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Asked: 4 years ago

Adding more wii remots in grand slam tennis?

How can I add more wii remots in grand slam tennis?

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If you are asking how to add more players, you just have to have the remotes synced to the Wii and go to play now, then do a singles or doubles match, I think this is what you wanted?

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well the way that i do it is to 1) click on the home button in the middle of ur wii remote. 2) then down the bottom of the screen is a black bit that says wii remote settings, go on that. 3) then go on to reconnect. 4) press 1 & 2 on the 1st remote until a white battery pops up at the bottom. 5) then add the next remote by pressing 1 & 2 until a battery pops up next to Player 2. 6) keep doing the same process. 7) after go back then click home menu at the top and there you go more players on grand slam tennis, hope this helps :-)

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