial strike accuracy +70%
Makes it easier for Aobasar and you to hit flying enemies.

This family is the only case where the Spectrobe goes from a melee fighter to
a ranged fighter. Both members are fierce attackers that can quickly dispose
of all foes. Aoba focuses on a single enemy while Aobasar can easily damage
multiple ones. SC is a move that fires about 10 energy blasts horizontally,
meaning the closer Aobasar is and the bigger the enemy the better. FD will
either seriously damage the target or just kill it. TB is a very powerful ATK
that can inflict alot of damage no matter what the situation is. TB can even
juggle a target on top of the twister to constantly inflict damage. TB is also
an excellent ATK to use on a boss as the ATK is likely to hit a few of their
parts at least half a dozen times. The ABL just seems to increase the chance
an ATK against a flying enemy will connect.

--Optoger (Secret Evolved Form, Obtained through Card Input)
Balanced Ranged
13.8 ft/551 lb
This hardboiled warrior is the last thing enemies see when its shoulder rings
start spinning.

HP : ***1/2
ATK: ***
DEF: ***

BSC ATK: Energy Shot     Single, ***, 1, Ranged     Pierce

(CMD)STG ATK: Twin Cyclone     Area, x1.2, **, 2, Melee     Stun
Optoger spins its two rings around, striking enemies around it!

SPL ATK: Dual Shower     Area, x1.5, ***, 5, Ranged(Melee)
Optoger's shoulder rings fly out in a furious spin, striking foes in all

BNS ABL: Air Boost++     Sky property damage -20%, Stun guard 100%
Decreases the Sky damage that Optoger and you receive from enemies and
prevents both of you from getting stunned.

Able to easily clear the Krawl Challenge in less than 2 minutes, Optoger is
one of the most powerful Area attackers in the game. It is also the only other
Spectrobe to mix melee and ranged ATKs besides the Koma family. TC seems to
increase in range more than anything else while leveling, it is a vicious Area
ATK. DS is even more vicious and will usually kill in-range targets unless
it's a boss. Although the game says it's melee, the ATK seems to be ranged as
enemies with ranged protection take reduced damage from it. The ABL should be
used like Zappizor's is. 


--Pegatinum (Special Story-related Spectrobe, Obtained on Menahat)
14.4 ft/551 lb
Moving like a ray of light, this speedster will take you anywhere you need to

This Spectrobe never directly fights. Rather it helps you move around the
various areas of the different planets. It can move about 3 times faster than
the player can. You can temporarily go even faster by pressing B. It also is
the only way to cross the 'Light Bridges', these are identified by a pair of
pedestals and there is always a landmass across from them. Note that the
actual bridge won't appear unless your on Pegatinum. However Pegatinum can't
be ridden in an 'inside' area such as towns, ruins and the entire Tower area
of Slayso. You also cannot search or see sparkles or use save points while on
it, so you will need to dismount if you want to do so. It's best to use it if
you just want to get back to your ship quickly, or if your going after a
property barrier. Note that you are not immune to encounters while riding, you
automatically dismount when a battle occurs.

Ultimate Form

Besides it being an Ultimate Spectrobe very little is known about it. It is a
major plot device and is referred to numerous times during the game. Rallen
has mentioned that it is very similar to the Geo's of the Nanairo System. It's
only seen in two cut-scenes and in both it unleashes a highly destructive ATK.
Although never heard it telepathically communicates with Rallen, this along
with the fact that it sensed the galaxy was in danger while it was sleeping
suggests it is not only sentient but also highly intelligent.

(MLS)===Level 100 Stats===

This section will list the HP, ATK and DEF of all Spectrobes, as well as the
player character when they are at the maximum level, 100. The stats will be
unmodified by equipment or abilities. These #'s have been obtained from
Spectrobes that were evolved from lvl 100 fossil's. Spectrobes evolved
straight from fossils have set stats. Trained Spectrobes will have better
stats then 'fresh' ones. When a Spectrobe lvls through minerals or a training
device it will have the same effect as a fossil increasing in lvl. Meaning the
only way a Spectrobes stats will be much higher the ones listed below is if a
Spectrobe gains most of its lvls through battles. A Spectrobe will gain 2-3
extra points for every 10 lvls gained through battles, perhaps more for HP.

Name               HP          ATK          DEF

Rallen/Jeena       750         85           130

Child Spectrobes:

Tekka              222         88           88
Zen                228         94           76
Hiko               210         79           70
Torga              210         67           67
Zaza               210         64           70
Komainu            216         76           73
Leo                219         76           70
Zeni               222         79           82
Ukabi              222         76           76
Ryza               210         64           70
Paga               210         49           70
Shakin             216         67           70
Tamazoa            219         70           73
Zuwa               222         76           79
Dongu              222         79           73
Spiko              210         73           73
Pepe               213         70           73
Sabo               213         73           70
Hananomi           210         70           70
Dongor             222         82           85
Shimainu           222         79           76
Maya               213         73           76
Tobasu             210         70           70
Gorz               219         103          106
Zappi              225         82           73
Totemo             222         82           76
Zora               210         67           70
Aoi                210         73           70

Adult Spectrobes:

Tekkadon           870         209          205
Gazen              930         224          175
Hikodrake          750         188          160
Torgazar           750         158          154
Zazane             750         152          160
Komanoto           810         176          166
Leopuba            822         179          163
Zenigor            870         185          190
Ukalos             870         182          172
Rygazelle          750         152          163
Pagani             750         110          160
Shakor             810         158          160
Tiazoa             822         164          154
Zuwaja             870         179          184
Rapagu             833*        188          166
Spikan             750         170          166
Pepeza             780         167          166
Sabogar            786         170          160
Piximi             750         164          160
Dongora            870         194          196
Shimanoto          870         188          175
Mayarex            786         173          172
Ketobasu           750         161          160
Gorgan             822         173          178
Zappira            900         194          166
Totemoon           870         191          172
Bazora             750         158          160
Aoba               762         170          160

Evolved Spectrobes:

Tekkadorax         990         218          223
Totsuzen           999         239          190
Hikolossa          990         203          172
Torgallup          990         179          178
Zazanero           870         164          169
Komadoros          769*        188          184
Leozar             930         191          175
Flamerax           973         195          199
Zenipyra           990         200          208
Ukazeer            978         200          190
Rydrake            870         164          172
Pagadori           840         134          166
Shakablad          960         170          172
Gokazoa            918         173          163
Zuwaja             960         197          214
Mizusar            999         219          203
Daidongu           666*        212          196
Spikanor           870         182          184
Pepethraz          888         179          184
Saboquill          900         185          178
Florami            870         182          172
Bombzar            999         226          202
Dongiga            990         212          229
Shimadoros         999         206          202
Mayazerra          870         188          190
Butobasu           888         176          178
Gorberus           906         188          202
Scarazook          999         218          219
Zappizor           999         212          196
Totegarda          990         206          196
Yagizora           858         173          172
Aobasar            894         182          175
Optoger            975         208          202

*= It is difficult to find out these Spectrobes true HP as their ability maxes
out their HP far before lvl 100, meaning I can't just 'subtract' the ability.
The shown HP # for them is not correct and is just the highest their natural
HP could be without the ability. 

(GAR)===Getting an A Rank===

This section will describe how to get an A Rank fossil. A rank fossil's will
be the same level as the character and are very useful at higher levels where
an A could be 10 or more levels higher than a B. You must remove all rock
while inflicting no damage to the fossil in under 1:30. The faster you finish,
the more damage you can spare. For every nick(1 damage) you have 5 seconds
less. So if you nick it once, you only have 1:25 left to finish. These methods
should work but keep in mind it was difficult for me to explain them. Try to
work with them and don't be surprised if you have to restart multiple times.
It sometimes took me an hour or more to find a method that works for certain
fossils. You may notice I say use a bomb where it looks like the laser could
also be used, appendages like horns and tails can make using a bomb more
beneficial. These are not the only methods, and if you find a different way to
do it let me know and I'll add it. Make sure it's different and not my method
tweaked. Cut means use the laser. Front can mean the face of the fossil. Side
can mean either a side vantage point or the side of the fossil or block. It's
a good idea to use the scanner a lot. The drill is best used in short bursts
rather then a constant one. Although it can be used like a safer laser if you
drill along the fossil's edge. Also after using the drill enough you can blow
the smallest chucks away with the blower. This should be done for all
fossil's. Time is only an estimate. Stars are the difficulty out of 4.

-Aoi ** Time: 1:10

Tilt the block so your looking at it from an angle, and the wings are level.
Cut along the top of the fossil. Place a bomb above the wing furthest from
you and another under the wing that's closet to you. From the crater made from
the bomb you put under a wing, place one more on both sides of the crater.
Finish how you see fit. It's actually easy, just hard to explain. 
-Dongor *** Time: 1:20

From the back(side with spikes), cut close along the edge. Then place a bomb
on the top and bottom of the remainder of the back side. Place a bomb on the
top and bottom of the front side.(side with face and legs.) Finish with the
drill.(and maybe the laser if need be.)
-Dongu * Time: 1:00

Looking at the front, cut in a circle around the fossil. Place a bomb on the
top and bottom of the back side. Finish with the drill.(The laser can be used
to cut the chunk off the front of the fossil if you look from the top, bottom
or side.)

-Gorz **** Time: 1:25

From the bottom, cut along the fossils edge.(Harder than it sounds. You must
cut as close to the edge as you can, it can mean the difference between having
enough time to drill the leftovers off, and failing the A.) From the side, cut
a thin strip off the bottom.(Helps with the leftovers.) Place 4 bombs on the
top. Two go on the left and right towards the front, and the other two go on
the left and right of the back. Finish with the drill.

-Hananomi ** Time: 1:10

Looking at the bottom, cut along the fossil.(The fossil is wider than the
scanner so you may want to cut the top half than the bottom half). Place 1
bomb on what's left of each side of the cube. From the side, cut along the
bottom of the fossil. Finish with the drill.

-Hiko ** Time: 1:10

Place a bomb on both sides and one in the center of the front. Cut from the
side. Finish with the drill.

-Komainu ** Time: 1:00

Place a bomb in the center of the top, and the top half of the back. Then from
the side cut along the edge. Place a bomb on both sides. Finish with the

-Leo ** Time: 1:15

Place a bomb on the lower half of the front. Lightly hammer twice toward the
back of the top side, place a bomb in the indent. Cut from the side. Finish
with the drill. 

-Mayar ** Time: 1:20

Place a bomb on the bottom half of the front side, the bottom half of the back
side, and the center of the bottom side. Then place two bombs on the top, one
towards the front and the other towards the back. Then from the top or bottom,
cut the rock off the sides. Finish with the drill.

-Paga * Time: 1:00

Place bomb in the center of the bottom. Place a bomb just below the center of
the front. Cut along the edge from the front. Place a bomb on top of the back
chunk. Finish with the laser and drill.

-Pepe * Time: 0:50

From the bottom, cut along the fossil in a circle. Then place a bomb on two
sides of the top. Finish with the drill.(You could skip the bombs, but it will
take longer to excavate.

-Ryza ** Time: 1:15

From the front cut along the fossil. Place bombs to destroy the large chunk on
the back. Finish with laser and drill.

-Sabo ** 1:15

Place a bomb on the top and bottom half, of the front and back sides. Use the
laser and drill to finish.


From the side, cut along the fossil. Place a bomb above each shoulder. Use the
drill to finish.

-Shakin * Time: 1:00

Place a bomb in the center on the top. In the crater place a bomb on both
sides, place one more on both sides. Cut the chunks away and finish with the

-Shimainu ** Time: 1:10

Place a bomb near the front and back, of the top and bottom sides. Cut with
the drill from the front or back along the sides. Finish with the drill.

-Spiko * Time: 1:00

Looking from the side cut along the fossil. The cut should be similar to an
oval. Place a bomb on the outer top and bottom of both sides. The rest can be
removed by drill.(Looking from the top the laser can also be used on the front
and back of the fossil, and finished with the drill.)

-Tamazoa ** Time: 1:10

Cut from the side. Place a bomb on the bottom of both sides. Cut from the
front. Finish with the drill. 

-Tekka ** Time: 1:05

Place a bomb on the bottom half of the front. From the side cut along the
edge. Place a bomb on both sides. Finish with the drill.

-Tobasu * Time: 1:10

From the side, cut along the top and bottom of the fossil, but not along the
left and right sides. Put a bomb on the remainder of the front and back sides.
Finish with the drill.

-Torga *** Time: 1:15

With the front of the block facing you, cut the rock just below the bottom of
the fossil. Then start from a bottom corner, and cut up along the side, then
along the top, and back down the other side. The cut should be similar to an
upside-down U. Place a bomb on the top-side of the rock stuck to the fossil's
front. Then place a bomb on the rock on both sides near the front of the
fossil. Place a bomb on both sides on the back of the block. Take the rest of
the rock off with the drill.

-Totemo ** Time: 1:10

Place a bomb on the bottom of the front and back sides. Place a bomb on the
top side of the sides. Cut from the side. Finish with the drill. 

-Ukabi ** Time: 1:10

From the front, cut along the edge of the fossil. Place a bomb on the top in
the center.(above the hole.) Finish with the drill and hammer.

-Zappi **** Time: 1:25

Facing the front, cut along the sides. Facing the side, cut along the front.
Put a bomb near the bottom of the back, then one more on the left and right
sides on the top of the back. Finish with the drill. I had a lot of trouble
with this one. The various horns make it difficult to excavate. You can also
try making the first cut from the top or bottom, to try to get the sides and
front from the same angle.

-Zaza *** Time: 1:00

Make a thin cut along the top of the block. Then look at the block from above,
cut into the rock starting from behind an ear. Make a 'horseshoe' shaped cut
along the body, around the tail, down to the back of the other ear, then out.
Place a bomb on the chunk of rock attached to the top of the fossil. Place a
bomb on the outside of the chunk of rock attached to the ear's. Turn the block
so your looking at it from beneath, and place a bomb in the middle and front
corner. Use a drill for the rest.

-Zen ** Time: 1:00

Looking from the side cut along the bottom and tail of the fossil. Looking at
the front place a bomb just under the face of the fossil. Then one on the
outside of both arms. Looking at the top, hammer lightly once or twice near
the center and towards the back, then place a bomb. Finish with the drill.

-Zeni * Time: 1:00

From the side, cut along the edge. From the top, cut along the edge. Finish
with the drill.

-Zora **** Time: 1:20

With the front facing you, cut close along the edge of the fossil. Looking
from above, cut along the front and back of the fossil. Use the drill to
finish. Since your cutting a cloud out of a cube, there can be a lot of
leftovers. Which is why it's crucial to cut as close to the edge as you can.

-Zuwa * Time: 1:10

From the side, cut along the edge. From the top, cut along the edge. Finish
with the drill.

-Minerals * Time: 0:50

They can be excavated by placing a bomb on the four sides of the cube. Cut
away the large chunks and finish with the drill.

(CIC)===Card Input Codes===

I have used all of these codes and they will all work as long as you follow
the directions.

Card Explanation:
After completing the forth planet (Menahat) you obtain the card entry machine.
With it, you can enter two types of cards, Circuits (for items) and
Constellations (for Spectrobes).

Constellation Key:
1 is the star furthest to the left, 2 is the next furthest to the left and so
on. If there are 2 stars with the same horizontal position, A is the higher,
and B is the lower.

Circuit Key:
|    |    |    |
|    |    |    |
|    |    |    |

Cheat Explanation:
At the title screen, BEFORE CREATING YOUR SAVE, enter up, down, left, right
(on the Wiimote d-pad), and then press A. You should here a sound confirming
correct code entry.

Link Explanation:
After completing the fourth planet (Menahat), talk to the largest of the three
shady characters. He will allow you to link to Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals.

Spectrobes (Secret):
CT-01 Flamerax  011-235-813    2,1,4,3,5,6,7
CT-02 Mizusar   213-455-891    1,3,2,4,7,6,5
CT-03 Bombzar   442-333-776    1,3,2,4,5,6,7
CT-04 Sarazook  109-871-597    1,3,2,4,5,6,7
CT-05 Optoger   258-441-816    2,5,7,6,4,3,1

Spectrobes (Evolved):
CT-06 Hikolossa   765-109-461    1,5,2,4,3,6
CT-07 Shakablad   771-128-657    5,1,2,3,4,6
CT-08 Spikanor    463-687-502    1,5,2,3,4,6
CT-09 Floralmi    512-139-319    5,2,1,3,4,6
CT-10 Shimadoros  641-831-781    1,2,4,6,5,3
CT-11 Gorberus    151-422-983    1,2B,2A,3A,3B,4
CT-12 Zappizor    204-013-462    1,2,3,6,4,5
CT-13 Yagizora    692-178-309    1,2,4,3,5,6
CT-14 Tekkadorax  352-457-857    1,2,4,5,6,3
CT-15 Zuwakrid    028-879-227    1,3,5,6,4,2
CT-16 Daidongu    465-149-303    3,1,2,4,5,6
CT-17 Butobasu    522-415-781    1,3,6,5,4,2
CT-18 Totegarda   739-088-169    1,3,2,4,5,6

Spectrobes (Child):
CT-19 Komainu (Skull)     632-459-861    4,1,3,2,5
CT-20 Komainu (Jumpsuit)  023-341-551    1,2,3,4,5
CT-21 Komainu (Stuffed)   655-801-412    3,2,1,4,5
(Note: Don't evolve these, the adult and evolved forms look normal.)

CT-22 Attack Mineral   650-110-743    B,F,J,N,O,K,G,C
CT-23 Guard Mineral    295-128-009    A,E,F,G,K,J,N,O,P
CT-24 Life Mineral     953-316-291    M,I,E,F,G,K,L,P,O
CT-25 Super Mineral    173-862-675    M,I,J,K,G,C,B,F,G,H
CT-26 Galaxy Sword     679-142-964    A,B,C,G,K,O,P
CT-27 Galaxy Lance     334-944-377    A,B,F,E,I,J,K,O
CT-28 Galaxy Axe       014-087-331    A,B,F,G,H,L,P
CT-29 Galaxy Glove     134-903-170    N,J,F,B,A,E,I,J,K,L
CT-30 Galaxy Blaster   183-631-190    C,B,F,G,H,L,P,O
CT-31 Gem Sword S      329-712-150    C,B,F,J,K,L,P,O,K,G,H
CT-32 Drill Lance S    734-807-526    E,A,B,C,D,H,L,P
CT-33 Giga Axe S       976-777-874    F,B,C,G,F,J,K,G,H,L,K,O,P,L
CT-34 Cat Glove S      204-912-586    J,I,E,A,B,F,J,N,O
CT-35 Ninja Blaster S  269-025-203    F,E,I,J,F,G,H,L,K,G

Other alternate form Spectrobes:
GEKI Rygazelle (Metallic) (Link)
TOTSU Leopuba (Metallic) (Link)
KIN Komainu (Gold) (???)
GIN Komainu (Silver) (Beat the game)
THAN Ryza (Metallic) (Cheat)
KYOU Leo (Metallic) (Cheat)
(Note: The gold Komainu is received for defeating Krux while meeting a certain
set of other criteria. It is likely that these criteria include being LV. 100
or having all Spectrobes, but this is unconfirmed.)


The Gold Komainu is obtained from beating Krux while having a full Spectrobes


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