Question from zzombiedude

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get the tofu mode?!

I saw videos everywhere of the tofu mode, how do i obtain this awesomeness?!

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From: Cynyn 5 years ago

I got the good ending on my first try and had not yet unlocked Krauser's stuff and I still unlocked Tofu. You do not NEED to get the bad ending, you simply need to get an ending to unlock Tofu mode.

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Clear the chronicle mode

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Whats tofu mode

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You have to beat the game at least once, and it will appear on the main menu in the bottom right corner as "Secret"

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Clear all of Chronicle Mode, including all of Memories of a Lost City and Game of Oblivion with the good ending in chapter five of Operation: Javier. It should appear in the lower right corner of the main menu as 'Secret'. To get the good ending, you have to clear chapter 5 and beat the final boss before Manuella loses too much blood.

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You have to get the bad ending on any difficulty.

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You have to beat the game on any difficulty with getting the bad ending on chapter 5 operation javier. I am not completely sure if it needs to be on normal but I would guess not.

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Just beat O:J Chapter 5 on normal.

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beat o:j about 10:10 and under :) (I beat it under 6 minutes on hard mode!) :D Hope dis helps!!!! :D

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