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I completed the game and then the screen says i unlocked the door to the darside what it means ? 3
How to unlock Extras costume for Claire? 1
Does the gold you can get from objects increase on harder difficulties? Or is there a trick to getting lots of gold? 3
Are there any secret levels? Like in the umbrella chronicles? 2
Okay. I don't get it? 5
What do you unlock after beating tofu mode? 3
How do I beat Mr X ,Tyrant mode? 3
How do i get the tofu mode?! 8
So what do I get if I beat the tofu mini-stage? 3
I beat everything in the chronicle mode. even the secret krauser do i get tofu?! 5
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Break the Wall? 0
Is it possible to get unlimited ammo? If so how? 5
Can you unlock inf. ammo? 10
Which level is the best for harvesting gold? 4
How Do You Unlock Costumes For The Game? 6
What's the difference between Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles? 2
How do I beat the Boss in operation Javier Chapter 4? 1
Boss in Game of oblivion? 3
How do I beat boss in operation Javier,chapter 5? 3
How do I beat Boss at the Level after Chronicles (Javier 7)? 2

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