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Does the gold you can get from objects increase on harder difficulties? Or is there a trick to getting lots of gold?

Because I was playing Memory of a Lost City 2 one time, and i had gotten a 1766 gold coin.

So in that regard, does shooting gold pieces increase the value?

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So difficulty does not determine the initial values of the coins.

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Thanks Candy Zombies.

I tested this, and it turns out that a shotgun is the best weapon for juggling coins. Now I can get 1500-3000 a piece with it

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Dark_Vampire answered:

You can shoot at some of the coins to keep them bouncing around on the screen - by doing this it actually increases the amount you collect from them when collected.
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BrianChan89 answered:

I've seen that happen too, it seems to be how long the coin is "spinning" for until you pick it up cause in one of the CV missions i had a coin spinning in a cage for like 2-3 zombie battles before getting it and it was worth several thousand.
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DarkIceLink answered:

Well, when I want some gold, I go to the Operation Javier - Chapter 5... I get ~25 -> 30k gold within 7 minutes (on Normal Difficulty)... Just shoot everything until you figure wich gives you gold coins, and you're done, each, gives me 1500... -> 2500 . it's really awesome, and a fast way for upgrading the weapons. I've maxed out the Linear Laucher by doing that.
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