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Collection of Tails, and the adamantite pieces?

In the final dungeon, you can take the elevator out and find a location called ???? to travel to. One guy wants tails- has different rewards for the 10 or so tails. Above him there is a guy who trades killer armour for adamantite. I had played through the whole game, gone through a few challenge dungeons. I can only find one of the tails-gold! WHERE ARE THEY???? What do they do? I'm scouring the game trying to figure it out. Plus, is ther a way to get more than one adamantite piece in a given challenge dungeon. The tails and the pieces seem to be the keys to some of the coolest stuff in the game. Anybody know?

Firion09 asked for clarification:

By the final dungeon, do you mean of the entire game or just a certain story?

dark_deity9 asked for clarification:

Oh, so we can't actually do this until September, then... that sux.
Ah, well. One more gem to look forward to!

Elec_Cross asked for clarification:

How to you get blue tails after Kain's transformation?

Don111 asked for clarification:

So is there a complete list of all the locations and all the battles you can do to get the tails/Adamantite?

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MetalSmasher86 answered:

In response to Don111, here's a list of battles and locations to get all the tails.

Color Tail (treasure when traded) - Enemy; location (tale); moon phase

1. Blue Tail (Blue Armor) - Thunder Dragon; Challenge Dungeon (Kain); Waxing
2. Gray Tail (Rear Ring) - Gray Coeurl; Devil's Road - Mysidia Side (Kain); Waning
3. Green Tail (Rare Band) - Green Dragon; Agart Mines - Last Floor (Rydia); Waning
4. Red Tail (Level Band) - Red Dragon; Impact Crater - Last floor (Yang); New
5. Black Tail (Twin Stars) - Troia Bar (Palom); buy three different membership cards for a total of $159,999, and watch the show in the VIP Room, then the Tail will appear in a chest in the VIP entrance
6. Black Tail (alternate) - Shadow Dragon (alone); Subterrane B5 - Southeast Room (Crystals); Waxing
7. Purple Tail (Treasure Hunter) - Behemoth; Path to the Tower of Babil - Northern Room (Edge); New
8. White Tail (Rapid Ring) - White Dragon; Overworld - Northeast of Mt. Ordeals (Porom); Waxing
9. Gold Tail (Gil Band) - Underground Waterway (Edward); Trade 5 Bronze Tails for 1 Silver Tail, trade 5 Silver Tails for 1 Gold Tail
10. Gold Tail (alternate) - Gold Dragon (alone); Subterrane B12 - North (Crystals); Full
11. Ebony Tail (Taunt Ring) - Ebony Dragon; Lunar Tunnel - Northwest (Lunarians); New
12. Rainbow Tail (Limit Ring) - Path to the Tower of Babil (The Gathering); Trade 14 Small Tails
13. Pink Tail (Pink Armor) - Flan Princess; Subterrane B5 - Southwest Room (Crystals); Full

Note: The tails are very rare drops, but there is a way to manipulate the game's Random Number Generator system to get one almost any time by following a specific method. There is an FAQ that talks all about it. You can also get the Black, Blue, Ebony, Green, Gray, Purple, Red, and White Tails by trading 7 Small Tails to the collector in the Path to the Tower of Babil in the Gathering tale.

As for Adamantitie, the only place I know to get that is at the end of each Challenge Dungeon.
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JGPJR79 answered:

I have the Blue Tail from Ceodore's Thunder Dragon and Green Tail from Rydia's Green Dragon.
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DarthSephirothX answered:

You get tails from the rare monsters that only show up in certain phases of the Moon, and in each of the Challenge Dungeons theirs a list of rare equipment+ Adamantite. after you get everything on the list it resets and you can get everything again.
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falcoowns answered:

With adamantite you get 1 from monster-in-a-box in Ceodores Challenge dungeon and you can get more by getting the treasure chest that the cursed dragon is in front of btw what has anyone gotten from that ive gotten luminous robe and adamantite
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thedarkpoet84 answered:

The final dungeon of the whole game
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Zeiru answered:

In Rydia's and Ceodore's (and, presumably, everyones) Challenge Dungeon, Adamantite is available as one of the Random Items at the end. To fully outfit a single character it will take 8 pieces of Adamantite, 3 for armor, 2 for Helm and Shield, 1 for Gloves. That's 40 TOTAL pieces for a Party of Five.
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dark_deity9 answered:

Gold - ?
Green - G Drgn (Mines, Ry - WnMn)
Grey - G Couerl (Devils Rd, Main - WnMn)
Blue - Thndr Drgn (Mist Cv, CD - Main - WnMn [need Diamond eqpmt])
Red - R Drgn (Adamant Frst - Yng - NwMn)
Purple - Behemoth (Path to
Bab-il - Edge - NwMn)
Black - VIP Room (Troia Bar, Plm - 159k gil needed, in a chest)
Rainbow - 14 Small Tails (Tailer's Alcove - Trade)
Pink - PinkPuff/Flan Princess (Final Dngn?)
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dark_deity9 answered:

Elec_Cross: Gather Diamond Equipment (final chest cycles after all items are obtained in Cd), Kill ThunderDragon in CD.
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final95 answered:

Gold tail is in Edward story. You need to trade 5 bronze tails for 1 silver tail and 5 silver tails for 1 gold tail
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SirNiko answered:

Dark Deity9's list has one error: Red Dragons are not found in Adamant Forest, they are found in the Crater west of Mt Hobbs. All the rest looks right, far as I know.
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djhan81 answered:

How many adamantite do i need to equip it on ALL character later? im trying to perfect this. also why is it soo damn hard to get these colored tails!!!!
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Latilord answered:

There are 22 playable characters... you'd need to farm quite a bit of Adamantite to equip them all with Adamant Armor, Gloves, and Shields.
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